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Sam's Yams Big Boyz Sweet Potato Chewz (1 lb)

Item Number: SY104-16
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Sam's Yams Big Boyz Sweet Potato Chewz (1 lb) are high in antioxidants + fiber that dramatically improve digestive health. They contain vitamin A, B6, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, thiamin, riboflavin + niacin. They are low in calories.

Basically, there is no highly processed anything, such as wheat gluten, corn, starch, plastics, polymers, animal by-products, animal digest or rendered animal meat or fat. Just a pure food...sweet potato.

Additionally, Sam's Yams help clean teeth + gums. There are no foul odors + they will NOT STAIN CARPETS! Made of very thick slabs of dehydrated sweet potato, designed for larger breeds. Each chew has the nutritional value of half of a large sweet potato! Packaged in a convenient 1 lb. resealable bag.


Customer Reviews

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4.43 rating based on 14 reviews
Nice Alternative to Rawhide by mlb from Manson, WA04/24/2014

I was looking for an alternative to rawhide for Griffin, my 108 lb. Rottweiler. He eats raw sweet potato so I decided to try these. He loves them! They are fairly big and thick - like a good-sized sweet potato sliced lengthwise. The only down side is that they don't last as long as a rawhide strip and they are expensive. There are usually about 16 in a bag. That's why I rated them at 4 stars instead of 5.

Great treat for large dogs by Cathy K12/07/2011

I have an Irish Wolfhound that loves treats but does not need a ton of extra calories in his diet. This treat is great. He loves them and they have an added bonus of cleaning his teeth. Don't give your dog too many of these as the fiber will give him loose stools.

Dogs not crazy about this by Angela from New Orleans, LA01/07/2014

I loved the idea of giving my pups the Sam's Yams, especially since I have made my own yam treats for them and they loved them! They were not crazy about these treats. When I got home from work 2 of the 3 treats were still there, uneaten!

Happy pups. by Sooby7810/24/2012

My dogs love these, they're a substantial size and thickness and much more safe than rawhide.

Dogs don't Like Big Boyz by Bea from Denver, CO08/03/2014

Neither of my dogs would eat any of these yams Big Boyz. They have eaten other sweet potato jerky chews, but hated these. I called Entirely Pets to ask if I could return the other 3 bags, but nobody EVER called me back. I gave a bag to a neighbor, and his dog would not eat them either.

no better yum yum by crazydogz02/24/2013

I have 5 crazy terriers. You'd think it was a war zone when it's time for their Sam's Yams. These are big, bold treats, just the right size, the size of my terrier's heads. They devour them as fast as they can before someone else gets theirs. Best yum yum ever. Can't keep stocked

Moldy Sam's Yams by bmwaggie from Texas03/12/2013

When I received the shipment of Sam's Yams for my golden retriever who LOVES them, one of large bags of "Big Boyz" treats was full of green mold! I cannot use that in any way. We even took pictures because it was so bad, no one believed us until we showed them.

Good for big dogs by MB04/25/2013

My dog has severe food allergies and raw hides are a no-no. Big Boy yams allow her chew for a bit as if they are "raw hides." Lately, I have been disappointed in the size of the yams received. They are much smaller than my first purchasr.

by from 07/09/2013

by lskty from FT LAUDERDALE07/31/2013

my dogs use to love these treats. Now they don't like them. I don't believe they are fresh

Yummy by Marilyn from St. Louis04/10/2013

My chocolate lab needs to lose a few pounds so I was looking for a healthy snack to give him. I bought a small package from a local dog bakery to try them. He loved them. Found them here much cheaper. They smell just like fresh baked sweet potatoes. I think I could eat them. I got the large size and he loves them..

MOLDY Sams Yams!!! by bmwaggie from Houston, TX03/27/2013

I regularly order Sams Yams for my golden retriever, who LOVES them from Entirely Pets. This time, I ordered 3 large bags, and one of the bags was completely full of green mold when I received it! I shared my concern with Entirely Pets online through customer service and never received a response at all. This makes me want to take my business elsewhere. I purchase all of our Pegetables and Sams Yams at Entirely Pets and will now have to seek a different vendor, as they did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to rectify the situation and these are fairly expensive treats.

Moldy sweet potatoes by bmwaggie from Houston, TX07/17/2013

This is the second batch of moldy Sam's Yams I have received from Entirely Pets! However, I buy them locally and they are a perfect healthy treat for my sweet golden retriever. Just don't order them from Entirely Pets!!!

Sweet Potato Chewz are my favorite! by Stymie07/02/2013

My mom always buys me treats from Entirely Pets. Sam's Yams are one of my very favorite. I like them much better than rawhide and they are better for me too. Tell your momma to buy you some..soon!

Nice special treat by Fandango33 from San Francisco, CA07/10/2013

My boy looks forward to his special treat. The bigger size takes a little longer to eat. Hard to find in the stores, so we are happy they have them.

great treat healthy, too! by 2 poodles from Hawaii04/14/2014

My dogs love these treats. Nice change from raw hide or meat sticks.

Yummy Gooey Chewy by TBone from Redondo Beach, CA01/22/2014

These are great chewz! My dog loves these chews. I love them because she is allergic to beef, so I cannot give her rawhides. They also last a good amount of time (which is great for her because she goes through chews rapid fire)and they don't stain the carpet. Just remember though, sweet potato color in, sweet potato color out!

Great treat! by Lisa12/13/2009

My dog absolutely loves these! He has food allergies and is on a sweet potato and venison diet, and these are the only treats that I have found that are suitable with his diet, because they are completely natural. When he gets these as a special treat, he is thrilled.

by from 10/24/2012


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