Epakitin for Dogs & Cats

Epakitin for Dogs & CatsSearching for an effective way to safely improve kidney function in your four-legged friend? Wish there was a way to help alleviate the symptoms of chronic kidney failure in your pet? Epakitin by Vetoquinol is a nutritional supplement designed to help slow the progression of chronic kidney disease in dogs and cats. This supplement features Chitosan, a natural product derived from shellfish that helps support healthy kidney function. In addition, the supplement also features lactose and calcium carbonate, designed to improve an animal's overall health. Epakitin for dogs and cats is also considered safe to use in conjunction with most veterinary recommended renal care diets and diets designed to be low in phosphorus. Available in a great tasting, easy to use powder, you can be sure your beloved pet is getting the nutrition they need with our Epakitin kidney support products. Use Epakitin alone or mixed with food, as desired.

Epakitin for Dogs and Cats (60 gm)
Epakitin for Dogs and Cats (60 gm)

($27.99)  $21.12
Epakitin for Dogs and Cats (180 gm)
Epakitin for Dogs and Cats (180 gm)

($70.99)  $53.45
Epakitin for Dogs and Cats (300 gm)
Epakitin for Dogs and Cats (300 gm)

($100.99)  $76.18
is a nutritional supplement designed to improve kidney function in your pet. Phosphorous absorbed by an animal suffering from renal failure can experience further damage to their kidneys. Epakitin functions through its use of the natural polysaccharide, Chitosin, to bind phosphorus and prevent it from being absorbed by the intestines.
Epakitin is specially formulated to work with diets designed to help renal care and diets designed to be low in phosphorous. Additionally, the supplement contains lactose and hydrolyzed soy to provide protein and carbohydrates to the animal. All of Epakitin's ingredients are listed in the American Association of Feed Control Officials as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).
Helps support healthy kidneys and slow progression of Chronic Kidney Disease by reducing the amount of kidney-damaging elements absorbed by the digestive system.
Epakitin can be used in pets with healthy kidneys for preventative purposes or in pets suffering from kidney problems. To treat pets with Chronic Kidney Failure, Epakitin is best used in conjunction with other supplements and medicines.
• Supports healthy kidneys
• Slows progression of Chronic Kidney Disease
• Powdered from for easy administration and desirable taste
• Can be used in conjunction with other treatments like Azodyl
• No known side-effects
• Safe, effective, non-prescription
Easy-to-administer, powder
Compatible with other therapies
Epakitin is easily administered, as it comes in a powder form that is easily mixed in with your pet’s food. The powder is also intended to provide a palatable taste so that it can be administered with or without food. Epakitin is compatible with other treatments for renal failure or chronic kidney disease, such as Azodyl.
Your pet’s kidneys are constantly cleaning their blood. As your pet ages however, the performance of the kidneys can diminish. This can lead to Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) or kidney failure, a leading cause of illness in dogs and cats. Signs of CRF can include a loss of energy in your pet, drinking excess water and urination, and ultimately a loss of appetite. It can be a sad, slow process to witness. There is help however, with Epakitin.

Epakitin for Dogs and Cats from Vétoquinol USA, Inc., is a nutritional supplement that can help slow down the progress of chronic kidney disease. Epakitin comes in a powder form that is great tasting for your dog or cat. When used with a prescription renal diet, or mixed with your pet’s regular food, Epakitin supports kidney function safely, and effectively. Its effectiveness and ease of use makes it a popular choice among owners looking for CRF relief for their pets.

With Epakitin for Dogs and Cats, your pet will begin to regain energy, will feel better and live longer. There is hope for pets suffering from kidney disease with easy to use, safe and effective Epakitin for Dogs and Cats.

Ingredients: Lactose, Calcium Carbonate, Chitosan.

Usage: Give one scoop per 10 lbs orally twice daily with food to support dogs and cats with impaired kidney function. Always make sure fresh water is available for your dog or cat.
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Featured Reviews for Epakitin for Dogs and Cats (60 gm)
Epakitin Works by PetloverC03/03/2014

Recommended by my vet for my cat that is in the stage of renal failure where phosphates are high. It has done wonders. The calcium carbonate in it settles his stomach and other component lowers his phosphate. He is eating and doing much better.

Excellent Purchase by Eppie01/18/2012

I have been giving this to my 17 year old cat for 1 year - ever since the vet told me he was in advanced renal failure. After his 1-year check-up last month, my cat has improve. The Dr. seemed pleased.

Speedy by Dee from Pittsburgh, PA11/02/2011

I am amazed at how fast my order arrived. You are very trustworthy and I will continue to do my business with you. Thank you!

Powder form not a winner for a picky feline by Lvanomme from Gold River, CA02/21/2013

Not your fault, but getting a finicky cat who hates kidney diet food anyways is not going to go for powder-- either in wet food or dry. Might be better for the manufacturer to put the product in a condensed pill form. I realize that other cats would have a problem with this, but at least we should have a choice. And since kidney disease is a common affliction in aging pets, it's not as if the product couldn't be marketed successfully. Or better yet, get pet food manufacturers to add a food line that includes it in the formulation.

Epakitin for cats by GA06/15/2012

I have been ordering this from Entirely Pets for a couple of years for Nala. The price with shipping is the best I've found online and much lower than local vets. Delivery is always speedy. I'm completely satisfied with Entirely Pets.

Helps our Benny by Robes262 from Chicago IL02/12/2012

Benny has CRF and this stuff helps him a lot. Our vet recommended that we use it for him as there is basically no other treatment. His coat filled in and he's put some weight back on. If it helps to keep him with us for only a while longer, we will do whatever we can for him.

Just what the "Doctor" ordered! by Lori07/07/2013

I was pleasantly surprised to find this product available on line through Entirely Pets. My cat was recently diagnosed with kidney disease and EPAKITIN was suggested by our vet, in addition to prescription food. Not only was the cost considerably cheaper through Entirely Pets, but the supplement was received through the mail very quickly. I will continue to check this site for our future pet needs.

Great Product! by Robin Bird05/07/2014

I highly recommend Epakitin for cats with failing kidneys. My older cat, with failing kidneys, has been on Epakitin for almost 2 years. When I first found him, and took him to our vet, she didn't think he had long to live. Between Epakitin, quality canned food, and Renafood from Standard Process, 'Shadow' beat the odds. Every day is a gift. Your pet is worth it!

Lifesaver, Life Extender, Miracle by Kitten Smitten12/16/2008

We wish we had this in 2005 when our 16 year old kitty Cleo passed away from CRF. When her sister Shorty was diagnosed in Oct. 2005, we were told she might have a month or might have a year. Well, she made it to age 19 1/2 in Sept. 2008 (3 years later!) and we're sure that Epakitin is the reason. We added the Azodyl last year when we became aware of it, so that may have helped too. We mixed both in with grain-free Wellness brand food to reduce phosphorus and toxin buildup. And NO dry food, big no-no! Good luck, and bless your sweet pootie or woozle.

by from 04/29/2013

We are using this as another support mechanism along with Azodyl for our cat with kidney disease.

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My cat likes it by Susan in Norco from Norco, CA10/28/2013

It's a good phosphate binder and my cat likes it. Her phosphate is still in normal range after a couple of years of this once daily with her canned food.

Epakitin by furstlady03/03/2013

I highly recommend this product.My cat has kidney failure and though this will not cure it ,it has helped him greatly .

by from 07/03/2014

I was told my 5 yr old himalayan cat would probably not survive the weekend. That was 3 months ago. Her phosphorous level is NORMAL after being very high before the Epakitin. I put it into empty gelation capsules as she doesn't eat canned food to sprinkle it on.

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by Lura01/31/2013

Was so happy to find this product online as I feel it helped save my cats life,a lot of the vets have not heard of it.It was used on my cat by a vet in Bradenton,Fl. but I was unable to find it on the east coast. Thanks so much!!

by Anne from Denverr02/26/2013

We have been using this product since our cat was diagnosed with a kidney disorder at the vet's suggestion. Anything we can do to help him live normally is worth getting.

Definetely a great product by Amelia from San Diego, CA03/03/2013

This has improved my Labrador's kidney function tremendously. He has gotten his appetite back, increased his weight, feels and looks so much better since starting Epakitin twice daily in November of last year. Before, he had to be syringe fed with a lot of struggle. The best supplement ever. I truly believe in it!

Epakitin and Renal Health by pjhuff from Apopka, Florida11/13/2011

After reading previouss reviews regarding the use of Epakitin, and after consulting with my veterinarian, I purchased the small size bottle. For a small dog, this size is sufficiant to determine whether or not your pet will tolerate having it put in their food. My dog has a very "iffy" appetite at this stage of her renal disease, so it's been difficult to determine whether or not it's doing any good yet, but she doesn't seem to mind it in her food.

Renal values staying the same by Dandysmom from Tennessee01/13/2013

Since starting this and azodyl, my girl's blood work is staying in the same range so her kidney function is NOT declining like it was before starting epakitin and azodyl!

Excellent product by minnmo from North Brunswick, NJ11/07/2011

I have been giving this to my dog along with Azodyl for over the last 2 years. At that time the Vet said she only had 3 months to live and she is doing great and going strong just reaching her 17th birthday! I believe this product has helped.

Good price by Kay from Nevada desert01/19/2012

Appreciate being able to get medication for my cat at almost half of what the vet's office charged.

Cats w/renal issues can eat their favorite foods!! by Molly cat from Florida10/02/2013

Cats with renal issues can eat their favorite foods. Just sprinkle Epakitin on food and they can enjoy as usual. Molly has been on Epakitin for 2 years with no problems. She is 15 years old and doing well.

Good stuff!! by Deb-o from Sunnyvale, Ca.09/15/2014

I give my older cat Epakitin for her weight and it really helped her appetite. Would highly recommend it. She has gained a little which she really needed.

saved my cats life by Janet from Cedar Rapids, IA01/12/2014

This product brought my cats blood levels to a manageable range and drs. gave him (maybe) a year. It's been 2 now and his levels are even better. It has no taste or smell so any cat will eat it in his food. Was a bit concerned to find the product had gone up in price considerably but I'll continue using..

Best thing for CRF in Animals by simba05/02/2012

This product is a very good product. My cat is 16 years old and has been on it along with the azodyl for 3 years. He has been in CRF for 4 years. This stuff is truly amazing!!!! I would recommend it to everyone that has and animal with CRF.

Great Purchase by Sassy08/28/2013

Saved money by purchasing through Entirely Pets. It is the same product that I have been buying through the vet. It is nice to save money and still give my sweet old dog the medicine that she needs.

Great!!! by charlie from Wisconsin04/25/2012

This product along with azodyl is helping my yorkie who is in kidney failure.

Good for diabetic cat by Diabetic Cat Owner from Texas02/23/2014

Helps lower phosphorus in Diabet Cat food

best price on the web by peggie from spokane,wa02/24/2013

This is the best price for this product I have found and even with the regular delivery it gets here really fast my dog is doing so well on this product so far so good anyways

Great Savings by Muffin11/04/2011

Our pet has been on this product for over a year and after continually paying the monthly price the Vet charges, I decided to search online. I found your site to be the best overall pricing. I purchased double the order for a slight amount over the price of one. The shipping was immediately. I am completely pleased with your site; the ease of ordering and the correspondence from it. Thanks!

Hoping it will help by kitty lover from Racine, WI04/04/2014

Epikitin was recommended by both a holistic veterinarian as well as the traditional veterinarian to help support my cats kidney function. It is easy to use. I simply mix it with his food. He is a picky eater and doesn't seem to mind the taste and much easier than giving him a pill. I am hoping to see improvement in his kidney function, but already I see that he is appearing more playful and energetic. There hasn't been much change in his blood work though. I am very happy that it was available through entirely pets.

Works for cats with renal issues by luckythecatsmom06/16/2014

When our aged cat was diagnosed with early stages of chronic renal failure 2 years ago, our vet recommended Epakitin and also, a prescription dry cat food for kidney health. We immediately began giving our cat the vet recommended amount of Epakitin daily on her canned cat food. She is a picky eater and had no problems eating her food with the Epakitin supplement. However, she really didn't like the prescription dry food so we still have to mix in a little of her old dry food in with the prescription food. After 1 year on the Epakitin and prescription dry food, her urine test came back normal and her weight loss has slowed. Her activity level increased shortly after we started her on the supplement, we noticed. We highly recommend Epakitin as a supplement for cat with renal issues. Our cat is acting like a much younger cat now.

Excellent product for pets with kidney issues by ZenasMom from Illinois01/28/2013

I've been giving this product to my senior cat for about 2 years. She's almost 18 years old. She has chronic kidney failure and this product plus a lower protein diet is supporting her kidneys. I recommend this product for pets with kidney failure to prolong their life.

They can eat regular cat food. by mollysissy06/16/2012

My 14 year old cat has early renal failure. By adding Epakitin she can eat regular cat food-dry or wet. No need to look for a presciption food she likes.

epakitin by sheila from illinois07/05/2013

This was recommended by my vet for a cat with kidney failure. He is doing very well and I feel part of his wellbeing is due to this product

a supplement my kitty will take! by Snow Kitty from upstate NY03/01/2013

My 16 year old cat, Cookie has CRF. She's about 2 years into the condition and Epikitin mixed in her wet food is the only thing I use regarding control of it. She won't eat the special diet dry or wet foods for her condition. She's stable and doing well given her age and the CRF. She's holding her weight, etc. which is important in a CRF cat. Epikitin is helping her maintain a stable, good quality of life with a condition that is progressive and has no cure.

Absorbs phosphorus by MSTILES from California03/19/2014

Can't get my cat to eat low protein, low phosphorus prescription food. I don't even know why they sell it. In researching, since cats are meat eaters, some vets think that the protein is okay and to cut the phosphorus. Epakitin is a phosphorus absorber. Works well but should be monitered by a vet as calcium can build up in the blood and that can be harmful too. Mixes in food and cat doesn't mind it.

Featured Reviews for Epakitin for Dogs and Cats (180 gm)
Good Product by Katharine03/05/2013

My vet recommended this product for kidney problems. I thought it was a good idea, rather than switching to a "kidney" food that my dog wouldn't like. I just sprinkle this over his regular food. It apparently has no taste because my dog doesn't seem to mind it.

by from 02/14/2013

Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) or kidney failure.

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the same product I rec'd from my cats vet by Ethel from Mohave Valley Arizona12/05/2013

Epakitin- this is amazing and I'm so happy with the same product and good service that I can depend on. Epakitin is helping my 17yr cat with her kidney problems. I can afford this by getting it from entirely pets. I was so Upset with having to pay so much from my vet. I didn't know how long I could keep getting it that way because of cost. So my Cinnamon thanks Entirely Pet for saving her life for a few more years. Cinnamon is very special to me also. thanks

Has kept my cat healthy by betty03/28/2012

This was first recommended by my vet to control my 18 year old cat's kidney disease. I add it to his moist food twice a day. Does not change the taste of his food. Have used Epakitin for over a year with great results and it is much less expensive buying through Entirely Pets than a vet.

Great turnaround time. by Mandy from Winter Springs, FL04/25/2013

This site provides easy purchasing and gets items out in a timely fashion. Thank you!!

very pleased by newt from pollock pines,ca01/26/2010

I am seeing amazing results with this powder. My old boy is active and his coat is so shiny. He is almost 15, but acts like a kitten. I was surprised how easily he took to it, because usually he is so fussy about weird food, so either he likes the taste or doesn't even notice it. I just mix it in with his wet food with a little warm water, and he eats right up. I am just so thankful I found this product and totally recommend it.

Love our cat by JVS56 from North Aurora, ILL03/22/2013

Highly recommended for helping with kidney problems with cats

Simply the best! by Lenore from Malden, MA03/11/2014

If anyone out there needs this product for their dog or cat, this is the best price I found anywhere. I was paying double the price at the vet for 1/3 the size!!

Wish I could give 10 stars by Mrsleepy from Asheville, NC02/11/2012

I have a cat that is 18 1/2 years old. Even though she was diagnosed with kidney failure over two years ago, she has normal phosphorus levels and is still alive. One of the main reasons is this Epakitin. She has wonderful quality of life, and very rarely vomits, since her phosphorus is normal. I highly recommend this product for cats with kidney failure.

caring for aging cats by hobbes from harvard,il10/10/2011

Epikatin was recommended by my vet. It is more reasonable to purchase it online. It has helped my cats in kidney failure to have a more comfortable life.

My Pets are Thriving by Susan G from East Palo Alto, CA02/17/2013

My pets are thriving with the supplements from Vetoquinol and Entirely Pets. Easy to administer, great results - just what the doctor ordered without a huge vet bill.

EPAKITIN by TheCol from Waterford, Mi08/14/2012

Good price and fast delivery...Sure beats the price the Vet charges.

Life saver by Georgia22908/11/2013

This product has definitely made a difference for my elderly cat with kidney disease. I am sure it has extended his life. He is now 20 years old and still doing okay, considering he has had kidney disease at least 5 years now.

best by jules from ny06/16/2012

been using this for past year half,it helped my cats lot.Its worth every penney and entirely pets has best prices, quick shipping.

Epakitin by Triple D04/19/2013

This nutritional kidney supplemental helps support kidney (renal) function with no side effects. Our dog was waking us several times a night to let her outside to urinate. We took her to our vet who suggested using Epakitin. Wow, after about 1 week she was and still is sleeping through the night. We use it with her food both with her AM and PM meals. Entirely Pets has a better price than our veterinarian.

good stuff by naturegrl from nature coast,fl11/22/2012

I've bought this in the past and it seemed to have helped. So with 2 felines newly diagnosed with CRF, we are using again, this time with Azodyl too. Hoping to see good results,

Very helpful by corgigirl10/24/2012

My 15 yr. old corgi is in moderate stage kidney disease. After adding this to his food, he seemed to feel so much better. Three months later he is still with me, we thought we were going to have to put him down 3 months ago.

Great Purchase by Deb from Burbank CA01/06/2014

My 17 year-old cat, Mickey, was diagnosed with Stage 2 renal failure. He was looking so thin and scruffy. I began using this product, adding it to his meals twice a day. It took a few weeks, but I began to see the changes. His appetite increased, and he had more energy. He began to put on weight and groom himself the way he once had. It has been amazingly beneficial.



seems to be just fine by ed from NJ10/23/2012

lot cheaper getting this here rather than thru vet

Reduced My Cat's Phosphorus Level by Adastra from Boston, MA11/06/2014

My CKD kitty had a phosphorus level of 15 (dangerously high). I used this product in combination with aluminum hydroxide and his phosphorus is now within normal range. This product also binds toxins so kitty feels better. Excellent product!

Recommended by my Vet by mom07/27/2012

Both my cats were started on Epakitin and it seems to be helping. It helps slow down their kidney disease.

Shipping by Debbie from Beverly Hills. Florida08/25/2014

The shipping is very fast and never have to worry about getting it on time.

cured my cat's kidney failure by ginny from Orange, CT12/29/2013

I simply mix a spoonful of Epakitin into my cat's wet food. She eats the mixture without any problem so I assume that Epakitin must be tasteless. It mixes quite easily without any lumps or texture problem. Since my cat, Pinky, has been taking the Epakitin her laboratory values have reverted from kidney failure to normal over a period of approximately 9 months. I would recommend this product highly.

You saved my cat by Marcus from Salt lake city, UT07/14/2014

My cat was loosing a lot of weight and wouldn't eat. With special food and this powder he is himself again! Thank you, thank you!

Great product by fashion lady10/23/2012

Epakitin really works well for binding the phosphates and removing them from our dog who has renal failure.

great stuff by dogmom02/12/2012

Our terrier was diagnosed with kidney failure and by supplementing her diet with Azodyl and Epakitin, she is doing amazing! She is able to walk with us twice a day, has a great appetite and is enjoying a quality life.

by peggie from Spokane,Wa04/21/2012

This was reccommended by the vet and so far it seems to be helping him and the price is at least a third of what it was at the vet for the same product!

by Sc12/26/2012

My dog is in early kidney failure, since starting epakitin his kidney funtion test have improved.

Worked great, my pet's vet recommended by PetloverC04/27/2014

My pet's vet recommended this for my older cat with kidney disease when his phosphate levels got higher. My cat got several extra months of good quality life using this. Ask your pet's vet 1st.

by from 12/10/2012

Recommended by my vet - so worth the money! My English Setter would most likely be gone except for the diet change we made. We use KD canned prescription food with Epakitin twice a day.

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My cat is doing better by Keda04/15/2012

This product has seemed to stabilize my cats kidney condition. It is not a cure, but he seems to be doing better and feeling better since taking this. He has been taking it for 15 months - 9 months longer than we thought it might live before he started taking this.

Great Product by tammy24557 from Gretna, VA08/22/2014

A little over a year ago, my cat was diagnosed with renal failure and was only given a 50% chance to live. It was a hard decision but I was not ready to let him go so my vet suggested I try this product to help with his kidney function. Now, he is normal and you wouldn't even think anything was wrong with him. I am so thankful for this product. It has really helped him and given me a little longer with my baby. I highly recommend this product if you have a pet with a similar diagnosis.

Recommend by Valerie11/13/2012

My cat was diagnosed with CRF four years ago, and I firmly believe that this product has helped keep her with us for so long after being diagnosed.

Awesome product by Osmany from Miami. Florida06/03/2013

It's a wonderful product, I can tell the difference in my dog's urinary and kidneys health.It is visible the change... I'll buy it again! :)

very good service by furstlady12/22/2012

I have been very happy with my purchases from entirely pets. My cat has kidney disease and the Epakitin has been helpful to him.I have been very happy with how quick my order gets to me.I highly recommend using Entirely pets for all your pets needs!

A life saver! by Janet12/07/2012

This has saved my dogs who has kidney problems life. Along with his special diet.

worst customer service by peggie from spokane,wa07/17/2014

somehow my order sis not have my complete address on it so after 1 1/2 weeks the product wasn't here I did not receive a call from them I had to do the follow up, they said they could not remail it until they received it back so when they did get it back I talked with them online and for ANOTHER 5.95 they would mail me my order by this time my dog had been without the epakitin for a week I WILL NEVER USE EP AGAIN the product is good but EP has poor customer service

Epakitin by angel10/25/2011

First recommended by a vet., to help with kidney decline, my Siamese is now 20 and seems to be doing well, Thank God! I also give Lactated Ringers every other day.

Glad I found this by katy05/30/2012

This was recommended by my vet for my dog with chronic renal failure. Since starting epakitin she seems to be doing well & doesn't mind the taste when mixed with her prescription food. Entirely Pets has good pricing and service for this product, the vet charged almost triple for the least amount of epakitin compared to what I have been able to purchase here for the same price. I hope Entirely pets can keep the price low

by Vi from Pittsburgh, PA10/28/2011

My 20 year old cat has kidney problems and the Epakitin has seemed to help her. She used to throw up alot and that has been reduced considerably since I have been giving her Epakitin. The really good thing is that she will eat it on her dry food. Sheis a very picky eater and she can not taste it on her food!

So Far so Good by Misty from New Jersey04/15/2013

Previously used Azodyl capsules for my male cats renal failure. They are more expensive and had to be opened to mix in the food because our cat will not take the capsules not even in a pill pocket. The Epakitin is less expensive and comes already in a power form that mixes in the wet food so easily. Also, there is no need for refrigeration and the added cost of shipping with ice packs. The smaller container v.s. the 90 capsules of Azodyl seems it would last twice as long. Definitely, give it a chance.

by lookingfordeal10/23/2012

Same brand that I purchased at my local animal hospital and at a much more reasonable price.

Great Product by Adele Amore01/17/2008

My cat was in serious trouble with CRF. After giving her Epakitin she gained weight her numbers went down and she is doing very well. I also give her Azodyl. It is two and one half years since diagnosis. She also gets RX Benazapril daily one quarter of a tablet. The Vet said this is to reduce blood pressure which affects the kidneys.

Wonderful Product by Lorrie Araujo09/30/2008

My lhasa apso was diagonsis with CRF 2 1/2 yrs ago and since he has been on this I think its helped a great deal....He is also on 1/4 tab. of Enapril for his heart....The Vet that I am going to says he doesn't know how my dog is still alive??? They have come along way with Meds for our furry friends.....

vet highly recommended this by beck01/18/2013

My 16 yr old cat is in early stages of kidney disease. My vet highly recommended the Epakitin, and said he has had many patients that the progression of the disease was much slower than normal. He attributes this to the Epakitin supplement!

Lifesaver, Life Extender, Miracle by Kitten Smitten12/16/2008

We wish we had this in 2005 when our 16 year old kitty Cleo passed away from CRF. When her sister Shorty was diagnosed in Oct. 2005, we were told she might have a month or might have a year. Well, she made it to age 19 1/2 in Sept. 2008 (3 years later!) and we're sure that Epakitin is the reason. We added the Azodyl last year when we became aware of it, so that may have helped too. We mixed both in with grain-free Wellness brand food to reduce phosphorus and toxin buildup. And NO dry food, big no-no! Good luck, and bless your sweet pootie or woozle.

Save your cats life by cindy06/24/2009

This is helping my old cat live a little longer he has kidney disease without this I don't think he would still be with me. Great stuff

I works by Edith11/20/2009

My cat was on her last leg, sleeping all the time, no energy, wouldn't eat, using the litter box was her only activity. She is up and going again, eating, coat looks better and she has gained weight. This product works. Sweetie is 17.

Epakitin by Debbie from Florida05/20/2014

Very fast shipping and so much cheaper than the vet's office. Thanks so much!

haven't used yet by katiedp from dana point, ca04/01/2012

Need instructions on how much to give a 7 pound poodle.

Great by Kishi23 from Houston01/01/2013

Used in conjunction with Azodyl for my min pin. Has worked to make her more active and more like herself, so very worthwhile.

Featured Reviews for Epakitin for Dogs and Cats (300 gm)
Great product by Myrtle from Florida05/28/2010

I have had my cat Misty ( 13 years old) on Epakatin for over a year now. She was diagnosed with CRF and hypertension. She is on meds for the blood pressure and is on epakatin to keep the phosphorus level stable. She has not really liked the prescription renal diet so this product has been helpful.Her recent bloodwork revealed she has not worsened at all..she is very stable with her chronic renal failure... and her hypertension is controlled well..she is a happy kitty and I am a happy kitty Mommy...

Excellent Product by smudge2201/25/2012

Extremely helpful in aiding my cat with her renal failure. I would highly recommend this product along with adzoyl to anyone who has a et with this condition.

Lifesaver, Life Extender, Miracle by Kitten Smitten12/16/2008

We wish we had this in 2005 when our 16 year old kitty Cleo passed away from CRF. When her sister Shorty was diagnosed in Oct. 2005, we were told she might have a month or might have a year. Well, she made it to age 19 1/2 in Sept. 2008 (3 years later!) and we're sure that Epakitin is the reason. We added the Azodyl last year when we became aware of it, so that may have helped too. We mixed both in with grain-free Wellness brand food to reduce phosphorus and toxin buildup. And NO dry food, big no-no! Good luck, and bless your sweet pootie or woozle.

by HarleysDad10008/01/2012

My Tessa is a very important person to me. I would spend anything to keep her healthy and happy. The Epakitin size is worth every penny and performs just like the expensive product I was getting at the vet's office.

it works! by sandy01/24/2008

my cat tested for renal failure and the vet recommened she be "put down" because there is no way to restore kidney function. I did not give up. She gave me a sample of EPAKITIN.; june of 2007 & I switched her to k/d prescription food. She rebounded plays like a kitten(she's 14) and I could not believe it so 2 mos. later she got x-rays and endoscopy'd and her kidneys were 95% perfect. I have had her on epakitin ever since and it works. I am also going to start all of my animals over 9 yrs on it.

Great help by dogman from Banner Elk, NC01/27/2012

I have a six year old Shiloh Shepherd who was diagnosed with renal failure at age 5. Epakitin has helped him lower his creatinine and bun numbers. He is gaining weight and eating well and is very playful, all good signs.

bad kidneys by Peoplefood from Bedford, VA10/24/2012

In combination with Azodyl, Epakitin is keeping several of my dogs alive. Right now I give it to 3 of them and it looks like I might have to add a fourth. Epakitin is easy to give and easy to dose for dogs of varying sizes.

Great purchase by Thapu107/08/2014

My small dog was diagnosed with renal failure in 12/2012. Mid-last year we started him on Epakitin & Azodyl (small caps) twice a day with food. His phosphorous count reduced dramatically & his appetite improved. I believe that these two products contributed in the improved phosphorous count which is a big problem in renal failure.

Great value! by Seong from SOUTH KOREA03/09/2014

This item is awesome~ I buy this regularly for my poodle and she has chronic kidney failure. It's a great supplement that keeps her phosphorus level stable. She needed to increase the dosage recently therefore I had to order more than I normally do. Great value~

lowers triglycerides too by cb11/19/2013

My schnauzer was diagnosed with hypertriglyceredemia which was causing her to be ill and have pain. The specialist recommended this product even though it is made for renal care because they found it helps to bind the fats and lower triglycerides. I am happy to say that my girl's triglycerides dropped almost 250 points in one month. We are on the right track! She has been spunkier and loving life once again.

Great Product by dog lover from Milton, GA05/30/2012

My Vet recommended this product for my dog who has kidney problems. It has helped her alot and she doesn't even know it is in her dog food. I give it to her twice a day. I like it because it is natural.

GREAT by RAY from FOREST PARK,IL.02/28/2012


epakitin by zappa from pittsburgh pa02/06/2013

great product and great service from this company and great pricing.make sure to mix with food and lots of water.

Great (When prescribed by vet) by Nic07/01/2013

My dog has been on Epakitin for almost 6 years for his chronic kidney disease. This in combination with Azodyl along with a few other medications prescribed by the vet have kept him going. To meet him you would have no idea that he has a chronic medical condition.

Help for both dog and cats by addie from New York11/16/2012

Has helped to bring protein level down in my dog and may even be able to phase out of using this. Although costly, it does the job it is suppose to do when used properly.

Epakitin: It's uses by Say from Edmonton, AB08/05/2013

I can't really say I notice a change in my Pet, this was something that was prescribed to him by his vet for his kidney disease years ago. I order from this site to cut down on costs. The way you'll know it's working is vet check ups on the levels of protein in their urine; but for the most part Kidney disease is progressive (ie eventually my cat will succumb to this disease) this is a medicine that slows the progression and keeps him alive significantly longer. I am please with Entirely pets though, and will re-order when the time comes. (it's cheaper than the vet's, so long as you order in bulk)

Epakitin by Janet from Marion, IA12/04/2012

My cat was found to have late stage kidney disease and the vet. was going to do immediate 24 hr. fluid treatments until I consulted another vet. who suggested we try this first. After the 1st month of our kitty being on this, both his BUN and Creatine levels decreased and he gained 1 lb.. It's now 6 months later and he's doing great. I found this product on Entirely Pets at 1/2 the cost I was paying my vet. office. It came to me by mail in 5 days. The product was a lifesaver for our kitty and the cost of the product a significant savings. I highly rate Entirely Pets...

Lifesaver by Sheila from Chicago, IL11/30/2013

We have a samoyed that was diagnosed with renal dysplasia as a puppy. Her kidneys are the same size a cat's should be as well as mishapen. She was not expected to live past 2 years of age. We found a nephrologist that prescibed a combination of an ace inhibitor, baby aspirin, omega 3 fish oil, Epakitin, & Azodyl. She turned 5 this past October. Needless to say, we are thrilled these products exist. She would not be alive without them.

Essential Part of Regimen by Northern AZ. from Northern AZ01/26/2013

Our 15 y.o. cat is doing great. 18 months into kidney failure, we have a very exact regimen. Epakitin is an important part of each meal, along with Azodyl force feeding, and subQ hydration. She romps like a 10 y.o. The commitment Entirely Pets makes to customers is great. I've tried other suppliers before landing on entirelypets [doorstep] website. Cold shipping is extremely important for the Azodyl. I also refrigerate the Epakitin. Great service and prices!

Great for kidney issues by SLG from Ardsley, NY03/27/2012

My vet recommended this product - which is essentially just ground-up shrimp shells - for my very old (nearly 18 years) cat who has had kidney problems for years. It's hard to tell what is making the difference for him, since he's on lots of medications and vitamins, but supposedly this really helps with kidney failure. The large size is great, but beware - it comes with a huge spoon (I had to keep the spoon from my smaller container) and the top broke off fairly quickly and is hard to get on and off. I keep it in a Tupperware. A smaller sized jar might have a different opening mechanism (the old one was a screw-top and much better).

Epakitin saved my cats life by slamina from Marion, IA10/18/2012

My 14 yr. old cat was diagnosed with kidney failure/late stage and the vet. was going to administer 24 hr. I.V. fluids. I got a 2nd opinion and Sami was put on epakitin two times daily. It's been 8 months and he's gained 5 lbs. and his BUN and Creatinine levels have both come down. He would not have lived this long had it not been for this product. It's amazing how a supplement can turn a disease around.

Epakitin 300 mg by torwal83 from Coldwater, MI05/23/2011

This is a great product for dogs and cats going through kidney/renal failure. This has helped my dog a lot and would recommend this product for those dogs and cats that need a Phosphorus Binder. This is easy to use and dogs/cats love the taste! You will not be displeased!!

by freedom from NC03/18/2014

This product is recommended for my dog with kidney failure. This size makes it easier to order!!

by sandy01/09/2014

I guess my dog was already too sick. He just died last night, so I actually wasted a lot of money on this product.

Great Purchase by Cindy from Atlanta, GA03/16/2012

My dog's Vet recommended it for her Kidney condition. It has helped her.

Epakitin by GW from WV09/23/2013

This was recommended last year by our vet for our 12 year old dog with kidney problems. The dog has no problem with it and her health is much improved. We will keep ordering it. Shipping is fast and reliable.

Honestly a life saver by slamina from Cedar Rapids, IA11/17/2013

Our 14 yr. old male cat was found to be in late stage kidney failure during a vet. visit in April 2012. His BUN read very high at 102 and CREATININE at 2.8. Those are 2 tests that show the progression. My vet. rx'd him Epakitin. His next visit in May showed a 1 lb. weight gain, BUN at 42 and CREATININE at 2.7. Today, 19 months later he is doing fine. Amazing how this powder changed his blood levels. And it has no smell or taste, easy to give to your pet. I paid my vet. $105 for a 150 gm. jar. Here I pay under $70. for a 300 gm size.

by from 11/05/2011

I have used this product for over a year. You can see the results in the litter box - less urine. Together with the amazing Azodyl it has kept my cat stablilized.

how by big from thisI


Great help for dogs with CRF by rafboy from Los Angeles, CA07/04/2012

My dog has kidney disease (chronic renal failure). When he was diagnosed, he was given 3 months to live. That was about a year and a half ago. While he's still very sick and we have him on a cocktail of medicines (enalapril, iv fluids, pepcid, kidney diet), I believe that Epakitin has helped him (and us) cope with his disease. I strongly recommend Epakitin in conjunction with vet approved medication and diet. While it's certainly not a cure, it helps deal with this terrible disease. Plus, EntirelyPets has the absolute lowest price I've seen anywhere! AND EP was recommended by the manufacturer themselves.

good cost value by Rich from cape coral fl.10/28/2011

On time shipping and a great price.Keep up the good work.

Great product for cats with kidney issues by BraidsL07/12/2013

My 15 year old cat has had reduced kidney function for the past three years. She is not the type of cat who can be easily medicated and it was impossible for me to administer sub-q fluids. She has been doing well on the ERpakitin supplement and has actually gained a bit of the weight back that she had lost. Entirely Pets ships very quickly and if you order from them again, you will get a certain amount off your next order. My 9 month old kitten ocassionally gets into the older one's food, but the vet said the Epakitin will not hurt him. Great product and great company.

Epakitin by CatLover02/17/2012

Was prescribed by my vet. This cost less than what I paid for a bottle with 1/2 of what was in this one. Came quickly.

Great Product by Cindy from Atlanta, GA04/02/2013

My dog has been on this for about 1 yr. Has helped her kidneys a lot. Thanks to the vet that recomended it.

The best by gr from Eastern Shore of MD06/11/2013

I have been using this product over a year, and it has been the deciding factor in stabilizing Kobe's Type 2 Kidney disease (he is 13 years young). Great value for the money.

Prolonging life! by Ayden'sNonnie from Louisiana05/29/2013

My grand dog was born with one VERY small kidney, the vet wanted to put him down. My daughter and I looked everywhere and tried all kind of natural remedies and tried several different vets, finally we were told about Epakatin from a local vet and jumped on it! That was five years ago and he is doing very well. He is on a very strict diet, but I truly believe that this product as indeed help to keep him active, healthy, and happy!

Highly Recommended by 2Nova from Phila, PA10/23/2012

Blends easily in cats food, great deal !

Good product by dogman09/18/2014

I have used this product for three years now for my Shiloh Shepherd who was diagnosed with renal failure 5 years ago. It has kept his numbers consistent and he is doing well. It is expensive and prices vary quite a bit.

Great kidney support highly recommended for dog by dog momma from winston, GA06/27/2014

We use this for our 100 pound sherpherd and he has bone cancer, but is doing very well. He is 10 yrs old. This actually improved his creatine and his kidney function levels after using for 8-12 weeks a great deal!!! I love this product!!

Good Value by katy from PA02/24/2013

This was recommended by my vet for my dog who developed chronic renal disease after successfully beating lymphoma. So far it is helping her kidney disease & keeping her from being hospitalized. Since the vet charges almost double for a small amount I searched for the best price & found it here at Entirely Pets. Besides being a good value, the site is easy to navigate & the product arrives promptly.

Very useful by CAL11/06/2012

It's definitely helping to slow down (almost halt) the progression of kidney disease in my two cats.

epakitin by molly from ny ny01/16/2012

recommended by vet for then-19-year-old cat with kidney problems. She'll be 22 in April.

Helping a lot! by dogman from Banner Elk, NC11/11/2011

My 5 year old Shiloh Shepherd was diagnosed with early renal failure in Jan. 2011. Since giving the epakitin his creatinine and bun numbers have come down.

So far, so good by karsmitty from Pennsylvania03/30/2012

Based upon the recommendation of my vet, I ordered this product for my cat who is in the very early stages of CKD. My cat is not quite 9 lbs, so I do not use a whole spoonful, but I mix it into my cat's canned food & she will eat it. Based on the research I have done regarding the prescription cat foods for this condition, I prefer using this product instead. The last bloodwork I had done on my cat indicates this product is working to lower her phosphorous levels.

It really works by PeggyC from Chicago, IL05/23/2013

Vet suggested. Helps a lot. Easy to use.

Great Savings by Robert02/20/2013

Have been using this product for several years, but just found it on "Entirely Pets" web sight. I am now saving over 30% over what I was paying at the vets. This medicine has aided in controlling my chocolate lab's health issues greatly. Great product at a great price. Would highly recommend this product and web site.

Great Product by cindy from Alpharetta, GA10/24/2012

I have been using this product for my 12 yr old dog that has kidney problems. She is doing very well. I have been using it for a year now. Great product, would highly recomend it.

Great product! by Dobiemom from Rochester, NY06/25/2013

My Doberman was diagnosed with Kidney Disease at age 6 mos. She has been on Epakitin ever since that time. She is now 7 years old, has obedience titles, and is doing great!

Seems to work by Larry from Singapore10/23/2012

Together with Azodyl, this seems to be keeping our cats blood levels at good levels. In fact they improved since we put her on these, together with a low protein prescription diet. I could not pinpoint which has the most positive effect on her, but I'd not discontinue any. Easy to dose, just add to food.

Not As Shown!! Be Careful!! by TJ from Kirkland, WA11/25/2014

the formula shown is NOT what is sent to you - picture shows Guaranteed Analysis of 2.8% Crude Protein but is 4.6% is what they send, a completely different mix! Not what my vet prescribed - please check your vet prescribed bottle to make sure the analysis is the same BEFORE giving to your pet!

by from 07/30/2012

Our vet Recommended Epakitin at the start of our treatment regimen 2 years ago for our cat Kalle (15 years old then - 17 now) for kidney failure to lower her phosphorus levels. This can slow down the progression of kidney disease. Along with treating with Azodyl and 100ml of fluids every 3 days, we are still going strong after 2 years+!

the by best from pricesEntirely


epakitin-lifesaver for my little girl by don from w.va10/22/2012

my little girl was going into crf almost four years ago at 14, she just turned 18 on 09-01-12and still going strong. her name is pretty girl(calico). my vet recomended that i start the regime, sure glad i did, she is still healthy, gets around really good and spoiled rotten. thank you for making such a wonderful product to help keep her healthy. don brewer

Outstanding by drakmar04/19/2013

We took our cat to the vet hospital and she was in there for 3 days. The vet said she was not coming around very quickly but was improving. He said it was a sign of chronic kidney disease which is incurable. He told us to use this product and she improved within days. That was about 8 months ago and she is still looking healthy. Highly recommend epakitin.

Great product at a great price, by Mommat from New Jersey11/13/2013

This item was recommended by my vet for my elderly dog that is in the beginning of renal failure. It was quite expensive from my vet but is much more reasonably priced here. And I received my order quickly!

Has really helped the kidney disease by CAL05/30/2012

My cat's kidney values have returned to the normal range using Epakitin and also Azodyl.

Epakitin by NWTN Girl from Tennessee06/02/2014

My cat of 20 years took this for 3 years and it prolonger her life. She did not like needles so this was the best treatment for her instead of subcutous fluids daily.

Epakitin by Dreamcatcher from Virginia Beach, VA07/31/2014

Very good product. Does what it says it will. I would consider this a medicine and only give under vet's advice ofr after consulting with the pros at the manufacturer.

Epakitin by Dorae from Texas07/26/2014

I have been using this product for over a year. I believe that it has help extend the life of my sweet dog who is suffering with kidney issues. I treasure anytime she has left.

Best price anywhere by rafboy from Los Angeles, CA01/26/2012

EntirelyPets has the best price for Epakitin. At my veterinarian's, 15 grams sells for about $50. Also, the manufacturer themselves recommended EntirelyPets. If you have a dog (or cat) with crf, you already know that the cost of caring for your pet can get ridiculously expensive. Finding deals like this takes a little bit of the sting out.

Just what I was looking for by Kathi from Minnesota04/16/2013

Great price on this powder. It arrived quickly and was just what we were looking for!

Epakitin by Kim01/23/2013

I am so happy to be able to buy this product from you, it is much cheaper thru this site.

Epakitin 300 mg by torwal83 from Coldwater, MI10/26/2011

This product is a great choice offered for the money spent. This is a reputable product and I have purchased from EntirelyPets several times and have had great service. The prices offered for this product cannot be beat from where I have checked. Will continue to purchase Epakitin 300 mg from EntirelyPets. Thanks

Great Product by Debs11/23/2011

This product has had a very positive impact on the wellness of my cat with a renal failure condition. I would highly recommend it to others that have pets with a similar condition.

Absolutely excellent by Amelia from San Diego, CA03/16/2013

Epakitin has made such a difference in my dog who was diagnosed with chronic renal failure in October 2012. His appetite has completely returned from not eating anything at all for days in the beginning. I can highly recommend this product to anyone, I 100% believe in it. Thanks to Epakitin, his quality of life has so much improved.

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