PetSafe Easy Walk Harness - Black/Silver

    PetSafe Easy Walk Harness - Black/Silver


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    Easy Walk Harness

    is designed to gently discourage your dog from pulling while walking on a leash. Unlike traditional collars, the Easy Walk Harness never causes coughing, gagging, or choking because the chest strap rests low across the breastbone. The unique front-chest leash attachment of the Easy Walk Harness stops pulling by steering your dog to the side and redirecting his attention towards you. And, its patent-pending martingale loop provides extra leverage for easy, relaxed control and prevents harness twisting and gapping.


  • Quick snap buckle on both the shoulder and belly strap make it easier to get the harness on and off.

  • Soft but strong nylon and four adjustment points provide maximum comfort and a reliable fit.

    Petite: width: 3/8 girth: 12-16 (miniatures, terriers)

    Small: width: 1/2 girth: 15-20 (terriers, shelties, spaniels, etc.)

    Medium: width: 3/4 girth: 20-28 ( border collies, retrievers, etc.)

    Large: width: 1 girth: 26-36 (shepherds, rotties, etc.)

    X-Large: width: 1 girth: 34-46 Giant Breeds
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    PetSafe Easy Walk Harness - Apple/Gray (Small/Medium)PetSafe Easy Walk Harness - Apple/Gray (Small/Medium)Reg price: $26.99
    Sale price: $17.99
    PetSafe Easy Walk Harness - Red (XLarge)PetSafe Easy Walk Harness - Red (XLarge)Reg price: $24.99
    Sale price: $19.99
    PetSafe Easy Walk Harness - Black/Silver (Small/Medium)PetSafe Easy Walk Harness - Black/Silver (Small/Medium)Reg price: $23.99
    Sale price: $17.95
    PetSafe Easy Walk Harness - Black/Silver (Medium/Large)PetSafe Easy Walk Harness - Black/Silver (Medium/Large)Reg price: $19.99
    Sale price: $17.95
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    Easy Walk Harness by sandman04/28/2014

    Disappointing experience! Connecters caused abrasions in contact areas. Could never get a good fit on our Rottie.

    Necessary item by Dave11/22/2012

    A complete turn-a-round while walking on a leash.

    by from 09/24/2012

    Though our rescued Jack Russell Terrier mix accepted well enough being collared and leashed, she pulled with a strength which belies her small stature. I thought she'd stop tugging after constant correction, but she continued - always to the point of choking and gagging herself - until I put this little harness on her.

    when by I from sayI'm


    pounds by and from theShe


    walking harness by FoleysMom06/26/2013

    I did not actually get to use this harness because the wroong size was sent. It looked of good quality and thank goodness I didn't open the plastic package because then it would have been unreturnable. The customer service people where not very helpful and infact bordered on rude. I won't purchase dog products from this website again.

    Wow... by whynotpugs09/07/2012

    Just wow. I have a Pug who's a horrible puller. Because of the trachea problems in toy breeds, I've been adamant about not using training collars--choke collars. But standard harnesses are an invitation to pull like nobody's business. I was skeptical when I bought this no-pull harness, but OMG. Night and Day. I didn't think it was possible for her not to pull, but this has made a horrible puller a reformed addict. :) I cannot say enough good things about our results.

    Easy Walk Harness by Gerri from Fairborn, Ohio12/22/2011

    I got this harness after I had another type that let our dog pull me where he wanted to go. It was always battle walking our dog. This harness makes walk our dog easier with out him pulling me while we walk. The other harness there was no controlling our dog if he went after rabbit etc. The easy walk harness puts me in control.

    This Harness Lives Up To Its Name by Dan from Wyalusing, Penna.01/01/2014

    My dog tends to pull hard on his leash, and the Easy Walk Harness is helping me train him. It fits very well and the design prevents it from slipping off over his head. It is very well made and a great value.

    Harness halting by Bill from Lake Tahoe, Nevada03/27/2012

    The Easy Walk Harness is better than the Gentle Leader in that it is much more comfortable and does not irritate our dog's nose. It is effective in restraining our dog who likes to bolt forward in pursuit of rabbits; it allows us more control and more possibility of remaining upright while being pulled. It was a very good purchase.

    Works Well by sf dog from SF09/06/2014

    Works well once I got it adjusted properly. Be sure to follow the instructions on how to adjust this thing. There are also youtube videos that helps. Might want to check with a local pet shop for correct sizing. Buying something online that fits can be challenging.

    love by Tay Tay11/02/2009

    love love love love love love love love love love love

    Easy Walk Harness by dog lover from San Antonio, TX01/25/2012

    I have a 75 pound Retriever who pulls like a freight train. By the end of our walk I was exhausted and frustrated. The first time out with the Easy Walk harness opened up a new world for both of us! Now I actually enjoy taking him for a walk, and I know he has more fun because he isn't constantly being corrected. He walks gently and relaxed. It's easy to put on and take off, and without anything on his nose like many other harnesses, he doesn't feel restricted. I love it! One of my friends who also had a "puller" borrowed it for a walk and couldn't believe the instant change in her dog. She was sold on the harness instantly.

    Great for older dogs! by Susan05/12/2009

    I have a 14 year old Aussie that is starting to have coughing problems when pressure is applied to her trachea. It is a chronic thing and not related to any health issue. I don't want to use a regular collar on her because of the coughing. She is also the type of dog that is annoyed with the regular Gentle Leader. This gives me the ability to guide her body gently when she gets into the aimless wandering mode that older dogs can get in. My only criticism is that the leash is commonly caught up in between her legs when there is any slack on the leash. I figure this is because of how low the harness sits on her chest.

    Great for Puppy! by Barb06/01/2009

    NO more pulling! She used to pull after cars, bunnies, birds! No more. One complaint....sizing a bit off. I ordered Medium since she is 24 inches...and it is at it's widest and just fits... I will need to move up to a large soon.

    Love the EASY Walk! by Judy05/04/2008

    I absolutely love this harness! I bought two other type of harness which actually did not work. My dog went from pulling full speed to walking nicely next to me. The Easy walk harness was going to be our last straw before considering a choke collar. I'm Glad we don't have to go that route after all. Money worth Spent!

    Efficient Yet Cute by Ryen from Richmond, VA12/01/2011

    This harness gets the job done! I have an energetic 16 month old who beomes a bit too much for my mom to walk. She has shoulder problems and fibromyalgia, so this harness helps when she has to walk our dog. I adore it because it doesn't seem uncomfortable like other solutions to the "pulling problem". Also, I ordered particularly from this site because they were one of the few who had it in red AND it was the best price I found overall.

    Safe harness by Lyn from Utah11/27/2012

    Having the leash in front on the dogs makes it so much easier to walk them. Having nothin around their throats seems much more humane and safe. Collars scare me, a hard yank caused by any number of reasons could hurt/damage throat, neck, blood vessels, esophagus etc.

    by Rocky02/03/2013

    It is such a pleasure to walk my young dog with this harness. From the first time using the harness, no more pulling!! Amazing!

    Glad I Ordered This Harness by DogNurse0201/03/2012

    This Easy Walk Harness is great, like all the Gentle Leader products. I've used the head halters for several years now, so I wanted to try the harness on my dogs. Unlike regular harnesses, the EWH has the clip/squeeze on the front of the chest, like the picture shows, and helps eliminate my dogs from pulling or dragging me when walking. I worried about neck injuries with the halters. One tip for EWH, make sure it is adjusted to a snug fit, not tight or loose. I only wish they came in different colors.

    Does not fit by Happyhealthyhomes from Oneonta11/07/2012

    Have tried every way possible to fit this on my Yellow lab/Golden retriever mix, but it seems to always fall off in the front. Very strange fit. I was soo excited to try this after all the rave reviews...maybe I need a smaller size? Will try to exchange. But, unfortunately, I cannot recommend this based on my experience with it.


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