• CET Chews for Small Dogs (30 chews)

    CET Chews for Small Dogs (30 chews)

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    Please Try Ora-ClensŪ Oral Hygiene Chews Small (30 Chews)

    Try Bonies Dental Formula
    Size Dog weight
    Petite 11 lbs. and under
    Medium 11 - 25 lbs.
    Large 26 - 50 lbs.
    Extra Large 51 lbs. +

    C.E.T. Chews enhance and activate a naturally occurring oral defense mechanism. C.E.T. Chews are a great tasting and effective way to keep your dog's breath fresh and teeth clean.

    C.E.T. is Good to Chew:

    As simple as giving a daily treat, great tasting C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews feature the exclusive Dual-Enzyme System to remove plaque and prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria. The plaque-fighting enzymes and natural abrasive cleansing action of C.E.T. Chews help to keep breath fresh and teeth clean. Use C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews daily as a first step toward oral hygiene or on those days when brushing isn't possible. CET


    Usage Information

    Give your dog at least one chew daily, or as directed by your veterinarian, to reduce plaque and calculus. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. As with any pet product not intended for human consumption, please keep out of the reach of children and wash hands after handling.

  • Crude Protein (min.) ..... 75.0%
  • Crude Fat (min.) ..... 1.0%
  • Crude Fiber (max.) ..... 8.0%
  • Moisture (max.) .....14.0%
  • calories (kcal) .....27
  • Top


    Beefhide, Dextrose, Poultry Digest, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Primary Dried Yeast, Potassium Sorbate, Glucose Oxidase (Aspergillus niger), Dried Whey Protein Concentrate.

    *A substrate necessary for the Enzyme System.

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    Best price by jbmillar12/24/2012

    I've searched everywhere for these chews and I found the best price at entirelypets.com! Easy to order & they arrived quickly.

    Best Treat by Peggie from Orlando FL06/18/2014

    My dog Zeus is a rescue and has many issues, one being he didn't like ANY treats until a neighbor gave him what I call "sticks". He absolutely love them and I have to keep a supply on hand at all times. He knows after dinner he gets 2 "sticks" and he lets me know when he's ready!! Great product according to Zeus.

    good product by Lyn from Vacaville, Ca11/09/2013

    All three of my dogs like them and it seems to have made a difference in their teeth. No tartar buildup.

    CET chews by yorkielover from Cincinnati, Ohio02/28/2012

    My yorkies love these! I used them as an after potty treat!

    c.e.t. chews by pam from montana03/28/2012

    Our dogs love these and look forward to having them each day. The vet says they are one of the best to help clean teeth.

    great product by Stella10/12/2013

    Our dogs love these and they are good for their teeth. We feel good about giving them these chews as a treat.

    My dog loves these chews by Jane from New Jersey10/21/2011

    I shopped around and Entirely Pets had the best price/shipping costs for these chews. My 11 pound dog just loves them! She came from a puppy mill and has had some dental issues so I am thrilled that she likes them. Her vet recommended using C.E.T. chews and they certainly help her breath.

    Sadie's Chews by Chew Gal from Mesa AZ01/22/2014

    My dog absolutely loves these treats, she goes on hunts around the house looking for them, my Veterinarian firstly referred me to these treats to help aid in dental care between cleanings, made my first purchase from her, and been buying these for a few years now, my dog is hooked on them ever since. CET Chews has proven to me that these are the best in assistant in dental hygiene as well as a wonderful treat that my dog totally loves. She knows knows when I'm in the kitchen where they are housed and runs in circles and gives kisses till I give her a stick. Thank you for helping with a wonderful hygienic assistant as well as a great treat.

    CET Chews by Mary from Houston, TX12/20/2012

    I love these chew sticks for my dog, glad they are so easy to order, becuz they are hard to find except at vet offices.

    Great Chewing Treat by JT from Buckeye, AZ05/15/2013

    My pug loves to chew and chew on these, not realizing they are helping keep his teeth in great shape! Great for dogs who love to chew!

    Great purchase by Bob08/13/2013

    These chews are just right for my Shih Tzus

    CET Chews by hodgepodgefor9004/20/2012

    Dog loves them and the vet says his teeth are staying cleaner longer.

    by stanley's mom01/23/2013

    Not only are these good for my dog's teeth, but they love them and can't wait for a good chew treat after they eat. Can't beat the price and delivery time was FAST! I will be buying again!

    by pat12/13/2011

    my dogs love them and their teeth stay really clean

    best product ever by doxie denitto from Sarasota FL12/09/2011

    this is the healthiest treat that is easy to chew easy to digest and best of all they love them

    Benson and his chewies! by XfitDQ03/12/2013

    My little Yorkiepoo absolutely LOVES his chewies! He looks forward to it every day!

    Great for All Sizes by Rozzie from Woodland Hills, California02/05/2013

    I use these treats for my 90 pound Golden/Lab Mix and for my 50 pound Lab. They break-up easily and are good for their teeth and gums. The dogs love, love, love them.

    cet chews by cindy from chicago04/09/2013

    I have been buying these chews for both of my dogs for years. The vet thought I was brushing my dogs teeth, because they looked so clean.

    My girls love these! by Beverly from Atlanta, GA08/30/2013

    Whether or not these help their teeth, I honestly dont know, but they love them.

    Good product by amilg06/17/2012

    I use this on my dogs and brush their teeth almost daily. Try to, sometimes it doesn't happen. Vet says theeth are great! Nothing more to add exceppt one, use it and do it!

    Great product. by Ayorkiemama from Florida04/16/2013

    My yorkie is 14 yo. I lost my other baby a year ago to cancer and he was 13. I have used CET chews since they were babies thanks to the vet that recommended them. Because of CET chews my Yorkie has most of her teeth at 14 years old. Highly recommend them!

    A Fine Chew by Roger from Orange, CA04/16/2013

    Personally, I am not that fond of CET Chews Petite for small dogs. However, my mini-Doxie, Roxie, thinks they are the greatest thing since sliced Badger. At 12:00 midday, Roxie gets her Chewy, and she tells time exceedingly well. Eyes bright, ears alert, flag up, (Roxie is a longhair), she starts her routine at 11:30, and continues to let us know she is Chewy deprived until we give in and issue one. Though normally a truthful little soul, she will lie, without blinking or troubled with remorse, if asked by one or the other of her Big People if she has had her Chewy. To say she loves them is inadequate. She ADORES her CET Chewys. Her Vet recommended them, so they must be good for her as well. A great product, or as Roxie would say: WOOF!!!

    by from 02/14/2013

    Especially when you get the small - I snap them in half, and they enjoy it!!

    for by several from years!"Been


    Good Product by Connie11/04/2013

    Our big dog loves these little chews and they help his teeth!

    Excellent treat for your dogs teeth!! by krz4xms from Phoenix. AZ10/23/2012

    Indy loves, loves, loves these chews. I haven't told him they are great for his teeth!! (You know how kids are about things that are good for them!) ; ) It truly helps cut down the tartar. He has very little and I can easily brush away the tiny amount he does have! I give him half a chew (he weighs 5 pounds) every night at bedtime. Consequently, bedtime is his favorite time of day!! I feel giving Indy this "treat", at bedtime, allows the tartar fighting enzyme in the chew the maximum time to work. I highly recommend this product for your dog!!!

    a must for pets by lap from dallas01/31/2012

    These are a hit at my house. They love them! All three dogs look forward to the chew. Keeping their teeth clean is much easier.

    Great for dog's teeth by Cozzy from Iowa03/21/2013

    These chews were recommended by our veterinarian to help keep our Yorkie's teeth clean . Our little guy gets only a half chew each day because he's so small. His dental health has improved since he started chewing these. He loves the chews & stares at my husband after supper until he gives him his CET Chew! Too cute!

    Read your labeling by Steve OKC12/16/2011

    I have used the product in the past, but after taking the time to read the label, I had to return the last two CETs I purchased. Reason: my dog is a 100% organic dog, and this product contains soy. I would recommend it to someone who feeds their dog over-the-counter corn, soy, rendered animals, and additive-based dog food - someone who does not care about the health and welfare of their dog. I suggest the CET label be placed on the E.P. website for consumers to read before a purchase decision is made.

    My dog is addicted to these! by Nancybfl from Port Charlotte, Fl04/06/2014

    My little Shih Tzu, Wookie, just loves these things. He's had them as treats for many years and the vet is convinced that they have assisted in keeping his teeth in great shape. He had his first dental cleaning at the age of 8! He's totally addicted to them! Would recommend them for any small dog (big dogs too!)

    Great product by Earl06/16/2012

    I have used these CET chews for my Yorkies for many years and this product definitely cuts back on dental problems for my dogs. I highly recommend the product and the price is really good from Entirely Pets.

    A Product that Really Works by Dee from Murrieta, CA10/22/2013

    My 8 year old pomeranian Abbey has been given a CET chew after her evening meal since she was a puppy. My Vet cannot believe how good her teeth are as Pom's are not noted for having good teeth. She has only had to have her teeth cleaned once and I attribute this to the Chews ! Plus she loves them....she eats her evening meal in record time so she can have her "treat" a CET Chew.... Love this product!! I recommend it to my friends all the time.

    My small dog loves these by Chris02/22/2012

    My dog does not chew much and so has issues with keeping her mouth and teeth clean. She does not like most of the dental chews on the market, but she really likes these and chews each one as soon as she gets it. (I find the others buried all over the house.)

    Entirely Pets custumer service by Magda Gundersen07/19/2012

    I called them because they told me that I placed an automatic order for this product. And after 1/2 an hour arguing with the person name john who answered the phone. He told me I had to prove I did not do it.I asked to talk to the supervisor named William And after another 15 minutes of my valuable time he said the same thing that they had no way of proving to me that I had placed the order for the automatic re-order, but I Had to be the one to show them I Didn't. And all of this for a free return label to return the package which cost 5.00. I finally told them that they were loosing a customer for a 5.00 return label on an ordered I did not placed. No customer service at all. They are the ones with the burden of proof not me.....I am the customer, my word against theirs and they could not prove it to me!

    My mini doxies love them! by lin09/14/2013

    Both my dachshunds need to keep their teeth brushed and their gums stimulated. They each get a "chewy" after a meal. So far, with a daily brushing also, they have teeth that are healthy and tartar free. I think this product is a good one.

    Great treats by doglover307/20/2012

    My dogs love this product - I break it into three pieces for their morning treat after brushing their teeth. They love it and it is gone in seconds!

    GREAT VALUE by Evo from Richmond, VA03/12/2013


    CET Chews by Jan07/01/2012

    We just adopted a small Maltese who had been neglected. So we want to take especially good care of the teeth he has left. He likes these and chews away happily.

    A lot less teeth cleanings! by Tootie from Topeka, Ks12/06/2012

    My Yorkies love these chews. They have had bad reactions to teeth cleanings in the past and with these chews, they need a lot less cleanings. They are 12 and have had two teeth cleanings before I found these chews. When they have their checkups, the vet says they have a little tarter, but no cleanings needed. They are the best!

    Dog loves them! by Hqguy06/24/2013

    Doctor recommended and great price here.

    Love these! by LZ01/20/2013

    I have three dogs and they all love these chews. They clean their teeth and take care of their breath. One of my dogs has a sensitive tummy and she even enjoys them!

    Success with Petite chews by Gatsby11620 from Florida02/14/2012

    My dogs enjoy the petite size chew. The medium chews with the CET Hextra are not as welcomed. I am in the process of trying both sizes and types to see what will work with my scotties. The regular petites I will order again.

    Dental Care by Shalimarmermaid from Minnesota01/02/2014

    My dogs love these...this product helps break down tartar as well as keeps their breath fresh.

    Dogs love them by mlpdogs12/12/2011

    The CET chews (petitte) are wonderful. My dogs go crazy when I just say the letters C E T because they love them so much. Always get a very good price at Entirely Pets.

    My dogs love them. by Terry from Jackson, Michigan11/20/2012

    The fact that my 2 dachshunds love them is always a good thing but the best part is that they should help with their dental care as well.

    soften easily by farmchick07/22/2012

    Thought these would be a great safe chew for my dogs to keep the teeth clean. The product softens quickly and pet swallows entire chew. Found this to be a hazard and returned product. Service is slow with this place.

    My dog loves them. by Tosha from richmond ,Indiana05/06/2013

    I ordered CET chews for small dogs last time.My dog loves them. She heres me open the bag and comes runing.They do a good job keeping her teeth clean. Just orderd the medium chews yesterday.

    very good by Parsnips12/18/2012

    Our dog won't let us brush her teeth, so the alternative are the chews,

    CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs (30 chews) by lucydog from Fort Worth, TX09/11/2013

    My dogs love these! They can't wait until they get their "treat" every night - it's the highlight of their day! In the first pic below they are anxiously waiting for me to get up to get them their Chew. In the second pic, Iris is enjoying her Chew - lol :)

    Dogs love them by Carol from PA11/12/2013

    My poodles' teeth are subject to severe tarter buildup. They are not good about having them brushed. We have been giving them a CET chew every evening for years. They love them, but I can't say they have solved the tarter problem. They still need periodic cleaning (and extractions).

    Our dog's favorite treat by P.A. from Georgetown, TX08/04/2012

    Low-fat, healthy treat (helps keep tartar off teeth). Our pet has to be on a very low-fat diet, and it was hard to find low-fat treats until we discovered CET chews. He loves them and we are happy to give him a "safe" treat as a reward when he's good.

    Terrific Product! by ramblon9706/01/2012

    CET Chews are a fantastic product. Recommended highly. EntirelyPets is my "go to" store for all of my animals. Their prices are excellent, and their delivery service is incredible!

    Dental Chews by Cinnamon's Mom from Phila., PA11/12/2012

    My puppy loves these dental chews. She looks forward to getting one of these every night. The price is good and the delivery was very fast.

    great for puppy by lunatuna from waashington01/13/2013

    My puppy loves the cet chews, I think it helps out alot with her chewing

    My dog loves them!! by Jess09/24/2013

    My dog gets 1/2 every morning and 1/2 every night. She loves them!

    Used for Years by BettyBoop from Las Cruces, NM05/13/2014

    We have had 3 dogs and over the years all 3 have used this product. Excellent for keeping their teeth clean. However, don't purchase from the vet. Too expensive!!! The dogs really like the taste.

    A very good purchase by Richard07/11/2012

    Our vet had recommended the product. We are extremely pleased with how our dog likes the product. It has helped with cleaning his teeth.

    Cheaper-Excellent by Lana from Or-Az10/05/2011

    My vet. recommended these for our dog. From Entirely Pets they are 1/2 price - just the same tho. Also, being snowbirds, couldn't buy them where we spent 6 mos a year - now they can be mailed. Yea!

    CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs by Sage from Texas12/19/2012

    My Yorkie likes these. There is a quality control issue from the manufacturer. These chews are smaller and more brittle than in the past. This issue has nothing to do with Entirely Pets. Other reviewers have commented on the same issue - smaller and more brittle than in the past.

    by from 11/13/2011

    Excellent Purchase by Welchie 2 from Westerly, RI02/02/2012

    The petite dental chews are excellent for my two welch terriers. Their teeth are in excellent condition and I credit the dental chews as part of the reason for this. The other is their diet.

    Love this product by mlpdogs from Fort Smith, AR04/15/2013

    My dogs go crazy for these. They just love them.

    healthy teeth by Nan03/01/2013

    Since Missy has been using the chews, her gums have been much healthier!

    Disappointed by Judy from Memphis03/14/2013

    We like these in the size for medium dogs so we decided to order the medium size for our 15 pound dog and this small size for our 8 pound dog. We assumed they would be the same product, just a bit smaller. well, they are entirely different. These for smaller dogs are long strips that our dog finishes in about a minute. Different texture, just different. I bought several packages and wish I hadn't. Again, very pleased with the medium size.

    Clean teeth, breath & healthy gums by Rozzie from Los Angeles, CA07/18/2012

    I've been using CET Chews for my Service Dogs for over 10 years now. First for my 12 year old lab and now for my 2 year old Lab/Golden Cross. CET Chews helps to keep my dogs breath/gums and teeth very healthy. I highly recommend them to all my friends and their dogs. I have shopped around and NOBODY can beat Enitrely Pets price. These can be pricey if you buy them at the Vets office.....I've NEVER found them at the pet store.

    CET Chews by RubyT from Boston, MA07/06/2012

    I would recommend this product for other dogs. I happen to have an extremely fussy, spoiled Chihuahua/Yorkie who turns down practically everything. She wouldn't try it even when I put peanut butter on it. She's has never been much of a bone chewer anyway but I thought I'd give her a chance. My son's dog loves them!

    Great product! by Judyt from New Mexico03/06/2013

    My Jack Russell has bad teeth and breath. He LOVES these chews, and they do not get caught in his throat like some other rawhide chews. I think they are good for his teeth, too.

    CET chews petite by quilter06/16/2013

    These do seem to help keep the teeth clean, but not for small dogs unless you cut them up. Dogs like them.

    Eddy's favorite chewy's ever by Becky from Green Bay11/29/2011

    My dog loves these...they are a good way to help keep his teeth clean, and he looks for them every morning after breakfast. He gets one daily, so the price is definitely right.

    Great for smaller dogs by SchnauzerLvr from Conroe, TX06/02/2012

    My dogs (3) love these. My smallest dog has no problem eating these. She weighs 8lbs. My bigger dogs love them too--but they eat them quickly! I also but the CET chews for Large Dogs.

    Great price & product by tx freebyrd from Texas12/15/2011

    I've used this product for 3 yrs but the price kept going up & I was looking for a replacement treat. This price is almost half what I paid and now I will be able to continue to buy. Sadi thanks you, Entirely Pets!

    an apple a day by Kate from Montreal, Quebec09/15/2014

    I don' know how well they clean (shih tzu underbite eventually requires professional cleaning), but she loves them and acts like it is the best treat ever!!!!

    Wonderful treat for the teeth and gums. by Reagan's Mommy03/03/2013

    My dogs love this!! I give them one every morning when I leave the house.

    CET Chews by ramblon97 from Arizona08/17/2012

    Great product!!! Healthy, low fat, great for teeth. Highly Recommended.

    Dental Chews by maggiemoo02/04/2012

    Great dental chews, my dog just loves them. They sell the same exact thing at Petco for $19. What a savings.

    My dogs love CET treats by Turtle from Huntsville, AL10/30/2011

    My dogs come running when I pull out the CET Chews. They actuall love them too much and gobble them down quickly. I wish they were a little tougher so that the dogs would spend more time chewing/breaking up tarter.

    Excellent Product for Dog Teeth Cleaning by Mister Ed from Chambersburg, PA03/04/2013

    Recommended by veterinarian to supplement regular teeth brushing. It has worked really well in keeping our dogs teeth clearner and the chews are really appreciated by the dogs. A treat that provides good health results.

    dog treats by baby fast from Oklahoma City, OK08/17/2013

    My dogs of all sizes loves to chew or eat up (depending on size) these treats. My smaller dogs are quite entertained for awhile, while my bigger dogs eat and want more. A good product.

    Great purchase by Big Mike from Minnesota11/24/2012

    I've purchased these before and there great for helping to keep your dogs teeth clean

    great product by nora from Pennsylvania03/05/2013

    my vet recommended this product for my 3 dogs. His price was alot more then entirely pets. Keeps their teeth clean.

    Great Dental Care by Bluegeese from Port Orchard, Washington05/11/2014

    Our Vet sells and recommended the CET chews for both our dogs. So it was a no-brainer to buy them from Entirely Pets. ( less expensive than at the vet) Both Jake and Brutus get a chew every evening and they look forward to them. I was concerned about rawhide chews but CET Chews have a well balanced formula that takes the worry out. KUDOS to Entirely Pets!!

    Great Product by Meekac from St. Louis12/05/2012

    Been using them for years, they do a great job on minimizing tartar build up on the dog's teeth!

    petite chews by Maskin12/06/2011

    I like these because they are all consistently the same size.

    Best rawhide for dogs by Rappwizard from South Florida02/20/2013

    Not made in China, keeps teeth clean and breath fresh -- easily digested. Need I say any more? I shake the bag and my dog comes running. She loves these chews!

    Cheaper than vet purchase by dawn06/25/2013

    Found these petite bites online for much less than what I was paying at the vet's office. Great Price!

    CET Petite Dog Chews by mamalori from Irvine, CA06/19/2012

    I have three dogs; all of them love these things!

    Our Dog Loves These by Rita06/09/2013

    We use one of these chews about once a day to supplement the dental care that we give our dog. We have her do a trick first--such as spinning clockwise and then counterclockwise--and it is used as a "reward". We call them "chew sticks" and she gets very excited when she hears that we're getting one!

    Confused by The Witch of the West from Silverton, OR08/20/2012

    Sorry, but my doggie with bad teeth will not chew on them. I'm going to try softening them in water and get back to you out there.

    Excellent Product for Promoting Dental Hygiene by MJ from Estes Park, CO06/10/2013

    Our 14-year-old small dog loves the CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs. He receives one a day as a special treat. It's an excellent method to help maintain his dental hygiene.

    Great Chews! by Dances with Yorkies09/11/2013

    My two dogs love these chews. They are their special treat everyday.

    They Do What They Say They Do by Klaatu11/29/2011

    This is the only product my wife has found that takes that deadly dog breath away! They also seem to control plaque and tartar buildup.

    Our dogs love them! by Doggie Mama from Granger, IN12/14/2012

    Much easier than brushing their teeth, and our dogs love them.

    great for keeping teeth pearly white by Abbeydu2 from Shreveport, Louisiana04/28/2013

    My poodle loves this after her meal and it keeps her teeth white and beautiful.

    Our dogs LOVE these.... by Cinabun from North Platte, NE10/23/2012

    We purchase the CET Chews for our two small dogs from Entirely Pets. Great service and price. We would be in trouble without you! Our dogs are hooked.

    Yum! by gcw from Las Vegas10/31/2012

    My two chihuahua's are crazy for these chews! After they eat dinner, they won't leave me alone until they get their chew!

    They love them by Gina from Dallas, TX07/31/2014

    I have been buying these from Entirely Pets for a couple of years now. These CET Chews are the same as what I used to buy from the Vet, only WAY cheaper! Molly and Jack love them.

    by Denny11/07/2012

    My dog really liked these. They are kind of crunchy and she thinks they are like dog biscuits.

    CET saving teeth by Julie from Rhode Island09/11/2013

    The CET chews are ideal treats that help to clean our Cavaliers teeth. She gets one before bedtime...Loves them and we have confidence that they are helping to keep her teeth clean.

    Great purchase by Cindy from Thomasville, NC12/07/2011

    My dog loves these! She thinks she is getting a treat & they are good for her teeth.

    Dessert by Shel05/22/2013

    He loves these. It's his dessert.i break them in half and he gets it after his meal.

    Good product at a good price by Marlene from Three Oaks, MI10/24/2012

    These were recommended by the vet after my dog had a couple of bad teeth removed. She loves the taste and reminds me if I forget to give her one each night. In the three years we have been using them she has had no further problems with her teeth. And the price on the Entirely Pets website is less than half of what I paid at the vet's office !

    Too hard for elderly Chihuahua by carrblack from Spring, TX11/17/2012

    I bought these for my granddogs. My daughter's elderly Chihuahua has a difficult time chewing these. Her medium-size Husky and small Pit Bull love them.

    by from 01/18/2012

    Andy has been chewing these once a day since he was 8 weeks old. He's never had any major dental issues because he is faithful using them.

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    CET Chews by 2e and Chloe03/05/2014

    Great product. Vet recommended and dogs loves them.

    Useful as a supplement to brushing by Joanne from NH02/08/2013

    I recommend brushing your dog's teeth at least once a week, but giving these as a treat afterward works for me!

    Great product for my older dog by Jo from Northern Arizona01/04/2013

    I believe that this chew is both healthy and beneficial. My dog's teeth are looking better and my dog looks forward to getting this treat once a day.

    Superb dental chews! by wtbeas07/16/2012

    My little Pekingese loves these chews so much! They work great to keep her teeth clean!

    by bitz05/03/2013

    really great for small dogs to help keep their teeth clean.

    worst service ever by pet lover05/05/2014

    The products and prices here are fine but the service and communication from this company is the worst ever, save aggravation and purchase elsewhere.

    Great Chews--Dogs love them by knattics from Sun Prairie, WI05/30/2012

    We purchase these regularly from Entirely Pets. Great Value. And our dogs love them. Promptly at 7 each night, they are at the pantry door waiting for their chew.

    by from 10/13/2013

    I recently received my third order of the CET Chews (petite--for small dogs) from you--3 packages. I originally purchased a bag from the vet's office and then decided to go on-line and order from you.

    to by love from them;My


    CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs by kwdodge from Houston, TX10/20/2011

    I order these chews all the time and often! My two dogs absolutely love them and can't get enough of them. They are good for their gums and their teeth and evidently, dogs really like the taste.

    by from 12/05/2013

    Our vet recommended these for our late "Andy" to help keep his teeth clean. They work. He loved them--as have all our rescues (3) since,

    Andysmom by Memphis TN from GREAT

    Used for 14 years now

    A product that actually does what it's supposed to by Coopersbud from NJ01/08/2013

    My 9 year old dog's teeth were brown and fuzzy when we adopted him and my vet gave me a months supply of these chews to see if we could improve them without putting him under anesthesia for a cleaning. Within 2-3 months his teeth looked like they had been professionally cleaned. I gave him a petite chew (the large ones are humongous) after each meal religiously. I have used the petite size with every dog since then (even my 80 lb dog) without any negative side effects and have never had a dog turn one down.

    NEEDED THE LARGER SIZE by Mary from Tampa03/01/2012

    I received the small dog chew and the puppy ate the entire thing whic hI didn't believe or want her to do. I only wanted them, and thought that they were to merely aid in cleaning teeth and not eating entirely. I had ordered two packs so I reordered the medium size and have received them and much better. Just getting rid of the small ones. Do not believe these are good things to swallow for the intestines.

    Wonderful purchase by Tia04/02/2013

    I had purchased this product from a local pet store for my new puppy after the her vet had recommended it. The cost was unaffordable after one purchase but she enjoyed them so much and I knew they were a healthy choice so I decided to research other venues for purchasing the chews. Fortunately, we found you and the cost is amazing!!!

    by Bea01/09/2013

    I have used this product for the past 3 years for both my dogs and their breath is fresher and they now seem to have less teeth problems

    Disappointed by Sunshine from Surprise, Arizona02/26/2013

    Since I have two Shih Tzu who love this product I let them have 2 per dog per day day and am disappointed that they jumped $2.00 per package since I had ordered the last time. This means I go thru a package of 30 very quickly. I hope I can find something comparable on the market a little cheaper.

    by from 06/10/2013

    I was very happy to find the identical product that I usually purchase at my vet's office.

    was by at from least....however,


    by woof3 from VA01/03/2014

    My small dogs love the CET chews. They are given as a treat but help with there daily teeth cleaning.

    Excellent Treat! by Dog Mom11/18/2012

    My dogs love these. I feed the petite because my dogs are gulpers. The petite will digest if swallowed whole.

    dogs love them by ET from Cape Cod10/12/2011

    My 3 dogs love these! It really helps to keep their teeth clean.

    CET-good buy by Trish from Texas10/30/2011

    My dogs love them; even my one dog that has just a few teeth! My vet charges almost double than what Entirely Pets charges.

    Love at first chew by Judgejolly from Stuart, FL08/27/2013

    My dog simply loves this product. It is a good reward for good behavior.

    CET Petite Chews by Ray from Midwest03/12/2012

    The CET Petite Chews are excellent. They are the same that our two dogs have used for years, but now will cost a couple dollars less for each package than we were paying from our pet supplier.

    Great purchase by Buster's Mom from St George, UT11/02/2011

    Great product and price. I've been giving my dog these for a few years for his dental health and they definitely help. He likes them and thinks they're a treat!

    Great product by Alpacajan from Az.05/22/2014

    This product works really well to help keep my dogs teeth clean. Fewer visits to the doggie dentist. Works great.

    Is very pleased by ari&qua mammy from seoul12/28/2012

    Shipping and satisfaction as a Christmas gift.

    by from 04/04/2012

    My two Jack Russell's love the CET chews. We get the petites. I've been buying them from our vet at more than double the entirelypets.com price. Since they cost so much from our vet I would break one in two and used them as the occasional treat. All you had to do was show them the bag and they would get excited.

    the by CET from chewsWhen


    can by have from aCasi


    JRTs4us by Garland, TX from Thanks

    Casi & Sami love their CET chews!

    Cheaper than the Vets by Linda03/10/2012

    My little dog loves these chews and they are very good for his breath and teeth. However, the first bag I opened up seems to be very dry and crisp instead of softer and flexible. Expiration date says 10/14 but they sure seem old. My dog doesn't care!!!!

    Great product by Charlie07/12/2012

    My dogs really love these chews. They help with their teeth also

    Maddie loves these by barb from Fort Smith,Arkansas10/28/2011

    I found these at my local Vet's office, so happy to find a much better price here. Thank you I will be a returning customer.

    Great Morning Treat by OmaDeb from Omaha, Nebraska05/09/2013

    I use these dental treats every morning for my 2 dogs. They love them, and I like that I might just be helping out their dental health.

    Dental Chews by Paul from Ft Lauderdale FL05/17/2013

    Not sure how these are working yet. Vet wanted to charge 300 to clean his teeth and we opted to try these and the aquadent first. He loves the chews so we are keeping our fingers crossed! My only complaint is that the bag was opened at the bottom when we received them.

    Great by Biscuit from Denver, CO12/01/2013

    My dogs really enjoy these and the treats really seem to keep their teeth cleaner. It's a great product that they absolutely adore.

    c.e.t. dental chews by murray from minneapolis,mn02/06/2012

    tried these chews for my bichon/shih tzu mix dog. his breath needed something to clean it up and these did the trick. he still goes for his dental cleanings, but his breath is 100% better than it was before the chews.

    tasty by zoey from GA08/05/2014

    My dog likes these treats. We will be buying more.Good value.

    by from 02/08/2014

    Very good product. Service is exceptional. I ordered the product on a Friday and I received it within 3-4 days.

    Entirely by Pets from forWould


    Dental results without struggles! by littledogsinger from Austin, Texas11/02/2011

    These CET Dental Chews were recommended by my vet, and though I was skeptical, they really have made a big difference in dental cleaning by chewing, and NO DOGGIE BREATH! I give my gals one small one every single day and it has made a huge difference. Entirely Pets has the best prices out there.

    Favoite Pet Product for teeth by Krissy from Florida01/03/2013

    My vet sold me a bag of CET chews because my dog's teeth were in poor condition. My dog loves these treats and her oral hygiene has improved by having one chew a day. Entirely Pets sells this product for much less than my vet, so I will continue to purchase this product through Entirely Pets. Thank you!

    Great! by Lorie from Oxnard, Calif.12/14/2012

    My 2 Chihuahuas LOVE these. They stand & jump on their hind legs so I can give them the treat.

    Excellent for Spaniels by Liz03/20/2013

    I like this product it's small enough for my little cocker spaniel however i wish it would have been a little more tougher for him to chew... he eats them like they are treats. :) Anyway great product and spaniels love them.

    Too mushy by Farm Chick from Texas12/30/2011

    Got too mushy too fast, dogs could choke on them. Dental ones are better.

    GREAT PURCHASE by MARSHA03/01/2012

    These are great for puppies/dogs to chew. Excellent teeth cleaners. My 3 little poodles love them and it gives them the chewing action they need daily. Occupies them from chewing what they shouldn't be chewing. Break these in half for small dogs and they last me a long time!

    She loves them! by Penny from Hendersonville NC01/19/2013

    Her two brands of dental chews are her favorite treats. How lucky am I!

    Fantastic!!!! by ramblon9710/13/2011

    Excellent product! Entirely Pets delivers quickly, their prices are AWESOME, and the chews are healthy, low calorie, and great for doggy dental care....All natural, quality product. Entirely Pets ROCKS!

    Great product by NYC Sailor01/16/2013

    My little dachshund loves these chews and they help me maintain his dental health

    Pretty good but don't last long by roynhank from Sugar Land, TX02/07/2012

    My little terrier mix has been enjoying these for a couple years now and the only complaint I have is that they don't last very long. I had a chihuahua mix the very same size (10 lbs) who would take a good 15-20 minutes to eat one of these but the current pup can chow down on one in under 5 minutes! I don't know how much good it does her teeth when it doesn't spend that long rubbing up against them...but she sure does love them!

    Very satisfied by ari&qua mammy from seoul01/03/2013

    Shipping and satisfaction as a Christmas gift.

    Chews Dogs Love by Dorinda from Valencia, CA10/17/2013

    These are great! My dogs love them and they are great as treats...and keeping teeth clean!

    CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs by Stacie10/22/2012

    Would definately recommend. My YOrkie is 6 years old and has not had to have her teeth cleaned yet. My vet is amazed. I attribute to this product and some teethbrushing (when Izzy is in the mood). Love IT!!!

    Good Product, Poor Shipping Service by Victoria12/01/2013

    My Maggie loves this product. After 7 days our order hadn't shipped. My credit card was Billed the day after I placed the order. The website states "We do not bill customers for their order until after the products have shipped". Perhaps the website needs to be updated? Maggie and I are very disappointed, because Maggie is out of "chewies" and I have to watch my Credit Card Statement for a refund : (

    Sunday Treat! by piglvr from Choctaw, OK01/12/2014

    We were given a package of these chews by our vet after we had our dogs teeth cleaned. My dogs love them. We have other treats we give them and these we reserve as their Sunday treats. Highly recommend.

    A Treat That's Good For Her by Gray from Temecula, CA08/27/2013

    Our vet recommended CET chews, and our 14 year old Basenji loves them. As she got older, I switched from the CET rawhide chews to these petite chews, which are easier for her to gnaw. I feel like I'm giving her treat that's good for her!

    Healthy Snack by danise52811/04/2012

    Our dogs love the CET Dental Chews. It's their favorite bedtime snack. My only problem was with the shipping, which went from DHL to the USPS. Why not just use the USPS from start to finish? Makes more sense.

    Great Price and Product by CH08/06/2012

    My dogs love these and Entirely Pets has the best price!

    My Yorkie by Yorkie from WI12/01/2012

    My Yorkie absolutely loves these treats and my vet said he has minimal tartar buildup. Would not use anything else.

    by stormy01/01/2013

    my dogs' breath is fresher since chewing these, and he doesnt get bloody gums like he does with some other chews. some of the pieces are a bit too large for him though

    by from 01/03/2013

    Our two dogs love the CET pet chews! In addition to being good for their dental health, the chews seem to provide good flavor.

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    good by work, from EnitirelyKeep


    Great for their teeth! by WJW from Winter Garden, FL10/17/2011

    My Paps love to chew on these dental sticks and they certainly have helped keep their teeth clean!

    by Rex06/14/2012

    Great product and company! Received my order very quickly. Will definitely order again.

    by plantgirl04/14/2012

    Excellent shipping costs & product very competitive

    Excellent experience by Amy from Sandusky, Ohio12/08/2012

    Excellent price on these dog chews. Great delivery time and website is very user friendly.

    Vet recommended over greenies by Lisa02/12/2008

    My Vet advised me to switch from greenies to CET. He said Greenies were being investigated and could possibly be harmful to my pet. I did and he likes these just as well.

    Great Product by Arleen10/03/2009

    This is a great chewing dental stick. My pup loves them. I give her one a day. She is very anxious to get one. Great cleaning teeth product.

    HOORAY! by ELLEN10/24/2009

    AFTER TRYING MANY DIFFERENT TREATS & chews, this brand is the only one my dog's sensitive stomach can digest. He takes pancreatic enzyme w/ his dog food to be able to digest it. However, that's never been practical w/ treats or chews. Now he can have a daily chew-treat w/o medicine first! Hooray!

    recommended by the vet by doggie mom from Longmont, CO04/02/2013

    Since my small dogs ( maltese) had plaque because they were not great chewers- these were recommended by the vet as the enzymes help to clean as well. teeth are looking much better and the dogs love them.

    Great healthy treat by Cathy from NJ12/23/2012

    My 5 month old American Eskie loves CET chews. Originally received a 2 strip sample from my Vet. Affordable. I recommend you try them.

    love love love by Ayorkiemama from Gainesville, Fl09/04/2013

    My 14 yo passed with most of his teeth. My 15 yo is going strong with most of her teeth. When they were babies the vet told me to start giving them a CET daily. I do every night.

    CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs by antiquescollector from Grass Valley, CA10/30/2013

    My dog loves these and looks forward to having one every morning after breakfast.

    Much better price than the vet by Lyn from Utah11/27/2012

    Both dogs love them. They are a healthy alternative to other treats.

    she loves these by sunnyejk from Charlotte, NC04/14/2014

    I give my dog these twice a day. she loves them and I have to think they are helping because her teeth are white and clean.

    CET before BED by Momma from Troy, NY10/23/2012

    This is our 3 dogs final treat of the day and then it's bedtime. They love them and the tartar build up on their teeth has slowed. I share these with my friends who have dogs as well.

    Have purchased for years by Tom05/11/2014

    Our two Maltese love the chews, which are a big part of their dental care.

    Great Product by Kae505 from Albuquerque, NM10/23/2013

    My dental vet recommended these chews for my dogs, whose breed has propensity for periodontal disease. They get a chew every evening as a treat. They love them and I see improvement in the appearance of their teeth.

    Enzymatic! by LVTdognurse0203/27/2012

    Great for in-between teeth-brushings. Brushing everyday is best, but CET enzymatic chews are superb and actually help prevent calculus buildup. Not every "dental" chew is good, but CET chews are great. :)

    Great Chew by cocoandy from Pittsburgh, PA04/05/2013

    Our Andy has a weight problem so he can't enjoy a lot of treats - CET chews are low cal so he gets a great gnaw without gaining a lot of pounds

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND by LadyBug89 from Illinois04/14/2014

    My dog is a Shi/Chi approx 5lbs - she LOVES these treats.

    CET Chews by rubyt from Boston, MA07/21/2012

    While your service, etc was excellent I'm sorry to say that my dog just wouldn't use these chews. She has never been a chewer (lol) and I was disappointed she wouldn't try something new.

    Great Dental Product by Susan from Phoenix, AZ02/01/2012

    C.E.T.Chews are vet recommnded and a great tool for helping to keep your pets teeth clean. They work much better than products from the pet store and my dogs love them. I use in addition to brushing their teeth. It's great that they come in different sizes for each of my three dogs.

    My dog's favorite by Sue from Rockford, IL05/22/2013

    Benson loves his chewies...he looks forward to them everyday.

    Excellent product for our dogs by Ray from St Louis area12/19/2013

    We give one of these Chews to our two dogs each morning. Not only do they love them and do tricks to get one, our vet assures us they are great for their teeth and gums.

    by BOONEDOG from miami, FL05/08/2014

    CET Chews are great! Boone (the dog) waits for one each morning as part of his routine before his breakfast.

    CET Chews Petite by ramblon9706/18/2012

    These are excellent! I break them into thirds, and my dog loves them. They are excellent for helping to remove tartar, easy to digest, and don't have any fillers or chemicals. Highly Recommend!

    Great Product by Jo Jo's Mom11/06/2012

    My maltese/poodle Jo Jo loves these. She eats one every night after dinner. They are much cheaper from entirelypets.com than at the vet. Ran out while on an extended visit up north and had to find a vet quickly as she kept begging for her favorite treat.

    CET chews petete for small dogs by carfrawen from New York02/07/2013

    I am very pleased with my purchased items. I will be purchasing more items soon.Wish my order did not have the shipping cost attached but I think that if you order $50 shipping is free. I will probably order $50 the next time..Thank you for your concern

    Awesome Dental Chews! by Kato10/25/2011

    My Vet originally recommended these for my Yorkie because they are proned to tartar build up. I've been giving them to her since she was a pup. She is now 8 years old and has yet to need her teeth cleaned! They are also great for their digestion. And. . .dogs love them! Love, Love Love these!

    great! by Jan03/12/2013

    My dog is allowed one of these per day, and he lets me know when it is time! He loves them, and the vet says his teeth are in great shape.

    Good Product by Gaga from Colorado03/06/2014

    Our girl (Yorkie) get her teeth brush daily. After brushing she gets a Reward which I give her a CET petite chew. She like these chews and I know this way that her teeth are cleaned for sure.

    My dogs LOVE 'em by lskraus from Tucson, AZ04/19/2012

    My dogs both LOVE these chews. They each get one of the Petite for small dogs at night after they take care of business & settle down for the night. My husband always says that he needs to try one just to see why they get so excited. They've been getting these for the past 9 years & still go crazy when that package is opened. We've had to get the oldest's teeth cleaned recently (12 yrs old) & the 10 yr old has some build-up but not bad at this point.

    great purchase by meatball from Fort Lauderdale, FL05/30/2012

    I ahve been ordering from entirely pets for years now and so has my wife. I have never had a bad product yet. My dogs love love the cet chews.

    Good Chew! by PD from San Leandro, CA11/01/2011

    Recommended by our vet, and always accepted by our dog with enthusiasm, we know it will help her dental health as well.

    CET Chews by nikki01/31/2013

    Our dog loves it, carries it between his teeth like a cigar, and it helps keep her teeth clean and healthy

    by desertwillow11/04/2011

    I've beem purchasing this item for several years. I give these as a 'before bed' treat. My dogs love them.

    C.E.T. Petite Chews for Dogs by Frannie from Sacramento, CA05/28/2013

    C.E.T. Chews for dogs are my three small dogs' absolute favorite treat. No day is complete until they get their favorite goodie -- C.E.T.s! I started buying C.E.T.s for my dogs at my Vet's recomendation several years ago in order to help with oral hygiene. If I accidentally run out of C.E.T.s, my dogs let me know that they are very disappointed with me -- so I buy 10 packages or more at a time. Who wants unhappy dogs?!!! EntirelyPets has the best prices and fastest delivery for C.E.T.s!

    Highly recommend!! by Seuss from Lancaster, OH02/25/2010

    This is in regards to my little Pekingese mix, Sassy, who will be 15 years old this year and MOST finicky about her treats. She's not been a big fan of chewing in years and has had some dental issues and a number of teeth removed. There's no way she would tolerate my attempting to brush her teeth at this late age so my vet suggested I give these chews a try. She absolutely LOVES them. I've also noticed that they seem to help her breath.

    Just Rewards by Lin11/20/2012

    My Bichon loves these treats and she is really particular about what treats she chooses. Even though she is a 15-pound dog, these seem to be just the right size and shape for her. She gets them for "payment" when she does her job of watching the house when we are away for a few hours. The funny thing is that she saves it for the moment we arrive home to show us that she has done her job, then promptly disappears to another room to enjoy her reward. She never, ever passes up the opportunity to "interact" with this treat.

    by from 05/31/2013

    They Wag & Dance by Evy from Tahlequah, OK10/15/2013

    My dogs know which is the CET bag. They wag & dance when I open it, then snatch one & dash to their places for a good chew session.

    Great product! by crystalclear from Peyton, CO12/12/2011

    My mini dachshund absoolutely loves these. I give him one a day. They are very healthyfor him.

    Part of Dental Routine by Wigs01/30/2013

    Now part of hte dental routine as recommended by our vet!

    Healthy Chews by Kim01/23/2012

    I like these chews for my 3 miniture yorkshire terriers. They are so much healthier for them than raw hid chews. My order was also filled in a very timely manner.

    A daily essential by Sandy01/26/2013

    Our little dog anxiously awaits his daily chew. It's important for his dental care and he loves them.

    Adorable for Wolfi by Mariela from Rockville, MD01/16/2013

    Wolfi like eat every time, all the time give this product

    Great Healthy Treats by Bonnie from Granite Falls11/07/2012

    My dog is a very "pickey" eater and these chews are her favorite! She loves them and doesn't even know they are healthy. Her dental checkups have been excellent since giving her these chews :)

    CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs by Wil from Nevada11/10/2014

    My poor little Chihuahua broke one of her back teeth on these chews. Now I have to take her back to the Vet to get that tooth pulled When the package is opened the chews start to get hard and the last ones in the bag get hard and my little dog tried to chew one and broke her tooth.

    DAILY 'MUST HAVE' by 3 Chin Momma from TROY, NY10/14/2011

    Since purchasing these the first time 2 years ago, I have been buy them 15 bags at a time! My 3 Japanese Chins have them each night before bedtime. The vet says the tarter on their teeth has decreased, They have other treats that they will take or leave depending on mood, but not these. They line up each evening to get these and take them to their beds - it is the last treat of the day - kind of like brushing their teeth before bedtime :-)

    CET CHEWS PETITE by Mitch from Bolingbrook,Il01/01/2012

    Works wonders for their breath. They both come running when they hear me open the resealable package.

    Choking Hazard by DLG from APG, MD01/26/2015

    I don't understand why the Vet offices recommend this product. Both of my dogs love them, however, they love them so much that they swallow large chunks of them. Then they start choking & dry heaving. Sometimes, they vomit up the pieces if they can. They chew until it gets soft, then try to swallow them whole. We trashed the remaining bag & refused to give them anymore of them.

    Great purchase by KIku07/05/2012

    Have used CET Chews petite for a number of years and my dog(s) love it. I believe it helps to clean their teeth while they enjoy the chews.

    Does a great job and my dogs love them by Shelly01/30/2013

    My vet recommended these for my YorkiePoos due to the fact that small dogs get a lot of tartar on their teeth. It is the only type he recommends. My dogs love them and they do a great job keeping their tartar at a minimum. Wish they sold them in larger quantities.

    pet favorite by kac06/23/2012

    My pom is very picky about his food and treats. He loves the chews and I love that it helps with his teeth!

    CET Chews by Ron08/23/2014

    Have been using them daily for years with our 2 small dogs. They enjoy them and their teeth benefit from the chews.


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