• ChloraSeb Antiseptic Spray (8 fl oz)

    ChloraSeb Antiseptic Spray (8 fl oz)

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    ChloraSeb Antiseptic Spray is an alcohol-free antiseptic (antibacterial and antifungal) formulation designed for dogs, cats, and horses with dermatological conditions that are responsive to chlorhexidine and ketoconazle. It also contains Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E to nourish the skin and further control irritation. ChloraSeb can be used for the topical cleansing and disinfecting of puncture wounds, lacerations and abrasions, as well as superficial skin infections on dogs, cats, and horses. This spray can help prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.

    For Use In: Dogs, Cats, & Horses

    Key Features:
  • Antiseptic Spray
  • Chlorhexidine 2%
  • Ketoconazole 1%
  • Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E

  • Cautions: For topical use on dogs, cats, and horses only. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a veterinarian. Wash hands after use. Avoid Excess Heat. Keep container at room temperature (59F-86F). Manufactured in the USA.

    Warnings: If undue skin irritation develops or increases, discontinue use and consult a veterinarian. For veterinary use only. Keep out of the reach of children.

    Usage Information

    Spray directly onto the affected area(s). Do not allow animal to lick the treated areas until dry to prevent ingestion.

    Maintenance Administration: Spray up to 3 times daily, or as directed by veterinarian Wash hands after using.


    Active Ingredients:
    Chlorhexidine 2%
    Ketoconazole 1%
    Essential Fatty Acids  
    Vitamin E  
    *Paraben free

    Customer Reviews

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    It Did Its Job by DoggieSmile from CA08/16/2014

    Got this to prevent infection after procedure at the vet. Funny how, vet did not provide and charge for antiseptic. Had to get it myself. Dog people out there, never trust the vet 100%.

    Cholora Apray by Gabbie07/21/2014

    Works fast! My dog tolerated it well. The healing started the same day it was applied

    Short Expiration Date by wls12/05/2012

    I ordered 3 bottles of Chloraseb in November 2012 for my dog's skin condition, thinking that I could use it for a long time. However, when it arrived, I saw that it had an expiration date of January 2013. It was on sale when I bought it, but I still didn't expect to be sent product that was so close it's expiration date.

    works very well by Roseann from Tampa, FL11/26/2013

    I have used CloraSeb spray on my Maltese for three years. She can't do with out it. Allergic to dog food, etc. I cook all her white fish, potatoes, carrots, chicken, etc. myself and bathe her with Keto Clor shampoo. The spray is used several times a week. Make sure it is dried before letting her down so she doesn't ingest it.

    Really works great by dperfetto from North Carolina05/08/2013

    I would highly recommend this product, and will do business again with Entirely Pets.

    Antiseptic for my first aid kit by ACDgirl11/23/2012

    This is a good antiseptic that I use for any small nicks/cuts or flea bite dermatitis for my dogs. I keep it handy in my SUV's first aid kit for when we are on home, on the road or in the field herding and lure coursing.

    Great Product by greenmb from Nashville, TN11/24/2011

    My 14 yr old cat had several scabs on her back towards her tail.After only 3 applications, the scabs fell off and haven't returned yet! This was a little over one week ago. The spray seems to be very gentle and did not seem to sting her skin or bother her in any other way at all. It also has a decent smell to it. I am glad I found this product!

    This is the one that works! by YorkieMom from NJ09/10/2013

    ChloraSeb fights the bacteria/fungus on my allergic dog's paws. He is allergic to several food items, dust mites, flea bites. He also gets those red scabby itchy spots that later turn black. It's a constant struggle for us, with vet visits I can't even count. However, this keeps it under control. He wears socks and ventilated boots to combat the paw chewing. The itch/scratch cycle continues. He's on prednisone, ciprofloxen, and metronidazole. On next re-check, we have discussed prozac and careful long-term use of prednisone. Next spring, a new type of itch medicine (non-steriodal) becomes available for daily use. PS: This product may stain light colored clothing, so use precautions.

    Very Pleased by I<3Hershey from New York02/27/2013

    This is the first time I have tried this spray. It has been really good during the in between bathe times and relieves by dogs itchy skin.

    Must have item by Weaveroo from Portland, Oregon03/27/2012

    As a certified animal assisted therapy handler I have taken my teammate into a variety of environments that could put him at risk of contracting zoonotic and fungal diseases. ChloraSeb spray, wipes, and shampoo are must have items in my AAT gear bag. When entering and leaving public facilities, I simply spray or wipe my pet partner's paws down. I also like this product for treating fungal infections between toes and pads on dogs with webbed feet. I love this product!


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