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2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (264 Count)

Item Number: COSDSMSM132SC
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2 Pack (264 Count Total)
cosequin ds

Cosequin for Dogs assists joint health in dogs using a proven safe, effective and bioavailable formula. This potent formula contains TRH122 chondroitin sulfate, FCHG49 glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and manganese ascorbate to support and maintain healthy joints for your dog.

Proven results and high standards
happy cosequin dog

Cosequin features an exclusive formula that has been shown to be safe, effective, and bioavailable in peer-review, published, controlled, U.S. veterinary studies. Manufacturing is done in the United States and follows standards similar to those practiced by the pharmaceutical industry. These results all contribute to Cosequin being the #1 veterinarian recommended brand!

Which dogs benefit from Cosequin?

Joint health assistance isn't only necessary for senior dogs. If you notice your dog having difficulty with strenuous activity, such as walking up stairs or jumping up to bed, your dog may benefit from Cosequin DS.

Safe formula

Studies conducted to check the safety of Cosequin have shown no adverse effects in blood work parameters, including complete blood count, biochemical, and clotting values.

High standards and proven results have earned Cosequin a high reputation among veterinarians and is the #1 recommended brand.

Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS Plus MSM (264 Count)
  • Glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate supplement
  • MSM added for total joint support
  • Supports cartilage production
  • Proven results
  • Manufactured using high standards
More Info
Nutritional Supplements

These supplements can improve joint health.

Alternative Joint Supplements

These supplements are used to help maintain an animal's health.

Healthy Diet Guide

Some tips to keep your furry friend healthy.

Choosing a Joint Supplement

Learn how to select the right joint supplement.

Cosequin supports active dogs
Find the Right Cosequin Pack for your dogs
Cosequin DS
Chewable Tablets
Cosequin DS
90 counts
132 count
250 count
650 count
2 pack - 500 Count
3 pack - 750 Count
6 pack - 1500 Count
12 pack - 3000 Count

90 counts
132 count
250 count
800 count
2 pack - 500 Count
3 pack - 750 Count
6 pack - 1500 Count
12 pack - 3000 Count


Usage Info

Administration as a supplement for dogs

The recommended initial administration period is four to six weeks; however, some dogs may respond in a shorter period of time. The number of Cosequin DS Plus MSM chewable tablets may then be reduced to the maintenance level.

Initial 4 to 6 Week
Administration Period
Up to 15 lbs. 1/2 daily 1/2 every other day
16 - 30 lbs. 1 daily 1/2 daily
31 - 60 lbs. 2 daily 1 daily
Over 60 lbs. 3 daily 1 -2 daily

Once consistent improvement has been seen, these maintenance levels may be reduced to an every other day administration. The maintenance level can also be used long term on healthy dogs to help support their joints.

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Glucosamine hydrochloride acts as a building block of cartilage by supplying a key nutrient that keeps cartilage cells healthy and functioning properly.


MSM is an organic source of sulfur, a compound used by cartilage. Although clinical data on MSM is limited, many veterinarians and trainers recommend the use of MSM in the management of joint health.

Chondroitin & Manganese

Chondroitin sulfate blocks the enzymes that break down cartilage. Manganese ascorbate is added to help optimize the production of cartilage components.

Guaranteed Analysis
Glucosamine Hydrochloride 600 mg
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 300 mg
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 250 mg
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 5 mg

Glucosamine hydrochloride (derived from shellfish), sodium chondroitin sulfate (derived from bovine cartilage), methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), natural pork liver flavor, dextrose, dried brewers yeast, microcrystalline cellulose, manganese, ascorbate, magnesium stearate, and natural and artificial flavors.

2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 Capsules)2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 Capsules)Reg price: $196.99
Sale price: $150.89
2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 tablets)2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 tablets)Reg price: $170.99
Sale price: $148.99
2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (500 Count)2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (500 Count)Reg price: $165.58
Sale price: $127.99
3-PACK Cosequin DS 250 CAPSULES (750 COUNT) 3-PACK Cosequin DS 250 CAPSULES (750 COUNT) Reg price: $294.99
Sale price: $226.29
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Customer Reviews

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4.87 rating based on 766 reviews
Highly recommend Cosequin DS Plus by Mrs. Murphy of Iselin from NJ07/16/2012

Aging large dogs have hip problems naturally.I purchased these hoping to help mine and my daughter's dog.I wasn't disappointed and neither was my vet.These really do help with arthritis,especially on inactive dogs that don't get much exercise.My vet was very impressed when I told her I started giving my dog these.It has made quite a difference.I would recommend these to anyone who loves their aging pet.

Worth every penny by Sonnysmom from Bridsboro, PA10/22/2012

My Sonny is an Elderly Spinger after one week of taking he was getting around better. I work for a Pet service and supply company tried others. These are the best at a unbeatable price.

Cosequin by Huskey3 from Houston, Texas05/04/2013

Amazing product for our old guys (10 n 11 year olds)! Now the are standing easier and running hard to play with pur young pup!

Cosequin for Dogs by ducky from Portland, OR07/25/2012

Cosequin with MSM helps our almost eight year old, 95lb Labrador, that had double TPLO surgery a few years ago, to get around pretty well... all things considered. She is able to keep up with a nine month old puppy on walks without a problem. I would recommend Cosequin for any dog with joint issues.

IT WORKS! by Jack from Petoskey. MI03/11/2013

My nearly 12 year old Golden has responded to the meds. They seem to be helping the poor, old guy.

Great so far by Kishi23 from Houston01/01/2013

These tabs seem to work for my two older dogs. I prefer these tabs that have the MSM in them over the regular ones. I am about to start giving them the maintenance dosage of two pills, so I am hoping that it will continue to work well. If I have to keep giving them three tabs, it won't bother me, a small price to pay for the extra mobility exhibited by them.

Great product by VA Gal07/17/2012

Cosequin is one of the finest products on the market for joint health, and the addition of MSM was brilliant! My dogs are doing great on this, and they seem to love it, too. I can't imagine what issues my big boys would be having if not for their Cosequin! And the price at Entirely Pets completes the deal! Way to go!!

WOW! by KAL2112/13/2011

I have an 11 1/2 yr. old, 135 lb. yellow lab with a shallow arthritic hip. He's been on vet perscribed medicines. I've tried other glucosamine suppliments before, but the change since adding Cesequine MSM is amazing. He is spunky. He has bounce in his step. He even leaps a little bit. His quality of life has improved immensely in the last 6 mos.

Excellent Product for Garanimals Mobility by KevinAfghanistan from Hinesville, GA06/16/2013

Within a week of my German Shepherd taking this supplement his mobility improved and he appears to be moving energetically and does not appear to be dragging his left hind leg as he previously did from a hip injury and subsequent surgery. His overall well-being and energy has noticeably improved.

Cosequin DS Plus MSM by aakemp11/24/2012

Our 9 and 1/2 year old GSD has a bad front shoulder. When we give him the Cosequin he is so much better and doesn't need the prescription pain medicine the vet prescribed. When we run low or out of it, there is a noticeable difference.

Great Product by Dick from Northwest Ohio01/24/2013

Our 8 year old 85 pound male Collie has been on a supplement of this type since birth due to the tendency of this size dog to suffer join issues as they get older. Cosequin has been very effective above others we have tried. He will remain on this supplement the rest of his days which we hope are many.

VERY DISAPPOINTED in Entirely Pets process by FRS03/02/2012

I'm know the product is great - that's why I ordered it - on FEB 9, 2012. However, when I didn't receive in a week's plus time, I checked tracking and found that the "freebie" was on back order and the Main product requested was being held. I proceeded to request cancellation of order and purchased product locally - my dog's comfort is much more important than a freebie. and I ran out of his Cosequin while waiting for shipment. So - very disappointed with customer service - no email showing backorder etc. then, magically, same day I requested cancellation I received an email that items were now in stock and being shipped. Then to add further insult, I have received 3 o4 4 promo emails and then finally this one requesting "how did ;you like the product etc" Still no product - no confirmation of cancellation, just meaningless promo emails.

Adds life by Nancy from Fayetteville07/11/2012

Our neighbors lab stays at our house more than her own. So we started her on Cosequin DS because she is getting old and it was hard for her to get around. It has given her new life. She can jog with our dogs now.

Finally product that works!!! by Ali from Surrey, BC04/19/2013

We are very happy with this product!. Our dog 11 years old - 100lbs+ lab mix is completely different animal now. He acts like a puppy again. No more limping! What a improvement!

helps alot by Lucky Bear from Brunswick, Ohio12/07/2011

The cosequin has made a big difference in our 90 pound golden retriever mix - he gets up and down much easier at 10 years old.

Worth the price by vicki04/17/2013

My lab loves to run and plays hard especially with a tennis ball. He started getting very sore after playtime and the next day. Have tried other products but this works the best. No matter how hard he plays he is no longer sore and is always up for more (especially if a tennis ball is involved!)

Great! by kkm9880 from Huntington, NY05/18/2012

I have been using Cosequin DS Plus MSM for a couple of years now on my 8-year old collie/Aussie mix who has beginning stages arthritis. So far so good, it is helping her! No limping or joint stiffness at all!

great product by elena from san antonio ,tx10/19/2011

I have 2 beautiful alaskan huskies who started to develope some arthritis and cracking of their joints. since they have both been on this product they are running and jumping and want to go for longer walks in the morning and i notice very little arthritic joint cracking. entirely pets has the best prices, i told my vet about this website and he has been recommending it to his patients. i would highly recommend this product to pets who are just starting to have some difficulty i noticed a great improvement.

Best product ever by Kris from Mpls Mn12/19/2012

Switched from another brand with my 12 year old poodle and saw a big improvement in her hips and also in my 13 year old pointer/spaniel.

Still in experimental stage by AUSalsa from Auburn, Al.02/25/2013

So far as all the reviews suggest it has been helpful-my "girls" have been on it for 4 weeks so I'm still in the review period. One of my dogs I am still noticing stiffness but it seems like it's getting better-in about 2 more weeks hopefully that will be better. Do plan to continue daily after initial 6 week period. Gets rather expensive with 2 dogs though-will be glad when I can go from 6 a day to 2!

Great product by Koolkat from Milford, NJ01/21/2013

I have been using Cosequin for years and experience a profound difference when i stop using the product- so i know it works!!

by katchadd02/08/2013

Your "free" shipping when I ordered the Cosequin really meant the longest journey to my home. Because I was really waiting for the Cosequin for my dog due to problems getting up and down the deck, I thought it would be a lot quicker arriving than it was. However, when I called to check on the status of the order, the guy I spoke to wasn't interested in getting the Cosequin to me but rather the "shipping time" and that you were in the correct time for getting the order to me. I thought he was rude and this is why I don't think I will reorder from you. Sorry.

Dogs eat them by hw10/22/2012

The Cosequin plus MSM is a vitamin both my dogs take happily. Tried without the MSM and they would not eat the supplement, even if I made smaller and tossed in with their food. Thus, the MSM is the secret.

by Gizmo from Bluefield, WV07/31/2012

Our Golden Retriever is enjoying his walks again!

Good deal by Jen01/01/2013

Good deal on a good product. Shipped quickly.

My purchases at Entirely Pets by Ruth Silny from Pasadena, cA10/29/2011

I always recommend your website to people... and my dog was pet of the week.. Yeah.

Good product by kowgrl01/27/2013

I have used this product for years, and my 11 yr old Aussie is doing great!

Great Products - Great Service by wyns from Kaneohe, HI10/25/2011

Very satisfied with products - great pricing and quick delivery!

Cosequin, MSM tabs by Mich from CT02/23/2013

my dog only been on it a month and needs a longer time to see if it helps, but she does seem better going up stairs and getting up and down off couch.

Hey Mom I love it by rose from arizona01/24/2013

My girl is very picky about dog treats,I didn't think she would like something like this . She loves them

Cosequin by samarky from Yucca Valley, CA01/11/2012

Hard for me to say right now how pleased I am with the product because I have not used it enough. However, friends and relatives all recommended it to me because they loved it. Was on back order when I ordered it so it took a long time to receive it. But once it came in the shipment was fast.

Cosequin DS Plus MSM by Debbie from West Bend, WI10/25/2012

I have 2 large dogs & needed the Cosequin DS Plus MSM. Entirely Pets has the best prices along with great products. Cosequin has helped my dogs.

Preventative by yogiroro from NC03/27/2013

I've heard these recommended from countless friends and a couple of vets. I'm giving them to my dog as a preventative - she's ok, but 8 years old. She loves them so much I can use them as a night time treat for her. Oh, and morning treat when I leave for work :-)

by marcia02/02/2012

my dog with hip dysplasia (tpo performed as a pup) and fragmented coronoid process(removed as a pup) has not developed any signs of lameness for the most part. He is now 4. I believe these supplements help

Excellent product by Marial from Wisconsin10/23/2012

This is a joint supplement we use to keep our athletes moving well. The MSN is a very helpful addition to regular Cosequin. Our seniors receive this product also. I recommend it.

Good results by darkphader from Motown11/06/2012

Best of breed product. Tried another supplement but it did not produce the same results so came back to Cosequin.

Helpful product by pbdt from New Hope, PA02/07/2013

So far so good..I see MUCH less struggle with the lhip that seems to bother my yellow lab. He is on the 3 a day regime to start...after only 2 weeks, I see results...this is a great deal for the price. BUY IT, your pet will thank you.

Highly recommended! by Sonny01/08/2013

Four border collies are on this product including one who is 13 years old. Highly recommended by my vet and seems to help a good deal with their stiffness especially the older gentleman.

Cosequin DS by Dog Lover from Atlanta, GA08/05/2012

We've ordered tis before for our dogs, it does work for their arthritis. This was the first time we ordered from this store. Prompt, courteous service, delivered on time. Thank you !

Great product, and best price I've found by scorpio19th from Austin, Texas07/19/2012

Cosequin is probably the best OTC drug for arthritis and inflammation that's available. The prices are the best I've found on-line.

miracle product by sammy196903/15/2013

We own 2 yellow labs, one is 8 and the younger is 3. The older dog required surgury on his knee, joint was gone. I put him on Cosequin prior to the surgury and have kept him on it since (about 1 year). He not only recovered quickly but he now runs. The younger dog believed the Cosequin to be a treat so naturally he had to have one also. I give them both one tablet, Cosequen DS + MSN twice daily. The younger lab, Chase, is extremely muscular and strong. I do believe the Cosequin will help prevent the problems our older Lab, Tank had. Both are doing extremely well, strong joints and high energy levels. Cosequin is a wonderful product well worth the cost. Our dogs will always take Cosequin. I cannot say enough about this product. If you have a dog which is subject to joint and hip problems, put it on Cosequin.

Excellent Product by Doggie from IL12/08/2012

My beautiful shepherd has used this product for one year and she is very mobile. My vet actually cancelled upcoming surgery.

Long time user by babs06/02/2013

I've been using this product for several yrs for my large rescued dogs. I started using Cosequin about 12 years ago an my aged weim. It helped, and have continued to use it on my lab, and now on my young weims. My vet recommended starting to use it on all large breed dogs starting at 2 to prevent problems in later yrs. My daughter has been using it since her rescued lab was 2. She runs with her up to 10 miles 4 times a week and she is doing great!She is now 6 and full of energy!.

Great Product for Dogs' Aching Joints by Gracie and JR's Mama from Orlando, FL10/26/2012

I've had my 50 pound, 14 year old dog on Cosequin DS Plus MSM for a couple of years and I can see the difference it makes in her mobility. I very rarely give her the expensive prescription pain med I used to give her regularly. I also give Cosequin to my younger 13 pound dog to ensure better joints for his future. At 9, he still runs around like a puppy.

Best Priced Products Anywhere by Jen from Chicago, IL11/12/2012

I really do my comparison shopping and this website has the best prices by far. I always get a couple items at a time so that I always qualify for free shipping. My dog has recently been put on a joint supplement (he's 9), and I can definitely tell a difference! I will continue to use this product and purchase it from Entirely Pets

Keeping Our Dog Comfortable by MMFan from New Jersey12/20/2012

Our 8 year Lab has had a number of issues with her joints. Giving her the Cosequin twice a day with her meals has really helped with her discomfort plus she thinks it is her appetizer before her breakfast and dinner!

Glad I listened to Jack Hanna by Mrs.Murphy of Iselin from Iselin, NJ11/28/2012

Jack Hanna (San Francisco Zookeeper) made a commercial for Cosequin, using his dog as an example.This is a product that does work and like Jack Hanna's dog, my dog is also living proof this product does work.Butch looks forward to his daily dose and he now has no problems going up and down the stairs. I will continue to buy from this site because the price is better than PetSmart (in volume, of course). Thanks to Cosequin, Butch is better.


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