• CET Chews for Medium Dogs (30 Chews)

    CET Chews for Medium Dogs (30 Chews)

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    Please Try Ora-ClensŪ Oral Hygiene Chews Medium (30 Chews)

    Try Bonies Dental Formula
    Size Dog weight
    Petite 11 lbs. and under
    Medium 11 - 25 lbs.
    Large 26 - 50 lbs.
    Extra Large 51 lbs. +

    CET Chews are beefhide treats to which an enzyme has been added that helps stop plaque from forming. PLUS the natural abrasion of rawhide chews help clean your dogs teeth. Available in two sizes (small/medium and large).

    C.E.T. is Good to Chew:
    As simple as giving a daily treat, great tasting C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews feature the exclusive Dual-Enzyme System to remove plaque and prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria. The plaque-fighting enzymes and natural abrasive cleansing action of C.E.T. Chews help to keep breath fresh and teeth clean. Use C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews daily as a first step toward oral hygiene or on those days when brushing isn't possible. CET


    Usage Information

    Give your dog at least one chew daily, or as directed by your veterinarian, to reduce plaque and calculus. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. As with any pet product not intended for human consumption, please keep out of the reach of children and wash hands after handling.

  • Crude Protein (min.) ..... 75.0%
  • Crude Fat (min.) ..... 1.0%
  • Crude Fiber (max.) ..... 3.5%
  • Moisture (max.) .....16.0%
  • Top


    Beefhide, Dextrose, Poultry Digest, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Primary Dried Yeast, Potassium Sorbate, Glucose Oxidase (Aspergillus niger), Dried Whey Protein Concentrate.

    *A substrate necessary for the Enzyme System.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    CET Chews by The Rev.08/04/2012

    Problem is: My dog loves the Chews. My problem is the cost! I give the "CET Chews a #10"

    Much anticipated daily treat! by Sandy from Vicksburg, MI11/14/2012

    Our three standard poodles loves these treats and in return they have beautiful clean white teeth. I have used CETA Chews for over 12 years and order them by the case.

    by SA08/30/2014

    Great product! Highly recommend as this product was recommended by our vet.

    Poor consistancy by LVMYDOG02/27/2012

    My dog absolutey loves these chews and they seem to be a good thing for her, however, I am totally frustrated at the fluctuation in the quality and consistency of the product. Have gotten less than the stated quantity in a package and the size and thickness of individual pieces in a single package vary unreasonably.

    CET Chews by Nancy from Rogers, MN01/17/2014

    I order these chews every couple of months for my dog. She loves them! You can't beat the price either!

    Fine product when you can get it by Bill03/16/2012

    Our collies love them, my wife uses them as pacifiers when she wants some peace. The only problem was the 10-day lag between order-date and ship-date on the last order.

    Great Treats by GoPete01/19/2012

    These were smaller than I was anticipating, but the dogs both love them. Their teeth are cleaner and their breath smells better when they are done with one, too.

    by from 10/22/2012

    The CET chews for medium dogs are awesome. I have two, six month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and they love the chews. They enjoy the chewing action and I love that they can digest them, unlike Rawhide products. I wish they came in larger quantities.

    Sharron by Austin Texas from Great

    Great Product

    Dogs love them! by Mary from Los Angeles12/30/2012

    Great product to clean their teeth! Recommended by our vet!

    Really happy dogs.... by ghost7071 from Ruston, LA.04/17/2014

    CET Chews are cheaper than local vets, both our dogs love them. With the medium size their just right for our Snorky and his bigger buddy.

    My Dog Loves These by dawnB from Boca Raton, FL01/20/2014

    My dog loves these treats! Runs around the house when he gets it and finds the right spot to eat it!

    Wish Dog Did Not Like Them So Much by mtoll from Jacksonville, FL11/13/2013

    Have purchased the CET Chews for years because our dog loves them and waits for one each night, however, I get so frustrated with the CETs quality control. There are always one or two chews in each bag that are unsuitable. Only because our dog likes them so much do I keep purchasing them. I would love to see CETs quality control improve so I could give them five stars and quit throwing away chews.

    Long-Time Customer, Still Pleased ! ! ! ` by gydney from Houston, TX05/30/2012

    I continue to return to Entirely Pets for the CET Chews for my 5 dogs, as they continue to offer, not only the best price; but, the fastest service I've even gotten from an online vendor.

    CET Chews for Medium Dogs by lucydog from Fort Worth, TX04/26/2013

    My Dogs love these and get very excited when they know it's time for their "treat"!

    Good STuff! by Marc from 1095606/30/2012

    Doggies love them and they are great for their teeth! A healthy snack that keeps them busy!

    More natural alternative by Sharon05/01/2013

    Our dog loves them and would eat the whole bag at once!

    by jet03/02/2012

    My dog really likes these chews and good for her teeth.

    by Dottie01/18/2013

    My dogs love these. They're a great alternative to rawhides and help clean teeth.

    My little dogs love these by Ralphie's mom04/16/2013

    Bought these for my Chinese Crested Powder Puffs. They love them, but I have had to start cutting them in half since my Lab will eat them if my little girls don't chew them up in one sitting. Not a product issue-a greedy Lab issue

    by from 03/13/2013

    Great Healthy Treats by Scfi from Pittsburgh PA06/20/2014

    I have purchased CET Chews for years for all of my dogs. All of my dogs have enjoyed them and they really do help keep their teeth clean and breath pleasant. Vet recommended.

    This product works by Mike02/29/2012

    Many dog dental products are no more than a treat. The CET chews really help clean a dog's teeth.

    by Texas Nonna from Tempe, TX03/14/2014

    The most favorite treat of our dog, Maggie. Entirely Pets offers a great price for these vs. purchasing from our vet. I would have given it a full 5 stars, but Virbac has reduced the size of the medium treat.

    CET Chews by BJK01/27/2013

    Have used one of these for my bichon every day---the vet always comments on her great teeth--she is 7 1/2 years old. Entirely has the best prices I have found.

    Great by Buster from Colorado02/15/2013

    Arrived quickly and was exactly what I wanted. Buster is very happy!

    Very disappointed by Sunshine Az from Arizona and Illinois11/18/2011

    I was extremely disappointed that the medimum CET Chews were not the long stick type like the petite CET Chews. I will not order the medium again but only buy the petite.

    great dental chew by ginby from columbia, sc12/18/2011

    best dental chew i bought. my 2 dogs, a beagle and a terrier, loves them so much and keeps them occupied for a long time. my vet recommended them to keep thier teeth healthy and clean and seems to be working.

    CET Chews medium by Otto & Gus's Mom from Tampa FL03/21/2013

    These seem to work better than other teeth cleaning products and for a good price compared to what I have seen in pet stores. My biggest worry is that they are raw hide. My standard dachshund can finish one off in less than 5 minuets, so I worry about him swallowing chunks. My little mini takes several hours to finish. I never leave them by themselves if they have these chews.

    Great product by Ed from Millington, TN10/23/2012

    I give Wishbone one of these chews every day and she loves them. They also help clean her teeth and freshen her breath. People (including her vet) remark all the time about how good her teeth look and it's because of these chews.

    Our dogs love it. by PC from Mississauga, Ontario06/04/2012

    Not sure how effective it is at cleanning their teeth however our dogs love it so at least they're chewing these and not something else.

    Virbac Dog Chews by CA03/08/2013

    Wonderful product with a very credible history in pet products. "Entirely Pets" is a very professional company with great products & a very quick turn around after ordering from their easily navigated website. I will continue to utilize them for all my pet needs and I would highly recommend them to others. Sincerely, Christopher A DeVuyst

    Obsessed by Cindy12/14/2009

    I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and they are positively obsessed with their "chew sticks!" They know every evening it's time for their treat and the few times I've not restocked them they become two very sad puppies. We love this product!!

    by from 07/26/2012

    I made the mistake of getting the medium chews. They are too small for my dog. In the past I have ordered the large ones and they were fine.

    a by good from job!"Entirely


    GOOD CHEW by COOKIE03/11/2008


    Starting to have doubts by nealmedia from Pacific Northwest07/21/2014

    I have used CET chews for years. They do a good job of keeping my dog's gums and teeth clean (since, like most pet owners, I am not super diligent about toothbrushing). The quality of orders over the past year or so seems to be declining. The color of the product is erratic -- some chews are a nasty, dark orange color. And the size and shapes of the chews are wildly inconsistent. Some are monstrous and others are like potato chips. Finally there is the scent: There has always been a faint chemical smell (the product has enzymes as an active ingredient). Some some packages seem much smellier than others. Is the manufacturer cutting corners? Still: My dog likes to chew them and they still seem to do the job OK.

    by Todd10/18/2011

    I love the fact you ship so quickly & my girls can enjoy the products ASAP! The prices are great! We received two pack of the large chews rather than the medium chews some how, my girls are small & the large one were too big for them can you send med for them?

    Dogs love them! by Lisa03/03/2009

    My dogs are completely addicted to these!!! My doberman will cry and whine until you give her this as her evening treat. We used to buy these at our vet, but the price is so much better here - a huge help when you go through as many as we do!

    Obsessed Dogs by Cindy09/07/2009

    I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that are obsessed with their "chew sticks". This brand is the only one they like. Every evening they expect their treat when it's time to relax. Thank goodness we found this company to purchase the chews because they're very expensive at the vet's office. Thank you!

    Awesome by Bosco from Queens, n.y.05/14/2013

    My dog enjoys chewing on these sometimes better than bones.

    CET Medium Chews by Rebecca11/24/2009

    My dogs go crazy for these and they have not needed vet dental cleanings in several years. My vet comments every year how clean their teeth are! I love the fact that they love the chews and the chews help their dental health.

    really keeps the teeth clean by Charlene from La Selva Beach, CA07/16/2012

    My three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels love these! It's a daily treat that does an excellent job of keeping their teeth clean

    by from 03/12/2013

    Great product by Bubba05/06/2013

    Our 2 year old pet was already beginning to have tartar build up on her teeth. Our Vet. recommended CET chews for her. We brought the first pack from the Vet that day and she loved them. Even after the first week we began to notice improvement with her teeth. I found them at EntirelyPets at a big price savings and ordered them. EntirelyPets made it easy and cost efficient to provide our pet with a cleaner healthier smile.

    HEALTHY TREAT by DUFFYGUS from Lafayette, CO05/30/2012

    We first started giving our dogs the CET Chews upon recommendation from their vet. Our boyz love the chews and also maintain healthy teeth! I like the convenience of ordering online.

    great treat by janet02/17/2013

    My dog looks forward to one of these everyday.

    Great product! by paso1234 from Sedona AZ10/29/2013

    Our vet recommended the chews for our dogs. We have two 55+ pound dogs. They receive one per day and we can see a difference even though we clean their teeth quite often. Just had a check up and our vet said their teeth looked great.

    by Dorothy from Scottsdale, AZ10/23/2012

    Our dog Ollie loves these CET Chews. He expects one every morning and evening.

    C.E.T. medium chews by Linda from Parker, Colorado10/27/2011

    This product should help reduce the trips to the vet for cleaning teeth in addition to using them in conjunction with the spray rinse as well. If you can reduce the number of times your pet goes under anesthesia then they are certainly worth it.

    My dog loves these! by Katy's Mom from FLORIDA11/04/2011

    Her vet recommended them to help clean her teeth and she loves them.

    Best Dental Chews! by Kathy03/08/2013

    Our vet recommended CET chews for our dogs and the results have been great. The dogs love their treat every night and don't have to have their teeth cleaned very often!

    Great Purchase by tangomia from Miami, Florida11/08/2012

    These make excellent dental treats. All my dogs just love them. Great on their teeth.

    CET chews great value by Jamie from Spokane09/24/2013

    I used to by these from my Vet but they are half yes half the price on Entirely Pets they have the best price on the internet and the stores

    CET Med. Chews 4 Dogs by Lori W.03/08/2012

    I've been giving my kids these for YEARS! Now that I have a new batch of pups in the house, we have found renewed interest and I got these here at a fantastic price. Win/win situation.

    great chews by hota from woodway,wa08/10/2012

    My dog is a chewer and these dental chews are perfect for him. He loves the flavor and I love how long they last.

    Best price ever! by my2dogs04/08/2012

    This is my dogs favorite healthy treat and you have the best price. Thank you!

    CET Chews with Hextra by Jersey Girl from Lorton, VA07/09/2013

    Dogs can't get enough of these treats. Wonderful for dental care. The Hextra in these chews inhibit or kill the bacteria that forms the tartar on their teeth. I highly recommend.

    Very satisfied by Pam from Utah05/12/2013

    Correct product arrived on time in good packaging. My dog loves these as his nightly treats!

    Good chews by Kathy from Florida08/02/2012

    My pets love these chews but some of the chews are to thick for my medium size pets to chew, so they get thrown out. This makes the thiner, easier to chew pieces much more expensive.

    Second best to brushing by Anna from Garden Grove, CA03/23/2013

    My dogs are older and they don't like their teeth brushed... My dogs doctor recommended these in place of brushing. My dogs love them and it helps keep their breath fresh.

    CET for Medium Dogs by Sadie from Texas02/04/2014

    My four children love these chews and actually come and ask me for them when they feel they are in need to clean their breath and teeth! When I ask them if it's time, they bark and lead me right to the place where the chews are kept. They love them. Providing them with the CET chews has really kept their teeth and gums healthy!

    Tail Waggin' Delicious by Boomer from Arizona06/03/2014

    The CET Chews were recommended by my vet. Each dog gets one chew daily and the chews have greatly assisted in keeping the dog's teeth free of plaque. Thank you!! A great product loved by the dogs.

    CET Chews by DanO06/16/2013

    Great product that my beagles both love. Vet recommended them for their teeth and I give them one several times a week.

    My Dogs Love these... by Dory from Phoenix, Arizona12/05/2012

    My dogs would rather eat these than any treat I have....Will definitely buy these again because they really work. My dogs teeth are white again. Great product...

    Best chew for our dog by dog owner from WA12/22/2012

    Our Cav always gets one of these chews after his dinner and while we're having ours. He sits expectantly, tail in high wag, waiting for his treat. We find the chews to be very good for Tucker's teeth and easy on his sensitive digestive system. They aren't messy or smelly and last long enough for a good, satisfying chewing experience for our dog..

    by me09/12/2013

    dog likes them, but there is poultry used and my dog is very sensitive to poultry !!!

    not for my pups by mmm from Massachusetts08/17/2014

    My dogs initially ate these, but now they have decided they don't like them.

    puppy loves them and they are good for her by johno from New Hampshire06/25/2013

    We give one of CET chew to our dog after breakfast and she licks her lips while waiting to get it.

    This is a monthly must for us by Mary from Vancouver, Washington03/30/2013

    My dog is a chewer and our vet recommended this product to us. That was 5 years ago and they are her daily treat. They weren't affordable from the vet so now we buy them here. Everyone is happy and the vet says her teeth are in excellent shape.

    Works for our dogs by Mike from Greer, SC05/09/2013

    This product works for the dental care of our dogs. It also lessens the doggy breath issue

    Quality Control leaves something to be desired by Washingtonian from Seattle09/05/2014

    Our dogs love these. However, we have to throw away about 15% of every bag because the thickness of some of the chews makes it impossible for our dogs to chew through them. If their quality control were better, I would give the item five stars. But, who wants to pay for something you have to throw away.

    CET Chews .... YUMMY! by sam10/07/2011

    My dogs LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these chews! I bought small, medium and large to fit each of my 3 dogs. The prices were much less than the local pet stores and most websites I visited. I'll be reordering soon! ???

    by from 05/31/2013

    My dog loves these chews! by Matilda's Dad from Grand Rapids, MI01/16/2015

    My dog loves these chews! All the CET chews help with bad breath and tarter control. Highly recommended!

    Great Dental Product. by Jim from West Fargo, ND05/30/2013

    On a recent trip to my veterinarian,..with my Bichon, Samantha, for a routine checkup, She asked what I was doing to keep Samantha's teeth in such a great condition. I said CET Chews. She was impressed and said, "keep using them for Sam'"

    CET Chews by Jami from Hampshire, IL07/30/2014

    Great products. However, I buy medium chews for my large dog. I started with large chews but they were too much fiber in one day. I took to cutting them in half. It's much easier to just buy the medium chews.

    by Schmance04/20/2013

    My dogs dinner dessert :) Keeps them very happy for about 10 minutes.

    My dogs love 'em by cchill03/18/2012

    My 2 dachsies love these and always expect one when they come inside after their last visit outside for the night.

    We've Been Trained by Our Pooch! by Gingersnapgranny from Raymond, NH10/23/2012

    Our otherwise docile spaniel, Gracie has become pushy and insistant that we re-order more of the CET Chews. We have tried hiding the bag but she noses it out every time and barks until we comply. These chews are not only very appealing and tasty to Gracie, but her teeth are seeing much less tartar. My husband and I don't need to tell her to brush after a meal. The minute she finishes her dinner, Gracie runs to us barking for a chew. Thanks for a great product and excellent service.

    Great Healthy Treat by Bebe08/20/2014

    Our beagle/basset gobbles her lunch because she knows she gets a CET afterwards. This is her special treat for the day and not only is it digestible, it helps to keep her teeth clean of plaque buildup. Your dog will love it.

    Dental health for dogs by Diana from Cottage Grove Oregon08/22/2013

    This product has been great for my Australian Kelpie mix Sigred. I give her a CET chew everyday and it has kept her teeth white and tartar free; even her vet has remarked that for a dog Sigred's age (7), she has remarkably great dental health.

    Quality Control Problem by jarani from Mill Valley, CA03/02/2012

    I have purchased this product for YEARS. But my last order contained a shock - all five packages weighed in at far less than the open and partially used one in my pantry. I compared the product and discovered that each chew size was significantly smaller than for the past 5 years. A HUGE change. Same price though, even with 1/3 LESS PRODUCT in the bag! Called the manufacturer who said this is not the first complaint of this kind, and that they are looking into it. I hope they correct their manufacturing standards because our dog loves these, and her teeth are gorgeous!

    Great dog dental treat! by sylvia from Delmar, NY12/01/2011

    Our sheltie needs dental care. I brush his teeth but he hates it. This chew treat is a great addition, as he loves them! He has one every evening - it's gone in a minute.

    CET Medium sized chew by ztrab from Tucson, Az11/16/2012

    I have been using CET chews for years and have noticed they are getting smaller and thinner for the most part. I have been cutting extra large in half for my 20+ lb Basset/dachshund sisters, but that was a chore, so I decided to try the mediums. I bought 10 bags and the convenience is great but they are too small and after 3 bags, consistently thinner than the larger chews. I will go back to cutting them with my giant sheet metal snips.

    best price! by CharlieHonse from Greensburg, PA05/15/2013

    My Labs love these!! My Vet wanted $35.00 a bag....love these! Priced well!

    chews are good! by Trish01/17/2015

    My dog likes these and they are good for her teeth

    I love them! by Cash10/26/2012

    I get one every morning when my human brushes her teeth.

    Best dental chewy ever!! by Grace from Irving, TX06/12/2013

    We have a shar pei and border collie mix and recently added a border collie/springer spaniel mix. All of them just love this. They look forward to this treat after dinner!

    great product by sb10/26/2011

    Have used this for quite a few years. Definitely helps to keep the tartar from forming and having to take the dogs in for an expensive dental cleaning

    average purchase by sharon from vacaville, california01/07/2013

    Actually I have ordered quite a few bags of of the CET chews. The last 3 bags were not good quality. The chews were really tiny and sandy looking. I was not going to say anything. I just was not going to order again.

    good stuff by DogCopilot from VA08/28/2013

    ...chewing on these is (I think) better and more enjoyable for the dogs than trying to brush their teeth with the CET toothpaste that has the same enzyme ingredients.

    Great Product! by Wanda from Arlington, TX08/07/2013

    Bootsy loves her Chew. All I have to do is show it to her, and she runs and jumps in her crate.

    Good purchase by debbie11/24/2011

    After ordering two of the above dental treats my dog decided he likes the ones for smaller dogs better! He is, of course, still eating them, just at a slower rate!

    Great Product by Grammyglo from Belmont, MA05/31/2012

    CET chews were recommended by our vet to help reduce tartar on our Dog's teeth. We give her one daily, they are easily digestible with no splintering. She gets really excited when we reach for the bag and the chews have a side benefit of keeping her occupied! Wish we learned of this product earlier. Only downside is that the pieces are not uniform in size.

    CET Chews for Labs by Karie from Renton, WA04/16/2013

    My black lab really likes these chews. I get the medium sized ones - they are the perfect size but sometimes they put some really large ones in there (which I save for the neighbors dog). Entirely Pets always ships very promptly and I will continue to do business with them. Thanks once again!!

    CET Hextra by mark4711 from north tacoma,wa04/07/2012

    I think that your 30 chews of medium are good for my dog and now my dog like those that you sent me wrong so I think that we need to stay with those 30 chews and I think erveyone who has dogs should try those 30 chews out. thank you ok mark and smokie. at this time i dont have a pic of smokie ok.

    Low Fat Treat Helps Clean Teeth by Sandee from Palm Harbor FL11/18/2011

    I had been purchasing these treats at my vet's office and was thrilled to see that your website offered them. My Shorty is 10 years old and has not had to be "put under" to have his teeth cleaned yet! I make sure he has a CET treat or Bonie as his last treat in the evening.

    Vet recommended by Sally from Columbus, OH04/05/2012

    Have a small breed dog that gets a build up on her teeth. Veterinary recommended these and they do help - gets one every evening. Due to varying shapes and sizes of each piece, she doesn't always finish it in one evening.

    Best Product for Dog's Healthy Teeth by JSR12/20/2012

    The best I have tried on my dogs in over 30 years. I may try a sample of something similar, but I don't expect I would change, unless the product was discontinued...heaven forbid!!!

    Excellent product by antiquescollector01/30/2013

    I give one of these to my dog every day for good oral hygiene. She loves them!

    Poor quality control by Mike10/26/2011

    Have been purchasing these for years and the quality control over the last year got out of control, i.e. less than stated amount in bag, some paper thin with holes and some nearly 1/2" thick. So unsatisfactory that I suspect Entirely Pets, because of the low price, to be providing seconds. Called Entirely Pets customer assistance and they said not their problem and told me to call the manufacturer. Called CET Chews and they were very pro-active and replaced two bags that were unsatisfactory upon return of those bags to CET(they paid for shipping). Consistancy of last shipment from Entirely pets was much improved. Would change recommendation if find that quality control issues are resolved.

    ALWAYS A GREAT PRODUCT by GK from north carolina01/01/2013

    have been using these chews for years because one of my dogs has a sensitive stomach and this don't bother him.

    by from 06/12/2012

    by Sadie02/07/2012

    I like the product but it's not what I expected. It's supposed to be for medium dogs. However, they appear to really be for small dogs. I give my dog two or three of them to equal what I would have thought is appropriate for medium dogs. I would recommend it to friends but with the information that the large size would be better for medium dogs.

    Great Buy by Cheezypuff711/05/2012

    These dental chews are recommended by many vets and do their part to help keep the dogs teeth clean. My guys love them! Seems to help with my shelties bad breath too!

    All My Dogs Love These!! by Fran from Durham, NC07/25/2011

    My vet recommended these chews for my small terriers, as little dogs have notoriously bad teeth. My girls and guy (dog variety) love these and I know the chews are helping their teeth, as well as giving them something to do. Tip: If your dogs is on the lower range of the weight suggestion, 11 lbs. or so, do use the medium. The small sizes are gone in seconds (literally). My vet says I can cut them if they are too large--not. Way too tough for me to cut.

    A content pup by Ella's Dad from Portsmouth, NH06/19/2012

    Every morning after Ella has her breakfast she runs over to me and sits patiently waiting for her CET chew. As I start to give it to her, she licks her lips in anticipation of her "treat". What more can I say...

    by from 01/17/2015

    They love these chews! Entirely Pets delivered this item quick and packaged it well! I'll shop here again soon!

    GSantua by San Diego, CA from Thank

    My Dogs are Happy!

    great for keeping my dogs teeth clean by Charlene from CA01/10/2013

    I have used these for several years. They do an excellent job of keeping my dogs (3 Cavaliers) teeth clean. It reduces gingival inflamation too

    Dogs Love them! by Joyce11/02/2011

    My dogs love them and it is a nightly ritual for them to get one and settle down!

    CET Chews by CD05/23/2013

    Excellent for keeping teeth clean and for dogs who like to chew. They last for a little while and my dog thinks it's a "treat!"

    by reo05/31/2013

    My dog a jack russell will not chew on them.

    Consistently good service by Doug from Rock Hill, SC07/05/2012

    I have purchased dog chews several times through Entirely Pets and have been very satisfied with the quick response in sending and receiving the products. I can count on receiving an email immediately verifying my purchase and another email notifying me of shipment. My order is promptly processed and has always arrived with no problems. Thank you Entirley Pets.

    Unbeatable price and effectiveness by BJ from Ft. Lauderdale10/23/2012

    My dog loves this daily treat and it is keeping her teeth pearly white. Plus, my girlfriend's older dog needed a dental cleaning. She started giving her the chews before the cleaning, and the vet stated, "whatever you are doing for her teeth, keep it up". There was a noticeable difference even before the cleaning! And, you can't beat the price!! Almost 1/2 the price of the veterinary or pet stores!

    by AZLady0901/14/2013

    My dog LOVES these chews and her vet has seen a difference at her dental check-ups!

    Perfect for our dog by 3bags07/30/2012

    These chews are the perfect size for our 60 pound lab mix. We like to give her a rawhide when we leave in the morning and these are not huge but big enough that she thinks she's getting something special. We also like the fact that they help her teeth.

    Great for Golden Retrievers by Judy02/22/2010

    Great for maintaining good dental health in my Goldens.

    a favorite treat by Sonja from Vancouver, WA11/29/2011

    My dog, Ava, has enjoyed these dental chews since she had leg surgery 2 years ago and was so bored in her crate. She is quite the chewer and these keep her busy for a long time. Also, her vet said she has really really healthy teeth. I know it's because of this product.

    by Bea from New York, NY04/24/2012

    Like a raw hide, but they do wonders for the teeth, my dog can be entertained for hours on these, she loves them. They are a bit smelly, but not a deal breaker.

    Great Product by Di06/01/2014

    Chews are tasty and biodegradable unlike rawhide chews. My boys can't wait for us leave in the morning so they can get theirs and relax in their "man-caves"

    Great Treat by demartin from Florence Montana10/15/2013

    Not only a great treat but a natural way to keep your dogs teeth clean and white. Our vet asked if we had been brushing our dogs teeth. We shared that we had been giving our dogs CET Chews a couple times a day. The only reason I could not give 5 stars is the chews are not consistant in size. Several chews will be suited more to LARGE dogs and a medium sized dog could potentially choke on the thicker tufted chews in this medium marked bag of chews. It would seem to me that this manufacturer could better screen what goes into a medium bag of CET. Chews.

    Can't Live without them by Uncle Al from Florida07/13/2013

    my dogs just can't live without them. They love these chews so much and they are healthy and great for their teeth. We go through a bag a week.

    Great value, and dogs love these by waz0409/10/2013

    My vet recommended these for our dog after a teeth cleaning set me back $300! I knew they would help with plaque buildup, but I didn't know if the dogs would like them. We got the medium size and the large size chews, and both dogs LOVE these! I will definitely order more, since the price is much lower here than at the vet's or the store.

    CET Chews Medium by Mom47.... from Texas03/21/2014

    These are great. We have a 95# Akita. We use these as treats several times a day. Since these are meant for smaller dogs we give them more often. She loves them. Keeps her teeth clean, too!!


    Exactly as described. Best price on web plus free shipping and fast delivery. You can't ask for any more than that.

    My Dog LOVES them! by magic4747 from PA11/26/2011

    They are a great healthy chew for your dog. She always goes to the closet after dinner for me to get her one. It's almost like her brushing her teeth after eating!!

    Perfect size for our dog by 3bags from Portland, ME07/31/2013

    We give our dog one of these when we leave the house and we like them because they are not that big and she still thinks she's getting something special.

    Look mom, I'm brushing my teeth! by kat03/07/2013

    My Westies recognize the bag and crowd around me waiting for their own chew. With a chew in their mouth, they each find their own "space" and work on it for hours until it's all gone (bad breath included). This product is a must for my Westies' oral hygiene.

    The pup loves them! by Paige11/07/2011

    If only my dog knew he was getting a dental chew! My favorite part is that these chews don't have any kind of odor and they must taste great because the dog chews them right up! The resealable bag is a nice feature also.

    My Dogs Love These! by ljdiamond from Dallas, TX04/07/2012

    Diamond and Flash get one every morning before I leave for work. It's so fun to watch them take their treat to their own separate corners and start munching!

    Product ingredients have changed! by mawags from Miami FL04/04/2013

    Have purchased these chews for our dogs before and they loved them. However, the ingredients have changed and they want nothing to do with them! Sorry. Going to have to send them back!

    My Dog Loves These by kwkirk10/31/2011

    My older golden has genetically bad teeth and gums. These dental chews are inexpensive (compared to the vet's price) and she loves them! The best part is that they help keep a handle on plaque build up and gingivitis for her.

    Fresh breath!! by Sheltie mom06/25/2013

    My Sheltie chews one or two of these everyday! His breath and teeth are on good shape and they seem to be easy on his sensitive digestive tract. I highly recommend this product.

    Great Value by Sharon from Phoenix, AZ11/03/2013

    A great price and exactly the same product I was buying from my vet. My dog builds up tartar quickly, so he gets one of these chews everyday.

    A good purchase by Kathy10/28/2012

    Maltipoo seems to enjoy this treat. Recommended by my vet.

    Been a user for years by arlene from Charlotte, NC06/22/2013

    My vet got me started on these. He sells them. He said they would help so I did not have to brush Annie's teeth(I know you should). It has worked. We give them to her daily.

    Save Money! by doublee from Frostburg, Maryland08/07/2012

    Buying the CET chews for my dog was less expensive through Entirely Pets even with the shipping cost than getting them at the vet's office! I only wish Virbac coated them more like they used to with the brown coating, my dog used to love licking that stuff off her chewie!

    Dogs love them ! by Kim from Napa Valley California11/06/2012

    My Scottie loves these ! I bought these along with another dental product so I can clean her teeth, and giving her one of these daily, as well, does the trick ! Would definitely recommend them.

    What a Deal by janabanana03/28/2012

    My dog had her first dental bone at the vet's office during her yearly exam. She loved them! I bought a bag of them from the vet, but found them to be very costly. My daughter found them on your website for considerably less money so we ordered several bags. She gets one every morning & loves them! With free shipping, we are a forever customer.

    CET Chews by jojo11/07/2012

    I LOV E UM!!!! MY Mom gives me one every night before we go to bed. UMMMM.

    They really work! by x76 from Grand Rapids, MI09/06/2012

    CET Chews actually do work in keeping that nasty build up down. I am sure that my dog has to have her teeth cleaned less often because of these chews and best of all, she really seems to love eating them.

    Love at first bite by Furrymom from Maryland11/06/2011

    My two cavaliers love these chews. I give them each one after Breakfast - and they run around chasing each other, then sit and relax and chew. It is their morning routine. They love them in the evening to relax. It's great for their teeth and jaws - they haven't had any bad reactions, even when they have eaten them. So far, so good.

    CET review by Moska02/27/2012

    I can only speak for my dog..... she loves her CET treats!!!

    so and so by xxx10/28/2011

    As usual we get about 3 p[ieces in each bag that is 1/4-13 inch thick. These are not for a dog this size.

    NO DENTAL BILLS!!!!! by Rozzie from Northridge, California01/25/2011

    Okay, so I do spend money on these "chews" but it's no where near the money/pain and suffering that a dog endures who has dental problems. These Chews are amazing. Just ask my Vet who is always amazed at how good my Lab's teeth look!

    by Leelee01/27/2012

    Cet chews have kept my dog's teeth healthy for many years. He's 12 and Vet says his teeth are 6! And this is the best price I've found.

    by from 02/24/2012

    These are great for keeping your dog's teeth clean by KH from Montreal, QC10/23/2012

    I have used these for years as chew treats for my dogs, but the real benefit is that they have nice clean teeth, and have never required a dental cleaning from the vet! They love them, and I don't even have to brush their teeth! Only downside is that the size of the chews in each package is variable, so a "medium" chew can be anywhere from 1 X1 inch to 2 X 3 inches - poor quality control!

    cet dog chews by ginby from columbia sc12/14/2012

    it seems the sizes of the chews are getting smaller and thinner. before my dogs takes a while to finish them but now it's gone in less than a minute. but they like it a lot and it seems to help reduce plaque on their teeth.

    My dog's favorite! by Pegg from Elkview, WV10/11/2013

    CET Chews must taste pretty good based on my Welsh Corgi's preference for them. Binkley loves to chew on rawhide, but these chews are by and far his most favorite. It's worth the extra price for the higher quality product.

    CET Chews Medium by countryrose98 from Rancho Belago, CA01/01/2013

    awesome, my vet told me about these chews and my dog loves the. I feel good about giving them to him. it helps along with brushing his teeth.

    Wonderful product by nanlou07/20/2014

    I have a 13 yr old min pin that has been on these chews since 2001 and she has never had to have her teeth cleaned by our vet. Her teeth are still very clean & even pretty. I recommend these for all dogs. Our German Shepherd (may she rest in peace) also had beautiful teeth because we gave her a chew every day after dinner!!

    excellent dental product by jazzfam from Lancaster, NY04/19/2013

    I have been purchasing the CET Chews for our two douchaunds for 2 yrs. I typically purchase the large and cut them in half but sometimes they're thick and a little hard to cut. I just purchased the medium and some pieces to me were small and not consistent. So my next purchase I will go back to the large. My dogs love them and their teeth are in excellent condition.

    by from 01/21/2015

    My vet recommended them vs greenies because the greenies have more fat content or calories.

    them" by CET chews from ElMy


    CET Chews for Medium Dogs (30 Chews) by catdoghorse from Tomball, Texas07/25/2014

    Smaller than have been in the past. But my Jack Russell's love them

    by Carol05/03/2013

    I was VERY pleased with your service and your product (chews) Both Buster and Chase enjoy you fresh Chews Thank you again Carol Galbert

    by Cdorwick03/27/2013

    Great product and great price! Vets charge much more so buy it at Entirely Pets!

    really fast service by littletonblue10/21/2011

    My dogs love these chews, and so does their vet. I have ordered them from several web sites, and Entirely Pets has the best service and fastest delivery I have ever had. Keep it up!

    CHEWS by smoke09/27/2013


    CET Treats by Barb from Jacksonville, FL01/29/2015

    My dog loves these treats. I give her one everyday to keep her teeth clean and they do wonders to keep away bad breath. My sweet pooch now has the whitest teeth I've ever seen. Thanks.


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