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Premier Squeeze Meeze Toys

Premier Squeeze Meeze Toys

PetSafe Squeeze Meeze Jr. Dragon
PetSafe Squeeze Meeze Jr. Dragon

($5.99)  $3.99
Premier Squeeze Meeze Dragon
Premier Squeeze Meeze Dragon

($5.89)  $4.99
Premier Squeeze Meeze Elephant
Premier Squeeze Meeze Elephant

($5.89)  $4.99
The vibrantly colored latex toy is irresistable to most dogs. It has a unique feature that fills with air and then extend when the toy is squeezed. And, of course, provides your dog with the squeaky noise he craves.
5.00 rating based on 1 review
Featured Reviews for PetSafe Squeeze Meeze Jr. Dragon
Fun toy for dogs by Cindy F. from Austin, TX01/16/2015

My dog loved this durable squeaky toy. When the tongue and tail pop out she trys to bite them. Good times with Jr. Dragon!!

Featured Reviews for Premier Squeeze Meeze Dragon
Great squeak toy by taigawuf from Alaska01/01/2013

This toy is used mostly for fetch and tug of war by my dog. I thought it would be short-lived because it seems soft and rubbery. I especially thought the roll-out tongue would be torn up soon, but no! She loves it's squeak and she brings it back to play tug of war again and again. Now my dog doesn't spend a lot of time chewing on toys on her own so other dog owners could definitely have a different outcome. On the other hand, she has, one way or the other, torn up lots of squeak toys and yet this one has survived for at least a couple of months of play. It hasn't sustained the least bit of damage from tug of war. Well, that's enough on the durability aspect. Now I will say that it is also a cool looking toy so it's nicer for humans to see it lying around too!

by Marley08/08/2014

This is a great toy for an active, large dog! Marley has had 3 - 4 of these over the last 5 years. The squeeze meeze toys are her favorite! They are durable and the squeaker lasts for a long time!

Great by Lilly10/23/2012

Fun toy my dog loves this! It's been used a lot so the sound is not as loud.

Featured Reviews for Premier Squeeze Meeze Elephant
Wonderful toy for active boxer by chris06/26/2012

These toys are best yet. Boxer will play with forever and they are VERY durable. Have bought other toys from this company.

by from 11/26/2013

This toy is a hoot, I think the adults have as much fun as the dogs...

and by the from noseYou


Taz by Richmond VA from It's

Premier Squeeze Meeze Elephant

Best squeeky ever! by tigerprawn from Seattle, WA04/13/2010

This is the first toy that my dog has that she can't destroy in 2.5 minutes. She get's a good 6-7 months easily out of these! We have everyone and they are her favorite! Buy this toy!!!

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