• Vetoquinol Pill Wrap Oral Paste (4 oz)

    Vetoquinol Pill Wrap Oral Paste (4 oz)

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    Pill Wrap offers an effective means of feeding your dog or cat its medications. With a simply pinch of Pill Wrap, you can add a flavorful, shapeable coating to the exterior of the pill. Dogs and cats love the taste of Pill Wrap and will gladly accept their vitamins, supplements or medications. Feeding your pet will be as easy as feeding them a treat!

  • Make feeding your pet its medications easy.
  • Shapeable and flavorful.
  • Dogs and cats love the taste!
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    Usage Information

    Take a pinch of Pill Wrap. Wrap the pill until completely covered. Feed like a treat.

    Store in a cool, dry place and keep container closed when not in use. Use as indicated.

    For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children.


    Wheat flour, Corn syrup, Glycerin, Vegetable oil, Stabilized rice bran, Spray dried liver powder (stabilized with BHA, Propyl gallate, Citric acid), Dried corn syrup, Lecithin, Dried cheese, Fish oil, Natural flavors, Salt, Sorbic acid, Calcium propionate (to preserve freshness), Brewers dried yeast, Sodium acid pyrophosphate, and Rosemary extract.

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein ... (Min) 5%
    Crude Fat ... (Min) 4%
    Crude Fiber ... (Max) 5%
    Moisture ... (Max) 25%

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Vetoquinol Pill Wrap by Auntie to two toy poodles from Southern California11/11/2012

    Mimi loves this pill wrap. Skipper hates it. So my suggestion is to try it and go from there. I have to wrap Skipper's pills in Velveeta cheese while the pill wrap is molded onto the pill for Mimi. My cat doesn't like the pill wrap either. But then, she doesn't like much of anything that is supposedly good for her. I suggest you try it because each pet is sooo different.

    This Stuff is Fantastic! by Margo's Mom from TX01/23/2015

    My border collie, Margo, has allergies and has to take meds for them daily. I used peanut butter to disguise the meds for years until a friend brought me a jar of Pill Wrap. Wow ... so much easier and she loves it. I wrap all of the pills into one treat - when I go to the kitchen she follows me and waits for her treat. Might not work for everyone but it sure works for us! Margo thanks the maker all the time!

    This stuff is good by Chris from Jacksonville, Fl05/11/2013

    Pill paste is great for making tiny or not so tiny "pill pockets" for meds. Most of my cats love it but a few are not consistent with regular use. I use it daily for one of my cats & he never gets tired of it. Very economical if you need to medicate daily or have multiple cats/meds.

    great stuff by big dog from Northern California06/09/2014

    Our dog is a very picky eater, she loves taking her pills now!

    Forget the Pill Pockets, this stuff ROCKS by Jack's Mom from Woodbridge, VA02/07/2012

    My dog gets a daily pill, and I had been using Pill Pockets to administer it for a long time. They were obviously yummy to my dog, but there was so much excess product in each pocket, and the cost was outrageous. The Vetoquinol pill paste is the greatest invention ever! I can use just enough to cover the pill, Jack loves the taste, and I am spending a fraction of what I used to spend. I highly recommend this product!

    Excellent Idea but they need more flavors by Jen12/17/2012

    Tried using this for my adult cat, and while the concept is great (I think those pill pockets are too large in size - this you can mold the amount you want) my cat didn't show any interest in it. Maybe because it was bacon flavor, maybe because it wasn't fish flavored...(it only comes in bacon currently). At any rate, great product, just wasn't liked by my cat.

    Great stuff by Jimc from North Carolina09/18/2014

    My Bichon needs to take pills every day. I wrap his pills in this pill wrap and and wrap a piece of ham around the pill wrap ball containing his meds. He is a bit of a pain, but most times the wrap works,

    Pill Wrap paste by JODEYE from Pennsylvania10/17/2012

    I was going to order this product UNTIL I read the ingredients. Any one that is up on pet food knows to avoid BHA and BHT at all costs. This is a known cancer causing agent. I will not buy this product because it contains BHA. Please look this up on the internet and always check your pets food/snacks. These are used as preservatives. Stay away

    Not recommended for cats by DebbieB from Austin, TX02/10/2012

    I bought this as an alternative to Pill Pockets, which two of my cats who got daily pills seemed to be getting tired of. They were even less interested in the pills when covered in the Pill Wrap Oral Paste. This product has a very smoky aroma, which I'm guessing dogs might be attacted to, but the cats seemed very turned off to it.

    Pill Paste by RHouse from San Antonio, TX10/23/2012

    This is a terrific product. Our dog is on several medications, and before we started using Vetoquinol Pill Paste, we were lucky to get any of his pills down his throat without a fight (or he would pretend to eat them and we would find them later hidden in a couch cushion). With the Pill Paste he gobbles up any pills we give him like they are his favorite treats.

    dogs love it, cats not so much by tia from Rochester, NY01/03/2013

    This works great for my dogs! Even the finicky little ones who sniff everything first will gladly eat anything wrapped with this. I've even put tiny balls of it on new food to tempt little dogs to eat. Very neat and clean to use -- not sticky or gooey. A little goes a long way. My cats were not interested in the least -- maybe they would like a different flavor better.

    He rejects to swallow and taste it. by Kutluay from Turkey12/15/2013

    I have a cat 19 who is CKD. We are using several pills together. I bought this product to make the administration easy. I trusted its brand and so its taste. But my cat rejected to swallow it, althought the pill is in very small caps. Its taste should be better. Rather than using this product, i give the pills with a little mayoneisse.

    LOVE THIS STUFF! WELL, THE CATS DO! by LindaSabat from Cape Coral, FL02/12/2014

    Used to used "pill pockets" to administer my cats meds, but they went off it! THEY ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS STUFF! Will eat anything I put in it, and it's cheaper per use then the Pill Pockets!

    pill wrap by grammy01/22/2015

    My picky cat will not take her meds unless they are wrapped in this pill wrap. We've tried others but none passed her test except Vetoquinol!

    Not good for cats by My 2 cents11/13/2013

    This product has a heavy molasses smell. It might work well for dogs but I have three cats who all refused it. They showed no interest in it at all. Pill pockets has flavors more suitable for cats.

    Excelllent product by Nete,pronounced Neat from wernersville,Pa.12/13/2012

    I have a f inniky dog who won''t take chewable medicine of any kind, A friend !gave me a jar of the pill wrap and my dog loves it.! I would recommend it to one and all.

    Max Loves It by CattyPatty09/20/2014

    Our 10 year old Max is on daily blood pressure medication. He gobbles up his wrapped pill every morning like it's a treat. Did try on one of our other cats that needed short-term antibiotic and he refused it. I guess it just depends on the cat! I do think a fish flavored wrap would be more enticing to cats.

    Great Product by DKF09/12/2014

    The pill wrap works wonderfully. You can use as little or as much as you like to wrap the pill. It smells like bacon. I just put the pill(s) on the floor and my dog gobbles them. I highly recommend this product.

    Good, but... by SH10/23/2012

    This is a bacon flavored wrap that my dog loved at first for her twice-a-day pills. Now she won't touch it. She IS pretty picky, so it would probably be fine for most dogs. It is a fine wrap- it does not crumble like some wraps do.

    by Anja B. from Sarasota FL12/26/2012

    Great product! My cats love it. It is a much better value than pill pockets.

    Dogs love it! by Chris10/17/2013

    This product makes giving pills so easy. My 4 dogs can not have cheese or peanut butter and just a thin layer of this wrap gets them to eat their pills. Wonderful and lasts a very long time.

    by from 04/02/2012

    I give my cat a maintenance medication two times daily, usually with half a Pill Pocket. I like this product because you can pinch off as much or as little as you need. It has a strong bacon odor, which the cats seem to find appealing also.

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