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Joint Treats® minis (120 Soft Chews)

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Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaIf you're going to give your dog a treat, make it a healthy, low calorie treat like Joint TreatsŪ Minis

Joint TreatsŪ Minis is a tasty all-natural pet treat with Glucosamine, Creatine & MSM that helps keep joints healthy and dogs happy. Give them to your dog as a treat, and to provide joint relief or help prevent joint problems.

  • FOR SMALLER DOGS - UP TO 40 lbs.
  • All Natural - No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • No BHA, Added Tallow or By-Products
  • Can be used with joint supplements such as Joint MAX, Synovicre or Glycoflex.
  • Both healthy and delicious for younger and older dogs alike
  • Joint TreatsŪ Minis is low in calories - only 5 calories per treat
  • Dog Tested, Veterinarian Approved!

  • Ingredients: Glucosamine HCL, MethylSulfonyMethane (MSM), Marine Lipid Concentrates, Soybean Oil, Natural meat flavors, (non-bovine origin), Vitamin E, Manganese Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate.

    Adding Joint Treats To Your Dog's Lifestyle

    Usage Info

    Nutritional Information: Joint Treats Minis
    (Serving size, one treat. Approx. 120 bites per tub.)
    Glucosamine HCl 150 mg
    MethylSulfonyMethane 150 mg
    Creatine Monohydrate 125 mg
    Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 9mg mg
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 6 mg mg
    Vitamin E 25 IU
    Manganese 3 mg
    Zinc 0.3 mg

    Feeding Instructions:

    Dog Size Daily Amount
    Up to 10 lbs 1 Treat
    11 to 20 lbs 2 Treats
    21 to 30 lbs 3 Treats
    31 to 40 lbs 4-5 Treats

    Joint TreatsŪ can also be used along with joint supplements such as Joint MAX.

    Ingredients: Glucosamine HCI, MethylSulfonyMethane (MSM), Marine Lipid Concentrates, Soybean Oil, Natural meat flavors, (non-bovine origin), Vitamin E,

    Manganese Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate.

    3-PACK Joint Treats® (180 Soft Chews)3-PACK Joint Treats® (180 Soft Chews)Reg price: $54.25
    Sale price: $27.99
    6-PACK Joint Treats® (360 Soft Chews)6-PACK Joint Treats® (360 Soft Chews)Reg price: $100.50
    Sale price: $54.99
    3-Pack Joint Treats® minis (360 Soft Chews)3-Pack Joint Treats® minis (360 Soft Chews)Reg price: $50.25
    Sale price: $28.99
    6-Pack Joint Treats® minis (720 Soft Chews)6-Pack Joint Treats® minis (720 Soft Chews)Reg price: $100.50
    Sale price: $56.99
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    Customer Reviews

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    4.45 rating based on 38 reviews
    Joint Treats MINIS keep my dog stable! by Martha from Minneapolis, MN12/27/2013

    My dog suffered a leg injury back in June 2013. I had the Joint Treats from Entirely Pets recommended to me by a couple of different pet owners. Her leg is healed now and I am giving her 2 Joint Treat MINIS to keep things healthy and stable. I credit her return to health to the Joint Treats from Entirely Pets!! Thanks so much!

    You Changed It by Sadie from Eau Claire, WI08/08/2012

    My dog used to love these healthy treats. You changed the recipe and I can tell because it smells different. My dog sticks her nose up at them now. I won't be buying anymore. Why did you change it?

    My boy loves them by kaytee18 from Nashville,TN12/05/2013

    My boy loves these and they seem to help too. wonderful product

    mini treats - tasty! by sandiii from San Diego CA12/30/2013

    Everyone loves the taste of these supplements and gobbles them right down.

    Big Benefit in a Mini Treat by deltad04/09/2013

    I decided to give these treats five stars! My baby injured her leg and was limping along. Following two weeks of taking these once a day, she has improved greatly! I love them and will continue to purchase.

    Who Wants Candy!? by KB & Maggie from Tucson, Arizona04/09/2013

    Our little girl just loves her "candy" treat! We have really noticed a difference in her mobility since we started using these joint minis. Easy to administer, these little nuggets fit into her chew toys and provide several minutes of a thinking activity ... fun for the whole family. Thanks for a great product.

    Effective by Anita H from Ohio12/29/2012

    These glucosamine treats work much better than the ones I had been buying. I only have to give one, so, they seem to be cost-effective, also.

    Just great!!! by beversann from Phoenix, AZ11/17/2011

    The wonderful ingredients speak for themselves plus you provide such timely service and the price point you offer is good. Best of all, our doggies DO take as treats. So often the word "treat" is often misused and pets won't take .. not so with your Joint Treats.. Thanks.. you have a new customer now.

    yuk by nikkimama from Norther NJ10/25/2011

    my three dogs, who would eat just about anything, would not continue to eat them after the first time! YUK! Passed them on to my DIL, who has five dogs, and they would not even try them! NOT A FAN! Sorry!

    Super tasty treats by Jennifer08/29/2011

    My dogs LOVE these joint treats. They were already on a joint supplement, so I've seen no major differences, except that I'm no longer giving medicine, I'm feeding a treat. Much easier to give. Thanks!

    Double duty by spider1010/24/2012

    I use these treats to put my small dogs pills in.He loves them and they are healthy.He is 9 yrs old.LOTS cheaper than pill pockets!!!

    My 2 terriers love these! by Taysmimi from Orange County, CA11/06/2012

    I use these mini treats to hide pills for my two older Cairn Terriers. They allow you to mold a pill into them and the dogs never miss their meds.

    Joint Treats MINIS by zeke from Southeast Missouri09/15/2013

    Our little dog Abby was limping on hind legs, seem to have pain in handling her. We heard about the joint treats and bought them. After a few days Abby was walking better, then in a short while she was running and romping. Our Abby is past her 8th year now and going strong. I would recommend these treat to anyone who had the same problems with their pet.

    by from 08/08/2012

    I have two dogs, one sheltie and one mixed breed, both dogs love the joint treats and look forward to them every night....

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    Stop my bones from aching by Cool Man from Live Oak, FL05/19/2013

    This has been a big help for my dog, since she was unable to jump up on or down from the coach. She's back to her old self again and ready to play or just rest in my lap.

    I like this chew by kimsohyun12/07/2014

    my dog love this chew and i gave my friend's dog. she love it too!

    Review by Chappy from Ayustin, Tx01/02/2013

    The joint treats help keep my older dog moving about with less problems.

    Dogs Love by Alabamagrey03/18/2014

    My dogs look forward to these treats evey night. Their joint flexibility and energy level increase has been noticeable since they have been on the treats.

    Good product by Val from Montana01/28/2014

    My dog liked these chews when she would not touch any of the joint supplement tablets.

    Joint Treat Minis Prevent Back Issues on Dachsies by Badgerdog from Eau Claire, WI11/03/2013

    About 6 years ago, our Dachshund, Sadie, had an injury to her back near the tail, a common affliction in Dachshunds. We had to take her to the Vet and start her on steroids, complete rest, cut her food intake and start Chiropractic treatments. Once we got her stable we started her on Joint Treat Minis, one treat twice per day. Since then, she has really improved with her flexibility, fetches with gusto and at 11 yrs old you would think she is 5. I think the Joint Treat Minis have kept her healthy. Highly recommend them to keep your dog limber and healthy.

    dog loves it by mina from upstate ny08/07/2014

    i have a 8 yrs old silky who jumps all over for her treat. now i need to get the large ones for the rotti.

    Jt Treat Minis Keep my Dog Happy & Healthy by sheltielover from Upstate, New York03/13/2013

    I give these to my Sheltie for preventive maintenance as Shelties can suffer from joint problems. She loves them. I can use them as a healthy treat. And so far no signs of joint problems - she is able to jump over tree trunks, climb mountains, & jump onto my very high bed with ease.

    by wallyd from Kimberly Wisconsin04/29/2013

    Our 11yr old Lab loves these and doesn't realize I hide an aspirin in them. Maybe she does but is happy to get a treat. Would definitely buy these again

    Seems to help by ShirleyMaeH from Palm Coast, Fl11/16/2011

    This product seems to help my dachshund with his stiffness problem. I am going to use it until it's gone to see if there is a better improvement.

    by from 01/01/2014

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    My Pampered Pet wouldn't eat them by Tinytoes from Ingleside, TX12/27/2013

    My dog refused to eat them. She is a little spoiled, so it might be her and not the product at all.

    Miracle in a Tub by Doggy Daddy from Pompano Beach, FL01/31/2015

    These treats have been of great benefit to my 14 year-old dog. He is moving like he did years ago. Thank you EntirelyPets.

    joint treats by pam from montana03/28/2012

    Our little Chihuahua had a shoulder joint problem a while back and has been taking these for over 1 yr and doesn't have problems any more. She likes the flavor too.

    by jbella04 from murphy, nc10/10/2011

    We have used this product for several years & "Kati" likes it. Have never had any problem getting her to take it.

    Really Helped My Dog by Denise02/05/2012

    When my puppy started limping and I found out he had patella luxation I took him to the vet and they recommended surgery to correct the problem. I was hesitant and I tried this product. I give it to him every day. He does not limp when he runs now. I can't say this was a cure, but it certainly helped him. He does not need surgery and I got a new vet too. His stomach is sensitive to many types of things, but this was OK. No adverse reactions when he took this. I will continue to use this.

    Very good but not the best by Mutt and Jeff from Louisa, VA10/26/2011

    We have been trying different joint and hip treats for dogs for years. We pefer Zen Puppy but they are only available at certain times of the year. This has helped with the problems with a bulging disk almost as good as Zen. The closest we have found to date,

    a perfectly tastey way to keep dogs joints healthy by soso10/30/2011

    After having a wonderful 17+ yr old dog who suffered from joint pain for the last few years of her life (pain greatly reduced by both glucosamine/chondroitin over the counter people-intended supplements as well as vet prescribed animal-intended anti-inflammatory medication that unfortunately added up to approx. $50 per month), we have now adopted a 3 year old pup who will be given these fabulous supplements to avoid future degeneration and suffering. The big bonus is, he LOVES them and they are - compared to over the counter supplements and dog safe anti-inflammatory med's - dirt cheap!!!! I'm shocked that the previous reviewer had 6 out of 6 dogs disliking this product...

    by from 05/24/2013

    I am fostering a beagle mix for our local humane society and he is about 4 years old and came to me with an injured hind leg. We thought he had a torn ACL, thankfully he did not.

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    Great treats by We love our pets from Wyoming12/13/2011

    We purchased this for our little dog since it was on a really good sale during Black Friday. She does not suffer from any joint issues but we liked how it was a preventive treat. She was a little hesitant at first because it does stink really bad, but now she willingly takes it. She is our active one and we want her to stay that way for a long while.

    Excellent Product by Milly Pulkownik04/22/2008

    My West Highland Terrier is 6 yrs. old and she developed arthritis in her hind leg. These treats worked wonders on her and she is doing much better since I started her on them.

    by 2goldens12/29/2012

    Bought these for a friend's 2 little dogs. Hope they will help their joints as much as Triple Max helps my big guy.

    Great for Dogs With Back Issues by rocknroll_junky06/03/2013

    I have a Dachshund that injured her back in 2009. We had to give her anti-inflamitories at first and water bath and Chiropractic massage to get her on the right path. I give her 2 joint treat minis every day and she is doing great. Got her weight down by controlling the calories and excercise every day. For 10 years old she looks and acts like 5.

    Works for us by suereno1 from massachusetts03/04/2012

    Our dog is 15 and already on joint meds, but this little treat just adds to his comfort and mobility and he loves the taste. great for a picky boy who does not eat every treat you give him.


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