• Zymox Medicated Shampoo (12 oz)

    Zymox Medicated Shampoo (12 oz)

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    Zymox Shampoo helps treat common skin infections and other afflictions that affect dogs and cats. This powerful antimicrobial shampoo helps combat harmful bacteria and fungi that is commonly found on pets. Zymox Shampoo helps prevent hair loss and red spots from excess scratching.

    Zymox Medicated Shampoo provides pet owners with a special enzyme formula to help treat skin infections. It contains the enzymes lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and lysozome, which help the immune system get rid of harmful bacteria and fungi. These enzymes are all derived from milk. It also has vitamins A, B5 and E to help soothe sore and irritated skin and assist in the healing process. This product is safe to use on dogs and cats with sensitive skin since it does not contain pesticides, artificial coloring or other ingredients that can cause additional skin irritation.

    Zymox Shampoo can be used on all dog and cat breeds and will not cause harm if it is accidentally ingested. It's also gentle enough to use on puppies and kittens. Pet owners should apply the shampoo to their pets' wet fur, gently rub it into their skin and give them a thorough rinse.

  • Antibacterial and Antifungal
  • 100% safe if ingested
  • Pure and gentle enough for all breeds, sizes, puppies and kittens
  • Contains natural milk derived enzymes
  • Contains no harsh detergents, pesticides, colorings or residual petroleum products
  • Helps maintain a healthy skin and coat.
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    Usage Information

    ZYMOX® Shampoo directions:
  • Wet fur and skin thoroughly
  • Apply shampoo to fur, lather and gently massage into scalp
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water; shampoo again if necessary
  • Let animal shake dry or lightly pat dry with towel
  • Follow with Zymox rinse
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    Ingredients: Water, Decyl, Glucoside, Lauryl Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl, Betaine, Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Lysozyme, Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, Zinc Gluconate, Potassium Iodide, and Natural Fragrances.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    works for my doggies by muimui11/06/2011

    I used both the shampoo and rinse for the itchy skins of my 2 doggies.There is big improvement after 2 baths in 2 weeks.They play in our front and back yards where there is always unknown bugs or plants that cause them allergy/itchy skin .Glade to find something non toxic to help them.

    Great for skin problems by ladyspain01/17/2013

    Very gentle. Smells terrific. Clears up minor skin problems.

    GREAT product by Pippasmom05/30/2012

    Great shampoo on fungal and bacterial problems on the skin. Zymox is fast becoming a favorite in my grooming shop.

    by james04/26/2014

    It clean the hair and make the dog smell so good.

    Smelly dog problem by Alumguy from SW Florida02/18/2012

    Our dog was getting to smell awful and baths with different shampoos didn't really seem to work. Zymox was recommended to us by a local pet store and we figured it was worth a try before consulting with the vet. It has really helped out with his "dog odors".

    by from 07/30/2012

    be highly pleased

    by from be


    good!! by rose977 from njbe


    In search of shampoo for dog with allergies by rox from Virginia01/14/2014

    This shampoo was recommended on the French Bulldog Rescue website as one of two often used for itchy, allergic Frenchies to combat fungal and bacterial infections. The other was Micro Tek. I ordered both. So far, I think I prefer the Micro Tek over this Zymox product. My Frenchie's coat tends to get a bit oily within a couple days after a Zymox shampoo and does not with Micro Tek. The scent of the Zymox is more subtle if that is important to you. With weekly use of one or the other of these shampoos, we have not had a fungus/bacteria outbreak since the leaf mold of fall (about 4 months) and there has been plenty of opportunity for an outbreak during this wet winter.

    Great Product for my Bully by Karen from Imperial, MO05/22/2013

    Love this for keeping her HOT SPOTS away!!

    Happy Puppy by Flyblo from Riverside, CA02/14/2013

    We used the shampoo and rinse. Misty almost right away stopped scratching and crying. Her dried and itchy skin seemed to almost return to normal by the next day. Giving a bath once a week is keeping her skin healthier and she is happier and more active. Parents are happier too.

    Calming, therapeutic shampoo by Jean G from Pensacola, FL06/11/2013

    My dog suffers with allergies. Zymox shampoo along with Zymox rinse help ease the itching, while making his hair soft, touchable and smelling wonderful. I use this regularly to provide relief for my pug.

    Very Reliable Product by Kathy from Tucson, Arizona04/07/2012

    I love this shampoo. It works so well on my three dogs. They stopped itching after using this shampoo. I highly recommend it. One of my dogs a golden lab has allergies and this helped stop her scratching and biteing.

    What a Help by Donn951 from Hometown IL03/26/2013

    I have finally calmed down all the scratching and I would recommend Zymox for any dog with allergies.

    The best Shampoo I have used for problem skin by Samy11/20/2012

    I have tried every shampoo out there plus all medicated shampoos from the vet and not one of them has been able to clean up my bichons skin from allergys until I found Zymox..

    Love zymox by Dandysmom from Tennessee01/13/2013

    This shampoo is all I use on my 4 dogs. It leaves them with a soft clean smell. They are all white/apricot poodles and their fur is so bright and clean. Zymox shampoo helps eliminate any "itchies" they may have.

    best purchase ever by sheepiemom from eastcoast of New Hampshiree06/08/2013

    I admit I have been buying this shampoo for a few years. I have an old english sheepdog, rosa who has very senstive skin, I have her groomed and I bring this bottle of shampoo with me. Any other shampoo caused her to scratch her self raw. This shampoo is wonderful. Just to note she does not have any bacterial or fungal problems, nor has she ever had those problems. Just really sensitive skin. It smells wonderful as well.

    Zymox shampoo & Zymox Rinse by Kfit from Baltimore, Md.10/24/2012

    Fantastic product!!! Totally healed my dog's awful hotspots that he got for the first time this summer. He was absolutely miserable and as a result so was I. After some investigating, I found Zymox shampoo & the Zymox rinse. Both products brought Pele' relief after the first use. And, together with the Zymox topical spray, my doggie was healed & back to his happy playful ways. I am totally satisfied with these products and will never be without them!!! Thanks for a great product!

    by lgpearl12/09/2011

    Really helped with the dry irrated skin that older dogs get

    More than I expected! by Lillster from New York10/28/2011

    This shampoo not only smelled great but it did a fantastic job making and keeping my dog comfortable. If your dog is scratching non stop due to a bacterial skin infection don't hesistate to use this! It is gentle on the skin but powerful in healing and keeping the skin comfortable.

    Zymox Shampoo by starnorthwest from Stanwood, WA10/01/2013

    I love this shampoo. It has really helped clear up the itchy skin syndrome (itchiness for no known reason) it has brightened up Chloe's fur and curbed excessive chewing. I wish it smelled better(more fruity or something) but I give a second wash to add a nice smell and that works too. Would highly recommend all Zymox products they work great.

    shampoo by alan from chama, new mexico09/11/2014

    great product for her skin condition and will use it again.

    best shampoo for my westie by flowerqueen02/04/2014

    as everyone knows most westies have skin problems. this is the only shampoo and the rinse that works for her. sometimes i wash her twice a week when its worse . but it is the only one that helps!!

    Great for Shar pei by Heather04/13/2008

    I own a Shar pei, English Bulldog, and Great Dane. The Shampoo and Rinse are the only one I use with all. I always get compliments on how beautiful and shiny their coats look.

    great product by Cindy02/07/2013

    I purchased this product for my 14yr. old peke that has had allergies and itchy,dry, flakey skin for most of his life. I wish I had found this product much sooner. I brought it to my groomer to use on him at his last grooming and he was not itchy and his skin and fur looked so much better after using it. His groomer was very impressed also. Happy Dog!!

    wonderful product by cynde lou from Weatherford, TX07/15/2012

    This shampoo & rinse is the best I have ever used. My dog has allergies and will scratch until his hair is falling out. Trip after trip to vet for shots that work for about month. Zymox has stopped the scratching !

    amazing product by phillips2511/03/2013

    ur Pug, Lucky had the worst skin problem as a puppy. After trying several rounds of antibiotics which cleared it up, but it kept coming back. Another Vet recommended using Zymox Enzymatic shampoo ,which cleared up the problem after a few uses. Lucky is now 12 years old! I also use the shampoo on my other pug who is now 6yrs old. Have recommended it to friends & all had good results for dry , itchy scaly, infected skin. Awesome product!

    Awesome shampoo by DogTrainer from Fl04/18/2012

    I use this on all my dogs and recommend to my clients.

    Great Shampoo by elrayloveya01/01/2013

    My Cooper suffers from sephorea (sp) and this shampoo is excellent for his condition. We switch back and forth betwenn Zymox and Duoma and he gets great relief. We really like Zymox.

    Great Product by Kentucky Rescue05/07/2012

    Originally bought from my vet. Cheaper here. I have a problem child, rescued at 4 months old with mange and malnurished. Skin problems since. Using shampoo and rinse and there is an improvement for a lovable itchy pet. Gentle enough to use frequently. Smells better than other medicated shampoos.

    highly recommended by dgforchrist from Oklahoma04/28/2014

    Love this product!! I have an english bulldog and it not only cleans him, keeps his skin healthy, it makes him smell wonderful!! This product has a very pleasant smell. :)

    Excellent for skin problems by LJ from Oneonta, AL07/24/2013

    This is a great product. My vet recommended it for my dog with fungal and bacterial skin infections.


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