Quick Bath Wipes

Quick Bath WipesQuick Bath Wipes leave your dog or cat smelling clean and fresh anytime.These thick wipes contain cleansers and conditioners, including aloe vera and vitamins A and E to promote healthy skin and coats. Simply wipe your pet from head to tail and on legs and paws to remove dirt, dander, loose hair and bacteria to help eliminate odors. Use whenever a full bath isn't an option including before company arrives, between trips to the groomer, during cold weather and when traveling.

Quick Bath for Small Dogs (10 Count)
Quick Bath for Small Dogs (10 Count)

($3.99)  $2.99
Quick Bath for Large Dogs (5 Count)
Quick Bath for Large Dogs (5 Count)

($6.99)  $4.99
Quick Bath for Large Dogs (10 Count)
Quick Bath for Large Dogs (10 Count)

($7.99)  $5.99
Quick Bath Wipes for Cats - Small (10 Count)
Quick Bath Wipes for Cats - Small (10 Count)

($3.99)  $2.99
Quick Bath Wipes Tushee Wipe (30 Wipes)
Quick Bath Wipes Tushee Wipe (30 Wipes)

($5.99)  $3.99
· Heavy Duty, Extra Thick

· Large 5"X10", wipes

· 5 and 10 packs

· Contains gentle cleansing and antiseptic agents

· Emusol® Micellized Vitamins A and E

· Aloe Vera

· Safe and Effective

Uses for Quick Bath® wipes:

1. Anytime your pet needs cleaning and you are short on time.

2. Control pet odor by removing germs.

3. Wipe down pets before they come indoors from dusty, wet or muddy conditions.

4. Use prior to and after brushing to remove loose dirt and hair.

5. Use when the weather is too cold to bathe your pet.

6. Use on pets that have sensitive skin.

7. Wipe off excess drool or slobber.

8. Clean paws, nose and ears.

9. Convenient to use when traveling, hiking, camping, boating and other outings.

10. Great help for Senior Citizens.

Quick Bath® for Dogs:

Purified water, hair and skin cleansers and conditioners, emulsifiers, antiseptic and preservatives, anti-foam agent, Micellized vitamin E, fragrance, micellized vitamin A, aloe vera and and pH controllers.
5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Quick Bath for Small Dogs (10 Count)
Great for Quick Clean Up by Jackie from Chico, CA04/05/2014

I use these after walking my dogs, especially if they have stepped in something, or if one of my female dogs gets "showered" on by my male dog. I leave them by the front door, & when I get home after a walk, they make for a quick & easy clean up.

by Jules04/13/2012

Excellent quality of wipes. Thick and super moist to really help with cleaning your pet. Very cheap price also for the quality of product.

Featured Reviews for Quick Bath for Large Dogs (5 Count)
Quick Bath a wonderful purchase! by Gaile from Glenville, NY01/12/2010

This is a great product to clean pets before entering the show ring. It is easy to apply and makes it easy to remove dirt particles from long haired dogs. I highly recommend this product!

Nice to have on hand! by Carolyn from Virginia05/29/2012

The Quick Bath large and small are a must when there are a dog/dogs in the home!

Featured Reviews for Quick Bath for Large Dogs (10 Count)
excellent for dogs who hate baths by Eddie's mom02/03/2013

Thick, durable, and a good size for wiping all four paws or an entire 15 lb dog. I've tried other brands; they are too thin and fall apart. My terrier hates baths--he is scared of water--so I wipe him all over with one of these cloths instead of bathing him. In the winter, I put the cloth in the microwave for ten seconds to warm it up! Make sure to re-seal the package after you use it; if you do that, the cloths stay very moist for quite a long time.

Excellent by Miss Lisa from Detroit, MI12/10/2013

Large size is great; it is nice that they can be warmed in microwave, especially on cold, snowy days and you need to remove snow and mud; not much fragrance so it doesn't aggrevate allergies; great to take when traveling

by xmasbaby05/28/2013

The washcloths are awesome. They are big and thick. I use them on one of my dogs who has a little "doggie dandruff". She's all black so the dandruff shows up on her coat. I wipe her down with one of the washcloths and no more dandruff. They're great!

Great Wipes! by Eragons Mom from PG County, MD03/15/2014

I love these wipes. I take them on trips for a quick cleanup after walks in the park. They are also perfect for when my dog comes in from the yard to clean up muddy paws or if he's been rolling in the mud. They also are great for a quick freshening up between baths. They are of great quality nice and thick with a very nice scent.

Awesome by Poptartsgurl from Santa Monica, CA11/02/2012

They smell great and are very large and moist.

Best of the Best by songrl from Newport Beach, CA10/22/2012

I have tried a number of bath wipes for dogs and these by far are the best. They actually stay wet after storing them and I love how thick they are. I have a special needs pup who cannot walk so he gets dirty quickly and these are great in between grooming sessions. In durability, It's almost like a paper towel vs a tissue. They cover my large dog without having to get numerous wipes just to clean one section. I highly recommend these wipes over all the others.

great item by maxiboy11/18/2013

Very good wipes, especially after hot sunny dry day when a lot of dust and dirt flying around it works at its best. Cleans the coat and moisturizes the skin.

Great product!! by maryann from Winter Garden, FL07/25/2012

My girl is 13 years old and has trouble standing for a bath- she also weighs 115lbs! I decided to try the quick bath for large dogs and to my surprise and hers- they are wonderful!! They have a very pleasant scent, are nice and big and do a great job cleaning her coat! Well worth the price!

Love this wipes by Tami from Summerville SC08/13/2014

I love these wipes. They are the only ones that are as thick as they are. When you have big long haired dogs the thicker the wipes the longer they work and more body they cover.

Great Product by Marjorie03/25/2012

I have a German Shepherd Dog with Degenerative Myelopathy and these wipes are perfect. They are heavy duty, yet soft, smell really good, are wet enough to really clean her up when she needs cleaning or freshening.

Featured Reviews for Quick Bath Wipes for Cats - Small (10 Count)
i like! by annex3504/26/2012

My cats are still getting used to me using the wipes to give baths, but I certainly appreciate the ease of bathing them without having to put them in the tub. Each wipe keeps enough moisture to give one cat a bath per wipe.

Featured Reviews for Quick Bath Wipes Tushee Wipe (30 Wipes)
Works Very Well by HawaiiMeg from Honolulu, HI02/23/2012

This is the perfect product for what it advertises it is. I am so glad I found this. I can know that it is cleaning and not doing any harm. I am so glad that I found it that I ordered 5 of them. I love this to keep the area around her bottom clean. Didn't find anything else even close to this product. You won't regret purchasing this.

Can't live with out it by Taiba from Kuwait10/12/2011

I've been using Tushee Wipe for 4 years, I have 5 cats and they all need help cleaning up their behind every once and a while .. it leaves them clean and smelling good :)

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