• Cosequin ASU for Horses 3-PACK (3960 gm)

Cosequin ASU for Horses 3-PACK (3960 gm)

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Cosequin ASU goes above and beyond traditional horse joint glucosamine chondroitin sulfate products. Cosequin ASU is the new advanced equine joint formula brought to you by the makers of the #1 veterinarian recommended joint health supplement for horses, Cosequin.


Body Weight Initial 2-4 Weeks Long-Term Administration
Under 600 lbs: 1 scoop daily 1/2 scoop daily
600-1200 lbs: 2 scoops daily1 scoop daily
Over 1200 lbs: 3 scoops daily 1-2 scoops daily


Usage Information

ASU: ASU is an acronym for avocado/soybean unsaponifiables, a supplement ingredient derived from avocados and soybeans and used for joint health support. Cartilage cell research has shown that ASU lowers the expression of mediators involved in joint cartilage breakdown which helps to keep cartilage healthy.

While the joint health supplement ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate also do this, combining the agents with ASU has been shown to work even better in joint cell research. A research study in horses by a leading U.S. veterinary college noted that administration of ASU lessened the severity of cartilage breakdown but suggested combining ASU with other agents for relief of clinical signs.

Therefore, comprehensive joint health support for your horse may be obtained by using ASU, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate.


Guaranteed Analysis:
Managanese 100 mg
Ascorbic Acid 610 mg
Glucosamine Hypochloride 14,400 mg
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 10,000 mg
Chondroitin Sulfate 2,400 mg
Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU) 2,100 mg

Other ingredients: Soy protein isolate, natural and artificial apple flavor, gum resin, mixed tocopherols, and silicon dioxide.

Customer Reviews

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by Tunastick from Washington State03/06/2013

This product works better than the other joint products I've used.

Great Product at a Great Price by JM from Reno, NV03/16/2011

After extensive research on joint supplements - what works, what levels are effective, etc - we decided on Cosequin ASU. Then two vets told us that Cosequin was the most trusted name in joint supplements, so we knew it was the right decision! We have a few horses on this and they are all moving better. The three pack price makes this more affordable - half of what it costs elsewhere.

Great Product by tam tam from Georgia03/05/2013

Best results of any joint supplement ever tried. Love Love Love it.

Great Stuff by PUACRES from Eugene, Oregon02/15/2013

We have been using Cosequin ASU for 3+ years. When we got our Oldenberg gelding he was on an Adequin shot a month for bad hocks. I am a needle phobe and do not like to give shots. After 3 months of shots I asked our vet if there was an oral medicine our horse could take. The vet recommended Cosequin ASU and the rest is history. We have not had any lameness from his hocks at all. My two older horses are on it also and they are doing wonderful being ridden 2-3 times a week. Thank you Cosequin ASU for keeping my horses sound.

Great Product, Lousy Expiration date! by Bug from south range, wi03/04/2013

Cosequen is a wonderful, tried & true product. However, the super special low price for a larger quantity of product was coupled with an expiration date within 2 months. NO DISCLOSURE was give about the short-date, common-sense tells me I should have gone with my gut feeling that it was simply too good to be true.

by Liz03/16/2013

Three pack was expiring within one month of when it arrived (after being backordered). A bargain on an expired product is not a bargain!

great product but not from this seller by not happy from IN02/23/2013

I ordered 2 cosequin asu 3- paks as it was on sale for a wonderful price. However I came to find out that the expiration date was just a few weeks off. I have emailed and called multiple times and have yet to reach a supervisor or someone who can right this. It has been weeks. I sent the product back immediately but have not gotten any confirmation from them. I am extremely disappointed in Entirely Pets!

Cosequin ASU works by Kodie's mom from Chicago, IL10/03/2013

I've had my "elderly but still working" horse on this for over two years and it really helps all the joints, etc. You would never guess his age! I would recommend the maintenance dosage as a regular supplement.

Cosequin-miracle drug by untamed58 from South Carolina10/09/2013

My 23 yr. old mare started 'gimping' along in her hind legs about 7 yrs. ago. Over 4 yrs. ago after reading about it, I started giving her Cosequin ASU and the results were nothing short of miraculous! I now use the human version, Cosamin ASU, for my own hip and knee issues and can't function without it !!!

Best Price I've found by TrickPony02/05/2014

This is the best price I've found for Cosequin ASU. This product was recommended by my vet to help my horse with stifle soreness. Within a week of following the dosage on the package my horse was moving much better. Thanks for carrying this great product!

Cosequin ASU by archeryfanatic from Eagle, Wisconsin12/05/2012

My mare broke of a 5 1/2" fence post with her rf shoulder, when 3 horses tried to get through a 6 ft gate opening. She ended up with lameness issues on that rf knee and shoulder. Started her on Cosequin ASU and a month later she was showing improvement. A few more months and she could canter, but had pain issues when stopping abruptly. It has been a year now and a horse that I thought was going to be a lawn ornament is now rideable with no lameness issues.

Ask about expiration dates by Liz03/01/2013

I received the 3 pack of Cosequin ASU in mid February and its expiration date is March, 2013. I feel this should have been made clear in the offer which was backordered for several weeks. The price was excellent, but now I have to decide whether I should feed it to my horses as we go past the expiration date.

awesome product by archie06/25/2012

My 25 year old thoroughbred has had remarkable results with this product. He is arthritic and then had a bad bout of lyme disease. He was spending alot of time sleeping or just standing around. After a few weeks of this product,he still 'creaks' but has actually been trotting in his paddock.When Archie is happy, his Momma is happy.

great product but DISHONEST seller! by Willow03/10/2013

Product is great but the seller had it on sale at a nice price. When it came it's expiration date was only a few weeks away! Before I ordered it I had asked about the expiration date and they had told me 11/2-2 yrs! They took the product back but would NOT replace it with fresh product at their advertised price! I DON'T TRUST this company now! Would you?

Stuff Works by Sharpei Horse from Reisterstown, MD07/08/2013

I have used this on several different horses over the years and continue to use it because it works. I can feel the difference when I ride and it doesn't have a lot of extra stuff in it like grain by products. Since my one horse has severe allergies, this stuff is great because of the minimal extra ingredients it has like in so many other joint supplements. All the horses like it and it smells good too. Sometimes the powder will puff up in the air and I get a taste. Pretty good and sweet.


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