Joint Treats

Joint TreatsIf you're going to give your dog a treat, make it healthy, low calorie treats like Joint Treats®, which are a tasty all-natural pet treat with Glucosamine, Creatine, MSM, EPA, DHA, Manganese, Zinc, and Vitamin C to keep joints healthy and dogs happy.
  • All Natural - No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • No BHA, No Added Tallow or By-Products
  • Can be used with joint supplements such as Joint MAX®, SynoviG3®, or Glycoflex®.
  • Both healthy and delicious, formulated for younger and older dogs alike
  • Joint Treats are low in calories - only 10 calories per treat
  • Other products from PHS Adding Joint Treats To Your Dog's Lifestyle

    Available in TWO Sizes:
    Joint Treats - For LARGER DOGS 20 lb and over
    Joint Treats Minis - For SMALLER DOGS 10 to 40 lb

    Also Try the Senior Joint MAX Kit to get additional savings!

    Joint Treats minis (120 Soft Chews)
    Joint Treats minis (120 Soft Chews)

    ($16.99)  $9.99
    3-Pack Joint Treats minis (360 Soft Chews)
    3-Pack Joint Treats minis (360 Soft Chews)

    ($50.25)  $28.99

    ($9.66 Each)

    6-Pack Joint Treats minis (720 Soft Chews)
    6-Pack Joint Treats minis (720 Soft Chews)

    ($100.50)  $56.99

    ($9.50 Each)

    Joint Treats (60 Soft Chews)
    Joint Treats (60 Soft Chews)

    ($14.99)  $9.99
    3-PACK Joint Treats (180 Soft Chews)
    3-PACK Joint Treats (180 Soft Chews)

    ($54.25)  $27.99

    ($9.33 Each)

    6-PACK Joint Treats (360 Soft Chews)
    6-PACK Joint Treats (360 Soft Chews)

    ($100.50)  $54.99

    ($9.17 Each)

    Joint Treats® minis are a tasty all-natural dog treat with Glucosamine, Creatine, MSM, EPA, DHA, Manganese, Zinc, and Vitamin C to keep joints healthy and small dogs happy. These powerful active ingredients combined with natural bacon, molasses, and hickory smoke flavor create one tasty, soft mini treat.

    Glucosamine is an easily absorbed natural substance that may stimulate the production of proteoglycans, which help maintain the health and resiliency of joints and connective tissues. Glucosamine helps to maintain synovial fluid that lubricates the joints and helps sustain joint mobility. Manganese is included to support bone heath while EPA and DHA (omega-3 fatty acids) working together, may ease the stiffness and soreness from normal daily exercise or activity by cushioning tissues. Zinc acts as an antioxidant to help remove damaging free radicals, while MSM and Vitamin E may give a boost of energy.

    Give Joint Treats Minis to your small dog as a reward, while in turn helping to support healthy joint function.
  • For smaller dogs up to 40 lb
  • All Natural no artificial flavors or colors
  • No BHA, no added tallow or by-products
  • Can be used with joint supplements such as Joint MAX®, SynoviG3®, or Glycoflex®.
  • Both healthy and delicious, formulated for younger and older dogs alike
  • Joint Treats are low in calories only 10 calories per treat

  • For Use In: Dogs
    Feed soft chew directly to dog or crumble over dog's food.

    Size of Dog Daily
    Under 10 lb 1 Chew
    10 - 20 lb 2 Chews
    21 - 30 lb 3 Chews
    31 - 40 lb 4-5 Chews

    Joint Treats minis can also be used long term on a daily basis for normal dogs to help support joint health.
    Guaranteed Analysis per (Soft Chew):
    (All values are minimum quantities unless otherwise stated.)
    Crude Protein (min) 19.06%
    Crude Fat (min) 12.64%
    Crude Fiber (max) 2.7%
    Moisture (max) 13.9%
    Ash (max) 4.07%
    Manganese 3 mg
    Zinc 0.3 mg
    Vitamin E 25 IU
    *Glucosamine HCl (Shellfish Source) 150 mg
    *Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 150 mg
    *Creatine Monohydrate 125 mg
    *Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 9 mg
    *Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 6 mg
    *Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.
    Ingredients: Glycerine, Dried Molasses, Sugar, Polyethylene Oxide, Corn Starch, Soybean Oil, Pork Liver Extract, Glucosamine HCI, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Vegetable Fiber, Creatine Monohydrate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Fish Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Vegetable Shortening, Manganese Sulfate, Vitamin E Acetate, Aspartame, Zinc Sulphate, and Tenox 20 (TBHQ).
    4.45 rating based on 38 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Joint Treats minis (120 Soft Chews)
    Joint Treats MINIS keep my dog stable! by Martha from Minneapolis, MN12/27/2013

    My dog suffered a leg injury back in June 2013. I had the Joint Treats from Entirely Pets recommended to me by a couple of different pet owners. Her leg is healed now and I am giving her 2 Joint Treat MINIS to keep things healthy and stable. I credit her return to health to the Joint Treats from Entirely Pets!! Thanks so much!

    You Changed It by Sadie from Eau Claire, WI08/08/2012

    My dog used to love these healthy treats. You changed the recipe and I can tell because it smells different. My dog sticks her nose up at them now. I won't be buying anymore. Why did you change it?

    My boy loves them by kaytee18 from Nashville,TN12/05/2013

    My boy loves these and they seem to help too. wonderful product

    mini treats - tasty! by sandiii from San Diego CA12/30/2013

    Everyone loves the taste of these supplements and gobbles them right down.

    Big Benefit in a Mini Treat by deltad04/09/2013

    I decided to give these treats five stars! My baby injured her leg and was limping along. Following two weeks of taking these once a day, she has improved greatly! I love them and will continue to purchase.

    Who Wants Candy!? by KB & Maggie from Tucson, Arizona04/09/2013

    Our little girl just loves her "candy" treat! We have really noticed a difference in her mobility since we started using these joint minis. Easy to administer, these little nuggets fit into her chew toys and provide several minutes of a thinking activity ... fun for the whole family. Thanks for a great product.

    Effective by Anita H from Ohio12/29/2012

    These glucosamine treats work much better than the ones I had been buying. I only have to give one, so, they seem to be cost-effective, also.

    Just great!!! by beversann from Phoenix, AZ11/17/2011

    The wonderful ingredients speak for themselves plus you provide such timely service and the price point you offer is good. Best of all, our doggies DO take as treats. So often the word "treat" is often misused and pets won't take .. not so with your Joint Treats.. Thanks.. you have a new customer now.

    yuk by nikkimama from Norther NJ10/25/2011

    my three dogs, who would eat just about anything, would not continue to eat them after the first time! YUK! Passed them on to my DIL, who has five dogs, and they would not even try them! NOT A FAN! Sorry!

    Super tasty treats by Jennifer08/29/2011

    My dogs LOVE these joint treats. They were already on a joint supplement, so I've seen no major differences, except that I'm no longer giving medicine, I'm feeding a treat. Much easier to give. Thanks!

    Double duty by spider1010/24/2012

    I use these treats to put my small dogs pills in.He loves them and they are healthy.He is 9 yrs old.LOTS cheaper than pill pockets!!!

    My 2 terriers love these! by Taysmimi from Orange County, CA11/06/2012

    I use these mini treats to hide pills for my two older Cairn Terriers. They allow you to mold a pill into them and the dogs never miss their meds.

    Joint Treats MINIS by zeke from Southeast Missouri09/15/2013

    Our little dog Abby was limping on hind legs, seem to have pain in handling her. We heard about the joint treats and bought them. After a few days Abby was walking better, then in a short while she was running and romping. Our Abby is past her 8th year now and going strong. I would recommend these treat to anyone who had the same problems with their pet.

    by from 08/08/2012

    I have two dogs, one sheltie and one mixed breed, both dogs love the joint treats and look forward to them every night....

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    Stop my bones from aching by Cool Man from Live Oak, FL05/19/2013

    This has been a big help for my dog, since she was unable to jump up on or down from the coach. She's back to her old self again and ready to play or just rest in my lap.

    I like this chew by kimsohyun12/07/2014

    my dog love this chew and i gave my friend's dog. she love it too!

    Review by Chappy from Ayustin, Tx01/02/2013

    The joint treats help keep my older dog moving about with less problems.

    Dogs Love by Alabamagrey03/18/2014

    My dogs look forward to these treats evey night. Their joint flexibility and energy level increase has been noticeable since they have been on the treats.

    Good product by Val from Montana01/28/2014

    My dog liked these chews when she would not touch any of the joint supplement tablets.

    Joint Treat Minis Prevent Back Issues on Dachsies by Badgerdog from Eau Claire, WI11/03/2013

    About 6 years ago, our Dachshund, Sadie, had an injury to her back near the tail, a common affliction in Dachshunds. We had to take her to the Vet and start her on steroids, complete rest, cut her food intake and start Chiropractic treatments. Once we got her stable we started her on Joint Treat Minis, one treat twice per day. Since then, she has really improved with her flexibility, fetches with gusto and at 11 yrs old you would think she is 5. I think the Joint Treat Minis have kept her healthy. Highly recommend them to keep your dog limber and healthy.

    dog loves it by mina from upstate ny08/07/2014

    i have a 8 yrs old silky who jumps all over for her treat. now i need to get the large ones for the rotti.

    Jt Treat Minis Keep my Dog Happy & Healthy by sheltielover from Upstate, New York03/13/2013

    I give these to my Sheltie for preventive maintenance as Shelties can suffer from joint problems. She loves them. I can use them as a healthy treat. And so far no signs of joint problems - she is able to jump over tree trunks, climb mountains, & jump onto my very high bed with ease.

    by wallyd from Kimberly Wisconsin04/29/2013

    Our 11yr old Lab loves these and doesn't realize I hide an aspirin in them. Maybe she does but is happy to get a treat. Would definitely buy these again

    Seems to help by ShirleyMaeH from Palm Coast, Fl11/16/2011

    This product seems to help my dachshund with his stiffness problem. I am going to use it until it's gone to see if there is a better improvement.

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    My Pampered Pet wouldn't eat them by Tinytoes from Ingleside, TX12/27/2013

    My dog refused to eat them. She is a little spoiled, so it might be her and not the product at all.

    Miracle in a Tub by Doggy Daddy from Pompano Beach, FL01/31/2015

    These treats have been of great benefit to my 14 year-old dog. He is moving like he did years ago. Thank you EntirelyPets.

    joint treats by pam from montana03/28/2012

    Our little Chihuahua had a shoulder joint problem a while back and has been taking these for over 1 yr and doesn't have problems any more. She likes the flavor too.

    by jbella04 from murphy, nc10/10/2011

    We have used this product for several years & "Kati" likes it. Have never had any problem getting her to take it.

    Really Helped My Dog by Denise02/05/2012

    When my puppy started limping and I found out he had patella luxation I took him to the vet and they recommended surgery to correct the problem. I was hesitant and I tried this product. I give it to him every day. He does not limp when he runs now. I can't say this was a cure, but it certainly helped him. He does not need surgery and I got a new vet too. His stomach is sensitive to many types of things, but this was OK. No adverse reactions when he took this. I will continue to use this.

    Very good but not the best by Mutt and Jeff from Louisa, VA10/26/2011

    We have been trying different joint and hip treats for dogs for years. We pefer Zen Puppy but they are only available at certain times of the year. This has helped with the problems with a bulging disk almost as good as Zen. The closest we have found to date,

    a perfectly tastey way to keep dogs joints healthy by soso10/30/2011

    After having a wonderful 17+ yr old dog who suffered from joint pain for the last few years of her life (pain greatly reduced by both glucosamine/chondroitin over the counter people-intended supplements as well as vet prescribed animal-intended anti-inflammatory medication that unfortunately added up to approx. $50 per month), we have now adopted a 3 year old pup who will be given these fabulous supplements to avoid future degeneration and suffering. The big bonus is, he LOVES them and they are - compared to over the counter supplements and dog safe anti-inflammatory med's - dirt cheap!!!! I'm shocked that the previous reviewer had 6 out of 6 dogs disliking this product...

    by from 05/24/2013

    I am fostering a beagle mix for our local humane society and he is about 4 years old and came to me with an injured hind leg. We thought he had a torn ACL, thankfully he did not.

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    Great treats by We love our pets from Wyoming12/13/2011

    We purchased this for our little dog since it was on a really good sale during Black Friday. She does not suffer from any joint issues but we liked how it was a preventive treat. She was a little hesitant at first because it does stink really bad, but now she willingly takes it. She is our active one and we want her to stay that way for a long while.

    Excellent Product by Milly Pulkownik04/22/2008

    My West Highland Terrier is 6 yrs. old and she developed arthritis in her hind leg. These treats worked wonders on her and she is doing much better since I started her on them.

    by 2goldens12/29/2012

    Bought these for a friend's 2 little dogs. Hope they will help their joints as much as Triple Max helps my big guy.

    Great for Dogs With Back Issues by rocknroll_junky06/03/2013

    I have a Dachshund that injured her back in 2009. We had to give her anti-inflamitories at first and water bath and Chiropractic massage to get her on the right path. I give her 2 joint treat minis every day and she is doing great. Got her weight down by controlling the calories and excercise every day. For 10 years old she looks and acts like 5.

    Works for us by suereno1 from massachusetts03/04/2012

    Our dog is 15 and already on joint meds, but this little treat just adds to his comfort and mobility and he loves the taste. great for a picky boy who does not eat every treat you give him.

    Featured Reviews for 3-Pack Joint Treats minis (360 Soft Chews)
    My two guys love these treats by Philly Hirl10/29/2012

    I give my dogs two of these treats every night and they love them.

    by from 06/26/2012

    I have been using these for nearly a year and have noticed that my dogs no longer have stiffness in the mornings, or when waking from a nap.

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    Dog loves it by Sunshine from Massachusetts07/22/2013

    My dogs are doing great and no problem jumping around alot.There in good shape and happy all the time.

    Great Joint treats by Kelly07/18/2012

    I gave this a 4 star because if they were all with the new formula my beagle can't resist the flavor. I got 1 old formula and 2 new ones. The old flavor I have to coax Anna beagle to take it.

    Keepin em strong and mobile! by Stormy from Ann Arbor, MI03/21/2013

    This product was recommended to us by our Dog Whisperer ~ our little Daschund just loves them~

    by from 07/27/2014

    We ordered and received a 3 pack of joint treats recently. We have used this product for several years and have been very satisfied.

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    My pet loves it ^^ by nanni01/08/2013

    My four Pomeranian are getting older and are having joint problems. I started giving them a joint treat in the evening and noticed that they were on their best behavior knowing what they were about to get. They seem to love the taste and at the same time it's helping my dogs with their joints.

    Joint Treats MINIS by krawz from Phoenix, AZ03/05/2013

    These make great healthy treats and my dogs love them. I get the Joint Max for my lab's joint problems and it has really helped him. I bought these because now I can give something to our little Papillion so she won't feel left out. Now that she's 8 yrs old, it's not a bad idea for her to get this as a prevention anyway. And she loves it.

    My dogs love them. by Shannon05/29/2012

    My dogs love these, and there does seem to be less creaking and cracking of their joints when they take them. They do seem to be a little more energetic as well.

    Great Treat! by Paula10/21/2010

    These are the best treats ever. They are soft enough to be easily pressed into the ends of a bone so it takes time for the dog to lick them out. Great for the problem dog who doesn't like taking pills...just press the pill into the treat and the dog gobbles it up. A treat that is low cal and actually healthy for your dog. Who could ask for more?

    Good product and my dogs like them by Ginny C from Long island ny11/22/2012

    i believe these have helped my old dogs. they not only have glucosamine but fatty acids as well. i had so much trouble getting my one old girl to take glucosamine but this she loves.

    Great purchase by Glenna from Freeport, Fl11/28/2012

    My dog is able to run now - at one time he was lame. Its great to see him run again like a puppy!!!

    Joint Treat Mini's by Harley from New Hampshire02/19/2014

    My dogs love these joint treats. I have been giving them to my dogs for several years now and they really do help. I have two Shih Tzu's and one is 13 yrs old., but she does not show it. I believe it is due to the joint treats.

    Great stuff by peggyp40805/29/2013

    My dogs love these joint treats! My breeder recommended them! Great price for a great product!

    Great treat even for my young dogs by Lync from Phoenix, AZ11/09/2012

    I give these to two out of my three dogs. They are young but very active. My other dog gets the full size version of these so I get these mini ones for the other two. They are so cheap why not?

    by floann@floannscottages.co10/29/2011

    I am disappointed. I opened the package and found it to be 1/2 full. My dogs like the bits, great. I like the premise of treating and medicating at the same time. The packaging is totally misleading.

    Joint Treats by Nickki from Virginia12/03/2011

    I have been using these with my pets for several years. They think it is a treat and love them. My pets are 2-9 years old and all are very agile. They run like pups.......

    Hide and Seek by Stella from New York02/22/2014

    I'm the luckiest golden around. These mini treats hide nicely in the deepest of snow and I always manage to find them! It beats cabin fever in what must go down as the worst of winters!

    Terrific Treat! Two Thumbs Up!!! by Queenofa11/10/2011

    We received a sample of these treats with a shampoo order we had placed with Entirely Pets, so we ordered some. Our 12 yr old Cockapoo, "Mister", absolutely LOVES them. He acts like a puppy again. He is back to... jumping up on the bed (yeah...we're those kind of people, he sleeps with us) jumping up on the kitchen stool (to watch me fix meals so he can see if I happen to drop something... so he can scarf it up in a flash)...and jumping for joy when the kids come to visit. He knows where the Treats are kept and if he doesn't get "2" he'll sit and stare, and start to whine incessantly until he gets them (who said dogs can't count?). I would give these Treats two thumbs up! So would "Mister" if he had thumbs...

    great by Pat from Denver, Co12/08/2011

    I bought these for my Corgi Eric who had very bad hips and lost control of his legs eventually. My CHUG (Chihuahua/Pug) got them just to keep him from meddling in Erics affairs and now demands them every morning even tho he's only 3. They worked great for my Corgi (seemed to give him more spunk) until he just couldn't hold himself up anymore. Now my CHUG gets them just because.

    Bad Batch by kninenut07/06/2012

    I tried these and my dog loved them. I ordered more and they changed the flavor. My dog looked at me and spit them. Waste of $30.

    Featured Reviews for 6-Pack Joint Treats minis (720 Soft Chews)
    Works for pills by momof16 from Reno, NV02/17/2014

    These soft treats wrap around a little tablet or small capsule very nicely, and then I can just toss it in with the food. Dogs love them and it makes giving medicine so easy. Tough to use for a large capsule, like the antibiotics. The larger size would come too dried out and crumble when I tried to wrap the pill. This size works even it it's a little dry, which is not usual.

    working good by Wandering Wanda from Colorado07/25/2012

    My older corgi girl has a lot of arthritis in her back. I have been giving her this & she seems to be doing well on it. She is 13 1/2 and I'm trying to keep her active. This seems to be helping her.

    Recommend This by Alice Lam from Hong Kong01/02/2013

    The supplement works for my dog. He is now 11 and has been suffering from arthritis since 2 years ago. His stiffness and pain lessened a lot after taking the supplement, which I believe tastes so good he couldnt resist.

    Mini Joint Treats Fabulous by Diane from NC06/13/2012

    Since this product has changed, it is great. Dogs like it much better and joint treats retain their taste and chewiness. What a fabulous product. Not to mention my vet has recommended these.

    Great treat by Heather Scott04/08/2009

    I give these to my mini aussie, he just loves them. I started giving them to him when we found out he had hip displasia, I found they helped a lot with his joint. He had his surgery to fix his hip and we still give him the treats as he just loves them and they are low in calories. He gets one every night before bed and he just can't wait for it. If your pet has arthritis I recommend this product, it great.

    by Alice from Hong Kong05/22/2013

    It works in relieving the pain of my aged snauchzer who has been suffering from arthritis. He also likes the taste, and the 'texture' of being not too hard and not too soft is good for him who does not have too much teeth left. It has been taking it for over 6 months and I get this order again for him.

    Joint treat minis by Romeo02/16/2012

    My dog absolutely loves these joint treat minis. He will do all his tricks in a row without you asking once he sees the tub.

    Joint Chews by Sassy03/08/2013

    Great product. Dogs love them. Little pricey though.

    Help My Dog by Laurie01/31/2013

    The Antioxidants, EPA & DHA are and important ingredient in this product. It helped my dog with her sore joints.

    Featured Reviews for Joint Treats (60 Soft Chews)
    It seems to be working by TomC03/10/2014

    We've been giving our dog these treats for 5 weeks now and it seems to be working.

    Awesome by MILLIE from Marietta,Oh06/13/2012

    my 11 year old dog Loves these.she's getting around so much better..AWESOME treats

    Best Joint Supplement Ever! by skpwriteme from Eureka Springs, AR01/27/2015

    These soft chew Joint Treats are wonderful! I am always looking for an easy delivery method to promote good joint health in my dogs and this product certainly delivers! Great tasting, all-natural soft chews that my dogs, especially my elderly pet, can easily chew and swallow. I love the plastic container they come in--keeps them fresh and chewy!

    Good for her by sunnyejk from Charlotte, NC05/02/2014

    My dog is older and some overweight so I know these are helping her mobility. They keep her joints from hurting, they have msm, creatine, antioxidants along with glucosamine. Her vet recommended msm especially. I give her 2 a day.

    works great but... by 4dogowner from Austin, TX05/07/2013

    These have helped tremendously with one of my dogs who has hip dysplacia and another one of my dogs with a torn ACL. BUT no two orders are ever the same. The texture is different, the smell is different and obviously thet taste is different. Sometimes my dogs love them and other times I have to put peanut butter on them in order for my dogs to eat them. Whats up with this? Why is there no consistancy from order to order?

    by happy04/15/2012

    this product seems to be helping my dogs with thier joint problems.

    Healthy and Active by Dogs Best Friend01/25/2011

    I have been using this product for 3 years now. I have my order on auto-ship for convenience and a discount. I asked my vet if this product was safe to use since the food my dog eats has a portion of the Glucosamine in it. My vet assured me that this product, Joint Treats, is totally safe and I can continue to give to my dog. I am totally happy with this item and will continue to give to my dog always. I highly recommend.

    Great treat by Mary from Arizona02/12/2012

    My dogs love this treat. Easy for them to chew and real tastey

    Joint Treats Minis by Grumpy from Fla01/17/2012

    My Shih Tzu likes her treat just before bedtime, but I have an issue with them because they dry out before we use up the 60 treats. They are not too palatable when they dry out and she sometimes has trouble swallowing them............

    Really help! by ro_runner01/25/2012

    I give my 11yo Rottweiler mix one of these after every walk & whenever her hips seem stiff. They really help make her more comfortable, & she likes them. I've recommended them to other folks with older dogs.

    Great flavor by Ranger from Texas10/23/2012

    I use this product as a treat and as a preventive in dogs that are not showing arthritic problems. The dogs love them...they stand in line for their "treat" every night. Hopefully, they will also help to minimize the onset of arthritic problems.

    Joint Treats & More by llinmarin from Santa Venetia, CA12/11/2013

    We've had our dog on Joint Treats and other chewables (started with Synovi MSM) since he was young. We had lots of issues with our last Shepherd so were well aware of the various natural joint medications. He's just turned 11 and although he's not a puppy any longer, he's doing okay. Do these work? Who know, but better to be safe than sorry.

    chewable joints treats by franfire from Cartersville Georgia03/19/2013

    It seems to be helping our medium size dog. She likes them. Our pekinese hates them!

    I swear by this product! by Courtney from St. Louis, MO01/21/2015

    I have used this product for a long time and will continue to do so for all of my big dogs (Mastiffs and German Shepherds). It truly helps them before or during any joint issues.

    Best Product for Pets with Mobility issues by CareBear11/08/2012

    This product is great! I have been using it for 4 years on my cocker spaniel - she is 14 now. She had a torn cruciate and I decided not to have surgery. For 8 weeks I carried her everywhere - not allowing her to jump or go up/down stairs. I also started using the joint treats. Today, she jumps, runs, does stairs and you wouldn't even know she has joint issues! I have recommended it to several others who are just as pleased as I am. Great product!!

    Excellent Product by Charlie from Sedalia, Co06/17/2014

    We own an Irish Water Spaniel who used to love swimming at a young age, but as he got older (12 years now) he showed signs of arthritis & joint problems. We started him on "Joint Treats" four years ago. He loves them, has no allergic reactions, moves very well and we are extremely satisfied with the product.

    Excellent treat by Canadian Corgi from Rothesay NB Canada02/27/2014

    My dog loves the treat and it helps with his joint healing

    My dog loves them by cc12/07/2011

    I can only go by the levels of glucosamine & MSM & creatine listed on the label......I only know my dog loves them, the price is fantastic, & she doesn't show any joint problems at 13years old. We've only been using this brand for a few months, but will continue using them.

    Joint Treats (60 Soft Chews) by Maggie05/10/2013

    I bought these for my two senior Chihuahuas and unfortunately neither one of them will eat these. I'm not sure it has anything to do with the product or the fact that my "girls" are becoming picky eaters in their old age. Therefore, it is kind of hard to rate.

    Joint Treats by Neiko from rochester,ny11/23/2012

    Even though my dog is only 9 months old i use this because he plays very hard and loves to constantly run and jump and full speed.

    by Deb03/03/2013

    My dog was moving better within 2 days. She began acting like a playful puppy all over again and she's 13 years old. Before 'Joint Treats' she would lay under the car all day not go for a walk, not play with the other pups it was amazing what this product has done for her.

    Joint Treats by arj041399 from Coatesville, PA11/26/2011

    I have a 10 year old Rottweiler and she was limping on a daily basis. I have been giving her the joint treats every day and have noticed a big difference, as she does not limp as frequently, especially after laying for long periods of time or after being outside in the cold. I would highly recommend these treats to anyone concerned about arthritis and their dog!

    Tippy loves her Joint Treats by nanadonna from Sacramento, CA03/16/2010

    My Border Collie loves her Joint Treats and I'm convinced they help keep her joints moving. She will be 10 in July and doesn't want to slow down.

    THE BEST Chewy TREAT by Harrison's Person09/22/2013

    My neighbor turned me on to Joint Treat Soft Chews. They are chock full of good healthy stuff that help my two older big dogs keep moving well, and they love them, and they are easy to chew. In the long run, less expensive than any biscuit product.

    Acting like a puppy! by Cheryl10/23/2008

    Cassey my 10 year old jack russell mix is back to being a puppy since being on Joint treats for one month. He no long hasitates to jump up in the bed or on the sofa. He is doing so much better that he now runs all over the yard again instead of just lying on the pouch in the sun. I think this is a great product and I am continuing him on it! Thank you for making this product!

    Delightful treats by J, bouchard10/28/2008

    Well my little dog just loves these treats. We call it fudge, cause they are sort of soft like fudge and she like them like candy. I will be putting in another order.

    Very good product by sunnycat from Greensboro,NC10/22/2012

    My dog really likes the joint treats. They seems to be helping her joint pain.

    They work so well! by Sherrie03/12/2009

    My 11 year old husky mix had weakness and trembling in his hips and he has been eating Joint Treats for a little more than a week and I already see great improvement. Plus, he LOVES them. Highly recommended!

    by Have NOT yet received.07/07/2013

    I have NOT yet received this product. I wish someone from your company would call and let me know what is going order is no less than 3 weeks overdue.

    I can't be sure. by Earl10/31/2009

    I was excited to give my dog these treats based on other reviews. However, I don't know if it helped him or not. He liked eating them and they didn't hurt him but I can't be sure. If anything changes in the future I will add another review.

    joint max treats by Bernie Kain04/30/2008

    Joint max treats are wonderful esp. since they are good for my little girl pepper. I did not tell her how good they are for her. I could not resist this good sale, and to go along with the joint max triple strength for her joints. She is only 3 years old but this seems to really help her. Thanks Bernie

    A great and healthy alternative by Tammy09/17/2008

    I use Joint Treats on my JRT on a daily basis. Not only does it have glucosamine and MSM to help with his arthritis, its only 10 calories! It is by far the best product i've used on my dog that actually delivers results. Joint Treats are the best!

    joint treats by wiseman from Texas02/18/2010

    My German Sheppard who will eat sticks, bugs, etc, does not like Joint Treats. Won't eat them. He does however readily eat Glycoflex chews, and they work great!

    Joint Treats by AKG from Pennsylvania01/19/2015

    My golden retriever loves these treats! They are like a magic pill because she will do anything to get one and then always looks for more. I notice a difference in her joints and hips, she seems like she has more mobility since I've been giving these to her. Will definitely buy more.

    Good product Great service by Wally from Oregon11/06/2012

    This was recommended by my VET for older dogs and is wokling as advertised

    Excellent Value by Jim Rome from Ithaca, NY07/26/2013

    Got this item during a free promo and my dog loved it. I don't know if it helped with his arthritis but he definitely loved it as a treat. Highly recommended!

    Gypsy loves them! by Poogasus from Westminster, MD05/28/2013

    Nice to be able to give a treat that has benefits. Gypsy loves them and they smell much better than other joint supplements I have given her.

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Joint Treats (180 Soft Chews)
    Always reliable by Mother4withPaws from The Colony, Texas03/21/2013

    Triple max is always a realiable glucosamine supplement whether in treat form or in pill form for my dogs.

    Joint treats by Christy from Maryland11/13/2011

    This product is wonderful and we have used it since we rescued our dog. However, this shipment has not been received. It was shipped over 2 weeks ago and our dog is definitely stuffing from the lack of joint treats in her diet.

    Helps my Poodle by Marcus West10/17/2008

    My 40-lb. poodle, Albert, came from a kennel that is a puppy mill, tho I didn't know this when I bought him. He is a beautiful dog with an excellent disposition, but he has all kinds of health problems from inbreeding. At age 2, a spinal X-ray showed the beginning of arthritis! I was skeptical about this product, but it does seem to help with joint stiffness. In addition, it is a lo-cal treat, which becomes important as a pet ages and tends to put on weight easily.

    Soft treat joint supplement by Ridgeter from Bay Area09/09/2013

    These are handy to have as an alternative to the supplement. Sometimes my dog prefer the softer texture of this supplement. These came with my Joint Max order and were a good value. They remind me of liver treats.

    Great product by Beckysue from Queens, NY10/02/2013

    My 14 year old black lab mix had stiffness and weakness in her hind quarters, but gradually she got better mobility because of the joint treats along with the glycoflex iii. Without them, she wouldn't be able to walk much at all. Now she's walking around more, slowly because of her age, but not because of mobility issues. Great product, great price, great service.

    Awesome Chewable Product by Cassidy4640 from Atlanta, GA06/28/2012

    I have 2 senior labs. I give them both 3 a day each for their arthritis and I saw this product working within 2 weeks. I have this product on reorder. My labs love the flavor and that they are easy to chew. I would highly recommend this product if you have any senior dogs that have the onset of arthritis. They love them and they will sit in the kitchen each morning waiting for me to give them their joint treats. I would highly recommend this product - save $$ and order the 3 pack.

    Chops-lickin' good! by Itzomi from San Francisco, CA08/30/2011

    My 125-lb. German Shepherd just LOVES these!! He has no clue they're good for him and I'm not going to tell him, either.

    Oh no! We ran out of joint treats.... by Charlotte12/30/2009

    Our 13 year old standard poodle has been taking joint treats for 3 years. Unfortunately, we ran out of them the day before Christmas. 4 days later, the difference in his movement is noticeable. These REALLY HELP! Our dog loves how they taste, too!

    Great! by ro_runner12/01/2011

    My dog loves these treats & they really seem to help her hips. I give her one after every walk (1-2/day).

    Great Item by Cathi from South Montrose, PA01/25/2011

    I use along with Missing Link Plus food supplement and besides the animals love them, when you stop using this product you notice a difference in their range of motion. Highly recommended for all dogs. I will never stop using.

    Joint chews by sandy from Ocean Park, Washington10/23/2012

    I asked my vet regarding the use of these for my Pug, Tyson, she said yes give it a try seemed like the ingredients were healthy enough. We noticed a significant change as wasn't limping as much when he would get off the couch. Now after about 3 months he is walking without the usual limp when he first gets up. I am thankful for the product, as with the other products we have been using for a long time.

    Tasty treats that help joints too by RosemaryM02/01/2013

    I have been giving these treats to my 15 year old dog who has arthritic hips and she loves them. I had her on a different brand which worked well but she really wasn't keen on the taste of them. She eats these joint treats without hesitation and they seem to be working well for her hips and joints too.

    My dog will actually eat this. by Angie12/09/2011

    I've lways had trouble getting my German Shep to take his joint supplements even in treat form until I found this product. He gobbles this down with just as much gusto as if I were feeding him a piece of bacon! I can see a difference it makes in his mobility & comfort too!

    3-Pack Joint Treats (180 Soft Chews) by Dusty02/15/2013

    Love the 3 pack size. My older dogs love these treats much too much...they go fast.

    Great for our dogs by Andy from Centreville, Va10/22/2012

    Our dogs have really picked up their activity level after being on the treats for a few weeks. Great product, I will continue to use it for all three of our dogs!,

    Great for Older Dogs by Spokanewa10/05/2011

    Our dogs love these chews! They are older and need the supplement to help keep them active and pain free.

    Picky Dogie Gobbles them up by Kelly07/18/2012

    The new flavor is awesome. If you get the old flavor doggie has to be coaxed to take it.

    Great product!!! by HannaT from Columbus, OH11/27/2011

    I am very happy with the Joint Treats and my Golden Retriever Sierra loves them as well! The new bacon flavor of the treat makes for a great addition to her morning feed. We feed 2 Joint Treats a day to keep Sierra's joints healthy. I would recommend this product for any dog both active or older. Thanks for making a great product my dog loves!

    Joint Treats by Sue01/20/2008

    My Golden Retrievers LOVE these treats. And the treats seem to help the one with arthritis, because I haven't had to give her any Rimadyl so far this winter, even on the coldest days.

    Not the Same by k9nut07/10/2012

    I bought these several times but the last time the formula changed. I noticed right away the smell wasn't the same. My dog spit them out while before he loved them.

    Will have to see by Beverly10/17/2011

    Not sure if this product is working only because it is recommended to be given to your pet a minimum of 30 days to get into their system I will have to evaluate then. What I can say is that my dog "Jack" eats them without hesitation, so that is a definite plus, so they must pretty tasty to the doggies taste buds!!

    by from 11/07/2012

    My 13 yo Lab has a torn ACL in his left leg that has or had severely comprised his ability to get about. That wasn't acceptable as we both love to hike in the morning.

    feeding by 'Meathead' from theSince


    feeding by him from theI


    the by symptoms from toDon't


    Works great with liquid joint max by Lucky Dog from Albuquerque, New Mexico12/10/2013

    The chewable joint treats work great when used with the liquid joint max.

    Best Product I've Found by FSUMom from Port St. Joe, FL01/31/2014

    Joint Treats were being given to my 12 year old Golden Retriever by the Humane Society when I got him 6 months ago, and I continued him on them because I was told he had bad hips. Six months later and he's running circles around my 9 yr old Golden Retriever. He loves the taste, it's definitely a treat for him. Buying in bulk saves me money and I've even shared some with my neighbor whose dog has hip problems.

    Great treats!! by Dog lover11/13/2013

    My 11 year old has never had joint issues, she still runs like she is a puppy but I started feeding these to her as a preventative measure. The best part is they are soft enough to slip her cranberry extract pill into them daily, similar to how I would use the greenies pockets. And while they are crumblier than the pockets, they still does the trick.

    snack good by ddd from Amboy Wa04/11/2014

    dog likes the flavor yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    great product by gman from ashby mass01/26/2012

    i wil always buy this product they really help my older golden

    Super to give pills by Melanie09/01/2010

    These are just wonderful when giving small pills to your pet because you can push the pills into the treat & then form the treat "around" the pill/s so the dog isn't even aware it's there. My dog will eat cheese or peanut butter & spit out a pill, but not with these. I love them. I just bury them in her food & she chows them down!

    Joint Treats by krawz from Phoenix, AZ05/09/2013

    These make great healthy treats and my dogs love them. I get the Joint Max for my lab's joint problems and it has really helped him. I bought these because now I can give something to our little Papillion so she won't feel left out. And now that she's 8 yrs old, it's not a bad idea for her to get this for her joint health anyway. I like to give her the Joint Treat Minis just because she's only 10 lbs..

    Joint Treats by Tn Ducki from Tennessee05/17/2013

    These are a great way to give our aging Lab the joint medicine he needs. He's getting older and like most of us, is experiencing some pain that goes along with aging. These seem to help him get around a little easier. He takes one of these along with a joint supplement tablet every day. It's made a difference in his quality of life.

    healthy treat by Liz from cool, ca06/18/2013

    dogs seem to love these treats. never once have they been rejected.

    Best Joint Treats by Debbie from Brea, Ca09/05/2013

    These are the best joint treats, we have been giving them to our dogs for years and really seem to help out there hip pain.

    Both dogs love these by CH06/01/2012

    Lucy (Pointer) and Scruffy (Jacairn Terrier) love these joint treats. Only Scruffy pictured. Lucy hates the camera. Lucy is called Beauty and Scruff is nicknamed, Beasty Boy.

    My little old guy loves these! by Stormy from Ann Arbor, MI04/05/2013

    He is a very picky eater and he just loves these treats~

    joint treats by dave sr03/27/2013

    We have been using joint treats for several years now. Our dog "Maggie" is approaching 12 years old and still has the need to tear around the yard or at the beach much like a pup. We believe that the chews allow her play without any joint pain!

    Entirely Pets - Excellent service by Lucy's mom10/25/2011

    Smooth & easy transaction. Dependable and honest seller.

    New Recipe by Peggy10/18/2011

    The manufacturer changed the recipe. My dog is not impressed.

    by Susan08/14/2012

    The dog found these to be quite tasty. Didn't give us too much trouble eating them. We are able to cut them up and hide them in his dinner or give them to him directly.

    Helpful product by Goldee from Portland, OR02/26/2013

    My dog takes a thyroid pill twice a day and I used to have a problem getting her to take it, but with these I cut them in half and put the pill in it and she loves them! Plus they are good for her. She is a 14 yr old poodle and has no signs of stiffness or arthritis.

    Review by Barbara Houseton06/26/2014

    I did not receive what I ordered, but the chew was needed the day of delivery, so I kept the order. I received Mini's, instead of Soft Chews.

    Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Joint Treats (360 Soft Chews)
    Joint Treats by elee23 from Western NY03/26/2012

    I purchased these joint treat for my 6 yr old German Shepherd. She has problems with both her stifles and back issues. She seems to be getting a lot of relief since she has been given these. I am so glad I found them. Good price, good service.

    Yummy Treats!! by junkyarddog from Colorado mtns01/21/2012

    I was run over in the junkyard and have a crippled shoulder, and my bones ache now that I'm old. My mom buys these treats so I won't hurt so much. She says they're good for me, but I think they're just yummy treats. I'm one lucky rescued junkyard dog!

    Not happy with Joint Treats by Taser05/08/2014

    I have given Joint Treats to my dog for 2 years and all seems well. But, when I received my last shipment, the product had a noticeably strong smell to them and they were very hard, not chewy as in the past. I returned them and got another shipment and they too were exactly the same. I have no idea what's going on with this product. I tried calling the manufacturer, no one there to answer the phone, I left a message and no one even bothered to returned my call. So, I'm looking for a suitable product to replace Joint Treats.

    dog's best treat by Ron10/23/2011

    Our dog loves these treats. She goes to her kennel crate at bedtime and waits for her soft chew.

    Only product dog will eat by Val from Montana05/11/2013

    I have been using these chews for years and my 13 year old Great Pyrenees is doing well on them. She refused to eat other arthritis chews or flavored supplements and I wanted something she would readily eat on her own without forcing them on her. Sure makes it a lot easier on me and she is still able to climb stairs although a lot slower than in the past.

    Loves them by Cathi from South Montrose, PA06/26/2014

    Vet recommended to use two dogs ago (one died at 17 the other at 13). I've used them for at least the past five years and give one a day from the time they are over 6 months old until the day they die. My older two started them later in life and when I would skip a few days you could see the lameness return. Animals love them and they definitely work.

    Sweet Rosie O'Gravy by Carole A.02/22/2009

    Rosie is an 8 yr old Collie, and wants to keep up with her younger Collie "sisters" ages 6 and 4. The joint treats have helped her arthritis and she is racing around with the other two at the dog park. Great to see her happy.

    by nari07/03/2013

    My dog LOVEs it and his limping went away.

    Yummy! by starvingwriter2b from Great Falls, Montana01/22/2015

    My 10 year old English Setter has arthritis in both front elbows and his back left hip. Our vet put him on Rimadyl, Tramadol, and prescription Glucosamine. My sister told me about Joint Treats. Her Lab had a limp, and Joint Treas had cleared it up completely. I now have our dog on Joint Treats. They are the same mg, but less expensive, and my dog loves them!

    Spry(er) old dog by Dick T.03/30/2008

    Received container of joint treats with my last order and found that our old Golden (13) with arthritic condition is navigating much better with joint treats. He has been on Zubrin for several years but showed a marked improvement in mobility with the treats.

    Fabulous Product! by Team Corgi from Atlanta, GA01/22/2015

    All four of our senior rescue dogs receive one-two of these treats (depending on their weight) each morning. We have especially noticed a big difference in our 12-year old female Beagle and 11-year old female Corgi. Both seem to have a "spring in their step" now.

    They love them and they work. by Kate07/12/2011

    All three of my small dogs love these and I think they work well. I have one dog that has had double ACL surgery when he was young, and now that he is older, is still doing well and takes these daily.

    very good by tori05/02/2012

    suprised,it has worked out after 2 weeks...extremly happy

    dog joint treats by franfire from Cartersville Georgia12/02/2013

    I really like these treats for my dog. She likes them! She is very fussy and suspicious of anything that is given to her and she takes these no problem at all. They seem to help her hip joint, she tends to get stiff and sorts of limps, but not while she's taking them.

    Very Effective by dsmmort from Boulder, CO12/06/2012

    The joint treats are a very effective part of releiving knee pain & stiffness for our 6 year old Boxer. He had torn both CCLs and had two TPLO sugeries plus a meniscus repair in one. He now moves pain free with a regular regimen of exercise and joint treats as part of his dietary supplements for joint health. Great product!

    Like a treat by JessicaB06/09/2012

    dogs don't spot it out. one refuses the tablet kind.

    by MEME10/30/2011

    My pets just love these Joint Care Treats. I would recommend them to all.

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