Curaflex 2 - Bonelets (120 tablets)

    Curaflex 2 - Bonelets (120 tablets)

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    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaCuraflex for dog arthritis. This joint supplement is designed to joint injury, treat arthritis, as well as improving the overall health of the joint. Each Curaflex 2 bonelet contains: 500 mg Glucosamine Hydrochloride HCl-Glucosamine is a natural compound found in the body that has been shown to stimulate the body's ability to maintain healthy joints. 500 mg Methysulfonylmethane (MSM)-MSM is a source of organic sulfur, a nutrient found in your pet's body. Sulfer is a compound that is used by cartilage.

    DAILY ADDMINISTRATION OF CURAFLEX AS A SUPPLEMENT FOR DOGS: Recommended Inital Administration (4-6 weeks).

    under 15 lbs 1/2 chewable Bonelet.
    16-30 lbs 1 chewable Bonelet.
    31-60 lbs 2 chewable Bonelets.
    61-100 lbs 3 chewable Bonelets.

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    CURAFLEX 2 by TOM08/25/2009


    Helpful Treat by rich0057 from Indiana06/19/2012

    Have used these bonelets for several years and found that our older dogs seem to benefit and don't seem as stiff in their back legs.

    Curaflex by Kathy12/16/2008

    Curaflex has been great for my rescue dog who is dealing with arthritis due to a lack of care in her early life. It works the same as cosequin at half the price. I have recommended to several people who claim it helps their fur-kids tremendously! Highly recommended.

    Curaflex 2 - K9 Joint Supplement by Dianne from Clever, MO03/07/2011

    First recommended by our veterinarian for hip dysplasia lameness in one of our dogs, we now give Curaflex 2 to all three dogs to maintain good joint health. This product helps their flexability and they love their daily bonelet "treats"!

    Works very good by Obie from Seattle02/07/2013

    Recommended by veterinarians. My dogs are 12 and 14 and Curaflex works well for them.

    Like a cure! by Jodi10/17/2013

    We have used Curaflex 2 bonelets for about 5 years. Our Harley is a 150lb Dogue de Bordeaux and has had "bad hips" since birth. She suffered for the beginning of her life but since the bonelets, she is MUCH more active and obviously not in pain.

    Seems to work!! by Rich0057 from Northwest Indiana10/08/2011

    We've used this product for several years on both our senior Westie and the now senior Cairn Terriers. They both liked the bonelets like a treat and actually seemed to tolerate their joint aches and stiffness much better

    This stuff works by Jojo09/08/2013

    My dogs are much better after using Curaflex. They are able to jump and are much friskier.

    Wonderful Product by Lynn10/08/2009

    I started giving this to my 9 yr old beagle/basset mix for arthritis discomfort. At the same time, she also had a tumor growing on top of her nose which we have not determined whether it is cancer or not. The tumor was creating terrible problems with breathing, bleeding, etc but after a couple of weeks using this product (and nothing else) it helped take the inflamation and excessive swelling down to a point where her breathing is normal. Although we give Curaflex to her for arthritis, this is such an added and unexpected benefit!

    Curaflex by Charlotte03/05/2013

    Our beagle Tigrr has recovered his youthful vigor with Curaflex.

    Amazing Product! by Jenny02/21/2013

    My dogs have been on Curaflex for years. After luxating patella surgery at a young age one of our dogs started taking it and never had any arthritis or problems her whole life. Our other dog had the same surgery which wasn't a complete success so he's been on it since 1 yr as well. He is now 7 and still going strong with no problems. We have tried other similar products and they caused bad tummy upset so we quickly switched back and will always use Curaflex!

    great purchase! by Jean from Marion, VA10/25/2012

    An excellent product for an aging dog. He loves the taste!

    Gentle aging by mccrayi11/28/2012

    My dogs have aged - but gentler, with the help of this great product! I highly recommend it!

    Love these Bonelets by Doni55 from New Jersey06/13/2013

    My vet recommended these for our labs. One of our labs have knee problems. This helps.

    Curaflex 2 by Dianne from Springfield, Missouri11/16/2011

    All three of our dogs take Curaflex 2. Keiko was diagnosed with hip dysplasia a few years ago and this medication was recommended by our veterianrian. Curaflex 2 has helped Keiko with flexibility and has eased the pain in her hips. Panda and Emma also take this medication to promote good joint health; they all love their daily "treat"!

    Good stuff by Skip from Waterbury, CT10/29/2012

    The dogs seem much more spry after using this product for a few weeks.It was recommended by our vet for our older Shepherd and we now give it to our younger one also.

    Good For Older Dogs by Jeanette11/20/2011

    I have two large dogs. One is 14 and the other 10 years old. They have both benefited from Curaflex 2.

    by Woof-Woof from Brooklyn, MI02/13/2013

    This a great product. Our Woofie was starting to walking on 3 legs because of the discomfort. We were helping him get down. He has been on the Curaflex 2 for 3 years. Great Price

    Great Product! by Jenny from Kansas City, MO07/20/2012

    Used this for my Boston Terriers since they were young. Both have had knee surgery and I really feel like this has kept them from getting arthritis. We recently tried a different brand and I was very unhappy and went back to Curaflex. Won't make that mistake again!

    Great Results by Jodi11/22/2011

    Our Dogue de Bordeaux, a rather large dog, has hip dysplasia. She was only three years old when we got the news. She was a very sweet, VERY ENERGETIC, and extremely rambunctious young dog. We were playing fetch in the yard one day and her hip just gave out. She was swollen, could not walk and would not stand even the slightest touch from any of us around her hind quarters. This was very hard for us as she, although well over 100 lbs, is our lap dog. Yes I said she sleeps pretty much on top of you while we watch tv at night on the couch (those intimidating dogs really can be the 'smushiest'). We were told that a $10,000 surgery was the only way to help her. Our vet recommended an alternative to the hospitals recommendation, try curaflex 2 bonelets he said. I truly cannot remember the exact amount of time it took for her to appear "back to her old self". But despite going back to her old ways, the torn up yard, chewed dining table, sliding door handle and countless items that I happen to leave out, or all the way up in the kitchen sink (yes, she can reach) we got our puppy back! She is again fearless, rambunctious and does NOT AT ALL resemble the 3 year old with the bad hip disease. She appears to be that puppy we fell in love with approxomately 7, yes 7 years ago. Thank you Curaflex......Harley was a gift for our son's 8th birthday! In a few short months she will be 7 years YOUNG!!!!!!

    Awesome product by hoddygirl11/29/2012

    Curaflex has been the greatest product for my 10 year old Golden Retriever. Arthritis had slowed her and made her movements quite painful. Now she can walk and run with so much less discomfort. We are all much happier!

    Curaflex2 by Sophie's mom from Paw Paw, Mi06/18/2013

    Have been using this product for several years. My lab/chow mix is getting around better since she has been on curaflex2. I give it to my other 2 dogs as a preventive.

    Curaflex 2 For Healthy Joints by Dianne from Springfield, Missouri01/17/2012

    Our veterinarian prescribed Curaflex 2 for our dog with hip dysplasia. The medication has helped Keiko maintain painfree movement year after year. We give our senior dog, Emma, Curaflex 2 to help her joints retain flexibility and our third dog, Panda loves these chewable bonelets as a daily treat.

    really helps by ssp12/10/2011

    my older arthritic beagle has been using Curaflex 2 for approx 2 years now. I increase the dose slightly in the winter. It is so nice to see him able to jump up on me when he greets me. Before Curaflex, he did't do so.

    Keeps my dog goin' by Linda from Rogers City, MI02/14/2012

    I love ,my 11 yr old Golden. She is my best friend. Anything I can do to make her life easier, I do. Cureflex was recommended by my vet and keeps her bones strong. She is able to go up and down the stairs of our fifth wheel while we are in Fla. for three mnths in winter and can still take long walks. I recommend it highly. A good buy.

    Curaflex 2 by Bobbi from Yucca Valley, CA11/30/2011

    I give this to my Great Dane for excessive licking. It works great. She no longer licks all night long.

    Excellent product! by Jean from Marion, VA03/14/2012

    These were recommended by our vet and really seem to help our 14 year old lab-chow mix dog. He has been taking them for over a year now.

    Hercules by Jean from Wisconsin12/02/2012

    My dog was on another brand of arthiritis medication when my sisters dog passed away. she shared the remainder of her bottle with Hercules so it would not be wasted. My dog has found it to be a much better tasting and more effective formula than he was on. He waits for his Curaflex 2 on a daily basis unlike the former medication he was on.

    Does what it should by DogPro from Seattle, WA12/17/2012

    Having a dog with an arthritis riddled body is not fun.... but using Curaflex does seem to help (in addition to an extended course of anti-inflammatory and other joint supplements). Curaflex contains no steroids, which I like a lot. The small bone shaped tablet is readily accepted by my dog and she's never spit it out, despite being picky about what she eats. It's not a cure all, but does seem to help her out.


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