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  • 3-PACK SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad

3-PACK SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad

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Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad is great for heating pet beds. Up to 10 hours of long-lasting warmth! Your pets will love the warmth of Snuggle Safe Thermapool at home or traveling. Heat in microwave for only 5 minutes (*depending on power of microwave) and then pop it under your pet's bedding.

  • 6 minutes in 800 watt microwave provides all the heat of a regular hot water bottle for up to 10 hours.
  • Up to 10 hours of warmth
  • Quick and safe
  • No wires
  • Bite Resistant
  • Perfect travel companion
  • Ideal for newborn, convalescing and eldery pets.
  • FREE cover included

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    Have searched for this by Rora02/15/2013

    Bought one of these years ago at a pet store. Have more cats now and tried, without luck, to find more. So glad that I found your site. I made cushions that the Snugglesafe slides into. Perfect for keeping the cats warm at night when the thermostat is lowered.

    Wonderful warmth by Liz from Chicago, IL11/26/2012

    These are just great! I love the little covers too! My little 4 week old foster kitten just curls right up on top of it. Plus, the round shape means it spins even in my small microwave. Bonus!!

    Awesome! by needlewings from SE Ohio12/04/2012

    I bought 6 and have other people asking about them. I have made totes lined with foam insulation and cut a hole in the insulation to sit the snuggle safe down in it so that it wasn't raised. Put a layer of poly batting on top for extra comfort. I made a flapped door awning in the tote for them to get in and out. Worked perfectly as they don't want to leave! Cats kept nice and warm for hours and makes a great self contained shelter warming house with these heating pads.

    by from 02/04/2014

    THE ABSOLUTE BEST PRODUCT!!! I even put them in my own bed and a cold day in my car!!

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    Very happy with recent order. by clanced from New Hampshire04/16/2013

    I am a kitty foster Mom for a local SPCA. They needed microwaveable heaters for our motherless kittens to stay warm by. Many of the ones they had were very old and not reliable anymore. I knew kitten season was coming so I save all my coin for the last 6 months and bought the shelter 6 heaters. The order was delivered quickly and I used an online coupon to get free shipping. Both the shelter and myself are very happy with our order! I won't hesitate to order from here again.

    These are not 12 hour!!!!!!! by Rusty from Michigan03/24/2012

    I am using the 10hr Pads they sent I love them for my puppy but was disappointed they are NOT 12hr and a call to customer service was worthless they never returned my call as promised by the rep.

    7 Warm Kitties by Kat Keepers11/17/2012

    We inherited a momma & her 6 kitties this past fall. We cared for them for a month & decided the best thing for them was to take them to the humane society. We captured them all, not all of them would let us touch them. The humane society spayed & neutered them, gave them their shots & tried to find homes for them but local farms were all full. We have them all back & worried about keeping them warm this winter. SnuggleSafes work great. they all try to pile on them to keep warm. Glad we found them.

    Best place to shop by Astracan from Australia04/16/2012

    Entirely Pets is the best place to buy cat products. I send away for Snuggle Safe heat pads & even with postage to Australia they are a lot cheaper than anywhere in Australia. I breed & show Devon Rex cats & use these Snuggle safe heat pads in the travel box, in the kitten sleeping areas & at the show in the show cages

    Great Invention by Bunny from Ossining, NY11/05/2012

    We have stray cats that I always felt sorry for in freezing temps - I used to warm their shelters with hot water bottles but they always cooled too quickly. Snuggle Safe warms their shelters for 12 hours! It's the greatest product.

    elderly cat's love them by hangbab from columbus, NE03/04/2012

    my cats are getting older, and need the extra warmth. during the cold nights, and cool early mornings, my cats stay warm next to these. they really love them!!!

    Does the Job by ebony1 from Montreal Quebec01/01/2013

    Its cold up here in Canada and these heat pads really help the stray cats in our area.

    Excellent Purchase! by LilwithCats from Eugene, Oregon01/05/2014

    This is one of the best products invented ever for pets (or humans) to help keep pets warm during the chilly days & nights. The first one I ever received was a gift for my cats then I recommended it to another friend who also sent me a couple more as gifts for my cats. Before Winter began it got down below zero for a few days and I purchased 6 more SnuggleSafes for my cats which gave me enough to change twice a day to keep them warm throughout the days and also the nights.

    safe warmer by aldo12/14/2011

    Good for keeping a small chicken coop warm. And safe. No batteries or wiring.

    by from 12/17/2012

    Thank You

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    Best purchase for cats by Cook from Alabama01/14/2014

    Best purchase I've made. I have three cats and live in South Alabama. Rarely does it get very cold. Recently it was 13, in my garage it was 38. My cats stay out at night, they loved the warm discs. I would heat them up about 6pm. The next morning it was still warm. You must insulate the bottom of the bed to keep the warmth. I put a rug and pillow under the bed then the disc and then the pillow that comes with the bed. A must for keeping cats warm.

    Extremely hard by Basset hound10/26/2012

    I have a 10 year old Basset Hound that has bad knees and hip--arthritist. The vet recommended a heating pad for her joints. I was worried about the cord and having it plugged in all day. I thought this would solve my worries. The snuggle safe is extremely hard and she wouldn't even lay next to them. I thought the cat would like the snuggle safe for the warmth and they wouldn't lay on them either. I wouldn't want to lay on a brick either. Not sure what I expected but nothing this hard. On the plus side the snuggle safe did warm up in the microwave in 5 minutes

    by mtroop01/02/2013

    LOVE this product. I have a very sweet feral that won't come in yet. We are getting through the very cold nights by putting one of these in her little bed outside. Having more than 1 works out great so we can rotate them throughout the day when it's bitter outside. She runs into her bed and cuddles up and enjoys the warmth. Great product!!!!

    excellent product by kirsten02/08/2013

    sesls very well and washes just great, quality product.

    by from 02/06/2013

    I love the fact they the heating pads were microwaveable. However, I thought they would get soft and squishy as they warmed up. I have a square heating pad that gets soft as it heats. I loved the fact that these heating pads had covers that I could purchase ... which I did.

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    returned by se from WA01/07/2014

    returned, as I found better pricing elsewhere

    by from 01/12/2014

    Used properly, these are a safe way to provide heat for outdoor (stray, feral) cats. The heat does last 12 hours if an animal is laying on it.

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    Wonderful product by Weezy03/01/2013

    A must have for anyone feeding stray/feral cats. Placed under the food dish, it keeps canned food from freezing for many hours. Put a blanket over it and it is a great for use in outdoor cat shelters in the cold months. I have 3 that I use every day. 5 star product!

    snuggle safe heating pad by sherry from Toronto, Ontario12/28/2013

    For my stray cats outside it's perfect. I use them for my feral cats outside and it works perfectly.

    Heat Pad Left Me Cold by Molly Moo02/10/2012

    I ordered 3 SnuggleSafes, gave one to a friend and tested another. We both tried different heating times, but neither SnuggleSafe got really hot and neither held the heat for very long. Will be returning.

    Cats love them! by lbw from Lompoc, CA02/15/2012

    We have had 2 Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pads for several years. The cats love them. We have five cats and bought one for each including the covers. Four sleep in beds in the garage at night and this keeps them toasty. One cat is outdoors during the day and we keep it in a bed for her outside so she can be warm on a windy or cold day. Thanks.

    Awesome Product! Must Have! by Toni01/23/2015

    All I can say is it took the cat(s) less then a minute to decide they LOVE these and will not move for hours! I know they are warm, much warmer in the weather then ever before with their own body heat and blankets. I read all the concerns, reviews, information, ordered, changed mind after some reviews, decided I could follow directions. BEST decsion EVER. Would like 10 more! Never want to be without :) and neither do the fur babies!

    Keep Those Outside Dogs Warm by Beagle's Mom from Starke, Florida01/20/2012

    We live in northern FL where the nights often go below freezing during the winter. I need to keep the outside hunting dogs warm. I have been ordering these for years; they really do the job. I simply put a few of these in between their blankets in their houses. I have even noted that they may be warm when I collect them the next AM. A must have for dogs that stay outside.

    Snuggle Safe Microwave heat pad by Kiakat11/21/2012

    I initially bought this when I had rescued a 3-4 week old kitten who needed to be kept warm and I don't like leaving heating pads on 24 hours a day. It was great then and again when I had some feral kittens I was trying to tame, it went into their cat house. They have new homes now. The heat in our house goes down when we are not there and so I heat up 6-7 of the heat pads and put them under cat beds, we have 11 rescues, and they all bundle up together. Best product ever!

    Love these by BP from Bayfield CO01/10/2013

    I have several rescue cats. A few outside areas have close access to electricity for heated mats but most do not so, SnuggleSafe pads are GREAT. I have used them in the past and have had no problems at all with them, I don't, however, think they retail their heat for as long as stated especially in really cold weather. I try to wait till 8 or 9 pm to place them in beds but even with this they have turned cool to cold by 5 or 6 am or before but nevertheless, these are a Godsend for kittys that would otherwise have no heat source but each other and sometimes they end up alone. I do wish they had a ring hole for attaching a retrieve cord/rope so they could be placed in hard to reach places like under a shed. I have also found that they need a "little" extra micowave time to last through the night but I always make sure they are warm not hot to the touch. If they seem to be a little too warm, I will place under a towel.

    Decent Product but took too long to get by Maryland01/21/2015

    This product has performed as described in its Bio. The warmth did not penetrate a cat bed when placed underneath, but will warm up under a comforter or similar bedding. If your outdoor temps drop below freezing, I would have a second option for warmth. I would not recommend buying from this company if you need the product in a reasonable amount of time. Their shipping department was not prompt and the items took 2 WEEKS to arrive.

    SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad 3-pack by Kathleen from Easthampton, Ma.01/31/2013

    During the extremely cold weather the SnuggleSafe Microwave heating pads have been a comfort to both my feral cat and myself. They have performed remarkably well. Daily they are warmed up and placed in his home. They do stay warm for quite a long time. I definately recommend them to anyone with an animal that will not yet accept indoor cat status.

    Excellent for kittens by fosterMom from Wichita, KS05/04/2012

    When you can't trust the kittens to leave a heater alone, these work great. They would just huddle around the pad.

    So Glad that I found Entirelypets.com by Beenheresince56 from Canada02/06/2012

    I am a wildlife custodian in Canada. Our temps here go down to -13C. For some reason we cannot find Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pads here. I have looked everywhere near where I live and have never found them. I found them at Entirelypets.com and ordered the 3 pack. I can't say enough good about these things. When overwintering a "single" or late litters, of any kind of animals, these things are perfect. I heat one up in the microwave, put it with them at night and in the morning they are still slightly warm. Warm another one up, put it under the blankets or in a hammock and it will last until night. Keeps them nice and toasty warm and sure saves on hydro and completely safe. No more heating lamps for me! These are wonderful! The shipping for 3 was the same as the shipping for 1, so take the opportunity and get 3! Thank you so much Entirelypets.com!!! I am recommending this sight to everyone.


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