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2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 tablets)

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2-pack (500 Count)
cosequin ds

Cosequin for Dogs assists joint health in dogs using a proven safe, effective and bioavailable formula. This potent formula contains TRH122 chondroitin sulfate, FCHG49 glucosamine and manganese ascorbate to support and maintain healthy joints for your dog.

Proven results and high standards
happy cosequin dog

Cosequin features an exclusive formula that has been shown to be safe, effective, and bioavailable in peer-review, published, controlled, U.S. veterinary studies. Manufacturing is done in the United States and follows standards similar to those practiced by the pharmaceutical industry. These results all contribute to Cosequin being the #1 veterinarian recommended brand!

Which dogs benefit from Cosequin?

Joint health assistance isn't only necessary for senior dogs. If you notice your dog having difficulty with strenuous activity, such as walking up stairs or jumping up to bed, your dog may benefit from Cosequin DS.

Safe formula

Studies conducted to check the safety of Cosequin have shown no adverse effects in blood work parameters, including complete blood count, biochemical, and clotting values.

High standards and proven results have earned Cosequin a high reputation among veterinarians and is the #1 recommended brand.

Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS 2-pack (500 Count)
  • Glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate supplement
  • Supports cartilage production
  • Proven results
  • Manufactured using high standards
More Info
Nutritional Supplements

These supplements can improve joint health.

Alternative Joint Supplements

These supplements are used to help maintain an animal's health.

Healthy Diet Guide

Some tips to keep your furry friend healthy.

Choosing a Joint Supplement

Learn how to select the right joint supplement.

Cosequin supports active dogs
Find the Right Cosequin Pack for your dogs
Cosequin DS
Chewable Tablets
Cosequin DS
90 counts
132 count
250 count
650 count
2 pack - 500 Count
3 pack - 750 Count
6 pack - 1500 Count
12 pack - 3000 Count

90 counts
132 count
250 count
800 count
2 pack - 500 Count
3 pack - 750 Count
6 pack - 1500 Count
12 pack - 3000 Count


Usage Info

Administration as a supplement for dogs

The recommended initial administration period is four to six weeks; however, some dogs may respond in a shorter period of time. The number of Cosequin DS chewable tablets may then be reduced to the maintenance level. The chewable tablets may be fed directly or crumbled and mixed with food.

Initial 4 to 6 Week
Administration Period
10-24 lbs 1 daily
(1/2 in the morning & 1/2 in the evening)
*(under 10 lbs, 1/2 daily)
1/2 daily
(tablets are scored)
25-49 lbs 2 daily
(1 in the morning & 1 in the evening)
1 daily
50-100 lbs 3 daily
(2 in the morning & 1 in the evening)
1-2 daily
Over 100 lbs 4 daily
(2 in the morning & 2 in the evening)
2 daily

Once consistent improvement has been seen, these maintenance levels may be reduced to an every other day administration. The maintenance level can also be used long term on healthy dogs to help support their joints.




Glucosamine hydrochloride acts as a building block of cartilage by supplying a key nutrient that keeps cartilage cells healthy and functioning properly.

Chondroitin & Manganese

Chondroitin sulfate blocks the enzymes that break down cartilage. Manganese ascorbate is added to help optimize the production of cartilage components.

Guaranteed Analysis
Glucosamine Hydrochloride 500 mg
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 400 mg
Manganese 5 mg

Glucosamine hydrochloride (derived from shellfish), sodium chondroitin sulfate (derived from bovine cartilage), microcrystalline cellulose, artificial roast beef flavor, manganese ascorbate, natural and artificial cheese flavor, mixed glycosaminoglycans, dried brewers yeast, magnesium stearate, and natural garlic flavor.

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2-PACK Cosequin DS 132 Count (264 CHEWABLE TABLETS)2-PACK Cosequin DS 132 Count (264 CHEWABLE TABLETS)Reg price: $113.99
Sale price: $79.59
2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 Capsules)2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 Capsules)Reg price: $196.99
Sale price: $150.89
2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (264 Count)2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (264 Count)Reg price: $98.99
Sale price: $75.79
2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (500 Count)2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (500 Count)Reg price: $165.58
Sale price: $127.99
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Customer Reviews

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4.87 rating based on 766 reviews
Cosequin by Abby11/05/2012

This is a great product. I have used it for years for my older dogs. The special pricing was a plus!

great by choochy from ny05/03/2013

like it alot so bought double pack one for my sons dog

Consequin by Betty12/17/2012

Great stuff specialy for older dogs cheaper than a vet visit healthyer than steroids.....

Cosequin DS by Wally01/18/2013

I have been very pleased with this product. My friend, Joe, has been on it for three years and from the first time I gave it, I had a brand new dog!! My vet is frustrated because it appears to have the same ingredients as the product he sells, but doesn't compare when it come to results. My friend Joe turns seventeen thisyear.

by Bob02/14/2013

We have used this product for several years with our Labs. Our dogs are active and we feel this product is effective on their joints.

by RealBigFoot from Kalamazoo, MI10/25/2011

Our dog has been on Cosequin DS250 for just over 1 year. She started taking them after tearing the cruciate ligament and shredding the meniscus on her left hind leg. Within 6 months, due to the added pressure from her injured leg, she torn the other hind leg cruciate ligament and shredded that meniscus as well. Since then, she has completely healed and is now running and playing like she did before her injuries.

helping the old dog by mylabsrhot from California03/19/2012

My Field Trial Labrador Retriever is almost 11yrs and still goin' strong. At the beginning of the year I though he was finished competing due to excessive limping front and rear, used some perscription meds but ran out. Picked up the Cosequin and put him on the highest dose recommeded saw progress right away. He is now competing again and will let me know when he wants to retire.

Cosequin DS 250 - keeping our dog healthy + happy by Josie's Mom from Upstate New York12/01/2012

Our dog has had 4 leg surgeries. She has had both stifles rebuilt and the bones have been modified. Therefore, by definition, she has arthritis - and this all by the time she was 3 years old. Anyway, our vet encouraged us to give her one Cosequin per day since then. She weighs 75 pounds and we want to keep her weight down and her body in good shape in order to help her knees. She can run like the wind and has no limping at all! We think the Cosequin is a beneficial part of her life.

by from 08/02/2012

My 10 year-old golden retriever does exceedingly well on this supplement, originally recommended by an orthopedic veterinary surgeon. I take the human form of it with similarly excellent results.

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This Stuff Works! by azebragal02/22/2013

We have a mostly lab dog which was diagnosed by x-ray to have hip dysplasia when less than two years old. He has been on this product ever since and is now seven years old. By watching him, you would never know he has any kind of mobility issues. This stuff really does work!

the best by jolly from Arizona02/08/2013

truly helpful to my eleven year old 100lb mixed breed.

Excellent for Older dogs by Luckyone from Mount Pleasant, WI10/18/2011

I have a 9 1/2 year old yellow lab that was struggling getting up after being in a laying position. It appeared to be stiffness in his rear legs and hips. After using the product for a few weeks he no longer is struggling when getting up. I would highly recommend Cosequin for older animals that are not quite as active as they once were.

The great time saver by Dgibs from Loveland, CO.02/13/2013

I was looking for cosequin for my buddy checked several sites after getting on your site, when I looked at the product I was given a lot of options, I like option at good prices. Placed my order with little effort and a coupe of days later the cosequin was helping my buddy Yukon run and stay up with his brother & sister We thank you See you next time I'm ready to order

Very good results by Jud from Green Bay WI10/23/2012

I have been giving my three Airedales, ages 14,10 and 6, the Cosequin DS. I started giving it to my older girl and saw a big difference in her mobility so I then decided to give it to the younger ones as a maintenence supplement.

Best price found by Barb from Alexandria, Kentucky10/27/2011

I researched the various stores and web sites for cosequin and found the price varied quite a bit. Entirely Pets was the best price and were very prompt to send the product. I would recommend Entirely Pets to anyone for quality service and price.

Miracle drug by Toni from Florida12/15/2012

My Keeshond was born with barely any hip ball and sockets, and what he did have was wearing down. The specialist strongly recommended this. After about two weeks of following the guidelines for the pills, he was a new dog. It did take about two weeks for us, though, to start seeing the results. Be patient. I have told everyone I know about this product. The specialist was impressed with his results and to this day we are in a hold pattern on the surgery. We have also started our Flat-Coated Retriever on it as a preventative, since the breed is known to have problems down the road.

by Sue06/28/2012

Cosequin works wonders for my dog's hip dysplasia. I tried another brand when I ran out of cosequin, while waiting for my cosequin order to arrive, and my dog was starting to show signs of lameness within 2 days. As soon as he was back on cosequin he was back to normal.

Really Works Well by 2labsAustin from Austin, TX05/30/2012

I buy this for my labs on recommendation of our vet. It really works, when I don't supplement their food with it, you can really tell. My oldest seems extra stiff - she's 10 so she feels her aches and pains but this really seems to help her and I highly recommend for dogs with joint issues.

by Collie Girl06/20/2012

Good product and value for the money!! My dogs love it.

Service outstanding by Callie from Virginia05/05/2012

I have used Cosequin DS for at least a year. At this time all 4 dogs in the familey are using the product. I ordered the product on Sunday it was in the mailbox by Wed. Thanks for the fast service

This really works by Corinne from North Carolina10/28/2011

I had my 13 year old boxer on this stuff for years for his arthritis. It helped increase his mobility and eased the pain of his arthritis. Unfortunately, I lost my baby a few days ago, He was unable to eat for most of the last week and therefore was not able to get his Cosequin DS. There was a noticable increase in his pain and stiffness when he stopped getting his Cosequin. I highly recommend this product. It works!

My best friend by ricky from Marshall Va 2011501/13/2012

The best product on the market for large old dogs who have hip problems

excellent produit by Malone from MASSY , FRANCE03/14/2013

excellent produit aidant mon chien de 13 ans qui souffre d'arthrose. chaque matin il attend ses comprimés.

easy transaction by rusty12/04/2012

I have ordered from entirely pets before and each time their delivery is quick without any hassle. The 2-pack cosequin that I ordered was well priced.

Cosequin DS is the best! by High Desert D02/28/2012

Can't say enough about the Cosequin Tabs we give our four Corgis daily. HIGHLY recommended by our orthopedic veterinarian after one of the little critters tore her doggie ACL, we have never had a joint or arthritis issue with any of the Corgi crew -- even though all four are now in their "senior" years. We will always use this product and we highly recommend it to all our friends

My dog is a puppy again!!!!! by Robbi from Canyon, Texas07/13/2012

My dog is almost 10 years old and has always been very active. Gradually, she started limping more and more after running and also crying when she laid down and got up. It was breaking my heart! I took her to the vet. He took x-rays and said she had very bad arthritus in both front paws and her hips. He recommended your product to help with her joint pain and told me not to restrict her activity and to just "let her live her life". After only 2 days of being on Cosequin I noticed a BIG improvement. She was back running again, racing with the dogs next door and "living her life". I am so grateful!

Works just as stated! by Lucius' Dad from Odessa, Fl06/17/2012

When my 6 yr. old pitt started to limp it made me sick. If he was limping now, how long would it be before he could not perform his most favorite function in his life, THE DAILY WALK!! My vet recommended Cosequin which I thought was probably the biggest waste of money. For my best friend I decided to give it a try. Within a month his symptoms vanished. After running out of my initial supply his symptoms returned within 2-3 weeks. A few weeks after resuming treatment his symptoms again vanished. Incredible!! it actrually works!! I won't run out again.

Helpful product by Retriever Believer from West Bend, WI02/25/2013

Cosequin DS seems to help our 10 year old rescue lab with the arthritis she is suffering from since a car accident. Her owner died in the car accident and she was limping when she came to us. She is doing so much better.

More Mobile by Nan03/31/2013

After taking Cosequin daily my terror mix has returned to her "younger" active self. Really seems to help with joint/hip pain.

best price by Ms.10/24/2012

My dog has been on Cosequin for years. I searched several sites and this was the best price for quantity and delivery charge.

Good Purchase by ScoobyDubyRuby from Pocono Pines, Pa02/07/2012

Cosequin was recommended by my Vet when my Golden Retriever turned 6. I've been giving it to her twice a day ever since, and now at 11 she is doing wonderful with no signs of arthritis or any joint problems. Good Product

Run, Spot, Run by Hope's Mom from Ft. Myers, Florida10/23/2012

The Cosequin I purchased, a necessary part of my dog's' daily life, is exactly what she needs. The quantities and price at Entirely Pets is perfect and the price knocks this purchase out of the ballpark. I will be back...for this and more! Thanks Entirely Pets.

Older dogs love Cosequin DS by steve544 from Rowland Heights, CA02/06/2012

I have two Goldens aged 7 and 8. They were slowing down some. A friend recommended Cosequin DS. Since they have been on this joint medication, they are really perky and running like 2 year old pups! I started with two tabs a day for about a week and then switched to one tab a day. The improvement in their ability to run and jump was noticeable after 4-5 days. It's like I have my puppies back! And they love to chew the tabs!

by MARY K10/23/2012

My dog reacts so much better when he takes this med. He can walk quite a distance, get on the couch, and even sleeps better.

Will Return by Gaz03/11/2012

Good Service, Good Price, Good Store, Will Return!

AAA+ by LiIsa04/24/2013

This is a great product for joints. I have a chocolate lab that is on the chubby side, he has gone through a knee replacement in each back leg and has taken Cosequin DS for at least 6 years. Great product & great price.

by Marie04/16/2013

My dog has been on Cosequin DS for arthritis for a number of years. I have found that Entirely Pets will usually have a sale that will give me the lowest price available.

Well worth it! by Kim05/06/2012

I love Cosequin. My 10 year old dog has had both ACLs repaired and you would never know it. He has some arthritic changes, but because I have had him on the Cosequin since his first injury, he is still running and playing with his young friends. It's the best joint supplement out there.

Life changer by numas08/08/2012

This product has been a life changer for my twelve year old dog! Joe had developed a difficulty in climbing just three stairs, was slow to get up from a prone position yet, after three days on Cosequin DS he was a new dog. That was three years ago and he is still going strong! I highly recommend this product to anyone with a senior aged dog.

Best cosequin product by Greyhound mom01/13/2013

Cosequin ds is a great product. We use it with our 3 greyhounds (2 that are 6 and 1 is 9) and the results have been excellent. It is also one of the few products that require just 1 tablet a day. Others required up to 4 a day. Entirely Pets also has a great price on this product.

Favorite pet website by Baxter04/17/2013

Good prices, prompt service, excellent communication regarding processing and shipping.

Cosequin DS by GabyT from Phoenix, AZ04/24/2012

My arthritic dog, Merlin, has been on Cosequin for awhile. It helps keep him moving without limping and acting like his old self! I couldn't do without Cosequin DS for his arthritic condition!

Cosequin DS 250 by AJW04/02/2012

These chewable tablets are wonderful. I give to my boxer daily and it really seems to help with her joints!

Cosequin by mba from Wisconsin11/22/2011

Cosequin is an excellent product. We give it to our older dogs as well as young active ones.

by from 06/11/2013

I have been using this product for several years with my two aging Golden Retrievers, 8 & 9 years old.

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Best Value by shopperkh from Wisconsin10/09/2011

We have a young Golden Retriever who has had health issues since he was born. The Cosequin chewable tabs have been a great relief to his orthopedic problems and on top of that he considers them a treat! Entirely Pets' price has by far been the best value we have found. No other competitor can compare. Since our dog will have to be on this medication for his entire life, Entirely Pets can count on our continued business.

Dosequin Review by Marcible from Chicago, IL.11/28/2012

Great product to help keep joints moving on our dogs. My neighbor has even noticed an increase in energy and playfulness on my 11 yr. old Doberman since he's been taking Cosequin. Items shipped quickly and arrived in great condition.

Cosequin by Tossty04/19/2013

I have used Cosequin everyday for long time on my Dogs for long time to keep healthy joints.

Vet recomended by green68giant10/28/2011

Good product helps dog with hip problems.

by Barbara06/25/2013

great product and I give it everyday to my 3 goldens and the fosters...

Best there is by Ashleigh12/01/2008

Best joint supplement, hands down! My bloodhound who has had knee surgery and my aussie mix who has hip issues swear by it!

Cosequin DS Works by Lynn Zaro10/31/2008

My Australian has elbow dysplasia and without 2 tabs a day, she has a pronounced limp. EntirelyPets has absolutely the best price around.

Bet purchase ever by Doke from Drunen, the Netherlands12/28/2012

For years I bought this product in my country the Netherlands. The price in the Netherlands is twice as much. Someone gave me the tip to visit the site 'Entirely pets'.

Cosequin by Maddy02/16/2013

I had a recommendation from my veterinarian to purchase this. After buying it at the veterinary clinic and paying more than you have it on line, I decided to buy more from you, as I believe the dogs will be on it for the rest of their lives. They like it. I started with 2 a day and will be down to 1 after they have been on it for a little over a month.

"Natty" has dual hip dysplasia and only 2 years by Nancy U from Southern California10/24/2011

"Natty" was diagnosed at 8 months old with dual hip dysplasia and faced with hip replacements at $4500 to start...I read online that buffered Vitamin C and Cosequin might may her life bearable...so 4 chewable Cosequin DS twice a day with 1 buffered Vitamin C and "Natty" is leaping and loving life even with those awful hips and no surgery so far...yeah!!!

Cosequin DS tablets by Anne Erwin02/26/2008

My cattle dog was faced with surgery for a knee injury and was limping badly. We started her on Cosequin DS and the result were amazing. After about 10 days, no limping, no pain, and best of all, the vet said "no surgery needed". What a product.

Excellent Product - highly recommended by omh11/14/2012

We purchased this product for one of our labs when he started having hip problems. Within 3 weeks you could see he was back to his normal self doing all of the fun things in life :-) I would highly recommend this as a maintenance product or for mild hip issues. Extremely helpful without the all the potential side effects of drugs from the vets office.

Works incredible!!! by Robbi from Canyon, TX12/20/2012

I've been using this product for about a year and wouldn't think of stopping it. My dog is like a puppy again! She just turned 10 years old and is running with the puppies next door and always ready to go. Plus!!! She no longer hurts when getting up and down. I am extremely happy with this product and Entirely Pets is waaaay cheaper than other pet websites.

Cosequin DS by Colby's mom06/15/2013

I tried the generic brands and my Labrador will eat anything and everything but they made him sick. This is the ONLY proven joint product on the market! I've worked for a Veterinarian for 3 years and this is the only product on the market that has PROVEN results. My 10 year old lab has fully recovered from a torn ACL. Great stuff!!

Great for movement issues by Terry from Oklahoma01/18/2013

Our adopted lab couldn't run when we first got her. She had to bunny hop along. Started her on Cosequin DS and now she can run like a deer.

Great product! by vootch01/30/2011

Been using this product for my bouvier with hip dysplasia for 4 years now. She still has no symptoms and her hips were horrible when xrayed at 1 years old. I do think it's helping her and believe it's the best out there

Great Deal by LB10/23/2012

I routinely purchase the 2 pk of Cosequin because it's a very good deal, especially with free shipping and the occasional discount coupons.

A great product!!! by goldens from South Carolina01/16/2012

I give it to all my goldens for their entire life for good joint health. I also give it to the rescues that I foster and encourage their new forever family to keep them on it also.

Best Product ever by Dog Lover from East Texas08/10/2012

I worked for a Veterinarian for 3 years. This product is expensive even with my discount so I tried the pet store imitators. My labrador eats anything but started vomiting after trying the lesser products. This is the ONLY product actually tested in trials all the others have not. I've been using Cosequin DS as preventative for my 8 year old 98lb lab and he still walks 3 miles everyday with no problem and runs around my 2 acre yard. He loves the taste and thinks its a treat.

He's Young Again by Barb10/24/2011

Cosequin DS has helped my dog so much. He acts like a puppy again. He has a bad knee and back, but still wants to play.

best purchase ever by molly06/04/2013

excellent joint product for our 11 yr old dog and excellent price and delivery service!!

Cosequin DS by Ruth Silny from Pasadena, CA03/27/2012

I recommend your website and Cosequin DS to all my dog friends!

by BJ08/15/2012

Product recommened by vet to provide arthritis support to my dogs and the product delivered

Cosequin by Barry from Cincinnati, Ohio area04/13/2012

The ordered product(Cosequin) was exactly as ordered, shipped quickly and met every expectation.

Rayne loves em' ;-) by Rayne's Mom from PA06/10/2011

My dog absolutely loves these and looks forward to taking them. She gets 2 in the morning and 1 at night. I tried one other type because it was cheaper and I will never stray again. She didn't like them and would get an upset tummy if she took the other type on an empty stomach. Cosequin may be more $$ but if she likes them its worth every penny. Two thumbs up for this product. She benefits from this too!! ;-)

Cosquin DS 250 ct by mbritt2003 from Cape Canaveral, FL12/11/2012

I was not happy, in that this product differs from what I ordered the last time. Chewable squares versus these pills. You must have changed the formulation or something.

Cosequin DS 250 3-times a day by WallyWatts from Inverness, FL11/26/2011

I have had excellent results with giving my 13-year old Golden Retriever 3 chewables per day. One in the morning with breakfast, another at noon, and the final in the evening with or after dinner. The results are not dramatic but I think with time that these will make the dog's life easier.

Great Value by BubbaStone04/18/2013

From our research this is the best value for the money. Our dog is in his senior years and is taking three tablets a day, so we were happy to find this product in bulk and at a fair price. Thanks Entirely Pets!

Easy to compare and order by Lilly's mom01/17/2012

Ordering from Entirely Pets is quick and easy and secure. Everything ships promptly and prices are great! A variety of package sizes makes it easy to buy in bulk yet not over-purchase.

Love this company! by Jenn06/21/2012

Great prices, quick shipping, excellent products!

Cosequin DS Chewable Tabs by Bronx2216 from Phoenix, AZ10/10/2011

My arthritic 12-year old Rottie mix thrives on Cosequin DS - it's easy for him to take and it helps keep him relatively pain-free. Doing business with Entirely Pets, aside from my very first experience (which was difficult), has been SO easy. I get the product quickly, there has never been a problem processing payments, etc. And when I did have a problem, the customer service was outstanding. Moreover, they have the best prices I have found for this product. Highly recommended product and company.

Cosequin perfect solution by Aranea from The Netherlands04/10/2012

I live in the Netherlands and order this product at Entirely Pets, because your service and price are very attractive.

grrrreat by carol-annie from tecumseh ontario canada01/06/2013

I am totally pleased with this product..we waited 3 weeks for our vet to get this in and I ordered this and got it just over a week..thanks you so much will definately shop here again many times to come cheers!!

Every dog owner should buy these by Ellen01/31/2013

I have given my large breed dogs (Great Dane and Golden Retriever) Cosequin DS since they were very young and as they age, their movement and agility are MUCH improved than previous pets I had before I learned of this product!!!!!!!!!!

Cosequin double strength chewable are wonderful by Rotty from Missouri06/26/2012

My dogs ..I have 4 large dogs all use this product. They run & have fun in the back yard daily. Big dogs are prone to leg problems. I give all 4 of our dogs Cosequin. It just does wonders for them. Makes their legs feel better no more limping & their joints are all great according to our vet. Entirely Pets ALWAYS has the best price & GREAT service and that is very important.

Cosequin DS by Jacqui03/17/2012

I love Cosequin DS and have had all my Chows on it for years. It is the only supplement I would buy or recommend! My new rescue boy Kashi was limping when I got him and I started him on Cosequin right away and its helped so much! Thank You!

IT Works ! by John T.11/07/2012

My Lab, 11, had diffulty getting into my SUV. I bought Cosequine DS and after two weeks the stiffness was gone. In addition he likes the taste compaired to other joint meds I had tried.

Great product! by OZ12/05/2012

I give this product to three of my dogs. One of which has a completely destroyed ACL. The damage was so severe that even after surgery and 11 months of healing he was carrying that leg about 60 percent of the time. I started using this product and now he is doing amazing! Results did not happen over night but they did happen. Now (2 years after surgery) no one would not know he had any issue by looking at him. He never carries that leg! I also used this product on a 12 y/o schnauzer rescue that was weak in the lower back and hips. He has been using this product about 4 months and he is so much stronger now. He is running all over the place. I tell all my friends about it.

highly recommended for your 4-legged baby! by baltos mom from long island, ny01/01/2013

at the urging of our vet, we started to give balto cosaquin ds following his ACL repair 4 years ago. you wouldn't know he had the surgery or that he was 8 years old now! he runs like a puppy and chases after whatever you throw for him.

easy to use. by studmuffin from chicago03/06/2013

Very easy conveient and reasonable priced from store bought material. Pet smart would be twice as expensive. That is the Best Buy syndrome.

Excellent Product by My3Danes from Chicagoland01/19/2012

I use this product for by Dane who is getting older and having a problem getting up. Poor thing has to struggle to get her butt off the floor. Using Cosequin DS is so helpful and makes such a difference in her activities and movements. She doesn't have to work so hard to get up and move around. No second guessing if it works. It does and you can see the difference.

Top Tablets by Gaz from Wales (UK)12/05/2012

Best product on the market for the relief of arthritis and Entirely Pets has the cheapest price on the web. Keep up the good work!

Working Wonderfully and Great Price by Cgo Retriever from Chicago01/29/2012

Our dog has hip dysplasia (and at three years old is already mildy arthritic). The Cosequin has worked wonders on him, and you wouldn't even know he is arthritic anymore! Entirely Pets also has the absolute best price on this product - have been ordering it from them for most of my dog's life!

Great product by berner mom from Arkansas04/17/2013

This product was recommended to me by a friend. I've used it for years with senior dogs and find that it works great. Entirely Pets always has it for a reasonable price and free shipping on the quantities that I buy.

Renewed youth by Laura from Indiana01/15/2013

Transformed from an old dog to a young pup.

by jjcobb from Rocky Mountains, Colorado12/04/2012

Our boys have taken Cosequin DS Chewables for years. Highly satisfied with this product!

Results with a great price by Bar from Maine02/02/2012

Pedey has been on Cosequin for two weeks and he already has begun acting like a puppy again!!!

great product by dean01/23/2013

We have used this product for a very long time. We have a Golden retriver that has hip problems and with the cosequin, she is able to move a lot better than without it.

by Jennifer from Denver, CO02/07/2012

My dog has been taking Cosequin DS for a few months now and I've seen an improvement in his abililies.

by Lynne10/21/2011

Have used this product for years for my Golden with hip dysplasia and arthritis. I think it really helps!

best price on the web! by tina2112 from Phoenix, AZ03/14/2012

even before this was on sale, the price on this site is better than any i found on the web, or at the vet.

Best Purchase - Worst Shipping by Deb from Illinois08/09/2012

Our old dogs and I love your product. And I loved the quick shipping I had received in the past. It seemed that in the past I would have the product 3-4 days after I placed the order. But this order was placed on 8/3 and the tracking info thru "newgistics" is telling me I will not see it until 8/15-16 - almost 2 weeks?! I did not order early enough for this time-frame, I was going by past history. So even tho I am happy with the product, I am not very happy with the delivery!

by 3 spotted dogs02/28/2013

helps my 13 year old Dalmatian remain very active.

What service! by Diane02/12/2012

Products you need at a price you want! And when I needed service, it was right on target! Thanks for making it easy.

Cosequin DS by PG from Mercer PA01/29/2012

I have used this product for almost 4 years with my 4 year old dog. We discovered hip dysplasia with him at 6 mos of age. He is a large dog weighing 125 lbs. Cosequin with regular daily exercise has allowed us to keep him off stronger medications that would have resulted in greater health problems. Entirely pets has very competitive prices as well

Very good value by nity from Israel02/28/2013

Very easy shopping through the site. Fast delivery time. Very good experience.

by from 03/18/2012

i have two dogs on cosequin ds 250.

a by bad from hip,andone


by nanapam10/25/2012

Our dogs are almost 11 and 14 years of age. Without the Cosequin that we give them they would not be as active and their mobility would be such a strain on them.

Cosequin DS by LynnSq10/26/2012

I have been using these pills for years with two dogs and it has worked great for both of them with no side effects. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who had a dog with joint pain. I just put it in their food and both have eaten them with no problems.

Believe it! by Lorelei from California10/12/2011

I have a 14 and a half year old golden and this product has been life changing for her. She moves so much easier and seems to have no pain. I cannot stress enough how beneficial it's been

Faster results by DogGone01/30/2012

After two weeks we are seeing what we think is improvement with our 8 year old Golden's movement. The Cosequin DS is helping her get up after a day of running.

Great Product - Great Price by maryl from Stillwater, OK11/04/2011

My dog is recovering from ACL surgery and I had heard great things about Cosequin DS. I did lots of research looking for a good price as she will be taking this supplement from now on. Entirely Pets has the best price available and with the free shipping and a 15% coupon I feel I got a heck of a deal. I passed this info. along to the on-line ortho dogs group that I follow....you should get many orders from them!

Cosequin by Diane from Leesburg,FL10/22/2012

Been using Cosequin for years. It keeps my 12 year old Black Lab moving. Recommend product for all dogs with joint problemns

Saved money by gmul11/04/2011

I am very pleased with my purchase because basically it was half the price that I have been paying at the vet.

Awesome Product by 2 Golden Lover from Thornton, CO04/06/2012

Give this to our Golden Retriever that broke her leg a few years ago and she has no problems during the cold months. Also started giving it to our older Golden Retriever that started having problems with his hips. Within a few weeks of starting the Cosequin DS, he had no problems getting up off the floor, jumping up on the bed, going up stairs or even running. This is the best product ever. Entirely Pets also has the best prices!


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