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    PlaqueOff Animal (60 g)

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    Try Bonies Dental FormulaPlaqueOff is a natural product that counteracts plaque on the surface of the teeth. Plaque Off effectively fights bad breath, tartar and plaque in dogs and cats. Buys some and give your pet better oral health.

    Size Daily Dosage Average Supply based on a 40g pot
    Small dogs & cats up to 22lbs 1/2 scoop 9 months
    Medium dogs 22.1lbs - 55lbs 1 scoop 4 months
    Large & giant dogs over 55.lbs 2 scoops 2 months

    Simply add to food: scoop included

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    Usage Information

    Why do I need to clean my pet's teeth?
    As in humans, plaque bacteria constantly forms in the mouth and can accumulate on teeth, gums and the tongue resulting in bad breath, gum disease (bleeding gums), tartar and tooth decay. If it is left untreated this can lead to pain and unnecessary or premature tooth loss. Bad breath is usually the first sign of the problem.

    What is the best way to keep my pet's mouth healthy? Thorough and regular brushing removes plaque bacteria before it can accumulate and cause inflammation and damage to gums and teeth. Plaque can also turn into a very hard substance called tartar. Once formed, tartar is very difficult to remove. Tartar removal is usually a veterinary procedure. Unfortunately plaque is constantly forming and so brushing on a daily basis is needed to control it effectively.

    Cautions: Not recommended for animals undergoing treatment for hyperthroidism. If animal's condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.


  • ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal 30g Perfect for those with just one small cat or dog ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal 60g Perfect for households with small or medium sized dogs

  • ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal 180g Equivalent to 3 x 60g pot of ProDen PlaqueOffT Animal Perfect for households with 2 or more large dogs (25Kg +) / 3 or more medium dogs (10 - 25kg)

  • ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal 420g Equivalent to 7 x ProDen PlaqueOffT Animal 60g Perfect for people with a number of dogs, breeders or those running businesses with a large number of animals
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    Plaque Off by Maybellineo from New Orleans, La02/19/2012

    I just purchased this product and have used it for about 2 weeks for my 3 dogs. Their breathe has improved slightly. I think I need to give it a little more time to see if their gums bleed less and the plaque have improved.

    Best doggy breath ever! by WeezerMom06/04/2013

    A bit skeptical but decided to give it a try. My Scruffy gets a dental chew every day, dental rinse in his drinking water, brushes his teeth 1-2 times per week, has his teeth cleaned at the office every year. Breath had been tolerable. After a month adding PlaqueOff to his dinner each day, his breath is amazing! I'm hoping we can forego the trauma of yearly cleaning (of course, time will tell). I recommend this product without reservation.

    great product by NYCwoman from upstate NY06/13/2014

    I include this with my dog's supplements. It works.

    Haven't tired this product yet by Hershey & Gretel's Mummy from Queensland, Australia08/21/2010

    However, I've included a link of a Dental Product I have used and found it works really well and is very easy to use. It's called, "PETZ LIFE ORAL GEL" http://www.petzlife.com/ Hope this helps.

    PlaqueOff by klewisAZ from az10/08/2013

    good product... the dogs do not mind it added to their food. just sprinkle over their meal and down it all goes.

    Did the job for us! by Nikki's Mom from Oakridge Oregon04/30/2013

    I ran out of Plaque Off and did not order when needed, After seeing my doggie's teeth with the tartar build up, and then after using for a week, I was amazed at just how efficient it is. Their teeth are nearly all clean. I will not run out of this again!

    Plaque off is the best ...... by Nansee10/04/2010

    I have 3 dogs and 1 cat .... my two prior pooches had horrible breath/teeth even with brushing and professional dental cleaning (over $1000 for that bill alone). Since using Plaque off, my dogs (all their teeth front and back) are pearly white. My pets ages are 18-12-9-3 ... and needless to say, i did not want bad breath to rock my world nor could i afford the dental bills. I place plaque off on their morning dish daily and it is a part of their daily regime now. We still do the teeth brushing - it has been proven that dental health promotes good overall health. Any treat I buy for the girls is "dental related". I am so happy to have come accross EntirelyPets ... wish i would have found them sooner.

    Good Results by Brodie from Cypress, CA03/01/2013

    A friend recommended Plaque Off because he uses it for his two Pugs. We recently adopted a 6yr old dog that recently had 6 teeth removed due to neglect. Fearing further dental issues, I'm hoping that Plaque Off, along with brushing, will keep our new pup healthy. I do notice fresher breath already.

    It work by joseechayer@bell.net from Québec12/27/2012

    My teeny yorkshire teets was very ugly After 2 weeks I can see the deference

    This stuff really works! by christy02/07/2014

    We used on both our cocker spaniels. Our female had brown tartar & stains. It started to work right away. Both dogs look great now. It's easy to use... I sprinkle on their food once a day & brush teeth at night. Vet says teeth look great.

    Good product by kenterin from St Cloud, WI02/25/2014

    Just started using this product on 3 off of my dogs. They seem to have better breath but it is really too soon to say for sure.

    by from 11/15/2011

    well, the reviews i read said if your pet will eat it, the tartar will disappear. and yes it disappears.

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    Fantastic, does the job!!! by sweetness12812/07/2011

    I have 5 yorkies, and they all had build-up on their teeth. Literally after 1 week of using, I saw a difference. None of them have a problem with it, so it's a success story!! :-) Buy it, you won't regret it!!

    This stuff rocks! by Aussie mom from Washington state02/25/2012

    I have tried just about every product out there for cleaning my two Aussies teeth and this product is hands down the best. No muss, no fuss just add it to their food and watch it go to work. It does a better job than I ever could brushing my guys teeth. You don't have to worry if you are getting into all the impossible little places where plaque and tartar form. Even with all my effort my dogs teeth were not as clean as I would like. In a few weeks this product made their teeth look like they had just been to the vet for a cleaning. Great for the cats too. This is a god send for anyone who has tried to brush a cats teeth. I really like the idea of preventative maintenance over the alternative of waiting for their yearly cleaning. IMHO a better, no anethesia option for your pets.

    Plaque-Off is Amazing by BlueDachshund from Norco,CA02/15/2011

    I've only been using this product for 3 weeks and I can already see a difference. Most of my doxies won't even let me brush their teeth (They fight me everytime I try).As you can see for this pic the plaque is beginning to wear away!!!!! I'm planning to take them into the Vet for teeth cleaning. Maybe now they will remain plaque free. Thanks for carrying such a great product!

    Very effective by kayrice from Vallejo, CA01/27/2011

    This is the most simple way to keep a dog's dental health in check. I have been using it for several months on my 13.5 year old, 95lb mixed-breed dog. It is mostly kelp, from what I can gather, so...it give's energy and iodine to my dog's diet. I have never seen her teeth and gums looking so good!

    good product, still testing by rat terrier lover10/23/2012

    I bought this product to try on 2 rat terriers whose teeth have turned yellow. The product says should see results in 3-8 weeks. After about 4 weeks I saw some improvement. It's now been 6 weeks and I still see improvement. The dogs don't mind it in their food, they hardly even notice. Very happy, looking forward to about 3 or 4 months to see them whiter and their breath to clear up more.

    by from 01/14/2010

    I read the reviews before I purchased.

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    I recommend this all the time by Faylool from Sweet Home, OR10/22/2012

    1st. It's much better than doing nothing. The cost of dental for pets has gone sky high. 2nd it will lessen normal plaque build up and help turn what is already there into a gel like substance over a 6 week to 3 month period of time that mostly wipes off to help big problem. The company makes the exact same product in pill form for people to take. My reasoning has been to give them their daily dose without fail for 3 months and then wait 9 months to a year and then repeat. Depends on each animal. When I swiped a lot the tarter off with a kleenex on my geriatric cat after 2 1/2 months I was convinced.

    Long time user by Frump from Salt Lake City06/13/2013

    I've been using Plaque Off for years. I really believe it works. It seems to extend the time between cleanings at the Vet. I have recommended it to several other pet owners. I love buying it from Entirely Pets. The shipping is fast and reasonable, and their service is excellent.

    Didn't work for my pack by DoggieMama04/28/2011

    I read the good reviews of this product and I used Plaque Off on all my dogs, 8 of them, 6 Yorkies and 2 Chihuahuas for 3 months and didn't notice any difference in their teeth. I even took photos of their teeth before to compare after they had been on it for months. For me it was a waste of money.

    GREAT PRODUCT by julie01/21/2013


    PlaqueOff by Wingwoman from Utah11/22/2011

    Better than a $500 dental and my dogs love it.

    Didn't work for my Shepherd Mix by RP04/10/2012

    My 7 year-old Shepherd mix recently developed some plaque on his incisors and has accompanying bad breath. Based on price and other reviews, I was so excited to try PlaqueOff. Unfortunately, after 2 1/2 months and using the entire bottle at the highest recommended dose (3 scoops daily for an 88-lb dog), I see no reduction in plaque or bad breath. Will not purchase again and wouldn't recommend since it didn't work for us. :(

    still love it by Carol from Oreland, PA07/14/2014

    Between brushing his teeth & using this product, my dog's teeth look pretty good for his age, which is 8. Which is why I continue to buy it. Thanks!

    I saw no results. : ( by Lynda W. from Va.08/16/2012

    I used this for my Chihuahua for her bad breath. I have now used the whole bottle, and I used the recommended dosage. But it did not work. I am debating on getting another bottle and increasing the dosage. It is so disappointing to read the reviews from others who claim to have had good results from this product.

    This is a good product by Buster10/23/2012

    When I got my pomeranian his teeth were coated with plaque and tarter and infected. I had them cleaned by the vet and we started on the Plaque Off mixed into his food every other day. Next vet visit she said his teeth looked great. I also brush his teeth every other night with a good toothpaste for dogs and between the two we are having great success!

    Food additive to help prevent plaque buildup by Hcacres01/14/2013

    Have dogs with dental problems. Constant battle to keep teeth clean and plaque off. Brushing daily is an unpleasant chore for all. Tried spray-on treatments but worried that some had toxic ingredients and that others would negatively affect dogs highly allergic to many things and with sensitive digestive systems. So far, if your dog will eat this on his food, I have had no adverse reactions and I believe it helps with bad breath and to make plaque deposits easy to remove.

    Improvement in breath odor and plaque build-up by SillySeason10/31/2012

    I have 3 dogs--1 American Eskimo and 2 Pomeranians. One of my poms has several health conditions including a heart murmur that makes having dental anesthesia somewhat dangerous for him. To spare him the need for a dental, I have had to be rather diligent caring for his teeth. For several years,I had been brushing their teeth daily with CET Enzymatic toothpaste (Vanilla Mint) with fairly good results, but plaque began building up where I couldn't brush---on the inside of their teeth and the very back molars. I decided to try Proden PlaqueOff to see if it could eliminate old plaque and prevent new plaque build-up in those difficult to reach places. PlaqueOff did work but I had to use double the manufacturer's recommended dose, which sometimes caused nausea and stomach upset. PlaqueOff softened their existing plaque and over time most of it did fall off. PlaqueOff also slowed but did not prevent new plaque formation. I had to continue brushing with CET toothpaste though on an every other day schedule rather than on a daily basis. Based on my experience, I would say that PlaqueOff did work at higher dosages and reduced but did not eliminate the need for tooth brushing.

    money down the toilet by buddy,s mother05/18/2010

    a total waste of time. i now buy super $ dog food, plus pre and probiotics, and brush his teeth. my other dog (both are jack russells) is just fine with no problems. i,ll keep trying, nothing works (yet)

    Really Works! by Gemini from Philadelphia, PA01/23/2012

    Great product! This really works. My dogs' teeth have actually improved. So simple to use - just use the scoop and put over their food. Still can't believe how well this product works. Have recommended it to friends and they are also happy with it.

    by Clara from NC07/06/2014

    I have 3 older dogs that get this product added on top of the morning meal. I have seen an improvement to the back teeth which they have a hard time keeping clean. I will continue to use this product along with giving them safe dog bones to chew.

    by Ruthie06/20/2012

    It's the best stuff on the market for plaque in dogs teeth.I had hoped you would have the bigger containers but oh well, will just buy more of the smaller.

    No Results But Hopeful by Mimi02/10/2013

    I bought this product to avoid taking my dog in for a dental in the near future. She has no problem with the taste and licks every bit out of her bowl. We're 3 weeks in and no signs of improvement with her teeth. But, we're still holding out hope. The ingredients seem pretty safe so I think we'll use it until the bottle is gone. It should last for at least another few months.

    It does what it says by vsaw07/30/2012

    My Bullmastiff's breath is no longer offensive and he gets a lot more hugs! His teeth are a lot better too.

    by Marissa02/23/2012

    I ordered this product three weeks ago and still have not received it. And I have not gotten a follow-up email on the status or anything...

    Dogs Like It! by MLL from Madison WI11/02/2013

    Half the battle, the dogs like it. Breath smells fresher!

    by Delie from Wyckoff, NJ12/30/2013

    Veterinary cleaning is costly and the anesthesia can harm Oscar. His teeth and gums are healthy and clean. I recommend this product.

    It's allright by Nancy01/30/2013

    I used it faithfully until the bottle has a little left. I did not really notice any difference in my dog's breath and her teeth looked the same. So I wouldn't order this again and would not recommend this to anyone.

    Tartar Remover by HockeyMom from Alabama01/15/2014

    This is a wonderful product to loosen and remove tartar from a dog's teeth. Our dog had a significant amount of tartar on her back teeth. Due to some health issues we could not have her put to sleep while they removed her tartar and cleaned her teeth. This Plaque Off helped loosen the heavy calcium/plaque buildup, and the plaque could then be chipped off of her teeth. It is easy to put in her food. Great product!

    Prevention is the best cure by Corky from GOLD cANYON az11/22/2011

    I have always used Plaque off on my dogs from the start. That way I am sure they will not have dental problems later. They never turn down their dinner because of any adverse taste or smell. I works great!

    Disappointed by Ruthy02/29/2012

    I am very disappointed with Entirely Pets. I ordered my 2 items of plaque off many weeks ago. After receiving nothing from you, I called to find it was on back order and you wouldn't know when you would get it. Your website didn't indicate that at the time of my purchase, so I had been waiting for something that was never sent, and for which I rec'd no communication. I canceled the order telephonically, and was told I'd get an email confirmation which I never got. You still need to send that to me. I likely won't be purchasing from you again. Please set this right. Your way of doing business lacks. My first order before that was done wrong, and I had to follow up then, too. You need to train your team to be more professional. thank you

    PlaqueOff by DEC10/09/2013

    Been using this for my lab and mastiff mix for over a year now - this stuff is incredible - the vet even told me that neither needs their teeth cleaned now!

    Great product! by terrym01/03/2014

    Love this product. After 1 week of use the dogs bad breath was gone. I put it in their morning food and they don't mind the taste. Although I do mix a little moist food with the dry. I use this product with the Plaque Attack and their teeth seem to be collecting less buildup.Let's face it, the toothbrush does not work! The vet has not mentioned needing a teeth cleaning.

    Not for the picky eater by santorellakl from Oak Ridge, NJ04/21/2011

    I have two Yorkies, one is 10 pds and the other is less than 5 pds. I've tried plaqueoff on both. The 10 pd Yorkie will eat his food with this spinkled on it. The 5 pd yorkie would rather starve. However; I've noticed the yorkie who is eating PlaqueOff does now have sparkly white teeth and fresher breath. If your dog will eat it, I highly recommend this product. If not, you'll have to keep looking.

    Not working so far by June from MO01/25/2013

    Hasn't seemed to help our dogs bad breath yet. Only been using about 2 & a half weeks though. We'll finish using it but if it doesn't help the bad breath will not buy again.

    Really does work! by Maia's mom from Greenville, SC10/23/2012

    Skeptical at first, I wondered how it cleans teeth, but after a couple months, I can see a big difference in my dogs' teeth. I believe they won't be needing dentals any time soon! That saves me at least $1000/yr for all. Smaller dogs usually need more frequent cleanings and 3 of mine are small. I can also see improvements in my foster dogs' teeth even tho they're not here long and recommend this to their new 'parents' to keep using PlaqueOff.

    Great for my dog's teeth! by Pat from Philadelphia, PA12/22/2012

    I decided to try this as I have two young mini Schnauzers and Schnauzers teeth seem to always need a lot of help. I used this daily and my dogs' teeth have been mostly tartar free. They are four and three and still haven't had to have their teeth cleaned by a vet. My vet can't understand what I'm doing to keep them that way. I told a friend and she's been using it and feels the same way. It's a great product. If your dog has a lot of tarter, it's not going to remove all of it, but it will help. I'm on my third bottle. Will be using it for the dog's life.

    Wonderful product by Bob from California07/28/2012

    Bought this after recommendation by a friend. Our dog's teeth look whiter and his breath is fresher.

    Happy Teeth by Schmookie from Florida12/10/2013

    I have 2 male Bichon Frise' just turned 9 years old. I have been using Plaque Off for most of those years. They have all of their teeth and their dental exams are perfect. We do get dental treatments at the vet every 3 years but everything is good thanks to Plaque Off. No problems, just a sprinkle on their breakfast every morning and we are off to good dental plan. No bad breath or bad teeth for my boys!

    Seaweed your way to clean healthy teeth! by dropdeadfredgreen from Clarkston, MI02/05/2013

    This product has worked wonders on my 3 year old Maltese, Benny Hill. Benny was born with a liver shunt, and he has liver disease and he will only eat hepatic dog food soaked in distilled water. Due to him only eating soft food, his teeth get tartar build up real quick. This is the only recommended product for dog's with liver disease. I wish I would have had this years ago. If the tartar has built up, you will need to keep using this product faithfully. It will take a li'l while to work.

    amazing by susie q10/20/2010

    This product is absolutely amazing. This is the first time I have ever written a review about a product on line and I tend to be sceptical about reviews I read. However, this stuff really works. We have paid to have our dog's teeth cleaned twice since she will not let us come near her with a toothbrush. Her teeth look just as good as after she got her teeth cleaned by the vet. I can't wait to see what they way about her teeth at her next visit.

    Extremely effective! Can't say enough! by Great Dane11/01/2011

    I never thought I would get my Dane's teeth clean. Guess again. This product worked great on his teeth. I just started using it on my Retrievers teeth. No problem with the dog eating his food. He actually seems to look forward to it being on his food. Love the producy and will keep ordering as needed!

    Great Product by terriersmom01/29/2012

    I have been using this product for about 3 years. My dog's teeth always look great.

    I am dissapointed by pipe from Tampa, Fl03/02/2010

    I got it 3 months ago and it doesn't work for my dog!!

    It worked! by Sheila12/17/2009

    I have been using this for my schnauzer for less than a year. His breath was horrible and decided to give this a try. It worked!

    Wonderful by Dot04/26/2011

    I am amazed at the results! Our vizsla had a lot of tartar build up and our vet said he would need his teeth cleaned so I decided to try this product. What a difference! No problem with him eating it on top of his food. I am now purchasing more to use on our other rescues. Thank you!

    Amazing product! by Jennifer H.07/30/2009

    My little dogs upper back teeth on both sides were almost completely incased in tarter with a little plaque. Only the very tips of the teeth were showing. His upper gums were starting to turn red and swell. I went online looking for anything thats natural, and would spare him and I the scary thought of a vet "putting him under" just to clean his teeth! It is now week 3 and is breath is 100% better, his gums look normal and healthy, and the the tarter is almost completly gone! I kid you not, big chunks started coming off, after I began giving him this product. Its the easiest product to give, and the results are amazing! He loves it with a little peanut butter every day. Thanks everyone for taking the time to right a review, I am so glad I tried PlaqueOff, and I hope mine saves dogs and owners the agony and cost of taking them to a vet to get their teeth cleaned.

    by from 11/30/2011

    great product by Susan10/13/2009

    Not sure if it works on my dogs teeth, they do look clean but the side effect of this product seems to be that it has stopped their excessive shedding. I have tried everything to stop the shedding no luck. Since I started them on Plaque off the shedding is almost gone.

    Plaqueoff by WEndy Stevens01/13/2009

    Not convinced that it takes care of plaque, but I sure am convinced that it takes care of doggy breath. I have a golden retriever who is a therapy dog. He has his face in patient's faces often and people always compliment his breath. We have used Plaque off for about a year now.

    It Works! by Eleanor05/08/2009

    In just a month we noticed that our dog's teeth are looking whiter. He has one bad tooth that was almost black and now looks almost normal. I think we're going to be able to avoid the costly dental work! Great product. We've already reordered and are going to try it on the cats.

    Wow, this works. by Amanda from Sarasota, Fl01/19/2012

    My 17 year old kitty got a bad checkup last year, her teeth and gums did not look good. We had been giving her a prescription tooth kibble, and were upset at the news. Her vet recommended Plaque Off, and we gave it to her 2 x a day on her food. It worked. She did not need a full dental cleaning, her gums looked great, and we were able to scrape most of her tarter off ourselves. Even her vet was impressed. P.S. We also use a dental spray - Denta Sure.

    Plaque off by Genie from Tampa,Fl09/08/2014

    Easy to use,very economical. Have been using for 2weeks.

    Great Product! by Lois10/06/2008

    I have been using PlaqueOff since May 31, 2005 on my own 3 Coton De Tulear and I am more than pleased with it. Their teeth look so much better now even though before I was brushing their teeth regularly. It only took approximately 3 weeks to see the improvement. Thank you so much for a great product.

    fabulous by dogmom06/15/2012

    I bought this on the off chance it would work. No high hopes. It has worked so well that my vet recently lookied at my dog's teeth & said he couldn't believe how clean and healthy their teeth and gums looked. He asked if I was using anything. (When I started with this, both my dogs needed full anesthetic-type teeth cleaning and I was putting it off.) After a couple years, their teeth now are sparkling white and there's no gum irritation at the base of their teeth. I brought plaqueoff to that vet fearing he was going to say it was unhealthy to use for some reason - but he was so pleased when he saw. He said it's so healthy and he was delighted to know about these results.

    Excellent by Miguel12/11/2008

    Wonderful product, really cleans teeth, just you need a little patience.

    Plaque was clearing slowly but surely by J Bateman10/06/2008

    Their teeth needed the plaque removing although I clean their teeth everyday. After just 2 weeks their teeth looked fresher and cleaner and, the plaque was clearing slowly but surely.

    It works! by wcmom from Dayton, OH11/08/2012

    I have been giving my dogs this for about a month and the plaque is really coming off. I was surprised, but glad.

    Inexpensive and works great! by Denice10/06/2008

    Buddy had serious tartar build up as well as bad breath. I thought of taking him to the vet to have his teeth cleaned, but it was too expensive (over $200.00). I was introduced to PlaqueOff in mid-January. I noticed a big difference in his breath in the first week and the appearance of plaque started to diminish in the third week. No brushing required, just a small amount sprinkled over his food each day. Its inexpensive and works great! I would recommend this product to all dog owners."

    awesome by amy03/12/2008

    This is the best teeth cleaning item on the market. I've only used it for 1 month on my 10 year old shepherd. Her teeth have never looked better. A little goes a long way.

    Plaque Off Animal by Jude from Australia11/25/2012

    My vet recommended this product after my Cocker Spaniel had a very bad gum infection The treatment included an anesthetic to clean his gums which was very stressful for him. I have been using Plaque Off now for 9 mths and his gums and teeth are in excellent condition also it keeps his breath fresh. I also have two Bichion Freeze that also take it they don't even know it's in there food.

    it works! by barb1225 from greenwood,indiana02/25/2013

    My 9 year old cocker had horrible breath even though I brushed his teeth regularly. We started plaqueoff in November. His breath improved immediately. Now in February the plaque and tartar on his back teeth is gone. Love this stuff. Please note the warning not to use if your dog is being treated for hyperthyroidism!!

    Not so impressed by Calvins Mom from Gilbert AZ10/12/2011

    Cavin gets treats and lots of chew toys but is starting to get plaque. He is only 3 yrs old and for a year I've been using this PlaqueOff. I don't see any improvement. The plaque is actually getting worse. I just sprinkle the green powder over his dry food. I most likley won't order this product again !!

    Thenks to Dr. Lowell, our holistic vet!! by Beagle Lover12/31/2012

    this product Truly works; prophies are needed much less frequently and my Beagles' breath is much sweeter. One period of a few days we ran out of Plaque Off; there was a real difference in Roger and Polly's breath!!

    Amazing products by khermans from Southestern Wisconsin03/21/2012

    I have an 11 1/2 year old Lab who has been taking this in his food for several months now, and the results have been incredible. His teeth are very clean and his breath has greatly improved. I did not want to have him anesthetized again for a teeth cleaning, and by using PlaqueOff, I will never have this procedure done again. I now feed it to my other younger dog, and my three cats.

    PlaqueOff Animal by Mojoman12/18/2011

    Seems to work. Helped with bad breath. Would recommend.

    by BB from Pioche, NV02/13/2012

    Have been using this Plaque Off for about the last 6 months. It has really helped with the tartar on both of my dogs teeth. Was very impressed with the speed of service from your company.

    Pleasantly Surprise by DogLover from Ranger, GA06/19/2012

    We have a dog with bad breath & heavy plaque. After only 2 weeks he no longer has bad breath & his teeth looks great. Can't wait to take him in for his yearly check-up. I',m sure his vet will be very happy with the results.... also must easier than brushing!!!!


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