Bergan Turbo Cat Scratchers

Bergan Turbo Cat ScratchersBergan Turbo Scratcher Cats find this toy simply irresistible! They love to bat the lightweight ball around the track and get a kick out of sharpening their claws on the cardboard scratchpad in the center at the same time! Perfect for the cat that finds his current toys simply boring!

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy (Assorted)
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy (Assorted)

($25.99)  $13.99
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Ball - Assorted
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Ball - Assorted

($7.99)  $5.99
3 Pack Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Ball - Assorted
3 Pack Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Ball - Assorted

($20.99)  $15.99
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads (2-Pack)
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads (2-Pack)

($8.99)  $7.09
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads (6-Pack)
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads (6-Pack)

($50.99)  $38.99
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads (12-Pack)
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads (12-Pack)

($89.99)  $79.99
Bergan Turbo Scratcher & Star Chaser Cat Grass
Bergan Turbo Scratcher & Star Chaser Cat Grass

($9.99)  $6.99
Bergan Turbo Scratcher & Star Chaser Cat Grass Refill
Bergan Turbo Scratcher & Star Chaser Cat Grass Refill

($3.99)  $2.59
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Grooming Arch
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Grooming Arch

($9.99)  $6.99
Bergan Turbo Teaser Toys
Bergan Turbo Teaser Toys

($9.99)  $6.99

Turboscratcher Cat Toy

Cat Toy and Scratcher Pad offers hours of fun and exercise for your cat while reducing potential furniture damage due to scratching.
Catnip and ball included. Scratch pad is replaceable. 16 Diameter x 1.88

Provide hours of playful activity

Provide exercise and mental stimulation

Helps reduce furniture scratching

Ball in the circular track provides hours of entertainment

Scratch pad is replaceable

This item ships ground delivery only. Please allow 3 to 8 days for your delivery to arrive. For more shipping info click here.
5.00 rating based on 11 reviews
Featured Reviews for Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy (Assorted)
The cats love it by Layla11/07/2012

Both of my cats love this product they play with it everyday. At night we have to turn it over because they play with it at all hours day and night.

Cats Love it!!! by RobinT12/16/2012

My cats actually love this toy. They play with it for hours. And it gives them a scratching outlet also so they don't scratch my furniture. I am very happy with it!

Fun by Mac from AL12/27/2013

Very entertaining to watch the cats with this toy. They love it!

Too Much Fun by laxprs from Northern VA01/01/2013

Our 4 month old kitten, who adopted us, absolutely LOVES this toy. She's either pouncing on the center pad then batting the ball around or she's laying along side of it with both front paws batting the ball back and forth. She's so funny to watch. Terrific purchase. It also helps us in training her to scratch on the center pad and not the furniture. We're very pleased with this.

Cats love this by BP from Bayfield CO01/10/2013

This is better built than a previous version. My cats like the scratching pad the best but a few will play with the ball. I am not sure if they like the lighted ball or not but I think it is cool.

by mike e02/28/2012

could not have been treated better- - -had an issue and it was corrected perfectly- - -my go to place from now on!

My cats LOVE this toy! by Angela03/27/2009

I have two cats and they both equally love this toy. This is easily the best cat toy they've ever had. They usually get easily bored with new toys, but both of them still play with this every day. Sometimes together and sometimes not.

great entertainment by hangbab from Columbus, NE03/04/2012

great entertainment for my kitten, and me! He loves chasing the ball around. gives him something to chase, besides my older cat! and he loves stretching his claws on the middle section. occasionally put a little catnip on mid section to keep his interest! very entertaining to watch!

Great Cat Entertainment! by Diana from Sacramento,CA03/16/2010

Keeps my cat playing day in and day out. The only thing is that I have wood floors, so have to keep it on a skid proof pad. Other than that they really enjoying chasing the ball and scratching on the cardboard.

FUN, FUN by fosterMom from Wichita, KS05/04/2012

I have cats that like to just scratch on it, cats that like to just sit in the middle, cats that love to run by and give the ball a whack and cats that will sit there and zoom the ball around as fast as it can go. I bought three of these.

Endless entertainment - for them and for you. by cminniect from Bethany, CT03/27/2012

We've got 2 of these toys. Forget the scratcher part, I've yet to see my cats use this as a scratcher. They just love batting the ball stopping it as it comes around and batting it the other way. They have developed quite the technique! Provides them with lots of entertainment and watching them just makes me smile.

Featured Reviews for Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Ball - Assorted
do not buy by ladypeacock6404/02/2013

Received and it didn't work. Was quickly replaced by Entirely Pets. The replacement lasted 3 days and hasn't worked since.

Lighted ball by BargainLady12/30/2012

The cats and dog love this in the track. They all play together with this one! So cute!

bad by colleen 828706/29/2013

ball does not light up and thats why i got it ! called customer service day after recieveing it talked to a very unfriendly man not good in cs ! he said he would replace it thats 2 weeks ago and nothing yet ! bad customer service and company

not good by dingy from NEW JERSEY07/14/2013


Great by Janet from NJ11/08/2011

I have two kittens, they are really enjoying this ball rather than the one that came with the original product

Featured Reviews for 3 Pack Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Ball - Assorted
Happy Cats by hollyspringer03/17/2012

The replacement turbo balls worked and my cats are happy again.



3 Pack Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Balls by Teejay01/16/2012

Good value for price, works well, excellent packaging; our cats Jewell & Chyna thank you!

Light up ball by Dee from Danville,Pa10/23/2012

These balls in the circle toys are wonderfull!The kitten enjoys the old toy we had and the older cats even join in again.

Fun Ball by Fran's Felines from New Bern, NC03/08/2014

My cats love the turbo rings and love to get this ball rolling fast.

Featured Reviews for Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads (2-Pack)
Great product by jgold from NY12/09/2012

Cats love this. Cats never get sick of this. I use a little catnip and they go crazy.

by from 09/24/2013

Finally found them.!!!! by Cheri from Venice Florida03/01/2012

I was THRILLED to see ya'll carried the Turbo Scratcher, my pet stores here in Venice, Fla don't have them. And the Petsmart in Sarasota does but at a much higher price. SO Thank you so much, for carrying an item my cat can't live without. Everything arrived within 4 days and in excellent condition.

by justinsane mom10/24/2012

cats enjoy turbo toy and use scratch disc because it is so close

by cat keepers10/15/2011

These are necessary! Got the Turbo scratcher a while back - the first cat took about 45 seconds to discover it. In the first 30 minutes, all 5 house cats took turns on it. Never saw them share something this well. The original scratcher insert was shreds, so we needed replacements. Wondering about the barn cats . . .

by lwerline99901/21/2015

My can ruined my furniture once but not since I buy him turbo scratchers!

Best scratching toy by MJ10/27/2011

This will keep my cat occupied and not tear up the furniture. I usually sprinkle catnip on it.

So Glad i found it by grandma51 from Gloversville, New York12/03/2011

I have been looking all over for the refills for this scratcher for over a year. I recieved my order in a timely manner and it is just what I expected. The fit is perfect you get 2 for such a low price. I always turn the scratcher over and use both sides so my cat will get a lot of use for such a small price. Highly recommended and service was great.

by from 03/20/2012

Have a new kitten and she loves this toy. Used so much, she wore out the scratcher. I couldn't find replacement in any of the stores here, so ordered online, received really fast, just what I expected.

have by bought from FleaRecommend


by ljt08/10/2014

My one cat loves scratching on cardboard; the other one does not.

Good exercise by Fran's Felines from New Bern, NC02/18/2014

My cats love these scratchers and the rings they go into. Keeps my guys very active.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pdts by Cheri from Venice, Fla.12/17/2012

These hard to find pads are a must for my cat, he loves them and trust me they take alot of wear and tear from him. So I order them from Entirely Pets, the only place that I can get them at a VERY reasonable price. Even with s&h still cheaper than other stores.

Turbo Scratcher Refills by Monte from Clarksville, TN06/21/2013

Excellent product; have been using for a long time. Cats love them and they hold up.

Great toy and scratcher by tvcatrescue from Long Island, NY08/14/2014

Currently I have three cats, 1 senior and two 4-yr olds. All use the center to scratch and enjoy pushing the ball around for play.

Furniture Saved! by ee07/03/2012

My cats love this. I've tried tons of scratchers over the years, but this is the one that saved my furniture. The shape even allows my older cat to lie on it and scratch, which he loves.

by Mad Cats07/18/2012

I have a cat shelter and I keep buying these replacements over and over again. The cats love their toys..

great product by bj05/02/2013

I love the turbo kitty replacements. My cats play for hours on end with this toy.

great scratcher by Redseawitch from Salem NY09/02/2013

We have two Turbo scratchers and it saves the funiture. Cats love it.

Featured Reviews for Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads (6-Pack)
by from 01/22/2013

This toy is amazing! My cats love it. Believe it or not, I went to a pet store (unnamed) looking for replacements, and they stated they didn't sell them any longer! I was so upset.

them by here from onThen


WONDERFUL by SPIKE from Hemet, CA03/09/2013

Spike just loved to have his pads back could not find them he is one happy cat

best purchase ever for cats by Vegas from Belize04/16/2013

Have used this product for many, many years. We have three cats and they prefer the Turbo Scratcher to the furniture!!!!

Only Place I Could Find Them by Kittens Dad06/06/2012

The local pet stores quit carrying the inserts for my cats favorite toy. I am very glad that I found them on this website. The cat is happy again!

Great purchase. by Nettie from Cookeville, TN02/18/2014

I have purchased the Bergan Turbo scratcher replacement pads for many years. They are wonderful scratchers as well as the holder and ball that goes round and round. We have seven cats and many of them are elderly. Even our older cats use the scratchers and still play with the ball. I am so glad that Entirely Pets has the replacement scratcher pads in large quantities. Very pleased and satisfied with our purchase.

Great price! by T & F from Gettysburg, PA07/31/2012

For some reason, I have found it difficult finding the replacement pads for my old turbo-scratchers; and if I do happen to find them, they are terribly expensive. Finding your six-pack at such a good price is great, and the pads fit "purr-fectly" - my cats are delighted. Thank you!

Scratcher Replacement Pads by Angel from Farmington Hills, MI12/30/2012

I recently purchased a 6-pack of the Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads and am very glad I did. While I was waiting for the Replacements, I had to put the Turbo Scratcher up and out of my cat's sight. They were both quite distraught that it had vanished. Since I received the Replacements, and have been able to give the cats their Turbo Scratcher back with the Replacement in place, they are happy :)

Stuck together by jqsadams11/21/2011

The "6-Pack" was comprised of three individually shrink-wrapped 2-packs. The two corrrugated cardboard disks in one pack were stuck together, requiring sawing them apart. The other two packs haven't been opened yet. Our two cats enjoy these disks, and this is the first time we've encountered a manufacturing defect. I emailed EntirelyPets and Bergan Pet Products a couple of days ago, but haven't heard from either.

Almost Perfect by MichaelT from Clarks Summit, PA01/22/2014

The cats love the TurboScratchers and these inserts are the perfect replacement for worn out scratchers. I have two issues: 1. The cardboard comes out and comes apart (I mean, really, that's why they're refillable). It just makes a mess where ever you put the TurboScratcher. 2. The scratcher comes out of the TurboScratcher while it wears. I fixed that by drilling a hole in the middle of the TurboScratcher and putting a bolt, a couple washers, and a nut on it. Now they stay in until they're ripped-through.

by Angie12/12/2011

My cats love this to play with and to scratch on to sharpen their claws.

WATCH OUT by DECEIVED from Niskayuan, N.Y.05/13/2011

Picture shows 6 packs of 2, what you get is 3 packs of 2 for a total of 6 pads. If you look at the 12 pack the picture shows 12 packs of two but you only get 6 packs of two for a total of 12. Very deceiving. Be on your guard. This message will probably not be posted since it's bad for business. Go somewhere else to buy your supplies.

Featured Reviews for Bergan Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads (12-Pack)
awesome by peepers from paulding, ohio02/13/2012

I volunteer at a cat rescue center and we go thru these pads like crazy. They last a lot longer that other scratcher items. tnks

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