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S Adenosyl 425 (SAMe) for DOGS

same for dogs

S Adenosyl 425 (SAMe) for LARGE DOGS - 30 Tabs
S Adenosyl 425 (SAMe) for LARGE DOGS - 30 Tabs

($66.99)  $47.39
S Adenosyl 425 (SAMe) for LARGE DOGS - 60 Tabs
S Adenosyl 425 (SAMe) for LARGE DOGS - 60 Tabs

($125.99)  $89.89
S-Adenosyl-425 is for use in promoting proper liver function in dogs. Directions
Dogs 40 to 80 lbs - 1 tablet daily
Dogs over 80 lbs - 2 tablets daily Active Ingredients per tablet
SAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine) - 425 mg Milk Thistle - 80 mg N-Acetyl L-Cysteine - 40 mg L-Taurine - 33 mg Zinc Ascorbate - 20 mg Pyroxidine HCL - 16 mg B-Complex Proprietary Blend - 14 mg D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate - 20 IU Inactive ingredients - Cellulose, Dimethicone, Eudrigit, Hydroxymethylpropyl, Magnesium Silicate, Magnesium, Stearic Acid Powder, Triethyl Citrate. 
4.83 rating based on 6 reviews
Featured Reviews for S Adenosyl 425 (SAMe) for LARGE DOGS - 30 Tabs
S Adenosyl 425 (SAMe) for LARGE DOGS - 30 Tabs by sanima06/13/2013

Saving grace! Our dog is having liver issues and this in combination with Prescription Hepatic dog food had brought his numbers down.

great price! by sweetdoc from IN11/15/2012

great price! Fast shipping!..............................

Best Price! by Sophie05/09/2014

My dog's vet prescribed this exact brand and dosage, but the cost when filling it as a prescription was almost twice as much. I'll be buying all the "refills" through Entirely Pets!

Proven results! by AuntieG from Tucson12/08/2012

My vet recommends this supplement for liver health when my dogs are on prescription meds that may be hard on liver function. My 12 year old Pit has been taking it (for almost 3 years), along with his anti fungal for a very stubborn case of Valley Fever, and one of my younger dogs (1-1/2 yrs) just injured a knee tendon and takes it with Rimadyl. Blood tests results on the older dog have proven better liver health when taken consistently and as directed - on an empty stomach and at least an hour prior to eating.

Excellent Price by Shirley from Gilroy, CA10/26/2012

Price value was excellent and shipping was very quick.

Does the job by browndog2 from Oregon10/22/2012

Recommended to give liver support due to other medication. Seems to be doing the job.

Working by Spooma from FL09/07/2014

My 11 yr.old poodle had elevated liver enzymes after routine testing with no symptoms of any problem. A daily tablet in a pill pocket has lowered her levels in one month and counting. Seems be to working.

Featured Reviews for S Adenosyl 425 (SAMe) for LARGE DOGS - 60 Tabs
A brand new dog! by Gray from NC06/30/2013

I have a dog with seizures and this was recommended for him to help with his elevated liver enzymes caused by his medication. This not only helped with that, but the SAM-e really helped mellow him out and make him a happy dog!

Amazing price by Nicky from New Zealand03/28/2012

My 13 year old Border Collie has just been diagnosed with liver cancer. The vet recommended this product. However, we live in New Zealand & for a 6 month supply it would have cost me $1800 NZ to buy the product here. From this site it was $400 NZ even with international postage. The product arrived in less than a week & she happily takes them. This wont cure the cancer obviously but hopefully it will provide support for her liver so she continues with her energetic life for a lot longer.

MUCH CHEAPER by AJ from Memphis TN06/14/2013

This is an everyday neccessity for our Bullitt. It was much cheaper on here for 2 month supply then to buy 30 day supply from our vet!!! We paid $90 for 30 at the vet. Never ever ever again will I do that! Great deal for exactly the same bottle.

works for my dog by drdirt04/09/2012

my vet can't seem to get this in the larger dose and I got tired of having to give my dog Denver 2 pills a day.

unknown by K9- officer from Rockland Maine02/17/2012

My Vet told me not to buy these meds from a on line Company. The Pills that came were the same size and shape and the bottle was the same. The pills were a different color and texture. The price from entirely pets was 4 times cheaper than at the Vets. The dog is having blood work done the end of feb. we will see then if they are not as advertized. But if they are its a great deal and will highly recomend.

SAMe for Dog by JC05/08/2009

I feel this is an excellent product- my dog's liver functions were slightly high and when we checked again after 6 months they went up over 600. This product was recommended by my veterinarian and in 3 months,his liver function was down to just above normal around 300.

Fake by Jeff McLaughlin from Jeff McLaughlin Maine02/29/2012

This product is a fake. Thats why its so cheap. I saved over 300 a month by switching to entirely pets. After a month after switching from the S-Adenosyl-425 I that I bought from my Vet. The S-Adenosyl-425 I got from Entirely pets made the dogs liver function go up. The Bottle is the same the Pill has the same shape But the color and look of the pill is different. THIS PRODUCT IS A FAKE.

Saved Money by Gene from South Florida12/22/2012

My dog has to take this medication because of a deficiency in his liver. Entirely Pets saved about 50% on the cost of this product compared to what my dog's veterinarian was charging me, and it is the exact same product.

Does the job. by browndog2 from Oregon10/30/2012

This works to counter what another med does to my dog's liver. In 30 days her enzymes were back to the normal range.

Good Price, super fast delivery and reliable by Miss Bobbie from Pollock Pines, CA04/09/2012

I'd never bought from Entirely Pets, and boy was I happy! They had this supplement, and offered a great price which included free shipping. My dog needs this supplement for her simmering pancreatitis, so it's nice I know I can get it quickly. Thanks so much!

Adenosyl, the liver's best friend! by LT from Jackson, MS03/21/2012

I have a 14 year old beautiful Walkerhound and his friend, a 3 year old black Chow. Both are taking Adenosyl as prescribed by our Vet. Their liver counts are monitored quarterly, both for different reasons. Neither would be with me today were it not for the Adenosyl and after a diligent Internet search I don't believe this product can be purchased for less than the everyday price at EntirelyPets.com. Thanks to them for helping me provide for my boys.

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