Lipiderm Healthy Skin and Coat

Lipiderm Healthy Skin and CoatLipiderm Liquid contains fatty acid supplement omega 3 and 6 in liquid form for healthy skin and coat. Effectively stops chronic itching, scratching and fleabite dermatitis. Enhances the appearance of the coat. Lipiderm Liquid is easy-to-use and water-soluble.

Lipiderm (500 Gel Capsules)
Lipiderm (500 Gel Capsules)

($45.99)  $35.99
Lipiderm Liquid (16 oz)
Lipiderm Liquid (16 oz)

($18.99)  $11.99
Lipiderm Liquid (32 fl. oz)
Lipiderm Liquid (32 fl. oz)

($34.95)  $22.99
Lipiderm Liquid Feline (4 oz.) + 10 ct. Quick Bath Cat Wipes
Lipiderm Liquid Feline (4 oz.) + 10 ct. Quick Bath Cat Wipes

($8.99)  $5.99
Lipiderm Small/Medium Dogs (180 Gel Capsules)
Lipiderm Small/Medium Dogs (180 Gel Capsules)

($29.69)  $15.95
Lipiderm Large Breed (60 Gel Capsules)
Lipiderm Large Breed (60 Gel Capsules)

($20.69)  $13.99
Lipiderm Large Breed (120 Gel Capsules)
Lipiderm Large Breed (120 Gel Capsules)

($31.79)  $15.99
Lipiderm Gel Capsules for Small to Medium Dogs 500 count

Lipiderm, Advanced is a Unique product which when as directed, provides specific nutrients for maintaining healthy skin and coat.
For best results, use for a minimum of thirty days.

Omega-3 & 6 Fatty Acids*
Eicosapentaenoic Acid...... 49.5mg
Docosahexaenoic Acid......33mg
Alpha-Linolenic Acid......48mg
Linoleic Acid......15.3mg
Vitamin A......1000 IU
Vitamin E......5 IU
Give once a day according to the following schedule. For optimum results, use for a minimum of 30 days and continue on an ongoing basis.

1-15 lbs. (0.45 - 6.8 kg) ..... 1 Soft Gel
16-30 lbs. (7.2 - 13.6 kg) ...... 2 Soft Gels
31-60 lbs. (14 - 27 kg) ...... 3 Soft Gels

Lipiderm for dogs is a unique formulation, which when used as directed, provides specific nutrients for maintaining a healthy skin and coat.
Fish oil (Omega-3 fatty acid source), Castor oil, Flaxseed oil, Linoleic acid, D-alpha tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified water, Safflower oil, Vitamin A palmitate (Vitamin A), Caramel color.
5.00 rating based on 8 reviews
Featured Reviews for Lipiderm (500 Gel Capsules)
My dogs have the best coats due to Lipiderm by North Georgia Gal06/20/2012

I originally purchased lipiderm for an itchy dog. I feed a high quality premium diet and do flea control but still my dog had the itchies. Lipiderm took care of that and in addition, gave her a fantastic coat. I have been using lipiderm and Entirely Pets for over 12 years and have been impressed with the product and the service. We count on both in our house of 4 dogs and 4 cats!

Lipiderm by beaglenut from Kalamazoo, MI03/26/2012

This product really helps with dry skin and itching.

Good product by TG from TX03/20/2013

I have used this product for a number of years to prevent dry skin in my dogs. It seems to have worked very well.

Coat Promoter by Arf Lady10/22/2012

These capsules help keep your dog's coat shiny and healthy!

Excellent for Dog & Cat Health by Jeanne04/02/2008

There is a noticable difference in the overall general health and coat conditions of our dogs and cats since we started their daily dosage of Lipiderm.

by Schatze01/21/2012

All my dogs are on this product. It is wonderful for their skin and coat.

My pugs shed LOTS LESS! by cheryl@thelake from kuttawa, Ky07/15/2013

I've had pugs (who are notorious for shedding) for years and have found the amount of shedding and dry skin is much much less as long as they continue on this product. Their coats are shiny & they are healthy looking & acting. I wrap a small amount of butter around these capsules and both my boys take them right down---no problems. I've had my 2 litter mate 3 year old's on Lipiderm ever since I brought them home at age 3 months. Great product!

Lipiderm by Kathy from Swartz Creek, Michigan03/02/2010

This is the very best product I have found for maintaining a healthy shiny supple coat in my Bulldogs. Skin folds in best condition ever. Given as directed even the eyes seem to shine. Shedding is much less and dryness trouble spots disappeared.

Featured Reviews for Lipiderm Liquid (16 oz)
food additive by tsweety from Wyoming05/30/2014

Very good additive for heavy shedding doggies. Helps skin and slows down shedding. Dogs NORMALY shed twice a year and for all the in-between times, this makes living with them nicer. Thanks

It SImply WORKS! by Sky Guy from Tiki Island, TX10/26/2011

This is the BEST coat product out there. I have a picky eater - siberian husky - and he scratches from dry skin issues a lot but after a week of putting this on his food, I notice a HUGE difference - he hardly scratches anymore! Try it - it's awesome.

Wonderful by janice from Grants Pass OR12/29/2012

Been using it for 10 years and now you tell me it is no longer available. What are we spposed to use now?

Great Product by kojigo09/05/2013

We feed this supplement to our two Akitas. We pour the recommended dosage over their dry dog food. They love the taste/flavor! It keeps their coats shiny and glossy and helps to eliminate dry spots and reduce shedding. Easier than pills. Will purchase again.

Lipiderm by Frefa08/22/2014

Mix this w/ vitamin & peanut butter and they eat it right away

Very Good by Wen from Bronx, NY11/17/2011

Lipiderm keeps my dog's coat shiny and soft and help his dry skin. I'm always getting compliments from anyone who pets him that his fur is so soft.

Excellent Product by Ron of Vallejo, CA from Vallejo, CA09/30/2013

I have an older Jack Russell Terrier with digestive problems requiring a lean diet. I had been giving her and my other dog Wild Salmon Oil. I had to take her off of it. She started having dry skin and coat. She scratched constantly. Lipiderm added to her regularly mealtime has improved her coat, skin and corrected the scratching problem without causing her digestive issues. It's a great product. I had used it in the past and had great result then. Now it's working for me again.

Wonderful by Jan05/25/2010

When we got our Beagle puppy, she needed a bath EVERY week or she smelled like the HOUND she was. We had her on the dried food the breeder had used. I decided maybe she needed some oils in her diet and bought this product. WONDERFUL. She has NEVER smelled like an old hound dog since and her coat is so soft everyone comments on it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.

Featured Reviews for Lipiderm Liquid (32 fl. oz)
Good Product, Great Price by colsteve from Alexandria, VA06/16/2012

I've used this product for my golden retriever for a year now, and it has lessened his itching as it has improved his skin and coat. The price on this site is half of what the major brick & morter pet stores charge.

Great stuff by jjpec from Staten Island, NY11/14/2011

I love this for my two dogs. It makes their coats very soft.

Lipiderm-less expensive than retail by babybjo from American Fork, UT05/30/2012

We started using this when our Foster was a puppy. It has been fabulous for his skin. He has really bad dry skin and flakes really bad. For a little black dog, white flakes are not good looking. What I love best about getting it from Entirely Pets is the cost and the speed of delivery. That has been fantastic. I never buy it at the store anymore.

Love this stuff by SeanLisa08/08/2012

Lipiderm keeps my black lab's coat shiny and keeps the shedding down. You can't beat the price from these guys.

Featured Reviews for Lipiderm Small/Medium Dogs (180 Gel Capsules)
LIPODERM REVIEW by JPMartin from Knoxville, TN03/04/2014

We can immediately see Jaspers coat shiny and fuller.

by TRISH01/16/2015


long time user by suestu12/14/2011

I have used lipiderm supplement for 20 years for a number of dogs. It has kept skin in good condition and coats smooth and silky. My current mini dachshund smooth red, has a coat so shiny people ask how we do it. I will never give up Lipiderm!

For Best Skin and Coat Health by Terriers Forever11/02/2011

I have been using Lipiderm for years in gel cap form. I keep it in the refrigerator to prevent it from going rancid, a problem I experienced with another product in a squirt bottle form. My Manchester Terrier's skin and single coat are in top form, black and shiny, without flakes or dryness. The gel caps make it easy for travel. I use Lipiderm once a day, microwave the food to melt the gel cap and mix it in.

Featured Reviews for Lipiderm Large Breed (60 Gel Capsules)
Lipiderm Tablets by Danio from Florida12/26/2012

Worked great. Big help in clearing up my dogs allergies

Lipiderm by cedge56 from Melbourne Australia03/22/2012

Just started Jessie on the Lipiderm - one in the morning & one at night. Certainly has stoppped scratching - will wait & see what happens with the dry skin - so far so good

Featured Reviews for Lipiderm Large Breed (120 Gel Capsules)
Good Results by Kent10/20/2008

My dog was itching and had dry skin. I'vve been consistantly giving him Lipoderm and seen a big improvement. It's a bit of a pain to stuff them down his throat, but -- given a treat after taking -- he is good about it.

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