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Phycox Joint Supplement

Phycox joint supplements As dogs get older, they become more prone to suffering from joint problems related to aging or disease. The stiffness and pain caused by joint inflammation make it difficult for them to perform normal activities. Medications can help, but some might also lead to unpleasant side effects. PhyCox joint supplements can provide pain relief and reduce inflammation without the risk of these side effects. PhyCox JS is made from a blue-green algae extract that contains phycocyanin, which is known to prevent the COX-2 enzyme from producing eicosanoids that cause inflammation. Phycocyanin also helps protect against free radical damage that can lead to several different degenerative diseases. This supplement comes in the form of PhyCox soft chews that also contain other antixodants, fatty acids and amino acids to provide additional joint support.

Phycox One Soft Chews

Phycox MAX Soft Chews (90 count)
Phycox MAX Soft Chews (90 count)

($64.99)  $40.89
Phycox ONE Soft Chews (60 count)
Phycox ONE Soft Chews (60 count)

($49.99)  $32.09
Phycox Soft Chews (120 count)
Phycox Soft Chews (120 count)

($89.99)  $54.99
Phycox ONE HA Soft Chews (120 count)
Phycox ONE HA Soft Chews (120 count)

($89.99)  $54.99
Phycox ONE MAX HA Soft Chews (90 count)
Phycox ONE MAX HA Soft Chews (90 count)

($89.99)  $59.99

Phycox Soft Chews

Phycox MAX HA Soft Chews (90 count)
Phycox MAX HA Soft Chews (90 count)

($64.99)  $44.79
Phycox MAX Small Bites Soft Chews (120 count)
Phycox MAX Small Bites Soft Chews (120 count)

($42.99)  $27.99
Phycox HA Small Bites (120 soft chews)
Phycox HA Small Bites (120 soft chews)

($39.99)  $27.99
Phycox JS Small Bites (120 soft chews)
Phycox JS Small Bites (120 soft chews)

($34.50)  $19.49


Phycox-EQ Joint Support Granules for Horses (96 gm)
Phycox-EQ Joint Support Granules for Horses (96 gm)

($8.50)  $3.99
Phycox-EQ Joint Support Granules for Horses (960 gm)
Phycox-EQ Joint Support Granules for Horses (960 gm)

($90.50)  $47.99
Phycox Max EQ Joint Support Granules for Horses (2700 gm)
Phycox Max EQ Joint Support Granules for Horses (2700 gm)

($155.99)  $119.99

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PhyCox® Soft Chews

(formally known as PhyCox JS soft chews) are a joint support formula to help reduce inflammation and discomfort due to normal daily activity.

PhyCox® A novel patented* support matrix containing phycocyanin, an extract of blue-green algae, found to function as a COX-2 inhibitor and antioxidant.

PhyCox® Provides a means and method to address and alleviate* pain and imflammation without some of the harmful side-effexts seen in other products.

  • Is a naturally derived extract of blue-green algae that is grown in the USA
  • Offers joint health support
  • Relieves joint discomfort
  • Provides scientifically demonstrated health benefits, including*
  • 1. Anti-inflammatory activity
    2. Antioxidant activity
    3. Improves joint mobility

    PhyCox® is a naturally derived extract of wild blue-green algae grown in the United States. Blue-green algae are a rich source of phytonutrients including Phycocyanin, a biliprotein that has scientifically demonstrated health benefits. They PhyCox® patented process produces a highly concentrated source of Phycocyanin, offering strong joint support and relief of discomfort in two ways:

    1. Proven Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) Inhibition: Numerous studies demonstrate the high concentrations of Phycocyanin found in PhyCox® specifically inhibit the COX-2 enzyme, blocking the synthesis of inflammatory eicosanoids, the natural mediators of imflammation in the body.

    2. Dynamic Antioxidant: Phycocyanin has powerful free radical scavenging properties. It can help enhance the body's defense against the degradative effects of free radicals that cause cellular damage and play a role in a host of degenerative conditions in dogs.

    Turmeric is a natural botanical extract from the roots of the Curcuma longa plant with well-researched health benefits. Due to its ability to inhibit leukotriene biosynthesis and modify prostaglandin production, Tumeric has demonstrated antiinflammatory and antioxidant capabilities.

    Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
    MSM provides dietary sulfur that aids in the efficient function of cellular membranes and supports healthy muscles and joints by reducing inflammation.

    Omge-3 Fatty Acids
    Omega-3 Fatty Acids help reduce inflammation by altering the production of inflammatory mediators and support joint health by inhibiting enzymes involved in cartilage matrix destruction.- Promotes healthy coat condition

    The Phycox®-EQ formula offers a joint support matrix for healthy synovial maintenance as wells as bone and muscle support.

    Glucosamine HCI
    As a precusor for glycominoglycans, glucaosamine supports joint health by stimulating GAG production. Glucosamine rduces the activity of inflammatory mediators and damaging anzymes that can degrade cartilage.

    Normal bone metabolism requires the mineral Boron. Boron supplementation increases bone strength and the mineral content of the bone organic matrix.

    Creatine Monohydrate
    Creatine is a significat amino acid found in skeletal muscle and it plays a role in muscular energy and may have value in improving muscle strength enabling the horses to feel more energetic.

    The PhyCox® formula also contains a special blend of antioxidants to complement the potent protection from oxidative damage offered by Phycocyanin and Tumeric.
  • Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Selenium
  • Zinc

  • Arthritis is a painful condition
    There are two major forms of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a common form of arthritis which involves inflammation of the jonts, swelling, pain, and loss of function. The primary sympton of rheumatoid arthritis is inflammation of the synovial membrane. The membrane thickens and synovial fluid accumulates. The resulting pressure causes pain and tenderness.

    The most common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis, is a degenerative joint disease that is far more common than rheumatoid arthritis. It is characterized by the deterioration of articular cartilage and the formation of new bone in the subchondral areas and at the margins of the joint. The cartilage slowly degenerates and as the bone ends become exposed, small bumps of new osseous tissue are deposited on them. These bumps decrease the space in the bone cavity and restrict joint movement.

    It has been discovered that a blue-green algae extract and, more particularly, phycocyanin functions as a COX-2 inhibitor that is effective in treating arthritis and other inflammatory conditions in animals. The use of phycocyanin is now patented and effective in reducing inflammation in animals through its ability to selectively inhibit the COX-2 enzyme.

    PhyCox® has all the joint support benefits od many commonly used products, plus scientific research has shown Phycox® to be effective at reducing pain and inflammation in dogs.

    More Effective alternative available for only $32.99
    For use in dogs only. A patented formula with Phycox®, a natural source of phycocyanin with proven health benefits. Recommended to support joint mobility and healthy bone structure. Provides enhanced antioxidant protection and Omega-3 Fatty Acids in a palatable soft chew.

    Directions for Use:

    Initial Administration (4 to 6 week period)
    Weight Amount
    5 - 15 lbs 1/2 chew daily
    16 - 30 lbs 1 chew daily
    31 - 60 lbs 2 chews daily
    61 - 100 lbs 4 chews daily
    Over 100 lbs 5 chews daily

    Maintenance Administration
    Weight Amount
    5 - 15 lbs 1/2 chew every other day
    16 - 30 lbs 1/2 chew daily
    31 - 60 lbs 1 chew daily
    61 - 100 lbs 2 chews daily
    Over 100 lbs 2 1/2 chews daily

    WHY Phycox®?

    PROVEN SAFE FOR DOGS* Clinical safety trials with dogs showed Phycox® to be safe when administered up to 16 times the label dose for 120 days. Trial parameters included:
  • Body Weight
  • Feed Consumption
  • Physical Exam
  • Daily Observation

  • No dose-related adverse effects were seen

    PROVEN HIGHLY EFFECTIVE IN DOGS A clinical study of arthritic dogs reflects the impressive efficacy of Phycox®:
  • 83% showed improvements within 60 days of beginning Phycox®
  • 94% responded after only 120 days!

  • Specific conditions that were monitored in this study included:
  • Mobility
  • Playfulness
  • Alertness
  • Activity level
  • Ability to rise
  • Pain level
  • Enthusiasm to run outside

    100% palatability guaranteed that your dog will love Phycox®.

  • PHYCOCYANIN - a naturally derived extract of blue green algae with proven Cyclooxgenase-2 Inhibition and dynamic antioxidant activity

  • TUMERIC demonstrated anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity

  • METHYSULFONYLMETHANE (MSM) Aids in the efficient function of cell membranes and supports healthy muscles and joints by reducing inflammation.

  • OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS - helps reduce and support joint health

  • GLUCOSAMINE HCL - reduces the activity if inflammatory mediators and damaging enzymes that can degrade cartilage.

  • BORON - increases bone strength

  • CREATINE MONOHYDRATE - plays a role in muscular energy while improving muscle strength enabling dogs to feel more energetic.

  • 1. Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
    2. Alpha Linolenic Acid (Flaxseed Oil sourced)
    3. Alpha Lipoic Acid
    4. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
    5. Citrus Bioflavonoids
    2. Grape Seed Extract
    2. Selenium
    2. Zinc

    Warnings For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and other animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

    Store at room temperature.
    Phycox® is a registered trademark of PSPC Inc.
    Active Ingredients per soft chew:
    Glucosamine HCL 450 mg
    Methylsulfonylmethane 400 mg
    Creatine Monohydrate 250 mg
    Alpha Linolenic Acid 200 mg
    Proprietary blend of citrus bioflavonoids
    Calcium phosphate
    manganese sulfate
    Ascorbic acid (vitamin C )
    zinc sulfate
    alpha lipoic acid
    grape seed extract
    132 mg
    Tumeric 50 mg
    Phycox® 30 mg
    Elcosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 9 mg
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 6 mg
    Boron 100 mcg
    Selenium 10 mcg
    Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) 25 IU

    Inactive Ingredients: Flaxseed Oil, Hydrolyxed Vegetable Protein, Magnesium Stearate, Marine Lipid Concentrates, Natural Liver Flavor, Sucrose.

    Cautions: Safe use in pregnant animasl or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If lameness worsens, discontinue use and contact your veterinarian.
    5.00 rating based on 3 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Phycox ONE HA Soft Chews (120 count)
    by Kat from Colorado01/21/2015

    Excellent product. Our Lab is getting older with a touch of arthritis, and this product helps him tremendously.

    Excellent for dogs with allergies @ a great price! by Dawg from Oregon03/19/2014

    Finally a joint sup for my HIGHLY allergic dog (and at a decent price too!) I have a currently near 11 yr old Golden Retriever. She loves these! They stay moist and firm. This site is the best price I found, as well as reward points and other offers. Highly reccomend this!

    Excellent Results by skdoolittlegirl from Florida and NC05/16/2014

    My doghter was placed on Phycox chews after hip surgery several years ago. She is now on maintenance and gets along great--jumps, runs, plays with ease! Some days I feel like asking her if she minds sharing with me---LOL!!!

    Featured Reviews for Phycox MAX Soft Chews (90 count)
    A "MUST HAVE ON HAND" by VIC04/07/2014

    This is a product that is SAFE and EFFECTIVE. It is a must have on hand product for all dog owners. Not only is it a great supplement for elderly dogs, it is also a great benefit for hard working dogs that may get a bit physically stressed when on the job. The results are quickly apparent after just a couple days of use. The dogs LOVE IT, it is a treat to them. I have recommended this product more than any other to my canine owner friends, and all report the same great benefits this product brings to their dogs. It is a great product to always have ON HAND. I will continue to recommend this product to others.

    Seems to work by coya4321 from Amesbury, Ma01/23/2015

    I give this to my 10 1/2 year old girl who has arthritis from a old acl tear and it does help her. I also give it to my 9 year old Lab who was showing some signs of lameness after his romps on the beach and I have definitley seen a difference..They both take it readily like a treat.

    Great Pyranees by Deb from Pensacola, FL01/21/2015

    We've had our very large, mixed Gr. Pyranees on this product for at least a year and a half and I won't change for any amount of money!! He is now 11&1/2 years old and showing signs of age but still getting around. I give Phycox the credit for his maintained mobility. WE love IT !

    Our dog is young again by Sablekc09/15/2014

    The pills have made a difference. Our 10 year old dog has more spring in his step and is acting like he did several years ago. He thinks the pill is a treat. They have made a noticeable difference in him.

    by from 10/04/2013

    Not only does this product not work very well, it is filled with ingredients that are included at sub-therapeutic levels. Other ingredients, like flax seed oil, are useless in dogs and cats and often have rancid oils that cause liver inflammation...not to say that this product has rancid oil, just that flax oil commonly becomes rancid.

    designed by product!" from Not a good productA


    by from 07/04/2013

    Featured Reviews for Phycox Soft Chews (120 count)
    Even better than the original. by Doggymom from Dearborn, Mi.09/13/2014

    Our dogs like the taste of these chews even better than the regular Phycox, and now we can get the same benefits by feeding them less chews. With two dogs needing them for hip problems, that's a big bonus. Thank you!

    Works great by Woody from California04/24/2014

    My whippet loves the taste. Seems to relieve her joint stiffness.

    PHYCOX by Pam07/31/2014

    When my dog was about 7, he was experiencing stiffness and had difficulty getting out of his bed in the mornings. His whimpering would break my heart. It was a year ago that I started him on Phycox. Now, he may be a little slow getting up sometimes but doesn't seem to be in any more pain. I noticed results within a few months. I like that now I only have to give him 1 per day and he loves them. That was not the case with other products I had tried. I am so happy that my daughter suggested the product.

    excellent for aging dogs by tracycsb from Harker Heights, TX08/17/2014

    My now 9 year old lab mix started using this a little over a year or year and a half ago and no longer acts his age - he runs much more freely all around the yard chasing his "sister" (younger lab mix) now. It definitely helped him with his joints, so she is also getting this product preemptively. Delivery was not the fastest I've had (7+ days), but was delivered nonetheless and in the appropriate condition (star rating does not take delivery into account).

    Good Product by cookie03/18/2014

    I don't want to sound condescending but when i read Phycox One soft chews,to me it sounds like it should only take one soft chew to accomplish the goal set forth.Until you read the directions and than it says if your dog weighs more than 100#lbs you will need 2 soft chews which of coarse doubles the cost of the dosage .......you decide?

    Great Prices by toeggy from Pensacola, Fl09/01/2014

    Once I got the BEST price and Quick Delivery. A plesant and easy purchase

    Happy with Phycox One by DogsRFun from Salt Lake City, Utah08/11/2014

    Two rescued dogs - Lab mix and Husky - both been with us 9 and 11 years respectively, appreciate Phycox ONE chews and take them hungrily. The Lab will chase a ball until he practically drops dead and is much less gimpy the next day if he gets his Phycox. The Husky is getting a bit wobbly in her hips, but with massage and Phycox, is hanging in there. Both have the greatest pleasure of a race and bark fest at the back fence when the neighbor's dogs are out. I think they could race back and forth and bark for hours. I'm happy to help them enjoy life and I get the pleasure of watching their antics!

    Good Stuff! by Pat from Kansas City area05/12/2014

    My dog just loves the Phycox soft chews. They disappear like magic! She doesn't have many teeth left, but has no trouble chewing them. I think they are helping her arthritis, too.

    Phycox one by Rowan from Ohio07/12/2014

    my rotti loves them,recently he was diagnosed with wobbler syndrome,my vet said they would help with his mobility and they have,I give him 1 in the am and another at bedtime,hes sleeping better as a result.Another plus is that my vet charges almost twice what I pay through Entirely Pets.Gotta love it!

    GOOD RESULTS IN THE PAST. by JANIE from OHIO06/05/2014


    Four months of application by Pedro from Encinitas, Calif.08/04/2014

    We have been giving Cherokee and Cheyenne, our twelve year old Golden Retrievers, the Phycox soft chew canine joint supplement for four months now with good results. Both pets were experiencing trips and falls and were reluctant to enter and exit the automobile prior to the application. Both are doing much better on leashed walks and climbing stairs with no signs of discomfort since the addition of the Phycox chews to their daily meal. The product was recomended by their vet.

    my doxies love it by lazylin from florida07/09/2014

    I've always had trouble getting my 2 doxies to eat their hip and joint tabs. I had to hide them in everything from bill jacks treats to hard boiled eggs to get them to eat them. But with this product they just eat them like candy.

    Best chews ever by piggie from Mpls.Mn.05/16/2014

    Have been giving my dog this product since he was about 10 and it helped him then and its still helping. And he looks forward to getting it too.

    good product by stacie from Ogdensburg, NY09/26/2014

    I like the ease of giving this product. The animals love the flavor.

    WARNING - Formula changed!! by California Consumer09/11/2014

    I used Phycox for many years with great results. The company recently changed their formula to Phycox "ONE" and it is horrible. My dog had diarrhea after the first dose and refused to consume it thereafter. I switched to Hycox.

    by from 07/07/2014

    Phycox definitely seemed to improve my dog's (7 yr old large mixed breed) inflammation and stiffness within three days use (2x/day). However my dog had a strong allergic reaction to the chews. The customer service rep for PSPC (Phycox) was sincerely concerned and recorded information for their records and research. She suggested that the liver flavoring has been known to cause allergies in some dogs and that we consider the HA (non-allergenic) formula. I was advised to request refund from the place of purchase; am awaiting a refund from EntirelyPets, minus shipping charges.

    as by your from dogEffective


    My dog love these! by Redhead036 from Bakersfield,Ca.10/02/2014

    My dog Blu loves these and they are a really good price.

    Very good product for my two dogs! by GWS from North Carolina01/22/2015

    Eating 2 of these daily makes a difference!

    Product works well by Yooper3403/16/2014

    Before we gave her phycox she had a hard time to move around and to go up and down steps. We give her 1 chew when she wakes up in the morning. (She likes it and thinks it is a treat.) She is able to move around much better and able to go up and down steps now with no help.

    Featured Reviews for Phycox ONE Soft Chews (60 count)
    Better than the original by henrywb05/12/2014

    Our dogs liked the taste and it seemed to be more effective with fewer to dispense. Good choice. Will reorder

    Featured Reviews for Phycox MAX Small Bites Soft Chews (120 count)
    Miracle-working treat by Keith from Parker,Colorado07/16/2014

    This stuff is amazing! Our 13-year-old Sheltie has changed from a stiff "old man" to moving freely!

    Good for Older Dogs by snoot man from Broken Arrow, OK07/25/2014

    I have three older dogs and, on the vets recommendation, I have been using Phycox for several years. None of them seem to have any serious joint issues.

    Featured Reviews for Phycox HA Small Bites (120 soft chews)
    good purchase by Geri06/07/2012

    Phycox HA works very well in conjuction w/ my collie taking Rimadyl for her arthritis in her hips...Noticed a big change in 48 to 72 hrs...Will keep her on it...

    Phycox HA small bites work by Kashlyn from CT03/18/2014

    My westie has developed allergies in her golden years so while we know the regular phycox works, we decided to switch to the phycox HA to assure that she wasn't getting something in them that she didn't need. She is happy, active and you wouldn't know she's 14 years old.

    It is working by Cookie from Columbus OH11/15/2012

    I got this from our vet. She said all the ingredient is natural, so I was able to give my dog comfortably. It seems working. She limps less than before. Most of all, she loves this product.

    `Phenomenal by didiface71 from Tampa FL05/19/2013

    They eat it up and I notice a major difference in their movement as well as their allergies. I still have to give Romeo a Benadryl 2 or 3 times a week, but that is down from daily before starting Phycox HA.

    Best Cookie Ever by Scooter from Jonesborough, TN10/23/2012

    Its not always easy to get our pets to take things that are good for them, especially when they are highly allergic to most food products. My dog thinks these Phycox HA small bites are the best treats she can get, and it seems to help her walk a little easier.

    Good Results II by Joe04/02/2014

    Price too high.Price too high. Price too high. Price too high. Price too high. Price too high. Price too high. Price too high. Price too high.

    Featured Reviews for Phycox JS Small Bites (120 soft chews)
    Dog loves it by Linda from Grand Junction, Colorado11/29/2010

    I have a 15 year old Cairn Terrier who has been helped enormously by these chews. She is a finicky eater, but will eat these withouth a problem. She is a lot less stiff, especially in the cold weather.

    GreatProduct by wendy from Ma.08/18/2012

    I use Phycox daily. My little Dog has bad hips and she is much better since I statred using this product, I am afraid to run out. She is jumping on the couch ,up in my lap and playing with her sisters Like never before. She is a rescue for me But a great dog.

    Phycox Small Bites by Wendy05/20/2012

    My Little dog has very bad hips. She was a rescue Not knowing why she started screaming in pain one day. I took her to the vets and xrays reveiled her very bad hips. The vet put her on the Phycox and gave her pain killers. I found keeping her on the Phycox she was doing things she had not done in a few years. She is playing more and jumping up on the couch. She is much happier and I will keep her on this for the rest of her life.

    Amazing by Frogandcricket06/11/2013

    I have a 7 yr old dachshund/minature pincher mix that was showing signs of extreme pain. The vet believes the problem lies in his neck/back. He quit playing for months (and he's one of those dogs that will play fetch until he drops) and would cry out and have problems moving. My vet prescribed pain pills and My sister-in-law suggested trying these bites for him. The difference in my dog since he has been taking the Phycox bites is nothing short of amazing. He is no longer on the pain meds and he is playing again and shows no signs of discomfort. And the bites are so yummy, he thinks he's getting a treat. Best thing I ever bought for him.

    Very Helpful by Penny Girl from California02/05/2014

    I have a almost 17 year old chocolate lab and these chews help her. She is not able to chew hard tablets and she is very picky of what she does eat. I crumble these chews in her food and she seems to be able to move around better. She gets excited at food time. Thank you

    Very satisfied by mjnix04/15/2013

    Product received as described,excellent service,delivered as agreed

    by from 10/26/2010




    Phycox by Tlcstamper from Greeley, CO12/03/2012

    My dog loves the Small Bites and anxiously awaits her "treats." I do believe that they are helping alleviate her hip pain because she is able to ascend stairs without as much limping.

    by Tammejean from Florida10/23/2012

    This product has done wonders for my dog.

    Great help for hips! by Hannah06/24/2010

    I have a golden retriever who is 14 1/2 yrs old. the vet started her on Phycox last year to see if it would help her hips and I was amazed at the improvement within less than 2 weeks. Last month she will vomiting and we took her off of all her meds (Rimadil and Phycox) and got her GI tract settled down. Not knowing the cause of her vomiting we decided to start her back slowly on each medication. She could barely stand up after just a few weeks off of the Phycox and had trouble going down the steps. I have started her back and she is so much improved I can't believe the difference! Steps are not the problem they were and she can get up easier from a sleeping position on the floor.

    Phycox products by cjisu09/10/2013

    I have been using Phycox for 8 years and will not use another suplement for my dogs. Our rescue Corgi's ears stood up after being on Phycox for a few years. My vet had never seen this from a dog who had been mal nourished from a puppy mill and was a rescue that we took too give her a good life. This system of suplements really works.

    Good Product and Service by BobB08/06/2012

    Fast delivery; great product for aging dog's joint health

    Good Price by Annie D from San Diego, CA08/10/2012

    The price of this product along with the shipping options was the best value I found. And I do shop around to find the best price.

    Great by BobB from Winchester, VA12/31/2012

    Good prices and prompt service and delivery

    by BobB04/07/2012

    Good product at a good price, and excellent customer service

    Great by BBMFIC1 from Mesa AZ08/21/2012

    Good product keeps my dauchy from having back aches, he is 12 years old and still acts like a puppy.

    Vet Recommended by dkksp04/21/2013

    My little dog is a picky eater but loves the taste!

    Best thing Ever... by GracieKSnell from Lexington, SC05/14/2013

    My 11 year old Beagle is starting to have knee problems, a little "clickity clack" when she runs so we started her on these to get the knee the needed nutriants due to the strong endorsement from the Vet~ that's saying a lot. Keep making them and we'll keep using them.

    good for my old dog by anglo from tulsa ok09/16/2013

    I have a dog who is the grand old age of 17,and your product seems to help his mobility He is still able to go on short walks and I would definitely recommend Phycox to anybody with an older dog.

    Great product by puppymom from Greenville, MS11/18/2012

    After two months of this supplement there is a marked improvement in both of my small dogs. They are 12 and 13 years old, my Jack Russell was barely moving around - he is running and playing like a young adult again. My poodle mix breed is not limping anymore. I have been VERY pleased with the results of this product. I have now placed my third order.

    Canine Arthritis Help by Patty from West Texas02/27/2013

    Phycox has been benifitial in the comfort of my older dogs. I bought the first jar at the vet office and loved finding it for an affordable price here. It really helps.

    Great Joint Product! by CindiWS from Sandusky OHIO01/20/2013

    I tried Cosequin D for my 8 year old, 20lb. Schnauzer, but he still seemed hesitant in moving too much, although better. Phycox Small Bites is well liked by my dog and easy to dispense. He loves to catch, so I toss it in the air for him to catch...easy! He loves to run again and takes our stairs so much easier now!! Thank you for a wonderful product!!

    Greatest purchase by Mainewoman from St. Albans, Maine08/01/2013

    My Bichon Carrie is almost 15 years old and suffers from arthritis. Our vet put her on a drug which required constant blood tests and had some bad side effects down the road. I wanted something better for her and purchased your Phycox JS Small Bites (120 soft chews. She gets one chew daily in addition to her massage and she is no longer on the other meds. She is doing just fine. I cannot say enough about your sales and service and the products you offer. I will be ordering from you on a regular basis.

    Excellent product by Janie from Ohio01/22/2012

    I purchased the first phycox from my vet which he highly recommended for my 17 yr.old dog .But found it to be cheaper from Entirely Pets.com After a few weeks my dog was improving and I dont miss a day giving it to her.Vet suggested a higher dose for a few months now I give the dog one small chew daily shes 16lbs.Started with the large chew.

    Great Product by Ron from Cox's Creek, Ky06/11/2013

    When our dog gets up in the morning and goes outside to do her morning business she come back inside and looks right at the bottle. She waits until we open it and give her one no matter how long she has to wait.

    Great for joints by Scott07/18/2013

    An excellent product if your dog has joint issues. It made our older dogs much friskier, seeming to take away several years of age.

    My Dogs Love Them by grumpygirl01/21/2015

    My dogs love these bites. I have one dog that the vet recommended we give these treats to and an older dog that will also hopefully benefit. They are both active so we want to keep their joints strong and flexible. As soon as they see the jar, they go crazy. I have used them before from the vet. Glad I checked and found them at Entirely Pets.

    Best thing Ever... by Gracieks from Lexington, SC05/29/2013

    My older beagle is having knee issues, making a clickity clack noise and prior to taking her in for a little laser, the vet recommended Phycox. Have given to her and she's rebounded wonderfully. Now I'm rethinking the laser...?

    Great purchase by GoldiBird from Carmel, In06/05/2012

    Great for dogs w/joint issues & just old age.

    Great product for joints! by pbreland11/18/2012

    I use Phycox for all 3 of my dogs - ages 8-12. It really does help with joint stiffness and movement.

    by shewolfe07/29/2012

    Helps my chihuahua....already recommended it to a friend as well.

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