• 2-PACK PhyCox Soft Chews (240 Soft Chews)

    2-PACK PhyCox Soft Chews (240 Soft Chews)

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    Phycox is the new and improved formula intended to support your petís joints with a taste they will love.

     This formula is more nutrient dense to give your pet more of the glucosamine, MSM, antioxidants and creatine that support healthy joints. Phycox is the only joint supplement that contains phycocyanin, Phycoxís signature ingredient for promoting joint health.

    Phycox works both to support joints and to reduce inflammation and discomfort that your pet might experience on a day-to-day basis. Its new formula is enough to offer most dogs one chew or less for each day and still receive the benefits of noticeably healthier joints. This bottle of Phycox One comes with 120 soft chews but a bottle with 60 soft chews is also available. For petís with allergies to medication, check out Phycox One HA and Phycox One HA MAX. Arthritis and joint problems are a common problem in dogs, so donít wait until your dog is suffering- order Phycox One today!

    Key Features:
  • Newly balanced formula for optimum joint health
  • Highly palatable taste
  • Available in both 60 ct. or 120 ct. sizes
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    Usage Information

    For use in dogs only. A patented formula with Phycox®, a natural source of phycocyanin with proven health benefits. Recommended to support joint mobility and healthy bone structure. Provides enhanced antioxidant protection and Omega-3 Fatty Acids in a palatable soft chew.

    Warnings: For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and other animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

    Storage: Store at room temperature. Phycox® is a registered trademark of PSPC Inc.

    Safe for use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If lameness worsens, discontinue use and contact your veterinarian.


    Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Magnesium Stearate, Marine Lipid Concentrates, Natual Liver Flavor, Sucrose.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Good stuff by Sparkiegal from Michigan10/22/2012

    My vet gave me a sample of this product and it did wonders for my 8 year old border collie.

    Excellent product by Windy from Arizona01/24/2013

    My vet recommended this for my aging golden retriever,. I found it at Entirely Pets so reasonably priced instead of purchasing it from the vet's office.. It has helped him so much . I swear by this product.

    terrible retrun polices by Frittsy from Erie, PA05/06/2012

    When I called them about my return, they told me it takes 3-4 weeks to process. I have waited three weeks already. Would not order from them again.

    helped my dog by Rita10/31/2012

    my dog is a mixed breed with husky, beagle, and pug. Short legs, long body, and beagle knees so this equally hip and joint issues. He is 3 and started missing the couch when he wanted to look out the window. Our vet said to try these and he likes them. My dog is PICKY about his food and treats. His appetite improved as well. I am guessing he feels better.

    Love The Phycox by Texasgal from Odessa, Texas02/28/2013

    Our lab mix suffers from stiffness due to being hit by a car and suffering from a broken pelvis prior to us adopting her. As she has aged we noticed she has been struggling to get up and down and she laid around a lot. Once I started her on the Phycox she changed into a different dog. She was throwing her toys in the air and rolling around playing. GREAT PRODUCT. We make certain she is never without this product.

    Dogs love these by Boys at the beach from Holden Beach, NC02/05/2014

    My dogs eat these like they are a treat. I have a cocker spaniel that has had ASL surgery on both knees so he needs this supplement. It makes it a lot easier to administer if he thinks it's a treat!

    PhyCox Soft Chews by Colleen S from Las Vegas, NV02/26/2013

    Three times less the cost at the vet for the exact same product. We are noticing a positive change in our dogs arthritic condition since starting on PhyCox. She is almost 13!

    Hip dysplasia by momthepackleader05/22/2014

    I learned of Phycox from my daughter who rescued a senior Cocker with 'shaky legs'. Murphy now runs with no problem and acts more 'puppy like!' I bought Phycox for my 13 year old Lab mix who has won many blue ribbons in agility in her day...but in the last year has had problems walking, even falling down and 'scooting' on her rear. I have been giving her Phycox for several months, and now Phycox-Max with excellent results. Kitty loves them, begs for them. She is walking much better and rarely falls on her bum anymore. Thank you! My fear of having to put her down or build her a 'wheel cart' is gone! Kitty, my baby girl thanks you too! :~)

    Great Product by Liz from St Louis, Mo01/17/2012

    I have been using Phycox for two years. It provides excellent arthritis relief for my 12 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. The difference in his behavior is huge!! Love this stuff!!

    Excellent product by Jim from Colorado06/27/2014

    Our vet recommended Phycox, our dog likes it as much as any treat, and it seems to be a big help in easing his arthritis.

    Very tasty (according to my Cockers!) by PattiW from Spring Lake, NC12/14/2012

    These chews will be eaten right from your hand so there is no struggle for your pet to "take his medicine"!

    old annie by cmack from london, ar04/14/2012

    supplement appears to help my ol Annie better than anything else I have tried

    Phycox by mike from ohio01/01/2013

    My 10 year old Stanard poodle girl was having hip issues and her rear legs would just shake when standing. after a couple of weeks taking Phycox she is running around again.

    Best Price by Beck11/14/2011

    Every time I need to order more Phycox, I check on-line prices. Entirely Pets always has the best price and Free Shipping over $85.00, which I love.

    Great product by Bostonboys from Mpls,mn05/26/2014

    This works for our arthritic dog, helps him move around better, and he thinks he's getting a treat!

    by Heidi05/09/2014

    I really see the difference that Phycox makes. My dog gets around so much more easily. She's no longer afraid of stairs.

    by TandemAcres from Rutland VT05/01/2014

    our dog loves them and I can see a noticeable improvement in her ability to get around with these

    Phycox a great product by Owen from Ohio01/16/2013

    Phycox has worked wonders for limping secondary to hip dysplasia. 120 lb mixed breed would limp and cry out prior to starting Phycox when he was only 2 years old. After starting Phycox he was able to go on 2 mile walks 4-5 times a week with no pain or limping. Excellent product

    by from 08/02/2013

    The chews smell good, and my big baby absolutely loves them! Being on sale, and using a coupon I was able to buy in volume and save quite a bit of money, thank you! Much cheaper than my high priced vet!

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    Great Product and Supplier by Kshef from Fort Worth, TX06/19/2013

    This product really helps my older English Pointer with the arthritis in her back. I price check the product every time and Entirely Pets is competitive in price and shipping.

    My puppies favorite!!! by Elizabeth07/09/2013

    All of my puppy dogs love this product and are always excited to receive their treat. Extra bonus--it really works too!

    awesome by fluff from Osgood IN02/16/2013

    My GSP Buddy has been on Phycox for a little over a month now, and he feels great..He is jumping and being obnoxious like he use to...I have already recomended this to a friend..

    by JIM01/24/2012


    PhyCox by jack from Springfield, Mo07/18/2013

    We have used it on4 dogs and they have all done very good on it

    Vet recommended by H317 from Vanc.Wa.10/30/2012

    Our Vet recommended this product for our female mastiff and we also give it to our male mastiff since they are such large dogs. We have placed many orders for this product with Entirely Pets and are very satisfied with the product and results.

    great product by lovedogs10/02/2013

    My vet told me to put my dogs on this. He sells it for twice the price! This is a great product at a great price.

    great to buy a product that really works by Diane from Florida03/02/2013

    My 13 year old yellow lab has been taking this for about 4 years. I belive this is why she gets around so well.

    They really work by Mike from Sterling Hts, Michigan06/12/2014

    these work as advertised. my 2 yellow labs think they are treats and love them. my older dog seems to be much better since taking these. gets up and around better and is more playful. highly recommend.

    by from 03/10/2013

    The Good - These soft chews make great pill stuffers. Just press the pill in and pinch it over. Does it help joint problems? Have been using this product for years but just can't say.

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    Great product by Koa from Lake Villa, Illinois01/01/2013

    This is a great product for my Lab. It has really helped his mobility. I assume they taste good because he takes them like a treat. But then Labs will eat anything. The price is the best I've found. I just wish free shipping was at $80.

    PHYCOX by Georgette11/12/2013

    It seems to be making my 12 yr. old lab more comfortable to take her morning walks. Has put pep in her step.

    Works for Lily. by Anne-Marie from Franklin, TN07/15/2012

    I have purchased this several times for my 12 year old greyhound as an alternative to prescription arthritis medications. Seems to work really well for her and has less side effects.

    Can't go without it!! by Dogmom47 from Benson, AZ05/09/2013

    This product is great. We won't let our older dogs go without it.

    very helpful by cathy12/06/2011

    Our dog has a bad knee and our vet recommended these supplements and they have helped her function better since we do not want to do any surgery.

    Half Price of Vet Clinic by Randy4 from Michigan's UP07/14/2013

    My vet recommended Phycox for my older Labrador who seems to have the same joint symptoms as I. His symptoms have lessened considerably but I can't scientifically attest to the product's medicinal value. However, I do like and trust my vet and follow his recommendations, but obviously buy from Entirely Pets where the cost is half of what the vet charges. I compared on-line pricing for pet products and have been giving Entirely Pets my business.

    Does not think they are treats.... by Luvmytwodogs from Missouri11/10/2012

    My dog has almost finished one container. She does not think they are treats, I have to try to hide them crumbled in her food. She still seems stiff and limps at times, but we'll keep trying them (one more container to go) and see if they help over time.

    Phycox by Angiegirl from N.R. Oh06/06/2014

    My 13 yr. Old lab is doing fantastic on this product, it was recommended by my vet. My friend has a 12 yr. Old collie with severe walking difficulties and now is walking the fence line again since she's been on this. Great product

    Will continue to use by basset11/23/2011

    This product has helped my senior pets with their arthritis. I could tell a difference within the 2nd week.

    Good Results by Basset Mom from Arkansas05/05/2014

    Phycox recommended by vet. Both my Bassets take everyday. It seems to keep their arthritis down most of the time. One Basset had back surgery and the oldest had signs of arthritis first. They like the soft chews and have no problems taking it. At 8 and 9 years, they still will run and chase.

    Pyrhouse by Pyrhouse from Oregon04/27/2013

    We use this product for the tumeric for our dog's arthritis. It takes a while to accumulate in her system but it works. We also give her straight tumeric which is very effective. For years we have purchased from Entirely till this last shipment when they pack and sent us a very badly damaged container with damaged contents. Numerous emails to them went unanswered--very poor customer service.

    Phycox Chews by Debbie from Louisiana06/15/2013

    My dogs seem to like the flavor of the chews and they are very easy to administer. They have only been on them a month but my older dog seems to be walking better.

    PhyCox Soft Chews by Sapphiremary from Michigan09/24/2013

    Just started these with our 10 year old cocker Lady Bug. Too soon to see any changes, but she loves the "special" treat. The price for the two pack was a great value and the service was excellent.

    Very Good product by SARDOG from Ohio10/24/2011

    My search and rescue dog is 8 years old and was starting to get a little bit of arthritis. I started giving her this product about 2 months ago and the improvement is tremendous. She is acting like a young dog again and even runs around with my new 6 month old puppy, who is a maniac. I reccommend this product to anyone!

    Great Product by maggiesmom from Fort Worth, Texas09/25/2013

    I have a 13 year old golden retriever and a 4 year old chocolate lab and have been giving them phycox chews for over a year now. They definitely help and the girl's love them.



    Superb by Sally from Covington05/20/2014

    Phycox goes without saying....is one of the finest products of its type! But you can find Phycox most anywhere. Where this review is important is for all to know that buying from Entirely Pets is the only place to shop. Buy with confidence. The selection is excellent and the company stands behind all that they sell. And should you find that your ordering system is a little amiss and you're running short, Entirely Pets has speedy delivery. I am a very happy repeat customer!

    Doggie Joint Relief by 1catluver from Tucson, AZ03/05/2013

    We have been ordering this for my dogs on the recommendation of my vet. We have seen a big difference in our pets flexibility on this product.

    joint relief by pjb from ma08/09/2013

    helps my 2 old dogs to be able to keep going for a short walk

    Great product by Little etch from Sonoma, CA01/24/2012

    This product was recommended to us by our vet and after just a few weeks on this our 12-year old golden-shepherd mix was a new dog!! He is so much more active and playful. I highly recommend this product.

    Great product for aging pets. by Chris10/23/2012

    We currently use Phycox with two of our dogs. As they aged they have shown slowness and general aches and pains . After about six weeks on Phycox their mobility has markedly improved. It's good to see them back to their former selves.

    Phycox is great by weim mom from Franklinton, LA03/10/2013

    Phycox soft chews are a big hit with my dogs. They think that they are getting treats but they are also getting healthy benefits. My 12 year old weim has arthritis in her hips and elbows but the Phycox helps and she barely limps at all. Great product--recommended by my vet.

    Great Product by Chesseysmom from Las Vegas, NV11/06/2013

    Our four year old lab has developed arthritis in her joints and we give her Phycox daily for this. She loves the taste and it's no problem at all to get her to eat the Phycox. I recommend Phycox if you animal is having joint discomfort. It helps.

    My first experience with Entirely Pets. by Chris from Bradenton Florida06/27/2014

    I did research and Entirely Pets had the best price for PhyCox. Not only was the price great but the shipping was fast. My 12 year old dogs can jump up on the back of the couch again. WOW. I was so impressed that I am now going to order my meds through Entirely Pets Pharmacy. Great company. Great prices. Great customer service. Thank you very much. Chris D

    Best deal around by Shellx205/28/2014

    By far the best deal I've found for this product!! Quick shipping. Very pleased!!

    Great price by Cindy from Bastrop, Texas10/11/2013

    I am very happy with the product. Having 2 large dogs (60 and 90 lbs) and both being over 12 years of age, this is an important part of their health program. And as a retired Vet Tech I appreciate the quality ingredients in the product and the price on Entirely Pets is the best I can find. Just wished I made the BOGO sale! Please give me another chance!

    by from 08/21/2013

    This is an excellent product. We noticed a difference in performance of our 10 year old corgi in less than a week. Se was lethargic and just laid around, not liking to walk or do stairs. All this changed in about a week. She has been on the Phycox chewables for about ten months now and is doing well.

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