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Syner-GŪ Digestive Enzymes

Syner-GŪ Digestive EnzymesSyner-G® Digestive Enzyme Supplement assists in digestion and normal nutrient absorption in your pet's body. It also supports healthy digestion so that your pet can avoid occasional gastric distress with added benefits for skin health.

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Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes (200 Tablets)
Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes (200 Tablets)

($15.99)  $13.99
3-PACK Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes (600 Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats® minis
3-PACK Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes (600 Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats® minis

($44.99)  $39.99

($13.33 Each)

6-PACK Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes (1,200 Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats®
6-PACK Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes (1,200 Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats®

($84.99)  $76.99

($12.83 Each)

Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes Granules (454 g)
Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes Granules (454 g)

($15.99)  $11.99
3-PACK Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes Granules (1362 g) + FREE Joint Treats® minis
3-PACK Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes Granules (1362 g) + FREE Joint Treats® minis

($44.99)  $34.99

($11.66 Each)

6-PACK Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes Granules (2724 g) + FREE Joint Treats® minis
6-PACK Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes Granules (2724 g) + FREE Joint Treats® minis

($84.99)  $68.95

($11.49 Each)

Syner-G® Digestive Enzyme Supplement assists in digestion and normal nutrient absorption in your pet's body. It also supports healthy digestion so that your pet can avoid occasional gastric distress with added benefits for skin health. The soy based beef flavor of these chewable tablets make it easy to give your pet while you help support their regular digestion functions and help maintain a healthy intestinal tract, because Syner-G promotes intestinal well being.

Syner-G is a plant derived food enzyme supplement utilizing a proprietary formulation of specially cultured enzymes to hydrolyze starches, proteins, and triglycerides to break down cellulose. The breaking down of these compounds helps your pet's body assimilate essential nutrients. This enzyme supplement is a great way to ensure good health. Syner-G Digestive Enzymes is for dogs and cats only.

For Use In: Dogs and Cats
Feed directly to pet or crumble over pet's food.

Give 1 tablet for each cup of food given to pet. Amount should be doubled for companion animals eight years of age or older.
Guaranteed Analysis per (Tablet):
Crude Protein (min) 1%
Crude Fat (min) 0.1%
Crude Fiber (max) 20%
Moisture (max) 10%
*Alpha-Amylase (Aspergillus Oryzae var.) 2000 SKBU/g
*Lipase (Aspergillus Niger var.) 200 LU/g
*Cellulase (Aspergillus Niger var.) 50 CCHU/g
*Protease (Ananas Comosus var.) 8 GDU/g
* Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.
Ingredients: Lactose, Dried Aspergillus Oryzae (var.) Fermentation Product, Dried Aspergillus Niger (var.) Fermentation Product, Dried Bromelain Derived From Ananas Comosus (var.), and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (Soy).
4.62 rating based on 8 reviews
Featured Reviews for Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes (200 Tablets)
Really helps by Judy05/21/2008

Syner-g works pretty good. Our Lab RowRow had bad gas and now it's got way better and he's only been using syner-g for about a week. Thanks guys! Will definitely buy again.

Good product by Becky from Vancouver WA03/28/2014

Both my dogs like the Syner-G Digestive Enzymes. I just add to their food... Works great! Good price too.

Par for the course.... by V. Ballinger01/18/2012

We have tried pineapple, meat tenderizer, and now this product. DOESN'T WORK! Our dog is still eating our other 2 dogs pooh, but not his own. Very odd.

Stops stool eating habit by Cindy from Silverdale, WA07/01/2014

I feed to all 10 dogs and within days the dogs quit the fecal eating issue.

Syner-G for all the pets by Bev12/10/2012

I have given this product to our 4 furry loves.. We have two cats and two small dogs. As puppies will our youngest still wanted to mess in the cat's litter box. Not only being a great digestive assist, the Syner-G also aids in ending the nasty habit of coprophagy (stool eating).

Works well by JenK from Michigan09/24/2013

My youngest dog has had a sensitive stomach since he was a puppy. Using Syner-G with each meal has really helped to reduce those issues.

Great Product Ever! by Mina from The Shore09/09/2011

OMG I love this product! It also helped prevent stool eating! I definitely recommend this product. Thank you.

Works for my Labrador by Brandy from Goshen, NY06/09/2014

This definitely helps my Lab with her stomach issues. I had ran out of it and about a week later she was having gas issues again. So This very much helps her. As soon as she got back on it the gas issues went away.

Cat with IBS symptoms by PJ04/10/2013

I adopted a long-term shelter cat with IBS symptoms. The digestive enzymes are part of her maintenance and she finds them delicious!

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes (600 Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats® minis
Great for my dog by DogChic from San Diego, CA10/29/2011

Our dog has tummy issues, and Syner-G has been great. He's been on it for over 2 years now, and it works just as well as it's pricier competitors. I highly recommend this product to any pet owner who wants to give their animals additional digestion support.

Great Digestive Aid for my Small Dogs by pam from Portland OR area10/23/2011

I have been using this product for about 4 years now, it works very well to help keep my small dogs from getting stinky gas problems. And I know I can always find it here at Entirely Pets in stock and at a great price. And this time they even put it together in a 3 pack with free mini joint treats WOW what more can I ask for. Super fast shipping too. Thanks so much!

Better than powder enzymes for epi by Ginger Chilcote from Glendale, Arizona12/26/2012

So far so good, German Shepherd seems to be doing better with these tablets. Thank you!

Our Older Chi eats much better with these Enzymes by Pammy from Washougal WA11/06/2012

We have a 14 year old Chihuahua Mix and he was not eating good, tummy upset and would throw up sometimes. Now with these Digestive Enzymes he is anxious to eat and feels great after, no throw ups, any more :)

Works great! by Black lab from Martinez, CA11/24/2012

One of my dogs had gastropexy surgery. I tried so many different things. Changing food (prescription), antibiotic trials, ultrasound etc... None of them worked.... After the surgery, her stomach was still bloated, burping, and gassy very often. Since she started taking Syner-G, it seemed like digestive very smoothly, and less and less burping and gassing. I just put it in her food, and she eats it as a kibble/treat. Works really well and the price is great!!

Featured Reviews for Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes Granules (454 g)
Worth a try by Sandy05/16/2014

It helps the gas problem with the 14 yr. old dog but it does not help with the itching of the five yr old dog.

Finally... firm stools! by Toby's mom05/27/2009

My German Shepherd Dog had soft stools (not diarrhea, but pudding like), I used probiotics, but he only had logs (firm poop) 50% of the time,,, Finally, with Syner-G, he has firm stools all the time!! I recommend this product highly, and a must-buy with Entirely Pets prices!!

Great product by Bernice from Oregon08/17/2014

Both my dogs and cats have improved digestion with this product...would recommend to anyone

Stopped litterbox raids! by Katherine07/08/2008

Since using a digestive aid my dogs have stopped raiding the cats litterbox! I tried everything to stop them, but the digestive aid did the trick! The added benefit is their stools are firmer & no more upset tummy's. I use it evertime I feed them.

Helps My 16 Yr Old Dog Eat Again by SandyNorth Pole12/19/2008

I was using other enzymes which worked well, but the flavor was not enticing for my older dog. She was refusing her food. Now when I sprinkle SynerG Granules she licks the plate clean and still has great effects on her digestion. Thank You

Essential addition to food! by Debe from AZ08/10/2013

I've used this for years, even in good quality dog food, to add back in what is mostly cooked out! Helps digestion and adds important enzymes!

Syner-G granules for stopping coprophagia by puppylover02/03/2012

So far so good! I've been using this for a few weeks now, and after about a week, it really started working just like others said it would. I can't believe the poo-eating has stopped! Over the years, I've tried everything, and this is working WAY better than the deterrents. It's a different, more effective approach to this problem. The dogs go crazy for it, and it's cheap enough to feed to both dogs forever if necessary, since you only use a very small amount.

GREAT product- GREATER value! by Weimdal from San Fernando Valley11/07/2012

Best & most cost effective digestive enzyme around. We used the more expensive brand for a long while until we found this. It is exceptional...helps our dogs greatly. You know how effective it is when you run out and are waiting for your shipment. HIGHLY recommend to everyone...great for dogs of all ages!

No more stink bombs! by C Boles04/17/2008

Our 130 lb Rott/Mastiff had terrible digestion problems which contantly cleared the room. Once we started using Syner-G daily with each feeding his problems disappeared! Thank you!

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes Granules (1362 g) + FREE Joint Treats® minis
good digestif for my 3 dogs by bluesky from chicoutimi qc canada08/25/2013

excellent for my dogs. my colley have a sensible digestion. it's better with this enzymes digestives. thanks for this product.

by Wraper203/17/2012

I am over the moon pleased with the product! Works as advertised.

GREAT product! GREAT value! by CAC from Los Angeles area01/01/2012

I recommend this product to all dog owners & not just for senior dogs but for all ages. Our 13 Weim's coat is the skinniest & the her health has only improved. We have given Syner-G to all our dogs even the puppies, and with all the chewing, everything is "always digested ". Besides all the health benefits, it us an EXCELLENT value with the same ingredients as the more expensive brands.

product ok, shipping time horrible. by amyh06/21/2013

Shipping almost took 2 weeks which was disappointing.

Great Product!! by Carol Elledge from Watauga, Texas11/27/2011

Excellent Service!! Great Product works very well!

Great product & great price by Jjones76 from Wetumpka,AL05/19/2014

I feed a raw diet and since most of my dogs are seniors I started adding this supplement to aid in digestion. It's a great product for a great price. Even the cats like it! And the free joint treats are a plus!

Syner-G The Best Supplement by moose from Oakridge, Oregon11/04/2012

Have used this product for several years with several rescue Great Danes, Switched from Prozyme which is also a good product but Syner-G is not just a anti bloating supplement of course it eliminates gas but it also helps them increase the utilization rates of thier meals. Some of my rescues have been very thin and within 10 days of use the dogs literally bloom before your eyes. Great coats, great stools. Great Stuff ....:-)

Best Value by CC from San Fernando Valley07/18/2013

Best value around. Quality product - great price! Even better than the more expensive brands. We have 4 large breed dogs and feed them twice a day. Buying the 3-pack lasts us 2 1/2 months.. Syner-G is well worth the $$ and benefits the dogs greatly...Thank you!!!!

Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes Granules (2724 g) + FREE Joint Treats® minis
great product, horrible vendor by ddri from Oregon03/04/2013

Let me start by saying I love Syner G. My problem was not with the product. It was with Entirely Pets. I ordered a 6 pack of the Syner G granules on 1/20/13. Got a call in early Feb saying they were on extended back order from the manufacturer. Would I like the tablets instead? I asked if the cost would work out to be the same and was told yes. Was also told the tablets were in stock and could ship immediately. I said okay. On 3/1/13 they finally showed up. Obviously they were not in stock as shipping would take a week at most. And they were not the same cost. T be fair, the price per container was the same. I ordered a 6 pack of granules, I got a 6 pack of tablets. The cost for the 6 packs was the same. BUT the containers of tablets are 200 grams whereas the containers of granules are 454 grams. That means it cost me more than twice as much per dose. Running a rescue, speed of delivery was an issue, which is why I made sure the tablets were supposed to be in stock. And cost is a huge issue. I care for between 8 and 15 Great Danes, all of whom are on the Syner G. A container of the granules lasts me about a month. A container of tablets lasts me a week and a half. Over the course of a year, that makes a big difference. When I called I was basically blown off. They were "very sorry" but they weren't going to do much to help me. They offered to send a call tag or to give me a 15% credit. The fact that I was forced to wait almost 6 weeks was no big deal to them. The fact that they lied about the tablets being in stock was no big deal to them. The fact that they lied about the cost, was no big deal to them. The fact that I paid more than twice as much for the product was no big deal to them. I have never been treated so poorly. I know the back-order was not their problem. But the added delay in shipping WAS. And the failure to tell me the cost per dose was more than twice as much, WAS. A number of us in rescue have been customers of Entirely Pets for years. None of us will ever do any business with them again. When you screw up, you pay for your mistakes, not the customer. You do whatever it takes to make sure the customer gets what they paid for, even if you loose money on that particular sale. Because you'll keep a customer that way, and make up your loss over time. That's smart business. What Entirely pets offered me was an insult, and bad business. It will absolutely cost them much more than making it right with me would have.

best additive yet by dog lady02/26/2011

I have six dogs Frenchies and Bostons they can be very gasy I've used beano and that does work. But I've found this and boy does it take away the gas. First feeding out .Hoping it continues to work

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