Renal K+ by Vetoquinol

Renal K+ by Vetoquinol

Vetoquinol Renal K+ (100 gm)
Vetoquinol Renal K+ (100 gm)

($19.99)  $17.07
Vetoquinol Renal K+ Gel (5 oz)
Vetoquinol Renal K+ Gel (5 oz)

($15.99)  $13.38
For dogs and cats that need a potassium supplement mixed with a B-Complex vitamin, the Vet Solutions Renal K+ Gel is the answer. Delivered as a gel, the product can be easily squeezed out in minimal amounts to provide sample for your pet to taste and acclimate to. Once your dog or cat realizes the material is palatable, the supplement can be delivered through an oral syringe or a common tea spoon, depending on the animal. Vet Solutions Renal K is made with water, potassium, maple flavor for sweetness, citric acid, various components for vitamin ingestion, and other artificial sweeteners. Designed to work as a supplement, the product helps pet owners solve potassium deficiencies in both dogs and cats. With a normal dose being 2.5 ml, Vet Solutions Renal K’s 5oz package provides more than enough supplement to last for a good month cycle, being delivered twice a day. Pet owners need to be careful with using a potassium supplement prior to discussing the matter with their veterinarian. Some conditions can actually become worse in a cat or dog with a related supplement. Prior to a dosage being provided, a veterinarian consultation can avoid a serious mistake with your furry friend.

Vet Solutions Renal K+ Gel 5 oz

A Potassium Supplement with B-Complex Vitamins

INGREDIENTS: Purified water, Potassium Gluconate, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Artificial Sweetener, Maple Flavor, Citric Acid, Thiamine HCI, Nicotinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine HCI, Riboflavin 5'-Phosphate Sodium, Folic Acid, Biotin, and Cyanocobalamin.

INDICATION: For use as a supplement in potassium deficient states in cats and dogs.

DOSAGE: Each 2.5 ml (1/2 teaspoon) contains 2mEq of potassium (as potassium gluconate) in a palatable base. The suggested dose for adult cats and dogs is 2.5 ml (1/2 teaspoon) per 10 lbs (4.5 kg) body weight given orally twice daily. Adjust dosage as needed.

ADMINISTRATION: RENAL K+ is a highly palatable gel. Place a small amount on animal's nose to stimulate taste interest. Once initial interest has been established, gel may be administered from a syringe or teaspoon.


Use with  caution in the presence of cardiac disease, particularly in digitalized patients.

Do not administer to cats or dogs with acute, oliguric, anuric or very advanced renal failure. do not administer in other diseases where high potassium levels may be encountered, such as adrenal insufficiency, acute dehydration or urethral obstruction.

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Featured Reviews for Vetoquinol Renal K+ (100 gm)
Renal K by Don from Columbus Ohio05/30/2012

Keeps my 15yr old Manx Kitty eating and enjoying his Eukanaba...been using for about 5 years....

Easy to administer by Six cats and counting from Maine12/10/2011

We use this potassium gluconate powder for a kitty who has IBD and requires extra potassium. The powder can be dissolved in water and administered with a baby medicine dropper or sprinkled into wet food. It apparently doesn't mess with the flavor enough to put off the cat. It is very convenient and much better than having to pill him with a rock-like potassium pill that might upset his stomach. Comes with a measuring spoon and lasts for months. It does not contain B vitamins as the Web page states.

Excellent product by Pin & Boo's Mom01/30/2015

We have two 17 1/2 year old sister cats with CRF, one worse than the other. Loss of vital nutrients and minerals through constant urination is part of the misery of this disease. The necessary elements of food is washed out of their systems and weakness and weight loss is the result. Losing potassium is a special concern especially for muscle wasting. Renal K+ has been an excellent supplement to alleviate this problem. I give it to the girls twice a day and it has kept their potassium levels within the normal range, nothing short of a miracle. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.

by from 05/23/2013

great potassium gluconate supplement by october13 from Massachusetts10/17/2013

Found Renal K powder on internet while looking for pill form for my 10 year old Maine Coon. I was tired of "wearing" the liquid potassium supplement he was taking and hated. I sprinkle the amount my vet recommended on his moist food, twice a day, and he eats without a problem. His potassium level has improved and is in normal range. Manufacturer has an 800# and is really helpful if you have any questions.

Vetoquinol Renal K+ by gr from Eastern Shore of MD06/11/2013

I have been used this product for over a year, and it has really helped my cat (confirmed by bloodwork). Great value for the money.

Affordable, Works a Well by donho from Pacific Northwest05/19/2014

We have a Stage 2 CRD kitty who has to have Potassium supplementation daily. He's been on the Vetquinol Renal K+ for many months. It's cost effective and easy to dose. Has the added benefits of Vitamin B12 supplementation which helps keep his energy up. We just mix the Potassium into his food and he doesn't even know it''s there!

Cat refuses to eat food mixed with Renal K+! by 1OldMarine from Chester, VA05/30/2014

Not only did he refuse to eat his cat food mixed with Renal K+, he refused to eat a new helping of food after his dish was thoroughly washed. We had to use a different plate!

by from 01/07/2012

Note: this product, in my opinion, should Only be used under the guidance of your Veterinarian. That said:

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by from 02/14/2013

to assist cats, who are potassium deficient.

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Great product by philipone from Myersville, MD05/27/2013

Very happy with the Vetoquinol Renal K+ powder. My cat doesn't even know it's in his food.

Worked wonders by PAcatowner01/16/2015

My 16-year-old cat has kidney disease. Her potassium levels sunk below normal. My vet put her on the gel version of this product, but she refused it. We switched her to this powder version and began sprinkling it on her food twice a day. It's a month later and her potassium levels are back to normal. Even better, she likes the taste of this product so much that she licks her plate clean and has begun to gain weight.

Finger Lickin' Good by Joe from Newport News VA10/11/2013

Chemny has perked up immensely since he started to use Vetoquinol. The product mixes well with his soft food and he seems to enjoy the flavor (he's not a fan of soft food). Plus, his checkups show the product is helping his blood chemistry.

It helps! by eb from NJ01/27/2015

My cat has a low potassium level, so this powder works well. I simply sprinkle it on top of her food.

smells bad by mew from nevada08/06/2014

she eats it only because she has to, but it's the same way with the gel which is maple.i can't hold her down to give her the gel. lol

Good Price & Lasts A Long Time by Rain from Seattle,WA07/05/2013

I've been buying the Renal K for awhile now from Entirely Pets. My Vet offered me the gel which costs alot more and I go through it in a couple of weeks. So, the powdered Renal K is less expensive and it lasts for a month or so.

Great Product!! by puttyrat from Powhatan, VA07/02/2012

The vet prescribed Renal K for my 15 yo cat. She has low potassium and high blood pressure. Spike is starting to get her muscle mass back. I was so happy to find Renal K without having to get a prescription for it. Spike went in for her checkup today. She is definitely doing better. No it did not happen overnight. Thank you for offering this product at a price I can afford.

Renal K Powder is a Godsend! by G.A, from Charleston SC04/16/2014

I was at my wits end with an elderly cat who has kidney problems that deplete her potassium and Vitamin B. Got Tumil K powder from my vet and spent eons of time trying to disguise the awful taste so she would eat it in some sort of food. Found the Potassa Chews online that said they were palatable and got them. They still tasted bad and I could not get her to eat them. This has really no taste. I can put it on anything I can even mix it in her canned cream evening treat! Ohmigod what a relief! This stuff is great!

by vjs03/09/2013

My old cat has kidney disease and the Renal K+ was recommended by my vet to normalize her potassium levels. I sprinkle a tiny scoop on her food with each meal. She doesn't even know it is there, and her potassium levels continue to improve.

Tastes Good and Works Well by Tadpole from Texas11/06/2012

I waited until after my cat's latest blood test to leave a review. The vet said 'whatever you are doing, keep doing it". Her potassium had been low, and the vet had given me huge tablets that freaked her out and a gel that wasn't much better. In desperation I found these sprinkles on line and tried them out. She eats them without complaint and evidently they work just as well as the vet supplied meds. Will be buying more.

Excellent product by Alex from Texas06/26/2012

This has kept my 14-year-old cat's renal function stable for 2 years. Her labs have not changed and the progression of her kidney disease has stopped.

easy to give, cats like it by T04/17/2009

My 3 senior cats take this potassium supplement per our vet's instructions. It's easy to give - I just mix it in with a portion of their canned food, and even my pickiest cat doesn't mind. It makes a huge difference in how they feel. Thank you for carrying this!

Featured Reviews for Vetoquinol Renal K+ Gel (5 oz)
Excellent value by cyberC from Naperville, Il03/10/2012

My 16 year cat requires this as a supplement and I've been ordering this for a while now. The merchandise comes quickly and the value is excellent. When I first purchased this from the Vet's office it was 3 times the price offered here. Needless to say with an ongoing supplement, price is important. Very happy with product, service and price.

Buster will eat the Renal K Gel by 1OldMarine from Chester, VA07/03/2014

Our cat, Buster, refused to eat the powder form of Renal K. He does eat the gel form and seems to enjoy it.

Priced right by S. Graham01/09/2012

This is an item that our vet said our 16 year old cat was in need of. I like this brand a lot since it is a little less stiff like some other brands as I give it to her by syringe and I am able to administer it much easier than some others. As for her liking it, it would be a no but she feels that way about them all but because it is runnier she swallows it better than spitting it out. Also the price was hard to beat on this site. Thanks.

by skye from Santa Clarita, CA06/04/2014

my cat is taking it regularly and all is great

Great product, great price by yramt01/02/2013

When both of my cats were diagnosed as having low potassium, Renal K+ gel was recommended by the vet. As a long time pet owner, I knew that I could likely buy it far cheaper online than I could through my vet - also helpful since the vet isn't that close to home. It looks gross to me, but my cats love this; I even give the one her thyroid medicine by placing the pill in the gel and putting it over her food - no fights whatsoever!

helpful product for older cats by cat lover11/06/2011

My neighbor and I have helped several older pets with this product. She has a 20 year old who has improved dramatically with renal K. I had used this product on elderly dog with heart failure. She is now gone but this product helped her last year.

great product for 17 year old cat by happy from OH05/29/2012

My cat is 17 years old and was very low on potassium. This product has definitely helped him a lot! Thanks for a great product!

Excellent product by ccmusica01/16/2015

I bought this for my crf cat. He is getting around much better and he really likes the product. I highly recommend it!

Great Buy by jojo from Rochester, NY10/23/2012

Bought the first time from my Vet at $25. When next cat needed, I could not find the tube so shopped on line. Glad I did, Vet price still the same. Easy to use, mix with food. With multiple pets I try to save where I can.

Thumbs up by Jan01/02/2013

I've been ordering Renal K+ Gel for about a year now. It is much cheaper from Entirely Pets then from my vet and I've never had a problem with any of my orders.

Reasonable Alternative by kellycoolj from WV05/06/2013

Had purchased a similar product from the vets for 2.5 x the cost! Was very pleased to find this!

Very satisfied by Larry from Palm Desert area, California07/05/2012

Very satisfied and happy with product, website, and speed of delivery.

Really Needed! by debthebee01/29/2012

My elderly cat needed this supplement per our vet. They don't carry it on a regular basis but was able to get one tube for her. They also did the research to find it cheaper online for me. It has been a life saver, thx!

Good stuff by Manyhahama from Independence, MO09/06/2014

Our kitty, Sabrina, is 19 years old. Her health was starting to decline. We found out she was very low in potassium and ended up in the hospital for awhile. My partner discovered Renal K+ online and we have been giving it to her ever since. We got our old girl back and she just may outlive us both as long as there is someone around to give her the Renal K +. : ) We recommended it to our Vet and now she is using it on her patients. We highly recommend this product. Thank you!

Thanks Entirely Pets- 15 y.o. cat younger tha ever by northern az from Northern AZ02/03/2012

would not be w/o renal K+. Vital part of our kitty's CRF regimen. Along w/ Azodyl, and other supplements she's improved be be full of energy & life. We've tried other suppliers- Entirely Pets is the best! Would not be w/o them as a supplier. See azodyl review for photos and regimen info.

Great place to purchase by Jan05/27/2014

I've been ordering Renal K for my cat for two years now. Always extremely prompt delivery. Never had any problem with delivery or product. Also a very good price

seems to be just fine by ed from NJ10/23/2012

lot cheaper getting this here rather than thru vet

Awesome Company!!! by Debthebee11/03/2011

My cat Cookie, who is 16 yrs. old, was put on this potassium supplement. I was informed by our vet that it is not carried by them regularly but I could get it online and they even did the research for me. I found Entirely Pets among others and decided to go with them due to their quick response to get it to me. I was running low and needed it fast. It came packed beautifully and exactly on the day they promised! Thank You so much, I will highly recommend this product as well as your company, keep up the good work!!!

Great product by DaveK from Keene, NH03/28/2013

My vet recommended this for my older cat who's had some kidney infections. This is real easy to administer (just put some in the food). NO PILLING orally (not easy with a cat!) :) Entirely Pet price was cheaper than buying direct from the Vet. Delivery was speedy.

Very happy by PeggyC from Chicago, IL05/23/2013

Vet suggested. Great price. really helps.

renal K + gel by Steve from williamsburg, Va05/17/2014

Same as sold at the Vet for half the price.

by from 05/08/2014

Renal K by Blackjack03/31/2014

I have been giving my 16 year old schnauzer Renal K for some time now and it has helped tremendously with his control of urination. This is a very good product.

by Kitty Karegiver12/07/2012

Great for young and older cats that have diagnosed health issues.

vet recommended, great price by b_manater04/16/2014

The title says it all. $30 at vet, $8 here. 'nough said

Not best for cats by catcrazy from Palm Beach, Fl05/07/2013

My old cat was taking this with food on the vet's orders, but after he changed it to a compounded formula made to taste like chicken or fish there was a world of difference. No more trying again and again to get her to eat it, and her condition has improved markedly. May be ok for dogs, but if you have a cat, definitely go the compounded route.

Another Fine Vetoquinol Product by Susan G from East Palo Alto, CA02/17/2013

So far, I like all the Vetoquino products,although I've only tried a few. This one is designed to restore potassium to cats with kidney disease. My cat is doing very well with supplements from Entirely Pets as they are non-invasive and she gets stressed out easily.

GOOD TO WORK WITH by janalee0919 from West Chester OH06/17/2012

as always, low prices and super fast shipping. Reasonable shipping charges as well. Thank you!

Excellent product by lindiwe from San Diego, CA05/18/2013

My cat Kiawe had low potassium and this was suggested. She took it straight away and would even lick it off the syringe. I got to where I would just squirt it in her dish next to a small amount of food. It states it can cause nausea, but she never had a problem with it. Smells very malty. The next tube I got from Entirely Pets @ a much better price of less than half!. I noticed a viisble difference in 2 days time.

Renal K+ by Norm03/27/2014

Vet. has none in stock, advised us to order the 5oz. bottle. I've ordered twice (4-bottles total). Shiloh a 10-year old male cat. has a weird disorder. The Vet. can't figure it out? Anyways, he has some kind neurological problem in the brain. He has episodes of head movements, drooping head, and sig-sag walking. He's not in any pain. He eats fine. Vet said his POTASSIUM level is low (use Renal K+). THAT STUFF WORKS! We can't cure the boy, but with a dose 2-times a day, he's normal for months. Shiloh doesn't even mind the taste. Ruth and I (Norm) are glad it works. We thought some day the episodes would stay. And then we would have to consider putting him down. Thanks a lot!

She likes it! by Cat Mom from Colorado06/15/2010

My 17-yr. old cat, Cassie, is the world's pickiest eater. After being diagnosed with CRF several months ago I was told by the vet to supplement Cassie's diet with potassium. I tried different brands and found that Renal K+ Gel is the only one she will eat, which I put it on canned cat food. Cassie is doing great; who knows how long she'll live now?

GREAT PRODUCT by Cat Listener10/25/2013

I find this gel so much easier to give my cat than the type that is sprinkled on his food. With the powder form the full measure is only taken in if your cat eats all its food. My cat doesn't mind the taste of the gel and he is getting the full measure he needs.

Renal K important purchase! by Northern AZ. from Northern AZ01/26/2013

I almost forgot- Renal K is oral potassium- pretty much gave our dying cat new life. We would not be w/o it. A safe way to add K to their diet w/o over doing it. Check with your vet- oral is safe. We give it every other day. Our 15 y.o. cat is doing great. 18 months into kidney failure, we have a very exact regimen. Epakitin is an important part of each meal, along with Azodyl force feeding, and subQ hydration. She romps like a 10 y.o. The commitment Entirely Pets makes to customers is great. I've tried other suppliers before landing on entirelypets [doorstep] website. Cold shipping is extremely important for the Azodyl. I also refrigerate the Epakitin. Great service and prices!!!

Great product by donho05/22/2013

This product has helped our diabetic cat have more energy and interest in things. So happy the added B vitamins are included with the Potassium.

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