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Premier Busy Buddy Toys

Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football - Extreme Black
Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football - Extreme Black

($7.99)  $4.99
Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football - Purple
Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football - Purple

($7.99)  $4.99
Premier Busy Buddy - The Waggle
Premier Busy Buddy - The Waggle

($7.99)  $5.19
Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug - M/L
Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug - M/L

($13.95)  $12.99
Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug - SM
Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug - SM

($18.84)  $6.69
Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone - Small
Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone - Small

($4.99)  $4.49
Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone - Medium
Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone - Medium

($14.99)  $12.99
Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone - Medium/Large
Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone - Medium/Large

($15.99)  $13.99
Premier Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (SMALL)
Premier Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (SMALL)

($11.99)  $8.99
Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (MEDIUM)
Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (MEDIUM)

($19.99)  $12.99
Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (LARGE)
Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (LARGE)

($24.99)  $14.99
Squirrel Dude
Squirrel Dude

($11.95)  $5.99
Premier Busy Buddy Twist N' Treat
Premier Busy Buddy Twist N' Treat

($7.99)  $6.29
Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball Toy - Small
Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball Toy - Small

($13.99)  $11.59
Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball Toy - Medium/Large
Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball Toy - Medium/Large

($26.90)  $16.99
Premier Busy Buddy Chuckle Dog Toy
Premier Busy Buddy Chuckle Dog Toy

($11.99)  $8.99
Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug - Extra Small
Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug - Extra Small

($9.99)  $6.99
Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom - Small
Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom - Small

($14.99)  $10.99
Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom - Medium/Large
Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom - Medium/Large

($19.99)  $17.99
Liver Biscotti and Tug-a-Jug Pack for dogs
Liver Biscotti and Tug-a-Jug Pack for dogs

($16.99)  $14.99
Tennis Tails
Tennis Tails

($9.99)  $5.99
Premier Pogo Plush (Large)
Premier Pogo Plush (Large)

($10.99)  $7.99
Premier Pogo Plush (Small)
Premier Pogo Plush (Small)

($7.99)  $5.99
Busy Buddy Funny Bone - Small
Busy Buddy Funny Bone - Small

($11.99)  $8.89
Premier Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (X-SMALL)
Premier Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (X-SMALL)

($9.99)  $6.99
These durable footballs help control destructive chewing and encourage extended play. Patented Treat Trapper, the Biscuit Bouncer firmly grips and holds a variety of treats, gradually releasing them as your dog chews.

  • Solid, natural rubber footballs for incredible durability and unpredictable bounce.
  • Small: 3.5"L Recommended for dogs under 20 pounds.
  • Large: 6"L Recommended for dogs over 60 pounds.

  • The size MEDIUM is currently on DISCONTINUED. Please Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability
    4.43 rating based on 7 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football - Extreme Black
    Very hard plastic, not much room to stuff by Dayk9s11/16/2011

    I wish they made the squirrel dude with this durable rubber. Although the football doesn't have a lot of room for stuffing, the plastic is hard and this did entertain my dog and work his jaw. This is a nice toy because if you did not plan ahead and freeze goodies inside the football, then you can simply stuff them in right before giving it to your dog and the football is still challenging!

    Heavy and durable by Pepsi from CO01/13/2014

    The Premiere Busy Buddy line has given us new hope in dog toys. Our lab destroys most toys in minutes, but I took a risk and ordered several PBB toys based on glowing reviews of durability and we have not been disappointed!! The Extreme Black Football is quite heavy and the size fits a large dog's mouth well. It allows for various shapes and sizes of treats or bones to be inserted into or through the holes…. or of course peanut butter can be rubbed on the inside. She loves it!

    I've not found anything else like it! by 2Dogs3Cats from St. Louis, MO08/21/2012

    PERFECT! I have a 110lb dog who is a med-high chewer. I needed something to occupy him while we're gone during the day...something that he couldn't destroy! The busy buddy football is so fantastic, any toy with an appendage or leg-like structure gets chewed off of all his other toys. He does better with round toys so he can't just sit and knaw the ends off and this football shape is GREAT for him. It also does VERY well with holding the treats (milk bones work best) in place. He has put some teeth marks in it already (we have the black one) but even still it works great. We've tried the KONG brand toys and while they're also great, nothing holds the treats in place like these toys do so - - they're definitely my favorite and his too! Couldn't love it more!

    Great for Powerful Chewers - Busy Dogs!!! by Auntie Ramona from Ohio02/05/2013

    Come on over tough chewers! These are the toy for you! Definitely keeps the dogs' mouths busy -- keepin' them away from the furniture!

    Too heavy by Claudia10/18/2013

    I bought this toy for my dogs who chew just about every toy up. It is very sturdy, however, it is extremely heavy. I purchased the large size based on the weight recommendation but now I think I should have purchased the smaller one. They played with it for less than 1 minute and have never touched it again.

    Awesome football! by Gilocada from Burlington, ON Canada06/22/2014

    Toby, my year old Yorkie loves the challenge of "destroying" new chew toys...this one however has been very resilient. He couldn't wait to get it unwrapped and begin the chewing games. It has been two weeks, and so far there is not even a chip out of it.....(not for Toby's lack of trying).

    Rottie Loves this Toy! by Rottie Lover12/30/2008

    My Rottie loves this toy, easily his favorite. Fill it up with all sorts of small treats for hours of entertainment.

    Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football - Purple
    My dogs love this. by Trish from South Carolina11/12/2013

    This is one of the best toys I've bought. My dogs love it, but can't destroy it. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

    by Puppyluv11/05/2012

    My tuff chewers have yet to destroy! Highly recommended!

    Great football! by Gilocada from Burlington, ON Canada06/22/2014

    I bought this one for Tyson, my year old Yorkie. He isn't as aggressive in destroying his chew toys as his brother, Toby, but he does enjoy having a small one in his mouth so he can tease his brother, and people with it and get them to chase him. I originally purchased them to replace their treat balls, which are a little big for them. These little footballs have been a big hit with my boys.

    Busy Buddy Football (treatball) by CC01/28/2012

    Katie can't have chew toys and this is a great substitute. load it with hypo-allergenic treats

    Great Toy by Rottie Lover12/30/2008

    My rottie loves this toy. Filled with all sorts of treats keeps him entertained for a long time. This one is constructed of a softer material than the black one. Can make putting the treats in easier.

    Tried, tested and loved. by Owned by Dixie from New York, NY03/13/2013

    I've bought several of these for Dixie, my hard chewing labradoodle over the years. I shove a long biscuit in it every time I leave the house and she is perfectly happy to play with it. I don't have to worry about any bits coming off, as other than a few teeth marks, these purple busy buddy toys hold up!

    Great product by Chewie from ct06/25/2013

    I really liked this product. I highly recommend it

    Check before buying by Didi from Fernandina Beach FL07/27/2014

    The large is for a very small dog. I thought I was ordering something for my 80 lb retriever. BIG mistake!

    Keeps my buddy busy!! by lucymom11/04/2013

    I have purchased at least 4 of these busy buddy footballs for my pug. I put very low calorie treats in it and she loves to get them out. She then plays with the football. It is a good toy as well as a good way to have her enjoy treats for which she works a bit.

    Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy - The Waggle
    Not for strong chewers by Jo- Ski11/10/2010

    Within a week, a 6 month old lab pup cracked and pulled a piece of the rubber off. It could have been a choke hazard. Will ask the store to return it. It was great fun and design, but material needs improvement.

    love this toy! by Quan06/02/2010

    This is one of the few toys that my shepherd/boxer mix dog has not destroyed yet. He loves it and will play with the toy until all the treats come out.

    excelent by roy joans07/31/2008

    i think this toy has held up great. my dog dosent want to put it down. putting treats in it gives him a little bit of a challenge. awesome job at making this toy premier.

    very good by corey evans07/31/2008

    i think that this toy is very goood. it dosent rip or break like other toys i have gotten. good job premier

    self entertainment by Dee05/20/2013

    Great toy for my westie. She loves to play with this and retrieve it. she will also entertain herself with it. great outdoor toy.

    by from 06/29/2014

    I bought this toy for my Yorkie over a year ago and it is still one of his favorite toys. I will put some treats or some of his kibble in each side and he will play with it until every last one one is gone.

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    Really works! by Bon06/18/2013

    We have a high energy dog and she needs to be busy all the time. A few pieces of kibble and she is entertained for quite a while. It was intertesting to see her figure out how to get the kibble out. Who said dogs can't reason!!!!!

    fast service by cs.myers03/02/2010

    The order was processed and shipped fast, unfortunately the medium/large waggle only held up for 15 minutes with my 9 month old Labrador.

    Good Quality Toy by it's.a.southern.thing from Virginia04/22/2012

    I have a 10 month old weimaraner who recently entered her destructive phase and so far, this toy has held up great. She has no interest in trying to get treats out of it, so we just use it as a fun toy to fetch or carry around the house. She loves to grab the middle of it and toss her head around. Premier does a great job with toys!

    Playtime by spedteacher from No Kingstown RI01/03/2014

    My 14mo old golden loved his as a puppy but eventually made a hole in it....so we replaced it. Plays by himself w/ it or brings it over for a toss or tug....loves it

    came apart by ljb from Concord NC01/31/2014

    I got this for my rat terrier who loves to chew. He chewed through the middle section in about 5 minutes! So I was left with 2 separate balls. In which the flanges that were supposed to help hold in the kibble/treats would not come out - they are tucked inside the balls. Thus the kibble/treats fall out quite rapidly. This product is basically a failure in my book. Certainly does not live up to its' claims. However, my terrier does like playing with the balls for short times & his chewing has not worn that part of the product down very much.

    Great way to feed breakfast! by Tigger & Bodie from California12/29/2012

    My dogs love the Premier Buddy Toys. One dog prefers the Chuckle and the other adores the Waggle. He loves that the Waggle is flexible in the middle so he can shake it back and forth. He loves the squishy feeling when he bites the food reservoirs on both ends. He loves the sounds it makes when he drops it. Of course, he also loves his kibble falling out of it. In short, he loves getting his daily breakfast in the Chuckle. Great food toy!

    rubber has a toxic smell and taste by chi-gal11/06/2012

    I purchased this to keep my over hyper beagle busy, it's currently useless. I stuffed it with treats and he can smell the treats at the opening, but once he starts mouthing or licking the toy he immediately loses interests. Well after stuffing treats in this rubber toy, I did wash my hands after, I grabbed my cup of water and when I went to take a drink, I noticed the rim of my cup had an awful taste and burned my lips. I had no idea what it was, until this happened about 3 times within a few days. Turns out it was the rubber from this toy. each time that happened I had just fussed with this thing trying to get my pooch to play with it. I smelled the toy and it had a toxic rubber smell. Even though I had washed my hands repeatedly each time I fussed with this toy, it would take about a 5 minute soapy watery soak to get the rubber smell and I guess residue off my hands, otherwise anything i touched like my glass of water would have that taste. after I realized that, I began grabbing the toy with a towel so that my hand would not come in contact with it. I tried washing the toy and soaking it overnight with soap... nothing. still has that smell and I'm thinking it's why my puppy is not wanting to play with this.

    The best toy i've found by Chelli11/07/2012

    this is the best!!! he hasn't destroyed it and he loves the treats u can get to put inside it. best toy i've bought. he loves it.

    Indestructible by Kylaco from Delaware09/14/2012

    My sweet dog destroys every toy I get him. I ordered this off Groupon coupon. Entirelypets have a great variety of toys. I have got to say after 3 weeks this toy is still in like new condition. Maska (my sweet dog) loves the treats that come out of it. He plays for hours and hours. Great product!!

    Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug - M/L
    Everyday use by Jerry & Becky12/30/2009

    We have a 19 month old American Bulldog and she uses her Tug-A-Jug every day since she got it almost a year ago! It is showing some wear but is still going strong! She eats every meal out of it and LOVES IT!

    Keep them thinking toy! by Cheryl02/14/2008

    I have an Aussie that does a lot of thinking; often she is too smart for my own good. This toy is very challenging to get the treats out, but very motivating. We just got it today, and already she has been busy with it off and on for 3 hrs. Looks exhausted now. Though she wants to chew the "scent holes" end, she can not get her mouth around that size/shape to damage it. It is extremely hard plastic, as well, not like the new peanut butter container she attacked and entirely ate while I mowed the lawn. I expect this will continue to delight her and hold up for a very long time to come. Fun to watch her face problem-solve, and it will be a safe toy to leave her alone with.

    well worth the money by mickey from Warwick RI10/22/2012

    we bought this Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug - M/L to replace one that broke and we were very please with this new bottle. the write up on the website showing this bottle is somewhat different than what you are getting. but it worked out being a better buy for the money. we will surely be buying more dog toy's and other items from your company.

    this is a great toy by DogloverC from Clifton, NJ05/31/2012

    my dogs love it!! they played for hours....

    by from 09/23/2010

    I love this toy! I'm getting ready to purchase my 3rd one as a persistent dog will eventually chew off the stopper on the top of the bottle - but considering the life of most dog toys I only have praise about a toy that lasts a full year in a house with 3 Border Collies!

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    Murphy's Favorite Toy by Michele09/05/2009

    I bought this toy for my 10 year old yellow lab about 6 months ago. Over the years he has slowed down quite a bit, but he still enjoys 2 things: working and eating! This jug keeps him busy. Since the day it arrived it is the toy he greets me at the door with. When he wants it filled he drops it in my lap or at my feet. The jug is made of a very sturdy plastic that has yet to crack or flake off despite everyday use. I highly recommend this toy...and Murphy does, too!

    Finally a toy for my genius muscle dog by Mely02/06/2008

    If your dog is a super genius with the chewying power of a Croc then this toy is for you. It's been 1 hour and this toy is still in pristine condition. Toshi the dog loves the Tug-A-Jug.

    by Weezer05/11/2013

    I was really disappointed. I think the design of this item makes no sense as the bottle always hangs when held by the rope - therefore no food comes out and the dog loses interest. I'm going to cut the rope off and insert the tennis ball as someone else suggested - hopefully that will allow the food to fall out better.

    dog loves it by lacey6509/08/2010

    Have an Aussie. I put her food in it in the morning. i am on my second one. She ate the first rope. Am keeping a better eye on her now. I would buy this again. Love toys that make them think

    Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug - SM
    by from 05/14/2013

    Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug is a great reward toy that has the potential to keep your dog busy for a while.

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    Totally fun toy! by Bill03/23/2008

    My dog is so funny playing with this. I think I have as much fun watching him try to get the treats out as he does trying to get them out.

    Addicted by Carolyn06/10/2010

    Belle, a Border Collie mix loves this toy and has been busy with it for about 2 hours. She has nearly chewed through the rope though. I will try the larger size and see how that goes. She is under 40lbs but a strong chewer.

    Worth Considering by Magic's mom from PA12/31/2011

    Our border collie mix is extremely smart and we are always on the lookout for toys that will challenge her. On her first introduction, Magic figured out how to empty the Tug-a-Jug in less than two minutes, but often there is one treat that lingers...which keeps her occupied for a time. We have tried various sizes of treats/kibble. We do not allow her access to the toy when there are no treats inside. She's also a chewer, so we are expecting that the rope will not last long. But the instructions advise on how to use the toy even when the rope disappears. That gives the toy a "second life" in our book, which is why this toy is worth considering for anyone with a dog that needs mental stimulation and is looking for some longevity in a toy.

    by from 12/02/2008

    First day my dog mostly ignores the toy, tries but doesn't seem to get it. Next thing I know it's empty. I refill it and keep an eye on here.

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    Busy buddy toy by Diana04/15/2012

    The platstic is a little hard which is both good and bad. Good because it's almost undistructable. & bad because it hurts when it hits you.

    by from 11/06/2012

    One of the best toys that can keep my MinPin entertained since she is highly food motivated.

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    Depends on the dog! by busyspouse from Kentucky07/04/2011

    I am torn between recommending or not. I LOVE how this keeps my Sheltie from gulping down her food, keeps her amused and interested,BUT BUT BUT!!! I have now bought about 7 of these 5 small and 2 med/large. All but two now only a month old have cracked. most were where the bottom screws on to the jar, but the latest cracked completely from the top diagonally down THROUGH the screw-on bottom. It was NEVER dropped. This is the greatest concept ever, but you MUST make them of sturdier material. I tried the larger size but the "nubs" made her gums raw!! In this day of technological miracles, surely this can be done ??? Although the Bob a Lot is harder to fill and much more expensive it is MUCH sturdier!

    by from 04/28/2012

    I used to put a dog biscuit or two in a clean empty plastic drink bottle. My puppy enjoyed working to get the treat out. When I saw this I thought it would be even better so I ordered it. Well, my one complaint is that for the first few times she played with it, she grabbed the rope in her teeth and swung it back and forth banging herself on the head and face! This made her grouchy and short tempered! Poor dog. The toy is a very hard plastic. After a few times however, she tried some other strategies and found some less painful and more effective ways of getting the treats out. She now grasps the rubber, spiked neck of the Tug-a-jug and pours the treats out. If I put lots of her kibble inside it, it keeps her occupied for quite a while.

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    works for mine! by Gooddayz04/06/2012

    My little 13lb power jaws loves this toy!! It does keep him busy and, as of yet, he has not destroyed it!! SCORE!!! I put a rawhide chew in there and he just constantly plays with it (trying to get it out). He is ADORABLE when he is carrying it around.

    Tug a Jug, a good buy by Lolly10/23/2012

    The tug a jug came in timely fashion, that was good. My dog is a mini-dachshund/cocker spanial mix who weighs 12lb. She is always tipping her food dishes over, so a friend suggested the tug a jug. This keeps her entertained as she fights with it to get the food out. The only bad thing is she broke the twist cover. It still screws on, but I am afraid it won't last long. She bangs it on the floor and shakes it, then drops it. What a brat. Her name is Smudge.

    Its teriffic by absolutely from ny ny04/16/2013

    fantastic its great, dog loves it, he plays with it everyday

    Great Toy by lmdkewl from Louisville, KY04/23/2014

    Great toy for your dog. Nice and challenging as well as fun. This is my second one of these and my dog loves them.

    Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone - Small
    Busy Buddy Bone is Awesome!!! by janan from Arizona11/10/2011

    I bought this for my Yorkie who destroyed every destroyable toy out there. He loves it and it has worked great for him although if he had thumbs I'd be in real trouble. Seriously it's a great toy. I give it to all 3 of my dogs when I leave the house and they don't get in much trouble then and really love the toys as they can be thrown and bounce also.

    Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone - Medium
    My two Bostons love it by Gilliansage06/06/2010

    I only bought one in case they wouldn't play with it,but now they fight over it. The rawhides go fast but they still chew on the bone and ball part. I replace with more rawhides and they're back to fighting over it again. Now I gotta buy a second one for the other dog.

    by from 09/29/2010

    My little Australian Shepard loves these! She's a "chewer" so they provide the resistance she loves as well as the challenge of unscrewing them.

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    Fun toy by Mel04/13/2012

    Our Gordon Setter has high energy especially when she can't go hunting. We hide the Buddy Bouncy Bone somewhere in the house and she has fun tracking it down. The toy is durable and she loves the gnawhide rings!

    Love at first Bite by Jnng from Long Island, NY08/04/2010

    My dog loves this bone and the rawhides that come with it. She is so addicted to this bone that she brings it to me every night to refill it with the rawhides. This bone has become her dessert. She even enjoys the bone without the rawhide treat. Even more than any other nylon bone. I highly recommend this product

    by 3agilemutts06/20/2012

    I LOVE this toy. It is a great way for them to occupy their mouths.

    Favorite toy by mel from Wisconsin10/08/2013

    Absolutely our dogs favorite toy! We place rings on the toys, hide them and both dogs go on the search for the toy. They are hunting dogs so this also helps to keep them interested and inquisitive. Great fun for all!

    Fun toy! by Rebeccajp from Ohio01/05/2013

    A happy little Shih Tzu at Christmas when she got this toy! Obviously loves the taste of the disks!

    Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone (medium) by vvickib5409/22/2013

    This is Tucker's second Busy Bone - he is two years old. I buy him the rawhide rings that slide onto it-the rings last him about two days. He seems to enjoy chewing on the end of the Busy Bone also-that's why he now on his second bone. I like this product because it lasts a long time and he enjoys it so much.

    Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone - Medium/Large
    It is acceptable by Creativelady04/25/2012

    Our dog does not use this toy very much. He has other treat delivering toys that he likes much better. It may work better for other dogs.

    Great Toy Very Durable ! by Sandi from Oceanside CA12/28/2010

    I have a 98 lb doberman and a 55 lb husky and this toy has lasted over a year with little to no damage to toy. They love to chew and play even without the rawhide rings I would recommend this to anyone with a Large breed dog who loves to chew !

    Great busy toy for big dogs by Desertdeb from Colorado12/02/2012

    My dogs love this toy and the rawhide chews. The design of the toy doesn't allow big dogs to quickly empty it rather, they can work on it and it keeps them busy when I need them to be.

    Happy camper by Rebeccapark from Ohio01/05/2013

    My dog can't wait to be offered this toy! The disks get him really interested and then he is ready to enjoy the bone!

    Broke within two minutes by Milo's Mom10/26/2012

    Broke within two minutes. Made me sad, as I was so excited about it.

    Dogs love these by Brenda01/15/2013

    My dogs love these bones and ask for them every night!

    great by cc02/19/2009

    This has been a great find for my lab mix, she has a lot of energy and it keeps he well occupied.

    by Weezer05/11/2013

    Dogs love this but I prefer the toys I can refill with peanut butter as it can get expensive to purchase the edible rings.

    Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (SMALL)
    Excellent Purchase! by Niki01/05/2013

    My dogs love their Bristle Bone chew toys. I put rings of Natural Balance Roll in between, instead of rawhide and freeze overnight. Much safer and lasts longer.

    Fantastic! by Mo from Oregon08/16/2011

    We got this brush bone for our 5 month old pup and she absolutely loves it! This is the first thing she has been truly interested in. She gets totally involved chewing and you can tell she is in HEAVEN! Very durable. Be sure to buy extra gnawhide rings. Highly recommended.

    small it wasn't by north river04/23/2013

    this "small" bone was not a small in my eye and you dont have ex small but you have small refills which is to my way of thinking flase advertising i ordered small bone and 2 pks of small refills and they didn't match and when i called al i got was sorry pay to return and i said i would throw it out first . don't look for my business dr. smith/foster has all sizes and refills match and are just as inexpensive.

    Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (MEDIUM)
    Great product...Great price by Onyx's Dad from North Carolina12/05/2011

    Onyx loves his Bristle Bone. When we load it up, he is in his own little world for over an hour as he works to get the rawhide discs from the bone. The Bristle Bone is hard to find in normal pet stores so I was happy to find it on Entirely Pets!! Especially since it is cheaper than anywhere else I've found on the internet!! Onyx thanks you.

    My dogs love these! by Sunny from Lillington, NC03/29/2012

    Busy buddy bristle bones last a looonnnng time! I only have to re-order when my larger dog doesn't "get it" and eats the bristles. My younger dog loves it and it's a long-lasting treat that keeps her busy as she tries to get at the gnawhide.

    A HAPPY DOG by margaret01/17/2012


    This is a scary toy! by Suzie12/30/2009

    I bought this because my dogs love their funny bones and I thought it would help clean their teeth. My sheltie was able to separate the pieces of this in no time at all. I thought maybe I didn’t put it together well and so tried it again and he immediately separated it again. I was scared to death that he was going to choke on one of the pieces and refuse to use this again. We will be sticking with funny bones from now on!

    Favorite toy! by Mollie from Northern VA10/05/2010

    I have a small female German shepherd who LOVES her busy buddy!!!! Both the bouncy bone and the bristle bone- it has been a wonderful challanging toy for her while I am gone all day! And it hold up to her big teeth!! I am giving all the family pets bristle bones for Christmas this year! Great price- I stocked up!

    by from 05/30/2012

    by zee horse05/08/2014

    My dogs loved this even when I took the treat out of it. Was afraid of a fight since they loved it so much.

    Would not recommend by Tena03/14/2012

    The brissels came off of the busy buddy bristle bone that I ordered for my dog. Not to happy!

    Dog Loves It by Zozie from California03/01/2013

    This is my dog's favorite bedtime chew toy. It not only entertains her, but also massages her gums and helps to clean her teeth, thanks to the bristles and the rubber discs with protrusions inside the toy.

    hard plastic ends by sue from Berkeley05/31/2010

    Hi, the idea of this product is good although the design of it has failed in the safety department. The bristles combined with a flavor (food) reward is a winning idea, however, the hard plastic ends set the stage for slab fractures of your dog's carnasials. Additionally, the razor sharp edges of the hard plastic ends will no doubt lacerate the gums if your pooch chomps down the wrong way. It would be a much better idea to give an uncooked chicken bone to your dog because a real bone will give whereas, hard plastic will not. When companies make a toy out of hard plastic and then market it as industructable, a red flag should go up since the teeth will be destroyed instead. The four star rating is to help get this published not because I like this product

    Bristle Bone much more effective than Bouncy Bone by Mich10/31/2013

    I got this to distract my dog when I needed to do something around the house without her nosing around or as a treat while I'm at work. It's a great way to give her treats although it doesn't last nearly as long as the first couple times I gave it to her. She can get both rings in about 20-30 minutes. Much slower though than the bouncy bone. It takes her less than 5 minutes to eat both rings. I would recommend this bristle bone over the bouncy bone for time reasons alone.

    Great Idea Needs Modified by Tree02/27/2012

    Bristles entirely TOO HARD for ANYTHING!!! I'd be the first to buy when the manufacturer makes that little modification. As a veterinary technician that knows the importance of dental health, particularly for small breed dogs, I absolutely LOVE the concept behind "Busy Buddy Bristle Bone."

    Good product although my dog can dismantle by mieronimo12/26/2012

    My dog was really interested in this product for a while until she figured out how to dismantle it and get to the chews. See attached picture. I have no idea how she accomplished this because I wasn't watching.

    Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (LARGE)
    great chew toy. by hank08/12/2012

    My rotweiler/chow destroyed the small version in one hour (but loved it) The large one is nice and big , he loves chewing and I don't have to replace rawhide so often,

    Saved by Busy Buddy by Ponytender from The Cowboy Capitakl of the World06/08/2013

    I have two very active dogs, a 5 year old border collie and a year old Australian shepherd. The aussie is a rescue that is bent on destruction. We are working through that with the help of Busy Buddy bristle bone. I leave two of these down for them when I leave for work and it gives them something to do during the day besides eat my house. These are great products. I was a little concerned about the disc but neither of my dogs have had a bad reaction to it so I am sold!

    Very Long lasting Dental chew toy by Gembug from Michigan01/19/2010

    I bought this for our Chocolate Lab and he's worked on destroying it for almost a year! He has the middle bristles destroyed and sometimes we need to tighten the ends, but even without any rawhide rings put on, he is still enjoying this great toy! Love it, will buy another when needed.

    Busy Buddy Bristle Bone by Rugdog13 from Arizona05/23/2014

    This product was recommended by our Veterinarian. Our dog loves it! He has gone through 2 Bristle Bones and has not yet tired of the product. His teeth look great. What a great product for canine dental care.

    Love this product by Molly12/27/2013

    This is my third purchase of this toy. My dogs love to see this coming and I love the way it brushes their teeth. We don`t have to worry about our dogs` breath when they "play" with this product. Can`t say enough good things!!

    by from 07/20/2012

    Our Vet was impressed how clean our 8 year old dog's teeth were. We credit this "toy" with our dog's clean teeth. The teeth have never been professioaly cleaned. This is all we use. Our dog looks forward to using/playing with this every night. It may be expensive but is a lot less expensive then a dental cleaning not, to mention, your dog does not need anethesia!

    this by as from aWe


    My Dog Loves this toy by MLPanek from Michigan02/16/2013

    This toy has stood up to some rough chewing and it's still going strong.

    Wonderful product! by wcmom from Dayton, OH11/08/2012

    I love these and so do my dogs! Both of them love the bones and the bonus is that the plaque comes off their teeth.

    Busy Buddy Bristle Bone by Chappy01/20/2014

    My 10 year old, 85 lb Golden Retriever LOVES this toy and the rings. Unfortunately he has figured out how to dismantle the toy no matter how tightly I've screwed the ends on and within a matter of minutes I find him eating the white plastic & brush center. I'm going to try one more time and then will switch to a different chew toy.

    My dog can tear up any toy! by Vicky from Indpls, In08/29/2013

    My dog loves this toy, however, he still can destroy it. He has already chewed the purple spacers down to nubs as well as the brush is now bristle less. But yes he does like it.

    great chew toy by papabear from syracuse, ny10/23/2012

    My 80 pound dog usually destroys chew toys. The Bristle Bone has lasted a few months already. He does chew up the chew rings fairly quick, but its nice having replacements available at a reasonable price. Even without the chew rings he he will spend hours chewing on the plastic? bone ends So I refill it as a special treat. A terrific entertaining toy

    GGRRRREEEAAAATTTTT!!! by Tyler from Fairmount, IN02/06/2013

    Best thing going for the Lab-Dob mix...9 months and 55 lbs of fun! She will lay down and really get into this thing! I will be at Bass Pro today and get her a new one to keep at Gramma's!

    Bristle Bone by Molly's Mom from Fairfax, VA03/04/2014

    Our 3 year old, 75 lb. lab still loves her "chew" on the bone every morning. Keeps her busy, and her teeth are enjoying a good workout. Thanks Busy Buddy!

    great busy treat by TandemAcres from Rutland VT02/02/2014

    Have to supervise as this bone had come undone and our dog pulled out the chews, but keeps her busy for hours and does a great job keeping tartar off her teeth

    Border Collie loves Busy Buddy Bristle Bone by Sassy's Mom from Cleveland Ohio Suburb12/14/2011

    My 5 year old will bring me her bristle bone so I can add the disks to the toy. She loves chewing on the disks and toy. It's a great past time to keep her occupied for a while. Thanks for inventing the bristle bone.

    Extremely Disappointed by NCDogOwner11/04/2013

    Extremely disappointed in this bone/treat system. After inserting the rawhide treats and bristles onto the brush and screwing the end cap back on, I was suprised that this was the only way to secure the middle pieces. I twisted the closing end onto the bone as much as possible and my dog was still able to completely disassemble the bone in a few hours. She also ate the entire rawhide treat that was on the bone and vomited for two days. I threw the entire bone system away because: 1) my dog had chewed the screw-on threads to the point that they wouldn't realign, and 2) since my dog was vomiting, I was afraid of what was in the rawhide treat and didn't want to risk another China-treat incident. All this within the very day I bought it! Buyer beware!

    Great product! by Boomer03/05/2012

    The Busy Buddy Bristle Bone does a great job keeping my dogs teeth clean!

    Great Bone for Aggresive Chewers by Hanna from Columbus, OH05/09/2011

    Took my Golden Retriever a few days to get use to, but now she loves it! You can tighten and loosen the bone which I did at first to help her realize the rawhides were there. I then had to tighten the bone back up because she got the hang of it! Also, I heard that the medium rawhides fit on the large bone but they DO NOT. You have to use the large rawhide rings for the large bone.

    My Rottweilers love these by Silly from Nevada09/17/2013

    This bone is fantastic and my Rottweiler's love them. Keeps them busy and happy. They will go into the toy box and pick them over other chew bones they have. Thanks.

    My GSD is addicted by Mollie from DC10/11/2011

    My German shepherd LOVES this toy! Makes her teeth look better, too!

    Featured Reviews for Squirrel Dude
    Dixie's favourite toy! by Owned by Dixie from New York, NY03/13/2013

    We all love these squirrels! When Dixie needs some extra playtime, I stick some treats in squirrel and she will literally bounce it around the house for about an hour!! If you put soft treats in, they come out but don't make crumbs all over your floors like biscuit treats can. She's a hard chewer but hasn't got into one of these yet, she prefers to just bounce them. I did get her a small one once and she did bite the head, so get the right size for your doggie.

    by Watson's mom12/08/2012

    Similar to a Kong. Cuter. We always end up with stuff stuck in these types of things. Good for chewing.

    by from 05/29/2012

    We feed our dog twice a day with a Squirrel Dude so she has access to it for about 20 minutes a day and it lasts about two months before the poor Dude loses his head. That may not sound like much but it is about four times longer than the Kong Wobbler lasted and the Dude costs less.

    bunch by of from feedingWe've


    Not so good by Dale Hollow Dave from Dale Hollow Lake TN01/16/2013

    I wish they would tell you the product is made in China in the description. My girl would rather play with her kong. This product has a strong rubber smell that still hasen't gone away after a month.

    My dogs favorite toy! by Aries from Massachusetts10/10/2011

    My black lab loves this toy! It's tough enough to handle his chewing.

    Squirrel Dude is a huge hit by scout729 from Los Alamos, NM01/21/2010

    Squirrel Dude is a huge hit - with my cat! It didn't take him long to figure out how it works and it gives him hours of entertainment.

    by from 02/03/2012

    The Squirl Dude chew toy is the only toy of the type that will last more than a week or two. The "Gorrila Kong" chew toy is the short lived toy I am talking about. The big black toy gets the top round bitten off in about 4 days.

    last by 3 from toThe


    thank you for a great toy! by shep from Upstate, NY04/15/2013

    I have eight dogs and now have a squirrel dude for each one for their vests when i go to work. My dogs are extent chewers and these hold up! The dogs are very happy with them!

    squirrel dude by MIsnowflake05/18/2010

    This is a G-R-E-A-T toy!! The prongs on the bottom opening keep the little treats from falling out. Keeps my pet busy trying to get treats out!! Other brands have huge openings on bottom (and no prongs) and treats easily fall out! Pet doesnt have to 'work' to get anything out of other brands!! Just tip them over and treats spill out. Only bad thing about Squirrel Dude is I can't find it in stores!!

    finally by mamanay from Dallas, Texas05/08/2013

    Best buy of the bunch. Tough and the girls love them.

    GREAT PRODUCT by srh909502/18/2011

    my dog loves this i would recommend it to anybody who has a dog that chews things up!

    Great purchase by Dog owner from Michigan04/29/2014

    I bought two of these for our standard Aussie puppy and our mini Aussie. I have tried various treats in them, but I'm still trying to figure out what works best. I fill the hole with peanut butter and freeze them, and they're good for peace and quiet on an early weekend morning. They don't usually get what's inside out. I've only been able to get it out by bouncing them on the floor or soaking them. I have cut the pieces that hold the treats in a little, but it hasn't made a difference. I don't leave these out. After they've worked on them for a while, I put them up for another day. I think I may order a small for the mini to see if he has better luck getting treats out of it. Either way, it occupies them for a while.

    by Lori01/02/2012

    My dogs really like the "squirrel dude"....I put cat food in it for them and it takes them awhile to get it out!

    Very Fun!!! by Cheryl02/14/2008

    It just arrived and already I know I have to order another! This is so much better than Kongs, which I loved when they were babies. They just mostly lay down and lick treats out. This one is so much harder to get the treats out that it is more entertaining, for me even. (Also, I can't get the broken cookie parts out of it either!) They work and work at it, then try to ignore it, then bark at it and toss it. It is hilarious, especially, as one of my dogs does not like to play and usually lacks persistence. It's been three hours now and he's back at it, growling at it, even. Now, I need a bigger one for the large dog and wish it were time for gifts, as I'm ready to buy everyone I know one!!!

    Tough by Eek from MN09/23/2013

    Just as tough as the Kong toys...got it for variety as my labs get one stuffed with frozen peanut butter every day while they are crated.....in front of their 52 inch TV :)

    It LASTS! :^) by Squirrellymom01/15/2008

    We try so many doggie toys at our house - most of them lose big time. We have managed to keep the kong toys (black or red ones) but I use the kongs every day for treats & they get tiresome, also I have to really pack the kong and put nut butters or freeze them to make the fun last - Squirrel Dude holds our p. newman treats, bits of kibble & other goodies and it is difficult to get them out so they last a long time. My dogs (2) toss them about and mess with them for hours trying to get the last of the goodies to fall out. We have 75 lb Goldendoodles who are master chewers. Squirrel Dude gets an A+ at our house.

    Awesome Toy by Greg W.07/17/2009

    Bought this at Pabby's Pet Pantry a few months back...it has been awesome! We have a Golden Retriever and he loves to chew, chew, chew. We give this to him after placing a few smaller treats in the inside...he rolls on his side and back holding the toy to get treats out of it. He will pick it up and bring it to us. It's very simliar to a "Kong" toy, but the big (or should I say little) difference is that at the bottom of the toy, there are a few "teeth" that hold the treats inside the toy. The treats won't just drop out of the bottom...the dog has to earn it. I'm thrilled with this toy and it has endured the scrutiny of my Golden. Excellent product, I would buy it again.

    Excellent Product by Eduardo Navarro11/02/2008

    I bought 2 squirrel dude, one for my mallinois who is a strong bitter, and it worked excellent better than a kong.

    Squirrel Dude by natalie112 from Blaine, MN02/28/2012

    Super cute and fun to play with. This is a perfect food/treat dispenser for the dog who gobbles up his food. Great for even strong chewers.

    Luv squirrel dudes! by Sheltiessavage02/03/2012

    These make Excellent food dishes for dogs! We recommend them to all of our clients :)

    Squirrel dude broke first use by Dayk9s from Raleigh NC11/16/2011

    My dog usually uses the black kongs. However, the squirrel dude was recommended to me as one of the top four rubber chew toys for dogs (along with the regular kong). My dog was able to tear it (break the rubber near the larger hole) the first time he used it. This toy is not very durable.

    Great for puppies! by Lorlyn from East Haddam, CT04/30/2012

    This is a great product for my puppies. They can not rip it apart, it is a very solid rubber toy. I would definitely buy this again.

    Puppy Loves by Salvo's Mother from Virginia06/11/2013

    My lab puppy of 10 weeks loves this toy. When you lightly toss the Squirrel Dude it bounces every which way just like a puppy does. He gets really excited when I use it at play time.

    keeps her busy.. by sammy10/21/2013

    my dog loves this...put treats in side and it is soft enough to give a bit so she continues to try to chew but at the same time tough enough it does not fall apart.... still going strong...

    Very durable by Ruppr from Rockford, IL04/26/2013

    I have a German Shorthaired Pointer pup. She tore the top off a large Kong toy. She has yet to destroy this one. Keeps her busy trying to get the treats. Great for large breeds.

    Puppy LOVED This by dpoudrier from Austin, TX04/05/2013

    This was a great little toy to put food in for a rescue pup I had for a week. I work during the day and wanted to give the pup some extra food, but couldn't. Right before I left the house, I could put some food in this and keep the pupper busy for a little while.

    Love this! by Teachingmom01/14/2013

    This is a great toy. My 85 pound chocolate lab absolutuly loves it and cannot destroy it. :)

    The Best by RaeDawg from Oaktown, CA07/17/2014

    Our GSD who is a big chewer goes through one of these every two or three months, but that is much longer than any of the alternatives. For a big chewer we have not found anything better.

    Great Treat Ball by orion1038001/04/2012

    Have used a lot of different treat balls and this by far is the best. I like the 4 prongs which make it more difficult but can cut if you need to make it easier. My dogs were able to chew up other treat balls very easily but have never chewed these up. I do have to replace them every 3-6 months though because the prongs do eventually fall out. My dogs usually use them twice a day so I figured replacing them every so often is not that bad. We have used them for several years now and will continue to use them.

    Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Twist N' Treat
    Nice idea, but not tough enough by Tigger & Bodie01/26/2012

    The Twist N Treat is a nice idea, but it's not tough enough for my dogs. I put food inside and gave one to each dog. The dogs chewed up the toys into pieces. I think this could be a good toy, though, for dogs with gentle chewing habits.

    Worthwhile purchase by Irish from Spokane Valley, WA01/29/2012

    My dogs love it filled with peanut butter

    Great product by dsm from San Marcos, TX10/09/2011

    I bought two of these for my puppies and they are wonderful. The puppies love them and it's the only way they get their food. It makes mealtime interesting and keeps them eating slowly. I highly recommend.

    Great buy by dogman from finger lakes new york08/21/2012

    Great product and cheaper online than it was in the stores, even with shipping. Highly recommend Entirely Pets. Fast shipping.

    A great puzzle toy by RedsMom from Denver, CO10/06/2014

    My dog loves puzzle toys and this is one of the best ones she has. It's not too easy, so it takes her awhile to get all the treats out and provides a long period of entertainment for her. It's also adjustable, so if I give her larger treats I can make the opening bigger. It's weighted, so she had to figure out how to make it turn over with her nose. A very good intellectual puzzle for her.

    ok by JulieZ from WNY01/07/2012

    I thought these would be easy to fill with my dogs' kibble,but they are not. They barely hold a cup so do not fit my place for using enrichment feeding devices. The discs have to be closed all the way to dispense the kibble 1 or 2 at a time, and it is a pain to keep the rest of the kibble in while doing so. I suppose this would be ok for treat feeding, but I don't leave them out for my dogs to chew in my absence. They are the easiest kibble-dispensing toys to clean thus far in my search.

    Too soft by Pepper from Ojai, CA07/04/2013

    I would not recommend this toy. My 7 month old puppy chewed it up in less than five minutes. It was a waste if money!

    keeps them busy by kmjc01/31/2013

    The Twist N' Treat has worked oot to be a super way to keep my dogs busy on a long boring snowy day. They love to play with them to get the treats out and I even put their every day dog food in them!

    easy to clean by petlover02/08/2013

    My dogs love it. Can fill with a variety of goodies, even peanut butter! Very easy to clean. Advise using a small bottle brush to clean out the holes if cleaning by hand. I have not tried cleaning in a dishwasher.

    My dogs love these! by cindy03/02/2010

    My dogs love these! Keeps them busy for a long time. I have one for each of them to prevent them from fighting over it. I put a little bit of peanut butter (or some Kong filler spread) in them along with kibble and they stay busy for hours! They will lick to get to the PB and will pick up/drop it to get the kibble out!

    for non aggressive chewers by Lisa03/29/2009

    My Cane Corso loved this. I would fill it with treats one time and then peanut butter the next. She is a very aggressive chewer though so the second day we had it the toy was destroyed. I wish they made this out of super strong material.

    fun by julie01/13/2009

    my dog loves this and she hasn't torn it up despite her being able to chew through any toys.

    Not for Strong Chewers by Rottie Lover12/30/2008

    Good concept, but not for a chewer with any strength. The sides can distort with simple chewing.

    Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball Toy - Small
    Great Toy by yakimapl from Yakima, WA05/09/2014

    Easy to fill and tough. Great keep them busy toy. With a 9 month old Mini Aussie I need to keep her busy!

    Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball Toy - Medium/Large
    keeps my aussie busy by Riley from Salem oregon05/20/2013

    My Aussie loves this, entertains him while slowing down meal time to allow my border collie to finish his meal in peace. Great price ~

    Busy he was by Rusty from Texas06/21/2013

    Kept my fast eater busy for a while trying to dispense the kibble. Slowed down his eating and challenging for him.

    Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball Toy - Medium/Large by Robin from Philadelphia, PA04/23/2014

    Good for a large or ex-large dog. Had a problem with the opening at the ends of the ball.

    Better Than Ever by Saint Brodies Mom08/25/2010

    Once again Premier has made a genius dog toy for my genius dog. This is the best so far. We love their toys. This is the most challenging. Our dog is brilliant and has mastered every toy so far. When he first got this he actually got frustrated which I've never seen. Because of the egg shape it is extremely difficult to get the treats out. The momentum, angle, everything has to be perfect. It's not for the beginner dog. There are a few challenges for us as well. It can be difficult getting the threads lined up and getting it screwed together. It does take patience. We left it unattended, with our not so genius puppy; it was open in the closet. He got it and chewed the edges of it for just a second before I caught him. It was enough to permanently destroy the threads and render the toy useless. But as long as the human can work the toy properly, your dog should love it for a long, long time.

    Keeps Puppy Busy by Pepper from Ojai, CA07/04/2013

    I am so glad I purchased Busy Buddy. It keeps my 9 month old puppy busy, and out of trouble for quite a long time. It is very sturdy, and it becomes a toy when empty. Easy to load.

    Great feeding toy by Niteowl from Phila., PA01/01/2013

    This was a Christmas gift for my 10-month-old 35 lb. puppy. She has been having a great time with it. It didn't take her long to figure out how to get the food out, but it's still a challenge to get some of the larger pieces out. I have been putting a portion of her meals in the ball, which keeps her busy when I'm doing other things. It's a little hard to screw the 2 halves together, especially when the puppy is anxiously waiting for it. I'm also afraid the hard plastic will break or crack when it hits the tile or falls down the steps, but so far(1week), it's been ok. She hasn't been able to destroy it by chewing it yet either.

    my dogs love it by petlover02/08/2013

    My dogs love rolling it around! Need to be sure to fill it using variety is sized kibble. That way some will easily fall out while others will make it more challenging.

    not my favorite by shep from Upstate, NY04/15/2013

    I have found it hard and awkward to screw the two halves together. And I think my rowdy dogs can unscrew it if given the chance.

    Good feeding alternative by Watson's mom10/13/2013

    Good option for feeding. He can get it open sometimes but hasn't been able to chew it to a point that it doesn't work. It's fun to watch him bat it around.

    busy buddy kibble ball toy by Subin05/08/2013

    18 m/o killed it within 3 weeks. Bits and pieces everywhere.

    Cool toy idea by Roxi'sMom from Indiana01/06/2013

    This is a nice toy, well constructed and distributes treats as it is played with. But my dog refuses to play it, she is skittish and the sound of the food rolling inside it scares her. The ball is made of hard plastic,with the lighter colored design on the outside being a softer material so it can be gripped easier, it is not a chew toy. I would think that most other dogs would probably love this toy.

    Great energy expender! by Pepsi from CO01/13/2014

    The BB Kibble Nibble Ball is great for our lab when she needs to burn off some energy. It's size and shape is well thought out as she must continually interact with it to receive the treats, plus it is too large for her to crush in her mouth as she has so many other "indestructible" toys. Be careful, as the instructions warn, not to trim too many rubber prongs at once. Patience pays off with the perfect toy for your chosen food/treat. The Premiere Busy Buddy line has given us new hope in dog toys. Our lab destroys most toys in minutes, but I took a risk and ordered several PBB toys based on glowing reviews of durability and we have not been disappointed!! The only thing keeping this from a 5 star rating is that it unscrews as she plays with the toy. A bit of tape holds it together, but a better fix would be for it to come with a rubber gasket or a notch for it to click into.

    Great toy by Emti from NC05/30/2014

    My large dog loves this toy. It does come apart easily, I put a small rubber band where it unscrews, and it stopped the problem. It takes very small treats though, you can trim the "fingers" to allow larger treats to fall out. He hasn't tired of this toy yet!

    Works Wonderfully by Sandi from Stuttgart Germany12/28/2010

    I love this toy! I have tried many treat dispensing toys in the past but soon after purchase my pups would be able to chew them open but the egg shape is so big that they are not able to crack it open ! It keeps them entertained for hours I throw some big treats that will not fit through the hole to make it a little tougher and it keeps my pups thinking . Great toy for Lrg breed dogs (bought the Lrg. size)

    Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Chuckle Dog Toy
    Busy Buddy Chuckle by puppy lover from Tampa, Fl07/04/2013

    Great toy. My Lab has really enjoyed chewing and playing with it.

    Excellent for Aggressive Chewers by Dog Mom in PA from Poconos, Pennsylvania11/13/2012

    Finally! A toy that my dog doesn't destroy. She loves to play with it - with treats inside or not. Excellent for those aggressive chewers that eat through most toys.

    very durable! by shep from Upstate, NY04/15/2013

    This toy has held up well to my extreme chewer!! We are very happy with the quality! Our smooth collie was diagnosed with OCD and needed to be entertained while crated. These toys work great!

    It is his favorite by creativelady04/25/2012

    We bought this product and the one shaped like a bone. Our dog perfers this one. And you can fill it with your choice of treats, whereas, you must buy the round biscuits for the bone.

    by from 01/26/2012

    Our dogs love their Chuckles. They get their breakfast kibble in it every morning. The Chuckle is tough and stands up to the dogs' enthusiastic pursuit of the kibble inside. It slows down their meal, and keeps them from gulping their food too fast. It keeps them busy while I get on with my morning routine. And it entertains their brains. Win-win-win.

    with by this from toyMy


    Best Purchase Ever by Bo09/27/2010

    My dog would chew up any toy he got, but the Busy Buddy (Dumbbell) or Chuckle is the greatest toy and keeps my dog busy for 2 hours. Just love it.

    Best dog toy ever by Flamingoviv from Orlando, FL09/02/2013

    Our first Chuckie was a gift. We filled it with treats and watched as our lab Riley tried to figure out how it worked. After a few tries, she caught on and now she presents it to us each morning for her daily treat. Chuckie truly keeps Riley entertained and offers a method of slowing down the consumption of treats, a good thing with a lab. We love this toy!

    Great for Chewers by Jason from Circle Pines, MN04/28/2013

    this is the best toy i ever bought, and the only toy i buy now

    Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom - Small
    My Shelties Love Magic Mushroom by Lisa04/24/2014

    My Shelties have several kibble-dispensing toys--Contempo Tessa, Kibble Nibble. and others. They love them all, but this is their favorite, perhaps because they can carry it around. It is easy to open and fill with kibble and the holes can be adjusted to make it easier or more difficult to extract the kibble. One dog who inhales his kibble if served in a bowl takes over an hour to get his breakfast kibble out of the Magic Mushroom. He really enjoys rolling it, batting it, and tossing it around, trying to find the best technique for making the kibble pieces come out. With any dog bigger than a small Sheltie, you would want to buy the larger size so the dog couldn't get his jaws around the mushroom in an attempt to crush it. It seems pretty sturdy, but the small Mushroom probably wouldn't hold up to the jaws of a GSD, say.

    Featured Reviews for Liver Biscotti and Tug-a-Jug Pack for dogs
    Tug a Jug is Great! by andys parents06/01/2011

    Our dog is an extreme chewer and it is hard to keep his toys around for more than an hour or so. Tug a jug is super durable and he is very entertained trying to retriever his treats! I have purchased other Premier dog products and they have lasted through the time as well! It's great and I highly recommend it

    by from 04/23/2013

    My 70 lb lab/shepherd "puppy" has an abundance of energy. It seems like she's always chewing on something she shouldn't and that nothing entertains her for more than a few minutes... until now!

    about by a from monthI


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    - by my from dogIt's


    buy by again from ifI'd


    Featured Reviews for Tennis Tails
    Easily Destroyed by Allie's Mom03/08/2012

    Unfortunately, this tennis ball based toy was distroyed within one night -- and not with very heavy use. Bummer!

    not for bigger dogs by smilnacres from wisc02/02/2012

    this is small and not for bigger dogs who are chewers. Our boxer finished this off in less than 10 minutes

    Well loved toy by Scout04/04/2009

    Scout loves this toy. He is a wire fox terrier and loves to fetch and chew. He is very rough on his toys and they usually don't last very long. He has had this toy for 6 weeks and the squeaker still sqeaks and he can't chew up the ball like a regular tennis ball. We will definately order more!

    GOOD TOY by Marissa11/10/2008

    MY dog love tennis balls and she really loves this too. It doesn't break or come apart. She carries it everywhere with her and thinks it is a real animal tail. If your dog likes to chase animals and tennis balls get this!

    Way more fun than a tennis ball by debfordpom from Santa Monica11/20/2012

    Puppies adore chasing this ball around. And the added fun of a squeeker makes it even more appealing.

    Dogs Love It by heyina05/21/2008

    I have several of these in various sizes and my dogs run to get these when they come in from outside, They love to tug, fetch and squeak these tails.

    by from 11/28/2012

    The ball was demolished within seconds but our dog loves the tail so much he runs around with it and squeaks it like mad.

    selling by just from theI


    Great idea but not very durable by Naomi10/23/2012

    My dog really liked this toy and it's a great idea but the ball was not very durable. It only lasted two playing sessions before he split it and chewed it apart. He still plays with the remaining tail but it's kind of pointless without the ball attached.

    tennis ball meets stuffie by FLVetTech from Florida10/22/2012

    my dogs love to chase it like a regular tennis ball and when they get tired they chew on the fury tail

    Featured Reviews for Premier Pogo Plush (Large)
    fun toy by Ella's Mom from pa07/03/2013

    My dog is hard on toys and this one lasted a long time. She probably would still have it except I forgot to put it up when I went away one afternoon.

    best toy ever! by nicky from new jersey07/25/2012

    I bought this ball for my 10 month old golden retriever who can destroy pretty much any toy you give her in about an hour, especially if it has a squeaker in it. We've had the ball for at least a few weeks and just the other night she found the opening where the squeaker went in....I will be sewing it up good and tight so we can have at least a few more weeks with it. Can't beat the price! I highly recommend if you have a dog that is a hard chewer.

    sturdy toy by Steph11/22/2012

    This isn't one of my wolfdog pup's favorites but she does play with it on occasion and it has proven to be very sturdy and hasn't been destroyed yet which is really saying something... :)

    by from 06/19/2010

    My Lab Mix LOVES this toy. When he gets over-excited, destroying something calms him down immensely. Twice now, he's gone after this toy full-force. Each time, after about 15 minutes, he's exhausted and falls asleep lying right on top of it (yay!). So far, he's only chewed off a couple of inches of fur on the end. This is a dog that can completely destroy a normal "stuffie" toy in about a minute. For us, this is not a "forever" toy, but for the price, we've already gotten our money's worth, and there's lots of life left in it yet!

    aspects by of from thisHe


    gone, by I'll from beWhen


    Amazing dog toy! by berkins12/15/2012

    Durable, my dog plays with it constantly since he still can't figure out where the squeezer resides, bounces, we put it in the washer machine. Only toy he hasn't destroyed yet.

    Featured Reviews for Premier Pogo Plush (Small)
    by I love Pugs04/09/2012

    My female Pug likes to chase this toy & the small is plenty big for her.

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