• Sam's Yams Veggie Rawhide Sweet Potato Chewz (14 oz)

    Sam's Yams Veggie Rawhide Sweet Potato Chewz (14 oz)

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    Sam's Yams Veggie Rawhide Sweet Potato Chewz are high in antioxidants + fiber that dramatically improve digestive health. They contain vitamin A, B6, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, thiamin, riboflavin + niacin. They are low in calories.

    Key Benefits
  • Each treat features an exclusive hard furrowed surface and patented design which helps clean teeth and gums
  • No highly processed anything, such as wheat gluten, refined sugars, corn, plastics, polymers, animal by-products, animal digest, rendered animal meat or fat
  • Nature provides us food sources in a delicious array of colors, flavors, and aromas. Recent research shows us that the orange spectrum of color generally relates to an excellent source of beta carotene
  • Treats are 100% vegetarian and grain and gluten-free which is great for dogs with allergies, sensitivities, or even dogs who prefer wholesome natural flavor
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B-6, vitamin C, manganese, copper, potassium, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin
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    Usage Information

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein (min) 5%
    Crude Fat (min) 0%
    Crude Fiber (max) 5%
    Moisture (max) 20%
    Beta Carotene* (min) 204,566 IU/kg
    *Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog or Cat Food Nutrient Profiles

    Safety First: As with any edible treat, monitor your dog while chewing. Offer daily as a healthy edible treat to promote clean teeth and gums. For smaller fogs, if necessary, break into a smaller size. Always make sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh, clean water.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    love them!! by pamL from St. Louis, MO11/13/2011

    These treats are so healthy for my dogs. They love them. And they are made in the USA- WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME!

    Crazy about Sam's Yams by Deb from Bonita Springs, FL10/22/2012

    Our dog is allergic to all animal by-products so our selection of treats are limited, but our "bully" loves Sam''s Yams and would rather have that treat than any other.

    Sam's Yams Rawhide Chewz by Debby from Maryland05/28/2013

    Our dogs really like these chewz. I split them in half for them.

    sams yams by patti from connecticut05/31/2012

    my yellow lab has food allergies and is on a strict diet of sweet potatoe and whitefish dog food. It was nice to find something he can enjoy as a snack and that he loves! it keeps him on his diet and looks forward to his yam treats!

    by from 10/27/2011

    These are organic healthy chews - good for all dogs and especially those with allergies. Loaded with Carotenoids, Vitamin C and Fiber!

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    by Buddy03/24/2013

    Nice everyday treat just right for between meals.

    A Fantastic Treat that's Healthy Too! by Yorkie Mama from Orange Park, FL10/04/2013

    The pack loved this product! I like giving it to them, because it's healthy, and the amount you get in the package goes a long way. With 6 dogs to "treat" volume is necessary when purchasing for them. Takes them a while to chew these, gives them a workout, and is a way to clean their teeth too. I would recommend this to anyone.

    Great treat by Jan from Charlotte NC10/23/2012

    Love these treats! Healthy and substantial~~Makes your dogs really think they are super special!

    great! by maryb from Tulsa, OK03/27/2014

    My dogs love these. And I feel good about giving them to them.

    Love these!!!!! by abbyshouse06/18/2012

    Loaded with antioxidants and my dogs love them! Alot better for them than rawhide or dental chews....added bonus that they are good for them!

    Best treats! by frankienme02/03/2013

    My dog Frankie LOVES his Sam's Yams sweet potato treats! He looks forward to it and actually asks for one every night. They are healthy, safe for his teeth - not too hard but just crunchy enough to give his jaws a workout - and I feel good knowing I am feeding him something good for him without chemicals and without any ingredients you can't pronounce. Recently the company added a little packet to the bag that kept the sweet potatoes softer than in the past. I am not sure I liked that texture as they were kind of gummy. Frankie didn't mind. :) The next batch was back to normal so I don't know if they intend to go with the softer version. Either way, other than growing the yams myself, Sam's Yams are a great value and our dog treat of choice.

    Yams are yummy! by Carol C from White Oak, TX04/08/2013

    My two girls love Sam's Yams Veggie. I had bought 2 bags and in no time at all they were gone. I went back on your web site and ordered more and my girls will be happy when they arrive. What I like about them is the only ingredent are sweet potato's. I will continue to order these for as long as I can get them, they are wonderful.

    by from 10/23/2012

    This is the 2nd time I purchased Sams Yams from entirely pets. I buy 6 bags at a time.

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    DOG ABSOLUTELY LOVES THE PRODUCT by Jeff from Nashua NH09/17/2013

    Fabulous, nutritious treat the dog salivates over. Originally recommended by a veterinarian because the dog has IBD and it's one of a very few treats the dog can tolerate because of its low protein levels. If your dog gets this treat two or more times per day (as our dog Charley does), it does indeed get very expensive on a long term basis.

    Fresh aroma,but too big+toohard for small dog! by nemesis from Royersford,Pa11/28/2013

    Iwas very happy as I opened the package because of the aroma.I was really disappointed when I took one out.The piece was very large and extremely hard.I tried cutting,sawing and tried banging it with a hammer to try to soften it up.No go.I`ve given up and am looking for a Great Dane or at least a German Shepherd to give them to.This isn`ta complaint,I just thought you should be made aware of this .My little dog is a 3year old,16lb.cockapoo :) Nemi

    Great Product by Margie from Chicago area08/14/2013

    Really like this product for my dogs. They loved it. They are minis so I need to cut the very large pieces down for them.

    Great Snack by Calliem from Culpeper VA08/17/2012

    Love these for my girl who likes to eat. Not as exciting as meat treats but she enjoys them and they last more than 1 minute.

    Be aware by rkayne01/23/2011

    My dogs loved this treat but their intestine didn't - it gave them diarrhea.

    Love them by Joanne from NH02/23/2014

    The dogs love them and they are good for them too. What's not to love?!?

    Highlight of my dog's day! by Lynda10/23/2012

    My Basset Hound loves these and they truly are the highlight of her day. The price and the service are great as well!

    sweet potato dog chewz by sandy10/24/2011

    dogs really like them. They seem very healthy and I am trying to be give grain free so these fit into the diet. They are tough like rawhide so last a few minutes with my large dogs.

    Not Satisfied by rolloff06/03/2013

    Dogs didn't like this product, so I will not be reordering.

    Simply the BEST TREATS by 24dogs1cat from MPLS,MN02/28/2014

    I have provided these treats to our dogs at our sanctuary for years now. They LOVE them. These are extremely healthy treats made right here in the USA......actually, in Wisconsin. The company is deeply committed to making healthy treats. Since we have all small dogs, 26, we break these in half and that is a great size for them. I refuse to feed rawhide chews, or anything that comes from CHINA. We have all seen what the China treats lead to. If there is one treat I whole heartedly recommend to all my friends and dog loving community it is this treat. If you have an older dog that does not like to chew on something as dry as these simply place the treat in a bowl with some warm water for several minutes to help soften it. This makes it much easier for the older ones to chew on, much more appealing to them re. Smell, etc. Buy these. You will not regret doing so. You can trade one for a sock when they steal yours.

    Sam's Yams by chris from Swanton, Vermont02/17/2012

    My lab Sadie has all sorts of alergys and this one of the few products that she can have and she LOVES them. Everytime after I give her her med's, grooming, playing and commands, she wants her Sam yam and goes to the counter where they are kept and sits looking at the bag. She wags her tail the whole time she is eating the chew. They are the best treat. And being a lab she needs to watch her calories, so these are a great treat.

    Great Product by Stacey01/25/2012

    I order these for my two large breed dogs as treats. They love the flavor and I feel good about giving them a natural treat without all the fillers and by products.

    MY FAVORITE by ABBY from atlanta, ga07/24/2012

    I can't wait to get my dailiy Sam's Yam Sweet Potato chew. I only get one a day and I love it. As soon as I see the bag come out of the closet I am in Cavalier heaven

    Not same quality as past by Martha from New Haven, CT12/09/2013

    My dog loves these sweet potato treats and I've ordered them several times. Previously the treats had a semi soft texture which could be broken or cut with utility scissors to make smaller pieces. This batch, the dried sweet potato treats are brittle and dry and when I break them in my hands I sometimes cut myself. Not sure why they're different this time....

    by cardjunkmail11/15/2012

    I ordered 4 bags of yams, they sent 4 bags of yams. whoopie.

    Loves Them! by Skylarmia from Cedar Park, TX04/10/2013

    Bought these as a replacement for rawhide chews because of a medical condition (kidney issues). The dog loves them and they are healthy for her too! Not sure yet if they help her teeth stay clean or not, but a winner!

    Sam's Yams by beretta from Cape Coral, Florida01/15/2012

    There are a lot of different brands of sweet potatoes for dogs but this is the ONLY one I will give my dog and he LOVES them !!!!!!

    great non-rawhide chew by lazybones01/12/2012

    My 16 lb dog loves these chews! I like that they are not rawhide, but yam. They don't smell at all, don't leave any stains, and are easy to digest. My dog takes awhile to chew on these, too.

    My dog LOVES these by Snow lover08/14/2012

    I use these as special treats for my Golden. They make a great rawhide substitute!

    Great Chew! by Andie31801/02/2013

    A great chew for dogs with digestive issues and it's gentle enough for them to break down.

    My dogs absolutely love them! by deb11/16/2011

    My dogs have meat allergies so we are limited on veggie treats. I have to say that Sam's Yams is without a doubt their favorite treat.

    Healthy and taste great! by 2 retreivers in SC from Charleston, South Carolina11/06/2012

    My lab and golden love Sam's Yams! Every evening this treat is their desert. My dogs are 10 and 12 years old and this is their favorite ever!

    Sam's Yams Love by CW03/23/2013

    My dog (and my friend's dog) loves this product. It's healthy and a great reward. Definitely on my "regular products to buy" list.

    Yummy dog chews by Mary from Santa Cruz, CA04/25/2013

    Our dogs love Sam's Yams sweet potato chewz and they are a healthy treat for them to chew on.

    Sams Yams by SilversMom05/11/2013

    Best price ever. This is the second time I have ordSams Yams from you. Price is the best delivery is prompt. I do not order 1 bag, I order 10 at a shot. I will use you a 3rd time for my next order of 10 2lb bags.

    Giving my dogs the best! by JJ from NH04/19/2013

    My 5 love baked Yams, so when I saw this treat I jumped for joy. Now they can have a treat made of only yams. Good for them, easy for me. I know I'm giving them the best.

    Great For Dogs With Allergies by kit-kat from Natchez, MS01/16/2015

    My little, allergic to everything, dachshund loves these. Healthy, take a while to eat, and she really, really loves them.

    Excellent healthy treat by Marli from Tucson, AZ03/26/2012

    Sam's Yams are the favorite treat for my Cavalier; she is seriously fond of them and these chews are natural, healthy treats, good for her and especially help keep her teeth and gums clear. No additives of any kind.

    YUM!!! by Lily's Mom11/11/2012

    Yummy and keeps my yorkie pup busy-busy!!

    A Favorite! by LIko03/19/2013

    My 3 year old lab LOVES these sweet potato treats!! Satisfies his chewing urge and they are healthy! I wish the pieces were a bit larger.

    My dogs can't wait for Sam's Yams by dog buddy02/21/2013

    My dogs like these much better than the rawhide chews I used to give them.

    Pros and Cons by WA Pet Owner from Seattle, WA01/16/2015

    I like the fact that these are all-natural and are USA made. They provide good chewing action for our dogs. The only drawback is that they tend to come out the same way they go in. For some reason our dogs don't digest them very well and so we find little chunks of sweet potato in the yard. But, we still consider them superior to CET Chews.

    Tasty, healthful treats by Chaz12/12/2011

    These are my dog's absolute favorites! They are good for him -- they must taste great -- they last a long time, and best of all they don't smell!

    Sam's Yams are great! by P.08/06/2013

    My dogs love these chews. They aren't the type of dog to sit down with a bone and chew all night so I'm always looking for treats that they have to take the time to chew and help with cleaning their teeth. Sam's Yams fit the bill. And they smell really good!

    Sam's Yams are yummy by ZoeB01/18/2013

    These are great to for a treat change and all the dogs love them.

    Yummy! by makeup*your*life from San Juan Capistrano, CA11/01/2011

    My dogs LOVE these treats - and so do I! They last about 10-15 minutes each, and considering how quickly they gobble their food, that's a good long time. After reading the ingredient list, I thought I might even be willing to eat them myself, but then I decided to have some chocolate instead.

    LOVE these sweet potato treats! by puppymom02/24/2013

    For a puppy with serious food allergies and a sensitive stomach, these are the best alternate to rawhide. Wish they weren't so expensive, but I never worry about quality and Entirely Pets has the best price by far.

    by from 01/01/2013

    I purchased this treat for the first time about a year ago as a healthy treat for my sister's two dogs. The dogs love these treats so much that they would harass my sister every day she came home from work.

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    World's Best by Mamaboo from Evans,georgia10/09/2011

    My two dogs go ape over these treats. Thank you for having these treats and for making my girls super happy!!!!!!

    by jazzy03/07/2013

    the sweet potato chews are awesome - very good for her and she loves the taste

    Fantastic Natural Treat by Dan06/30/2012

    My vet recommended these all natural sweet potato slices as a treat for my dog for extra fiber. My Lab LOVES these. They have ridges so they act to help clean the teeth too. I'm a big fan & highly recommend.

    by wally gator from Shawano, Wisconsin01/04/2012

    Always great service. My dog loves the sweet potato treats. Highly recommend Entirely Pets and Sam's Yams.

    Life Savers by LAC5007 from DC08/16/2012

    Sam's Yams have absolutely been a life saver! My dog, who has an allergy and cannot have regular treats or chews just goes crazy for these. They keep her occupied and fulfill her chewing needs. Thank you to Sam's Yam's for making our big Messi a happy girl!

    Dogs Love Um by BJ from Chandler, AZ08/14/2014

    Our little dog has a touchy gut...however these Yams Veggie Rawhide Sweet Potato Chewz give her a great chew biscuit to help clean her teeth and don't bother her little gut :) Yes I would recommend them.

    by from 05/14/2010

    Who doesn't love sweet potatoes, dogs included? Our girls LOVE these long lasting chews. And they can't have anything that's healthier for them either - these are absolutely the best!

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    Yammy! by Max and Brandy from Westlake Village, CA12/30/2012

    My dogs and my neighbors' dogs love these treats. The dogs are on grain free diets (combo kibble and freeze dried foods) and I think these yam treats are a nice addition to their diet.

    Best Treats for The Hungry One by BOZ from Carbondale, IL01/03/2013

    We're just finishing up the last of 10 pks of SAMS YAMS. My yellow lab loves them and I've given several packs away to friends with dogs (who also love them BTW). Yams are great sources of nutrition and fiber, clean and without odor or stain. I'm back to purchase a dozen more packs and checking to see if they come in "tubs." You know labs!

    best treats for dogs by joanie11/10/2011

    My two dogs love the Sam Yams and they are so good for them.

    great stuff, yum, yum by crazydogz02/24/2013

    I have 5 nasty terriers that would kill for these Sam's Yams. They think it's really all out war in the house if somebody doesn't get their share. They are a big and bold, thick sweet potato. It doesn't get much better. Of course, these guys will eat just about anything, but they will at least chew these a few times before downing them, afraid someone else will get theirs. I couldn't run the house of dogs without them.

    wonderful product by ellabella from Coopersburg, PA02/18/2013

    My dog loves the sweet potato rawhides. They keep her teeth free from tartar and sparkling white. I like the fact that they are a natural product. Thank you for selling this healthy snack.

    Sam's Yams by winston from rochester, ny08/12/2012

    I do not like to buy Chinese products. USA farmers grow good sweet potatoes and I see no reason to buy any other.

    Dogs love them by wookie05/30/2012

    They are healthier than rawhide that's for sure, but I still worry they will choke as my pugs are so gluttenous that they still swallow huge pieces without chewing thoroughly. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Great treat by NLD from MA02/12/2012

    My dog loves these treats! They are good for him and best of all they are made in the USA.

    My dog loves these by Houston05/14/2013

    These are great treats. My dog loves them! In addition, my dog is on a special diet and her system tolerates these well!

    happy w/product delivery time no by kendall from St. Louis, MO01/12/2012

    great product as always. My dogs love Them. Very disappointed in delivery time- ordered 12/22 with a special 2-day delivery charge and they took a full 2 weeks to get to me. Company did not compensate me and gave no explanation.

    Yummy yams! by Pinkie from Nashville,TN02/06/2012

    Sam's yams are a terrific alternative to rawhide products...and, they're made in the USA!

    Our dog loves these... by Babs from Holland MI10/31/2011

    Our family has a dog that cannot eat beef or pork so chewing on rawhide or pig ears is not an option when you want to give your dog a treat. The sweet potatoe chew is a fantastic alternative that satisfies the urge to chew and won't upset his tummy.

    great chew treats by Labmom from AL03/31/2013

    all natural chews for medium-large dogs. Girls think they are great. No smell & great travel treats that can be packed easily.

    Healthy Chewing Option by Bruiser's Mom from Maine12/20/2013

    We are looking for healthy chewing options for our dogs. These are made in the USA and are a great natural chew treat for my dogs. They love them! Only draw back, if it is a draw back, is that the chunks don't seem to digest fully and can be seen in the stool.

    Out staple by Lee07/10/2013

    We feed our dog Sam's Yams since she was several months old. She used to have sensitive stomach, and this helped greatly. Ever since, she gets at least one piece of this every day. Won't live without it.

    Great chewie treat for dogs with allergies by sylviaw from delmar, ny12/30/2012

    I was concerned when my dog needed to be on a "limited ingredient diet" due to allergies. I located food that was acceptable, but life got 100% better when I saw an ad for Sam's Yams. These work like rawhide treats for chewing, but are made only of dried sweet potatoes - nothing else in there. My dog is a happy boy each evening when it's treat time.

    great low fat treat by Mari from Kansas City, KS02/13/2013

    My dog is on diet and this product is a perfect low fat treat. It has similar chewy texture to raw hide strips and one piece keeps my dog (large breed) busy for few minutes.

    Desirable for both dogs and owners by Tina from Orange County, CA10/22/2012

    My dogs absolutely LOVE these!! Since they're smaller breeds, I give each only a half piece and am still amazed at how fast they disappear. I can't speak to dental benefits, since I'm not a doggie dentist, but they get all of the nutritional value of sweet potatoes while giving their teeth and gums a good workout.

    Sam's Yams are great by Maxine from New York08/15/2012

    My dog loves Veggie Rawhide Sweet Potato Dog Chewz. There just the right size. Good for digestion and help with weight loss.

    Love this!! by GSP lover from AR05/15/2014

    My pups eat this for min morning snack. My old pup had anuual exam few weeks ago, a vet told me she have nice tooth. I never brush or anything to her tooth, she just eat this for almost everyday.

    Great healthy treat! by SylviaW from Delmar, NY04/03/2012

    I found these sweet potato treats when my dog needed to use a limited ingredient diet - only venison and sweet potatoes. My vet's office said "no treats" so I was on a mission. I saw these advertised in a dog-friendly magazine & was on my way. Doggie likes them a lot as well - has one every evening after dinner.

    Great product by JC from Warwick, RI10/18/2011

    My dog has Chronic Renal Failure and is on a low protein diet. It's hard to find low protein snacks. She really loves these instead of the rawhide treats she used to get.

    Huge Hit! by Mathen from Orlando, FL12/08/2012

    My Golden and Goldendoodle are BIG fans! Nice size for bigger dogs.

    My girls love these!!! by Madi01/01/2013

    I call these their special treats. They love the great taste!!!

    Healthy treat by Igoudm01/31/2013

    My dog loves these treats. I like them because they are made in the USA and are simply sweet potatoes with no added chemicals.

    by Josie from Cape Neddick, Maine05/30/2012

    My English Setter has allergies and this is one treat she can have that doesn't have any other added ingredients. Just sweet potato.

    My dog loves these treats! by riseabove99 from Illinois07/14/2014

    And they are a safe alternative to rawhide. My chewer eats them more as a treat than a chewy but I am sure a less aggressively chewing dog would work on them for a while!

    by 2 girls01/20/2014

    Sams Yams and their carrot crunches are loved by my 2 girls...... As I've said in previous reviews I dehydrate my own treats for them and there are very few brands I trust to purchase for them. This is one of them. also - very important to me that they are MADE IN THE USA - Thank you!!!

    Great treat for dogs with grain allergies by pj from Baltimore03/20/2013

    My beagle has allergies and he wants something to chew on while the other dogs have their treats. Most of the other grain-free treats last only 30 sec, but this gives him about 5 minutes of chewing pleasure. You gottta keep the bags sealed between use though.

    Not so great by E Yatsko from Mannington, NJ01/11/2012

    I had high hopes for this product, as my dog is known as 'veggie dog' for her love of anything vegetable. I don't like giving her rawhide as they can bind up in a dog's intestines, so this product seemed like a no-brainer. Not so. She'll sniff them, maybe nibble, but has yet to chew for more than a minute without losing interest. She just doesn't like them. Best to purchase a small package to see if your dog likes them first!

    Tough treats by Dogma from Miami fl01/16/2015

    My vet put my dog on a allergy diet and suggested SAMs yams as a treat option. They are very dry and tough. My dog spits them out. I found somewhat of a solution. I warm them in the microwave for a few seconds and then slice then down to bite size pieces. She is much happier with them. I really thinks she just misses the old stuff she was use to.

    by Amy11/07/2012

    We are very happy with Sam's Yams. Our dog has lots of allergies and Irritable bowel syndrome and he tolerates Sam's Yams very well. We think that the price makes it a good value.

    My dogs love this product by Amelia06/20/2013

    The Chewz are a safe alternative to rawhide. Sweet potato is good for them and since it is only ingredient in this product it is safe. Try it, your dog will love them!

    by from 07/08/2014

    Been giving my Golden Retriever Sam's Yams for 5 years. Good natural treat from USA with no artificial or chemical additives.

    for by her from 'yammies'."Ginger


    Doggie Delights by beagle lady from Odessa, Florida12/01/2013

    Dogs just love it, it is a little pricy but my dogs are worth buying it for. If you purchase it buy the 1 Lb size, it becomes less expensive that way.

    Well liked by golda11/06/2012

    The dogs like to crunch on these as well as bones.

    Healthy chew by L2 from Gig Harbor, WA03/17/2013

    A great product. My labs love them. I give as an alternative to their morning dental chew.

    Dried out Sam's Yams~ by Beth from New Mexico10/31/2012

    I usually purchase these from Amazon. My dogs love them.....Usually~ The 3 bags I received from you are dried out, brittle and so HARD~ It is like you sent me very old product. My dogs tried to eat them but apparently they taste bad. I will go back to Amazon for future purchases!

    by from 09/22/2014

    Yes, we do have 29 dogs at our sanctuary......all small. We have used these treats for years and the dogs LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Even though the chews are big we buy these because the price is so much more affordable. I simply bend a chew double and tear it into pieces.

    at by length from withI


    Good Chewy Snack by Sil02/08/2013

    My dog is on a highly restricted diet. These are simple and healthy dog snacks. He loves them. They are as good as my homemade snacks so they provide variety for my dog. I have a small dog and cut the big ones in half with kitchen scissors and then just put them back in the bag so they are always ready.

    love them!!! by lacosta5 from rio rancho, NM12/30/2013

    Works great at keeping teeth clean. Natural safe and they love them.

    Great low protein snack by Alphamama from Durham, NC01/15/2014

    My Dalmatian is a stone producing male. He is on a low-protein diet so treat choices are limited. These are great for him!

    Gracie loves them by Lar from Williamsburg, VA01/07/2013

    It seems to me a win-win. Sweet potatoes must be healthier than rawhide and Gracie loves them as a treat once a day.

    Great treat by Marilyn01/16/2015

    I really like giving my dogs these sweet potatoe treats, they are the real thing not plastics looking treats. They love them

    by Wishbone Farm Schnauzers from Monroe, NC01/06/2014

    Absolutely recommend. They are best either cut up for smaller dogs or terrific size for larger breeds

    Great treat for dogs by golden owner04/07/2013

    I have been giving these as a treat to my dog for about 3 years. She is a golden retriever with food allergies. She gets very excited when she hears the word 'yammie'. Healthy treat and she loves them.

    Sam's Yams by Molly's Mom11/16/2011

    My dog has allergies. This product was recommended by her vet. We thought we'd give it a try. She seems to be enjoying them. The delivery time was also good. I have another order placed for the sweet potato, applesause and carrot "cookies."

    One of my dogs' favorite treats by zsty awc08/18/2014

    Great chew treats. My dogs really love them. Nice alternative to other kinds of dental chews. These dehydrated sweet potatoes are crunchy and not a soft or mushy chew like many other dehydrated treats. Highly recommend them.

    A Health Treat by Doggy Daddy from Washington, DC suburbs01/23/2012

    My German Shepherd, Dutch is being traeted for issues digestive disease. Sweet potoato fiber is important to his health and diet. He loves Sam's Yams. Since he has been eating Sam's Yams his condition has improved considersably.

    Sweet addiction by Ro08/01/2012

    My Bassett Hound will do ANYTHING for a Sam's Yams sweet potato. And I love them because they are good for him. I just have to hide the bag because he would eat the whole thing at once. Which he did one time. :) If he doesn't get one after each meal, he howls. Arrooooooooo

    No Salt Added by Croz Mom from Media, PA06/19/2012

    Unbeknownst to me, 99% of store-bought treat have added salt. My Lab has heart disease and is on a limited-salt diet. I make most of his treats at home now but for something differnet and chey I can give him these. I used to give him a pigs ears nightly but the cardiologist said "never again"...these were his substitution. Took a few nights to get him used to it but now he loves them.

    Sams yams by Jlo w/3 dogs12/04/2012

    Excellent. Our dogs love them. They get one a day and know exactly when it's 8 pm. - snack time! We replaced their raw hides and all other bad chewys. Our dogs have severe food allergies and these are the only treats that don't give them diarrhea. Best healthy treats ever!

    Jack Russell loves them by sullivanjo from CLARKS MILLS PA12/18/2013

    My dog loves sweet potatoes so i thought I would try the sweet potato chewz. She likes treats she can spend a little time chewing on Sweet potato chewz were just the answer.

    Our Dogs Love Them by garya from Stratham, NH06/25/2014

    These sweet potato treats are a bit larger treat then the fries but equally as healthy. You can break them in half if you want to give your dog a smaller portion.

    Yams are Great! My dog loves these best. by bluedogaussie12/12/2011

    These are huge! One is a great treat. The dog of my life loves em and prances around to get the nightly treat. He has been getting one once a day since they were received. I may need to order more b/c he is so happy with them and would just love to have another one even instead of play???? Wow. After a long day for me, I must play outside, but if I'm really pooped, this satisfies him and he can be calm and feels well-rewarded. I do recommend.

    Yams - natural treat by Saver203/06/2013

    I liked this product although the bites were pretty large even for a big dog. I prepare a lot of her food so am always looking for a good natural treat.

    Sam's Yams by Jan12/09/2012

    Gracie loves Sam's Yams and sweet potatoes are good for all of us so they are an ideal treat.

    My Dogs Love These! by Babs from Delafield, WI01/29/2013

    I have an English Springer Spaniel and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and they LOVE these sweet potato rawhide chewz. I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants a natural snack for your dogs.

    It's always Thanksgiving!! by Bosco from California04/05/2013

    My Bassett Hound simply cannot live without these sweet potato chews. He is addicted to them. And he will howl when he doesn't get them!! Hooray for Sam's Yams.

    by from 06/26/2014

    My sister had a bag of yam chews which her dog wouldn't touch, so she gave me the bag. Well, one taste of the yam chew and Benny was hooked. He now HAS TO HAVE a yam chew every night. He knows the routine, he comes around to me between 6-7 if I haven't given him one and starts nudging me.

    he by is from addicted.Benny


    Dog loves them by Bob from Monroe, NJ01/21/2013

    I had to purchase these when he was on a restricted diet...I buy them now becauwse he loves them.

    Yummy! by Sammy's servant from Cogan Station, PA01/01/2013

    Sammy really likes these chews, and they're good for him. Can't get much better than that!

    Great traditional rawhide substitute by soso01/20/2012

    My dog loves these and we do, too, because we can feel safe knowing his dietary restrictions are not being compromised. With a kidney condition, it is often difficult to find treats that do not contain too much fat or protein (most treats are understandably packed with the latter). These sweet potato chews are a perfect choice for any dog - as well as those with special needs or even weight issues. And, our dog loves them, as he does almost any sweet potato treat (raw fresh sweet potato is his favorite!). I trust these and would highly recommend them!!!

    Sweet Potato Chewz by Chris from Cincinnati, OH06/26/2013

    My German Shepherd puppy absolutely loves these. Of all the treats, these are absolutely his favorite!

    Happy, happy dog ! by Jack's Mom from North Carolina06/29/2012

    My yellow lab adores Sam's Yams and I am thrilled to find such a healthy treat for him. If I go anywhere near the bag of yam treats, he sits and puts on his "I'm such a good boy face", which of course I have to reward. I've recommended this treat to several friends whose dogs also love them. Definitely a five star rating !

    What a wonderful product! by English Cream Fan02/12/2013

    This is my Golden's very favorite treat. The best part is that it is also extremely healthy and good for him.

    Best Treats EVER! by Kwright1216 from NJ03/14/2014

    My dog absolutely loves these to the point that he is uninterested in any other treats. I give him 1/day in the afternoon and he patiently waits day after day. They take him a little while to get through which is nice for a treat. Buying in bulk is not only necessary but definitively cost-effective as well!

    great hypoallergenic product by Kbilgutay04/03/2013

    my dog loves the sweet potato chews and is thrilled to have them

    Good and Chewy for Teeth by Mary12/13/2013

    I like the fact that these are vegetable based and purport to be just one ingredient--sweet potatoes. My three dogs get a good dental workout on these rawhide-like treats, which aren't made in China. One of our three dogs seems to have food sensitivities so I'm confident that Sam's Yams are okay for her.

    LOVE THESE!!!! by skier04/01/2012

    My dog loves these! They help clean his teeth and they are very good for him! I wish they were more widely available! I love giving my baby something he can't get enough of,and they are good for him!!!!

    Best Sweet Potato by Brinkley&sebastian from Aiea, Hawaii12/10/2012

    Both of my dogs love Sam's Yams Veggie Rawhide Sweet Potato Chews! They are a very good size and not dried too solid like other brands of sweet potato. Plus, they are not made in China! Entirely Pets ships them to you quickly too! They have such a wide selection of treats for your dogs!

    No "Rawhide" by mlb from Manson, WA08/31/2014

    I usually buy Sam's "big boy" chews, but I was curious about this product which is the same weight but about $5 cheaper. When I inquired about the difference, the c/s rep tried to tell me that they have rawhide in them, apparently not noticing (or not understanding) the quotes around that word. I tried to tell him there was no mention of rawhide in the ingredients list. He said he didn't have any control over that! So much for being informed about your products. So I went ahead and ordered a bag. Well, the chews are a lot smaller that the "big boys" and so are not as appropriate for my Rottweiler. I used them up by giving him several at one time but I now know why not to order them again.

    Great treat! by Marilyn06/01/2013

    My dogs love these! They have one straight-forward ingredient and seem very wholesome. They make for colorful bowel movements, which is not a problem. I like giving my dogs something good to chew that isn't rawhide, since I myself am a vegetarian.

    Great Treat, No Mess by Love My Faux Beagle03/14/2011

    My dog loves these treats and she didn't have any problems digesting them. They are tough enough that she can't devour it in 30 seconds, but they don't take 2 hours to eat. I was skeptical of the "no stains" promise, but they DO NOT make a mess on the carpet.

    Love the Yams by Phoebe's Mom from Texas04/22/2013

    This is an evening treat I can finally feel good about giving Phoebe. I used to give her Greenies, but Sam's Yams are a natural food and actually good for her. They also help with teeth cleaning like Greenies, and a Sam's Yam lasts longer than a Greenie. Just for fun, I spread a SMALL amount less than a tsp. of peanut butter on it, and she loves it! I make my own dog food topper for our dry dog food, and I always include baked sweet potatoes, cauliflower, brocolli, spinach & carrots. Veggies are good for dogs, just make sure you use antioxidant ones.


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