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Nylabone Puppy Chew

Nylabone Puppy Teething Rings
Nylabone Puppy Teething Rings

($6.99)  $4.29
Nylabone Flexible Puppy Bone  REGULAR  (4.5")
Nylabone Flexible Puppy Bone REGULAR (4.5")

($5.99)  $2.69
Nylabone Flexible Puppy Bone  SOUPER (7.75)
Nylabone Flexible Puppy Bone SOUPER (7.75)

($10.99)  $8.09
Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit - 3 REGULAR Size Bones (4.5")
Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit - 3 REGULAR Size Bones (4.5")

($6.99)  $4.99
Nylabone Puppy Stix Flexible Chew - Small
Nylabone Puppy Stix Flexible Chew - Small

($7.19)  $3.89
Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys  EXTRA SMALL (5.5)
Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys EXTRA SMALL (5.5)

($4.99)  $3.79
Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys  SMALL (7)
Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys SMALL (7)

($10.99)  $4.59
Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys  LARGE (7.75)
Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys LARGE (7.75)

($10.99)  $8.09
Nylabone Puppy Teething Rings
Specifically designed for teething puppies, these teething rings have multiple textures to encourage healthy chewing habits.

  • Non-edible - Bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and control plaque & tartar.
  • Assists in the growth & development of teeth and jaws
  • Not for powerful chewers or puppies with any adult teeth
  • Always supervise use of chews & toys
  • Multiple textures help clean teeth & gums

    Made in China.

    For puppies up to 25 lbs.

  • 4.43 rating based on 7 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Nylabone Puppy Teething Rings
    Perfect for a Dog who loves to chew! by Chris from Fairfield County, CT04/09/2014

    This has been a toy that lasts. My dog loves to chew on it, and it takes a long time to chew through a ring. Keeps her busy.

    Not Used Much by Dog Lover in NJ from Newark, NJ08/04/2014

    My puppy is at the stage of biting everything and I thought that this might be good since it was made of hard plastic. Unfortunately, it is not one of his favorite toys. He prefers the toys that make noise and is soft.

    Great for teething puppy! by Robernc10/24/2012

    These rings quickly became my puppies favorite chew toy during teething. So far they've held up to 1 month of teething and are still in pretty good shape! We've managed teething with very little house/furniture damage, in part thanks to these.

    Great toy for my rabbits by zookeeper from Portland, OR10/09/2013

    I purchased this toy actually for my rabbits and they love tossing it around and chewing on it but not with much success.

    Average by lashnits from vineyard haven, ma01/22/2013

    Plastic rings - can't see how they would satisfy a teething dog.

    by Great Product04/07/2010

    I bought this when my puppies were teething. It is very durable. I have 2 german shepherd puppies. I've had other teethers and they tore them apart in a few days. This set has lasted through hours and months of abuse. Even with adult teeth it's still going strong and is they're favorite toy.

    My Dog LOVES It by Leila's Mom from Louisiana03/06/2013

    I bought this as an impulse buy when my Shih Tzu was a pup because she showed some interest in it as we passed by but really didn't think it would be anything she would like long. She is two years old now and I just ordered several because we can't find them in the store anymore and this is her favorite toy!? My adult dachshund and her fight over it all the time out of all the chew toys we have available. The first one lasted the two of them over a year of pretty vigorous chewing.

    by from 11/21/2011

    This toy is presented as a puppy teething toy but it is made of solid hollow plastic! How is a puppy supposed to chew on it when it is so hard any amount of pressure might crack the thing. Useless as a teether!

    star" by if from IWould


    Featured Reviews for Nylabone Flexible Puppy Bone REGULAR (4.5")
    Puppy not interested by Wendy from Sydney01/01/2013

    Some puppies may like it. I leave it in her crate but she doesn't take any notice of it. I have to keep it away from my bigger dogs who would chew it up.

    Great for Minpin puppy's! by Patricia from Missouri10/05/2013

    My minpin puppies love these! One of the best chews I have ever purchased. It helps clean their teeth. They will chew on it for a while, leave it and come back to it a week later thinking its a new chew. My adult Minpins love them as well and are not able to chew them to pieces so it works well for their teeth also.

    Beware! by Anita H from Ohio12/29/2012

    This bone was purchased as a gift. However, my dog got ahold of one by mistake. She chewed it up and swallowed it. About $1,000 in vet bills later, her stomach is now free of the chewed chunks. Thank goodness the vet was able to extract them by endoscopy. If you have multiple dogs or strong chewers, this toy may not be a good choice.

    Featured Reviews for Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit - 3 REGULAR Size Bones (4.5")
    Perfect for puppies! by jenmcclendon from Tulsa, OK12/18/2012

    Our dog loved these throughout her 'puppy-hood' and now it's a favorite gift for other new puppies.

    puppy love by Cheryl07/13/2008

    Just brought home the pup and when she started looking for things to chew, I gave her the puppy bone. She loves it! It seems to draw her to it, but the older dogs are not interested in it. Hope it continues to keep the busy little thing properly occupied.

    Great product! by Tammy B10/04/2013

    My new puppy loves her nylabone chews! They help to keep her busy and away from the things she is not supposed to chew.

    Featured Reviews for Nylabone Puppy Stix Flexible Chew - Small
    My toy dogs love this toy by Connie04/21/2012

    This toy has been a favorite of my toy dogs. I sometimes cut one in half with a clean hack saw blade so they get two smaller toy bones out of it. They love carrying this toy around

    by vandefranseweg from Netherlands12/17/2012

    Pups and adults like this stick a lot, to chew and trow with it.

    Puppy Stix by PJ07/04/2014

    I love this product. However it took Entirely Pets 4 weeks to deliver the item. It was a backordered item and they didn't let me know at the time of purchase. When I called they said I just have to wait until it comes in. One of their Reps was great and then I called back and the other Rep on the phone was really rude. I am not sure I will buy from them again because of poor customer service and communication to availability.

    no interest by lr02/21/2013

    My puppy has no interest in this whatever. He is teething which is why I purchased it. The bacon smell is too strong and offensive.

    Featured Reviews for Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys EXTRA SMALL (5.5)
    Puppies Love These Keys by LuAnn from Cincinnati, OH04/15/2014

    I send these with my puppies to all of their new homes. A real puppy favorite!

    My dogs love this toy by Connie04/21/2012

    My toy dogs love this toy. Also I cut the ring apart with a hack saw so they can carry each key around individually! Been a favorite for some time now

    my dog loves it by aprlm11/19/2011

    One of his favorite toys! It's easy for him to pick it up and run with it.

    Featured Reviews for Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys SMALL (7)
    BY FAR THE BEST CHEW TOY by Bonnie from California07/16/2013

    We have boxers and this is by far the best chew toy. They can destroy anything but these. Hours and hours of chewing. More than one dog, then you need more than one set. A favorite regardless if puppy or adult. Love, love these and the price is great. Walmart and pet stores charge more for these.

    Outstanding Value by Pugs Rule from Columbia Station, Ohio11/26/2012

    We have always used the keys with our pugs. They keep them occupied and teething without damaging other items they should keep away from. Stocked up with the sale price offered.

    great value by Gunners mom12/12/2011

    great value vs what you are charged in the store!.... my dogs love them...

    Teething Keys by mom from Peoria, IL07/03/2014

    My dog has always been a chewer and after finding these keys they have become his favorite. If he wants to sit with me he starts looking for his keys and when he finds them he lays down beside me with these keys and either chews on them for a little while or simply just lays his head on them.

    Great for teething pups! by Sixstar Danes from Southern Calif11/19/2011

    I bought keys for our Great Dane puppy & my daughter's litter of 3 Belgian Malinois puppies as 2 years ago our puppy then (she's grown up now) LOVED her keys. The firm ring gives anothertexture and the colors attract teething puppies to cut their teeth on something appropriate. Will definately keep getting these when we & close friends have pups,

    Featured Reviews for Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys LARGE (7.75)
    Great for anxious pups! by amn81 from CT01/01/2012

    My springer spaniel loves these keys ever since he was a young pup. Now at 6 years old, he still loves his keys. Keeps him distracted and busy during stressful holiday times.

    by GSD01/14/2014

    Great chew toy for puppies! And fun! Please note, this chew toy is not for dogs with adult teeth.

    by from 11/13/2012

    We are Boston Terriers; 12 year old brothers. Better known as the "Beantown Buddies". The Keys are our favorite chew toys. They also have a favorite meaning. When dad says "get your keys for the truck" it means we are going for a trip in the pickup. We find the Keys and off to the back door we go. We give Dell, our cousin from Colorado, a set of Keys for Christmas. Keep up the good work.

    Hornaday" by "The Keys" from We are Marvin & LeviMarvin


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