• CET HEXtra Premium Chews - Large (30 chews)

    CET HEXtra Premium Chews - Large (30 chews)

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    Satisfy your dog's need to chew, and clean his mouth at the same time, with CET HEXtra Premium Chews. Dogs have the natural compulsion to chew in order to relieve stress or cure boredom. This is especially true for puppies. For any dog, the need to chew is an urge that must be satisfied. Instead of sacrificing your shoes to the puppy's chewing urge, give the dog something beneficial to chew with CET's brand of chews. These chewy strips work like rawhide pieces to help your dog exercise his natural need to chew. They also prevent excess stress on the teeth and gums. Unlike rawhide, the CET HEXtra Premium Chews contain chlorhexidine, an antiseptic that helps clean your dog's mouth every time the dog chomps down on the CET chews. These strips are also petite to fit a small dog's mouth. The CET HEXtra Premium Chews are made to please any dog, no matter his or her size.


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    by Jan11/12/2013

    My dog loves these but my issue is that the pieces are not uniform in size. Some are thin and small and some are what I call normal size.

    Best chew/treat ever!!! by DJ03/27/2012

    My dog waits at my kitchen cabinet door every day and looks foward to her dental chew mid morning. Her teeth and gums are in the best shape the Vet told us!!!

    Great! by kerry11/20/2012

    My dog just got a dental done and they recommended it along with brushing. i use these every day and havent brushed once! his teeth still look great!

    TEETH ARE CLEAN AGAIN by Dory from Phoenix, Arizona01/23/2013


    Chewies.... by Sadie from Texas11/13/2013

    My four children, Jack, Grace, Brindle, and Getty, all LOVE the CET HEXtra Premium Chews...and would devour the bag if I were not in control!

    works but..... by bc momma from Phoenix, AZ05/29/2013

    I purchased four bags of these CET chews on my veterinarian's recommendation for my two rescue Border Collies and they work well for keeping tartar at bay. The only problem is that there is a GREAT range in sizes in the pieces in the bag. I purchased the large size chews, but several pieces are so small as to be dangerous, since my dog could swallow them whole. So even though the bag gives you 30 chews, you may not be able to use them all.

    A Great Chew by Bearchick from Texas05/14/2013

    My dog absolutely lives for these chips. He gets one every day for an afternoon treat and enjoys it while it helps keep his teeth clean and his breath fresh. This is the second lab I have had and using these has definitely helped with lengthening the time between cleanings. I will always have a package on hand.

    by Kimi from San Tan Valley, AZ11/06/2012

    This product cleans the teeth & provides a healthy mouth for your pet. The ingrediant chlorhexidine which is infused in the chew itself is actually absorbed into the gum tissue creating a barrier for bacteria that causes dental problems in the first place. When our dog Zoey first began using these chews we were facing a $600 dental cleaning. Within a few weeks her teeth did'nt require professional cleaning & her vet recommended the products continued use.

    Still the best by Gernie from Littleton, CO11/21/2012

    I have ordered and used this product for both of my dogs for over two years. CET Hextra helps keep the tartar down and my dogs haven't had to have their teeth cleaned yet. I will continue to buy this great product.

    Pleasure for My Dog by Bernie from Washington, DC03/27/2013

    My dog knows when it's time for a "chewy" and waits by the drawer. He loves everything about these chews.

    great dental product by lablover06/16/2012

    This has helped our labs teeth better than anything. We have bought many, many bags. Red's teeth have always had a bad problem with tarter; even as a pup. Teeth are stronger and cleaner than ever. The only issue is that the extra large are not extra large. In fact some are the size of what I would believe to be medium and sometimes even small. I'm ordering the large size now, and hope I don't have to go down to medium. But I WILL CONTINUE to buy them.

    the best by bonni from Mount Kisco NY02/24/2014

    If you look at my history I have been buying this product for my dogs for at least 10 years My vet reccommends it highly LOVE the porduct!!!

    Chews by Ozzie from Florida12/28/2012

    Once again better price than any vet office in area and reason by itself to buy from Entirelypets besides the fact I can do so from the convenience of my home and have quick delivery to my door.

    They Really Clean their teeth! by jennifer02/15/2012

    I prefer the CET HEXtra and don't paying a little more for them. Since we have been using them, almost all the plaque is gone, and by using these daily he has clean, healthy, teeth and gums!!

    by strykersmom04/24/2012

    My dogs never had a problem with digesting these chews. They love them.

    Dogs Love These by Jersey Girl from Lorton, VA05/24/2013

    CET HEXtra chews are wonderful for dental health and stop bacteria from forming tartar. Both my dogs go nuts for these rawhide treats. Easy to digest, great for tooth care. Apparently they must taste awfully good because my dogs will bolt for a treat of these particular chews when they see me heading towards the kitchen. I would highly recommend them for both aid in dental care and the fact the dogs just love them. If you have a medium size dog, go for the large size.

    Greta loves these chews by Ed02/27/2013

    Greta loves her CET hextra chews. She gets hers after dinner each evening. She waits for her chewie and will get our attention if she doesn't get it by the time we sit down to watch TV. Her breath is always fresh and that freshness lasts the whole day. I tried the regular CET chews but I prefer the hextra chews even though they are more expensive.

    dogs love them by Raf from Longmont,Colorado04/17/2013

    Dentist recommended them for my girl,she had 2 root canals done in december.I give them daily to both of my dogs.

    Well Worth the Money by rainydaygirl06/14/2012

    I have purchased these chews for several years. They were recommended by my vet and they haven't disappointed me. (and my dogs ;-)

    CET HEXtra Premium Chews for Dogs by sdpdennis from Muscatine, IA02/25/2014

    We were unable to successfully brush our dogs teeth and having a vet clean them was getting pretty expensive, so after the last cleaning our vet suggested the CET HEXtra Chews. These have been GREAT! After her evening meal she gets 1 chew. She loves them and unlike other rawhide chews, these dissolve in her stomach and her teeth are clean!

    Good Product by Donna from Las Vegas11/06/2012

    My dog loves these dental chews and we also use the CET Malt Toothpaste. She will be eight years old this month and has never had a cleaning. The only downside for this product is that the chews have gotten smaller.

    doggie dental chews by archie from texas06/03/2013

    Our dogs love CET Hextra doggie chews and I love the prices, ease and great service at EntirelyPets

    My dog loves 'em! by ro_runner11/02/2010

    Recommended by my vet to help keep my dog's teeth clean. They smell bad, but my dog loves them & they seem to be helping with her oral hygiene.

    CET HEXtra Chews are the best ever! by Pots from Medina, WI11/06/2012

    I cannot brush my black lab's teeth and she is 11+ years old and started experiencing decay. Our vet recommended these and she gets one a day and I cannot believe the difference in her gums and teeth color. The only thing you have to put up with is the smell....it's amazing that a dog finds the smell attractive....it smells very "mediciny". We started our dog on these three years ago and will never stop!

    Great product! by Lola12/06/2012

    My dogs love these chews. Used on a regular basis, they keep their teeth really clean.

    Great Price for a Great Product by dogmommy from Virginia Beach, VA06/18/2012

    These chews really work, at Entirely Pets the price is right, and our dogs love them!

    Polly' favorite treat by Jan from San Francisco Bay Area02/07/2013

    I just recommended this product yesterday so you should be getting an order from Sebastapol, Ca. It keeps my dog's teeth clean and provides good chewing for his jaw and teeth while it is a favorite treat.

    CET HEXtra Premium Chews by Dups from Groton CT02/16/2013

    "Great chews" but the postal system is making me pick them up at the post office. They always delivered them to my home. Find a better way of shipping. That's why there system is folding!

    Premium Chews stain anything they touch by Mick from North Carolina11/01/2012

    I purchased these chews for the dental health of my poodle. She likes them, but as soon as the chew gets wet, the brown pigment is released from the chew and colors ANYTHING it touches! As to the dental health, it is still to be proven...

    Good, but not for everyday by Snap from Annapolis, MD12/13/2011

    We give these to our labs only a couple times a week as some people have reported some staining of the teeth with everyday use. We give the plain CET chews on the other days. The HEXtra also can stain your carpet where they are being chewed. A complaint we have is the inconsistency in size. We get the large for our 70 lb. lab, because the extra large can be very thick. However, sometimes the large are over 1/3" thick and 7" long and other times they seem paper thin and only 4" long. I know this is a natural product, but they should be able to control the size consistency a little better. Same complaint with the regular CET chews as well.

    Good Stuff by bob from Los Angeles, CA.01/15/2014

    My dogs like these chews, its a real treat for them. Definitely going to get some more of these. Hey what else can I say.

    Great product by Mike from Lancaster, New York03/26/2013

    My puppy loves these. Great price and fast delivery. Will buy again.

    Yum Good by jazzfam from Lancaster, NY09/11/2014

    My minature Dachshunds LOVE CET HEXtra Premium Chews. I have two and the male is larger than the female. I actually cut each one into a 2/3 and 1/3 piece. The larger going to the male. It keeps their teeth white and Tarter free. My Veterinarian strongly recommends them.

    Great Product by BigTed from Spartanburg, SC01/11/2014

    I have no clue about the product, but my Husky Mix gives it 5 stars. She loves to sit in front of fire and chew on these.

    Got ripped off by lostmule from Texas10/16/2013

    Only 23 chews in bag...suppose to be 30. I want my money back!!

    Love them, but... by Dog Lover03/06/2013

    The product itself is fantastic. My dogs love them and they do the job keeping their teeth clean and breath fresh. However....I have the same complaint that many other reviewers have had - one reason I was reluctant to order, in fact -- the pieces are NOT cut evenly. Some strips are so thick, I wouldn't dare give them to even my heartiest chewer. Other pieces are so small, I feel I've been ripped off buying the large size. The company really needs to address this issue. If it happens with my next order, I will have to consider another product.

    Better than the vet by Wild Dog from Albuquerque, NM06/12/2012

    At my veterinarian's I was paying the same price for the non HEXtra treats. They passed them off as the good ones. I checked online after the price kept going up and found this wonderful site. I'm happy to pay the price for the HEXtra Premium Chews as my dogs love them. And they really work...no more bad breath. Great product and a great place to buy them.

    Really cleans teeth by Gernzie from Littleton, CO06/19/2012

    My dog's teeth are much cleaner than before I started using CET HEXtra chews. My Akita mix dog's molar teeth were coated with brown placque and now it's reduced to a minimum. The dogs LOVE these and they get one every morning. They know this and wait patiently while I get one for each of them. I will tell them it's time for their "tooth brush."

    Good product, but quality control is poor. by digsdogz from TN05/22/2013

    Like most people that have submitted reviews, I love this product for my dogs' dental health, breath, and enjoyment. Unfortunately also like most, I have a complaint - the chews are not anywhere near uniformed in size. Some of them are so thick, I can't even give them to my strongest chewer. (Those are wasted.) Some of the "large" chews are much smaller than those in the medium bag. (Those are a waste of money.) There is no consistency in size, which should really be addressed by the manufacturer, especially after repeated complaints from customers. Love the product, don't love the rip-off.

    Overall a Good Product by Donna10/17/2011

    My dog loves the CET HEXtra Large Premium Chews. I like giving her something that is good for her teeth. However, the size of the chews in the bag is inconsistent. Some of the chews are small while others are large.

    CET Hextra by Codyman10/28/2011

    My Golden Retriever loves this product and they help keep his teeth clean. Thanks!

    STILL waiting for order.... by Sadiepie5512/06/2011

    Hard to review a product when asked to do so as I am still waiting for it. Order place November 22 and as of this writing, December 6, still have not received it.

    significant improvement by Robert & Fuerte03/16/2009

    I found Fuerte on the streets of Tijuana severly malnurished, recently given birth, severe skin parasites and still under 1 year old. Her teeth are not fully developed and were very yellow. Within 3 weeks there is already a difference in their color and she loves them. Thanks

    These really work! by Gernie11/02/2010

    My Akita mix dog began building up tartar when he was one year old and now he is two. I have been giving him a CET Hextra Premium Chew daily and the improvement in his teeth is great. There is still some tartar but the improvement is remarkable. He has no bad breath and his gums are healthy. I will continue this regimen so he doesn't have to go tp the vet to have his teeth cleaned as often.

    it works by Poodlegal from colorado10/27/2011

    I'm not so great about brushing the dogs' teeth and this really helps keep the tartar down. I don't notice any change in breath, but hey, they are dogs.

    very disappointed by N/A03/30/2014

    I have purchased these for years and they were great! My dog loved them. The last few orders have been different. The rawhide are completely different in quality. My dog keeps refusing them now. I am so disappointed!

    Best Solution for tartar control by Medina from Medina, WI12/30/2013

    My 13 year old black lab will not let anyone touch her teeth or gums so our vet recommended these. What a huge difference! One a day is all she needs and the black and yellow tartar on her teeth is mostly gone. If you can deal with the smell of these chews, they are totally worth it! I've tried the cheaper brands and nothing compares.

    great product by Jane from florida11/19/2012

    took care of dog breathe and keeps teeth cleaner for dog with sentive stomach

    brighter whiter teeth by pam from maryland02/17/2013

    It's hard to brush your dog 's teeth everyday. On the days you can't ,give them a dental chew and they do the work for you. IT's safe and effective !

    Made a big difference by Roz from Plymouth Meeting, Pa.11/13/2013

    My dogs love these chews. They were recommended by my vet to help prevent tartar build up. He told me they were highly digestible so even if the dogs swallowed them, they would dissolve. After using this product for a few months, I took one of my dogs for her regular vet check up and they commented that her teeth looked good...far cry away from you should have her teeth cleaned...so I am convinced that this product really helped keep the tartar down.

    Same Chews as Vets Office but Better Pricing ! by Dog Loving Mama !08/13/2013

    This product is what you find in Vet's offices. So if they like them, it must work. I agree, these chews are great and help keep my dogs teeth cleaner. She is 10 years old and expects one as a treat after breakfast each day. It's easy to buy online, however, if you call customer service they are very friendly too !

    Best thing ever! by Ors10/30/2011

    My dogs LOVE these and they seem to be helping prevent plaque buildup. I have 3 small dogs and I buy the large size, then cut them in half or in thirds with garden clippers to save $.

    Excellent choices by baby blue eyes11/12/2012

    I purchased small, medium and large dental products to clean their brown teeth. Jack Russell, Pomi/chihuaua, lab all absolutely love as well as the bags of chew sticks. Improved their teeth greatly. Will definitely recommend and order more when these are used. Happy that a neighbor walking her dog recommended to me.

    easier than brushing my dog's teeth by jellyjohn10/23/2012

    Strips of raw-hide treated to help remove plaque and reduce tartar. Apparently tasty too, as my pooch is happy to chow on these things everyday. This product was originally offered to me by my vet (after I griped about how expensive teeth cleaning would cost me). I believe this product has really helped clean my dog's teeth up noticeably. Much cheaper to get this product online rather than at your vet's office.

    Great Service by Jay from Frisco, TX01/10/2013

    Great Product! Great Price! Fast Shipping!

    My dog LOVES these by kiki from Nowthen, MN06/27/2013

    He practically THROWS himself in his dog crate each morning when I leave for work. Plus, the vet recommended them for keeping the teeth clean. The secret HEXtra ingredient works great - he is almost two and has sparkly white teeth. Deuce (Australian Sheperd) loves these chewies!!

    Excellent, healthy product by Georgia dog lady11/19/2012

    Just received my order of the CET HETtra dental chews for my dogs. I have been purchasing these for several years and found your prices to be very good. Excellent delivery, excellent product, and by the way my dogs LOVE them. I call them my puppy pacifier's after the evening meal they get a chew, it makes their day !! Thank you for a healthy, safe, and (per my dogs) delicious, easy way to support good dog dental health.

    Great price & shipped quickly by Onyx from Eugene, Oregon04/25/2013

    These CET HEXtra large dog chews are much less expensive at "Entirely Pets" than my vet's office. I will purchase more in the future.

    Great Dental Chew by DJ from Indianapolis IN11/26/2011

    Our sheltie, like so many of her breed, has the potential for a lot of dental problems. These chews certainly keep the teeth cleaning procedure intervals much farther apart than they would otherwise be. Our vet is very pleased at how a daily chew prevents the tartar so common to her breed. And, from our dog's point of view, it tastes fantastic!!

    great for dog-breath by Jodi from Miami, FL03/24/2012

    These were recommended to me by my Vet. Great for freshening and cleansing my pooch's teeth. They seem to be getting smaller and thinner with every purchase. My 50lb dog devours one in minutes now when it used to take hours or sometimes days to polish one off. Still love these anyways.

    my dogs love these by ljdiamond from Dallas, TX05/12/2013

    it's amazing how quickly my border collies settle down to chew these when I give them each day.

    by from 03/20/2013

    by Vickie from La Porte, TX02/07/2012

    Even my picky eaters love these chew treats, and they are wonderful for their dental health

    Great Product by Bella's human from NH08/02/2012

    Bella loves these chews and we give them to her as "dessert;" in fact, she actually seems to prefer them to her food. She is 8+ years old, and has been getting one a day since she was 2; no plaque, no expensive dental cleaning procedures! Happy dog, happy owner!

    by Pam from NE Ohio10/31/2012

    My dog loves this product. It does a great job keeping their teeth clean.

    by from 08/03/2013

    The title about says it all, but I'll say it again:

    these by things from andOur


    by from 05/27/2013

    We have been customers for years and this product continues to be great. The customer service and shipping exceed expectations.

    dallas, tx by from Thanks"


    Easy Tooth Care by Laur from Packer Island, Sunbury, PA03/10/2012

    CET Clorahex Chews are the best oral hygiene products out here today. My boys are 8, 6 and 2 and the 8 yr. old has only had professional dental care done once because these chews do it all, and dogs LOVE them!!

    My do loves these by LP07/08/2013

    My Bouvier looks forward to his chew when we have our dinner. There is some size variation in the package but I give him two of the smallest ones and that works just fine.

    Haven't received product by Blazer10/02/2013

    I have not received the product yet. Your shipping always takes too long. I order his dog food from another company and I pay $4.95 for shipping. It always arrives in 2 to 3 days. If you shipping was better, I'd order more.

    Great product by JT@Spring06/17/2012

    My Doxie mix loves these. He is young and his teeth are sparkling white and I hope to keep them that way for a long time.

    Max and Callie's Favorite by Staudy09/14/2011

    There is not a better made TREAT you can give your kids! They love me for it - first day they were chewing on your C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Chews with Chlorhexidine that they didn't care that the doorbell had rung...A flinch-barely a growl- and silence.....NEVER BEFORE!!! Send me a case!!! I love you guys - oh yes, so do Max and Callie!

    by Mom from Monte Rio Ca.03/06/2013

    Dogs love this product, and it is a great way to keep their teeth clean; a win, win!

    by lskty from FT LAUDERDALE07/31/2013

    My dogs enjoy these treats on occasion. Sometimes they don't like them

    Okay by Max10/13/2013

    Dog prefers CET Chews but they are so expensive I was hoping my dog would like these chews just as much as the CET Chews. This is not the case.

    good dental chews by lunastar10/03/2013

    I had bought one bag of these from my vet. I found them for half the price on your site. The very same product. Just had a check up and my pup no longer will have to have her teeth professionally cleaned. Thanks for the savings.

    White teeth by cindy from Orange, CA04/20/2013

    I am not sure if this product has whitened my lab's teeth or if she is just very fortunate, however, my labs teeth are WHITE and her breath does not stink!! These are a tad pricey, but in my mind - worth it!!

    i got robbed by lostmule from texas10/02/2013

    only 23 of these in bag...suppose to have 30...i want my money back

    our dogs think they can't live without these! by mlynchtn from Georgetown TN04/02/2013

    Honestly, I don't know how good these actually are for the dogs' teeth, but they love them . . . they will do anything if they think they are getting these chews. These are also better than the rawhide chews - no stinky, gooey mess.

    Fabulous by NYTerv from Webster, NY09/21/2011

    I have 3 Belgian Tervuren who would rather have these Chlorhexidine chews than a piece of meat! They get one every night. These are neat and never leave residue on the carpet as some rawhide type treats can. It has made a wonderful difference in my older dog's breath. As an ICU nurse I know of the positive effect of Chlorhexidine so the fact that my dogs love these is very good news.

    Excelent Dental Product by Mrs. G from VA07/24/2012

    My dogs would go on strike if I don't get CET for them. They love it!!! And serves 3 purposes: #1and #2 extremely important to me and go together: THEIR DENTAL CARE, it really works!!! IT IS SAFE!!! Not like raw hide bones, or greenies. My dogs had issues with raw hide bones and I even had to take them to the vet. I never liked those things but back then I didn't know about this great product.3. GREAT TREAT!!!!

    by me11/10/2012

    dog loves them, better than rawhide, anti-bacterial for placque

    Big Improvement by greyhounddad from Roselle, Illinois02/06/2014

    The rawhides are used in addition to daily brushing of our dogs teeth . The chemical chlorohexidine imbedded in each chew has really improved the teeth of each of our dogs.

    Very Nice by Millie'sMom from Washington, DC01/18/2012

    My big 75 lb shep/husky mix knows when it's time for his chewie. He loves these and waits by the drawer for his rawhide chew. We're lost without them.

    by sue06/07/2013

    I have been ordering these chews for over a year now...This past order was not only late arriving, but the chew were very small...not large as they have been in the past. I was very disappointed. I have tried the xlarge in the past and found they were the same size as the large but more expensive, so I have continued to purchase the large. This order the large seem to be medium size and the large cost more...I,m not sure which ones to order??? I will give it another try but if I am unhappy I may need to stop ordering since they are an expensive dental product. Too bad...my pup loves them!!

    These chews will save your dog's teeth! by ggkiln06/05/2012

    Hi, I have always had to have all of my dogs' teeth cleaned by a vet, once they got to a certain age. Since I've been giving my current dogs CET Hexa chews, they all have excellent dental checkups, even the older ones. They love the chews, and can't wait for us to leave the house, as that is their treat when we go. I'm convinced these chews really work, and I would recommend them to everyone.

    Love them! by kfile10/31/2011

    My dog loves these chews and they are great for his teeth. The perfect size for an after dinner snack.

    by Lisac841 from Columbus, OH02/11/2012

    My dogs just love these ! Would recommend them for any dogs that likes rawhide chews.

    Good, but Inconsistent thicknesses by MaryD from San Antonio, TX08/01/2012

    Our dogs LIVE for their "chewies" every night, and for the most part these are very good, but sometimes they are either super-thin and are gone in 15 seconds, or too thick for the dogs to chew, so they give up. We use kitchen shears to cut the thick ones in half lengthwise to make it easier, but they're almost too much fo the shears.

    CET Chews by Donette from Dacula, Georgia01/26/2014

    We have 4 German Shepherds and they love these. They help keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh. I highly recommend them.

    Another Disappointment from Trusted Supplier by vince from Austin Tx06/15/2013

    Received my last shipment of 10 bags of CET Hextra Large chews and was astonished at the REDUCTION in size and volume of the contents. There were 30 chews but the AVERAGE weight of the bag had DECLINED to 15 oz from a previous weight of 21-22 oz - the previous order was filled in January 2013 (order # 8109846). Therefore the "fabulous" sale price was just another rip off - lower price / lower contents. The bags were actually larger than the previous shipments but the chews were much smaller. Will have to look for new product to give our deserving "girls"

    Finally a treat I can trust by Barb dog lover from Berlin md04/30/2013

    Great treat for dogs that love to chew. I will not give my dogs rawhide but these chews Are just perfect...and safe. Approved by my vet but cheaper for me to buy here from entirely pets.


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