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Lax'aire - 3oz.

Item Number: PFZ8022
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This item is Currently Out of Stock and Should be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. Also try LaxaCat Petroleum Free Gel.

Lax'aire for dogs and cats is a laxative and lubricant for cats and dogs.

Directions Laxaire has been formulated with high taste appeal. Place a small amount on your pet's nose or on your cat's paw to stimulate initial taste interest.

Cats - 1/2 to 1 1/2 ribbon of ointment daily for 2-3 days, then 1/2-1 inch 2-3 times a week.

Dogs - 1/2 to 2 inch ribbon of ointment 2-3 times a week.

Contains Liquid petrolatum, cod liver oil, soybean oil, peptonized iron in a palatable base.

Customer Reviews

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4.89 rating based on 37 reviews
by from 01/17/2013

backordered by Judy08/06/2014

I haven't received it yet. It's been backordered since July.

Cat Loves it! by Lyn from Atlanta12/31/2012

My vet prescribed this for my kitty. The price through Entirely Pets is the best price around, and my cat loves Lax'aire. It has really helped her with her hair issues.

Good buy, cats like taste! by lafinmt from Montana05/28/2014

I have used Lax-aire for years and my cats all like it. Most will suck it right out of the tube. Those that won't, I just fill a needle-less siringe and shoot it into their mouth.

Very Good Products by ann02/28/2012

My cat loves this product. I have bought many times Laxatone and she refuses to have any part of it. Please lways carry this product.

Best Cat Hair Removal Product by Mike07/24/2013

This product has been around for many years and it's hard to find, but after over 30 years of experience with cats, I believe this is the best. It holds together on your finger and cats actually like the taste, most of the time licking it from your finger so you don't have to smear it on their nose.

Great product for hairballs in cats by Lisa from Massachusetts07/01/2013

Lax'aire is a great product for helping with hairballs and constipation, especially on long hair cats! We tried other products, but my cat would only use Lax'aire.She didn't like the taste of the other products, and we tried many!!!

by from 03/07/2011

Our cats fight over who will get the LAX aire first; and it is taken so quickly it's amusing. Our 15 year old has no problems in the liter box thanks to LAX aire. We recommend LAX aire to anyone with cats and dogs.

Coral by Florida" from LAX aire works the bestKevin


Never Received the Product! by Tiny One12/26/2012

Hello! I would be happy to review this product but I never received it! Please advise!

Never received the product!!!!!!!! by Marianne02/14/2013

I never got my product and my cat really really needs it. The product is great, once I get it.

Hair Balls by Di from Maplewood, MN03/12/2012

This product is excellent!! Our 3 cats love it and hope they continue to make it. Not smelly and partially hard like the product at the pet store. First bought this at the vet for twice the price. Will buy this again and again.

Great product by Jake from Western Pennsylvania06/11/2013

My cat suffers from constipation, and this has worked wonders for him.

Sold on Laxaire' for 4 yrs. by AnnMarie09/27/2013

My cat is 4 yrs old and I have been purchasing Laxaire' since 6 mos old. She really loves it and it really keeps the hairballs away. Please keep selling it for it is hard to find in stores.

response to Ladygu3 review by adamcarly2408/03/2011

Vets HAVE NOT banded together to take this off the market. I work for a vet and we can't get it right now either. Get your "facts" straight.

Great product by capete04/15/2012

I knew that Lax 'aire worked for my kitty and was thrilled to find it here for such a great price.

Best Product by kitti08/06/2013

This is the only hairball remedy my cats will use. They both love to lick it right from the tube. I've been buying it for my cats since 1989.

Excellent Product by dsmolij03/03/2012

My cat loves this stuff and it truly works for him.

Happy cat by Jan08/24/2013

We are very pleased with your product, Lax'Aire.. My cat was throwing up badly from hair build- up in her digestive system. 5 times in one day does NOT get it. I brushed her many times each day to no avail. Tried Lax-'Aire and she has stopped throwing up. She really likes the taste too. Just put the prescribed amount on my finger and she licks it off!! Thanks for a product that you don't have to force upon your pet!

Invaluable product for animals with colon disease by customer01/14/2013

My cat was diagnosed with colon issues at the age of 7. (obstipation, similar to mega-colon etc) She passed away at the age of 22 1/2. She was on a medical regime of 1" ribbon of Lax'aire daily for 15 1/2 years in addition to other meds. Unlike other animal hairball remedies/laxatives, Lax'aire is a smooth, palatable product not sticky or tacky. I was able to easily squeeze the product in her mouth daily. I would highly recommend it. The only reason why I gave the rating 4 stars instead of 5 was due to the fact that the Pharmaceutical company switched manufactures in early 2011 and the manufacturer's facility was not ready leaving the product unavailable for production for several months. Unable to get the product, I had to use other brands that didn't work putting and elderly cat in a vulnerable position. She lasted a month without lax'aire. Although she was old, there are many other cats on this same regime of lax'aire, Cisapride and lactulose. Having access to a drug that works is invaluable and drug companies should consider the importance of this issue when they are awarded the rights to it's formulation.

Lax'aire by Billy Bob from Wi01/21/2015

Wonderful product too bad its been out of stock for four months

back order by Bally's Mom from Fairmont wv01/16/2015

my cat loves this stuff. to be exact, it's the only thing she will lick off my finger. unfortunately, it's been backordered since dec 8 and I can't find it anywhere else on the Internet. I hope that we get it soon......

Cosequin DS MSM by Newfies207/03/2014

I have been owned by Newfies for over 20 years, the last 10 years I have used cosequin, being that they are a Giant Breed they need extra joint help and this product is amazing.

Lax-aire by FK from Chicago, IL01/23/2012

This is the only lubricating and anti-constipation product my cats like. They lick it off my finger like it's a treat. It helps prevent hairballs and constipation. Lax-aire was unavailable for about a year, so I tried most of the competitors but my cats hated all them. I hope this product stays on the market forever.

Love this product by Sadie05/29/2013

I have 2cats and use this for there hair balls. Works great and they love the taste.

My Cat loves Laxaire! It keeps him healthy. by Carol Foster from Las Vegas, NV12/17/2012

My cat has colitis, and uses Laxaire everyday to move his bowls. He loves the taste, and he knows it helps him. Without it he is a sick baby. I recommend it for all cats, and dogs. Brittney the cat does too! Please visit his blog if you have time. He has his own autobiography, see what Brittney the Cat is up too. http://brittneythecat.wordpress.com/

Lax'aire by RH10/20/2013

This has proved to work best for our cats. They like the taste and the texture is much smoother than others. A little each week has helped keep hairballs to a minimum!

Old Cat Loves It by wyogal from Cedaredge, CO01/01/2013

I have a cat that suffers from not enough liquid in her colon, forcing us to use something to soften her stools so that she doesn't get constipated all the time. This works great mixed with a little canned food. She loves the extra "treat".

by from 03/11/2013

Good product by catman from Miami, FL10/29/2013

My 18-year-old cat has digestion issues frequently. He swallows a lot of hair due to his fastidious grooming routine. This behaviour leads to vomiting bouts every other day. To soothe his digestive tract, I put a dab of Lax'aire on the tip of my finger and he'll lick it fast as he loves the taste. He is then fine for two days and then the same scenario repeats itself. This product helps his condition quite a bit.

Never Received Product by Jacquie from Wisconsin12/30/2012

The product appears to be backordered. So I have never received it. I have purchased through my vet and like the product. I hope it will be sent to me soon. My cats are old and they have very long hair. Lots of hairballs. They need help!!

by from 05/30/2012

I have tried many hair ball products for both dogs and cats. This is the ONLY ONE they all like..so much they lick it off my finger and want more. You can not find this in pet stores only at vets or on-line.

Best by price from wasHighly


Lax'aire... The best hairball remedy ever... by Debbie05/17/2014

I was happy to find it here at "Entirely Pets" at a very reasonable price! I tried a different brand but my girls wouldn't touch it even mixing it in with their food. With Lax'aire they will lick it right off my finger. The results are better too. A lot less hairball pick up around the house.

Great by Sandy05/05/2010

I have given this to my cats for the last 15 years,they love it and consider it a treat when offered some

My cats love Lax'aire by lillys mama09/03/2013

I have 3 cats and they all just love this product. I give them a little bit every day, and they actually beg for it.

by from 09/22/2013

This product is fantastic. My cat absolutely loves this. He runs to me when he smells me opening the tube. And what I like best about it is that it's not too thick so it's easy to get out of the tube on to a spoon.

that by there from isI


to by all from catI


Can't say so I assigned "poor" by Lo from TN08/20/2014

I am still waiting to receive this product which has been on back order since 7-2-14; order # 9312656 (Zip 37922). I would love to review after I receive the product. I can't recommend it b/c it is not readily available.

Best Hairball medicine by no nickname08/06/2013

This product works really well and both my cats really like it. They think it is a treat and would eat the whole tube if I let them. I put it on my finger and they lick it off. (I would not stick it on their nose like some people tell you - that annoys my cats anyway). I have tried almost every other hairball product on the market and they don't like or absolutely will not eat the other products.

Great Product and Price by musemer04/16/2012

It is so hard to get this at this low of a price, my siamese takes lax aire every day so finding it here was a life saver!

Lax'aire rocks! by Ladygu306/12/2011

This was (is)the BEST stuff ever for my cat who has bowel elimination problems. Paid the Vet many times and lots of $$$ to get a prescription for lactalose. This product is far far superior, and I don't have to fight with the cat to take it!!! Too bad the Veterinarians banded together to get Pfisner to take this off the market. The Vets want only themselves to sell it at I am sure a big mark up in price.....

by cathyashman02/14/2013

great product but took to long to get it

Cats Love It by Keithurbanfan from Birmingham, AL01/08/2014

My cats love this. I use it to mix in their probiotics (powder) and they don't bat an eye - just gobble it up.

Good for elderly cats by Jacquie from Waunakee, WI07/18/2013

My elderly cats (17 yrs. old) need help moving their bowels and getting rid of hairballs. This works very well for them.

lax'aire by jenny lee lewis06/05/2009

works perfect on my cats and they like it.

Perfect by Linda09/12/2009

Works perfect for my elder kitty. He likes the taste but I have to let it melt a little on my finger before he will take it. It works for his constipation and hairballs.


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