Joint MAX® Double Strength

Joint MAX® Double StrengthJoint MAX® Double Strength eases joint stiffness due to normal daily exercise and activity while helping to maintain healthy cartilage and joints in your pet. Our Double Strength formula means double the Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Manganese for extra support of the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues. Recommended for dogs that have elevated need for joint support.
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Joint MAX Double Strength Soft Chews (120 Chews)
Joint MAX Double Strength Soft Chews (120 Chews)

($32.99)  $24.99
3-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Soft Chews (360 Chews)
3-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Soft Chews (360 Chews)

($93.99)  $71.99

($24.00 Each)

6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Soft Chews (720 Chews)
6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Soft Chews (720 Chews)

($185.99)  $142.99

($23.83 Each)

Joint MAX Double Strength (120 Chewable Tablets)
Joint MAX Double Strength (120 Chewable Tablets)

($28.99)  $24.99
3-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (360 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats Minis
3-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (360 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats Minis

($93.99)  $72.99

($24.33 Each)

6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (720 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats Minis
6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (720 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats Minis

($181.99)  $143.99

($24.00 Each)

Joint MAX Double Strength (250 Chewable Tablets)
Joint MAX Double Strength (250 Chewable Tablets)

($44.99)  $42.99
2-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (500 Chewable Tablets)
2-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (500 Chewable Tablets)

($86.99)  $83.99

($41.99 Each)

3-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (750 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats
3-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (750 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats

($128.99)  $126.99

($42.33 Each)

6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (1500 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats
6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (1500 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats

($327.99)  $251.99

($42.00 Each)

Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (120 Count)
Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (120 Count)

($34.99)  $22.99
3-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (360 Count) + FREE Joint Treats
3-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (360 Count) + FREE Joint Treats

($104.97)  $67.99

($22.66 Each)

6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (720 Count) + FREE BONIES (5 Count)
6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (720 Count) + FREE BONIES (5 Count)

($205.99)  $133.99

($22.33 Each)

Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (250 Count)
Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (250 Count)

($105.50)  $42.99
2-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (500 Count)
2-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (500 Count)

($212.95)  $84.99

($42.49 Each)

6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (1500 Count) + FREE Joint Treats
6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (1500 Count) + FREE Joint Treats

($344.99)  $251.99

($42.00 Each)

Joint MAX® Double Strength Soft Chews (DS) for dogs is recommended for joint health with powerful active ingredients that enhance the functions of joint and connective tissue as well as antioxidants to help reduce oxidative stress. It contain Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C, Cysteine, Manganese, and Zinc. These powerful active ingredients combined with chicken liver flavor create one tasty, soft chewable that enhances bone and joint health.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin work together to support joint health by supporting the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues. Glucosamine is an easily absorbed natural substance that may stimulate the production of proteoglycans, which help maintain the health and resiliency of joints and connective tissues. Glucosamine also helps to maintain synovial fluid that lubricates the joints and helps sustain joint mobility. Chondroitin provides the building blocks for cartilage, which cushions joints. Joint MAX DS contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants specifically selected to maintain normal healthy cartilage and bone, reduce damaging free radicals, and support joint function. Joint MAX DS is used for dogs that need more than daily maintenance of cartilage, joints, and connective tissue.

Joint MAX DS may ease the stiffness from normal daily exercise and activity while helping to maintain healthy cartilage and joints in your dog. Our Double Strength formula means double the Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Manganese for extra support of the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues. Recommended for dogs that have elevated need for joint support because it enhances the functions of joint and connective tissue.

For Use In: Dogs

Key Features:
  • Glucosamine 530 mg
  • Chondroitin 420 mg
  • Vitamin C 25 mg
  • Palatable Soft Chews
  • Administer soft chew directly to dog. Can be given during or after meal time.
    Loading Administration: Double the daily amount for first 3 weeks.
    Maintenance Administration:

    Size of Dog Morning Evening
    Under 25 lb 1/2 Chew 1/2 Chew
    25 - 50 lb 1 Chew 1 Chew
    51 - 100 lb 2 Chews 1 Chew
    Over 100 lb 2 Chews 2 Chews
    Active Ingredients per Soft Chew (7.5 g):
    Glucosamine HCl (Shellfish Source) 530 mg
    Chondroitin Sulfate (Porcine Source) 420 mg
    Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 25 mg
    Cysteine 15 mg
    Manganese 12 mg
    Zinc 2 mg
    Inactive Ingredients: Calcium Phosphate, Corn Starch, Dried Molasses, Fish Oil, Glycerin, Liver Powder (Porcine), Macrogol, Magnesium Stearate, Sucrose, TBHQ, Vegetable Fiber, Vegetable Oil, and Vegetable Shortening.
    4.55 rating based on 179 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Joint MAX Double Strength Soft Chews (120 Chews)
    Soft... Not sure in which lifetime by Jessica from Phoenix, AZ06/27/2014

    These are not soft. They are rocks. These are great if you want your dog to crack all his teeth.

    Really Helped by Glenn11/19/2012

    Not only did this product help our dog walk better, but he actually liked the taste of the soft chews.

    Very Dissapointed by RGonzales from Seattle, WA06/04/2014

    I usually buy this product from another website. This one was having a buy one get one free deal I couldn't pass up... I should've known better. When the product arrived I was happy that I got such a great deal. I opened the container to feed my dogs a couple of the soft chews and found that they were rock hard. I then proceeded to contact customer service to get a replacement package. The person was very courteous and helped me to return the product and assured me that a replacement would be sent promptly. I received only half of the package a couple days later and course the soft chews were hard as a rock as well. At that point just wanted my money back and had to contact customer service a couple of times to receive reimbursement. I guess that's what I get for trying this site rather than my usual. I usually buy the triple strength from amazon and would recommend the product just not this particular seller. It must have been very old stock.

    Review of Joint Max for my dogs by Weetie from Raleigh, NC10/18/2011

    Received the order in a timely manner. Always pleased with the quality but would appreciate seeing more coupons since I am currently unemployed. Thanks for good service!

    Awesome results by Sidney01/21/2012

    Our 17 year old dog has always loved to run on our farm - but age has caught up with her. We decided to try to Joint MAX Double Strength Soft Chews to see if it wouldn't give her a little more flexibility and some pain free running. After three weeks of the Chews, she has been able to enjoy going out and doing "tractor work", as well as race around the house like she was a puppy again. Love those chews, as well as our dog.

    Hard as a rock by Val from Montana01/13/2014

    I had to send these chews back as they were too hard for my dogs. They should be chewy but these were like concrete.

    joint max double strengthsoft chews by Dog12/19/2013

    I have purchased this item in the past but this last shippment was very hard.I will be sending them back.

    Joint Max Double Strength by Mollys Dad from Central California12/01/2013

    When I received the product it was extremely warm. I received the product a day later than the committed delivery date. I received the product directly from the On Trac driver. When I opened the package the chewable nuggets were melted together. Sent a email to Joint Max asking if the the product was degraded. Never received a response! I threw the product away. Don't expect any further orders from me. Please remove my email address from your mailing list.

    double strength soft chews by cosifantutte from North Carolina11/06/2012

    By accident I purchased the double strength instead of the triple strength. I did not like the odor and they were hard, almost dry. Will definitely go back to the triple strength.

    Should be called Rock Hard bites. by Renee from Washington05/18/2014

    I had gotten a few of these from a friend, and my dog loved them. I ordered them, and they came with a sample pack as a bonus. Once those were gone, I opened the container to find the 'chews' inside were HARD. Hard enough that cutting them in half to give to my Jack Russel ( 1/2 chew twice a day as recommended ) proved to be nearly impossible. Called the company and was given lame advice to put a slice of bread with them in a zip-lock bag to soften them up, which didn't work. Sum it up to say I'm disappointed.

    Joint max soft chews are not soft by karrob from Nevada02/08/2013

    I have been ordering these for sometime they always come very soft so my dogs can chew them. You have been kind enough to send me two more tubs but to no avail they are very hard almost like they were left to dry out. I am not sure I will try to order them again our try with a differant company to see if they have tubs of soft chews.

    Great Joint Supplement by BostonLover from Oviedo, FL04/23/2014

    I give this to all 4 of my dogs. I have a pit mix that started having problems with her ACL and this product has helped her immensely. Also I have a boston terrier female that has luxating patellas and this has helped her as well. All of them think it is a wonderful treat and I know it also helps my 13 yr old male Boston Terrier too.

    Mastiff does not like :( by BigDogMom from Rochester, NY04/22/2014

    My rescue mastiff who will eat practically anything will not eat these ! Then when she finally took 2 after her dinner, she barfed them up ! She also is not prone to upchucking. Maybe we had a bad batch I don't know. On the other hand the chewable Joint Max pills seem to be fine and she readily takes them

    by from 01/09/2012

    Been using these products for over 1 year now. Have not seen any problem with my yellow lab mix having any trouble with her back legs.

    dogs." by Great for Labs who have some trouble with back leg from rosebuddOBXRecommend


    by from 10/08/2013

    So, I have been giving the tablets for a couple of years now. My oldest beagle (11 yrs) didnt want to eat the chewable tablet anymore. I was having to add it to her food. I decided to try the soft chews and boy do they love it! I honestly think it's her favorite treat.

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    He loves them! by loki from Colorado11/03/2012

    I love that our dog gobbles up these supplements as though they are treats.

    Very good purchase by Teach from Cape Cod, MA10/23/2012

    Best product with neccessary ingredients I needed for my dog-and most priced well.

    Great stuff by BoxerMom from Aliso Viejo, CA03/18/2011

    I buy this for my two boxers and they love it. It helps them to remain agile and active. My older boxer was having trouble jumping up on the bed or couch before giving him this and would act stiff after laying down for extended periods. After giving him this for the starter period I started to notice that he didn't limp any more and would jump up without yelping in pain. I truly believe that it has helped him, and the younger dog will benefit from having it from a younger age.

    Good Product... by RFortier from Texas12/16/2011

    Our 6 year old SPCA special is doing great. I've had her on Joint Max from the start. She was 7 months old when adopted. She had been hit by a car and her hip had to have some surgery. Her Vet recommended that to avoid possible arthritis in her future I, I should start her on Glucosamine/Chondroitin right away. Not a problem so far! I recommended it to my sister who has a poodle with very bad arthritis.

    Joint Max DS works by CBeard from Arkansas11/10/2013

    We have 4 Corgis. Two of them started having hip problems. The older one, Yogi Bear, is now moving like he did when he was a pup! Sugar Bear, his daughter, is still slow to get up but seems to be getting much better, even running sometimes when for the last 3 months she wouldn't even try that. The Joint Max DS is what is making all of the difference! Now they are all on it and all seem to have more energy than before. What a difference! Thank You!!

    Disappointed by sass from Sparks, NV07/19/2014

    Purchased the MAX DS Soft Chews because our dog had been turning up his nose on occasion to the Cosequin we had been giving him. However, the MAX Chew seem to upset his stomach and they also stained the carpet where he dragged them to check them out before he ate them. Not happy about the upset stomach or having to clean up the carpet! Guess we'll have to throw them away...

    Awful product by Debi from Sarasota, FL02/04/2014

    The product is awful. The chews are all hard and stuck together, and the smell is so bad my dog would not eat them. I have a beagle and she has never turned down anything, this is a first. I looked at your refund policy and it said that you only refund unopened item.How do you know it's good unless you open it? So I'm out $23.

    by from 01/20/2013

    Disappointed by weetie from North Carolina02/06/2012

    The Joint Max are now slimy and many are stuck together when I get them. My dog doesn't eat them as well now and he needs a joint supplement. I went to these because they are cheaper but am hesitant to try them again.

    Worst product falsely advertised by product maker by lattegirl408/18/2012

    The last three or four shipments of joint max chews have been "hard as a rock" while being promoted as "soft chews"!!! They are not! When I first ordered this product in years past, they were soft and pliable and perfect for inserting my dog's pills. Entirely Pets has kindly tried to ship me another one, but the product was the same: hard and crumbly. Do not buy this product. Choose another glucosomine product!

    Joint Max by Golden Girl from Sun City, Arizona02/04/2014

    Wonderful product. My Goldens love them. One of my Goldens was diagnosed with a bad hip as a puppy and I started him on these right away. He lived to be 14 years old and did not have any hip problems.

    JointMax DS Soft Chews by VickiG from Arizona09/04/2013

    I bought them for my 15 yr. old Pom who has arthiritis. I thought they would be softer for him to chew. So I'm just giving them to my other 2 dogs who have issues and they eat them with no problem.

    Great product by Romeo10/16/2013

    My dog has joint pain. He has a hard time walking .when he has his joint med he can walk. This has made a huge difference in my dog. Very good product.

    Exceptional Product by Jenni03/02/2013

    I've been using this product for years for my various seniors I have had and or fostered. All of them have improved as far as mobility and pain. I will continue to use this product as it makes them much more comfortable and improves their quality of life. I would highly recommend this. They love the soft chews so taking it is like a treat to them.

    My dogs love Joint Max and it works!!! by GMac88804/17/2013

    My dog suddenly was less active and started licking his feet all the time like he was in pain. He is almost 9 years old so I figured it was arthritis related. I got him on the Joint Max and within a few weeks he was back to jumping around and playing again.

    dogs like it by MarilynRuth02/28/2014

    it's hard to get my dog to take meds, but he thinks these are candy!

    Dog loves em! by Cookiecutter Baker12/27/2012

    My dog normally loves these little chews! He has been taking them for several years. We have shopped around and these seem to be the best deal for the amount of ingredients. The only bad experience I have had recently is the last two tubs have been VERY hard and not chewy. They seem dried out and therefore got discolored a bit. After I got the first tub like this I called Entirely Pets and they were very good about sending out another shipment. Unfortunately the second shipment is the same??? They used to come with a shrink wrap around the tub and the last two shipments did not. I don't know if that is the problem or not.

    by Sc12/26/2012

    Great product. Has improved my elderly dogs mobility.

    Works Great by EMTunit31 from Ohio10/26/2013

    We give our dogs Hylox and Joint Max as an extra measure. Works great too.

    Happy Doode by mike from Dallas Tx09/04/2014

    Wow! Just two with his breakfast and my 95lb Golden Doodle is pain free all day.Big thumbs up!

    not as good as previous purchases by sunny from manchester, ct10/23/2012

    i received the joint max soft chews and they were hard as rocks. i have ordered them in the past and never had a problem with them. my dog lucy eats them anyways, but they are certainly not soft. i was not happy with the purchase this time.

    too soon to tell by bamboomary12/13/2011

    I have a rescue Blue Heeler that is only five years old but gets stiff after a few sessions of frisbee. I am hoping this will help her. I'm taking her to the vets tomorrow for X-rays to see if there are hip issues or arthritis problems to worry about.

    Thes glucosomine chews are the best.... by Harrison's Person03/07/2013

    ...because my dogs love them, they are healthy, and even though they are not big treats for my big dogs, (Bernese), they are satisfying....even when I only give them a half. They appear spendy, but last forever and in the long run, far less expensive than any other treat. Highly they were recommended to me.

    very, very helpful by dpack31012/22/2012

    my 10yr old boxer has his old spring back in his step. no problems jumping up on the

    by from 06/02/2014

    I have been giving this to my 15 1/2 yr old Jack Russell for about 1 1/2 months, after a trial package was sent with one of my orders. My dog really loves them, he is not walking as stiff as he used to and has stopped limping as well!

    them!" by Joint MAX 2x strength from pumbaI


    Not soft chews by mnicol10/23/2012

    I have used this product in the past and product was soft and chewy. These were like rocks. Not at all chewy

    JOINT MAX by ROBYN from OJAI CA.10/25/2012


    Hotties LOVE them by Kelly from Ohio01/16/2015

    My 12 y/o Rotty needs them, but my 5 y/o HAS to have them too! Harley has/had a torn ACL and when I ran out of her old glucosamine tabs her joints would pop when going up/down the stairs. They look like a Rolo candy, but are liver flavored so the dogs LOVE them!! My only complaint is they all stick together in the container.

    by Jakester05/23/2013

    My dog has grown tired of the usual hip pills that need to be hidden in food or covered with peanut butter...these he loves right out of the container and he seems have at least the same mobility he had on the other joint supplements. Sorry I can't give a real accurate review here, but at least he didn't regress...maybe I'll know more once he's taking them a few months.

    wonderful product by Jill from San Carlos, CA12/05/2013

    My Black Lab has shown some improvement in his legs and the joint pain seems to have sudsided. He loves to eat them. He thinks they are a reward for eating his food. I really love this project.

    Love it! by Tammy B01/02/2011

    I have given this to my 14 year old mix breed dog for a few years now. (she is about 70 lbs) I can most definitely tell a difference in her mobility and her energy. I recommend this product for your active and/or older dog!

    by from 07/14/2013

    My dogs are getting older and as they do they are having issues with back legs.

    the by only from oneThis


    shipping by and from greatGreat


    Not soft chews by Steve11/06/2012

    Should not be advertised as "Soft chews", they are hard

    Spring for Triple Strength instead by NancyO09/11/2014

    Our dogs *love* the triple-strength chews. I bought this one on sale, but the chews seem stale, are hard to break into pieces for my older dog, and she does not relish them. I'll be going back to the triple-strength chews.

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Soft Chews (360 Chews)
    Soft Chews - NOT by Linda T from New Jersey05/04/2014

    These soft chews came hard as a rock. The customer service rep said that they had had other people complaining - so why keep sending them out! I returned them. Now having issues getting the refund back on my credit card.

    by K Trate from PA03/31/2014

    I purchased the Double Strength and had nothing but problems. The FIRST shipment all 3 containers were rock hard - all 120 chews were stuck together. My 90 lb Black Lab had difficulty chewing. I contacted Customer Service and they sent another shipment. This order was even worse. All 3 containers were not safety sealed and smelled rancid. Looks like they were returns from another customer.

    Excellent Product and Price by joan from Stephens City Va.10/09/2013

    This product was suggested to us by our vet. Our lab is 11 and it seems to really help him. The price at the vet is twice the amount we paid at Entirely pets...

    Joint Max works! by GMac88802/21/2013

    My 8 year old dog started suffering from joint pain in his feet. I put him on Joint Max and within about a month he was no longer limping and licking his feet constantly.

    by nancy from silver Springsflorida11/30/2011

    i would like this very much but i have never recieved it yet. the way u send it is terrible. i order it on the 18th and still do not have it. May be ushould use a different way of sending it

    Marked Difference by pantero2000 from Las Vegas12/06/2013

    I have been giving my 15 year old Siberian Husky these chews for about 8 months now, and I saw a marked improvement in her mobility within a 3-4 days. She has arthritis and troubles getting up and down. With the Joint MAX Double Strength Soft Chews, she's still a little iffy laying down, but when she's up, she's bouncy and playful. We will definitely continue using the Joint MAX, possibly changing to Triple Strength as she continues to age.

    Joint Max by lcrosby from Greensboro, NC08/17/2012

    I've been so happy with this company but the last order of Joint Max was spoiled and smelled like burnt rubber. Trouble with customer service....not happy.

    It's a great product by Lin from Holbrook, Ma05/20/2014

    I like Joint Max Double Strength because it works. I have 3 dogs and it helps them tremendously. The only problem I have is they are supposed to be soft chews and when I get them they are hard, I have to put clay discs in the bag to soften them. This should not happen, but all in all they do work and that is what counts.

    Joint MAX soft chews by Bobbi08/25/2014

    have used this product for 5 years and dogs think it is their treats.....however, the chews in this shipment were all stuck together....either old product or bad storage conditions.....very disappointing since I bought so many

    by Scott from Cairo, ny02/11/2014

    Great stuff! My two labs use it twice daily. They look forward to getting it at meals and there is a clear difference in their mobility and therefore their quality of life. My labs are 7 and 12 years old.

    by from 11/09/2011

    I would not purchase these for my dogs again. I have had the triple strength chews in the past and they were fine. These say they have a new flavor but they smell very bad and are sticky and gooey, They leave your fingers the same way.

    strength by version from ofIf


    Great product by GMac888 from Hong Kong05/16/2013

    I have been giving this product to my 9 year old dog for a few months now and it has really helped him with pain and mobility issues. He likes the taste too!

    great maintenance product by bittersweetgsp from St Louis MO01/07/2012

    I use this for both my older and my younger german shorthaired pointers. Being active ++ dogs, one aging and the other having had surgery on her shoulder at 8 mos, this is a great way to smooth their way into old age.

    Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Soft Chews (720 Chews)
    Good purchase by Louise03/10/2012

    They like the chews. Not been using them long enough to notice any difference.

    6 Pack! Excellent Value! by BDSzabo from Puerto Penasco, MEXICO12/28/2012

    We already re-order the Joint Max Triple Strength. But This was a GREAT buy! And it covers us for I believe 6 months for our German Shepard. She is huge & gets 3 in the mornings (winter, 2 in summer) & 3 evenings. The only product where she does not continue to have whimperings through the day.

    Product arrived in terrible condition by Disappointed in Olathe04/02/2014

    All of the containers arrived with the chews as hard as rocks! I wrote a note telling Entirely Pets about the condition that the product arrived and received a note to put bread in the container to soften. It will take a whole loaf to soften these chews. This is the last time I order from this company.

    Horrible Batch of Product by Montana Dog Lover from Hamilton, MT12/07/2013

    The 6 pack I purchased is unusable. I've written to Entirely Pets via email and called to no avail. The batch as I've been told via phone "must have been cooked too long". Each container smells like overdone, burned chemical barbeque, they are all stuck together and hard as a huge rock. I am so disappointed I haven't heard a word in a couple of months. I have purchased this product several times for my collie, no more, no way. Not with this kind of product and NO SERVICE CALL BACK.

    Featured Reviews for Joint MAX Double Strength (120 Chewable Tablets)
    good price good product by Peggy01/24/2013

    I am very happy with the joint meds I ordered. I saw improvement in my dog within the first week.

    MUST BE GOOD! by CACowgirl38 from Colton, CA05/29/2012

    I use Joint Max as a precaution and a cure. It must be good because Lady Bird, a tan and white pit bull mix who was in such pain from early dysplasia she walked on her front feet, no longer has symptoms. BeagleJuice was attacked and suffered a dislocated hip but no longer has symptoms. The big black Shepherd/Malinois mix could be prone to hip problems but has displayed no symptoms. All three get Joint max. I'll keep using it.

    Aches Be Gone! by Tillie's Mom from Dandridge, TN12/19/2013

    Our 5-yr. old Norwegian Elkhound was showing signs of arthritis due to a broken leg when she was young. Though she loves the cold weather, she would come in limping after spending time outdoors. At the recommendation of a breeder, we purchased the Joint Max. Tillie's been taking them for one month and no longer limps. She even races up and down hills like she used to do when she was younger. I see a definite improvement. An added bonus is that she thinks they're treats and gobbles them right down.

    Joint Max Double Strenght by John12/06/2011

    My 12 year old Lab with signiifcant joint issues does well with this product.

    Great Maintennce plan for my TTs! by Candy from Plattsburgh, New York05/01/2013

    I have two Tibetan Terriers. One is 10 and the other is 11. I use a minimum dose of Joint Max double strength everyday to keep them from having any issues. They run and play like puppies with no pains and strong, healthy joints. My vet supported my decision and I'm glad that I started them on a maintenance plan three years ago.

    Wonderful product !! by Bradly from Pa02/19/2014

    had an older lab whose hips were getting arthritic our vet recomended Cosiquin after research I found Joint Max has exactly the same ingredients as Cosiquin but is 1/2 the price.Takes a couple of weeks to get into system but works great

    by pickles2 from Lousiana02/07/2012

    this is the easiest tablet I have ever given my dog, she thinks they are treats. Only just started this so still early days but so far so good

    older dog's best friend by baby fast from Oklahoma City, OK05/24/2013

    This product is amazing for older dogs. I never thought of this. My Boston Terrier was really down and hurting. The vet treated with a med. that caused monitoring of kidneys, liver. Being the natural person I am, I tried a joint product. I have learned that you get what you pay for. This product is amazing and now my older shih Tzu is taking it so he will never get as bad as his brother.

    Joint MAX DS by Donna10/31/2011

    I've been giving my 16 year old hound these for months. I'm convinced it's what keeps her active. I bumped these up from single strength when she reached her 15th year. Better ingredients than most!

    Best Product Ever by Ellen from Coventry, RI03/05/2011

    I have a 12 year old mixed golden retriever. About 4 years ago he started suffering with bad arthritis - could barely make a walk around my neighborhood and suffered terribly in the winter. He has been taking this product for 4 years and I swear it is like he is aging backwards. He is much more playful and has almost no pain. I can't recommend this product enough. You will be amazed!!

    Great product by Lorraine10/26/2011

    Our poor little old Australian shepherd/keeshond mix is 14 years old and will never run around like a puppy, but we have been using JointMax DS for a couple of years and it has certainly helped her mobility. She doesn't seem to be as stiff as she was before using it.

    Incredible Difference by L. J. Halverson01/16/2008

    Just wanted to let you know that our favorite joint supplement is Joint MAX Doublestrength. Our dogs are 5 & 7 years old & really seem to feel better after starting them on this supplement. They are very active dogs & used to limp at times after vigorous exercise but not anymore! The difference has been incredible!!

    Joint MAX DS Double Strength Works! by gfrisch from Baraboo, WI10/23/2011

    Our 11 1/2 year old flat coat retriever was limping until we purchased Joint MAX DS Double Strength (120 CHEWABLE TABLETS). His limp is gone and he is fetching right alongside our 2 year old lab. This product is wonderful.

    Great Product by Michael Johnson09/26/2008

    I have a 12 year old Shelty, and she has some arthritis, I've been using this for about 4 weeks now and i have seen such a massive difference on how she reacts to everything, she is now fetching balls and toys that she has not gotten for years, this product is amazing.

    it really works by val from virginia beach, VA02/09/2012

    our chow/lab mix was recently diagnois with DJD, dejenertive joint disease. She was put on this very! Expensive medication, so I did some "interneting" and heard @Jack Hanna had a dog dig with something similar, and he recommended joint max. Said his dog was back to her normal self shortly after taking. Our piney isn't fully better but a hugh difference, she can jump up on the couch without any yelping...Thank You Joint Max....piney thanks you and her family does too!


    I have a 12 year old Retriever. She started limping alot, we couldn't even go for very long walks bcause she was limping so bad after just a short time. After starting her on the Joint Max/Double Strength, she was limping far less after just a week, and now, after a little over a month, she limps no more! She is back to being the very active dog she's always been. We can walk for a mile or more and she never limps, plus she runs now like a puppy again. I can't say enough about the Joint Max, I am so happy to have found it!!!

    Been using this for years by Dog Mom from Des Plaines, Illinois10/18/2011

    I started using Joint Max when my 11 year old Brittany started to show signs of slowing down due to arthritis and a bad knee, She lived to 15 and her mobility improved because of joint max and regular swim therapy. I currently give it to my 9 year old puggle and my 3-legged Terrier mix. I will never stop giving them joint max!

    JOINTMAX by TRUDY from YUMA, AZ03/15/2012


    Good Joints for an Old Dog!!! by Scruffy's Mom from south central Virginia04/03/2013

    I have been giving Scruffy (a sweet Cairn Terrier) Joint Max for several years. He is nearly 15 and still races around the yard and enjoys every minute of his day. When friends first meet him they think he is a much younger dog. I think it is most important to take good care of your dog. Along with good vet care, needed shots, exercise and good food, I give Scruffy a daily vitamin and Joint Max Double Strength and I am very happy with his continued good health.

    Joint Max, great stuff! by DLC11/21/2011

    These tablets are gobbled up by my 11 year old lab and I can see the difference in her movement. I've tried two other joint supplements and this one has proven the most effective and "least likely to be spit out" of them all!

    by sandy03/12/2012

    I have used this product for 2wks. So far it has not helped her a bit.

    by from 12/10/2013

    I have a 9 year old Black Lab, Duncan, who is begininning to show signs of arthritis in his front left shoulder. Limping, etc., I wouldn't dare throw the ball for him, but we do walk a good distance each day. The vets just wanted to put him on Rimadyl, but I didn't want to do that. So, I thought I'd try this.

    glad by I from did.Am


    better by now, from IDuncan


    Great Product! by Carol03/04/2012

    My dog, who is 12 years old, was like a puppy again, after taking Joint Max...I couldn't believe the difference. She went from not being able to jump into the car, difficulty in going up having no problem with either, after just a couple weeks on Joint Max!!

    Not for my dog. by sunnycat from Greensboro,NC10/22/2012

    Even though it is a chewable tablet, my dog would not take it. I tried spliting the pill in half and putting in food but she just spit out the pill. May work for other dogs.

    Works Great! by Gary10/12/2011

    Joint MAX DS was recommended by a friend. Our 9 yr old Corgie had bad joint problems to the point where he could barely get on his feet after laying down for a while. After about 3-4 weeks on JOINT MAX, he is very much improved ... still a little slow in getting up sometimes, but definitely a significant improvement. We're on our fourth bottle and plan to continue as part of his daily supplementation. I recommend giving it a try. Make sure you use it for at least 3-4 weeks so that it has a chance to build up in your dog's system.

    Joint Max, the miracle working product by Sue from Santa Rosa, CA.05/29/2013

    I have a sixteen year old dog, who has arthritis in his neck and back. A couple of years ago we thought we were going to lose him. A friend of mine told me about Joint Max, and I thought I'd give it a try. In a couple of months, he seemed a bit better, and more like himself. After about six months on Joint Max, he was, and still is like a different dog. He moves his head like he used to, and all of his stiffness is gone. It's a miracle to me, and I'm so thrilled for him. Thank you Joint Max for giving me back my dog, and for making his life so much better.

    Back Injury by D. Newton from Moreno Valley, California05/16/2014

    Since I started giving her Joint Mas DS. My chihauhau back injury is more stable. There is less swelling, she is moving better. She will take this the rest of her life. Thank You Entirely Pets

    Good by bmbt from bath, ny06/11/2013

    It seems to help him on the days he needs it. Not harsh on his stomach like the others

    Hoping they work by merrychase from Virginia10/23/2012

    It's too soon to tell if these work or not but the dogs like them as a treat which is a good start. I have high hopes for this product.

    Joint Max DS Double Strength (120 Chewable Tablets by Mum04/28/2013

    Extremely satisfied. We also buy the liquid for our kitties.

    This really is the best purchase ever! by Patti from Charlotte NC01/08/2011

    I am so happy with this product. Our 10 year old Lab and our 10 year old Shih Tzu act half their age since we have been giving them Joint Max DS. They are both able to run around and play with so much more ease and vigor. Most especially I don't think either of them could get upstairs without JM. I am a pet sitter and a pet groomer and have recommended this product to many of my clients. It takes a few weeks to get in their system but don't give up and you and your pet will be thrilled and hooked. Thanks so much for giving my dogs their youth back again.

    Good product by tallyho11/28/2012

    My older arthritic collie is helped with this.

    joint max tablets by smurffnurse11/08/2011


    Triple Max by ingrid from Southampton, pa12/13/2011

    I have used this for my golden/shepherd mix who was born with hip dysplasia and was never treated until we rescued her three years ago. Triple Max showed great improvement and allowed Hannah to walk and play alleviating any discomfort. This is safe to use with Rimadyl. I also now am using it on our other dog, Kelci, a black lab and when we rescued her she also had no prior treatment and the results in a short amount of time are wonderful!

    great relief for Smiley by Laura S11/13/2012

    My dog Smiley is an older labrador retriever. She was really feeling the cold weather and her arthritic hip was really giving her a hard time. She was laying around a lot and didn't want to walk to her food, or anything. Since I have started her on Joint Max her pain has diminished and she is getting around a whole lot better, I would recomend it to dog owners for the relief of their babies.

    by chelsea11/07/2011

    We used Joint Max since our dog had surgery for knees ligament weakness. Glad to say she has remained strong and active for the the last 7 years.

    Help keep those bones in good shape by treatlady05/04/2012

    People take supplements for their bones so why shouldn't dogs? My lab/cattle dog mix has had numerous operations due to hip dysplasia so I give her these to help keep her bones healthy and strong.

    Very Pleased by KJ from Vienna, VA01/06/2013

    Our cavalier king charles spaniel is no longer limping . . . he seems much better.

    by none11/08/2012

    As my lab has suffered from a muscular weakness from an early age this product has helped keep her mobile. And Entirely Pets has always been fast and efficient with delivery.

    JointMax Tabs by Vetguy from Santa Rosa , Ca03/15/2012

    Our dog loves them, thinks they're a treat! Excellent value, super fast shipping!

    works by jo jo02/11/2014

    My dog seems to be better after using these she was having some hip issues

    by Mike D. from Fawn Grove, PA03/06/2013

    Dogs won't eat it as is. We have to grind it up and mix it with canned food.

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (360 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats Minis
    good product by houndlover from california08/11/2012

    we give this to our large hounds on a daily regimine.they are doing great.

    Great product by Belle from Max Meadows VA12/30/2011

    My 2 golden girls, sisters, both 10, have been showing signs of stiffness and slow getting up. We started them on the joint max tablets, and they seem to be helping, they seem more playful & energetic,and they love the joint treats as well. We had also switched them to a more natural dogfood, chicken and rice, so that in combination with the joint max, we are seeing more healthy acting and looking girls!

    Joint MAX DS by Corky's mom from Ohio06/11/2013

    Really helped my 12 yo dog. She bounces around like a puppy when on it. Only problem is she doesn't particularly like the taste. Economically priced compared to some supplements. My dog has been on this for a year. This is my second purchase.

    Joint aid for elderly pooch by Gracie's mom from Northwest Indiana07/19/2014

    My 9 year old dog has had several operations for torn ACL and hip surgery over the years. I can tell she is having more issues with stiffness and limping and I give her these to aid those cranky old joints.

    Joint Max Double Strength + Free Joint Treats by Laurie from New Mexico06/04/2013

    My dog is an aging and large (85 pounds) Australian Shephard. He eats the chewables like they are a treat. But, then I tried the Joint Treats which came free with the purchase of three Joint Max and am in love with them! Because they are soft, you can push any pill inside (in my dog's case, a small thyroid pill I have trouble giving to him because of it's small size). I highly recommend these products.

    So helpful by Knoid from Bel Air, MD05/04/2011

    My 12 year old German Shepard is doing well with these. I saw immediate improvement (within a week) using these. He eats them easily and is still mobile!


    With 4 dogs this is a great value for a great product. delivery and ordering is quick, easy and consistent.

    Best joint supplement ever by wjohnb from Hendersonville,TN11/06/2012

    Been using joint max for years from entirely pets. One of our dogs has bad hips and leg joints. Our vet said she will need hip surgery or hip replacement in a couple of years.That was about 4 or 5 years ago. Started using joint max about two weeks later,and still using it with some pain medicine.She still has some problems,but not like was. she walks every day and plays some with your sister.

    joint max helps my shepherd be his best by groomer 10 from woodridge,Il03/02/2013

    My german shepherd has double displasia, he goes lame or bunny hops in the back end. Once he got on the joint max we started seeing marked improvement. When we combined that with the fish oil on his food he has been back to playing and having fun without having to stop for rest breaks or going lame. I am a groomer and recommend this to many of my clients

    Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (720 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats Minis
    Great product! by Jan from TX11/29/2012

    This has been great for my 10-year old Doberman and 13-year old Westie (who had a severe knee injury and a broken bone in a foot). They are as spry and happy as puppies!

    Prompt service and excellent product by animalesq12/12/2011

    Arrived on time and came with a bonus container of joint treats,as well as some coupons for future purchases. I am a repeat customer, and will be coming back in the future, as I have five dogs on Joint Max!

    Dog approved by Groomer 10 from Woodridge, Il06/05/2012

    I have been using the jointmax for over a year now and they are a very good value and I have loved that our dog will wait to get these put on his food before he even will eat his food, he loves them and I know it is helping his hips.

    Great Product by MustLuv Labs from Georgia07/05/2012

    Product has helped all three of our Labs lead more active lives.

    A miracle for us. by Carol Cruise01/17/2008

    We were blessed to be given a CCI (Canines Companions For Independence) puppy who was released from the program at the age of 1 yr. He was released due to what was considered a serious left hind hock problem. I can neither say nor spell the name of the affliction but it was described as a complete lack (from birth) of cartilage in a portion of that joint that could possibly require a major surgery. We adopted him anyway. That was four and a half terrific years ago! After giving him 3 Double Strength Joint Max tabs per day, for one year, cartilage had formed in the empty space in the joint. The doctors were elated! We had to keep Kole relatively quiet for the first year but after that it was as if nothing was ever wrong with him. Now, at 5+ years, he's still like a puppy. Strong and resiliant, and perfectly normal. We still give him 3 tabs a day and he loves them and the Joint Treats! Thank you Joint Max. You gave us a miracle in a cost effective 6 pack.

    Featured Reviews for Joint MAX Double Strength (250 Chewable Tablets)
    Joint Max DS - Amazing! by Shan from New Jersey01/18/2012

    Great product. Our 14 yr old lab mix used to be very sore after a long walk. She has been taking Joint Max DS for about 2 yrs., shows no sign of soreness after a walk and sometimes even runs.

    Excellent to fix joints by Adrien from The Woodlands, Texas03/21/2013

    My old dog had walking problems. Using Joint Max put him back in great shape. Now he walks and run without problem.

    by no response01/30/2014

    I would not know if the chewable tablets were better as they shipped me capsules instead. I sent a note informing them of this problem, the shipping sheet said chewable tablets...what I wanted, and they never got back to me.

    Great choice by bookworm from NW corner of CT07/13/2013

    I have two dogs ages 14 and 131/2. The Joint Max helps to keep them active. They love the taste so they think Joint Max is a treat.

    Easy to give, dogs like it by KJ from Wyoming05/08/2013

    This is our first bottle, so we need some time to see how it works. I do like that it can be taken along with Rimadyl, and even reduce the amount needed to give joint pain relief. Both dogs really like the flavor.

    Joint Max by Black N Tan03/31/2014

    Great Product. Both of my older dogs are doing well with this product.

    Ligament Saver by Sadie's Human from Fort Worth, TX03/01/2011

    When Sadie, my hyper twelve year old Terrier mix, was two years old she tore what is equivalent to a human ACL in her right knee. After surgery and rehab she began taking Joint Max Double Strength Chewable Tablets. Within days I noticed a significant change in Sadie’s gait; she did not limp as much and was in less pain. Sadie has been taking Joint Max Double Strength Chewable Tablets once a day for nearly a decade and she sprints up stairs and around the neighborhood with the effort of a six month old puppy. Thanks to Joint Max Double Strength Chewable Tablets Sadie’s quality of life is superb!

    Really works ! by hostalover from Twin Lake, MI11/07/2012

    Our senior lab really has great improvement when using Joint Max. If we forget, we can see it in her movement. We know it helps and she appreciates it. Also she takes it easily and readily.

    by from 04/30/2013

    I have an English Bulldog who has been taking Joint Max DS since she was a puppy. If you are not familiar with the breed, they tend to have a lot of joint issues, especially with their knees. My girl has knee issues as well as a fused spine (two discs are fused) which have not caused a lot of issues.

    few by times from IThere


    on by my from nextI


    Great product! by JDo02/10/2012

    Helped my dogs joints tremendosuly. Highly recommend.

    Joint Max Liquid for cats and chewables for dogs by Mum from Pennsylvania08/01/2014

    The "Big Guy" loves them. He still thinks it's a treat after 8 years.

    Dogs love them! by Joely02/15/2012

    I have two elderly dogs and they have been taking these for about 3 months. I find they have more spring in their step, and can get up from bed in the morning and jump onto the furniture easier (LOL)! I add the tabs to their food twice a day and they eat them with no fuss. tabs are easy to break in half or quarters to administer in smaller dosage. no strong smell either.

    Very Effective by WorkingDogz02/23/2008

    Very effective and less expensive alternative. I've been using on my dogs for 2 years with very good results. They like the taste of the chewables.

    Huge Help to our Older Pet by Princess from Twin Lake, Michigan02/07/2012

    When we forget to give our older lab her Joint Max, we can tell. She is so much more comfortable and moves so much easier when she gets them. It works wonders with her. Thank you.

    More for Less by Francisco Fernando09/26/2008

    I thank you for providing these products as for my pet would not be able to do the things he does without them.

    Joint Max DS by Paula06/26/2013

    When we first started using Joint Max our German Shephard was having a hard time getting up from a lying position. After several weeks of using Joint Max DS we noticed a much improved dog. He has been on Joint Max DS for several years and although at 11 he is starting to show some signs of slow movement he is still moving faster than before he started taking Joint Max.

    Good buy by Juju from Moneta, va03/22/2013

    My lab has been taking this medication for about 5 yrs. I have been getting another brand from another company. My dog takes them well and was a better buy. I would recommend this product.

    WOW! Never thought "GG" Would Respond. by ostomy visitor from Bayonne, NJ02/03/2014

    My dog "GG"; a 10 year-old Pit Bull with arthritis is acting like a pup since I have been giving her "Joint Max." She's livelier than she's been in years bouncing around the apartment. It's really great to see a product that can give new life to an animal that was suffering with arthritis. . . If you have a a dog with arthritis I don't think you can find a better product than Joint Max.

    Great Joint tablets! by Sala from Nevada02/05/2012

    Not only are they reasonable, ever since my dog has been on these, she hasn't ONCE had her knee cap pop out of place (luxating patella). I was told years ago she would need surgery, but now that she takes Joint Max, so far, so good!!

    Great product by quiznberry from Colorado12/26/2011

    Been giving this to my lab for years and he hasn't shown any signs for joint pain. He is now 10 and still plays ball.

    Joint Max by Doggie Mommie from Maryland11/07/2011

    This is a great product for dogs with hip problems. It has made a tremendous difference in my dog's mobility.

    Helps post surgery by Goldie from Michigan12/13/2011

    My Golden had surgery on her leg and was advised to give her an anti inflamitory for the rest of her life. It seems as though after a while it did not help. I take a joint supplement and it help me so I looked into several for her and tried them all. Joint MAX DS worked the best. If I don't give it to her (forgot to order) after a few days you can tell she is hurting. No I always make sure I have an unopened bottle as backup. Whe she get older I might have to go to triple strengh but right now these work great. She is the puppy she never was able to be and she is 6.

    JOINT MAX by Fatz06/26/2012


    Really Helps Older Dogs by EarthDog from Oregon01/06/2013

    Combine these with aspirin and exercise, your old dog will run like a puppy.

    A great product for old dogs joint problems by A Frenchman dog lover from The Woodlands, Texas02/24/2012

    Our old dogs had joint problems with difficultuy in walking. This was 2 years ago. Since using Joint MAX DS all problems have disappeared and our old dog enjoys greatly a daily walk of 2 sessions, of 45 minutes each. I informed our local vet of these great results and gave her an empty Joint MAX DS container so she can be in touch with entirelypets and prescribe such a medication to other of her dog patients. Thanks Joint MAX DS

    JOINT MAX by gh from Yuma AZ05/04/2012


    Mejor condroprotector para Perros by OsKar from Guadalajara (SPAIN)12/30/2011

    Hola, tengo un Boyero de Berna y le diagnosticaron displasia en el codo al año 1 medio. Tenia una ligera cojera que resultó ser displasia. Ahora tomando Joint Max double se le nota que no cogea y más alegre, eso que es invierno y lo sufren más. Lo recomiendo completamente en calidad/precio. Un saludo a todos.

    Dog wouldn't touch it by Bill6393508/17/2014

    I have no idea how well these work, as my 80 lb. Lab-boxer would not eat them. I tried hiding them in food, wrapping them in meat or cheese, I even tried crushing them and mixing them with a little whipped cream. Nothing worked, and it got to the point she was afraid to eat anything I gave her. Can they taste that bad? Maybe she's just too picky, but I feel I just threw away 30+ dollars.

    Joint Max by Mesha's mom04/09/2013

    I have used this product for years, close to 11 to be exact. However, last Friday, April 5th, I lost the love of my life and my best friend in the whole world, Mesha. I wish everyone could have known her. She loved life and I loved her more than life. There will NEVER be another Mesha. She was everything to me. English bulldogs give so much love. That being said, I will no longer be needing this product. You guys have been great and I soo wish I still needed this, but I don't. Thanks again.

    My Dog Loves These Chews by LuAnn from Cincinnati, OH07/18/2012

    This has been a good substitute for the powder. My dog loves these soft chews and they seem to help her joints.

    Very pleased, but.... by beachbum04/03/2012

    This product is very effective but I was hoping that my dogs would think they were treats. They don't like the flavor, so I tried breaking them into pieces and putting them in their food. They ate all around the pieces. So, I cover them in peanut butter and my dogs gobble them down. However, taste issue aside, this product has been extremely effective in relieving the aches and pains my older dog has and seems to be very effective in preventing joint issues from developing with my larger yet younger dog who was beginning to show signs of arthritis in her hips. My older dog is jumping around like a puppy again and the larger dog's xrays show no progression in joint deterioration. The vet is thrilled (and so are we!). My dogs aren't picky eaters so I would have given the product 5 stars if the tablets were a little more palatible to my dogs. Minor problem considering the benefits! Thanks.

    would'nt buy anything alse. by wjohnb from Hendersonville,TN09/08/2014

    My answer is the same whenever I buy these products I buy these products from you. These three products are the best. I been buying the same products for years.

    HAS WORKED SUPER by LARYNX135 from ALABAMA12/14/2013


    Best Joint Supplement by Joyce from Illinois03/19/2012

    I have been using Joint Max for my 8 yr. old labrador retriever since her TPLO surgery 3 yrs ago. She is doing great and is able to run and play!

    Joint Max by Mark K.03/21/2012

    Works as described - given as morning treats. Marked difference > 3 weeks.

    Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (500 Chewable Tablets)
    Works Great! by jch from Central New York04/24/2014

    My dog has had 3 leg surgeries but joint max keeps him walking and running - great stuff!

    by from 01/31/2014

    We have two Chocolate Labrador retrievers, aged 13 and 9. We started both on Joint Max DS and have seen a significant difference in their mobility ever since. So happy we found this product.

    very by pleased from withWe


    Best joint supplement (Mejor Condroprotector) by OsKaR from Guadalajara (Spain)06/26/2012

    Es el mejor condroprotector para mi perro. Ya no cojea desde que lo está tomando, y se le vé mucho más activo y enérgico. Se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo en calidad/precio. Oscar

    by Dee10/18/2011

    Very good product and affordable. Helped relieve my dog's arthritis pains that were causing him to be stiff and disengaging in his normal activities. This product worked better then some other "top name brands" that I had tried previously. I do recommend this product to other dog owners.

    Absolutely Great by Leigh Brunton09/26/2008

    Great product!!!

    the best by Donna Weaver09/24/2008

    My dogs are so much livelier and appear pain free. Great product.

    Joint Max DS by Teresa Mugel03/17/2009

    Our yellow lab Clara, broke her elbow when she was 5 months old. She is now 13 years old and has been taking Joint Max for several years. We noticed in a short time the benefits, and we are positive that without it, her discomfort would be great and her mobility limited.

    Play Ball by Quiz from Colorado03/26/2014

    My 13 year old yellow lab has been on Joint Max Double Strength chewable tablets for 4 years now. He still goes out back and chases the tennis ball after work.

    Great product by Franks from Spring Hill, FL05/19/2013

    My dog is 11 years old and has mild hip problems. I have tried other similar products with no where near the great results offered by this product. Can't be beat.

    It is the best producted for hips and joint. by wjohnb from Hendersonville,TN10/31/2012

    Our dogs have been using the product for years from entirely pets.Big improvement over other products.Our large dog has displasure in both hips and bad legs.Plus artritis in the above and right shoulder and right leg. Using joint max with pain pills as needed as done wonders.

    Great nutritional support by bsn04/23/2014

    Have been using Joint Max DS for a number of years to give joint nutrition support for our 100+pound Golden Retriever. Great product - great price!!

    GREAT joint supplement by k2 from Phoenix, AZ12/19/2012

    My Golden was beginning to show signs of stiffness when getting up after a nap. Decided to try this supplement (after a couple of other) and the difference has been amazing. I now have my new mixed-breed on a one-pill a day as a preventative measure. Love the results

    Joint MAX Double Strength by MGMixer08/05/2013

    These are the only chews I've found that don't hurt my dog's stomach and still give him relief from hip dysplasia. He's 10 years old (Border Collie/Flat Coated Retriever mix) and still very active.

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (750 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats
    can't live without them by ducky from texas09/03/2014

    I have purchased these for years. I get the best price I can find anywhere for this product. They work. Without them my pug and my French bulldog could not walk. I saw results within one week of the pugs first dose. He has a bad knee. The French bulldog has severe dysplasia and had immediate relief.

    Best joint supplement by ÓsKaR from Guadalajara, SPAIN01/27/2015

    My dog is happy and runs like as the first day. :-)

    Excellent Product by Cathy from Atlanta, GA04/03/2013

    My dog is 8 yrs. old and started having problems getting up from the lying position about a year ago. I started him on Cosequin DS, which worked great until just recently. He was still stiff and had difficulty getting up stairs and walking after running outside. I began looking at different options and came across Joint MAX DS. It is a little stronger than Cosequin DS, and has proven to be just what he needed. I follow the dosage on the label and haven't had any problems. It's a miracle worker!

    Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength (1500 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats
    So Happy by Lisapizza from San Bernardino, CA04/24/2012

    I have a 7 year old, male, 138 lb labrador retriever. He is a big boy and over the past 2 years has had increasing trouble getting up on the couch (yes, I allow it) and getting up off the floor. He would often limp and seemed weak in his hind quarters. After 1 week of taking this med, he was remarkably improved. Now after about 4 weeks, he gets around almost normally. What a blessing! I'm so happy. He will take this the rest of his life, and I will likely give it to my other dogs as they age.

    Joint Max DS by kat3910/22/2011

    My dogs take the pills right from my hands…no pill pockets or cheese, etc. required.

    I did the research by Wayne01/26/2008

    My 8 year old lab and 7 year old beagle/corgie both love to play ball and they play hard! They were both limping. The Labs bones were cracking and he could barely get up.They have been on this product for over a year and back to puppy strength again.The other products did not work.The Joint max ds started working after approx. two months and continues to perform as well as the dogs!!!

    Featured Reviews for Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (120 Count)
    joint max by Milton02/26/2008

    This is doing wonders for my dog. I wonder if it would work for me!!!!

    Max Joints by Bradley09/26/2008

    This product is awsome, my pet has had some really good results with this.

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (360 Count) + FREE Joint Treats
    TS Capsules by John from Duluth, MN11/11/2012

    We put these capsules in some peanut butter due to the size of the capsules. She still has no problem with them and I am happy to know they are helping keep her joints healthy as she gets older

    Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (720 Count) + FREE BONIES (5 Count)
    Great Price by Gary Slobhan09/26/2008

    The price's are unbeatable and the pills are great.

    Good product! by Jan from TN09/09/2013

    This really makes a difference with our Doberman (who will be 11 next month) and our Westie who is nearly 14. The Doberman showed improvement in about 3 days when we first started him on the Joint Max DS 3 years ago. It works for us!

    Featured Reviews for Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (250 Count)
    Joint Max by dholman01 from St. Louis, MO12/05/2012

    Has not really shown an appreciable effect for my dog, and the capsules are a bit of a pain to use. Would highly recommend chewable supplements instead.

    by from 05/30/2012

    by Old runner from Seattle11/20/2012

    I am using glucosaming at the recommendation of vet as preventive more than cure but I have not noticed any of the intermittant limping after running lately. The capsules are easiest to administer if you open and sprinkle over the food.

    12-year-old Chesapeake by Mac Harper06/25/2008

    My loving but aging Chesapeake exhibits hip weakness, especially after long romps in the woods. Joint Max double-strength works wonders for him, and he doesn't need pain medications any more!

    Magic Pills by Julian09/26/2008

    My pet was on prescription medication, I happened to run out of the medication and suprisingly this product worked even better!!

    by from 08/23/2014

    It's my fault. I thought I was ordering chewable tablets. Got capsules. Have to get them open and sprinkle on food. It leaves a sticky residue in the bowl. At least the dog will eat it.

    been by the from #1Your


    Bothersome by 19er from So Cal07/02/2013

    The ingredients are very good but the capsule is not worth the trouble. We will get chewable tabs next time.

    Expiration Date only 2 months away by luvmyshepherds11/16/2012

    Pros: Great product. Great Price. Noticeable improvement in mobility. Cons: I purchased 4 bottles of these at an exceptionally low price. Unfortunately upon receipt of them, I noticed the expiration date is only 2 months away. May not have been a wise purchase for this reason.

    Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Joint MAX Double Strength Capsules (500 Count)
    Convenient by April from Enid, OK01/05/2014

    I usually buy the joint max tablets, these work just as well.

    worst ever by dilligaf5401/01/2013

    When this was on sale I bought 4 bottles. No mention that the expiration date was a month away. then started giving them to my dogs and after 3rd dose 2 of my 3 dogs got sick. Throwing up, so i waited a few days and tried again, same result. Will not buy again!!!!

    Great for my Rescues by Jasmine Ocampo09/26/2008

    I rescue pets and most pets I encounter have severe arthritic problems, I have given these supplments to them and they absolutely changed from a lazy pet to a lively pup.

    wrong product by M's mom from Virginia11/01/2012

    I mistakenly ordered the capsules instead of the chewable tablets. She's been taking the tablets for almost 10 years, and I attribute her pain-free agility at 15yrs to those tablets. But by the time I realized I'd mis-ordered, there wasn't time to send 'em back, so we're trying them out. She hasn't gotten the hang of just swallowing. She sometimes tries to chew, which then prompts her to spit them out! But they should be easier to slip down her throat, if I end up having to do it manually.

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