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Sulfox™ Shampoo (12 fl oz)

Item Number: BENZPEROX12
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Sulfox is a powerful cleansing and degreasing shampoo for the relief of scaling and itching associated with skin infection, seborrheic disorders, and follicular plugging on dogs, cats, and horses. The combination of benzoyl peroxide, micronized sulfur, and salicylic acid allows for degreasing, follicular flushing, and enhanced keratolytic and keratoplastic activity. The combination also has antiseptic (antibacterial and antifungal) properties to help prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms. Formulated in a citrus scented soap-free, lathering shampoo base with skin moisturizers for gentle cleaning and deodorizing, while effectively removing scales and oils from the pet's coat.

For Use In: Dogs, Cats, & Horses

Usage Information

Shake well before use. Wet the hair coat with warm water. Apply and lather first on the affected area then apply and lather on the entire hair coat. Allow to remain on hair for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Repeat if necessary.

Maintenance Administration: May be used 2 to 3 times per week or as directed by your veterinarian.


Active Ingredients:
Benzoyl Peroxide 3%
Salicylic Acid 2%
Sulfur 2%
*Soap-Free Cleansing Base
*Paraben Free

Customer Reviews

DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.Click here to see all reviews
4.82 rating based on 11 reviews
Great Medicated Shampoo by Al B05/11/2013

My English Bulldog is burdened with terrible allergies, and skin infections. By using Sulfox weekly, his infections has nearly disappeared, red spots/lesions are totally gone, and ALL the bare spots are filling in.

Sulfox Shampoo by nina01/24/2013

I was very pleased with this shampoo, it works as well as Suloxy , that I used to get form my Vet's office, the big difference is the smell, this is very pleasant! Sulfox leaves my dog soft and clean!

By far my favorite antiseptic shampoo by Mary from Mason, MI10/22/2012

This shampoo really helps sooth the skin and provide healing relief from skin irritations. Important to leave the product on for the recommended time to get the benefits. Does not have medicine smell some shampoos have.

by from 07/21/2012

I have been using this twice a week for my boston terrier/shih tzu who has demodex and a chronic yeast infection of the skin, from a bad immune system, and also on a litter of kittens I am fostering that have ringworm. It is clearing them all up nicely. LOVE THIS!!!

washing by the from otherI


helped her skin a lot by gagidget06/05/2012

nice product. left her fur soft and nice

Miracle for my fur baby! by Coco130 from Kentucky11/21/2014

I have a 3 year old Bishon that has had skin issues for most of her life. I tried so may different shampoos but couldn't find the one that agreed with her problems. I called to order a shampoo that the vet tech told me to get and the person I was talking to recommended this product. After talking to him about both products I decided to go with his recommendation. I am so HAPPY that I did!!! This has worked on her skin problems like no other shampoo ever has!!! I will keep this stocked up for her and I hope that everyone that is having my problem with their pets do the same! I received it on Tuesday so that evening I gave her a bath in it. I left it on for the 10 minutes that the bottle recommended and I was in shock after her fur dried!! Her VERY pink skin was NORMAL! She was still a little itchy but nothing like she was before using this product. I gave her another bath with the shampoo on Friday and the results are AMAZING!!! Her itching has stopped and her skin is looking SO good! My only regret I have right now is that I had taken her to the vet and paid $150.00 for NOTHING :( I keep thinking about how many bottles of Sulfox I could have purchased with that money I paid the vet.... I only wish I had of taken before and after pictures to post so everyone could see how wonderful this product works.

SULFOX Shampoo by Ozzie from New Jersey06/12/2013

Im not sure if I will recommend the product. I used it on my Persian cats skin condition. I expected more fro the product, I follow the directions according to the skin condition, but it didn't do the magic.

Sulfox Shampoo by vrshopper from California07/18/2012

This product worked great on my dogs dry itchy skin.

Great shampoo by gingersmom from Central Florida08/16/2013

I was using a different Benzoyl Peroxide/Sulfur shampoo that was prescribed by my vet. I was worried that this one also contained Salicylic Acid. No need to worry. It was very gentle on her skin, even when she was very irritated. And it smells great!

My Vet approved this product for mange by Debi P from Lake Worth Florida10/28/2013

I have a puppy that someone dumped in the neighborhood and I noticed it had a very bad skin condition so I started looking on the internet to see what it might be. I came up with a couple of things but decided it had to be some kind of manage.After taking the puppy to the vet I was right she was only 3 months old with a bad case of demodectic mange. I had bought Sulfox before taking her to the vet and it did help alot but she needed more treatment than just the shampoo. I showed this product to my vet and he said this was a very good product and to keep using it along with her weekly visits to see him to get an injection. It has been 3 week and my puppy who we named Miracle is looking amazing!

Very Good Product by nannyjoyce from Kentucky12/26/2012

I have been using this shampoo for over a year on my schnauzer. It seems to stop him from scratching so bad. I recently purchased a bottle for my daughter's pug.


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