• Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (120 Chews)

Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (120 Chews)

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Joint MAX® Triple Strength (TS) Soft Chews

Triple Strength (TS) for Dogs is recommended for joint health with powerful active ingredients that enhance the functions of joint and connective tissue as well as antioxidants to help reduce oxidative stress. The Joint Max TS proprietary blend was selected to target every aspect of joint health: lubrication, cushioning of tissues, and support of cartilage, connective tissues, and bones.

Use Joint MAX TS for Maximum Support
This powerful joint supplement is intended for older or middle aged large dogs or smaller dogs with maximum joint health needs or soreness from daily activity or exercise.

Joint MAX TS Active Ingredients
The ingredients in Joint MAX, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, work together to support joint health by supporting the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues. Joint MAX is a highly palatable supplement. Joint MAX can be given with prescription drugs.

Joint MAX Family of Supplements

Available in a variety of formulas, Joint MAX® supplements deliver customized support to match the specific health needs of your pet. Joint MAX comes in three strengths and a variety of delivery methods for easy administration. There is a proper strength of Joint MAX for every size and breed of dog, cat, and horse that needs it. Joint MAX also offers a Hypo-Allergenic (HA) formula specifically designed for animals with sensitivites to known allergens or animals on restricted diets. The Hypo-Allergenic formula is free from the top 9 most common dog allergens: beef, corn, soy, wheat, dairy, chicken, lamb, rabbit, and egg.

Key Features:

  • Glucosamine 1000 mg
  • MSM 600 mg
  • Chondroitin 150 mg
  • EPA/DHA 54 mg / 36 mg
  • Antioxidant Blend 375 mg
  • Delicious Soft Chews are Easy to Give
  • Joint MAX is proudly manufactured in the USA.

    Dogs Needing Joint Care
    by Size

    Joint MAX TS Highlights
    • Veterinarian Recommended
    • Maximum Joint Support
    • Powerful Antioxidants
    • For Dogs of All Ages!

    Common Areas Needing Support

    Roll over each area to learn more.




    Intervertebral Joints




    "Our dogs are 5 & 7 years old & really seem to feel better after starting them on this supplement. They are very active dogs & used to limp at times after vigorous exercise but not anymore! The difference has been incredible!!"

    "Joint MAX has done wonders for my 8 year old Lab. He is more active and happier and even loves the taste."

    Read More Joint MAX Testimonials!

    Joint MAX® is also available in:

    Regular Strength

    Double Strength

    Triple Strength

    Liquid Formula

    180 Tablets

    60 Soft Chews for Cats

    80 Capsules for Cats

    Granules for Cats (60 Doses)

    120 Tablets

    250 Tablets

    120 Soft Chews

    120 Capsules

    250 Capsules

    120 Tablets

    120 Soft Chews

    240 Soft Chews

    Granules (120 Doses)

    Granules Hypo-Allergenic (120 Doses)

    Granules for Equine (180 Doses)

    32 fl oz Liquid for Dogs

    8 fl oz Liquid for Cats

    60 ml Liquid Hyaluronic Acid


    Usage Info

    Directions for Use
    For Use In: Dogs
    Administration: Administer soft chew directly to dog. Can be given during or after meal time.
    Loading Administration: Double the daily amount for first 3 weeks.
    Size of Dog Daily
    Under 15 lb 1/2 Chew
    15 - 30 lb 1 Chew
    31 - 60 lb 2 Chews
    61 - 100 lb 4 Chews
    Over 100 lb 5 Chews
    After 3 weeks loading dose, if positive results are seen, reduce to maintenance dose. Since each pet's body is different, results may take longer in some pets. If positive results are not seen, continue loading dose.



    Active Ingredients per (2 Soft Chews):
    Glucosamine HCl (Shellfish Source) 1000 mg
    Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) 600 mg
    Creatine Monohydrate 400 mg
    Chondroitin Sulfate (Porcine Source) 150 mg
    Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 54 mg
    Vitamin C 50 mg
    Vitamin E 50 IU
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 36 mg
    Boswellia Serrata 20 mg
    Hyaluronic Acid 2 mg
    L-Glutathione 2 mg
    Zinc 2 mg
    Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mcg
    Citrus Biflavonoids 200 mcg
    Selenium 2 mcg
    Proprietary Antioxidant Blend: Brewer's Yeast, Cinnamon, Turmeric Root Powder, Grape Seed Extract, Valerian Root, Cranberry Juice Extract 375 mg
    Inactive Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate, Glycerine, Magnesium Stearate, Marine Lipid Concentrates, Molasses, Polyethylene Oxide, Powdered Liver (non-bovine), Starch, Sucrose, TBHQ, Vegetable Fiber, Vegetable Oil, and Vegetable Shortening.

    Joint MAX Triple Strength Comparison
      Joint MAX® Triple Strength Synovi G3® Glyco Flex® II Cosequin® DS
    Chondroitin no no
    MSM no
    Creatine Monohydrate no no
    Eicosaentaenoic Acid (EPA) no no
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) no no
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin E no
    Grape Seed Extract no
    Zinc no no
    L-Glutathione no no
    Alpha Lipoic Acid no no
    Citrus Bioflavonoids no no
    Joint MAX Triple Strength Granules (120 Doses)Joint MAX Triple Strength GranulesReg price: $36.99
    Sale price: $32.99
    Joint MAX Triple Strength Hypoallergenic Granules (120 Doses)Joint MAX TS Hypoaller GransReg price: $54.99
    Sale price: $33.99
    Joint MAX Triple Strength Active Health Multi-PackJoint MAX Triple Strength Active Health Multi-PackReg price: $56.50
    Sale price: $52.99
    2-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (480 Chews)2-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (480 Chews)Reg price: $129.99
    Sale price: $82.99
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    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    by Akita Mama11/12/2011

    These joint Max Triple, seem to really help My Senior Akita Girl...12 yrs old1

    Great Vitamin Treats! by Terri07/23/2010

    My sweet little chi Chico absolutely LOVES these things!! He's 13 years old and has no joint issues at all. He climbs the stairs with no problem. Great price for a great product! Thanks!!

    My dogs love these, prefer the bacon flavor by Judy from Michigan03/06/2012

    On this delivery, I got the "old" flavor, which one of my dogs will sometimes not eat--he loved the bacon flavor. The other dog loves both. Great value, fresh product---THANKS!

    It works! by Nan from Rochester, NY01/25/2012

    I used JointMax on my 8 yr old, small dog after she blew her knee out. They wanted to do surgery but, after reading so many good reviews on it, I decided to try it. In 2 weeks, she started to use her leg again. By 3 months, she was walking fine. In a year, the vet said her leg was back to normal! At the same time, I, also, started my 15 yr old lab on JointMax. She was walking stiff and feeble. It didn't take long before she could easily use the steps again. She even slept more peacefully and got up without showing signs of aches and pains. This order is for my son's older pit. She's showing the same issues as my lab did. I'm hoping for the same results!

    Why fix it if it ain't broke? by Lync from Phoenix, AZ11/09/2012

    My dog has always liked these. Then they changed to a 'new imporved flavor' and the only reason he eats them now is so the other dogs don't get it. He takes in his mouth then drops it to the ground..........THEN he grabs it only to spite my other 2 dogs. :-) They do work though. Buster has put some weight on and I noticed he was a bit stiffer. I checked, realized I needed to up the dosage to 2 a day and have seen improvement.

    Great product by Maggie's Mom11/27/2011

    My dog loves these and they have been good for her back problems.

    by from 03/22/2012

    I have been using this product for over a year and am really happy with the results. My dog had trouble moving around and this product has really helped her. She is still a little stiff in the mornings but after she has her medicine, she moves a whole lot better during the day. Thanks Entirely Pets for carrying this product!

    Columbus, Ohio by from Bob"


    Joint Max Triple Strength is top dog! by Hoover from Honolulu, HI06/03/2012

    Woof! These new flavored Joint Max Triple Strength are superlicious! I can't get enough of them. So tasty and great for my joints! Gotta go, off to walk with my humans! - Hoover

    by ginger12/15/2011

    this seems to be the same product that i am used to bying but it has a much different smell but my dogs dont notice any different

    by from 03/07/2013

    After taking for about a week, my dog started acting like a puppy again. Each day I see a complete change and had forgotten just how active he used to be.

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    dogs love them by jd07/31/2012

    as retired athletes our dogs need the supplements and vitamins in these chews.

    by Charlie06 from Canada01/19/2014

    My dog is old and the soft chews are a little bit hard to eat compare to other brand. They're not really soft.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS (120 CHEWS) by Moose from Florida04/04/2012

    Love this product for my Newfie, He's almost 10 and thinks he's a puppy. Price is great and shipping is super fast. Thanks,

    Joint max soft chews by Jackthedog from San Diego06/02/2013

    My dog loves these! To him they're a treat, not a needed supplement.

    So far so good. by motonole from South Georgia12/03/2011

    I just started giving this to my 8 year old American Bulldog, and 11 year old Boston Terrier, and it's already working! They were both in pretty good shape, the bully was having more stiffness and limping. I just included the Boston because of her age. They are both RUNNING around the yard snapping and growling at each other lovingly like 3-4 years ago and it's only been 2 weeks!!

    JOINT MAX TRIPLE by Kody from Livermore, Ca08/21/2013

    Our dog is getting along in years for a very large dog. These help him be able to move and play with the younger dog.

    This Really Works! by JaxsonsMom from Spring, Texas12/13/2011

    I have had all 5 of my dogs on this for a number of years and it has made a real difference in their lives. All 5 of my pets are over 10 years old and Joint Max has significantly helped with their mobility. I have started my recently rescued 5 yr old Coonhound on it as well so he won't suffer with joint stiffness as he ages. Won't ever stop using Joint Max. It really works and very affordable!

    Great Joint Max product by Belle's Mom from Dumfries, VA11/08/2011

    Belle is almost 14 yrs old and has been on Joint Max soft chews for several years now. She is still pretty active and I attribute her easy mobility to this product.

    Dogs think it is a treat by TJ04/03/2013

    I split a triple strenghth soft chew between 2 dogs.

    Triple Strength Soft Chews by YakPat from NE Washington state10/26/2011

    Before finding these my 12 year old Aussie-Border Collie mix was not able to move much let alone jump on the bed. He's now 15 years old & running 2 miles daily, jumping & enjoying being a dog again. We will never go without these now that I've seen how great they work. Also worked fast! Could see a noticeable change within a few days. I get the 240 count or the 120 count depending on my finances. Both are a bargin !!!!!!!

    Joint Treat by tish3 from Tucson, Az. & New Milford, Ct.07/24/2012

    I give these chews in lieu of biscuits or other treats. There is greater health benefit and no empty calories.

    Love the new flavor by SG from California10/23/2012

    My 14 year old lab/shep cross loves the new flavor. Eagerly eats her food when Joint Max mixed in.

    Really like this product by Nanna from Bokoshe, Oklahoma05/26/2013

    My little dog is served this product with the vitamin each day. She is crippled from a spinal injury . She was a rescue as many of our animals are. She LOVES this product, and I believe it helps her to continue to navigate even with her injury.

    Excellent!!!! by chillydog from pensacola03/17/2013

    My 11yr old dachsund had serious neck and hip problems 2 years ago. She was on numerous meds for 2 weeks. I had enough of the weight loss and the sadness in her eyes from being doped up all the time. She started using this product and Canine plus for seniors and in just a few days, my Chillydog was back to being her self again.

    by from 03/04/2012

    This is a great product for dogs young and old!

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    product by for from bothI


    Worked Wonders by Miss Peanut from Ephrata, PA08/14/2012

    My 12 year old dog was having difficulty walking and would often limp. After taking Joint Max for several weeks, I noticed a huge improvement. I think his quality of life has improved immensely. :-)

    Love these chews by Glory from Ringwood ,N.J.04/16/2014

    My charger is doing much better.he was struggling getting up off the floor ,now he's moving around much better and his shedding has subsided ... He is a very large dog and I think these chews will help him a threw out life ... He love to play and run around like a puppy still. He's 5 1/2 . Newfoundland &black lab . Thank you ... DV

    GREAT PRODUCT!! by christy from Illinois12/14/2012

    This has worked for my 13 year old lab better than prescription meds!! highly recommend this product! Speedy shipping, great company will order with them again!!

    Joint Max Triple by Ruidoso01/01/2014

    When unable to obtain our regular product for arthritis in two of our dogs, my husband found Joint Max Triple online. Our one dog now doesn't seem to have such a hard time walking at night. So, some improvement seen already!

    Excellent product by Owner of bully breeds from Ventura, CA03/16/2012

    After 3 surgeries on her back legs and being 9 years old now, my pit bull keeps up with our newest rescued bull terrier thanks to this product. She had been taking it for 7 years now.

    Great Results by Debbie from Texas01/14/2012

    This has been a miracle treatment for our dog's arthritis. She could barely walk and after 30 days of Joint Max, she is able to be outside again.

    New to us by Draphin-Girl from Cornwall, Ontario03/02/2012

    Just started using Joint Max. Switched from GlycoFlex because the reviews were more geared to my dogs needs. I am trying to find the perfect remedy to help my dog. I have an 8yr old German Shepherd who damaged her ACL joint at age 6yrs. After having had surgery, she has trouble going for walks now and with climbing the stairs. Her brain has lots of energy but her body doesn't keep up...she tires easily and limps after only short work outs. Looking for a product that will bring her back to life, like she used to be....free of pain and more ability to play. Hoping to get the positive results that others write about. Any suggestions are appreciated. Love my dog!

    This is a necessity! by Trish12/06/2011

    We have been using Joint MAX since our lab turned 5, she is now 7, and still runs like a stallion. I would highly recommend Joint Max to help your dog's joints and to relieve the aches and pains that come with their mid life. She considers the triple strength soft chews a treat!

    by dog lover10/14/2010

    The amount of active ingredients listed are not the same as what is mailed to you, esp. EPA and DHA.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by bunjeebuddy from Texas02/13/2014

    i really like the Joint Max chews, in the past I have had difficulty trying to give my dogs supplements- but not with the soft chews. They love them and view them as special treats!It is such a relief to not have to spend my time trying to hide their supplements in peanut butter or cheese, only to discover them on the floor later.

    Joint Max by Corby11/06/2012

    Corby likes the product and seems to limp less so I'm happy as well.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS by Kyzur01/19/2012

    Being a 100 lb. Giant Schnauzer is not fun when you wake up in the morning and don't want to go for your walk. The hips didn't want to move like they use to. My owners took me the Vet and he said possible surgery. I begged them to try alternative therapies. Well, they listened to me and bought me Joint Max Triple Strength. Within one month I am now enjoying my walks and even running from time to time. Thank You Sooooo Much :) Kyzur

    Joint Max by Cooper06/27/2013

    Have used this for several aging pets over the years one of the best products I have found.

    Love this stuff by redhead from Greensboro, NC10/10/2011

    My 14 year old lab has been taking this for the past two years and it has worked wonders! She moves around like she is five again and rarely has any joint pain.

    by Peggy07/18/2012

    excellant product ,you start to see results in 2-3 weeks

    JOINTMAX TRIPLE STRENGTH by rockiegirl from Newport Beach, Ca12/06/2011

    These have helped my 16 1/2 year old who had both ACL surgery about 6 or more years ago get around more easily

    We Found a Winner! by browndog from Colorado11/07/2013

    This was my first order to Entirely Pets and both Brown Dog and I are completely satisfied! He finds the triple strength joint chews to be a great "treat" and I'm noticing how much better he is moving and getting up and down. We both highly recommend!

    Love the product by Carole from North Carolina09/30/2013

    These chews seem to make a wonderful difference with my 13 year old dogs mobility. Thank you for making a great product that he actually enjoys!

    This is a hands down winner by Ter from Colorado Springs, CO.07/03/2012

    My dog is 16 yrs old and has been using Triple Joint Max for 5 of them. She can not be with out them. If she should be she has a hard time walking. Just started my 15 yr old on Joint Max HA granules and noticed a difference within 2-3 wks. Joint Max is the greatest product for aging pups.

    This product is awesome! by Lenny02/29/2012

    This stuff works really well for dogs with joint pain. My black lab was in a lot of pain,and limping badly. After taking this stuff for three weeks or so, I can see a big difference .Thanks for making this product available !

    Does what it claims by Belle08/12/2012

    I now use Joint Max as maintenance for my two Maltese, 7 & 8 yrs old, but only a quarter chew twice/day after their meals. They think it's a treat! Product still gives ongoing relief for those little aches and pains that used to be so bothersome before. Would prefer a small-dog size but otherwise highly recommend for all seniors.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by Toni10/04/2014

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews are the best because they have everything your dog need in one chew and you don't have lots of bottles or containers hanging around.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS (120 CHEWS by Mandi from California03/26/2013

    This is also a great product for little dogs who don't like to chew the tabs. My dog likes both.

    Joint Max really helps by Les from Arizona09/28/2014

    I have 4 dogs; 13 yrs, 2-3 yr olds, & 1 yr old large dog. All of them take a Joint Max treat once a day & it helps. They are all very active, except the 13 yr old & she's more active than she used to be, & I believe that this has helped all of them w/ any joint problems that may come their way as they get older. They also think they are getting a treat & wait at the kitchen cabinet where I keep these!

    Great Product but not Fresh by Boxer Mom from North Carolina08/01/2012

    We have been buying this product for many years and sometimes we get moist treats and sometimes we get dried out treats. This time we got two tubs of dried out treats. I think the company needs to seal the containers better. The treats fall apart in your hand. The sample packs you can get for a penny are always moist. Hopefully the company will find a way to resolve this problem.

    Great Item! by Katydid from Springdale WA01/06/2013

    Great product that helps our golden lab who has both hips "pinned". She gets around a lot better when she takes these supplements.

    Fabulous Product!!! by Christy from Murfreesboro, TN12/31/2011

    I have a 17 year old mixed-breed dog. She gets around pretty well, but has some problems with her hips. She takes Prevacox, which was prescribed by her veterinarian. In addition to this, she takes 2 Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews per day (one in the morning and one at night). She lives indoors, and she is able to climb the stairs (as long as she has this product). It is amazing! My girl is a picky eater, but she loves these and thinks they are a treat!

    Phenomenal Product! by John L from Whitestone, NY04/03/2013

    Our dog's arthritis was so bad, he was howling with pain by the time we got to the end of the block. A neighbor suggested JOINT MAX. Just one chew, and pain was gone and after a week he was jumping on the couch again. Awesome product. I should be taking it!

    Awesome product by Laurie from Goose Creek, SC12/04/2012

    Our chocolate lab is 13 1/2 years old and loves these! She has a little arthritis for her age and these help her get up and go every morning. Highly recommend these.

    Joint Max chews by Shelley from Fayetteville, AR11/12/2012

    Only 4 of my 5 dogs will eat these. My previous order was for their "new" flavor which smelled like bacon and my 5th dog went crazy for it. With this recent purchase, I'm back to only giving it to 4 of my 5. I wish they'd bring back the Bacon flavor/scent.

    Our dogs love this!! by Mary from Plymouth, Ca11/25/2011

    Our dogs love the taste of these, but most of all, they help keep our aging labs frisky and full of themselves. Wouldn't be without it.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE SOFT CHEWS by sportynellie from Durango, CO05/02/2012

    This product has totally given my border collie new life! He is moving and playing again!!

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by nyrobin from Bothell, WA10/25/2012

    My dog has arthritis, so my vet recommended synovi G - but my dog actually likes these better.

    Bad Flavor by Debi from Hemet, CA02/20/2014

    I'm know that these chews are very good for dogs as I've researched all of the ingredients, however, they didn't do my dog any good because she hated the flavor. I suppose they are having other complaints, as well, because they were delivered with a tasty paste to wrap around each chew, which my dog cleverly ate and spit out the actual chew!

    Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews are great! by Martha from Minneapolis, MN09/18/2013

    My dog has a recent ACL injury in her leg. I opted for no surgery and have just been letting her rest and limit her activity. Once I started giving her Joint MAX she made an amazing leap forward in her healing. I will definitely be keeping her on them!! Thanks so much!!

    Great Product!! by PatsyM10/26/2013

    We're trying to prevent joint problems in our beautiful 7 year old golden retriever rescue dog. Our Vet recommended getting these chews and Sadie loves them. We also used them as treats to train her and they worked great. I've purchased these chews 3 times now and plan to continue forever!

    Best purchase and price ever by Duke07/10/2012

    My boxer really was having a hard time with his hips and he loves the flavor of these and I really see a big improvement when he walks and runs

    A great joint supplement. by Nanc from Salida, Colorado07/25/2014

    My dog is a rescue dog. He was hit by a car when he was only 11 mos. old. His left hip was broken & the surgery involved removing the head of the femur (an FHO). After adopting him, I started with the triple strength joint max. He was on 3 legs. After prolonged use & therapy, etc., he is on all four legs, hiking, snowshoeing, swimming, etc. I will keep him on triple strength joint max for life.

    by from 05/20/2011

    My 2 dogs, a 14 year old Lab, and a 13 year old Cocker have been on TS Joint Max Chewable Tablets for years, and they are in terrific shape...TS Joint Max is a an excellent product!

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    Joint Max Soft Chews by Snuffy4906/17/2012

    Our two miniture Dachshunds both have back problems and this product has helped them to have less pain and feel better

    by Cattle dog friend from Prescott, Arizona04/30/2013

    I have been giving my 13 year old dog Joint Max for 3 years now. I have seen a huge difference in her back legs, in a good way. I even give one to my 2 year old pup. Great product!!!!

    Awesome Chews! by Dee Dee from Michigan02/12/2014

    My dogs love these chews! I use them to give my dog her pain pill as they are soft enough to hide it, and she loves the taste. Also, it is helping her hip displasia. She doesn't seem so have any problem getting around. I also give it to my other dog who is older and needs it for his joints as well. I re-order these every month they are so good.

    Great Product! by Kathy A from Christmas Valley, Oregon11/13/2013

    My Aussie Ike was having problem with his right shoulder he would limp badly after laying down to rest. He has only been on the Joint Max for 2 weeks and I already notice an improvement in his shoulder motion. He loves the taste too!

    by from 10/19/2011

    My dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips and was put on Rimadyl. I decided to supplement the Rimadyl with Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews twice a day.

    so by much from betterHe


    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS by TJ from Westfield, NC05/09/2013

    Been using Joint Maxx triple strength chews for my 12 yr.old Shepherd-Chow mixed dog for at least 5 years. Doctors said he needed a $1500 operation for his limp. After 3 weeks of Joint Maxx he had no more limp and I believe has kept him looking younger than other dogs his age. It has been a miracle fix for his joint pain!

    Great product by Heidi from Flint, MI02/27/2013

    Both of my dogs take these every day. I noticed huge improvement in my 13 yr old Lab.

    Charlie loves them! by capelady from Michigan01/06/2013

    Made such a difference in our 9 year old lab, acts like a puppy!

    Joint Max triple strength chews by Oliver from Rochester, MN10/31/2011

    These soft chews are excellant. My dog loves the taste. Lacey is 8 years old and has severe arthritis in her back legs, I give her one maintenance dose a day and it allows her to function normally. We have been using for over a year now and have seen amazing results from your product. Thank you.

    New flavor? by Dshow from Indiana01/18/2012

    We've purchased Joint Max soft chews for a couple of years now. Good product and the dog likes it. A tub came recently that had a sticker that said "New Flavor!". The new product had a beef smell that was overpowering, even the room where they were located stunk. Some of the soft chews had the consistency of pudding. Anyway, the dog ate it. On the next order, the tub didn't have the sticker and was back to the normal smell but seemed dry (old?). I order the same thing every time. How do I ensure I don't get the "New Flavor!" anymore?

    Good product by PC from Vermont11/16/2011

    These soft chews are easy to dispense...no measuring! Also, our very picky- eater German shepherd loves the taste. Will order again.

    My Dog Loves These! by A7903/02/2013

    I have no trouble getting my dog to eat these! He loves them so much that we use them for training treats!

    Joint max Tripple Strength Soft Chews by Jeffcmor from Shelton, Washington04/21/2012

    My dog liked the first 120 count Tripple Strength Soft chew order. They were moist and dark in color and she ate them like any treat.I ordered a second batch of 240 and when they came, they were a lot lighter in color and looked dry. My dog would not eat them unless I chopped them up and mixed them with her food. I thought maybe that the second order was just a bad batch so I ordered a 120 count order the third time. They were dry and light colored and I still have to mix them with her food. Through all of this I can't tell if they are helping her sore joints much. I would not recommend them.

    Some dogs love em by Tango from Reno, NV04/25/2013

    I have 3 dogs that are all older or have hip problems. I have tried other pills and they get rejected. My dogs like these pretty well. My big guy with early hip issues loves these thank goodness! He waits for more which is more than I can say for other supplements I have given him.

    Incredible Product by Montana Dog Lover from Hamilton, MT11/06/2012

    Do you know how cute a 12 yr old Border Collie is when she thinks she's 2 again? Since we started Joint Max, she and our 10 yr old poodle have gained years back. Nell's (Border Collie) limp has diminished by 75%, she jumps out of bed, walks twice as far as ever and is so spunky~I love it. Our 10 yr old Poodle who has arthritis is 100% better as well. I'm also giving it to my 2 other dogs as a preventive medication. Thanks so much for this incredible product. I highly recommend it, as well as Nell and Sammie, they send their best wishes!

    Joint max by Barbara from ohio04/09/2013

    This product does seem to be helping put a little pep back in my old girls step.

    Great item! by Lesllie12/26/2012

    My dog is 14 years old and takes these daily. If she misses a day, then I notice she has more trouble moving.

    joint max es by tazman from michigan01/16/2013

    this product is great...my 9 year old sheperd mix loves these and has been on them for about 5 years now..she has a pin in her hip from when she was little and fell out of a truck..joint max works great for her

    awesome joint care by sheryl from Sarasota, FL02/15/2012

    This is a great product. I use it on my 8 year old great dane who hyperextended her knee 3 years ago. Give her 2 a day and it seems to do the trick. No limping or struggling to get up.

    Excellent Product! by Kat from Sandusky, OH11/07/2011

    I have been purchasing this product for my weimaraner for well over a year now and have noticed a huge difference in him. He is moving better and at age 11 is still jumping up onto the bed a couple of times a day. I will continue to use this product because of its excellent results!

    greenies by jb from richmond, ky11/20/2012

    great for cleaning teeth after meals, the size is perfect for my 12 yr old shepherd.

    Tasty way to give your pet a joint supplement by Yorkie Mama from Orange Park, FL10/04/2013

    I have 6 dogs, 4 of whom have had surgery on their CCL, MPL. I started giving them joint supplements a while ago. I really want to avoid any more surgeries. Not only the expense, but the recovery isn't easy on the dogs or their caretakers. Of my 6, 4 love this treat. For some reason, 2 of the dogs just won't eat it, so I use another supplement for them. I have noted improvement in their movement, so it's all good.

    by phil01/10/2013

    works awsome, he loved the first batch i purchased

    Excellent price by petlady from North Las Vegas, NV05/01/2014

    My dog loves joint max. She was given a similar product by my Vet and it cost twice as much. She is a large dog, St. Bernard/Great Dane, and she has arthritis. I'm hoping these supplements continue to help her.

    Joint Max treats have kept my dog moving! by redhead01 from Greensboro, NC12/01/2011

    My 14 yr old black lab mix has been taking these triple strength treats for a couple of years now. She still runs around like she's 5 even with arthritis and rarely ever seems to be in pain. I would recommend them to anyone.

    by from 06/29/2013

    My 14 y/o shepherd mix, rear hips were deteriorating quickly. She couldn't get on the couch, she would fall down very easily. Started giving her JointMax Triple about 2 months ago. Within 2 or 3 weeks, I began to see improvement. Now, it is remarkable. It's obvious she is in far less pain. She's moving more quickly and more sure of herself now. She can "lift" herself onto the couch. She is more stable when standing and moving. It is obvious to me, by her actions and demeanor, that the pain is diminished. I am aware that there is currently no "miracle cure", but my goal to keep her comfortable for a little bit longer is possible now.

    this by to from parentsI


    dog treatment by baby fast from Oklahoma City, OK09/25/2013

    This product is great. I have two dogs with joint problems. They love the smell and taste of this product. They come running when they hear me open the container. I used the tablets for a while and got great results and relief for the dogs. What I like about the soft chew is if you have a picky dog about food, treats, etc. This product is great. I definitely will purchase this product again. The price is right and lasts awhile with two dogs taking them.

    My dog is a flying squirrel! by Jenni from Greenfield Wisconsin01/23/2013

    My dachshund had joint problems a few years ago. Our VET suggested a joint supplement. We have been using Joint Max Triple Strength chews ever since and our 9 year old dachshund "Martha" acts more like a puppy. She gets one of these chews first thing every morning. (she thinks that it's a treat) We have not had any joint flare-ups since!

    Fantastic product! by Malla from Hartford, Wi12/14/2011

    I have been using Joint Max Triple Strangth Soft Chews for our Lab/Dane mix for about 9 yrs now. She plays like a puppy, in fact i have to tell her to slow down at times when she gets too excited! I didn't order on time once, after 4 days with out, she could hardly get up and was in pain. I will always make sure I have a good supply! This product really makes a difference for Cleo's joints.

    Great purchase! by Sandy07/23/2012

    This product makes our 11 year-old golden's arthritis so much easier for him to manage and enables him to continue to handle the stairs in our home. We're able to regularly take advantage of great offers and pricing when it comes time to re-order as well.

    by from 07/02/2012

    I give this product to my 15 1/2 year old mix breed, 60lb, female. She still jumps around like a young pup!

    without by this from forI


    Joint Max Soft Chews by Janna101/04/2012

    I've been using these for over a year now and see a big change in my Dogs ability to move around. I highly recommend them. However my dogs don't seem to like this new flavor as much as the old flavor.

    Perfect for older dogs by Linda from Phila08/02/2012

    Joint Max is the perfect soft chew for my 2 older dogs. They don't do well with pills and have choaked on them. With Joint Max soft chews they get their supplement and treat in one.

    Joint MAX TRIPLEStrength SOFT CHEWS by eileensue from Cape Cod, MA11/08/2011

    My Jack Russell Terrier is over 15 years old. I have been giving her one soft chew daily. There is no doubt in my mind that she has so much more use of her legs. Yes, she is on Rimadyl, too, but that alone did not do the job. This is a great product, and I am happy that it is available.

    Excellent joint supplement by carm from Florida04/28/2012

    My dogs have always loved these chewable supplements and think they are the greatest treats.

    My Dogs Love These by deedee from Michigan03/16/2013

    Best price on internet and my dogs love these! They are soft enough to make it easy to put her pain pill in and she eats it right up. They are $11.50 cheaper then the Vet's. My dog has hip displasia and it has helped her mobility ever since I have had her on them.

    The BEST!! by Swirley02/28/2013

    Plain and simple........AWESOME!! For us and our dog!!!

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by Jim from Gibsonville, North Carolina01/16/2015

    I have a 15 year old Shepherd mix that was hit by a car just before the holidays. The emergency vet recommended that I give her a joint supplement to help with the arthritis she had in her hips and back. She advised I should see a difference in a couple of weeks. After giving her a different supplement for a couple of weeks, I saw no change and came across this product. I began giving it to her twice a day 2 or 3 weeks ago and can already tell the difference. Thus, I now give it to my other 4 dogs.

    Love it! by Steph from Talbott, TN05/22/2012

    This works wonderful for my dog, and it's reasonably priced.

    by Kerri11/16/2012

    I have still not received the order! They are a great product, but they always take so long to get here! I hope they are not lost in the mail.

    Joint MAX soft chews by mike from Indiana12/07/2012

    My dogs will not eat it. I even mixed it with a can of dog food and all that was left was the Joint MAX!! Great idea but, what good is it if they won't eat them.

    Wonderful Product by Jay from North Carolina11/14/2013

    I have used this product in the past on one of my other dogs & the change was amazing! Have not used it long enough this time to say for sure,but am expecting the same results Thanks Entirely Pets & Joint Max! Jeanette

    Very satisfied by Lori from Lisbon, ME05/30/2012

    I received my order very fast. The joint chews are very fresh, I can tell by how soft they are. My dog is happy so I am happy. Will definitley buy from Entirely pets again

    Arthritic help by Trish11/12/2012

    After our mature lab started having some pain with arthritis in her joints, we started using this product in conjunction with fish oil. She has not had any aches or pains since we began over a year ago. I wouldn't go without it now! She used to eat them like a treat but she doesn't like the new taste (and she's a lab who eats anything!) but we put them in with her food and she eats them.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS by Dan from Concord, NC12/07/2011

    I rehomed a dog that had spent most of her year and a half in a cage. She would show severe pain in her hip area at the slightest wrong move. After six months of using this supplement she showed vast improvement. At seven years she is still going strong showing no weakness in her joint areas.

    Soft Chews are Very Dry by Snuffy49 from Lanark, IL10/23/2012

    When we first started using the Joint Max triple strength soft chews they were very moist, but now they are very dry. We have a 11 year old minature dachshund that really liked the moist chews but since the texture has changed we have a heck of a time getting him to eat them.

    Found 2 uses for these by BBAR from Alexander City, AL01/04/2012

    Even the finicky dogs like the taste of these soft chews. They are tasty enough and soft enough to hide another pill inside them that my dog would not normally swallow.

    Just Like Candy by KB & Maggie from Tucson, Arizona10/15/2013

    Little girl Maggie just L-O-V-E-S her "candy" treats. At 15 years old she's as fit and playful as a puppy thanks to this amazing chew. Thanks for a GREAT product!

    Good Product by Butch from Hillman Michigan03/05/2013

    The joint max triple is helping Lady our German Shorthair with her joint problems. The only issue we have was the extremely long delivery period.

    The Cure! by ChaCha's Mom from Peachtree City11/13/2011

    ChaCha couldn't standup before taking these chews, now she plays like a puppy again. TY!!

    Wonderful product by Katiem from Long Island, N.Y.07/03/2012

    My 12 1/2 year old standard poodle is running & jumping again just like she did when she was 5 or 6!!! Thank you so much for giving her back her energy & flexibility. And, she loves them & thinks of them as treats! Everyone wins!

    by from 09/19/2013

    He loves them! They smell like chocolate and he waives right by his Rimedyl to get at the guclosamine chews. Think it's helping him get around better and he's sliding less on our wood floors.

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    JOINT MAX TRIPLE STRENGTH SOFT CHEWS (120) by Susan from Florida01/29/2014

    I have been buying this great product for years now from entirelypets.com for my three large American Pit bulls. They are ages 11 and 12 yrs. I buy every product I can from them and am always satisfied with the healthy results to my pets.

    Joint MAX - Almost killed my dog by Terri11/30/2010

    My Dog had a reaction to Joint MAX. It almost killed him. He had to spend a week at the vets office and there were times at the start of it that we were unsure he was going to make it. My vet even took the time to call Joint MAX to see if they could help and they were not even considerate enough to call my vet back. I feel that people need to know what happen to my pet to be aware.

    Joint MAX Triple Strength by nancy42785 from Chesterfield, MI10/02/2013

    I had purchased a tub of these joint chews for both of my dogs....a German Shepherd/Collie mix and a Lab/Pit Bull Mix. To be perfectly honest...they don't smell the greatest...maybe you have to be a dog...and I don't know if they are helping or not. I think my Shepherd/Collie mix does much better when the chiropractor comes to the house for a visit. He has bad hips...his right worse than his left...maybe if I had tried the chews a long time ago?!

    Great product by hammer03/07/2012

    Our pooch can be pretty fussy about taking meds. She loves the new flavor and thinks they are treats. Good job all around. Love shopping at Entirely Pets.

    Excellent Joint Supplement by Lynne from Oak Forest, IL11/11/2013

    I have been using Triple Strength Joint Chews for about 6 years. I started our Husky/Lab mix on it when he was about 8 and was having difficulty walking after getting up. I noticed a remarkable improvement in his mobility within days. I also started our 1 year old Chow/Lab mix at the same time, since both the breeds she comes from are prone to hip and arthritic conditions. Our Husky/Lab has since passed, but our Chow/Lab is as healthy & mobile as ever. As she has gotten older! I increase her chews to two a day and she is still able to run figure eights around the backyard with no signs of stopping.

    Excellent product by F J Star from Texas08/29/2014

    We have a rescue dog that was a working cow dog on a ranch. She had been kicked in the right hind leg and hip. The Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews have helped her mobility and less painful. We will continue to order.

    Joint MAX Soft Chews by Blackie04/14/2014

    We used this product before for another dog and had no issues. With our new dog, the chews were not a success. Sadly, the dog does not like the taste and will not eat them. Recommendation: It would be a great help, if you can provide samples of these type of soft chews to try first and see if the dog likes the flavor. Even if we have to pay for the samples, it will be a nice approach to find out what the dog prefer.

    Love it! by Stephanie1076 from Talbott, TN03/13/2013

    I love this product and the price is great!

    Triple Joint Max by Georgiagirl12/12/2011

    My Beagle Buddy has a permanently injured hind leg so at the ripe old age of about10 he was experiencing slowness and joint discomfort. I put him on triple Joint Max and within 2 weeks he was really almost back to normal. Now 5 years later he gets a joint max every day and is still getting around very well. I would recommend this product to every senior dog owner.

    great product! by sue from chillicothe il06/19/2013

    these chews work very well, kept by 14 yr old border collie able to run and play like a much younger dog, in fact the vet commented that her xrays of her spine looked like a much younger dog and told me it was a good thing she had benn on the joint max for the last several years!

    Fantastic Purchase! by Melanie01/19/2015

    My dog Sparky loves the flavor & thinks it's a special treat. It seems to be helping already because he isn't limping nearly as much! He was previously hit by a car & had to have surgery with pins put in his hind leg. I was concerned about how he would do during this winter but with taking Joint Max daily he seems to be doing much better!

    Joint MAX TRIPLE by Betsy06/26/2013

    Positive results on my 11 year old Shepherd :)

    Works for my dog. by NikkisMom from Santa Clara, CA10/21/2011

    My 12 year old border collie's joint function has improved considerably since she started with the soft chews. She thinks she's a pup again. Also, I treat the chews like treats and her eyes roll back in her head when she gets one! She LOVES them!

    Joint Max Triplel Strength Soft Chews by Dee11/03/2011

    My pug does not like to take pills or tablets of any kind. It is a real fight to get her to take them. So these soft chews really fill the bill. She thinks they are a treat. She is ten years old so I feel they really help her too. Will keep ordering these.

    Very satisfied by My dogs mom from Delaware04/03/2014

    I purchased these for my dog she was using a more expensive brand and these are just as good and less expensive. Happy Doggie customer!

    Joint Maxx by WINSTONN from McKinney, TX10/29/2013

    Our Pug is 12 years old. The vet suggested we begin giving him a joint supplement 4 years ago. He has arthritis - especially in his shoulder and hip joints. This product helps reduce his pain so we can walk each morning and evening. An easy way to administer meds: cut Joint Maxx soft chew up, push the pill into a piece & Mugsy's none the wiser!

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Gail B10/23/2012

    This is a good product, my dog likes the taste of the chewy treats. It seems to help her arthritis, I'll continue using it. Entirely Pets is very easy to work with -

    I love these chews by ll cool k09/25/2013

    My collie dog had a noticeable limp after she would run and play, after a short time she limped all of the time. Since giving her the Joint Max chews, she has pretty much stopped limping at all. It did not happen over night, but she seems to not hurt any more. Great Product!

    Stinky, but the dogs love them. by Patty from Fulshear, TX11/14/2013

    I haven't used these long enough to say if they help my Boston's joint issues, but I can tell you this- she loves them! They are a little stinky, but most treats that have a meat flavor stink.

    I have a happier dog!! by Gunflint from Minneapolis,MN03/03/2013

    I have a 6 yr old Alaskan Malamute mixed with a little Siberian Huskey. She is about 90lbs and she has hip dysplasia and artharitis. She has a hard time getting up after laying for a short while and slow on the stairs. I bought joint max ts soft chews and been giving her 4/day for 5 weeks now and have seen a big change on her hips/joints and even on her additude. She is much happier. I just tried it and wasen't really expecting much results and I was wrong. I have already ordered 480 soft chews a last week. The only bad thing I have with this product is she wont eat them on her own. I need to put just a pea size amount of peanut butter on them so she'll eat them.

    excellent product by greyhound mama from Northglenn, CO02/07/2014

    We first purchased the soft chews for our aging greyhound, who ate them willingly. Now, one of our older "grand dogs", a chocolate lab needs the chews benefits. I am sure that when our current greyhound shows signs of arthritis, we will purchase for her, as well.

    Great product at great price by Jim from Columbus, Ohio12/13/2011

    Shipped quickly and exactly what I needed. I have several older dogs and this really seems to work in keeping their legs limber.

    Works great! by sams mom from Ocala, FL.09/09/2013

    My dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips 4 years ago and was having a very hard time with his back legs. Since he has been on Joint Max Triple Strength he has been off all meds and takes a Joint Max twice a day. He is now 13 years old and getting around very well. He owes it all to Joint Max and I would highly recommend it!

    by none04/16/2013

    I am very satisfied with this product, it works really well

    Well worth the investment for your Best Friend by Cindy from Stuart, Florida11/13/2011

    I have a soon to be 11 year old Golden Retreiver. He also is a big boy (Frame 95 pounds) Since he has been on Triple Strength Joint Max of which he LOVES.. I believe it has helped with comfort getting up and down and general day to day activities. I tell sooo many people about your product and Company. He has been on it for about 4 years now and I am well pleased!

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS by Maggie03/06/2012

    I get this stuff as a treat and it's great even if it's a supplement.

    He thinks they are treats!! by Barbara03/06/2012

    The Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength soft chews are just like treats and BJ loves them. I could understand why..they smell beefy and delicious just like a dog treat and are moist and fresh in feeling. Other brands I have used are dry. I'm definitely going to buy these again for him and I do see an improvement in his overall activity level. I sense he is feeling less discomfort in his legs from age related arthritis.

    joint max by Ed from Wilmington De.06/05/2012

    Dog loves them and he seems more active.

    Cost Effective by Peggy05/31/2012

    Winston (our very sophisticated Welsh Corgi) loves the new taste of Joint Max Soft Chews - I've never tasted one but they smell very bacon-y. And best of all, they are half the price of my getting them at my vet's office.

    Best Joint Care by Happy in Hawaii from Kailua, O'ahu, HI01/27/2014

    My 12 year old was on Adequan until the price soared over 100%. We tried Joint Max Triple Strength as a replacement. Within the first week he was acting like the young dog he used to be. We are not going back to Adequan and we are staying with the Joint Max Triple! Thank you to the previous opinions that helped us make the decision to try.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE strength SOFT CHEWS by acc1953 from Pembroke, NH03/17/2012

    We have a 13 year old Chocolate Lab with bad hips and he loves these chews. He wont eat his food until I give him a couple for breakfast. They help him to move around much better during the day and we are very pleased with the product.

    by deehal from Tucker, Georgia02/21/2013

    Product works really well as my dogs are 11 years oldf

    keeps my boy healthy by big dog mom from Florida12/06/2011

    My akita has had joint suregery, and he takes these daily. They make him feel and move better, and he loves the tasty treat!

    My dog loves Joint Max by Sheryl from Arlington, VA03/01/2011

    I have a 15 year old beagle. He had been getting slow for some time. I didn't think he had joint problems, but the vet recommended Glucosamine. I gave him Joint max and he really seems to have perked up quite a bit. He loves them - he thinks he's getting a special chewy treat everyday.

    Yumm by Pandabear's mum from Vancouver, BC Canada04/19/2012

    I got these for my 13 year old border collie. Our vet ran out of our usual glucosamine and I had decided she likely didn't need it. But boy, after a couple of weeks, I felt like such a schmuck. She didn't want to go on our usual long walks and getting up and down was obviously a problem for her. She practically ripped the box open to get at them when they arrived in the mail. She adores these soft chews. And because she loves them, so do I. After a week, I'm already noticing a positive difference. I too am on automatic ordering so we don't run out again. Thanks. Good site, good service, good information.

    Works Wonders by Trisha08/24/2012

    I bought this product for my mom's large dog who was slowing down due to old age and arthritis. Within 6 days she noticed a huge difference. She says her dog is happier, getting up easier and moving better. My mom is thrilled with the results! She was laughing because one of the ingredients is the same thing my dad takes to help his shoulder move better.

    Keeping your dog mobile by Mary from Silver Spring, MD10/23/2012

    Joint Max is a very good product for helping to keep your older dog mobile. It really seems to help. The chewable variety is like a treat for them, they gobble it right up.

    Great product! by bulldog lover from Texas01/21/2015

    My bulldog loves the flavor of these chews & starts to drool when I bring them out :) She truly thinks they are a treat! She has a partial ACL tear & started on this product along with fish oil & is doing much better. I've had two other friends highly recommend this product as well. She will stay on these forever :)

    Joint Max is the Smartest Treat! by Harrison's Person09/04/2014

    My neighbor first turned me on to Joint Max Soft Chews. I thought they were too expensive...at first. Then when I realized what I was paying for treats that did not come close to the joint benefits of Joint Max...and saw how long 120 Chews lasted, I realized they were actuall a better deal than other treats. And the dogs love them. My guys are both over 100 pounds...and keeping their joints strong and healthy is the best thing I can do for them! Oh, besides loving them of course!

    Not for dogs with sensitive stomachs by Muttie from Albuquerque, NM06/27/2012

    Starting day one when I gave my dog the Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews he started to vomit during the night. After 7 nights of that I took him back off and he's been fine ever since. The product is not returnable so I'm out $$$.

    Great Product by forecast from Rhode Island05/31/2012

    My dogs love them, even my picky eater. I've been using Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews in conjunction with Glyco Flex III for my agility dog. She used to get up stiff after sleeping for a few hours. Not any more!

    by from 04/30/2013

    Most of the dogs we have had, have never liked to take anything, that is suppose to be easy to give them chewables ! !

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    Very Good Product for Older Dogs by bananacakes from US Virgin Islands10/11/2011

    My 11 year old Dal has recently been showing signs of arthritis in his hindquarters and Joint Max has certainly made him more comfortable. His morning walks were getting shorter and shorter as I could see his discomfort after a short while but since he's been on Joint Max he's willing to go further and further and many times leads the way. While I've used it only a couple of months, I'm very pleased with the product and hope Riley continues to improve. I give it a thumbs up!

    very helpful by Gingergurl12/11/2011

    I have a ridgeback that had an injured leg as a puppy and had some lameness issue by the time she was a year old. have been giving one chew every day for over 4 years and no more limping. I also have a rotti with mild hip dypalsia which helps him. so far no pain or discomfort for him.

    Great stuff! by Coral from NC03/28/2013

    I have 3 cockers and they get one of these daily. They love them and they do the job. They are 14yrs old and still moving. I highly recommend them.

    WOULD CERTAINLY BUY AGAIN by Bobbybo from Lindenhurst n.y.01/24/2013


    Good product by Rusty from Arizona11/01/2013

    Joint Max Triple Strength has been very helpful to our German Shepherd. She has hip issues and will have a limp if she doesn't take anything. She eats the chews with her food and they definitely seem to give her some relief.

    Joint Max by dc07/19/2012

    The product arrived in just a couple of days in perfect condition. My dog, a large golden retriever, has been taking 4 a day for about 2 weeks now. He loves the taste and he considers them treats.

    Great Joint Product by Rica Owner10/13/2013

    We used Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews for our last German Shepherd because she had hip problems, and they were always of great benefit to her. We're now using them for her young successor as a preventive measure. Great product!

    Joint Supplements by Scooby from Seattle.Wa07/31/2012

    One of my dogs has spinal arthritis. This is to help him with arthritis issues. It has made some visible difference, a lot more so than any other product I have tired so far. I would highly recomend trying this product.

    Love this product by sexy mama from Citrus Heights, California01/28/2012

    love this product it has worked better than anyother I have used. I have told all my friends about it and my dog loves the taste. He has gotten some of his energy back that he had as a puppy.

    Joint Max by mspunkin50 from Minnesota07/17/2013

    helped our 10 year old lab with stiffness

    by from 01/07/2013

    Our older dog Brandy seems to be responding quite well to these chews. She's taken several meds in the past with limited results, but these chews really seem to have changed her for the better, and my wife noticed that Brandy seems happier.

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    Joint MAX TRIPLE keeps us going by AJ02/11/2013

    We walk every day no matter what. New England winters are tough, but Joint MAX keeps my dog in great shape. No more limping.

    A necessity for your best friends joint health by Neo04/29/2013

    I have been giving triple joint max to my dogs since i got them, especially after seeing actual positive results on a 15 year old debilitated springer spaniel we adopted years ago . He had a great deal of difficulty walking . After four weeks or so after introducing the joint supplement his walking ability improved tremendously. That was all the proof I needed! Since then I make sure my best friends continue receiving joint care to prevent such dilemma. This product is a must to maintain healthy mobility especially for senior dogs . Why not prevent something that can be ? If you love your dog you will add triple joint max to his or her daily routine feelings . They love the taste too.

    Great Joint Product! by candacemont from Missoula, MT04/03/2012

    I've been using Joint Max to treat joint problems in my elderly Dachshunds for several years now. It works so well that when my 18 year old horse started showing signs of stiff, sore hock joints, I immediately started him on the equine version of Joint Max. The results with both the canine and equine versions have been excellent. No more stiff, painful joints for my critters! :) I highly recommend this product!

    Absolutely Wonderful! by Patty from Kansas City, MO12/05/2012

    I ordered the Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS and have been so impressed! We used to foster homeless animals until it became apparent that I couldn't let any of them be adopted:) I love them so much! Two of our elderly dogs have hip issues and are a little slow getting around. After taking this product, the dogs actually jumped with all four feet leaving the ground! Not only am I impressed with the product, but the service by EntirelyPets has been very favorable. We have 10 dogs and 3 cats. As it becomes necessary, I will be ordering more products from EntirelyPets!

    Excellent For Joint Pain! by tonsadogs12/31/2013

    This joint product has all of the ingredients that work well for joint pain/inflammation. We used 3 products before to get the combined ingredients we wanted, now with the joint max it's all we need or use. Great product for seniors and dogs with dysplasia. Recommend to anyone with a dog who has joint pain. Excellent product!

    by from 06/07/2013

    I have a 15 year old lab that was having difficulty walking. Someone recommended this product to me and I thought I would give it a try. It was very clear to me that the soft chews are working. She can walk without limping and it appears that the qualtiy of life has improved.

    this by product." from Joint Max Triple Strength Soft ChewsI


    Joint Max by karrob from Nevada10/23/2012

    My dogs seem to enjoy them they are soft and a good buy for my money

    Dogs love chews by Dave from Perris, CA06/13/2014

    My two dogs love the chews, they eat them like their treats. And they seem to be helping with the joint pain they were both experiencing.

    Joint Max Chews by cinderella9205506/14/2013

    I noticed a difference in my older dogs after taking these for a few weeks. More playful and not as stiff when getting out of bed in the mornings. They are not crazy about the taste, but will eat them if I insist. I've found that refrigerating them makes them more appealing to my dogs.

    Good Product! by TeaTime1 from San Diego, CA05/30/2014

    My dog is 12 years old and has bad hip arthritis. I have him on a joint diet and started him on these supplement chews. He loved them at first but after a week I think he caught on that they weren't treats. He has figured out they are medicine, so now I have the hardest time getting him to eat them. But the product itself does wonders for him... He actually can move about and scratch his ear again with his hind leg. Overall this product it amazing! My dog is just too smart and a spoiled brat!

    joint max triple strength by Jumpin Java 8 from Salem, Oregon05/08/2013

    I have used this for my aging Dalmation for 7 years. I used it when my 2 dachsunds started growing old. I now use it for my 7 year old Chihuahua, & my 2 yorkies. It has helped all of them through their later year. It is by far the best product for aging dogs.

    Have used it for years by baroneqz from San Tan Valley, AZ02/24/2013

    This is an excellent product. It really seems to help my dog. She is in excellent health and acts young.

    by Bob from Vancouver Wa06/28/2012

    Good product excellent delivery service. My pet doing better with your product. Thanks

    Triple Strength Soft Chews by Cheryl from Galveston, Texas12/17/2013

    We had our 12 year old Australian Shepherd on Tramadol for several months and I was looking for an alternative. I am excited to say she loves these chews and they are working to help relieve her joint and pain issues. They are a lot less expensive than the medication. Thank you for bringing alternative products with no side effects. :-)

    Live long and prosper! by Jude from Austin TX01/25/2011

    Happily, my dogs live a long time! I've had 7 dogs over the past 30 years and most have lived 15+years, despite being rescue dogs and being big framed. (Usually large dogs have short life spans.) In later years, they have many health issues, including poor immune systems, blindness and deafness. They've been happy and hearty, though, and I give a lot of credit to Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews. My "pups" get them morning and night. We call them their "sweeties" and because they're soft, I can press their other meds into them. They love them and they make it possible for them to get around and enjoy life, despite their age. These "tootsie rolls" have Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Creatine, Antioxidant, Vitamin and Mineral supplement with added EPA and DHA for improved skin and joint health -- all the things our MDs tell us to take for mobility and flexibility.

    Great for Joints by MVD117910/23/2012

    My dog loves these and it helps her joints. She thinks they are a treat.

    Joint Max triple strenght by Julie01/21/2012

    Works well !! My dog weighs 95 # and has had trouble with his knees and hips. Seems to keep him able to move around and play more easily .

    Great choice by Darlene12/27/2011

    I've noticed a tremendous difference in the way my lab can get up and down. Definitely worth it.

    by from 05/30/2012

    A number of months ago I received a sample of the joint max triple strength soft chews when I ordered another joint product. I didn't realize the sample was in the box until I found a coupon with teeth marks in it, and the ripped open plastic bag on the floor with a couple chews still in the bag. She happily ate the rest of them with her food. Great, she likes it.

    and by the from tubI


    Really works by boris99 from Raleigh, NC08/07/2013

    My dog is a large breed and 14 years old - she is more active after we started her on this joint product. She loves the soft chew and just thinks she is getting a treat.

    Very Pleased by Donna10/23/2011

    I have been using Joint Max III since Entirely Pet starting selling them. I love the chewys so easy to give. Just put right in food and my golden just gobbles it up. She acts like she is 3yrs. old

    Healthy dog treat by Cee from Memphis, TN06/05/2012

    My aging dog love these treats, and I love that they get extra joint suppliments when they eat them.

    by from 01/10/2012

    This formula helped my dog recover from a torn CCLigament injury not once--but twice! It was recommended to me by my neighbor, who had used it for her dog's hip dysplasia.

    loves by the from softMy


    change by from from theHowever--wondering


    Love this product by 2goldens10/23/2012

    Joint Max Triple is the only soft chew I've found with both Choindroitin and Glucocosime. Plus, my dog loves the taste!

    Great product by mopey02/18/2014

    Love Joint MAX TS. Huntin' dog, Tub is getting up there in age, but he still thinks he a pup! This helps a lot with his mobility and eases the stiffness after training times and duck hunting. Wouldn't use anything else.

    will purchase them forever! by satisfied customer from chicago area10/30/2012

    My vet recommended joint max triple strength soft chews as my lab is close to 9 years old. she loves them--- she is very active and runs a lot, so I want to do the best I can to keep her joints healthy.

    Great purchase! by NC HUNK from Newport News,VA.03/24/2014

    My dog is a great dane,pit bull mix,and is 12 yrs old.The Joint max triple strength is a great help with his arthritis in his hips.He gets around better,and gets up better.Have bought this product twice now,and will continue as needed. Thanks again!

    Joint Max Triple Soft Chews by engprosinc from Middletown, NJ08/12/2013

    My 10 year old Lab has arthritis in his back legs. These chews seem to help him more than the previous pills I was giving him. He also likes the chews, and eats them without "coaxing".

    Joint Max by Rugdog13 from Arizona05/23/2014

    This product made my dog sick. This product made my dog sick. This product made my dog sick.

    Joint Max Triple strength soft chews by threepatty07/02/2013

    I would recommend this product to any dog owner. I have given this to my dogs for years and believe it has really helped them with the aging process.

    Old? by trp2dmd01/14/2014

    I have used this product for years, but always in the large size. This small bucket contains dry and crumbling chews. I suspect they are old, and may not be potent.

    Not the best deal by Gus12/06/2011

    I usually buy the Triple Strength chewable tablets but as these were on sale thought they were a better deal. However, only when I received the order did I notice that the dosage in each of these soft chews is only half of the other tablets, so there are really quite a bit more expensive. Since my dog likes the taste of the chewables, and they take up less space, I'll go back to buying them.

    Love this Product! by Glenna from West Palm Beach, FL07/01/2013

    I have Scottish Terriers, and one has Cushing s disease and heart disease. This is a miracle worker for joints!

    Gr-r-r-reat Stuff! by sonogal from Northwest04/24/2010

    I recently got an elderly dog from a shelter and it was painful to watch her walk due to her arthritis. I started giving her this product on Sunday and by Wednesday, she was running across the yard. It is still obviou that she has arthritis, but she is so much better and not painful to watch her walk anymore. She is now pulling on her leash for me to walk faster and she is wanting much longer walks.

    Great Produce by TT from NC10/23/2012

    Joint Max Triple Strength really works as it says it does. Been purchasing this produce for years.

    Joint Max Triple Strenght soft chews by Handelbar11/29/2013

    They were old and stale. I will not buy this product again.

    My "old" dog is young again! by LINDY O from peoria, az01/30/2012

    A friend told me about Joint Max, and how well it worked on her older dog. So I ordered it, and Tobey (9 year old lab.) isn't limping anymore, and running around like a much younger dog.

    This really works! by shana from ut06/05/2012

    I've been feeding my 12 year old pug Gremlin these chews for 2 weeks and can already tell a difference. She can jump up on my lap again instead of begging me to pick her up! I love them and would recommend them to anyone with older dogs.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Doubledare from Seattle, WA06/27/2013

    Good price, good product, fast service. Works for me.

    Great supplement for my large dog by Jen10/25/2012

    My large German Shepherd needs suppements to help his hips, so I have been giving him these joint max TS for two months now and honestly I think they are really starting to help him. The only down side is because of his size he needs like 4 day of these and they must not be extremly tastey because he is not quick to gobble these up. He does however eventually eat them and like I said it appears they are helping him get around better and be more playful.

    joint max by mike p. from pasco county fl11/22/2013

    both dog`s like it as much as another produc t we have used for nearly 10 years.joint max is more then competive,we will continue to us joint max.

    GREAT Chews! by MsDarlene01/30/2013

    My dog, Lady, LOVES these chews! They work to help her function daily with her arthritis, and we would recommend them to anyone. We use them in conjunction with her vitamin and pain pill each day as well.

    Easier to dose by Ocho's mom from Oregon10/26/2012

    I like this product. It is easier to dose for a small dog than the granules I used before. I think I will get a better bang for my buck with these chews. And my terrier loves them.

    Yummy and healthy for them! by Teachmav from Mars Hill, NC12/13/2011

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength chews are a very easy way to give your dog cosequin. We have 3 labradoodles and they love it when they get this special 'treat'. Good and good for them!

    by from 10/08/2013

    The only issue I have with this amazing product is that it's a bit pricey.

    Bullmastiffs by and from theyI


    other by products from inI


    amazing service by kat06/07/2012

    A co-worker recommended this for my 55# 10 yo lab mix. He loves them and the price is great. I was amazed at how quickly my order was acknowledged and how fast the order shipped. Highly recommend.

    by from 03/26/2013

    I cannot praise the Triple Joint Max chews enough in how they saved my 2 older female dogs an incredible amount of pain. Since going on around 2 years ago they have had very few problems with sore and stiff joints. If i do run out for more than a couple of days I can really start telling the difference. My dogs start getting stiff and sore again and have a hard time moving around or just getting up. This is one natural solution that I thank God for. I am not the only one that feels this way. My parents little lasso is 15 years and i recently started supplying them with the triple joint max chews and they cannot live without them now. Entirely Pets is the only place to purchase these at a really fair price especially with the coupon codes.

    Max by and from EntirelyThanks


    Excellent value by Akasues from Valencia ca11/01/2012

    Great product! Super fast shipping. My pug loves it!

    2nd order "crumbly & dry" ? of stale/old? by dogdaze from Alabama01/10/2014

    I have ordered this product twice. The product was soft and moist the first time. The second time it was "crumbly & dry", which led me to "suspicion" that it was "not fresh" or had been stored incorrectly, and could have lost its quality/potency. I contacted EntirelyPets twice about this concern and have had no reply at all. So, they asked me to review the product and here it is. Very unhappy with customer service regarding my inquiry on this product also. A big "let down", as I have been previously satisfied with customer service & products on 2 other orders. Now I am suspicious of this product, or how it is "stored".

    Noticeable Difference by Sandra from Southern California01/19/2012

    Two or three years ago my dog Lily, who is now 13 years old, had repeated episodes of limping. Sometimes for no apparent reason. My brother and his wife have several dogs. They recommended Joint Max to me for Lily. She has been doing great ever since I started her on it. A noticeable difference. She jumps on and off my bed with no problems and my bed is on the high side. She can play and run without any limping afterwards. I give her one Triple Max in the morning and one in the evening as treats. She loves them.

    Joint Max by Harley from Jacksonville, FL02/17/2013

    I am always satisfied with your service and your products. Joint Max is a great product. I have a large dog (110 lbs.) that was having trouble with his hips. Since using Joint Max on a regular basis, he has been pain free after taking our daily walk and has not had to we the vet for this problem in two years. Great Product.

    Highly recommended by my Vet by Carl from Clarksville Tennessee02/17/2013

    My vet says this is the best over the counter Arthritis supplement I can possible get for my 12 year old Cocker Spaniel. I do see a difference in my dogs actions when he is on this supplement

    Best Product Ever! by Gizmo from Mississippi04/04/2012

    My computer repair man told us about this product for his lab that's the same age our Jack Russel is, which is 10. He said he saw a difference in activity in his dog after 2 days, and sure enough, my dog was acting like she was 2 years old. Chasing the ball, playing outside, running more. We noticed she seemed to have trouble jumping up on the couch & getting around, so we figured she must be having some joint pain. Well, she is doing better by the day. We are so happy to have our active dog back!!! We know we made the right choice! Thanks!

    Good product by Ods from Montreal01/21/2013

    My dog still walks fast despite arthitis, and she likes the taste.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Angela from New Market, MD02/13/2012

    This product is amazing. My dog is 14 1/2 years old & it has worked wonders with her arthritis! I am certain without this product she would not be able to get around the way she does!

    MY DOG LOVES THESE by cherbucks from valencia, ca05/30/2014

    Lady can't wait till I give her these each day. However, I do not see an improvement in her joint/arthritis problem

    WORST BATCH EVER by UPSET IN MONTANA from Montana10/26/2013

    I ordered and received Joint Max Double Strength, 6 tubs, they are hard as a rock, can't get them separated from each other, smell like they've been dipped in kerosene oil. What's up with this? I've ordered and used these previously and my dogs have loved them. Now, they're on sale and must be getting rid of a bad batch. Would like my money back please!

    my dog did not tolerate well by Lisbre from Glenview, IL01/18/2013

    These chews caused my dog who never throws up to vomit several times. I specifically followed the directions. It may just be my dog and not the product, but now I am stuck with a bucket of chews.

    by from 06/22/2014

    Our two old dogs like these. (One is in her 14th year the other is in her 13th year.) I give these once a day to both dogs after their morning meal and one dog's meds. Both dogs like these Soft Chews and our arthritic dog has a better day after tacking the Soft Chews. I can't really tell a difference with the other dog but she is always hungry so she gets a treat also.

    samples by that from cameWe


    love it by stephbny1 from tyler, tx05/17/2014

    got these free when i bought glycoflex for my dogs. they are a great alternative if you cant afford the glycoflex. i give them to my one smaller rescue dog.



    Good product by LvmyPtbull from So Cal03/29/2014

    I have a 2 year old Pit and an 8 year old Lab- I give them these chews twice a day. It seeme to be helping my Lab get around better on our walks (over 6 months use). And giving it preventatively to my Pit. They love these things.

    Great product by Nancy10/26/2011

    My dog loves the Triple Strength Joint Max and they really seem to help her. A win win for me all around!

    by karen12/06/2011

    great product that does double duty giving my dog the best nutrients, joint supliments and a great treat at the same time

    Joint Max, dogs love it! by sandiii from San Diego CA01/14/2014

    I was skeptical, most dog supplements aren't readily accepted by dogs, but Joint MAX is appealing and it is gobbled up.

    I like my Synovi by Thelma from Houston, TX03/04/2012

    I've been doing very well on Synovi so far and hope to to continue taking it. I am very elderly and gimpy without it and a teensy bit overweight and take about four of them a day which seems to work well. So listen up folks. Tell your sweet companion to buy you some of this stuff. I'd send you my picture but can't figure out how to do it. Onward!

    My girls love these! by Beth01/23/2014

    I have 2 Bernese Mountain dogs that are getting up there in age. I started using these a couple months ago and I can see a big difference in their ability to get up after sleeping for a long while, playing outside in the snow, and overall demeanor! Less stiffness = happy puppies :)

    Great Product by plblanchard01/04/2012

    This product is great! Our dog loves this new flavor and eats these as treats. As he is getting older this greatly helps with his mobility. Next purchase will be for the 240 count.

    A Treat For Our Dog by Glenn11/05/2012

    Our dog had trouble standing, and walked slowly. The product noticably improved his agility, so he enjoys walking again. As a bonus, he loves the taste of the soft chews!

    Great Product by Lovemyboys from Michigan10/25/2011

    The dogs love them and they're helping out with their achy joints during the cold weather.

    wrong favor received by Dakota from New Mexico10/15/2013

    The price was great. My little kids do like them. But, the beef leave a residue on carpet and floor; making more work for me.

    Great Treat that is healthyl. by NANA from Sacramento, CA05/28/2012

    Our 11 year old Border Collie loves these. She considers them treats even though she has them everyday, twice a day. We order in the large container so we don't run out. We have been giving them to her for a few years and will continue as long as she is with us.

    Great for older dogs by Meg from Overland Park, KS02/12/2013

    I have a 13 year old lab, and since I've started giving old Kenny these chews, I've seen a marked change in his ability to get up from a sitting position and in how well he gets around. Great for older dogs!

    Great Product by Rosie from Los Angeles, CA10/14/2011

    Our dog needs glucosamine for her joints. This product is great and MUCH less than buying it from the vet. Our dog thinks they are treats and loves them.

    Great Product and Service by Lucy's Mom from Ellsworth AFB, SD02/06/2012

    We have been using this product for our dogs for almost a year now. Our little Jack Russell was having some joint issues with her back leg but since we've been using the Joint Max the problem has seemed to clear up. Both of our dogs love the flavor and the moment they hear the lid come off of the container, they come running. The shipping is always right on schedule and the price is really great too! Thanks!

    Joint Max TS by lst12/12/2011

    I am very thankful for Joint Max TS as they have helped my aging dog remain mobile. She loves them!

    best purchase ever for the second time by carol from summerville, s.c.10/14/2011

    I have a rescue dog that I got in the early Jan. 2011. The lady from Animal Rescue gave me the name your company. When I got home, I hit the internent and ordered 2 cartoons, and have just received my second order, KeKe, my four legged baby really likes them. There is nothing better that I can give to her. KeKe was a puppy mill dog. She is beautiful and a long haired chihuahua. She was 8 and a half when I got her, and in April she turned 9 years. I feel a great deal knowing she is on the best preventative, and when I place an order .the people I have talked to are always polite and eager to help in any way they can. EntirelyPets are a great bunch to order from and because they are so knowledgeable EntirelyPets is a great business to deal with.

    Joint Max - way to hard!! by Cherry06/15/2014

    We used to use Iron Dog calcium for our dogs - they loved it and we could even put pills in them. This recommended replacement product is SO hard that our dogs can't even chew them. SOFT???? I don't think so.

    great joint supplement by Jimbo from NH08/06/2013

    this has been a great product in support of our dog's joint health, especially her hips.

    Save the whale..or fat little dog by Stumpymcmuffin03/17/2013

    Two of the three dogs think its a treat. The fat one seems to be feeling better. As a dog mom, that makes me feel better because our efforts to trim his weight are meeting with very slow progress.

    Excellent Product by Robin03/16/2014

    I have tried many products for my aging Black Lab who suffers from significant arthritis in his back. I am very happy with this one and plan to continue using it. My dog eats it happily (but then, he is not the least bit choosy about food), and his mobility has improved. Some days he even let's us pet his back without flinching!

    Great for Hips and Joints by Kobi from Hawaii10/12/2011

    My little senior loves to take this every day! They are soft so it is easy to hide medicine in it. She doesnt even know that she is getting meds and a great supplement to help her with her joints.

    great product by dillon from CLYDE, NY11/09/2012


    by from 12/16/2012

    My dog has a luxating patella and previously I have given her store brand Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements. I gave them to her every day for a year, but couldn't tell if it was working or not. But, I also saw that it didn't have any adverse effects on her, so I continued to give them to my dog.

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    Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews by cmb08/21/2013

    A Golden Retriever got into the container and ate several chews until owner noticed and took the dog to the Vet to see if she would be ok and she died. They put her on fluids, gave her blood, didn't work. She died. That should not have happened for eating several chews.

    Great product by my2dogs from Butte Valley Ca.12/12/2011

    I have used this product for some time now and it works very well for stiff joints. It helps keep my 11 yr. old English Pointer chasing birds and playing with her 3 yr. old companion.

    My dogs love them! by Laurie B12/07/2011

    I just started my two Weims on them this week, so I don't yet know the results of the benefits. But, they could smell them as soon as I opened the box they came it. They are very excited to get them every day!

    Easy by Nancy08/16/2012

    Both my dogs love these......so good for them, and they consider them treats.

    Would buy again by WD10/21/2013

    This product has helped our small dog who couldn't even stand without support. She can now at least balance herself to squat.

    The product-5 stars, Entirely Pets packaging-0 by Aychee04/10/2013

    The product itself I give 5 stars to. Is it working? I don't know, but I like the ingredients and it doesn't seem to be hurting. Entirely Pets packaging gets a ZERO from me. This is at least the 3rd time I've ordered this item, and this time, some "genius" decided to package it in a padded envelope. The container was so dented and misshapen that the seal was partially broken .When I called to complain, I was informed that I need to now request a box. I guess I need to request common sense from them next time as well.

    by DUNCIE10/22/2013


    My Dogs Like it by Paul from Coleman, TX12/10/2012

    I have two Australian Shepherds. They are older dogs. one 13 and one 11. The older one has developed hip issues and has a hard time getting up off the floor or jumping into the truck. These chews are great. Dogs love the taste and they seem to work very well. I buy them month after month....a little pricy but worth it..

    Dog Loves It! by Corky02/02/2012

    My dog has taken these supplements for a couple of years now and she's got severe arthritis & hip dysplasia. She is now almost 15 years old and I believe these supplements help her walk without as much discomfort.

    Good ingredients by Dogmom03/23/2012

    My 12 year old Akita did not like these. Really hoped he would as he needs the joint support now. Did send some to friends with older dogs in hopes their dog would like them and I will pass alone the unused product.

    We like it a lot, but....... by Dog friend from Prescott, Arizona03/28/2012

    I have had my 12 year dog on the Joint MAX TRIPLE strength for over a year now. I have seen a big difference in ability to bounce back after a long kayak ride or a long hike. She does like the New Flavor over the old one, although the last 120 I ordered was the old flavor and I have to tell her a few times to eat it. Plus the older flavor is a lot dryer. I hope the next one I order is the New Flavor. Thanks

    Joint Max by Rugdog13 from Arizona05/08/2014

    Joint Max upset our dog's stomach. I gave the product to him (only 1 soft chew, even though he is 65 lbs.) early each a.m. before and/or after his breakfast. It didn't really matter. After he ingested the soft chew his energy level would decrease. Then, he would not eat his dinner. I would wait a couple of days to give his system a rest. His energy level and appetite would return. Once I started giving him the soft chew again,the same symptoms would return.

    Nice purchase by puny24 from Michie, Tn05/05/2012

    My beagle , Shelly, Will be 7 years in November. She has developed arthritis in her back legs. I saw the Soft Chews for Arthritis advertised , so I thought about trying them. She has been taking them for over a year and is doing alot better walking around. I would recommend them to my friends. Thank You.

    Great product! by Gramma J01/10/2013

    Our Maggie is 13yrs 4 mos. and has been on Triple Joint Max for the past year with very positive results. When she is on it her legs are strong enough that they don't shake. We Are very pleased with results.

    excellent item by dalsha from Bakersfield California01/19/2013

    My dog thinks this is a treat!!!! We have no problem giving her Joint Treats. She is a pretty active 13 year old pug with Cataracts, Arthritis and Diabetes and she starts off with Joint Treats in her daily treatment. They seem to work alright, I am on the auto refill program.

    better than cosequin by kt02/27/2012

    I have had my St. Bernard on cosequin for at least 2 yrs. Although I think it helped her I think that joint max trile strength works better. She doesn"t seem to limp nearly as much. I would recommend switching.

    My dog loves them! by Lynn P. from Yeagertown, PA05/26/2013

    We were using Cosequin DS Chewable tablets, which worked well, but decided to try these because they were a bit cheaper. My dog seems to love them, and he doesn't seem to be any worse than when he was taking the Cosequin DS tablets. It's too early to tell though if they are working better for him, so that's why I only gave them a 4. The jury is still out. When I received them I realized he had to take 4 a day for a few weeks, so that makes the container go pretty fast. But, soon he'll be back down to 2 per day.

    by Cate from Clearwater, Florida11/06/2012

    Before I gave "Kelsi" Joint Max Triple she was a bit wobbly on her back legs, Since She's been given Max Triple, she doesn't seem to have any problem. She's rowdy again!

    by Lucy06/23/2014

    I use this product on both my Corgis that have hip dysplasia. I know it helps them with stiffness, as I can see the difference if they do not get these sups. I have started using the "granular" version of this product, as it is "hypo-allergenic"...one of my dogs has lots of allergies. I'm very happy the company came up with the new product! ALSO, I always "receive my order super fast, and best price on the web, from Entirely Pets"!!!!

    Excellent product! by Suzy from Tucson, AZ12/20/2013

    We have 3 dogs and all of them absolutely love this product. I had to take my coonhound to the vet for his vaccinations and took the chews with me so the vet could look at them. She read the label and said they were excellent. I'm able to tell a difference in my coonie and it just thrills me that he's feeling better!

    dogs love them by Lori from York PA12/05/2011

    I originally used the tablet form but tried the chews due to a sale. My dogs now sit and wait for me to drop them in their bowl. I have two labs 11 years and 8 years they both take them and the 8 year old is very active and has all ready torn an ACL. My vet recommended a daily glucosamine product but my dogs definitely chose this one as their favorite.

    really has helped Maggie by MJL from PA10/23/2012

    We started giving this to our 12 year old briard Maggie, to see if it would help her joint & leg problems due to age & joint problems. She is now over 14 & still able to get around. My wife & I believe this is due to The Joint Max Triple Strength Chews.

    Awesome!!!! by TraySea from Florida06/12/2013

    My 7 y/o chocolate lab, has double hip dysplasia. We have given her a chew everyday for over 4 yrs now. When we go into the Vet's once a year, he says she doing good and doesn't require surgery. We feed her a good blend of dog food, but I think this stuff is the real blessing. It works. I love that I found this. And bought it based on the reviews. A real must for your beloved pet.

    My dog hates these by Tracy12/20/2012

    The last time I ordered these soft chews, they smelled bacony and my dog loved them. I can hardly get my dog to eat any from the last bucket I ordered and they smell very different. I thought maybe I had ordered the non-bacon flavored ones by accident but I can't find any "bacon-flavored" Joint Max on Entirely Pets so I am suspecting they just changed their formula. I wish they hadn't.

    Can't beat the price! by Mr. Puppy06/12/2012

    I've seen this at the vet for more than double the price. My boy is 14 1/2 and this combined with liquid glucosamine really helps him get around on his own.

    product varies by Tova01/18/2012

    Hello! My dog has enjoyed this product until the last order....until then the product was more chewy, softer, and darker. This last batch was lighter in color...and has a more crumbly texture...more like the granulated triple strenth Joint Max I used to order (would have to mix with other things to get her to eat it, hence the convience of the chewy Joint Max). So she won,t eat this latest batch and I am back to crumbling and mixing again.....I hope my next order of Chewable Triple Strenght Joint Max is better and like the others ordered in the past. The product works well...its just the smell and texture was different, hence more hassle to get her to eat it. Thank you for the chance to let you know about the inconsistancy problem.

    great product really works, worth the money! by doggpal from MD02/05/2011

    Have seen great results in previous pet . I have been using joint supplement to help prevent future mobility problems in my dogs. My two shephards are 7years old brothers and move like puppies. One was diagnosed with hip dysplasia but could not tell by the way he moves and acts. No sign of slowing down. I have been giving them this supplement since we got them at 1 year of age. Worth the money.

    Soft and tasty by Sam from Colorado05/24/2013

    We haven't used these long enough to ascertain their effectiveness (2 weeks), but they are the only joint treats so far that my picky Aussies will happily eat! They are very soft and chewy and apparently taste great. The ingredients are impressive for such a small and convenient little treat.

    Great Product! by K&B Md08/15/2012

    My dog has never wanted to chew any of the other chewable joint supplements until we tried these. He loves them and they seem to really be helping his joints. I will definitely purchase these again.

    Miracle by stormie from Modesto, CA08/08/2010

    This product has done wonders for my dog, she is 10 years old. She wouldn't go up and down stairs, to get in out of our place. I would carry her to go out to do her duty and she would just sit with her leg in air, had a hard time going potty. I started giving her this and she now will go up and down the stairs, very active and happy. Try it you won't be sorry.

    Been using it for years by cf312/12/2011

    Terrific product. My 10 year old Papillion has been taking it for 7 years. I can't keep up with her. Just what the doc ordered to keep her joints limber.

    Excellent product by Sandy from Nevada12/12/2011

    Our labs have used this for years. EP has the best prices (trust me, I have checked around). It is great for maintenance at an early age and for older dogs who are a bit more stiff in the joints. The only bad part.... one of my dogs seems to be getting an upset stomach with it. :(

    Worth Every Penny by Chocolatehead from South Louisiana09/20/2013

    I've used this product for years on the recommendation from my veterinarian. It's takes about a month to kick in, but it saved my cocker from having neck/spine surgery by eliminating her pain and inflammation. I now use it on my hunting dog as preventative maintenance in the off season and to aid in quicker recovery during the season.

    Good product by GB01/27/2015

    The joint Max triple strength is a good product - my senior dog has been using it for years & it really seems to help with her arthritis -

    Joint Max is the Bomb!!! by Toots04/03/2012

    My pitbull Moose had TPLO surgery @ a year and a half old he was just a baby and doomed to have arthritis. Thanks to Joint Max he is a happy go lucky 7 yr old dog with little or no pain what-so-ever. He lives his life with full mobility and use of his leg. The odds weren't good but Thanks to Joint Max you would never know he had the surgery.Happy Dog is a happy Master :)

    Great soft chews! by TXEllen from TX02/27/2013

    I've have been giving these to my 5 year old Red Heeler since she was a puppy. She broke both legs when she was 3 months old and I was told that these would help as she aged. She loves them and so far she hasn't had issues with her joints. Great price and fast shipping.

    Best stuff ever by Beckaroo333 from Oregon outback02/12/2013

    We have a jack russell that has joint troubles.The vet had him on a RX we took him off of this and put him on the joint max and now he can get on the couch by himself,

    Gassy stuff by Buddy Dog from So. Jordan, UT02/23/2011

    Bought this for Buddy Dog, as a cheaper item than GlycoFlex. It caused my dog to have a lot of GAS. Nothing worse than Dog farts...I have gone back to GlycoFlex chews, & the gas passing stopped.

    Really helped by Sam's mom from Alexandria, VA06/11/2013

    My 15 year old dog has been on these for about a year. He still goes up and down the stairs!!!

    Loaded with nutrients by Rappwizard from South Florida02/14/2014

    I've been giving these to my golden since she was about 2 years old -- she's now nearly 6. She is still as athletic as ever. I give a glyco-flex in the AM meal and two of these in the PM meal. This product is good for any age of dog.

    Joint max by aussiekeeper from San Diego02/22/2012

    My 14 y/o Aussie is running around like a puppy again.........

    New formula = terrible by YellowLab22 from Salt Lake City10/22/2012

    The primary thing we used joint max chews for was to hide pills. The new formula is crumbley and falls apart when you put a pill inside. It also will not stick back together when this happens. Joint max went from a multi use supliment/treat/pill pocket to an expensive snack. I will no longer use this product and neither should you.

    She loves to run & play by Jenni from Columbus WI from Columbus, WI10/02/2013

    Martha our 10 year old dachshund had an incident years ago with her rear legs. After crating her for awhile the VET suggested the Joint Max chews as a daily routine for her continued health. She looks forward to her daily chew before her morning meal. She thinks that it is a treat. She has not had any problems since and she runs, plays, and is quite active. I think that it is because of these chews. Thank you!

    Good product by Josie from Moultonboro, NH06/16/2012

    My black lab Willow loves the taste of Joint Max. If I forget and give her only one, she will bark until she receives the second. I stopped giving them for awhile to see if it made a difference in mobility and I think she does much better with the pills.

    Puts fun back into life! by diva1gina from Hillsboro, OR01/29/2011

    We adopted 2 older collies through collie rescue, and the colder winters here really played havoc with their mobility. A friend recommended Joint Max treats as a great product that can add years back to the life of a pet. The girls LOVE the taste, and beg for their 'special treats' never knowing that they're really getting supplements. Now, instead of having difficulty walking down the stairs to go out for walks, they race each other to the door, then down the stairs to see who can get outside first! I no longer have to lift them into the car when we go to the dog park or the vet, but have to get out of thier way when I open the car door lest I get trampled in their rush! Thanks for carrying such a great product, and for the superior service you deliver. I've never had a problem with any of my orders to you and am confident that they will be shipped in a timely manner as well.

    by Marge from Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina06/16/2013

    Great product. I have 2 dogs on joint max. They are 10yrs. and 9yrs old. They both have been taking this product for almost 2 yrs. It's amazing how good they do. Like us they have there issues also.

    by from 05/01/2013

    Bought this stuff for my 17yr old dog.. she was starting to drag her back legs.. She has been just laying around because it hurts to much to stand or walk..

    of by giving from thisAfter


    good product/service by damnifiknow04/09/2013

    dog liked it, hoped it helped , he died anyway since he was fifteen

    It Works! by Rog12/14/2012

    My 140 pound Anaptolian Sheperd had a severe limp for over 3 months. He was diagnosed by 2 different vets, who concluded he probably needed expensive surgery. I opted to try Maxi Chews. After about a month, the limp disappeared. Costs about $25/mo. An affordable option. Highly recommended.

    Miraculous results by Bailey from Topeka, KS11/20/2013

    I have a 15 year old Akita/Dingo mix. Her joints and allergies had got so bad this summer that I thought we would have to put her down soon. Her back hips were so bad that when she would stand up and try to walk, her back legs would completely collapse under her almost like she was doing the splits. It would take several attempts, and sometimes I would have to get under her belly and lift her just to get her going. It was breaking my heart to see her like this. We had used Joint Max in previous years but had stopped when our finances got so bad. So I decided to try another container of the triple strength for 1-2 months before making that dreadful "decision". And to my absolute astonishment and delight, within ONE week she was making huge improvements and by the end of two weeks she was like a new dog. There was minimal if any hesitation when getting up and she even started jumping off the porch and running around like a puppy. I could not believe what I was seeing. She has so much mobility now that I am afraid she might hurt herself with all this new energy. This product has already added months of QUALITY life to my precious dog and I can only hope that is how she finishes out her already long life!

    Really helped by lovedogs from Oviedo, FL01/25/2011

    My dog had arthritis symptoms - slow to get up and limped at times. I fed her Joint Max Triple Soft Chews twice daily and after a couple of weeks, she doesn't seem in pain. She comes now for her treat and doesn't wait for me to bring it to her. She jumped out of the car at the dog park and walks beside me now instead of trailing behind. I haven't seen her limping at all. She is more energetic and like her old self. I am so glad my friend recommended Joint Max.

    Thankful that I found the product! by Cindy from Stuart, FL01/14/2013

    I have been giving my 12 year old Golden Retreiver this product for about 3 years now.Always order on line and never have had a bad experience with Entirely.Pets I tell alot of people about this product, completely satisfied and he actually likes taking them!



    Great for my 13 yr old dog by Dogmom5 from Birmingham, AL04/10/2014

    My edlery dog was really stiff and sore especially during the winter. There has been a noticeable difference in her physical state since she has been taking Joint Max. Also, she is very picky about what she will eat and she like these chews. Very happy.

    excellent value and quality by LT from Thayne, WY08/19/2012

    Dogs love these, and we can hide medicine (pills) in the soft chews.

    by Lorilee12/09/2011

    I buy this for my dog all of the time. It's great!

    Excellent product! by stephanie1076 from Talbott, TN07/21/2014

    I started giving this to my dog after she was hit by a car. It was the most reasonably priced treat with the largest amount of Glucosamine in it and she loves them!

    by from 12/15/2011

    I have been giving this to both my 4 1/2 year old very active golden retriever boy and my almost 15 year old mixed breed (75lb) female.

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    any by older from dogsHighly


    Awesome product by Hawntita01/14/2012

    My 16 year old Brittany was having a lot of trouble getting around due to arthritis and old injuries but after taking Joint Max Triple strength he is moving so much better.

    by from 10/23/2012

    This product is really good, but not always. When its fresh it smells very smoky and the dog loves it. However, twice already, I've received batches that smelled awful, and Homer would not eat it under an circumstance.

    why, by but from theI


    Awesome Product by Tam from NY11/11/2012

    My dog is 13. I truly believe that he would not be walking if not for this product.

    by from 10/23/2012

    Our German shepherd, Tia, has been taking the Triple Strength Joint Max for a couple of years. The last container I received had a terrible smell and Tia would not eat them. I ended up throwing away 2 bullets a day. When I called the service dept to complain, the gentleman I spoke with could not have been any nicer or more helpful. I was told to send the TS Joint Max back for credit and substituted another brand that she had been taking prior to the TS Joint Max.

    to by know from thatIt


    My dog is a flying squirrel! by Jenni from Greenfield, Wisconsin12/13/2011

    My 8 year old dachshund had problems with her joints about 3 years ago. The VET suggested a joint supplement. She loves these Joint Max Triple Soft Chews! She thinks that they are a treat and expects one first thing every morning. She loves to run after her ball and she reminds me of a flying squirrel. She has so much fun and has not had any problems with her joints since,

    Gets her moving by Bucket from Johnstown ,pa02/08/2012

    I have two three year old labs one of which has had two hip surgies and also arthritis in her knees. I can see she has more go in her with these treats.

    Good Product by Renee07/24/2012

    My dog has been on this product for quite some time. He was born with severe hip dysplasia, and this truly does seem to help. I have putchased from Entirely Pets many times without incident. This last order simply did not look right. The treats looked very old. They were crumbly, and slightly discolored. I wasn't very happy.

    Excellent Product!!! by MsDarlene07/23/2012

    My dog loves these and it truly helps her function better with the spine disease she has. The weather also affects her greatly, but these chews help to keep her feeling pretty good all year round.

    joint max by johandle from Lewisburg PA06/01/2014

    great for my 3 little doxies...one already has needed back surgery but since the I've been using joint max we have had no problems andthe other two are no youngsters so I use joint max to keep them agile, running, playing, etc...it seems to be very effective as they are very active pooches.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Scooby02/07/2012

    I read the reviews on this product on the website. I have tired so many different products for my dog with spinal arthritis including ones that were very expensive from my vets office. I see a difference all ready and we are about half way through the container. I would recommend trying this for your dog and see if it works for you. it is well worth it.

    Great Item! by Sharon Adkison06/11/2008

    My 5 year old corgi has arthritis in his hips and was on Glycoflex III. I switched him to this and he's doing just fine and its a lot cheaper! Great product and I will buy again!

    by APRN from Wichita, KS03/27/2012

    We appreciate the concentrated formulation and our dogs like the flavor.

    by from 07/17/2012

    My large breed, Bouvier had taken a bad fall and her hind legs split out from under her. She's an older dog, about 11 years old so I was very concerned. She seemed okay, but I began to notice that her hind legs would quiver when she was doing her "business" making it difficult for her.

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    Unbelievable Results by Rachel08/02/2008

    Our 9 year old Basset has been on Joint Max for a while. We noticed immediate results on her limping. Her kneecap pops out of socket and since she has been on Joint Max she has not had any problems. I also want to comment on the extremely fast shipping of Entirely Pets. I purchase many items on the internet but have never had the level of service as I get with Entirely Pets....Thank You!

    quick and easy by Hunter from Joliet Il06/05/2012

    been using the product for about 2 years. works well.our beagle takes one a day and he accepts it like a treat.the new flavor must be tasty because he wags for it.

    Joint Max Chews Rock! by Marie Lippman02/04/2008

    My dogs were on Rimadyl until I found out how harmful Rymadyl is to their liver. And they seemed to stop getting any benefit from the Rymadyl. So, I weened them off of the Rimadyl slowly, until they were, and still are taking the Joint Max. They are more playful, and stopped limping around. It's almost like they are young again!

    Improve Your Dog's Painful Joints by Diggy's Mom from Knoxville, TN11/26/2011

    Our dog is 9 & 1/2 years old. Pitiful to see him limping on walks and having difficulty walking up stairs. These problems have improved greatly since he started taking Joint Max Triple Strength 2-3 weeks ago. Diggy takes them readily. Thinks they are doggie treats. A friend recommended this product to us. So glad she did!

    Totally Satisfied by Harry from Mesa, Az05/20/2013

    My 16 year-old Min Pin has done a complete turnaround. His condition was looking almost trajic until we started him on the Joint Max. Now he acts like he did a few years ago. Thanks.

    Awesome Treat by Lisa01/22/2013

    Our English Springer Spaniel is an extremely active 7 year old.... in the woods surrounding our home daily--- jumping, running and searching for treasures About a year ago we started her on Triple Joint Max...A huge difference in her..By using these special treats she is agile and no stiffness after a day in the woods...She loves them.....

    helps older pets by Jarol from North Riverside IL12/19/2012

    Triple Max has helped my dachshund Sashy get around without pain. He was a shelter pet so I'm not sure of his age, but he has been slowly losing the ability to run around like he used to. The soft chews have restored his mobility and spirit and I appreciate the help the product has given him. I would recommend it to anyone with a pet facing arthritis or stiff joints due to advancing age .

    So far so good by Carissa07/30/2009

    Our dog is 10 years old...we just started Joint Maxx about a month ago. We notice a huge difference in her activity level! She goes outside with our puppies and chases after them (not full speed of course) but compared to moping and lying around...much improvement! She doesn't even make an "UMPFF" noise when she lies down anymore! I've tried glucosamine in pill form before....but this is giving far better results and is relatively cheap!

    2nd Best Purchase Ever by mzpink from Sacramento, CA01/16/2013

    I had purchased this product several times with excellent results for my dog. When I ordered it after that, it came saying it was a new improved flavor, which my dog absolutely loved and would take without any prompting or pushing. When I ordered it the next two times, I got the old flavor. For the last order, I even requested the new flavor and still got the old flavor. I am really hopeful the my next order will be the better smelling and tasting (as far as my dog is concerned) as the formula does work wonders for his joints.

    by AZLady0901/14/2013

    My dog really likes the taste and I can see a difference in her gait.

    Great Product by Sue05/16/2009

    My dog loves these!! It took about 3 weeks and it greatly improved my old lab's mobility. Do your dog a favor, buy this product!!

    netter than hylox by charlie from Ohio11/17/2012

    Max is 14 yrs old and at one point he blew out both back knees which were repaired but has left him without some movement. The Joint Max seem to do better because of the increased dosage in each chew. It doesn't cure him but seems to help.

    Dogs love it by Chris12/08/2013

    Our two pugs love the joint max chews. I think the chews have helped our male pug with his arthritic hips. He's walking much better and no longer loses control of his back legs.

    Improved mobility by Sondra01/10/2009

    My dog started taking joint max triple strength soft chews several years ago and from the start we noticed improved mobility. He stopped limping around. Today we no longer see any limping at all. Thanks.

    Fantastic by Lisa10/14/2008

    This is a great product. I have used it on my 2 older dogs and noticed a difference within 2 weeks of them being on the chews. I highly recommend this product. I would also like to commend Entirely Pets for their great customer service and speedy delivery.

    Not yet/ by shar05/30/2012

    To whom it may concern, We started our lab on you chews and she loves them. We have been worried about her because she is only 8 and really slowing down, so I spoke to my cousin and she told me about you product. We she is jumping around again,so we hope she continues to improve.

    Really Works! by Aubrie12/01/2009

    When we asked our vet about a supplement which really helps the dog (and doesn't just make the humans feel better about the dog's condition), this is what she recommended. We really don't give our 9 year old-mix (American Eski and Chow, we think) anything he doesn't absolutely need and are pretty picky about what he injests. Within a couple of weeks, he had more energy and his ability to jump had improved. He loves them as if they are a treat and hardly chews them. Down the hatch! I've recommended this product to many people and all have been very impressed.

    Dog yummy! by Ravzie11/26/2009

    I just started my dog on these, so I cannot comment on how well it will work for her yet. I do know that glucosamine works well for me, so I have every confidence that these will work for her too. I ordered just one tub because I wanted to be sure my furry girl would eat them. Not a problem! She love love loves these. She gets SO excited like this is the best treat ever. My next order will be the larger quantity.

    Dasher by Brenda Blackwelder10/07/2009

    Dasher is a 10 year old Black Lab. When he walks a lot he usually gets real achy, but not any more. Since he started Joint Max he seems to be less achy and always wants to go on walks. My neighbor tried some for her poodle and she says he is running around like a young dog again. Dasher likes his soft chews and he makes sure he doesn't miss a day.

    Two weeks in, seeing some small improvement by SheepieMom10/30/2011

    Bought these for an 11 y.o. Old English Sheepdog who's had arthritis in one back leg for several years now. He loves them, and the size is right for a big dog. Are they a miracle cure? No, but we are seeing some small improvement in his mobility, after two weeks of 4 to 6 treats per day. We'll probably buy these again, and will re-review at that time.

    Been using it for years. by BobU04/05/2012

    Cody is a 14 yrs old McNab (short hair border collie) tending to be arthritic. At 70 pounds he gets along well with Joint Max. He's a happy doggie, thanks.

    Wow! What a difference! by Dee10/24/2011

    Our thirteen year old dog has a hip issue she does take Rimadyl daily. She has always been an extremely active dog, and recently re-injured her hip and went from limping on her leg to not walking on it at all. I found this Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews and decided to give them a try. WOW! what a difference they have made in her life! After just two days she was using her leg once again, and at three days she was running like a pup. You definitely have our vote!

    by from 01/14/2014

    This producet crumbles is not as solid as regular Synovial-flex.

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    good stuff by jethro9903/22/2013

    This stuff really works! Helped our mastiff out in just a couple of weeks. We use daily now to prevent hip problems from returning. He is much happier now.

    Great Product for the price by Connie10/28/2011

    I tried the soft chews instead of the pills, because the chews were alot cheaper, my dogs seems to enjoy the chews (he thinks he is getting a treat) and he is responding to them very well.

    Excellent Choice by Patti from Indianapolis, IN01/16/2014

    My dog eagerly accepts taking the Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews every day. Good Product - Good Company Service - Good Price

    Best for Joints by Macybay02/18/2011

    My 13 year old Beagle is more active now than he was at 6. Also my 10 year old Beagle with back problems is running around like a puppy. Great product!!!

    Amazing recovery by Mike from Tarzana, CA11/14/2012

    My Corgi mix loved to play. So much so that in her exuberance she "blew out" a knee. In favoring that rear leg she damaged the opposite knee in much the same way. My Vets' response was surgery on one knee at a time with a total recovery (no activity) time of about 6-8 months. His alternative was to "put her down". Not acceptable! - either way. I bought a Radio Flyer wagon to move her around without much impact AND Joint Max Triple chews daily. One year later Abby is still with me, happy as ever. It was a long healing process but with love, care and Joint Max she is healthy and thriving (without her wagon!). Much thanks to Joint Max - I'm positive it has played a major role in her recovery.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE by Deb from Aurora,CO08/13/2013

    My two pugs love these soft chews. They get one a day after their walk. They run inside and sit by the treat cabinet! I have not found other joint chews with the triple strength these have.


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