3 PACK VetriScience Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews (360 chews)

    3 PACK VetriScience Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews (360 chews)

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    VetriScience Vetri-lysine Plus Soft Chews (360 chews) is a highly palatable chicken liver flavored soft chew formula designed to support Immune System Function for cats and kittens only.

    Vetri-Lysine Plus Supports

  • Immune system Function
  • Collagen formation
  • Tissue repair
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Antibody and Lymphocyte production
  • Directions

    Adult Cat: Give 1 or 2 soft chews, twice daily.
    Kittens: Give 1 soft chew, twice daily.


    Active Ingredients Per Approximately 2 Soft Chews:
    L-Lysine . . . . . . . . . . . . . .250 mg
    N,N-Dimethylglycine (DMG) HCl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 mg
    Inactive Ingredients: brewers yeast, canola oil, chicken liver flavor, citric acid, glycerin, mixed tocopherols, propionic acid, proprietary blend (maltodextrin, sodium alginate and calcium sulfate), rosemary extract, silicon dioxide, soy lecithin, vegetable oil.

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    Always dependable by Pat11/26/2013

    I rely on entirelypets.com for my special items for my three cats. Shipping is very reasonable.

    My Cats Refuse to Eat Them by sschmuhl from Jamestown, ND05/29/2014

    They were what I expected them to be. My cats just wouldn't eat them.

    Awesome product! by dew's mom from Mountains of NC05/13/2013

    Love this product! Keeps my cat's eyes clear & keeps them healthy. 3 out of 4 of my cat's love the taste. Keep these in the house at all times!

    Vetri Lysine-Plus by janet from north jersey11/10/2012

    I have 3 kittens, adopted from a shelter who turn out to have had herpes of the eyes. They love taking the supplements and come running when they hear the bag open. So far, none have had any breakdowns so I think the product works.

    great deal by bfreehill from boulder, co01/01/2013

    my second order of the vetri lysine plus. my 2 cats need lysine everyday and this is a good cheap solution to buying from my vet. They charge almost double. both orders have shipped fast and product seems fresh.

    Good Value by EthneDragon from Chantilly, Va07/24/2012

    I have a number of cats and need to treat them for feline herpes, so the 3 pack makes it cost effective and eliminates the need to constantly order. The product is palatable and accepted readily by most cats.

    Supplement gets a Thumbs Up-lement!! by Rocco from Buford, Georgia03/12/2014

    This supplement is the best medicine I've found in controlling & knocking down rhino-virus symptoms. Easy to dose, 'cause cats love the flavor. Also economical when buying in multiples from ENTIRELY PETS !

    disapointed by Becky from Cedar Rapids Iowa12/16/2013

    I tried this product in hopes my cat would have a treat vs. the food additive. My cat did not want to eat these treats. It fails to work on the problems. The coughing and sneezing came back. I went back to using the food additive and it corrected the cats symptoms.

    1st Product Purchase by Missy from Harrison, TN02/22/2013

    Cruiser's vet recommended Lysine for his eye condition, I search the web and found your site. Ordered the products and had them within just a few a days. No complaints with the product, service, or website.

    Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews by Debbie from Central Kansas12/20/2013

    This product is absolutely the best pet product I have ever purchased. Since I started giving this to my cats, we no longer have any sickness in them, especially in their eyes, no infection, honestly since I started giving this to Lucy & Ethel, other than their normal shots for rabies ect... They have not been sick and to the vet in over 3 years. I can not believe this product is that good but I swear by it. Try it you will not regret your decision.

    lysine by mac03/12/2013

    My cats love these one eats it as soon as I put it down the other lets me push it down his throat. They are so much healthier since they have been taking these. Love them.

    Cat eats them up easily ... by HazelC07/28/2014

    We're not sure if our cat has Herpes or not - but she has one weepy eye. As she takes these morning and evening without a problem we think precaution is OK and they probably do help.

    Vetri-Lysine chews, feline by Peter from Texas10/22/2012

    Our cat tested positive for FIV, so immune system health is very important. He frequently got viral eye infections; since we started him on Vetri-Lysine three years ago, he has been healthy and largely eye infection-free. When he does get eye infections, they don't last nearly as long. His bloodwork has remained nearly normal. Great product.

    by MeowMom05/31/2012

    Great product. All my cats love it They line up for them like treats. Sometimes they will even steal a piece from another cat by reaching over with their paw and pulling a piece towards them. Very good for the cat that has an immune system issue but they all have to have some or they get jealous.

    Great product! by mira from Las Vegas, NV10/23/2012

    This product prevents my cat's feline herpes from flairing up.

    by from 02/16/2014

    Very effective by Neko from Hong Kong10/11/2013

    One of my cat got watery eyes after home moving, doubt that it's the symptom of cat flu due to stress, I gave him 2 treats for few days and he is fine then, very good treats to have 1 or 2 packs at home

    Great product by Sis08/09/2012

    My cats love these chews! I was surprised they loved something so much that was good for them!

    Fluf loves her fishies three times more by frog09/19/2013

    An excellent buy for a greatly needed supplement. Not to mention, she loves them.

    Helps my cats stay healthy by devon_daddy02/20/2012

    Vetri-Lysine Plus is a product containing, well...L-Lysine among other things. Similar products exist, but Vetri-Lysine Plus is the one my two cats seem to accept (other competing products have strange dispensers, consistency, or seem to smell a bit unnatural). Not these babies, a few for each cat daily really helps control their Upper Respritory/sniffles/eye gunk to help them stay strong and healthy. This has become a trusted staple in our household. Thank you Entirely Pets, Thank you Vetri-Science.

    Good Lysine Treat by Callie from Baltimore, MD11/07/2012

    My kitty never tires of these treats and they seem to be quite effective at keeping her herpes in check. Although I still apply ointment to her eye daily.

    really works by Redseawitch from Salem NY12/27/2012

    My cat is much better and enjoys taking her treats. She did not like the gel. I have two cats taking the Lysine, one takes the gel on her food and the other one has the treats.

    great product by KitKat's owner06/06/2012

    Our a cat lived in the wild for 4 years. Then one day he hit the lottery and moved in with us. This product really works well for his runny eyes. 2 treats morning and night mixed in with his wet food keeps his runny eyes under control. He's really spoiled! I know he appreciates his treats and the love he now has.

    Great Product by kaj3978 from Wayne, NJ10/21/2013

    These chews have lessened the reoccurence of feline herpes in my cat. He has not had a flare up in a few months. I have ordered the same chews from other sites and they were very hard, maybe stale. The chews ordered on this site are soft and easy for my cat to chew.

    Great Product by Vicky<3sCats from New York06/24/2013

    My cats vet recommended I put her on Lysine daily for the rest of her life. I've tried tablets, gels. My concern was crunchy treats (she has IBS also) I didn't want it to constipate her. I found these treats (they are soft). She loves them so much! I have NO problem with her eating them. Thanks Vetri-Science!

    Our cats love 'em by Havasukats from Lake Havasu City, AZ01/12/2012

    We originally got these at the vet for a kitty who'd been sneezing for months, but whose bloodwork showed nothing was wrong. Not only does he like them, our other two LOVE them, which is why I ordered more online.

    MY MOST IMPORTANT PET PURCHASE by SONIA from San Jose, CA07/07/2012

    I purchase the Vetrilysine Plus every 3 months or so and consistantly give it to my kitty. Gizmo, as he is called will not let me forget a dose. Once first thing in the morning and again when it gets dark. He just loves them and they keep him from getting the upper respiratory problems that may otherwise effect him. Since he was about 8 weeks he has had this problem recurring until I started the Vetrilysine. Now, it is never a problem unless he becomes extremely stressed from traveling or something. If that happens I double up on the dosage and it clears up. As an immunity booster it is great . can't do without it.

    Great Stuff by MayMay&Allie06/20/2012

    The best stuff to help my two cats with Feline Herpes.

    Love it! by moboto from Bellevue, WA03/04/2012

    One of my cats has a chronic herpes eye infection. I give him these treats as a way to get him extra lysine to help control the disease. He LOVES them and they do seem to help. I also use lysine power on his wet food so these are more of a supplement, especially for those times he decides to be picky and won't eat his wet food.

    Great Service by CW08/14/2013

    Purchasing Vetri-Lysine from Entirely Pets is not only a great savings for a good product but the service is outstanding. I'm sold!

    Kittens love the taste!! by denette from Whitman County, WA02/27/2012

    Kittens have three all have Herpes have been giving them these treats for 2.5 weeks. One seems to be doing real well. Other two have improved a lot. Still have one that is sneezing and stuffed up. All their eyes are greatly improved. Hoping to see them all better in other week. It's winter and they are outdoor cats but have nice warm shelter. I am glad they like the treats, makes it real easy to give them twice a day. Will continue treatment if they continue to get better. Would give it a 5 star if they totally well. Giving large kitten who is sickest 2 twice a day and littler ones 1.5 twice a day. Hope it works. Haven't read anywhere how long it takes to clear them up?/

    excellent product by mbarchi from Rhode Island03/23/2012

    I love these soft chews for my cat. It's easier than trying to administer lysine gel or other forms of lysine. She loves the chews. Just be careful not to give cat too many. More than 2 or 3 can cause an upset stomach.

    My Cat Loves These by Jb from Massachusetts01/16/2015

    My Vet recommended these Lysine chews for my older cat who has a chronic eye condition. Thankfully my cat loves these treats and they also do a great job of keeping his condition fairly well under control. Entirely Pets offers a very reasonable bulk package of three with super fast shipping, and the product is always fresh upon arrival. Highly recommend the Vetri Science Vetri-Lysine Soft Chews while also highly recommending Entirely Pets!

    by from 07/10/2013

    My vet recommended these chews for my cats, some of whom were born of a litter in which all the kittens had herpes in their eyes (from the mother, I'm told). These chews help boost their immune systems, specifically for eye-related inflammations, and my 3 cats just love them. They eat them like they're treats both with their morning and evening meals.

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    Great product...but a problem by kittymamma0308/15/2012

    This is an excellent product but I had to order it twice. It came by way of USPS and ended up sitting in my mailbox for 4-5 hours when the outside temperature was 95 degrees and inside the mailbox probably 120. The product is supposed to stay cool, and will denature at around 104-105 degrees, so that package was unusable. The second time I ordered it, I requested that the mail carrier bring it personally to my door, which he did, but because it had been sitting in the mail truck for hours in 95 degree weather, it was just as hot as the first package, and therefore unusable. When I called EntirelyPets, they said there was no temperature requirement, even though the package clearly states to store in a "cool, dry place." This would not be a problem in a cooler climate, but in mid summer in the South, the product needs to be sent at least on an ice pack, otherwise the nutritional content is destroyed by excessive heat in a mail truck/mailbox.

    Easy to administer by MS from Baltimore, MD07/14/2012

    These are the easiest way I have found to administer lysine to my 3 cats. Even the toothless one can eat them if I break them up into little balls. They all love them. I only wish that each one had more lysine in it. For this reason I also supplement wtth powdered lysine mixed in their food.

    Great Product! by Snowmom from Cherry Hill, NJ05/27/2012

    These chews are wonderful. Our Vet recommended Lysine for our young kitten. He is almost a year old now and healthier. He loves the chews and I loved the service and price at Entirely Pets!

    by vjs03/09/2013

    I don't know how effective they are but my cat hasn't had a herpes outbreak since he's been on the Lysine treats. He loves them. He gets two treats twice a day. It's the easiest medicine I've ever given him.

    must have by puffy03/04/2014

    Although they are pricey these are a must have for my Persian who loves them every day.

    Cats love it! by Cheri05/28/2013

    I got both my kitties from shelters last fall. One was incredibly small and had recurrent URI's, so my vet advised giving her Lysine treats, which were $24.00 from his practice. After going though the one bag I thought she was cured, only to have both cats sneezing a few months later. I picked up another bag from the vet, but this product is way less expensive, the cats love the treats (either whole or if I break them up, which is easy to do too), and it seems to relieve the problem. I will continue to order the 3 packs, since it looks like my cats will be on Lysine for life.

    Works for my kitty by Christopher C from Austin, TX05/27/2014

    My kitty was a bottle baby from a rescue center and had an upper respiratory infection the vet called feline herpes as a kitten. He used to sneeze and blow snot across the room. The vet recommended Vetri-Lysine and it seems to work to help his immune system fight of the virus symptoms. The windows are cleaner, the furniture is cleaner and he can breathe better. He loves his "stinky treats" but our other cat won't touch em which is fortunate for us. They are kinda pricey for "stinky treats". Entirely Pets had the best price I could find. So your cat may either LOVE or HATE them. Hopefully your sneezy cat will love them.

    Vetri Lysine Soft Chews by Cats03/02/2013

    stay soft and Vet recommended - 2 chews equal 250 lysine

    Works for me by Kittymama from GA02/27/2014

    Daily doses of Lycine have prevented outbreaks in my cat.

    Very Happy with This Brand by oct2497 from NJ10/10/2013

    My cat loves these. I give them to her with her soft food and she gobbles them right up. Very happy this product.

    Good Product by cat lover05/08/2013

    I have a cat with an eye problem and this product helps to keep the problem in check. She has had only one flare-up since I started giving it to her. The vet recommended she take a lysine supplement.

    Lysine treats by jo from Austin,Minnesota05/30/2012

    We found out our newly adopted cat has herpes,and would need to take lysine, possibly her entire life, we bought the first bag of the treats from our vet. Wow, was I surprised at the price!! So I went online and found your web site. Was I glad to see your price! For a 3 pack I pay a few dollars more than I paid for 1 pack!! Keep up your great prices!!!

    Lysine Plus by Sheila G from NH08/08/2013

    Great product for cats like my Himalayan with the flat face and eyes that ooze water all the time. I give him one chew in the morning & another at night. He thinks they are treats and devours them. I also break the little fish in the middle and put a prescription 1/2 pill in the middle and press the chew together. I repeat it at night with the other half. They are chewy and crumble easily enabling putting them back together in a different shape but hiding the pill. My boy has been on this Lysine for over 6 years and is doing well with it and his eye don't water as much.

    Great For Asthmatic Cats! by Jo from Baltimore, MD03/05/2012

    Just when you think you've tried everything this wonderful chew treat with Lysine may lesson the wheezing for your asthmatic cat as it did for my Siamese. I know Lysine is used to support respiratory health but I really didn't think it would do much to help him since he's on steroids for life. He's not so easy to pill, and sprinkling anything on his food makes him turn up his nose and walk away. Imagine my surprise when he practically inhaled this treat and within a couple of days I noticed a tremendous difference --his wheezing noticeably decreased. He does so well on it, I've been able to wean him down from his steroid medication to just a half a pill once a week! I recommended it to my vet and he carries it now but it's less expensive from EntirelyPets.com where I continue to purchase it. Thank you so much for this lifesaver!

    Best price for quantity of lysine by savy shopper from virginia01/29/2012

    Kittens and cats alike will eat this treat. I could not get lysine in them any other way.

    My cats LOVE them. by City Kitty from Seattle, WA07/16/2012

    They come running as soon as they hear the pkg crinkle. Makes them VERY happy! They started out very, very sick with upper resp infections as kittens - which they passed on to my 2 older cats. $2,000+ later, and a ringworm infection, she suggested these lysine chews. They've been healthy and happy ever since. Not inexpensive, but when you compare to the vet bill... Quick turn around from Entirely Pets. Will buy again!

    by from 01/23/2012

    Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews by Aunt CC from North Carolina11/07/2012

    This is a great product! I give 3 or 4 to my cat each day and the sneezing and respiratory infections don't occur as often as they used to. Buying through Entirely Pets is definitely cheaper that purchasing from the vet!

    drier than normal by Cindi from Raleigh, NC11/15/2012

    I'v purchased L-lysine for quite awhile from your company, but this last batch (at least the first bag I've opened) is VERY dry and I have to put it down with other treats to entice my 2 cats to eat it. I was a little disappointed in the quality this time.

    Lysine Plus Soft Chews Best Purchase Ever by BettyL2 from Massachsetts07/03/2014

    Hello again Entirely Pets, I have been a long time consumer buying these best quality soft treat Lysine Plus for my cat for help with her URI.They are the best Lysine Plus ever! I still recommend these to my cat's furriends online from a very big Pet Socializing website! I would give a 10 star that's how great they are! My Vet charges so much money for these, now I'm able to buy them right here! Thank you! Purrs, my Kitty Kit :o)

    Vetri-Lysine Plus/cats - Best Quality & service! by Minxie10/07/2014

    This is the second time I have ordered a 3 pack of the Vetri-Lysine Plus for my cat. Her Vet wanted her to start taking 2 ea am & pm to support her immune health. This product is excellent! She is feeling much better & loves her "Special Treats". It is a win-win situation - she has bounced back to health & it is not a hassle for her to take the treats - she can't wait to eat them. Purchasing them thru Entirely Pets was a huge money saver vs driving to the vet & paying $$!! Their shipping was so fast - my last order was placed on a Friday afternoon & I received my order on Monday (I didn't ask for O/N shipping). Entirely Pets is in CA & I live in CT. You will not be disappointed - excellent product, service & follow-up. Thanks so much Entirely Pets! I'm so glad I found you!!

    Great price for a great product by Penny from Vermont07/13/2013

    My Skipper is 15 years old and his vet suggested this supplement, he really enjoys getting his "vitamins" ! He knows when I am about to open the package in the morning and is always eager . This cat knows what is good!Also the price through Entirely Pets is one third of the price at the Vets office.

    Life inprovement by Beckie n Addison from San Antonio Texas03/24/2014

    Beckie was a 3lb, sick as a dog, kitten, left to fend for herself with 5 other kittens. She was covered in mange, fleas etc. A rescue group found the litter n took them in. She sneezed constantly. $2700 later found she has no tubeulents (sp), in her nose. They started her on Lysine n she gets 2 w/each meal. I feel this product is helping her keep well n healthy. Thank you! Beckie thanks you especially.

    Vet recommended by Max's mom from Atlanta, GA07/08/2013

    My vet recommended these treats for my cat with allergies who gets rodent ulcers. They were far less expensive on this web site. Max seems to like these and usually gobbles them down with out incident.

    Feline Herpes by LJ from Los Angeles, CA06/19/2012

    This is a great product for any cat with feline herpes. My cat has been taking this for the past 4 years and it has kept the herpes at bay.

    Excellent Healthful Treat by Nala'sMom from Fayetteville, NY03/30/2014

    I ordered this product for it's ability to strengthen the immune system, and have been thrilled that all three of my cats actually love them! They are very picky eaters, so I wasn't sure if these would be accepted, but all I have to do is shake the pouch, and they all come running to devour them as quickly as I can get them out of the bag! I am very choosy about what I consider to be healthy enough to feed my pets, and these beneficial treats are wonderful. Thank you!

    Lysine plus by Kaydbean from Kansas City, Mo01/20/2014

    I am thrilled with this product! And so are our cats! Because they are so tasty, both of my cats are enjoying better health. I really noticed a difference in one of my cats who has a history of respiratory concerns. Thank you for helping to make health care affordable. I will be buying this product from you as long as you offer it to the consumer.

    Lysine treats help by Timmy02/07/2012

    SInce I have been giving my cats Lysine, I thought this would be easier and it is. They don't gobble them like real treats, but they do eat them and I don't have to struggle with them to swallow a pill.

    Vetri-Lysine Plus Soft Chews(360 chews) by Zan from McCalla, AL05/13/2012

    I adopted this special kitten through a shelter. She looks like a Himilayan breed and has the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes. I took her in for a check-up and found out that she had been exposed to the Herpes virus during birth. This caused her eyes to become squinted and water alot. Once I started her on the Vetri-Lysine chews, her eyes cleared up & she likes to show those blue eyes off all the time. She loves & can't wait to take her chews because she thinks they are a treat!! For that, it sure makes giving medicine a whole new story!

    Will continue purchasing this product by Terry from Cambridge, MD07/10/2013

    Our cat has had no stiff joints, since using this product, it's been a blessing for her, she moves around freely like our other cat and can play and run around chasing her laser toys and little balls. Before using this, she would mostly lay around, it works like a charm. We just give her one a day and have been for several years now.

    Vetri - Science Lysine Plus by SJS from St. louis, mo03/28/2013

    My male Cat, Crawford has herpes simplex and due to that has a continuous dark drainage from his tears that stain his beautiful white coat down the sides of his little nose. The only thing I have gotten to work is feeding him 3 Soft Chews daily in his evening food. The Lysine Plus completely stops the dark drainage and his eyes are not irritated requiring less work for him and me. The Soft chews are not real soft, so I do need to crush or soften by adding small amount of water to chews a few minutes before crushing and adding to his food.

    Tasty and Healthy by Mimi07/12/2012

    Vetri-Lysine chews taste so good your cat won't know they're health supplements. Easy to administer - just feed like a treat. Veterinarian-recommended to boost immune system and prevent chronic infections.

    Saves me money in vet bills by Maggie06/20/2012

    My cat Oscar, who we got at the SPCA, came with an upper respiratory infection which he passed on to our other cat. They kept passing it back and forth but once we started them on this product which was recommended by our vet, they've been infection free. They love the taste and consider it a treat. EntirelyPets.com has the best price. I highly recommend this product.

    good and good for you by romeo from pittsburgh10/22/2012

    my cat really likes these and happily takes one twice a day. the pills seem to have cured the runny eye problem he used to have!

    Best Chews Ever by Rag Mommy from Cape Cod, MA01/18/2012

    As a breeder of Ragdoll cats these are the only treats I give my cats and kittens. My vet recommended them to me several years ago.

    by from 02/07/2013

    First things first: my cats are usually quite happy to eat these. Both of my cats have feline herpes, which presents as a cold (runny nose, lots of sneezes, etc.), and one gets affected quite frequently. However, if we give them one chew daily, they stay quite healthy. If my husband forgets a few days, the sickly kitty starts getting a runny nose, so I know the supplements are doing something!

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    by from 07/24/2012

    I will use again. Service and product very good.

    Florida by from Thanks"


    by vic from chattanooga tn09/26/2013

    It is a necessary supplement that some of my feline babies require. They chew them with no problem & don't turn their nose & walk away. They like them & I'm happy.

    Necessary treat, by Theresa from The North Coast10/12/2013

    To keep the virus Herpes from flaring up and consequently shedding, it is necessary to administer L-lysine on a daily basis. My cats don't consider this medicine, they think it's a treat. Only one of my cats actually needs lycine but they all scramble to have some of these.

    by LoveRagdolls07/11/2012

    My 14 year old persian has usedVetriLysine Plus to support her immune system for several years as recommended by our vet. She loves the taste of these treats, which makes it easy for me to administer. We first tried a powder formula to sprinkle on her food and she refused to eat it. Then we tried a paste formula which she refused to eat also. All five of my cats love these treats.

    Not as good as Vetoquinol by MyJessie34 from Mpls, MN01/13/2014

    These treats are larger but, they are also harder. My cats do not like them as well as the Vetoquinol Enisyl-F Lysine which are smaller and I guess taste better. Kinda bummed b/c I bought the three bag deal.

    Great Purchase by Pet Lover06/11/2012

    Great product and excellent service. Arrived in 2 days.

    Great product for herpes flareup kitties by crazy4cats from Houston, TX01/31/2014

    Many cats will be plagued by recurrent herpes virus flareups in their life times and using this product to reduce the duration of symptoms (sneezing, watery eyes) has been very helpful. It is great tasting "treat" with a high concentration of l-lysine so kittens only need 2 a day and adult cats up to 4 treats a day to treat their symptoms. It has been a rare cat that has refused to eat the treats when I have offered them. VetriScience is great company.

    good value by Grannychick from Waupaca WI03/25/2013

    Our cats love these vitamins - they think they are treats. Our Tonkinese cats seem to have eye issues so these vitamins should be good for them.

    smooth transaction by petlover from Grove City, Ohio03/11/2013

    Easy to use website, from start of purchase, to end of purchase. Package arrived in the timeframe quoted. Prices are very reasonable.

    My cats love them by Judy12/11/2012

    Suggested by my vet as a good way to support their immune systems. Hard to judge if effective because all are generally healthy, but I trust her professional opinion. We use them as a favorite toy that they have to chase down before munching.

    Great price, great product by JB from Boston, MA10/22/2012

    My cat was a rescue who, at the age of three weeks, was left outside in the elements in a cardboard box. As a result, he has the herpes virus that crops up every now and then and his eyes tear and get "gunky" and his little nose drips like a faucet. The Vet suggested these Vetri-Lysine Plus chews (and keep the cat on them for life). Two to four of these a day keeps kitty happy and healthy, and I can buy more than one package at a time for a great price here at EntirelyPets. I have them saved in my favorites for easy access every time I need to refill my order. Highly recommend (EntirelyPets and this product!)

    Great Price, Quick Shipping... by Christopher C from Austin, TX05/04/2014

    I have one cat who was diagnosed as a kitten with feline viral rhinotracheitis, or feline herpes virus in the upper respiratory tract. It seemed he was breathing out of only one nostril and would sneeze and you had to duck. Our vet recommended Vetri-Lysine and now he can breathe no more cleaning of the windows, furniture, and ducking. He loves the taste but our other cat wont touch them. Which is good for us financially, but could be bad for your kitty if they need them. They stink and when we call them his "stinky treats" and he comes running.

    Best product for my cat by Monica from Northern Virginia09/18/2014

    A couple times a year my cat develops this awful sneezing and runny eyes and looks so sad. The vet prescirbes Lysine and it clears up in about a week. My pet sitter told me about the vetri-Science lysine soft chews. I give the cat a couple of these every day and she hasn't bee sick in over a year. I wouldn't go without them and highly recommend this product.

    Really helps one of my cats by Nancy from Enola, PA09/20/2013

    These soft chews really seem to help control my cat's upper respiratory issues. They are soft and he loves to have them as a treat.

    Excellent Product by CatMom02/09/2013

    Wonderful Product! My cat had horrible upper respiratory problems as a kitten and these were recommended by our veterinarian. They helped her immensely! She is now almost 2 years old. We stopped them for a few months and her stuffy nose and runny eyes returned. After starting them again her symptoms disappeared. We love them and she loves the treat!

    by Ann05/08/2014

    My vet recommended it for my cat's allergies and it has been great. No more sneezing.

    Vetri-Lysine Plus-Soft Chews by Pauline from Phoenix, AZ05/30/2012

    I was recommended the product for my Tiger's eye. He has the Herpes Virus and I think it probably helps the infections and problems he gets in his eyes. Lysine is considered good for the Immune system.

    Great product and great price by Deb from Portland, ME02/17/2012

    I purchased Vetri-Lysine Plus chews for my cat, Callie. It is a lysine and DMG immune system support supplement. I just put the chew on top of her food twice a day. Callie thinks it tastes good so there is no problem with giving her this supplement. Callie is 11 years old and is healthy, active and playful and has a sleek, shiny coat. My veterinarian highly recommends this product for cats. I compared the price to other pet product sites and this is a great price too!


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    NASC Certified

    This product has met all of the stringent quality and safety standards set by the NASC.

    The NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) is a non-profit self regulatory group that set specific guidelines to which manufactures must strictly adhere.

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    Those products that have the seal for NASC Quality and Safety standards have been strictly audited and were determined as meeting the following criteria:

    • Consistent manufacturing quality control
    • A system for evaluating complaints and adverse events
    • Clear and accurate labels compliant with codes and restrictions for all forms of labeling
    VetriScience Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews (120 chews)Lysine Chews (120 ct)
    Reg price: $21.99
    Sale price: $16.49
    6 PACK VetriScience Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews (720 chews)6 PACK VetriScience Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews (720 chews)
    Reg price: $119.99
    Sale price: $92.99
    VetriScience Vetri Lysine Plus (90 Bite-Sized Chews)VetriScience Vetri Lysine Plus (90 Bite-Sized Chews)
    Reg price: $12.99
    Sale price: $9.99

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