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Zoom Dog Itchy Dog Skin, Coat & Allergy Formula (60 Tabs)

Item Number: ITCHYDOG221
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Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaItchy Dog Skin, Coat & Allergy Formula (60 Tabs) is a nutritional supplement that will help keep your gun dog’s skin and coat in great condition. It will help with mild or moderate itching, keeping your dog comfortable and focused on hunting. Unlike most dogs, exposure to harsh weather conditions, wetlands, and seasonal allergens challenges hunting dogs' natural ability to maintain healthy skin. Itchy Dog is recommended for use as a daily supplement to a healthy diet.

by Zoom Dog

Usage Information

Recommended Usage
Maintenance usage:
1-30 lbs 1/2 tablet per day
31-60 lbs 1 tablet per day
61-90 lbs 2 tablets per day
Over 90 lbs 3 tablets per day
Initial usage: Double the maintenance usage for the first 5 days. Administration may be divided into a.m. and p.m., if desired.


Guaranteed Analysis:

Omega 3 fatty acids including:
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) - 5%
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) - 8%

16 mg
Omega 6 fatty acids 80 mg
Zinc 1 mg
Vitamin A 1000 IU
Vitamin E 10 IU
OPC Antioxidant 25 mg
Alpha lipoic acid 30 mg
Spirulina 40 mg
Initial usage: Double the maintenance usage for the first 5 days. Administration may be divided into a.m. and p.m., if desired.

Dried whey, microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable based beef and bacon flavors, safflower oil, spirulina, alpha lipoic acid, grape seed evtract, d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate-fish oil, zinc amino acid chelate, and vitamin A supplement.

Customer Reviews

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4.54 rating based on 35 reviews
Extremely Pleased by litlplace from PA07/04/2012

My white German Shepherd has very sensitive skin. She was being boarded for a few days and was bathed before returning home. I forgot to tell the groomer to use sensitive skin items on her, so needless to say, my baby started iching almost immediately. Ichy Dog stopped the iching in just 2 days! As a bonus, Ichy Dog cleared up a chronic breakout problem that Maple had on her belly which prescription medication had not been able to clear up! I am so pleased with Ichy Dog and would definately recommend it.

Good product by Golden mom12/12/2012

Our golden has a skin condition that causes seemingly constant itching. Zoom Dog seems to calm that down for him.

Excellent choice by gentlman4u from Memphis, Tn10/07/2011

Noticed my dogs scratching a lot so bought Zoom and presto no more scratching.

Well Worth It by Bella03/02/2010

My Golden has dry skin and seasonal allergies and with this product you wouldn't even know it. The minimal shedding is an added bonus.

by from 04/03/2013

This product has really reduced the itching.

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Works the best of any supplement used for allergy by Lauren from Chicago area, IL03/27/2012

Like most, I have tried EVERYTHING - including holistic vets, to help my German Shorthaired Pointer with year round allergies. This supplement used in conjunction with Zoom Dog's vitamin has worked the best of anything. I have to use 2 Itch Dog to control her itching (she's 47 lbs). I also bathe her once a week(soap-free shampoo) and use Vetericyn Wound Spray (another miracle) to keep her hot spots healing and itching under control.

Zoom Dog Itchy Dog Formula by Ma Newman from New Jersey04/28/2013

We have been watching my sons German Shepherd since Super Storm Sandy. I have never seen a dog so itchy. I tried spraying him, and bathing him with some shampoo for itchy skin, and didn't see any relief. I bought this product, and didn't see results right away, but have been putting two tablets in his food every day, and now I see a significant reduction in him always scratching and biting himself. I am going to order it again.

by cementhd12/24/2012

Seem to have an effect. A little early in treatment process to evaluate outcome.However,on-line ordering was convenient, but promtional coupons for discounts failed to reduce final order amount.

Great Product. by BarbNDale from Franklin, NC11/07/2011

We have been very pleased with this product. It seems to help solve the problem with our dog's itching.

Zoom Dog by gentlman4u from Mississippi03/19/2013

This has helped to alleviate the itching and scratching on both my dogs

Amazing Results by Dr. Jeckyll from Yakima, WA02/16/2013

We have a 9 pound Rat Terrier that had a bad case of itchy skin. He would lick his paws and groin until all the hair was gone and then red as fire from the continual licking. This condition was prescribed an EXPENSIVE steroid by the Vet. After reading up on steroid treatment for itchies, I started trying other products. After having no luck with other natural products, I saw your ad in a hunting magazine while at the Dentist office. Gave it a try and within about a week noticed improvement in the dog. Now he is the best he has ever been! Thanks Zoom Dog! Great product and the dog likes them as well as treats!

Terrific Product by Sukey from Arizona12/06/2012

I have been using Zoom Dog Itchy Dog for at least two years now. One of our two Labs has many allergies and I swear this supplement makes a huge difference in his comfort. He used to get several hot spots in the summer and now, he might get one a year. We are vigilant about drying him off but his coat is very thick. The addition of Zoom Dog Itchy Dog supplement has really made him happy and us happier! I have recommended this to all my friends and even told my vet's office about it.

Very helpful by Bootchy04/23/2013

Started using this product.on my white poodle 3weeks ago and it seems to have solved her itching problem. Pills are much to large and difficult to put down dogs throat. I now crush them and mix with food.

Unrelated Treatment by Benny from Austin, TX06/10/2010

Didn't make a dent in my dog's condition, two years and we're still trying to find relief. For dogs with mild, external-only allergies it may be a great product!

by from 06/19/2013

My poor little itchy dog--don't know what it is. But this product does seem to knock it down quite a bit, and every little bit of relief helps. She won't eat the product as is, so I've experimented with various 'delivery systems'. Best by far is crushing a half tab, and mixing with just enough peanut butter to form a ball, like biscuit dough (use a bent fork). She looks forward to her nightly "Jiffy medicine", and it relieves her enough to be able to sleep.

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Works as advertised by Llcoolmom from Oklahoma10/22/2012

We have an itchy cattle dog. We used another brand of supplement for a while, but he got tired of the taste. He still likes these treats after a month and they work as well as the higher priced options. He still gets a little itchy, but soooo much better.

Good Product by Hugo Lo from Hong Kong01/26/2013

My golden start eating this products upon receiving it, almost 4 weeks, and significantly itching reduce, I already recommend this to my friends.

Adequate product by prettyiz from Iowa03/17/2013

Seems to work o.k. Shiloh does not like to take it alone though. We use a little soft margarine to help it slide down.

helped itching and shedding by toddy girl from Bangor Maine12/02/2012

my lab had developed some itchy patches on her abdomen and under her legs and was scratching them so that she was bruising. She also was going into the fall season of blowing her coat and these pills have helped significantly with the skin issues and decreasing the shedding. I will continue to give them to her.

Great by Hank03/30/2012

It helped right a way. I would recommend it to anyone, as he has almost quit itching. It really works. Thank you

Great product by Kathy01/03/2013

the itchy dog worked within 3 days of giving it to our dog. we are completely satisfied.

When you are at your wits end with a scratchy dog! by DS from Trout Run, PA06/17/2012

I have a little black pug named Bubba and the pore little guy was awful with constantly itching. The hair on his ears was rubbed off and his arm pits were always scratched open. We tried prednisone therapy, but who wants to keep giving this to their dog because it reeks havock on their immune system. We tried diet and special shampoos and lotions- nothing seemed to work. We had received an advertisement for Zoom Dog and I though what the heck what do we have to loose. It has been a life saver for Bubba, his arm pits are cleared up and he has the most beautiful shiny fur. Don't get me wrong he still itches, but it is like a normal dog would do, nothing like the constant scratching he was doing before. When you are at your wits end, try it- what do you have to loose. It's all natural and it will not mess with your dogs immune system leading to other problems. LOVE THIS STUFF!! This website is also one the cheapest places to get it.

Excellant product by DebAnne from Stillwater, MN08/08/2010

This is the best product ever for a itchy dog. My English Setter, Annie, would bite her legs raw and be scratching all the time. Now she does not bite her legs or is scratching. She will sit and be relaxed with no biting or scratching. I have tried other products and nothing worked. I was a little weary of this product but needed something to help her. Try it! It is the BEST! The price is not to high and the shipping is great. I receive it 2 days after I order it. Please try it to help your dog!

amazing product! by kristin10/30/2010

i was a total skeptic...however within using this product for a few days my dog was no longer rubbing his eyes, face, and barely scratches. his coat looks super shiny and the shedding has been cut in half! i honestly cannot believe the results.

zooM dog anti itch by Bobbie from MARION, INDIANA03/15/2013


it's working by Sequoia from Redlands, CA04/05/2012

My lab has only been on it for a little over 2 weeks but I have noticed that she is scratching a lot less. No other side effects either. We have tried things in the past that didn't seem to work and they seemed to irritate her bladder. She loves the taste and runs over to get what she thinks is a treat. Good stuff - thank you!

A life saver for my itchy girl by Lauren10/25/2012

I think I've reviewed this before but will again since I really believe in this product. I adopted a GSP in 11/09 and her skin was in bad shape. She chewed herself all the time. I spent a FORTUNE going to vets and integrative vets and nothing helped. My husband hunts and I saw this product in one of his magazines. I thought, "yeah, another miracle product". Low and behold it truly is a miracle product for her. It has reduced her itching by 95%. She takes 3 pills a day and she's about 52 lbs. I also use Vetericyn topically for any sores - another product I wouldn't be without. She's a happy dog now and loves her pills, she lets ME know if I forget to give her her pills

itch curtailment that works by scalfd@mail.com10/31/2011

we've tried changing everything for the dogs in case of allergies. nothing worked until this. while they (3 dogs) still sometimes itch, it is nothing like the constant scratching until beet red like before. I tried giving a score of 4 1/2, but was unable. good stuff.

WOW! by AKK Mom from Las Vegas, NV06/20/2012

This stuff works really well! I have a 14 year old Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature husky) who would scratch constantly (never broke the skin) I was always worried he would hurt himself! Tried other products with no results but this worked within one week! His scratching is greatly decreased and he seems much more comfortable! Thanks!

cure for itchy shih tzus by scalfd10/23/2012

we have a shih tzu and 2 shih tzu mixes. the breed is notorious for itching. Zoom Dog takes the constant scratching down to a much more tolerable level.

by westiemom06/05/2013

I don't think this did much for my pups. I did see an immediate positive reaction with coconut oil (also sold on this site). I would imagine if you would use this long enough it would work, they just love the coconut oil and it also makes their coats VERY soft.

Only product that worked for our Lab by Geager05/15/2013

Every year in the fall our dog would be miserable with itching and we would have to put him on steroids after trying many other supplements. We tried using Zoom Dog Itchy Dog and for the first time he didn't need the steroids in the fall. We give them to him all year round and he has not had an itching problem at all. And his coat is very soft and shiny!

good maint. by ibnormal03/31/2012

my older dog with skin and allergy issues chewed and scratched over half his fur and skin off last summer. I put him on this to prevent a re- occurrence and help with the itch that starts it all. SO far so good, he has been on it 30 days.

by Ralph from Harmonsburg, Pa.01/31/2013

I don't know if I would recommend it yet as so far I've not seen a difference in my dog. I'm hoping it will do the "trick".

my 3 dogs love it by dodie from Villa Park , IllinoisI05/30/2012

All I have to say to my 3 dogs is" Zoom Dog", and they come running for what they think is a treat. I have been very pleased with the results from them taking itchy dog tablets . my dogs are: Mocha-a Chocolate Lab 12 yrs old Jack A Roo- a Aussie Cattle dog 7yrs old Wilber- a mini Aussie Shepherd 5yrs old

Really helped by Paula04/27/2012

This product really seems to help. Max doesn't scratch as much and his hot spots are clearing up. I do use other products as well.


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