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Epakitin for Dogs and Cats (180 gm)

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Your pet’s kidneys are constantly cleaning their blood. As your pet ages however, the performance of the kidneys can diminish. This can lead to Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) or kidney failure, a leading cause of illness in dogs and cats. Signs of CRF can include a loss of energy in your pet, drinking excess water and urination, and ultimately a loss of appetite. It can be a sad, slow process to witness. There is help however, with Epakitin.

Epakitin for Dogs and Cats from Vétoquinol USA, Inc., is a nutritional supplement that can help slow down the progress of chronic kidney disease. Epakitin comes in a powder form that is great tasting for your dog or cat. When used with a prescription renal diet, or mixed with your pet’s regular food, Epakitin supports kidney function safely, and effectively. Its effectiveness and ease of use makes it a popular choice among owners looking for CRF relief for their pets.

With Epakitin for Dogs and Cats, your pet will begin to regain energy, will feel better and live longer. There is hope for pets suffering from kidney disease with easy to use, safe and effective Epakitin for Dogs and Cats.

Ingredients: Lactose, Calcium Carbonate, Chitosan.

Usage: Give one scoop per 10 lbs orally twice daily with food to support dogs and cats with impaired kidney function. Always make sure fresh water is available for your dog or cat.

Customer Reviews

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4.86 rating based on 36 reviews
Epakitin by Triple D04/19/2013

This nutritional kidney supplemental helps support kidney (renal) function with no side effects. Our dog was waking us several times a night to let her outside to urinate. We took her to our vet who suggested using Epakitin. Wow, after about 1 week she was and still is sleeping through the night. We use it with her food both with her AM and PM meals. Entirely Pets has a better price than our veterinarian.

My Pets are Thriving by Susan G from East Palo Alto, CA02/17/2013

My pets are thriving with the supplements from Vetoquinol and Entirely Pets. Easy to administer, great results - just what the doctor ordered without a huge vet bill.

Recommend by Valerie11/13/2012

My cat was diagnosed with CRF four years ago, and I firmly believe that this product has helped keep her with us for so long after being diagnosed.

by from 12/10/2012

Recommended by my vet - so worth the money! My English Setter would most likely be gone except for the diet change we made. We use KD canned prescription food with Epakitin twice a day.

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Wonderful Product by Lorrie Araujo09/30/2008

My lhasa apso was diagonsis with CRF 2 1/2 yrs ago and since he has been on this I think its helped a great deal....He is also on 1/4 tab. of Enapril for his heart....The Vet that I am going to says he doesn't know how my dog is still alive??? They have come along way with Meds for our furry friends.....

Wish I could give 10 stars by Mrsleepy from Asheville, NC02/11/2012

I have a cat that is 18 1/2 years old. Even though she was diagnosed with kidney failure over two years ago, she has normal phosphorus levels and is still alive. One of the main reasons is this Epakitin. She has wonderful quality of life, and very rarely vomits, since her phosphorus is normal. I highly recommend this product for cats with kidney failure.

Lifesaver, Life Extender, Miracle by Kitten Smitten12/16/2008

We wish we had this in 2005 when our 16 year old kitty Cleo passed away from CRF. When her sister Shorty was diagnosed in Oct. 2005, we were told she might have a month or might have a year. Well, she made it to age 19 1/2 in Sept. 2008 (3 years later!) and we're sure that Epakitin is the reason. We added the Azodyl last year when we became aware of it, so that may have helped too. We mixed both in with grain-free Wellness brand food to reduce phosphorus and toxin buildup. And NO dry food, big no-no! Good luck, and bless your sweet pootie or woozle.

by peggie from Spokane,Wa04/21/2012

This was reccommended by the vet and so far it seems to be helping him and the price is at least a third of what it was at the vet for the same product!

Great product by fashion lady10/23/2012

Epakitin really works well for binding the phosphates and removing them from our dog who has renal failure.

Great Product by Adele Amore01/17/2008

My cat was in serious trouble with CRF. After giving her Epakitin she gained weight her numbers went down and she is doing very well. I also give her Azodyl. It is two and one half years since diagnosis. She also gets RX Benazapril daily one quarter of a tablet. The Vet said this is to reduce blood pressure which affects the kidneys.

A life saver! by Janet12/07/2012

This has saved my dogs who has kidney problems life. Along with his special diet.

Save your cats life by cindy06/24/2009

This is helping my old cat live a little longer he has kidney disease without this I don't think he would still be with me. Great stuff

Great by Kishi23 from Houston01/01/2013

Used in conjunction with Azodyl for my min pin. Has worked to make her more active and more like herself, so very worthwhile.

I works by Edith11/20/2009

My cat was on her last leg, sleeping all the time, no energy, wouldn't eat, using the litter box was her only activity. She is up and going again, eating, coat looks better and she has gained weight. This product works. Sweetie is 17.

vet highly recommended this by beck01/18/2013

My 16 yr old cat is in early stages of kidney disease. My vet highly recommended the Epakitin, and said he has had many patients that the progression of the disease was much slower than normal. He attributes this to the Epakitin supplement!

Very helpful by corgigirl10/24/2012

My 15 yr. old corgi is in moderate stage kidney disease. After adding this to his food, he seemed to feel so much better. Three months later he is still with me, we thought we were going to have to put him down 3 months ago.

Good Product by Katharine03/05/2013

My vet recommended this product for kidney problems. I thought it was a good idea, rather than switching to a "kidney" food that my dog wouldn't like. I just sprinkle this over his regular food. It apparently has no taste because my dog doesn't seem to mind it.

good stuff by naturegrl from nature coast,fl11/22/2012

I've bought this in the past and it seemed to have helped. So with 2 felines newly diagnosed with CRF, we are using again, this time with Azodyl too. Hoping to see good results,

EPAKITIN by TheCol from Waterford, Mi08/14/2012

Good price and fast delivery...Sure beats the price the Vet charges.

Glad I found this by katy05/30/2012

This was recommended by my vet for my dog with chronic renal failure. Since starting epakitin she seems to be doing well & doesn't mind the taste when mixed with her prescription food. Entirely Pets has good pricing and service for this product, the vet charged almost triple for the least amount of epakitin compared to what I have been able to purchase here for the same price. I hope Entirely pets can keep the price low

by lookingfordeal10/23/2012

Same brand that I purchased at my local animal hospital and at a much more reasonable price.

So Far so Good by Misty from New Jersey04/15/2013

Previously used Azodyl capsules for my male cats renal failure. They are more expensive and had to be opened to mix in the food because our cat will not take the capsules not even in a pill pocket. The Epakitin is less expensive and comes already in a power form that mixes in the wet food so easily. Also, there is no need for refrigeration and the added cost of shipping with ice packs. The smaller container v.s. the 90 capsules of Azodyl seems it would last twice as long. Definitely, give it a chance.

haven't used yet by katiedp from dana point, ca04/01/2012

Need instructions on how much to give a 7 pound poodle.

seems to be just fine by ed from NJ10/23/2012

lot cheaper getting this here rather than thru vet

Great turnaround time. by Mandy from Winter Springs, FL04/25/2013

This site provides easy purchasing and gets items out in a timely fashion. Thank you!!

Has kept my cat healthy by betty03/28/2012

This was first recommended by my vet to control my 18 year old cat's kidney disease. I add it to his moist food twice a day. Does not change the taste of his food. Have used Epakitin for over a year with great results and it is much less expensive buying through Entirely Pets than a vet.

by from 02/14/2013

Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) or kidney failure.

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caring for aging cats by hobbes from harvard,il10/10/2011

Epikatin was recommended by my vet. It is more reasonable to purchase it online. It has helped my cats in kidney failure to have a more comfortable life.

Love our cat by JVS56 from North Aurora, ILL03/22/2013

Highly recommended for helping with kidney problems with cats

great stuff by dogmom02/12/2012

Our terrier was diagnosed with kidney failure and by supplementing her diet with Azodyl and Epakitin, she is doing amazing! She is able to walk with us twice a day, has a great appetite and is enjoying a quality life.

Awesome product by Osmany from Miami. Florida06/03/2013

It's a wonderful product, I can tell the difference in my dog's urinary and kidneys health.It is visible the change... I'll buy it again! :)

best by jules from ny06/16/2012

been using this for past year half,it helped my cats lot.Its worth every penney and entirely pets has best prices, quick shipping.

by Sc12/26/2012

My dog is in early kidney failure, since starting epakitin his kidney funtion test have improved.

Epakitin by angel10/25/2011

First recommended by a vet., to help with kidney decline, my Siamese is now 20 and seems to be doing well, Thank God! I also give Lactated Ringers every other day.

Recommended by my Vet by mom07/27/2012

Both my cats were started on Epakitin and it seems to be helping. It helps slow down their kidney disease.

very pleased by newt from pollock pines,ca01/26/2010

I am seeing amazing results with this powder. My old boy is active and his coat is so shiny. He is almost 15, but acts like a kitten. I was surprised how easily he took to it, because usually he is so fussy about weird food, so either he likes the taste or doesn't even notice it. I just mix it in with his wet food with a little warm water, and he eats right up. I am just so thankful I found this product and totally recommend it.

by Vi from Pittsburgh, PA10/28/2011

My 20 year old cat has kidney problems and the Epakitin has seemed to help her. She used to throw up alot and that has been reduced considerably since I have been giving her Epakitin. The really good thing is that she will eat it on her dry food. Sheis a very picky eater and she can not taste it on her food!

very good service by furstlady12/22/2012

I have been very happy with my purchases from entirely pets. My cat has kidney disease and the Epakitin has been helpful to him.I have been very happy with how quick my order gets to me.I highly recommend using Entirely pets for all your pets needs!

My cat is doing better by Keda04/15/2012

This product has seemed to stabilize my cats kidney condition. It is not a cure, but he seems to be doing better and feeling better since taking this. He has been taking it for 15 months - 9 months longer than we thought it might live before he started taking this.


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This product has met all of the stringent quality and safety standards set by the NASC.

The NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) is a non-profit self regulatory group that set specific guidelines to which manufactures must strictly adhere.

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