• Lean Treats - Nutritional Rewards for DOGS 6-PACK (1.5 lbs)

Lean Treats - Nutritional Rewards for DOGS 6-PACK (1.5 lbs)

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"If you're going to Treat'em, Treat'em right!" That means providing your dog a healthful treat like Nutrisentials Lean Treats. Made with Skinless Chicken in bite-sized pieces, Lean Treats are fun and tasty but low in fat to help you maintain a healthy weight for your best friend.

Keep your dog trim the healthy way:
  • Made with real skinless chicken
  • Bite-size pieces for portion control
  • Low Fat Treat
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    Usage Information

    Feed as a treat.


    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein, not less than 23%
    Crude Fat, not less than 4%
    Crude Fat, not more than 7%
    Crude Fiber, not more than 2%
    Ingredients: Chicken Liver, Wheat Flour, Glycerin, Chicken Meal, Skinless Chicken, Phosphoric Acid, Salt, Potassium Sorbate and Citric Acid and Mixed Tocopherols and Calcium Propionate and BHA (Preservatives), Iron Oxide, Rosemary Extract.

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    by from 09/18/2013

    When I recieved the treats they were stale and crumbley. I don't know what happened, I have bought them before, and they were ok.

    falls by apart from whenThis


    them by away!" from StaleHad


    Lean Treats by Bill from Beachwood, OH12/12/2011

    My dog loves these treats and looks forward to getting her reward every morning.

    Great product by pupmom from westerville, oh10/28/2011

    I have been buying these treats for a couple of years both of my pups love them. Since they are soft they can be broken into several pieces which makes them great for training.

    Lean Treats by Steve K from D/FW10/30/2013

    We've been feeding Lean Treats to our 2 Brittany's for several yrs now. Originally we found them at our vet, but Entirely/Healthy Pets pricing is much lower! Our dogs love them, and we've used them for pill delivery too! Highly recommended!

    by racer32 from Buffalo, New york01/02/2014

    Our dog loves them! Was first given to her by our vet, then we started to purchase them.

    They love this! by Pat02/28/2012

    Our small dogs love these tender little bites and look mforward to them as their nightly cookies.

    Great For Wrapping Pills by 2DoxieMommy from Charlotte, NC05/07/2013

    I use these not only for treats for my girls but also to wrap pills for one of my girl's seizure meds. They're cheaper than the "pockets" and low in fat.

    by susieQ from Wickenburg, AZ11/27/2012

    These are wonderful treats and the dogs love them. I started buying them from our vet but now order from EntirelyPets. Thank you!

    Best way to hide pills! by Joey01/17/2013

    My dogs love these treats and I use them to give their daily pills. It's easy to hide the pill inside the treat. This is the best way I've ever found to outsmart the dogs with their meds!

    Healthy Dog Treat by Pat09/07/2014

    Good healthy treat for my girl and also great to give pills with...easily mooshed into the soft treat. She loves them!

    Lean Treats by Montana's Mom from Missouri03/17/2014

    Nice pliable treat that can be halved and quartered. These treat make giving medicine easy. We wrap half a treat around her pill and she thinks she getting a chewy-crunchy dog treat. Also by quartering them, I hide them through out the house and she looks for them while we are work. Lots of treats and not much calories.

    Wouldn't be without them! by Carole P. from NJ01/05/2010

    I've been buying these regularly from the vet. I'm so glad to see them on Entirely Pets now! My very fussy pug loves these treats. I put one in her dinner when she's being finicky. In addition to using as a regular treat they are wonderful if you need to give your pet a pill. Just push the pill into the Lean Treat and it will be gone in a jiffy. They have quality ingredients so you won't wonder if you are feeding your pet something that isn't good for them.

    GREAT, but buy elsewhere by Becky09/21/2013

    I TOTALLY recommend this product, but do NOT recommend buying from E-Pets. I LOVE these for my little maltipoo. I pull them apart & give her 1/4 - 1/2 at a time. I use them for hiding small pills in, when needed. Will NOT be ordering from Entirely Pets anymore, though, as the last batch of 6 packages was totally dried out! EP was no help, saying that they were within the expiration date (& they were). Hard to pull them apart, they were so dry, & couldn't even begin to mold them around a pill. Will only buy locally, at my vet's office, from now on. But they are a GREAT product!!


    I got my cockapoo in Dec. 2011 and started using the Lean Treats each time she went potty outside, and she did great. She loves the treat and even goes over to the counter where I keep them to try and stand up on her back legs to get to them. I even taught her to "sit" by using these treats...they are awesome!

    Great for dog on lowfat diet by JerzeyJoe08/07/2014

    Our 14 year old dog has a slew of health issue's with the latest being Pancreatitis, The vet changed her food and treats over to low fat, We were sold these at the vet for 7.99 for 1 package, we got 6 for 14.99 quite the savings.Our dog loves them!

    A great produce by Colo Pom07/22/2013

    Lean Treats were recommended by our vet. Our dog likes them very much, so we like them too

    Treat by Jack07/22/2012

    Lean Treats for dogs was recommended by the Vet and it is THE best treat. Our dog loves it and as he is small, just one treat is perfect

    Great Low Fat Treat by Star from Texas03/19/2014

    If your dog has pancreatitis or needs low fat treats. these are the best. My little guy loves them.

    The winner and now Champion! by Howard's Duke10/15/2011

    Your Lean Treats come highly recommended as healthy for my best buddy. He loves them and wishes they were bigger. I will keep Lean Treats in the pantry at all times.

    My dogs love these! by tlpets from Sacramento, CA01/02/2013

    Both my dogs love these treats you can not tell that these are 'Lean'.

    by from 11/29/2012

    Yummy by kringle03/11/2013

    Soft, chewy and loved by dogs of all sizes!

    Yummy, Yummy!! by Bandido from VA Beach, VA07/14/2012

    I was visiting family in TX and received a free bag of these from a vet in TX. When I came back home I tried to buy more locally but I couldn't find them so I went to Entirely Pets online. The price was excellent and Bandido LOVES them. They are soft so it's easy to hide small pills in them which really helps.

    Good Treats by gmom10 from Hot Springs, AR07/11/2013

    My little Dachshund loves these treats and they are healthy for her too. When she is in another room, she knows when I open the package and comes running.

    great treat by mawmawt from Orange,Texas06/21/2012

    My Yorkshire Terrier "Sophie" loves these treats. She knows where I keep them and when she has done something good she goes to where they are and waits to get her treat.

    Beefies! by Molly from Pineville, NC10/14/2011

    My vet introduced Lean Treats to my dog, Molly a few years ago and I'll never be without them! A Lean Treat is known as a "Beefy" to Molly. She will do anything for one. She'll quit whatever she's up to when you say the magic word "Beefy". She doesn't even dread the Vet now because she knows they're going to give her some after everything they do to her! I tell everyone about Lean Treats!

    My dogs like them by lisacb1201/22/2013

    My dogs get excited about these. However, the treats are so small, you feel like you need to give them more. This is not good since they are so expensive. I did have a delivery time issue. If it says three to five days, you should have them in five days. I did not like getting an e-mail a few days after order to say it would be many days later.

    Giving them another chance... by Cheryl from Maine09/29/2013

    I agree with the customer that said they were stale, Otherwise, I would have given 5 stars. I buy a lot of these by the 6-pk. Usually they are nice and soft. However, the last few times I've purchased them they were dry and falling apart. I don't know if its the fact that they are stale or someone different is making them, it's been going on for a few months now but I will give them another try because my dogs do like them and when they are fresh its a nice, small, somewhat healthy and inexpensive treat to give my 4 little dogs and as another reviewer said...A great treat to hide medication in.

    YUMMY by lovemydachsie from NC10/21/2011

    My dachsie LOVES these treats. The purchase price here was slightly cheaper than my vet plus the convenience of having them shipped to me saves me lots of time. My dog knows when he comes on command, or after we take a walk off the leash and he does well (which he always does) he comes home to a special treat. I really think his looking forward to these treats has made training him to walk off leash much easier. They smell so good I almost want to eat them!!

    2nd Review, much better.... by Cheryl from Maine11/02/2013

    I am giving 5 stars based on this order. My 1st review was sort of negative so I thought I would revise. I'm so glad we decided to give these Lean Treats another try. They were so much better this time. Soft, moist and chewy. I've been ordering them for years for my dogs and they love them. I guess a couple of bad batches after all the orders I've purchased isn't too bad but I'm really happy they are back to the nice fresh ones and hopefully continue to stay that way. I'm ordering an extra 6pk today just because...Oh and the price is great! Thank-you Entirelypets.com.

    Great For Training & Low Fat by Chris B.02/17/2008

    From day one my dog, Tazz, has loved these treats. Made with Chicken, Chicken Livers & Grains, these bite size rewards are just what I need to keep him in line and begging for more! Try them, you won't be sorry and your dog will just eat 'em up!

    by McNab Mom from Oregon08/02/2012

    My dog loves these and gets one as a treat at bedtime every night.

    Lean Treats by KK02/11/2014

    My dog loves these treats..Would and have recommended these treats to people..

    VERY disappointed in EntirelyPets & Product by Becky08/17/2013

    Received these, all were well within expiration period, & yet they were hard & dried out. My little dog can't even chew them. My guess is from heat, possibly during storage. Emailed Entirely Pets & heard NOTHING, so will NOT purchase from them again. Will buy from another site, or go across town & buy from my vet's office. I am VERY disappointed in EntirelyPets for not responding on this. Have bought from them for several years...but will stop now.

    Lean Treats -- YUM by Red from Greensboro, NC03/18/2014

    My diabetic dog, Casey, had cataract surgery in December. Her ophthalmologist had a stash of Lean Treats and gave her one during the initial visit. On subsequent visits, Casey sniffed out the treats and sat down patiently waiting in front of the counter to get one. The vet tech told me they were Lean Treats, where I could order them, and the rest is history. By the way, I have named the treats for the surgeon's last name. In the past Casey was pretty finicky about her treats, and I've donated a ton of her unwanted treats to the local pet shelter. Now Casey sits and waits for her yummy Lean Treat.

    great purchase by rainbows from texas05/31/2014

    dog received a treat from vet and noticed he really enjoyed it.....glad we found these on line and he cant wait for his 2 treats each day (sometimes 3)

    Have been buying these for years! by Cindy from Bastrop, Texas06/24/2014

    I started buying these years ago while working and doing the ordering for a vet clinic. They were a big hit and I have continued to use as treats for my pets.

    Healthy by JT from Buckeye, AZ05/15/2013

    Great treat for my dog, plus he loves it and it is healthy!

    Great Value on your Canine Lean Treats by Sue from North Carolina10/25/2012

    My dog loves these treats and I am so fortunate that I found your site. You have a lot of wonderful products and your prices are very reasonable, so I am sure I will purchase from your site again.

    by Bruce04/17/2013

    "Lean Treats" are a great treat. My vet. in Arizona recommended and stocked it but since moving to another state I had trouble finding it. Thank you Entirely Pets for stocking and making ordering easy.

    Great product! by JC from Huntington, WV06/14/2012

    We love the Lean Treats for our dog and can't find them in town. Thankfully Entirely Pets has them. The service is great. The treats arrive quickly and the price is good.

    by Sharon12/01/2013

    Dog loves these. His "be good" treat before we go out & leave him home alone. He looks forward to these & does behave until we return!


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