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    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Calming FormulaProQuiet The Safe and Gentle L-Tryptophan Formula

    Pro Quiet is helpful for maintaining a healthy nervous system and mental attitude. It has been tested and is safe and effective for use as directed. ProQuiet is safe enough to use daily or can be used as needed in stressful situations.

    Form: Chewable Flavored Tablet - savored by both dogs and cats.

    Ingredients: L-Tryptophane, Taurine, Hops, Chamomile, Brewers Yeast, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Ginger, Vitamin B12, and Folic Acid.

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    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    It Works! by Kathy11/03/2009

    I have a six year old large breed dog who was having panic attacks, often when there was no discernible reason for them. I began giving him some GABA each day which helped a lot, but then added the Pro Quiet which helps him assimilate the GABA better and he's been as happy a dog as you'd ever want to see.

    My cat hated it by Connie11/06/2012

    I broke it up and fed it to my cat. He promptly ran from me and soon barfed it up.

    Did not help my Adored Sheltie in Any Way by Sheltie Mama from Sylva, NC01/10/2012

    I tried this product as opposed to another I had used. My Shetland Sheepdog, Littleman has some anxiety issues, including seperation anxiety. I administered as per the labeling information and his foot chewing also increased. He maintains a high level of anxiety, is very excitable. Now I know exactly how well the other product worked! I have ordered the previous product and have given up on Pro Q. It was totally ineffective for my furry boy!

    Surprise, I think it works! by LizfromNJ from Little Falls, NJ06/17/2013

    To be honest I was skeptical at first. This product was recommended to us by an animal behaviorist for one of our kittys that likes to torment another. The pills are very large so I cut them in half then quarters. I gave our little Meadow a quarter of a tablet and I really think it made her nicely mellow. I know my babies very well and I saw a difference not long after she took it. I will keep using.

    Just enough to take the edge off by Reani from Oakdale. CT04/23/2012

    Our boxer/pit mix has seperation anxiety, and after losing his 2 housemates in the last year, it has become quite magnified. This calms him just enough to be happy, calm and not so bouncy. It does not make him dopey. During storms and extra stressful situation, I also use a thundershirt. The best way to describe it's effect is that it is subtle enough that we do not notice it until we skip a dose.

    Hard to see a real difference by Micky10/21/2013

    I don't see a remarkable difference in my Jack Russell's anxiety level. Maybe I was expecting too much

    Product delivers by Linn01/01/2013

    I bought this to use on a rescue dog who is very fearful. In a couple of weeks it seems to have taken her nervousness down a notch.

    seems to help by hgoy from Denver, CO05/18/2013

    Our dog has behavioral issues and anxiety, and this seems to help. It doesn't solve the problem, but he definitely seems to have mellowed out since being on this supplement.

    Great product by cam01/21/2012

    Pro Quiet has worked wonders for my "scaredy" cat. She is calm and has stopped licking the hair off her tail. One pill lasts me about 5 days. I crush it and put in her food and mix well. Thanks!!

    by from 06/06/2013

    We had brought a dog from a shelter, a Dogo Canario, who knew nothing, was aggressive and turned up out of fear. He has come to rest by Pro Quiet. Coaching is now much easier. We would recommend any time Pro Quiet, but always in consultation with the trainer.

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    I purchased this for my mother's dog, who has developed quite a phobia of loud storms. He's a housedog so has not had a bad experience that we know of but gets nervous and jumpy when the wind kicks up.

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    When we need to be calm. by Colliemom from Pueblo West, Colorado08/20/2014

    As the Director of Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue, dogs come and go from my home on a daily basis. There are moments when all of the dogs just need to chill and get used to the "new pack." ProQuiet helps my own dogs and new fosters to relax and let a peaceful feeling wash over them. Great stuff!

    This does work. by Linn from Ohio05/30/2012

    I am using ProQuiet on a very scared rescue dog. Now on the second bottle and she has calmed down significantly.

    Worked Very Well by JRT Mom from Northeastern NY08/03/2014

    Our 15 yr old Jack Russell Terrier started wandering around 2-3 am in the morning. ProQuiet was recommended to us. We couldn't be happier with the product. It has helped immensely and keeps him quiet through night. There were even a few times I did not give him the ProQuiet and noticed he just did not settle down. Within an hour of giving it to him, he quieted down and went to sleep. He also likes the taste of them and he thinks they are a special treat.

    Awesome by KD from San Diego, CA08/13/2010

    We had 1 cocker, 2 yrs old, we got another one from the rescue, no matter what we did they where always fighting. We had been severly bitten trying to seperate them. It took everything we had to get them apart. Proquiet saved there lives and ours. After only 2 bottles they are the best of friends, sleep together, play together. What a God send. We tried everything for months, nothing worked. 5 Stars for Proquiet!!!!!

    Very Good Value by Mel from Virginia04/25/2013

    I have my sister's retired police dog, you cannot explain to a dog that he is retired. He has an "A" personality to the hundreth power. This product has aided in calming him down. Very good price versus the vets office price. With 3 other dogs my home can be quite busy.

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    Good product by Thistles Mom from North Carolina03/29/2013

    Think it's too early to tell how effective this product is for my dog with stress problem.

    ProQuiet by smarly from Oregon12/31/2012

    The jury is out on this one. I have tried many things to help calm my dog, Bobby McGee, but he is still fearful and expresses it in aggression. Of course, Bobby cannot tell me what's going on inside his little head so I can't be sure of its effect, but there is little observable difference.

    Life saver by chester's mom from los ángeles01/24/2012

    I've never written a review, but I have to let anyone who is interested know that ProQuiet has changed my cat's life. He has hyperesthesia, or "twitching tail syndrome" and has been so uncomfortable, with severe seizures, chasing and biting his tail, etc. He has been on prozac and anti-seizure medicine, as prescribed by his vet, but they were only helping lessen the amount of seizures. I decided to try ProQuiet and it has made a huge difference. He rarely twitches or bites his tail, and loves the taste of the tablets. I highly recommend this product!!

    Excellent Product by Dolores from California06/23/2014

    Our golden retriever has been helped by this product for a couple of years now, including dealing with fireworks around the 4th of July and New Year's Eve. Thank you.

    life saver by chef from Cleveland Oh01/08/2013

    I use this product along with several other for my extremely high strung Dauchshund who had severe separation anxiety. What a difference!! A natural way to make them feel calm without knocking them out. I use this with the Adaptil plug in, a Thundershirt & Anxitane. Each does it's job to make him feel calm and happy.

    very helpful product by nero04/11/2013

    tablets are BIG but break easily. my dog eats them like treats! i think they are making a difference. i have a very outgoing, friendly large dog and the tablets seem to just "take it down a notch" with no visible side effects.

    by from 11/26/2013

    Buster has always been terrified in Thunderstorms and Alarms. He's getting old now but once a day he gets his ProQuiet Tablet and during the day and evening it works for him.

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    This REALLY works for my dog! by k9crazy from Capital District, NY06/01/2012

    My 10 yr old rat terrier started waking up in the night and not only wanting to go out but wasn't finding it easy to fall back to sleep. My holistic vet recommended this product. WORKS GREAT! Do give it twice a day everyday and do finish a whole bottle before deciding if it's working -- it takes awhile to kick in. Solved my ratboy's problems -- he sleeps soundly all night again and is NOT "dopey" on this product!

    Worked Great by Dottie01/31/2014

    One of my dogs is afraid of everyone...barks when people come over and runs away...yet w/us he is the most lovable animal.....it was sad to watch him want to join in but his fear held him back. We now give him Pro-Quiet before the company arrives, when everyone comes at first he is a little overwhelmed but then actually joins in.......love this product!

    helpful for anxiety by Pamela04/18/2013

    Since my older dog passed away, my younger dog has been much more anxious and clingy. The ProQuiet has given her a little more calm energy. She enjoys eating the tablet, and I feel better about leaving her to go out while she is crunching on a biscuit. I have also given a smaller dose to my cat when we had a visiting dog that was upsetting her.

    Love this product. by BrianC from Denver, CO08/01/2014

    We have no idea what our shelter dog experienced in her earlier life but she is petrified of thunderstorms. The ProQuiet tablets have been our salvation.

    Great product by Katy from Houston, TX07/02/2013

    This is the first pill I have tried for anxiety. I have an older dog who has always had bad anxiety and separation issue. With her recent seizures I've been on the search for something to help. This product definitely took the edge off and has helped with most issues. I have added in a calming collar with lavendar and chamomile pheromones that has helped with the anxiety at feeding time as well. Overall this is a great product. No side effects and no trouble administering it.

    Anxiety relief by judyblue304 from Clyde Ohio07/21/2014

    My 13 + yr old Irish Water Spaniel developed severe anxiety at night. He was so restless that no one could sleep. The vet recommended Pro Quiet, which was new to them, and it works very well. Everyone is getting some sleep now.

    by dogmomma12/03/2012

    I have found Proquiet to be helpful in calming my very anxious Sheltie, It doesn't sedate but helps her not to be so spastic about every sound she hears. I use it 5 days a week and off two days as recommeded by the vet.

    ProQuiet is very helpful. by Chris from Chester, NY05/14/2013

    I have been using this with my dogs for over a year. One dog is my nervous Nellie, and I give her ProQuiet as an extra calming agent (She is on L-theanine daily.). I use ProQuiet for my other dog when we go to training class and hospital visits. It doesn't sedate them or make them "stoned." It just takes the edge off and allows them to relax a bit.

    Storm Anxiety by Nora L05/06/2008

    This formula and others like it seem to work better with my 6 year old female staffordshire with severe thunderstorm anxiety. It starts to work in only 10 minutes compared to prescription meds that take 45 minutes or more to begin to work (the storm is often over by that time!!)

    Really works! by Betty L12/18/2013

    Just takes the edge off. helps my excited Jack Russell relax a little better. I use this product on road trips and on days when our routine is all mixed up, you know- when life happens.

    Good Item by Donna W.03/31/2008

    THis formula seems to work well for my 10-month old pup. I give him 1 tablet. which he gobbles up, before I put him in his crate when we go to work. He calms down & shows no anxiety over us leaving. Recommended for anti-anxiety.

    Fireworks by Stephanie G.06/27/2008

    People in my neighborhood have already started setting off fireworks, which freaks out our tabby cat. I crumble up 1/2 a tablet and mix it in with a little canned food. She eats in fine and doesn't seem to notice the proquiet. It calms her down and keeps her from climbing the curtains!

    Travel saver by Lu S.06/27/2008

    We give this product to our two dogs before we leave for camping trips. They think they're getting a treat and it keeps them from getting quite so excited in the car. They used to pant themselves silly! Now they relax in the back and are still raring to go when we get to our campsite. Great product!


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