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Nylabone Dura Chews

Durable Bacon Flavor  Bone - REGULAR (4.5")
Durable Bacon Flavor Bone - REGULAR (4.5")

($6.99)  $4.16
Nylabone Double Action Chew - REGULAR (5" L)
Nylabone Double Action Chew - REGULAR (5" L)

($8.49)  $6.99
Nylabone Double Action Chew - SOUPER (9" L)
Nylabone Double Action Chew - SOUPER (9" L)

($15.99)  $12.59
Nylabone Double Action Chew - WOLF (7" L)
Nylabone Double Action Chew - WOLF (7" L)

($16.99)  $10.66
Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Petite)
Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Petite)

($2.50)  $1.99
Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Regular)
Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Regular)

($3.50)  $2.99
Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Wolf)
Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Wolf)

($6.50)  $4.99
Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Giant)
Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Giant)

($8.50)  $6.09
Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Souper)
Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Souper)

($10.50)  $8.99
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Regular)
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Regular)

($6.99)  $4.62
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Wolf)
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Wolf)

($7.99)  $6.99
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Souper)
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Souper)

($15.99)  $14.17
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Monster)
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Monster)

($17.99)  $16.99
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Bacon Flavor (Regular)
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Bacon Flavor (Regular)

($5.99)  $4.99
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Bacon Flavor (Wolf)
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Bacon Flavor (Wolf)

($7.99)  $6.99
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Bacon Flavor (Souper)
Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Bacon Flavor (Souper)

($13.99)  $12.99
Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor  Bone – PETITE  (3.75")
Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor Bone – PETITE (3.75")

($1.99)  $1.69
Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor  Bone  – WOLF(5.5”)
Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor Bone – WOLF(5.5”)

($6.19)  $4.09
Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor Bone – GIANT (7.75”)
Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor Bone – GIANT (7.75”)

($9.99)  $6.99
Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor Bone – SOUPER (8”)
Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor Bone – SOUPER (8”)

($11.99)  $7.99
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor - PETITE  (3.75")
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor - PETITE (3.75")

($2.99)  $1.99
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor – REGULAR (4.5”)
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor – REGULAR (4.5”)

($4.29)  $2.99
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor – WOLF (5.25”)
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor – WOLF (5.25”)

($5.99)  $3.99
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor – GIANT (7.75")
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor – GIANT (7.75")

($8.99)  $5.49
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor – SOUPER (8”)
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor – SOUPER (8”)

($10.99)  $7.99
Nylabone DuraChew Bended Bone Bacon Flavor - Wolf
Nylabone DuraChew Bended Bone Bacon Flavor - Wolf

($9.99)  $6.99
Nylabone DuraChew Bended Bone Bacon Flavor - Souper
Nylabone DuraChew Bended Bone Bacon Flavor - Souper

($14.99)  $11.49
Nylabone DuraChew Hallow Stick - Bacon
Nylabone DuraChew Hallow Stick - Bacon

($9.99)  $6.99
Nylabone DuraChew Knot Original Bone for Dogs - Large
Nylabone DuraChew Knot Original Bone for Dogs - Large

($21.99)  $19.85
Nylabone DuraChew Plus Textured Ring Dog Chew Dog Toy - Large
Nylabone DuraChew Plus Textured Ring Dog Chew Dog Toy - Large

($10.99)  $7.99
Nylabone Durachew Ring Original Flavor - Giant
Nylabone Durachew Ring Original Flavor - Giant

($11.69)  $8.99
Nylabone DuraChew Twin Pack Bacon and Chicken Chew
Nylabone DuraChew Twin Pack Bacon and Chicken Chew

($14.99)  $10.99
Nylabone DuraChew Value Pack (3 count)
Nylabone DuraChew Value Pack (3 count)

($9.99)  $5.99
Nylabone Durachew Wishbone Wolf (6 inches)
Nylabone Durachew Wishbone Wolf (6 inches)

($10.99)  $6.99
Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell - Peanut Butter (Large)
Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell - Peanut Butter (Large)

($15.99)  $11.89
Nylabone Durable Chews are flavor enhanced dog chews made specifically for powerful chewers, these chews are made of durable nylon.

4.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Durable Bacon Flavor Bone - REGULAR (4.5")
not bad, not great by FLVetTech from Florida10/22/2012

my dogs like the dental nylabones and showed some interest in these but got bored with them quickly. I think they need a stronger scent.

Dogs favorite chew by Shadow11/28/2012

I have 3 large dogs and they all love the nylabones. When one gets one the others all want the same one the other has, These are great and durable.

Worst chew toy by JJ06/05/2012

This bone was too, too hard. It was like a rock. My dog would not even look at it. When I dropped it on the floor, he ran.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Double Action Chew - REGULAR (5" L)
Great Chew Toy for all Dogs! by RB from Ohio12/30/2013

Both our dogs (Std. Poodles) quickly found the Nylabone Double Action Chew toys and gnawed on it all morning long. I was pleased to see that the chew toy was so well made and easily made it through the rough handling our dogs meted out. I would recommend Nylabone to all our dog-loving friends!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Double Action Chew - SOUPER (9" L)
Best chew toy ever by shadow from Tehachapi, Ca11/06/2012

Our dog can chew anything up except for this chew toy. It lasts and lasts.

by Dal mom from Edgewater, MD12/06/2011

Great Christmas gift for my Baby. He loves Nylabone and this one will last a little longer. He likes to carry it around by the ends. Makes for cute pictures.

Good Bone! by saccagirl from Corona, CA06/16/2013

Another great bone for avid chewers! My dogs love it!

Great Chew Toy!!! by Rubyb2 from Northeast Pa11/10/2010

I have a 10 month old English Mastiff who weighs about 110lbs. She is a very powerful chewer and destroys every toy within days!! I picked this nylabone up and it has been a winner. She has been chewing on it since the end of August and I'm just now going to buy a new one. I would recommend this "Souper" size chew for all those massive breeds!!

Great Bone by panther10/23/2012

My two labs absolutely love these bones and they last for a long time. Most things they can destroy in a couple of hours. Definitely a good buy.

Hours of chew by Ang5010/25/2012

Durable and hours of chew for our Lab and Great Pyrenees . Money well invested.

Aussie Pacifier by aussiemom11/06/2013

My Aussie is a VERY aggressive chewer. We have already chewed our way through 3 of these. Just ordered 2 more. She chews on this every single day! I feel good that it is a safe way for her to get the goofies out! She really pacifies herself with her "monster chew"!

Durable by shandwill from Lexington, KY01/08/2013

Great for aggressive chewers. Our giant breed pups love these, and they last a long time.

Great Toy! by NCDogOwner11/04/2013

This has become my dogs "security blanket". As a German Shepherd, she is a VERY hearty chewer. I have given up on stuffed toys and usually end up replacing many of the other DuraChew Nylabones within a few months as she breaks them. Yea, she's THAT much of a chewer. This bone has a great thickness but soft enough in the middle that she can carry it around. Be careful though. This toy is pretty heavy and can hurt if/when your dog decides to drop it on your toe. It may be a little pricey but I usually buy them on sale. Additionally, it is worth it if they last. So far, this has definitely been worth the price!!

Great product by Pitbullcrazy from Long Island, NY06/08/2013

This bone is very durable; I have four pitbulls who are hard chewers and not only do they love to chew on them, but they have lasted quite a while now. Would recommend them for dogs who love to chew!!!

This bone is huge!! by ChelseaGirl from Chelsea, AL02/24/2012

Okay so when I ordered this bone I did not realize how big it was going to be but the dogs love it. It is very durable & a great deal at $11.99. This bone retails for $23.99 at PetsMart!!

Repeat Purchase! by DJack from Spring, TX01/17/2012

Our GSD LOVES these. We buy her a new one every Christmas. She will have the little end piece worn down to a point by then. Great product and long lasting. The price is the best here at EntirelyPets!

dobble action chew nylabone 9'' large by morgan a.01/01/2012

this lasts them a life time, there is always somthing to chew on if you get this

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Double Action Chew - WOLF (7" L)
Best ever by zookeeper from Portland, OR10/09/2013

I have found something that is taking my dog a while to destroy....she loves this and is having a great time with it and lasting longer than some of her other toys....much longer! NO squeakers, no stuffing, no missing parts....cleaner teeth and a happy chewer...I don't have to worry about where the missing parts went when missing...vacuums up nicely.

Keeps Him Happy by Joanne03/31/2008

My Black Lab Lucky loves this bone!!! We go through at least one a month, but its well worth it. We have tired many, and this is his favorite!!

Great Dane puppy has met her match! by shelterdogmom03/14/2012

I bought this for our Great Dane puppy who has outwitted every toy and chew that she's gotten since we adopted her. I didn't expect this to last either, but lo and behold, several months later, it's been well used (by her as well as her siblings) and still in one piece, still chewable! Bought the bigger one, too, but she loves this one the best.

Pretty durable by Sammysmomma from Colorado Springs, CO12/10/2011

I like the way Nylabones tend to hold up to a strong chewer. The center rubberized part is pretty easy for my boy to destroy, but the internal material and tougher ends are strong enough to hold up. Worthwhile - at a good price.

Nylabone Double Action Chew-Wolf (7"-L) by Jackie from Fraser, MI01/28/2012

Unfortunately, we ordered the wrong size chew bone. Will be ordering the 5" chew bone. We order at least 5 at a time. Thank you that we can still order this chew bone on your website since the stores do not carry this item anymore. Our Lily has been chewing these for 4 years now & it is her fav! The stores are stocking goofy forms of this chew but it's not the same for Lily. Please don't stop carrying this item because this is now our only way to make Lily happy!

Durable by milkweed from NY Gunks01/12/2012

Great for tough chewers like my pitbulls, as they don't chew off large pieces

Sheds too quickly by Nino from Kingston, NY03/20/2013

I have an 8 month old english bulldog and these bones by nylabone are all the same. They start to she'd shavings rather quickly.

Love this bone! by jdogg12/02/2011

I have 3 large dogs and this is the best bone by far for their chewing needs!

Great combo toy by Brylin from Ogden, IA08/18/2013

All the dogs enjoy chewing on this one - no big pieces come off either.

by Pitbullcrazy from Long Island, NY06/08/2013

I bought this product and the SOUPER. I bought this one for my 5 month old pitbull who is very small. Good size for her and she loves it; however, this one lasted about 2 months as the green rubber in the middle is coming apart so I had to get rid of it. I am sure it would have lasted longer if my other 3 pitbulls who are much larger and harder chewers were not chewing it also. I would recommend this size for not so avid chewers.

by from 11/06/2012

This Chew bone is very rough and causes gums to bleed within 10-15 minutes. It's a shame we have to watch a 50 lb dog enjoy a toy. Once her gums bleed, we have to take the bone away.

Be Very Careful by LoveMyDogSuch


Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Petite)
Chicken flavor nylabone by DDR from Swan point, MD05/18/2014

My dog loves it! Would definitely order more nylabonesvfor her!

in Korea, the famous nilrabon dyurachyu by ggamiNmaru from korea07/19/2012

In Korea, the famous nilrabon dyurachyu Our children are worth the wait too long liked In Korea, the price was too expensive to buy direct And I want to buy Please add some more flavor I can not tell you what is chicken bacon

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Regular)
Great Item by kat3908/19/2012

These Nylabones are terrific! Our dogs love them. And Entirely Pets always has the best price!

Smaller than I thought but still very durable by Chelsea Girl from Chelsea, AL03/22/2012

I ordered these nylabones for my pittie mixes English Bulldog. They are smaller than I thought but still durable. This would be for a smaller dog probably under 40 lbs. Just go with the bigger size bone if you have larger dogs.

His Go-To Entertainment by Jean from Bergen County, NJ10/11/2013

When not engaging humans for play or fun, my dog will grab a Nylabone and chomp on it until he tires and falls into a Zen state.

Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Regular) by SL01/15/2013

My dog loves these bones and they keep him busy for hours!

Good bone by BostonEM11/08/2011

I have a strong chewer (part terrier) and she loves these and the last a long time, especially given she destroys most toys in a few min's.

Nylabone Chicken Flavor by BumbleT from Hawaii08/05/2013

Taro says, "When I'm frustrated I find my Nyla bone and have a good chew! It's delicious!"

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Wolf)
nylabone is a favorite by joyful from Shenandoah Valley, VA12/18/2013

Bought this for the smallest dog in the house, who is also the most serious chewer. She loves this bone and chews on it at least once a day. I feel like I'm getting my money's worth because it lasts so long.

Not Impressed by CB from Ohio03/04/2012

Although this may be more durable then their regular bone, it took my power chewer less than 10 minutes to have both ends chewed up.

Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken by la from Raleigh12/29/2012

My dogs love these, but I wish that the chews didn't collect dog hair on the chewed ends.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Giant)
Tough Chewers - These are for YOU! by Auntie Ramona from Ohio02/05/2013

I bought these Giant Nylabone Dura Chewbones as a surprise present for the dogs at Our Happy Place - a dog sanctuary in Sevierville, Tennessee. They LOVED them! At least 8 dogs in the house and several powerful chewers! These chewbones were a BIG HIT!! Thanks Entirely Pets for selling a great product at a reasonable price!!

by from 08/20/2012

I bought 3 of these for my 3 Labs who love to chew. I usually buy the larger Nylabones, but decided to try these, since they were cheaper. Unfortuantely, the bones didn't last long. I bought these bones about 2-3 weeks ago, and the ends are pretty close to being nubs, and I'll have to toss these soon.

be by good from forThese


Pups crazy for them by MurphyMoose from Ohio01/14/2014

We have two Beardies , one Bichon and a LassoChon. ALL pups are crazy about them and always have to keep them on hand they are their favorite toy.

Powerful Fun by Jean from Bergen County, NJ10/11/2013

Can withstand active, power chewers. I always have two on hand.

by Map1029 from Columbus, OH06/16/2013

We have 10 dogs and they all love the Dura Chew. They last a long time, and we have some strong jaws. Great price!

Great Price for Product by skcaj from PA01/05/2013

It is hard to find nylabones at very many places. Our dog is a strong chewer and you have had the best prices and selection on them.

I can't buy enough of these! by CaraEvie from Philadelphia, PA10/22/2012

My dog loves these bones and they keep her busy for hours. I buy them by the dozens.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Souper)
SUPER - DUPER Nylabone Dura Chew by Auntie Ramona from Ohio02/05/2013

I bought several of these bones as a surprise present for the dogs at Our Happy Place in Sevierville, Tennessee (a dog sanctuary). They absolutely LOVED them! It's keeping the dogs from chewing on the kitchen table and chair legs, door jambs and the futon (for now, anyway)!!! Great for very powerful chewers (several pitbull mixes)! Thanks Entirely Pets!

Dogs love it! by GV from Nashville04/30/2013

This is my dogs favorite toy...all (7) take turns stealing this toy from whomever has it at the moment...I need (6) more:)

Dogs love it by Melissa12/22/2009

I have 3 pit bulls who love to chew, this is the only bone/toy that I have found that lasts and they love it too!

Good product by Tlj120 from North Branch MN10/30/2012

this is one of my dogs favorite chew toys. he has had several of them. They last awhile and he is a heavy/strong chewer.

Lasts for years by Sixstar Danes from southern California03/01/2011

We've purchased several of these and WOW they really last with our Great Danes. A family member's Belgian Malinois visited and loved one so much we let her take it home with her. I'd definately buy more of these!

my dogs favorite chew by lori zo from waipahu, HI02/27/2013

These chews has been the longest lasting ones that I've come across. While I do buy other nylabone products, this is their favorite.

by Big dogs05/08/2012

Great for power Chewers. German Shepherd loves it.

Safer chew than rawhides! by June02/12/2013

I am sure my dogs will get around to turning these in to nubs just like the previous ones I have purchased.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Regular)
by vandefranseweg from Netherlands12/17/2012

For the adult frenchies a real treat to chew on.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Wolf)
Still under Review by crjotr from Melbourne, Florida09/18/2013

My 26 lb dog Maggie has been working on this bone exactly one week now. Estimated about 2 hours per day total chewing time. She has demolished every other bone we have tried. This one seems to be a little better. But the jury is still out. . .

OK purchase by Brylin from Ogden, IA08/18/2013

Wolf size not consistent across the board for nylabone products. This one a bit small and my dogs went throught it pretty fast.

I should've bought more! by Dorothy from Atlanta GA12/29/2013

I bought an assortment of nylabone dura chew toys for my pack and I should have bought more of this one in particular because it is very coveted among my dogs! I have a weight range of pits and pit mixes (and one rottweiler mix) from 40-65lbs and this size of bone seems to be the size that is most comfortable for them to hold and chew on. The larger Nylabones that I have bought don't get played with as much. Big thumbs up!

Great for chewers! by mikes08/08/2012

Excellant product for puuies that like to chew. Has most likely saved much of my furniture.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Souper)
Great Choice by Ilovemydogs11/29/2011

Nylabones always last a long time without chipping off into big, sharp shards. The ridges on this bone are enjoyed by our miniature dachsund and our black lab loves the size. I bought two and our dogs are constantly trading back and forth!

Great product by jenh43 from North Ridgeville, OH07/09/2012

I’ve had the product for a while, and my dog is an aggressive chewer. He doesn’t play with it very often (which is why I gave 4 stars instead of 5) but it withstands the “jaws of death” very well when he does. Nylabone makes excellent products in general, so I’m not surprised with the way it’s holding up.

Nylabone for large dogs by Dog mom of 212/24/2012

These are awesome! I highly recommend these for your dogs who like to chew. They last a long time, and no chance of them choking on large pieces. I have always bought this brand for the last ten years or more.

Nylabone by momhulce from Ocean View, HI12/16/2012

Best product for heavy chewers I have ever found! My Labs have had many chew toys and products and always tear them up within 10 minutes. Nylabone lasts for so long, and keep my dogs so satisfied, that they sit and ASK for them everyday. Nothing else even comes close. Their teeth are always so clean, my vet asks me what I do for them. I tell him Nylabone!

Great for strong chewers!! by Peastin from Michigan01/12/2012

My dogs LOVE these bones!! They go back to them time after time and the best news - keeps them from chewing things they shouldn't!! If you haven't tried them, I highly recommend them!

They like it by L:uke from Buffalo NY06/27/2013

Both dogs just watch each other chewing on this. Size doesn't matter.

good for super chewers by bonjim from Dallas, TX06/19/2012

The Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Souper) is the only bone we have found that lasts our dog more than a few hours. He does not chew anything else but loves these bones. He goes after them aggressively when he thinks he has had a stressful day! We only give them to him at night as we like to be in a position to watch him while he chews. He is so rough with them little pieces come off and sometimes a bigger chunk. They last two weeks at the very most and that is with an hour of chewing a night. So I would remind pet owners who have dogs with the same chewing habits to watch and make sure their dogs don't choke on the bigger pieces. From talking to others, I think our dog, a medium sized German Shepherd mix, chews more aggressively than other dogs. If the bone could be made without the pieces coming off, it would be even better.

Too hard by Joan from Avon Park, FL01/04/2013

I had 3 of these bones. Now several of my dogs have broken teeth, mostly their K9s. The bones are too hard.

Great for super chewers! by Crazytown from Ohio01/08/2013

We have two large lab mixes that can each destroy a giant nylabone within hours. They each received one of the Dura Chew Soupers for Christmas. Two weeks later, they haven't even chewed the ends off yet. Great price and service from Entirely Pets to top it off.

by from 01/01/2014

This was quite a bit larger than I expected and next time I'll order a size smaller but my mom's Pit/Boxer mix loves it and unlike his usual toys he hasn't destroyed it yet and we've had it for over a week.

but by unlike from theIt's


Lasts forever! by Bailey12/04/2012

I bought one more then a year ago. They last forever, plus my dog loves it!

Tuff chew by Tucker10/24/2012

Our Golden likes it. He is a powerful chewer and it has held up.

Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Souper) by BJ11/24/2012

Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Souper) are the ONLY bones we can give our dog. Although he does not chew on anything else, he does love bones. We have tried edible and non-edible, all types, and they are gone in a very short period of time plus he chews them so fast he chokes. The first time we ordered these, we did not dream he needed the SOUPER but smaller ones broke up. He chews with a vengeance but never can break the SOUPER or chew the whole thing. He gets one for about three hours a night (supervised), one lasts about three weeks before he is sick of it. Then we give him a new one. If your dog is breaking up the bones he chews, there is a chance of choking (most have warnings on them.) We have found these are the best for not breaking plus he loves them. I try to get in on free shipping deals. Entirely Pets ships fast, and I have not had a problem with any order.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Plus (Monster)
First Purchase by Joyce from Pennsauken, NJ05/28/2013

This was the first time that I ordered from Entirely Pets and I was pleased with the prices and the timely shipment. I received my order within 1 week. I will gladly order from here again

by vandefranseweg from Netherlands12/17/2012

The boerboels are very happy with this bone.

Lasts awhile by charlie12/02/2012

My dog loves this and it lasts awhile. Only trouble is that it's super heavy and sheds tiny plastic pieces EVERYWHERE!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Bacon Flavor (Regular)
Made in China by American Lady01/22/2013

Returning because it is made in China! i don't want anything made in China for my fur baby!

Good for Chewers by chihuahuamom12/28/2012

My dogs love them. They are just the right size for my little dogs.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Bacon Flavor (Wolf)
Sturdy chew toy by jenh43 from North Ridgeville, OH07/09/2012

I purchased this for my 3 ½ year old English Bulldog who is a VERY aggressive chewer. I have a difficult time finding toys he can’t chew through immediately, but this is a good one. We’ve had it for a few weeks and the damage is pretty minimal. He loves this toy! Nylabone makes some of the best products out there for aggressive chewers, and this is one of them.

Dog's love them by sneakypeapot03/06/2014

Got three huskies and they love them, replace them with new ones every two months

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Bacon Flavor (Souper)
my dog didn't like it at all by becky from St. Louis, MO11/19/2012

It was so slippery she could not get into it, I think.

Great Bone by JEiseman04/09/2013

Nice durable bone for the price would buy again

Works and lasts. by mikes08/08/2012

Good for chewers and gnawers. All my dogs love this bone.

Love the Nylabone by ladybug from Richmond, VA02/03/2014

Even though my lab is considered large at 60 lbs, I get her the "soupier size" everything. She has unbelievable jaws and these Nylabone chew bones fit the bill for her chewing needs. I have been very happy with all of the Nylabone Dura Chew items that I have purchased including this one.

Good for Voracious Chewers by Nikki from Lexington KY02/02/2012

This is a very sturdy chew for those dogs who can chew through anything. The only downside is that it is very heavy so watch your toes!

Its hollow! by Umzy from Michigan10/30/2012

My Rottie loves Nylabones and has had nothing but Galileo's. I decided to try this one. Big mistake! Within 15min. she had a corner broken off, it's hollow! Luckily I saw it before I had to make an emergency vet trip. Stick with the solid Nylabones, I know I will.

not real happy by mike11/23/2011

my 4 month old mastiff destroyed 2 of these. they are hollow in the middle not solid like the other nylabone products. i was very disappointed because nylabones are the only toys that can hold up to my dogs

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor Bone – PETITE (3.75")
petite bacon nylabone by Dory from dahlonega ga06/02/2013

Perfect for small dogs. Great for hours if chewing

Dogs ignored this by sdsundog from Greenville, SC01/14/2014

I was hoping my new dog would like to chew on this, but she didn't have any interest in it. I gave it to my other two dogs to try and they were not interested either. Gave them to the dog shelter.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor Bone – WOLF(5.5”)
Good value for $ by Gracies Mom from Iron Station NC02/20/2014

Gracie likes this bone. She alternates between chewing it and the nylabone dinosaurs.

Nylabone Bacon Flavor by Luna from IL05/10/2014

My four love these, they keep stealing them from each other. I'll have to buy 8 next time.

Great durability! by Nnaneko from Oakley, CA02/01/2014

The nylabone bones are the only chewables that are not destroyed in 5 minutes by my yellow lab. Buddy takes the bacon flavored nylabone from his bed, touches my leg with it to show me which chew he has picked and then lays down at my feet to have a good chew!

Very durable by Kathy from Wichita KS01/01/2013

I have 4 large dogs, 2 of which are bully breeds. It is a struggle to find durable chew toys for my bullies especially. I buy 4 about every 3-4 months and they last that long with everyday use. My pups really enjoy them.

My Girls Favorite by RottieMom from NJ08/17/2012

My Rottie girl has been loving her Nylabones since she was just a pup. I am a huge fan of the Nylabone Durable line - holds up to the extreme chewing of my big fur kids !

Cassie hogs them all by Carol from Warminster, PA03/12/2013

I purchased 3 nylabones for my Irish Setters - youngin Cassidy hogged them all. In this picture she was laying on 2 while she chewed the 3rd as the other pups looked on

Small but tough by Dre06/10/2013

My dog loves this bone! Product made for extreme chewers.

by Machauss03/24/2013

A favorite with my pack and very durable with strong chewers.

by Annmarie02/26/2013

Nylabones are great for keeping dogs busy and teeth clean. My dogs love them.

Always a favorite! by meddy from South Lyon, MI11/11/2013

Nylabones are a staple for my doggie crew! I don't see a preference for the different flavors but I'm a sucker and I buy them anyways!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor Bone – GIANT (7.75”)
Good for heavy chewers.... by tangomia from Miami, Florida11/08/2012

My dog loved it but as the flavor weakens no longer interested. Left plastic everywhere in her bed. Won't be buying again.

Great Chew Toy by fishgal from New England10/23/2012

My dog has had various Nylabones starting as a puppy. These bones helped with the teething and now help with keeping the teeth clean. He loves these bones . You don't have to worry that your dog will choke on the bone like some of the rawhides chews. Great product!!!!!!

Nylabone Bacon Flavor Bone by Critter House01/19/2014

Our dogs like all the Nylabone bones. They get chewed on frequently and hold up well to our four labs.

bacon flavor is a winner by joyful from Shenandoah Valley, VA12/18/2013

My dog prefers this bacon flavor. He is very happy to chew on it, so that makes me happy. Keeps him occupied and out of trouble.

Durable Chews-Fantastic for Heavy Chewers by Peggy from Jackson, NJ09/21/2013

My Golden Retriever loves the durable chews. Since he is a heavy chewer, with a sensitive stomach, these are the only type of chew toy I can give him.

The best by gracie06/12/2013

We have a large Labrador Retriever and this chew lasts for a very long time! Very durable

Dry Wall Saver by Collie Mom11/01/2011

Our 5-month old Smooth Collie is easily distracted from chewing inappropriate items (carpet, dry wall, leather furniture, etc.) with this product. His adult chompers are coming in, and this product provides a safe alternative to some of his chewing choices. His 5-yr old Auntie, Smooth Collie, chews the nylabone also with great gusto. Nylabones are safe, tasty products that last a long time. No splintering.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor Bone – SOUPER (8”)
by Puppyluv11/05/2012

Good product, not easily destroyed by my tuff dogs.

great for a big dog by joyful from Shenandoah Valley, VA12/18/2013

A very rambunctious chewer just loves this bone. The flavor, the texture and the size are perfect for him. This bone will last a long time, even with an 80 pound big boy

Nice bone! by MoscowMom from Bristol, RI10/22/2012

This is a very nice, large bone. My dog loves the smell of it and he can chew and chew on it, without it being ruined.

great product for chewers by lovemyfam23 from Great Falls, MT11/25/2012

Our lab is a chewer and these bones are great! They last a long time, and don't smell or make a mess in the house. Definitely recommend.

Durable Nylabones by Mary from CA05/28/2013

My dogs have always needed to chew for life & enjoyed these tough Nylabones, I buy them up when on sale to take along on trips to entertain the dogs.

Another great CHEW by GracieE11/08/2011

All the puppies (larger breeds) love this big CHEW! Keeps them happy for hours.

My Mastiff LOVES these! by Atticus05/24/2010

I have a Neapolatin Mastif. He's never been too destructive, but he loves to chew and absolutely LOVES these. I bought two of these and they lasted about 4 months! It's finally time for new ones...

Great for Strong Chewers! by wolfmom from Chicago, IL01/25/2012

I have three Australian Cattle dogs that destroy every toy I've ever gotten them....some within a matter of minutes. This durable Nylabone is awesome! It has lasted for several weeks now. The dogs love it and it's a favorite of all. I would definitely recommend this to any strong chewer.

Much Safer Chew than rawhide! by June02/12/2013

I made the mistake of buying these along with the elk antlers. They prefer the antlers, so as of now they have not touched the nylabone. I do have several nubs from a previous purchase so I know they will eventually chew these.

Flavored bones are hard to find by Carolski from Charleston, SC10/13/2013

My dog (who is 35 lbs) will only chew on the giant Nyla bones. The bacon giant Nyla bones are impossible to find in the stores. I have only found them here at EntirelyPets.com and at a reasonable price too!

by from 08/11/2012

My dog would not even look at the bone. Would not even smell the bone. Would not even lick the bone.

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Grest Product by Jay from North Carolina12/15/2012

I have purchased this for my dog before and certainly will again! She chews on it quiet often.I also consider it as safe a dog chew as you can get.

Right Price and Excellent Quality by LINDA12/26/2011

These bones will last for many months with hours worth of chewing! I have 3 dogs and have purchased other Nylabones in the past. Your dog(s) will LOVE IT!

Nylabone Dura Chew by Meems from Indiana04/02/2014

This is a great product. I have a bulldog who just loves these. They are hard and last forever.

by from 02/24/2012

Nothing better or lasts longer for an agressive chewer than a Nyla Souper Bone

love by them from andMy


by louie's mom from New York01/08/2012

My dog loves these bones! They seem a safe alternative to rawhide.

He enjoyes this by Molly from Georgia12/08/2012

I had previously gotten my 50lb dog a nylabone and he loves it so I thought I would try this bigger one and he likes it, too! It is not his favorite thing to chew but when he is bored it keeps him busy! After chewing on it he will take a nice nap so he has to work at it!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor - PETITE (3.75")
Happy Happy baby dogs by Farm Chick from Texas11/08/2011

I have Nylabones that are 14 years old! The most durable bone on the market. All of our babies have loved them. Only order new ones to give them new toys, old ones are still chewed on! Great product!

Petite Nylabone by Dal Mom from Edgewater, MD12/06/2011

My Mini Schnauzer, Cavalier and Dalmatian all love these. I have to have multiples in the house. No matter what the size they all take turns stealing from the others. A must have at my house

good product! by HADOHEE from Korea07/23/2014

my doggy loves dura chew original more than bacon and chicken. I could not feel the flavor. but my doggy choose a original when gave three things(original, bacon, chicken). I am satisfied with this product. I bought about 60 amount. my doggy is chewing relieves stress.

Great for 'Serious' Chewers! by DoggyMom from Mesquite, NV11/18/2012

I got this for my Miniature Australian Shepherd who weighs 18 pounds and she has already eaten the end off and started working on the other end! She really likes to chew and this has definitely kept her busy! I'll be ordering the next larger size soon!

Durable by milkweed from NY Gunks01/12/2012

Bought these for the small shelter dogs.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor – REGULAR (4.5”)
Dura Chew Nylabone by Beth from Arlington, Tx05/07/2014

my dogs really love these...both are strong chewers and these hold up to that. One of the dogs has allergies, so we only do the original type, no flavors....These are wonderful!

Nylabone original bone by Boobin12/16/2012

These are the best and safest chew bones! We have many dogs and the bone is literally indestructable. There are many types of chew bones, but this one won't splinter or come off in big chunks. Entirely Pets service was great!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor – WOLF (5.25”)
Great product by milkweed from NY Gunks01/12/2012

Great for tough chewers like my pitbulls, as they don't chew off large pieces

Great Purchase by Blue12/17/2011

Great price for the Nylabone. They are so expensive in the store and my guys go though them pretty quickly.

Very hard by Boxer from Kentucky11/29/2011

Very hard nylon. My dog is an aggressive chewer, and he plays with this very little. He does like plastic empty coffee cans though.

My Dogs Love this Product by Jacglen from Orange, CA01/01/2012

Great chew toys for the jaws of Scottish Terriers, or most dogs with strong jaws. These dogs have strong jaws and the regular Nylabones are great for them. Especially the puppies love to chew on things and they seem to really enjoy the Nylabones. I find getting the next size up is the best, especially for the adults.

Best Chew Bones! by Farm Chick from Texas11/08/2011

Not only would I recommend these to a friend, I bought her two dogs the first ones they have ever had! They love them!

Skylar loves it by Jinger from san jose ca02/10/2010

We also have a mini aussie she loves to chew on things. This is perfect for her. Hours of chewing on this one bone. highly recommend for the chewer in the house.

by from 01/09/2013

These last forever...

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longlasting by kimbo from Denver, CO02/23/2012

Our girl loves the nylabones. They last a very long time and keep her busy for hours at a time.

Nylabones are the perfect chew toy for any dog by PITYLUV01/01/2012

Nylabones last long, are healthy for your dog and work for all sizes of dogs. Dogs love them and are very happy to just relax and chew on their Nylabone. They never get tired of it and it is the best chew toy for ruff chewers.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor – GIANT (7.75")
Great toy! by Dee from Louisville KY04/30/2014

My dog has had this toy for several months. Initially he didn't like to play with this like he loves all his other things. He is an extreme chewer and has become extremely attached to this toy. He takes it everywhere. It is durable and has been all over the place. It's very easy to clean.

Love the Nylabone by Bob from Palatka, FL02/13/2013

The large dog chews away and the nylabone does not go away. Nice product.

great bones by db02/07/2012

Our dogs -- always powerful chewers (Labs, Goldens) -- have all loved these tough Nylabones. The present Lab and will lie around with half a dozen of them at a time. Good product!

These are a household staple by Sabbyblue from Melbourne, FL11/14/2012

I buy these about 3 or 4 times a year. I give them to my dogs as well as neighbors' dogs. Every day at some point in time I will hear the chewing going on knowing that the dog's chewing need is being satisfied safely. It helps prevent boredom and keeps their teeth clean. When the rounded edges are chewed down, i throw it away and throw down another, much to their delight!

Nylabone 7.5" by Pat06/14/2012

My 2 dogs love these! One is a Doxie, the other a Rat Terrier/Doxie mix. Only 20 lbs each, but...they love to chew! I bought the larger size so they would last longer. It is very amusing to watch them carrying these large bones around the house. They are long enough so they can play tug o war also!

For the power chewer by Brandy04/13/2009

If you own a dog who needs to chew, Nylabone products are for your pup! No mess, completely safe, lasts and lasts. Company has been around for a long time providing all of my German Shepherds with their chewing needs. (too bad EP doesn't have the wolf Wishbone though!)

DOGS LOVE THIS by racindog from Louisville, KY01/16/2015

My maligator loves to carry this around and chew on it. I love it because it is safe and long lasting. A must have at our home/kennel.

Nylabone is the Best! by Jennifer12/16/2008

Our dog loves Nylabones. They are great for keeping her busy, they don't make a mess and they last forever. She currently has two different shaped ones, to keep her interest. She will chew on them several times a day, as well as play fetch in the yard with them. One bone lasts probably three months. It is the only chew toy we have bought her that she can't destroy in under 30 minutes. If you have a chewer or just want to try something new, try Nylabone!

Nylabone by Lucy Ball Chaser and Sier from Oakland, CA11/14/2013

Excellent. Great for the dog's teeth. It's long lasting and keeps them occupied.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor – SOUPER (8”)
Best bone for super chewers by theal8r from Northern Idaho12/29/2012

My dogs have been enjoying Nylabones forever. Hope they like the new configuration with ridges along the shank, but I'm sure they will. My airdale mix is especially hard on toys, Nylabones and Kongs are the only ones to survive more than a day. 4-6 of the Souper 8 bones will last the airdale and my border collie mix for a year.

by louie's mom from New York01/08/2012

My dog loves this bone. It is a new design and looks like it will hold up a bit longer than the smoother one.

Great Bone by LuAnn from Cincinnati, OH04/15/2014

For hours of chewing pleasure this will last forever!

Favorite by Shadow11/28/2012

I actually got this for a foster dog but when it came all the dogs were trying to snag it. Even the young puppy works her way into getting it away from the others. I will get more of the large one, I thought it might be too big for two of the dogs, but they all love it.

Best chew toy ever by Anita from Fort Myers, FL07/26/2012

My 10 month old lab LOVES this bone. I have tried every other type of chew toys and he destroys them within 10 minutes. This is the best!! Highly recommend.. especially for power chewers.

Long lasting Chew Product by Davine from Canada11/01/2013

My dogs are power chewers, like most German Shepherd Dogs, and most products I've tried have not lasted long. This size and texture appeals to them and have lasted well. I do start them on Nylabone products from the time they are puppies, so they are used to having them as their "bones", and they will look for them every day for their "quality chew time".

Wonderful for dogs!! by sls from WI10/31/2013

i've had 3 dogs and all of them LOVE these! the nylabone lasts a long time (months), works great for helping clean the dogs teeth too. Ive been buying these for over 7 years now. Fantastic!

Durable bones for Big Dogs! by Great Dane & Lab Owner05/27/2012

These bones are great for my dogs. I will never purchase another type of bone again.

Excellent Product by Lucy Ball Chaser from Oakland, CA08/08/2013

Great for the busy chewers. My 4 year old chessie stays busy for hours.

Loved by both dogs! by brutus02/07/2013

I bought this for my teething Labrador since we only had small bones for the little dog. While the Lab does chew this bone, it turns out that the little dog really loves it!

Great for heavy chewers! by C. Eaves, DVM08/08/2008

I personally LOVE the nylabones for my two youngest large breed dogs, they last for many months, keep them occupied, and help reduce tartar accumulation. Owner beware though, these bones can cause slab fractures of the cheek teeth with aggressive chewers so owners so routinely inspect their dog's teeth!

Great for big dogs by jandbj from Mentor, Ohio07/24/2013

I have three dogs, from 65 to 80 lb. each, and these chew bones keep them busy and actually take about 3 months before they are worn to a nub! Excellent

Featured Reviews for Nylabone DuraChew Bended Bone Bacon Flavor - Wolf
"Dura"-Chew?? by Anikee08/12/2013

I got this on Saturday and it was destroyed by Sunday. My dogs all loved it and they all had their own time chewing it. All was fine until I noticed a cracking sound when my Shepherd had his turn. I got up to check and one of the ends was completely off and the red middle part was starting to pull off from the broken end. Not sure why they put this one in their 'DuraChew' line... I have many other Nylabone products and have been happy with most. This was a big disappointment and waste of money! Too bad. I'd considered getting more, as much as the dogs liked this one...until this flaw became apparent.`

Sturdy but sharp by Rachel from Brewster, NY04/16/2013

This is definitely sturdy but the white end pieces have become little pain devices. The dog has chewed on these parts and the plastic is kind of soft and now it has incredibly sharp spots where he chewed. We now keep this in his crate because we cannot have him using it while sitting with us because it hurts. We won't be buying anything like this again.

Dogs love it! by Janine from Denver, CO01/07/2014

Our Nylabone toys have always lasted really well and this one was a hit from the time the christmas wrapping was torn open

Featured Reviews for Nylabone DuraChew Bended Bone Bacon Flavor - Souper
New favorite by Agent Z08/28/2013

My dogs... pit, boxer & lab love to chew nylabones...this a great new addition ...they like the wishbone a lot and this is easier to hold and chew , with 1 extra chewable side..great shape!

She likes it by racindog from Louisville, KY01/14/2014

My maligator likes it and it is durable and safe so we're both happy.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone DuraChew Hallow Stick - Bacon
Nylabone Hallow Stick by kawick from No. California01/16/2015

This was a Christmas present for my 3 yr old Lab who likes Nylabones. Well, she really LOVES this one. She likes it better than the DuraChew Double Bone which used to be her favorite. After a month she still chews on it every day. Have not tried to fill it with Peanut Butter etc since she likes it the way it is.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone DuraChew Plus Textured Ring Dog Chew Dog Toy - Large
Favorite Chew by Malcolm and Reznor from Santa Cruz, CA06/06/2014

Malcolm and Reznor require at least two of these at our home at all times!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durachew Ring Original Flavor - Giant
by from 02/16/2014

All dogs are different and hence their toy preferences vary.

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well." by 5-STAR ROBUST TOY from Collie MomIt


Nylabone Durachew Ring by bmiles from Illinois10/24/2012

Keeps our dog busy chewing. They last awhile too as our dog is an aggressive chewer.

by Big dogs05/08/2012

Great for Power Chewers but not as interesting to them as the bone shaped products. Still fun to throw or roll around.

very durable by nalabug from Newport Beach, CA01/02/2013

These large chew toys seem to be the only ones that can outlast our dogs, they really like to play with them.

Hours of fun by Ang50 from Wa02/07/2013

Well not hours but it keeps our large dogs busy.

Dogs best friend. by GracieE11/08/2011

My Guide dog puppy in training, loves this toy. This is her second one.....she actually chewed thru the first one -(it took a long time to do that). And I bought an extra one to send to my Guide Dog graduate in Colorado for Christmas. It was her favorite toy too.

fun and favorite by Bo11/27/2013

My lab chews through all toys quickly---she loves this one and it has lasted longer than others.

Great Purchase by kaylie from Glen Burnie, Md.06/19/2012

I have been buying nylabone products for my dog for a while now, they are the only products she can not destroy.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone DuraChew Twin Pack Bacon and Chicken Chew
Nylabones are great! by shelter volunteer from Phoenix, AZ06/05/2014

The dogs at the animal shelter were so greatful for all the Nylabones I brought to them. The shelter no longer allows the dogs to chew on marrow bones because they sometimes break and splinter. Even the hardest chewing dog can't break the Nylabones so they just enjoy them.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durachew Wishbone Wolf (6 inches)
Nylabone - wishbone is a favorite by PK from Washington State11/30/2011

I ordered the wishbone shape of nylabone just to try something new. All of my dogs are enjoying this new shape of nylabone. So glad we tried it - chew chew chomp chomp :-)

A favorite toy by Gen from Porter, TX05/30/2012

I have all sizes of dogs from small to very large. This is their favorite bone to chew on.

Great for the big dogs! by Blondy04/07/2011

I have shared my life with 4 German Shepherds at various times. ALL of them have LOVED the Wishbone. No, it doesn't last as long as a Nyla Super but they all seem to really enjoy the shape. Without fail, their eyes would/will light up when they hear the sound of a Nylabone package being opened. One note of caution:if you have tile floors, this is not a toy you want to leave lying around in the dark. It "skates" really well!

Favorite chew toy by Aussie owner from Pittsboro NC03/12/2013

Our dogs love the Wishbone Nylabones, the wishbone shape has always been their preference. These have kept many a puppy from chewing on our furniture.

Nylabone wishbone by Linn02/02/2014

I used to buy the nylaqbone wishbone at a local pet store but they were a little smaller. They quit carrying them. I ordered them from Entirely Pets and they are a little larger than I would like. I have a cockapoo and her mouth is smaller and it is harder for her to chew.

Great product by Dogwalker from Bryant, AR02/20/2013

I got one for each dog-- they'll still want the one the other has but there's no helping that. These should last a long time and they are easier to hold than the usual bones.

My dogs love them by Mac10/06/2011

The only Nylabone that my dogs will chew on or play with is the Wishbone. I've tried various other shapes and varieties--nothing. I have a few that are more than 10-years-old and they look brand new because my dogs have no interest in them. But, the wishbones are a hit. My 5 lb. Yorkie is nuts for them and so is my 63 lb. Doberman, who is a very enthusiastic chewer.

Favorite chew toy by Vic12/31/2013

All of the dogs in our family love these toys. I have already ordered a second toy for all of them.

nylabone~wishbone by morgan a.01/01/2012

My dog love this toy, its her favorite and you can never replace it for a diffrent one. she only likes this shape! and its afordable

Their Favorite by Far by MuttMom from Midwest09/11/2012

Both my dogs prefer this shape over several other Nylabones they have to choose from. I will always have to have an extra on hand. My dogs are a 50 lb Pit Bull and a 50 lb Greater AmericanTreathound.

Awesome by Chelli11/07/2012

my dog, Maska loves this! it gives him hours of chewing fun and it lasts. great product.

Nylabone Wishbone (Wolf) by Laura from New Jersey08/13/2013

We have 4 labs, 3 of which love to chew nylabones. I currently have 3 of these in the house so they each can have one. It keeps them busy for quite a while and helps keep their teeth clean.

ALL DOGS LOVE THIS by racindog from Louisville, KY01/16/2015

All of my dogs have always loved this. Right now it is being enjoyed by my greyhounds and my maligator. A must have at our house/kennel.

Still the best by howlinghound from Montana01/16/2015

My dogs have always loved these. The newest little lab in the family carries these all over the house. He is an avid chewer and prefers these to the softer Nylabone products.

Very happy dogs! by gracie08/25/2013

Best prices around for the most durable chews!

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