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Topicals for Dogs

ResiKetoChlor Leave-On Lotion (8 oz)
ResiKetoChlor Leave-On Lotion (8 oz)

($32.99)  $24.99
Goodwinol Ointment (1 oz)
Goodwinol Ointment (1 oz)

($10.99)  $3.99
Goodwinol 1 lb
Goodwinol 1 lb

($37.99)  $28.50
Pet Swabs
Pet Swabs

Doggles Pet Sunscreen (2 oz)
Doggles Pet Sunscreen (2 oz)

($17.25)  $13.99

Vetri-Science Omega 3, 6, 9
Vetri-Science Omega 3, 6, 9

Shed Solution for Dogs (24 oz)
Shed Solution for Dogs (24 oz)

($20.75)  $15.99
3 PACK Shed Solution for Dogs (72 oz)
3 PACK Shed Solution for Dogs (72 oz)

($58.75)  $43.99
Shed Solution Skin & Coat Supplement (1 Gal.)
Shed Solution Skin & Coat Supplement (1 Gal.)

($76.99)  $58.99
Dechra Eicosaderm Liquid (8 oz)
Dechra Eicosaderm Liquid (8 oz)

($14.99)  $13.99
Derm Tabs (120 Tabs)
Derm Tabs (120 Tabs)

($26.50)  $16.99
Chlorpheniramine 4mg (100 Tablets)
Chlorpheniramine 4mg (100 Tablets)

($15.99)  $10.00
Brewers Yeast with Garlic
Brewers Yeast with Garlic

EFA-Z Plus 8 oz bottle
EFA-Z Plus 8 oz bottle

($18.99)  $13.99
Lipiderm Gel Capsules
Lipiderm Gel Capsules


Clotrimazole Cream USP 1% - (30 gm)
Clotrimazole Cream USP 1% - (30 gm)

($6.99)  $4.99
Vitasone Spray with Hydrocortisone .5%
Vitasone Spray with Hydrocortisone .5%


Malacetic Ultra Flush for Dogs, Cats and Horses (2 oz.)
Malacetic Ultra Flush for Dogs, Cats and Horses (2 oz.)

($11.99)  $9.99
Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS Pads (30 count)
Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS Pads (30 count)

($14.99)  $12.99
Dermoscent Bio Balm (50 ml)
Dermoscent Bio Balm (50 ml)

($21.50)  $16.89
Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet (50 ct)
Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet (50 ct)

($12.99)  $9.99
Denta-ClO2 Cleansing Dental Paste
Denta-ClO2 Cleansing Dental Paste

Tropiclean Oxy Med Pet Wipes
Tropiclean Oxy Med Pet Wipes

Epi-Pet Products
Epi-Pet Products

Micro Pearls Dermal-Soothe Anti-Itch Cream Rinse (8 oz)
Micro Pearls Dermal-Soothe Anti-Itch Cream Rinse (8 oz)

($14.99)  $11.49
Green Pet Fleaze-Off Wipes (60 ct)
Green Pet Fleaze-Off Wipes (60 ct)

($12.99)  $9.99
Dermapet Mal-A-Ket TrizEDTA Flush (4 oz)
Dermapet Mal-A-Ket TrizEDTA Flush (4 oz)

($20.99)  $13.99
Dermapet Mal-A-Ket TrizEDTA Flush (12 oz)
Dermapet Mal-A-Ket TrizEDTA Flush (12 oz)

($35.99)  $24.99
Perfect Coat Deodorizing Bath Wipes for Dogs  (100 ct)
Perfect Coat Deodorizing Bath Wipes for Dogs (100 ct)

($14.99)  $10.99
Vetericyn Canine Hot Spot Liquid (8oz Pump)
Vetericyn Canine Hot Spot Liquid (8oz Pump)

($42.89)  $24.99
Miracle Care R-7 Anti-Itch Spray (4 oz)
Miracle Care R-7 Anti-Itch Spray (4 oz)

($7.99)  $5.49
Keto-C Antiseptic Wipes (50 count)
Keto-C Antiseptic Wipes (50 count)

($16.99)  $12.99
KineticVet EquiShield CK Salve (1 lb)
KineticVet EquiShield CK Salve (1 lb)

($48.99)  $36.99
Topical Fungicide (16 oz)
Topical Fungicide (16 oz)

($10.99)  $7.99
Resi KetoChlor Leave-On Lotion (8 oz) is an antiseptic leave-on lotion for the management of conditionsresponsive to ketoconazole or chlorhexidine. This lotion allows for ease of application and prolonged contact time of the ingredients with the hair coat and skin without rinsing. It does not leave any oily or sticky residue on the hair coat. The leave-on lotion may be used on dogs, cats and horses.

Active Ingredients:

Chlorhexidine gluconate 2.3% w/w (2% in free form; 0.3% encapsulated in Spherulites). Ketoconazole 1% w/w.

Also Contains:

4.65 rating based on 20 reviews
Featured Reviews for ResiKetoChlor Leave-On Lotion (8 oz)
Worth the price by JMurdoch10/23/2013

Dog had terrible skin infections . Used with medicated shampoo and used this as a leave in conditioner .. Smells pleasant leaves his coat shiny and hair is returning to infected areas!

Resiketochlor by samlucy from Florida01/31/2014

excellent for Pets with allergies and skin issues

Wonderful Product! by 22vblue from Los Angeles, CA08/04/2013

Cannot miss with this lotion, my cocker spaniel does not lick it off! And it heals her allergy flares. We love this lotion!

Love this item by Duce06/18/2012

My dog Duce suffers from severe allergies and he originally got this item from his dermatologist as a prescription. I live one hour from the dermatologist so it was not always easy to get. One day I saw the item on entirely pets and I ordered it. I never have to get the item from the dermatogist again because it is shipped right to my door and costs less too!

Great product! by Westiemom from Bridgeport MI07/17/2012

My westie has skin allergies. I am bathing him twice a week and I use humilac for a rinse. My vet suggested a leave on lotion and recommended this product. It works really well and smells so nice. It is rather pricey but if it keeps my westie comfortable it is well worth it.

Great Itch Relief by Dee from Whittier, CA07/17/2012

My dog runs away when we reach for certain bottles thiking we may add medication to his skin condition. However, when we reach for this bottle he stays put and continues to do so when adding it to his skin. It's instant relief to his condition and we love that it does.

Go-to skin product by horticulture from Midwest12/06/2011

This is our "skin emergency" product and we always have it on hand. Our mixed breed dog has food allergies, indoor and outdoor allergies and sensitive skin. So he is prone to skin irritation which often results in simultaneous fungal and bacterial infections - and fast! As soon as we feel or see those telltale bumps or that odor of skin going "bad," greasy skin, flakes or scaling, he gets a mild shampoo and RestKetoChlor rubbed well into his skin/coat. Our vet recommends thinning the medicine with a little boiled, distilled water and using it in a spray bottle for spot-application or between-bath application. This medication works - it stops the scaling, the "hot spots" and hair loss and obvious signs of infection. Scrupulous daily grooming to remove allergens and irritants and keep skin healthy is a must. This medication helps us get through the "skin emergencies" without resorting to a trip to the vet, oral antibiotics and steroids.

Best Product for Animal Skin Conditions by Rosie Jo11/16/2011

My dog had a skin concition and the vet prescribed an antibotic that did not work. However, this lotion has worked and cleared up her rash. She is a very happy dog now and it stopped the itching. I absolutely recommend it. This lotion is a blessing. Thanks for providing great service and great products.

Toy Poodle with skin problems by Marilyn from San Juan, P.R.08/19/2014

This is a great product to reduce the itching in the dog's skin.

ResiKetoChlor Leave-On Lotion: Key to Healing by Kerry from CA04/29/2014

ResiKetoChlor Leave-On Lotion, when used in tandem with Dermazole Shampoo, is the key to long-lasting effects for treating yeast/fungus and bacterial skin infections. An old veterinarian told me that the lotion is essential for optimal healing. I've found that it is! Many medicated shampoos don't even have a companion leave-on conditioner that has residual effectiveness long after shampoo day. It can also be used for spot treatment of stubborn areas. I would give it more stars if I could.

Resiketochlor Leave on Lotion by Walt from Almond, NC10/26/2013

This was originally recommended by a vet for use on skin problems with our dog. We have continue to use it and find it helpful as a healing and curing aid.

Great for Hot Spots by ky02411/28/2012

This product is great when used with a chlohexidine shampoo. Put it on after the bath and you're good. You can also apply it between baths to help with flare ups. This product calms the skin and also smells very good. You're dog will be smelling like they just came from the groomers.

Not so good by simon08 from spokane, wa06/22/2014

Our dog is still itching after applying this product. Our daughter had marvelous results on her dog with it but it didn't work for our dog at all. :(

Great Product by Irishgram from Bonney Lake, WA04/04/2013

Easy to use, cleared up irritated skin in a short time.

Worked great by Dee from Cleveland OH04/01/2014

I used ResiKetoChlor Leave-On Lotion and a medicated shampoo along with an antibiotic from the vet for a fungus on my dogs belly. I could see a difference in a week even though it took about 3 weeks for it to clear up. Use between shampoos every 2-3 days.

Great product by Carol from Florida12/18/2013

This product has done wonders for my Samoyed who was diagnosed with Alopecia X For the past three years he has had NO fur on his back, belly or tail ....but since using this product (approx. two months) along with a shampoo, Douxo Chlorexldine I bought from Entirely Pets also, he is growing patches of fur. I feel for the first time there is hope, needless to say I love these products !!!

Miracle Lotion by Mla in Fla from Florida08/15/2012

My Belgian Malinois suffers from chronic skin infections. The summers in Florida are long and humid which does not help matters. This lotion is amazing. I use it full strength twice weekly and have seen outstanding results. He looks and feels great!

Much easier to use than the shampoo by squalzman from Jackson, GA11/08/2012

I was so glad to find a leave-on version of the shampoo for treating my dog's foot issues. We were going out of town with her and there was not going to be a way to manage the shampoo version. This worked easy and really helped.

Does the job by Keeshonden keeper from Vineland, NJ07/02/2013

Works well in conjunction with Douxo-Chlorhexidine PS + Climbazole Shampoo. Being able to use even between shampoos is a great timesaver without having to rinse it off. A little goes a long way.

best purchase ever !!!! by foxy green03/22/2011

This lotion is the best investment I have ever made. Its easy to apply, smells great and it doesnt leave a sticky residue on the dog coat. Its great for rashes, bacteria infections and fungal infections. I recommend to apply the lotion at night so the dog wont lick it off.

Featured Reviews for Goodwinol Ointment (1 oz)
Helps hair growth by Reagan's Mommy03/03/2013

This worked well when my puppy had isolated hair loss due to demodex mites.

GREAT PRODUCT by VIC from Texas01/15/2013

My handler recommended this product, Goodwinol, to quickly regrow hair in places on my Boxer show girl. WOW--it work very well and quickly the hair started growing back. I applied it perhaps 3 or 4 days and that was all. It is inexpensive and really works. Once the ears on my puppies are standing and no longer need taping, I will use it to regrow the hair on their ears that the tape has removed. I have already recommended it to several friend. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

For mange other better options by Christine G.08/09/2012

For a topical treatment I found Nu-Stock cream to be much more effective.

Goodwinol Ointment Works by Den07/05/2014

I have tried Goodwinol Ointment in 2009 when my dog had a touch of Demodex Mange around his eyes. It cleared it right up. One of my dogs, that I adopted last year, developed two bald patches on his rear on both sides of his tail. I suspected allergy, since he has a bald spot on his belly from an allergy before I adopted him. I thought I would try Goodwinol again. His hair is growing back. Taking a little longer than it took to clear up the Demodex in 2009., but the hair is growing back. .

by petstar from Marin, CA04/21/2013

We used this for topical mange on our dog after an initial trial of oral medication (which we learned was a form of poison) from our vet was ineffective. Within four days we noticed a reduction of symptoms, a month later there was a significant reduction in the size of the bald spots.

Stuff works by adkbuck from NJ10/22/2012

My 8 month Brittany developed a local Mange around the eye from immaturity(immune system etc). Skeptical at first but had hair regrown and normal within 2 weeks after use daily with weekly peroxide shampoos

Featured Reviews for Goodwinol 1 lb
Best Remedy I've Found by Terri02/14/2013

My dog had yet another flare up of demodex mange, and reacts badly to the usual treatments from the vet. He had licked his leg until it was raw and swollen, and continued to make it worse every time he was left alone. After two applications of Goodinol, he stopped licking it, and now comes up to let me apply the ointment. What a relief! No more expensive vet visits, skin scrapings, or medication side effects!

it works by poodlenut6 from panama city,fl01/18/2012

using on poodlemix with demodex mite that had a flareup. applied this ointment to all visibly affected skin and it has stopped it from getting worse.too early to tell the long range effect.

Awesome product by MS from St. Cloud, Minnesota08/12/2010

We have been battling follicular mange in my corgi's feet for almost a year without any success. This ointment is relieving the pain and after one month is strongly reducing the flare-ups, hair is growing back and I am hoping is killing the little pests once and for all! She is the best she has ever been, so far and comes up to have the ointment put on her feet! Great product and have already recommended it to several other people!

vet recommended by dog lover07/17/2012

This was recommended by my vet for my puppy's demodectic mange, My suggestion is to apply the cream just before bedtime. This way, your pet will be too tired to try and lick it all off.

Featured Reviews for Shed Solution for Dogs (24 oz)
does stop shedding by huntndox from Fort Collins, CO02/07/2012

I have used this product before, when it was called Shed Stop. I have longhair dachshunds. One of them has a very fine, thick undercoat. This undercoat is constantly shedding. Fine like Cat's hair. This product really stops the hair all of the place!

works great by Mcdreamy03/12/2008

Only reason I picked this product instead of everthing else was that there was a Corgi on it. I have a Corgi and she shed 24/7. After 2 weeks of shed stop the shedding has noticeably decreased. Recommended

Cannot stand the smell by Mutt Mom from Missouri06/10/2014

I dreaded adding this to my dogs' meals because the fishy smell was unpleasant (to me, not my dogs). I was never sure if I was giving enough because a liquid is difficult to estimate the dosage. Maybe the reason it made no difference in shedding is that I didn't feed enough, but I saw no difference whatsoever.

Excellent results by Cremita from Puerto Rico10/21/2013

I tried only one bottle and the results are incredible.

Love it!!! by Patti from Michigan from Michigan07/28/2012

I was using this product and it became unavailable in my area...used another product but didn't see results I do with this one, plus my dog loves it. He still sheds but a lot less!!

Great Solution! by HS from Phoenix, AZ01/15/2014

Great solution for the shed happy pups, and mine LOVES it on her food!! :)

Great product !! by Linda12/01/2012

The Shed Solution for Dogs is a great product !! My dogs coat and skin are much shinier and a lot less itching from dry skin since I have given her this product. I was glad to find it at Entirely Pets as I trust this company !!

Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Shed Solution for Dogs (72 oz)
great for shedding by Carolyn from Virginia03/16/2014

helps the dry skin in the winter, and a shiny coat all year.

This suppliment has helpped a bunch. by Go Wyo10/03/2013

I really like this product. The only draw back that I can find is that it only comes in a liquid form. We travel a lot and it is hard to bring with to give the dog.

by from 08/21/2013

WORST PRODUCT EVER!!! I ordered shed stop to reduce shedding. Received the wrong product(shed pro), but tried it anyway ... Benefit of the doubt? No benefit what-so-ever, this product did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!

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Great product by cchorse02/05/2013

I stopped using this product for a little while and my dogs hair stopped looking shiney and healthy. Once I started up again his coat lays flatter and nicer.

Really Works! by Terry Sadowski04/01/2009

I was skeptical but this product really works. My dog used to shed to the point that when you pet him, you would get a hand full of hair. Even after bathing and brushing him. After a little more than a week, I would approximate he stopped shedding about 75-80% less. I'm very happy. I'm vacuuming a lot less!!!

Works Great by c.j. from Ohio08/19/2012

I have used this for almost 8 years and it keeps my dogs coat so shiney! Love it!!

by from 04/13/2014

My Vet suggested shed solution for dogs for my Labra-doodle which by the way isn't suppose to shed at all. Mine HAD a big shedding problem. After using this product daily for four weeks. Shedding is practically non-existent. I was skeptical, had previously tried shampoos with no results. This product is amazing. My dog loves the taste of the gravy mixed in with his dry dog food.

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Featured Reviews for Shed Solution Skin & Coat Supplement (1 Gal.)
Great Product by Mary1803/10/2013

Both my golden retriever and cavilier king charles dogs have been using this product since they were puppies and not only do they shed very little, but their coats are full. When I ran out the little dog had problems with his coat which were significantly helped when he went back on the shed solution. Good product.

Shed Solutions helps by K9Mom from Virginia Beach, VA08/01/2014

My dogs LOVE the taste. It made a huge difference in the shedding of our Anatolian Shepherd until he blew his coat but nothing works then. He is still shedding a bit with the hotter weather but we have been busy & he hasn't gotten a good brushing either. Besides helping with the shedding it has made his coat a lot softer.

by from 06/10/2013

I have been buying this brand for years. When I first bought it, the produce was thick and mixed easily.

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by from 03/16/2013

Our Golden Retrievers just love this solution on their food. After 2 weeks I notice a decrease in the sheded hair and these boys have plenty of it. I think they think their food is tastier too.

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shed stop by lisa rodriguez06/21/2008

This stuff is wonderful. I have a large dog who shed virtually all year round. I would just rub my hand down his back and come up with a handful of hair. I have used this product for about a week, and now I can run my hand down his back and pick up no hair. It's amazing. Also I like this product because it's available in the 1-gallon size. At three tablespoons a day the smaller sizes of similar products would not be cost-effective if you own a larger dog.

by Jeffrey from Aurora, Colorado02/28/2013

Along with twice weekly combing, this product is effective in controlling our Welsh Corgi's shedding. We are very pleased with our orders from Entirely Pets.

My dog didn't like it by frustrated mom from Naples, FL04/03/2014

I'm sure this product works well for others, but I have a picky eater and he wouldn't eat this. I have to add extra stuff to his food along with this to get him to eat. I think if it had a stronger chicken flavor or maybe bacon flavored, it would be better. I bought the gallon because my dog needs 1/2 cup/day according to his weight. Instead of returning, I decided to suffer through it. Looking for something in a pill form next.

Shed stop by liniowa from Iowa City, IA03/04/2013

My husband swears that shed stop helps reduce dog hair in our home. This company is great. One of the bottles was damaged in transit. EntirelyPets immediately sent out a replacement.

shed solution by boss from Elk Grove Village,IL02/23/2013

I have been using this product on both my Huskey's for a long ime whwn it was call Mrs. Browns shed stop and the shedding has been cut in half.

Best Product Ever by Cindy from Vancouver, WA01/17/2012

I started using this over a year ago and I was sold on this product soon after using it on my dog, Rascal. I used to comb out handfuls of hair, but once I added Shed Stop to his food, he now sheds just a light amount of hair. Wow, what a difference. I just purchased my 3rd gallon because it really works. If your dog sheds all year long, this product is for you. You won't be disappointed. It's so easy to use, just add one pump to their food once a day.

Have been using for years & will continue to! by JouJou from Allen, TX05/29/2012

This is the 2nd Pomeranian that I have used this product on. I get compliments all the time on the coat.

Shed solutions by Kat11/23/2012

Have been using this product on my boxer for about two months and have seen great improvement in his shedding .

Works awesome if you stay consistent! by sardog from Keller, TX09/03/2010

I'm in Search & Rescue and I have a beautiful German Shepherd that sheds like mad year around. A groomer a while back told me about this product and now she suggest it to all her clients. What she told me is that you have to put the correct amount in the dogs/cat food every day. If you miss a day your pretty much have to almost start over, because they need to build up to in their system. That is not really true but its a good rule to go by. It takes 30 days to start seeing results that are incredible. But pretty much you'll see some results in a couple of weeks. The coat is a amazing now, very smooth, healthy thick and soft to the touch. Normally his hair is like petting a shark. I did some research and found the original name was Shed Stop. I contacted the people that actually make the product. Turns out dogs and cats are living longer lives due to this product, it actually provides an amazing amount of oil and water to all the organs... This gallon size also comes with a squirter... I add a little bit of water to his dry food and give him 2 squirts (even though he should get about 1.5 squirts) he loves it and eats all his food in one setting... For dog food I used Kirklands Chicken and Vegetable from Costco/Sams, cheap and its awesome. If you check the ingredients its one of the only big dog bags anymore that are good for Shepherds to eat. But my dog is very healthy, he's more alert and happy and I'm really serious... This product should be mandatory for all cats and dogs. BTW, the manufacture told me you could get the dog formula for cats, there is very little difference between the two.

shed stop by Mary Petree01/24/2008

I am a widow with to dogs who shed and years ago when my husband was a live we used Mrs Allen's stop shed and were very impressed with it. But I can not afford it at this time so I will have to buy the cheap stuff at wal-mart & hope it works.

Money well spent ! by Mary Jane from Sterling Heights, Michigan02/04/2013

I have recommended this product to my friends. Will buy this again when the gallon is empty.

I've used it for years by JB10/16/2011

This product really works to reduce shedding. I've used it on two dogs for years. Not only are their coats healthy and shiny but it significantly reduces year round shedding.

Works really well by Dogom from Virginia Beach, VA04/30/2014

Started one of our dogs on this & it has made a BIG difference in how much he sheds & his coat is so soft now. Have started giving to other dogs also.

Featured Reviews for Dechra Eicosaderm Liquid (8 oz)
by grover05/10/2014

This is the best supplement out there, been using this a long time with cats and dogs and they are in excellent health

Cats turn their noses up by october13 from Massachusetts04/15/2014

I couldn't get my cats to even taste this product. Also, I cannot find out if the fish oil come from a sustainable soure so I decided to put it on the shelf and try another product.

Eicosaderm by mjb from York, PA01/29/2014

This is an excellent product! We got it because our dog has allergies. The allergies subsided and his coat is spectacular. I would highly recommend this.

by Judy from Tyler, TX11/06/2012

Vet recommended we use it.....and it really made the dog's coat shiny

My cats think it's a treat by Jana from Reading, MA10/01/2013

I got this brand on the recommendation of my vet and had been mixing it into the cats' wet food until I realized the cats will drink it right out of a spoon. They think it's a treat. Only downside (with any fishy smelling thing) is that if they groom themselves after eating it, their fur smells fishy.

doesn't work by Corky's mom from Ohio06/26/2013

I waited to review this to give it some time to work. I have an older dog with some bare spots and other areas of limited hair growth. I was hoping that this product would help, but it has no effect that I can see. Not only that, but my dog does not like the taste, so I have to disguise it in order for her to eat it. Would NOT buy again.

Great by Lauren12/27/2013

Within the first couple weeks I saw improvement. Cats hair is so silky, no dander, knots are less frequent, energy is higher. Such a wonderful product!

Vet recommended by tulemus' Mom from california05/24/2011

This product was recommended by our vet when asked about giving our dog fish oil. I have to say our dog's skin and coat look great. She is Coton de Tulear. One squirt on her food and that is all it takes. She loves the taste

Great Stuff! by Carolyn01/05/2009

I've been using Derma Pet in my Westie's food for several years now. Every vet she has seen remarkes that she has great skin for a Westie.

Good Deal by Mike10/28/2011

The EicosaDerm was recommended for my Boston Terrier by my vet. It helps keep her coat shiney and thick. I told my daughter, who had a Boxer with big problems with it's coat. The coat on her dog filled in and has been a godsend to him. I save money by getting our EicosaDerm from EntirelyPets.

Just What I Thought by gwendolina03/13/2012

Very good product. Easy to use. My doggie's coat is softer, smoother. Doesn't negatively effect the food it's sprayed on. Highly recommend. I'm hoping this will not only help my dog, but also my son who is allergic to the dander on my dog's skin.

A squirt a day... by tulemus from willits, ca12/31/2011

This works well for my 12 pound Coton de Tulear. She has a great coat and skin. Very easy to use...just one pump into the food.

Great product by Zoe's mom from Houston, TX05/30/2014

This has really hoped our dogs coat. It is so shiny now and she loves the way the fish oil tastes on her food.

Unfortunate fail by Itchy Golden Retriever from Geneva, Ohio02/22/2012

My Golden has bad skin allergies; benadryl, prednisone, grain free food/treats, hypoallergenic dog food, etc and have exhausted efforts for relief. I was really excited to be recommended this product by my vet. Read reviews online, was impressed and hopeful. I pumped 4 squirts and she wouldn't eat her food. I decreased to 2 pumps and she still wouldn't eat her food, tried one last time then gave up. Had to dump 3 batches of expensive food in the garbage. The product sounds great and I really wish it would have worked for her. Do hope it works for others. Good Luck!!!!! I'll keep trying. Even though my little angel wouldn't eat it doesn't mean yours won't, give it a try. My vet highly recommends for his clients and have had success with others.

by thunifer04/30/2012

Not as great as I read in other reviews but, it has seemed to help my dogs coat a bit. I can say it must have a great taste because my very picky bloodhound loves it.

It's great by Goldbe5009/30/2013

Poor Portia is allergic to everything. Omega 3, 6, Vitamin E oil is suggested for kitties with her type of allergies. Was using something that was discontinued to I tried this one. Really helps and all my kitties have such lovely coats. Plus, Portia stays white, white, white.

Featured Reviews for Derm Tabs (120 Tabs)
Good For Dogs With Fur Issues by Debbie07/07/2014

My blue tan mini dachshunds suffers from many skin issues including losing patches of hair. I have used this for 2 years now and it helps keep her balding down.

by from 07/16/2013

My dog has been shedding for a longer season of late and the tumbleweeds had me going crazy! I've been giving Derm-Tabs to him and, within 4 weeks I've seen a big improvement. There is still hair, but not in the huge quantity as before I started using them. Read the label, just vitamins and minerals. But this really does the trick.

bottles by right from away.Tip:


dogs love them by Connie Conlon02/26/2008

My dog loves these and chews them right down. I went to the ES, stonger must be better. He won't eat them. These have made a significant difference in his coat and I vacuum less.

derm tabs by buddy10/12/2013

2 weeks and i am still waiting for an order ??what happened to your system

by Go Wyo from kemmerer, wy10/24/2013

So far I have not even given a whole bottle to my dog who shed very badly. I have been giving her the liquid shed guard but it is not very convenient. Just dropping a tablet on her food twice a day is super and it travels a lot easier. When the dog has taken it longer, I will know how well it works.

Excellent results by Zelmo in Webster from St Louis MO10/08/2011

My one dog had skin problems, continually scratching and biting himself. Since using Derma Tabs, he's not doing so any more. I wish I had started using this product earlier. It really works.

I can't believe it! by eswrenn09/29/2009

These things really work. I was doubtful, to say the least, but my lab's shedding has been much reduced. Yes, fall is here, but that never seemed to slow her copious shedding much before. I'm buying more!

Very Impressed by Margaret11/19/2009

I was very impressed with how quickly my dog Bunny grew hair on her tail and the skin healed. And she is not scratching, chewing, or rubbing her back on the corners of the furniture. Highly recommend!

don morgan by don from woburn ma11/08/2012

i have beagle that yused to shed profusely ,but since i have been giving her derm-tabs she has been sheding much less thanks to derm-tabs

Amazing Results by sincerechic from Memphis, TN11/02/2010

I have a terrier mix and she sheds like crazy year round. She also suffers from allergies certain times of the year and will scratch patches of hair off her back at times. I decided to try this product. Within a couple of weeks all her hair had regrown and she's not had that problem since. She still sheds, but dramatically less. I used to have to sweep up tumbleweeds of hair every other day, but now it's only once a week! I am very happy with the results of this product and will continue to purchase these tablets.

Great product! by Roxxanne from New York, NY05/18/2013

This is a great vitamin and EFA supplement for dogs. My English bulldog takes this twice a day, and every time we go to the vet for her checkups the staff remarks on what a smooth, beautiful coat she has. Very easy to use, and my dog chews it up without any problem.

Derm-Tabs by Corby08/21/2013

My dog likes these tabs so I got them again BUT will not after this. The packaging seems to be the problem. Packed with a dozen or more cotton balls and there was some moisture in the bottle which left cotton all stuck to the tablets. I ended up having to toss half the bottle away.

Great Product by Nanny from Mississippi09/01/2013

I give these to my three dogs every day. It has helped with their shedding as well as skin irritations for one of them.

Featured Reviews for Chlorpheniramine 4mg (100 Tablets)
Great!!! by MICHELE from Lutz. FL07/09/2013

This was suggested by my Dermatology Vet Specialist!!!

Allerchlor by Rusty03/06/2013

There is no dosasge on the bottle for a dog. It seems to be addressing human consumption. So I don't know how much to give my dog.

Alternative to Benedryl by Stella from CA05/07/2014

My pup has allergies and I found this product works better on him then benedryl. It helps reduce the itchies and red eyes making the day more tolerable for him.

May work for your pet, not mine... by Karen from Imperial, MO05/22/2013

my little guy seems nothing helps, and when I say nothing I mean , Benadryk, zyrtec, now I have tried this.. and nothing helps him :(

What is this? by msellvee from LaPlata, Md06/28/2012

I thought I was getting a bottle of allergy tablets for a dog. Nowhere on the bottle did it mention dogs. It gave dosages for adults and children. I could have just given them Benadryl if I had known this was not a product for dogs. Your ad for this product was very misleading. I am totally disappointed with this purchase!

ALLERGY by EMMIE from FLORIDA07/23/2012


Miracle Product for Pets with allergies! by Leo08/16/2011

Saw results in the first day of use. If your dog or cat suffers of allergies you must get this product!

by Cody08/03/2012

Wish there was 2 mgms but this one can be broken in 1/2....Great for a cat that has allergies Cheaper...standard stuff...over Vet's. But check with your Vet! Used 2 mgms for yrs.

Excellent Product! by Judy Kinard07/18/2008

This medication was prescribed by our vet - only he was charging us about 20 cents a tablet or so. This works great at helping pet allergies and stopping scratching.

Is Working Great! by Bev03/17/2009

Our dog has been on allergy shots for 1 1/2 years now, in addition to benedryl tabs 3 x's a day, it all helped somewhat but i decided to try this based on the other review. Within 2 or 3 days, her itching & scratching had slowed down alot!!!! We are very pleased and ordering more because it seems to be working much better than the over the counter benedryl. Thank you!!

Chlorpheniramine by lilbit1211 from Franklinville, NJ10/24/2012

My vet had prescribed this in the past for my cat and it works very well.

Featured Reviews for EFA-Z Plus 8 oz bottle
lousy paackaging by zsu7 from la, ca04/07/2013

The seal on the bottle was not sealed. The pump did not work, I have to use an eye dropper. I wrote an e-mail asking for a replacement pump and Entirely Pets does not care enough to sendf me a replacement. i do not intent to order fom them again. zsu7

Great Fish-Oil supplement by chopinslr07/21/2013

Helps keep my dogs skin and coat smooth shiny and not as dry. She scratches less often too.

by from 01/25/2013

The description on the page did not state the brand, i was pleasantly pleased when I received the product that it was exactly the same product the vet had recommended, but here it was less than half the price.

ordering by other from items."will


bad packaGING by sucker04/22/2013

the bottle was not sealed and the pump does not work. I have asked for a replacement pump several times but you don't give a xx Stop bothering me.

EFA-Z Plus and Frontline by Tippy from Chattanooga, TN12/02/2011

I am so happy with the curteous service from Entirely Pets as well as the quality of their products. I will continue to purchase my pet products from Entirely Pets. I love how curteous the staff is as well as follow up on my order.

by AJB from San Diego, CA03/01/2011

My vet recommended I give this to my 15-year old cat that developed a bad scratching problem last year (which turned out to be from allergies, a problem she'd never had before). This product didn't alleviate her scratching -- only putting her on prescription allergy shots and the Spot-on treatment helped with that -- but I've continued to put EFA-Z liquid on her food since it's probably good for her joints and overall health. I imagine its benefits are similar to that of fish oil supplements for people.

Featured Reviews for Malacetic Ultra Flush for Dogs, Cats and Horses (2 oz.)
Shampoo that helps eliminate yeast and sour smell by Bichon Fancier from B.C.11/11/2012

I tried this shampoo to help eliminate the skin yeast under the eyes which some of my Show dogs have developed, due to wetness from their draining eyes. It does not lather well, but I expected that as it is a therapeutic shampoo. I found that it did dratically reduce the sour smell which is from the yeast and kept it away for a number of days which tells me it is working.After shampooing with this, I am cleansing the affected areas daily with the Choraseb Flush topically. It is a good regime and seem to really be helping. I had no skin reactions from this product.Will continue to use this product as needed.

by from 04/19/2012

I prefer this over Epi-Otic which leaves an oily/stinky smell.

difficult by time from findingI


some by water from inIt


The best for shar pei ears ever by rhonda from cincinnati, ohio01/02/2013

I got my first shar pei in 1986. Love them so much cannot imagine another breed for me. As you know, their little ears are tight. This is the best maintenance product on the market for their ears. I spent hundreds of dollars at the vet with not much luck...then I lucked upon this. Try it, you will not be disappointed. Use 1 - 2 per week until clear - then maintenance every week to every other week.

Featured Reviews for Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS Pads (30 count)
Great product by Animal09/12/2013

Excellent product at a fair price. Works great. Great when used daily with allergy dogs.

Great product by Julianne04/19/2012

This product is identical to the product I purchase in Australia via a skin specialist...apart from the price. Even including postage it is less than 1/2 the price AND is delivered in the same amount of time! I couldn't be happier and will definitely be ordering this product from this company in the future.

Great Product by Connie from Indiana12/02/2013

Use this product for both my Dachshunds to provide relief for severe skin issues. One Dachshund has skin allergies, the pads give her relief when her skin flares under and on the inside of her front legs and belly. The other Dachshund was just diagnosed with a very rare skin condition and I use these pads to cleanse the skin and to help in the preventing secondary skin infections. I have also used this on my Yorkie when the tops of her feet were irritated from grooming, gave her quick relief! I wouldn't be without this product!

The best for face wrinkles by Bulldogger01/16/2013

As a bulldog breeder and show handler I am always looking for a product that will clean and soothe our dogs face wrinkles. This product is great!. It cleans not only their wrinkles but I also use it between their toes and to wipe inside the ears. It is non-irritating and is a pleasure to use.

LOVE THIS PRODUCT by yvette05/22/2010

I originally got this product from my vet - it has helped my shih tzu with her skin issues so much - I still use the chlorhexidine PS shampoo, but these pads are just awesome! The first time I used them, she just relaxed in my lap from the itching disappearing. Will use them on an on-going basis. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS PRODUCT !!!

Excellent product for by SJ07/14/2013

keeping my bulldog's facial fold clean and bacteria free.

Exactly what I wanted by Nikki10/29/2011

I found exactly what I wanted. The Vet charges three times what I paid. What a deal. The product arrived in just a couple days. Thanks.

Douxo Chlorhexidine Pads by Glo from Sayre, Okla06/18/2013

Excellent product for dogs. Especially bull dogs.

Effective & Convenient by 3DogMomma from Little Rock, AR02/10/2014

Our adopted puppies have had several bouts of puppy pyro derma. This is such a convenient and EASY way to treat the bumps daily without having to bathe them...daily. This last time just using the pads for 6 days completely cleared up an area on one of the dog's head. Great product!

Duoxo chlorhexidine pads by may jo j. from ohio10/30/2013

I love these pads for use on tender greyhound skin when they have tears/cuts from heavy running in backyard!

I love this stuff! by Winsmom01/20/2013

Originally we got a jar of these pads from the vets. They are great for cleaning folds, like on our Pug Winston. I was thrilled to find them offered for sale on Entirely Pets, and even more happy with the great price

Works great by piebaldbully from Minnesota11/15/2011

I used this product for my bulldogs feet

Same as your vet prescribes by KaraToon from Montgomery NY07/31/2013

Originally prescribed & purchased from the vet for undiagnosed scabbing condition in the skin under my dog's lower lip, used before expensive testing was done & it worked immediately. When the problem recurred about six months later, I was able to order the same product online without a prescription, with the same immediate successful result!

Easy to use by Zoey06/19/2012

The pads are easy to use for skin allergy maintenance in between baths and for cleaning skin folds.

by Bullie owner01/21/2012

Excellent product for use to a bulldog's keep nose fold clean and free of bacteria.

Happy Feet by Maggie from Santa Rosa. CA07/23/2013

Have been using this product for a few weeks now. My dog saw the dermatology specialist from San Diego today, and she said that my dog's paws look less inflamed. It must be due to the paw wipes.

Great buy by Dog Lover11/26/2011

All Douxo products are great. The Douxo pads really help with keeping my dog's skin clean, clears up problems and is very gentle.

A Godsend! by Hootie05/12/2013

These pads are a Godsend for keeping up with our older kitty's chin acne. They are nicely packaged, very moist, and ready to go...a plus when you need to sneak up on the patient!!

Great for little cuts and hot spots! by jjw04/23/2012

Always have these handy for those little annoying cuts or hot spots - especially on my dogs sensitive skin. Good to keep the area clean and helps healing process.

If you do Agility you need this by Redskinsdean from Atlanta Ga12/16/2011

This is great!! My staffy would have redness or her paws would be sore after a trial or practice, using this before and after has really made a difference!!

Effective in controlling skin problems by daufuskiecap from Georgia03/04/2014

My Westie like many others has skin problems, these medicated wipes with Chlorhexidine have proven to be helpful with His skin problems

Great Product! by Hollywood from Chicago, IL06/18/2012

We use these pads to clean the folds on our English Bulldogs face. They are very effective and get her folds cleaner than using a baby wipe. Highly recommend.

AntiBacterial pads for infections by 22vblue from Los Angeles, CA08/04/2013

We now use these daily...great to kill bacterial infections. Also keeps new infections away. Our dog does not mind it or lick it off. The pads are gentle enough that it kills the bacteria yet does not hurt the skin.

great medicated pads for the pup with skin issues by direppucci from del mar12/23/2013

This is the perfect " go to" medicated treatment for my frenchie that has skin problems. These seem to provide a sense of relief for those hots spots that pop up.

by erica from New York, NY10/22/2012

product was great. exactly what i get at the vet without being price gauged.

works well by corgigal from Oceanside CA11/05/2012

These pads work well to clean hot spots on my Corgi's. Very convenient to have on hand.

works great by kernerva07/17/2014

Vet recommended for a rash and after daily use everybit cleared up.

Soothing dryness by Tana from San Diego, CA04/19/2012

These pads are awsome...I use for dry spots, clean a scratch or irritable skin

Excellent Product by steelcity79 from New Jersey10/30/2012

I purchased this item along with the shampoo which I use on opposite days, this combination has been of great help to my pet and the price is not bad

Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS by Lois05/30/2012

This product is great! My dog has allergies, he is constantly licking his paws, they would become inflamed, red and swollen. Using Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS worked miracles. One pad, once a day worked amazing.

works great by Ace from Sarasota , Florida07/28/2013

excellent pad for treating our English bulldogs bacteria minor infection at tail area, Vet.approved.

Great Product by Jonny08/26/2012

I have a labrador and her belly gets pretty scratched up from hunting in the fields. I clean her belly with one or two of these pads as soon as we get home, and the scratches are gone within a few days. This stuff is like magic for active dogs.

Really Works! by Wolfen from Norfolk, VA03/31/2013

Great product. Less expensive than from the vet and same great results. Keeps the itching to a minimum.

i love these by Sandy from virginia03/31/2013

i have an english bulldog who always seems to have a yeast or bacteria problem like interdigital cysts and hair loss on her back. her tail pocket always seems to have gunk in it and yeast. i have used malaket wipes for ages until i tried these and i think they work so much better. they are simple and easy to use. i recommend them to anyone who has to clean their dogs feet, tail pocket, face wrinkles, ears. they are wonderful for yeast and bacteria.

Featured Reviews for Dermoscent Bio Balm (50 ml)
Works better than expected!! by Viola11/14/2011

This was an alternative product to what my vet recommended for use on my Bulldogs nose. My home remedy of vaseline was licked off as fast as I could put it on. This balm adheres to his nose, without it being licked off, and allows for the callous on his nose to heal. Warning, they won't like the smell, but fortunately a small amount goes far. :)

Very Good Purchase by Big Dog Mom01/15/2012

Very Good Product, will purchase again and refer to other dog owners

Fabulous! by GeeRome02/12/2011

Hyperkeratosis of the nose in a 8 year old Shetland Sheepdog. He has epilepsy and has been suffering from a dried, cracked, bleeding nose since starting on phenobarbital a number of years ago. Nothing else has healed his nose. After only 5 days of using Dermoscent Bio Balm 3 times daily, I can see a marked difference! Nose is black, appears moist, cracks are less defined and fissures appear to be healing.

Very Good by SightHound08/14/2012

Very good balm. Much better than Bag Balm and similar basic animal balm products for your dogs' dry, raw elbows. But, probably because of the active ingredients in this product, it seems it can be slightly uncomfortable for your pet (stings?) when applied on really raw skin. For hard cases Bio Balm Seems to be a little more "healing" than HALO Herbal Healing Salve, which I have previously used and love. But, it comes at the price of this possible slight discomfort, which I did not notice when using the HALO product.

Quality product by sbrebach from New Orleans, LA06/09/2014

This product does seem to speed up healing of dry, scaly skin patches and even scratches and scrapes. My dog doesn't seem to be drawn to lick the balm off of her skin, once applied, which is good - even though the balm is edible (one of the main reasons I purchased it!)

Great Product by Donna from Paso Robles, CA11/17/2012

Works wonders to soothe my allergy dogs itchy paws and skin

A very nice product by GSP owner from Paso Robles, CA05/30/2012

Great for those rough toes and elbows and has a really pleasant medicinal essence. Now included it in our homoeopathic routine specifically on a little bump on one toe, which seems to be helping.

Fantastic product!! by Zoey06/19/2012

This balm did a fantastic job on my French Bulldog's extremely dry, scaly nose. Just a few days after I began to apply it, his nose became soft and pink. I now need to apply it only occasionally for maintenance since it worked so well.

it really helps by biguglyguy10/23/2012

One of the side effects of my Cocker Spaniels having Cushings Disease is a dry, cracking nose. I use Dermoscent Bio Balm on her nose twice daily as recommended by our vet.This has the beneficial effect of making her nose not only feel better, but also look much better, too. I can get the product from my Veterinarian but by buying online from Entirely Pets I can get two 50ml containers for the price of one from the vet. That includes the cost of shipping as well.

Bio Balm by Kimberly09/23/2013

Bio Balm is wonderful, we have a female boxer that is almost three years old. When she was four months old she suffered a severe brain injury. She is our baby, the sweetest thing you ever saw. Due to the injury she has a tendency to slip and fall on slick floors. When we rescued her at about 14 months of age she had very large black callouses on her knee caps from falling down, they looked like hockey pucks. Bio Balm helped to get rid of most of the callous and she now has hair on her knee caps again. Who says hair on a girls knees isn't cute?? Thank you Bio Balm! Sookie is the fawn female in the sleigh picture.

Excellent product by Magoo from Cedar Crest,NM09/10/2013

Have used it frequently on all my dogs for the past 6 yrs.

Dermoscent Bio Balm by Katie from Louisville, KY03/10/2012

I HIGHLY recommend this product! My vet gave me a sample to use on my Golden Ret with skin problems near her tail and it got rid of the redness, stopped the dog from licking and practically healed it OVERNIGHT with just 1 application! It has a strong scent that does go away but boy does it work! I even had an oven burn mark that has not healed for 4 years on the top of my hand, so I figured if it's good enough for the dog, I'll try it! In 2 days the mark and redness is almost gone with just 1 small application at night only! I LOVE this stuff! you will be so pleased!

Just OK by Maya from Denver, CO03/20/2014

This was a nice, thick, fairly greasy almost ointment type cream. The scent is strong, but it didn't bother me, or my dog. It didn't help his nose, though.

Help for my dog. by BT42102/16/2012

I have always worried about my dogs nose. The right side of the nose was always dry. I read an article in one of the dog newsletters I receive and they talked about possible cures. I didn't even know your website was even out there. I ordered the cream and started to use it on her. She is doing so much better now. I would recommend this product to any one having an issue like my dog.

Good Stuff! by Angie from Carol Stream, IL04/28/2012

My little Miniature Pinscher, Gucci, has horrible dry skin patches on the tips of his ears. His skin literally comes off in chunks, taking his hair with it. His vet recommended that we try Bio Balm before putting Gucci on allergy medication. Within 2 days of the first application, his dry skin cleared up on his ears and his itching completely stopped. Great product, really cleared up my baby's skin and works great on their foot pads as well!

Great results by Buttons from ohio02/22/2013

The vet called it a callus on my older dogs nose. It was rough and cracked and raised up. Just one application made a vast improvement, in a week she was back to a regular nose !!! Sad part was the vet had no suggestions for her - I found the info on line !!

Lovely, natural balm by Equestrienne from Chicago, IL03/05/2012

My dog had some hard calluses on the edges of her paw pads. This softened them up very nicely. This is a very light cream that is absorbed quickly.

Speeds up healing process! by Shiammi from FL07/10/2010

We adopted an overweight, older female WGS--fed a higher quality food, daily grooming, exercise; after six weeks, improved very well. A few days ago we began applying Dermoscent Bio Balm to her scabby elbow calluses...and wow...even the pus is clearing up. Thank you so much!

Excellent product!! by Makenzie03/29/2012

Our 11 year old boxer was diagnosed with a buildup of Keratin on her nose. It has been dry, cracked, and ugly for years. Our vet prescribed Kerasolv, which worked well but is no longer manufactured. I was hoping to find a substitute for Kerasolv and came across Dermoscent Bio Balm. This product worked even better and quicker than the product our vet prescribed! Her nose was like new within one week of using the Dermoscent! She looks like a puppy again!

Dermoscent Bio Balm by BMDBreeder from PA02/24/2012

This product does a fabulous job of moisturizing a dry, cracky nose and lasts forever! Great for those older veterans in the show ring (or at home).

Featured Reviews for Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet (50 ct)
Fine, but product broken & arrived open by rjm06/17/2013

Wipes were only sent in a padded envelope and were crushed during shipping and arrived broken and open, free to air & were somewhat dried out.

Happy with Products/Service by MissJane72@aol.com from Vernon, CT07/09/2012

Always happy with the products and service from Entirelypets. Can find what I'm looking for easily and the service is very quick which is great.

Great to have on hand! by Marti from Vancouver, WA10/24/2013

We enjoy having these wipes to take along on short trips! Great for touch ups in between baths! WonTon likes when we freshen him up with the wipes around his neck and face! Those wrinkles tend to capture debris and sweat! The wipes are easy to carry and use! A 5 paw rating!

by from 03/13/2013

It was recommended by the vet to treat the bacteria and fungus between his paws. The breed is likely to grow it. It's been a lot better (less scratching, licking since). Plus I think the smell keeps him from tending to them.

smell by is from reallyThat


Really Great Product! by Tashi from Sarasota, FL10/22/2012

My son and DIL introduced me to these wipes for pets when I was visiting with my dog. They use them on their bulldog for just about everything that needs wiping. I gave them a try on my dog's paws, and they were fabulous! Love them!

great product by silvercavs05/27/2013

My vet prescribed these for my dog who chews her feet incessantly - they worked like a miracle!! I swab her feet every morning - she doesn't bite!! Wow!! My vet charges a fortune for these - Entirely pets is so much more reasonable! Great find! :-)

by JAS07/15/2013

Great for English Bulldogs wrinkles nightly.

Best wrinkle cleanse ever! by Barb11580NY from Valley Stream NY07/29/2014

These wipes are wonderful for cleaning my pugs wrinkles. Even he doesn't mind me cleaning his face with these. They are easy to use, no mess, and one wipe goes a long way.

Mal-a-Ket Wipes by DermaPet by Chopper1 from Golden CO02/21/2013

We are happy with this product and have used it for many years on our dog's feet. Even though it was bought by Dechra, the formula seems to be the same. We will continue to use it as no allergic reation as occurred has with other Dechra products

works great by jonesy from Louisiana10/23/2012

I have a mini pin that suffers from malasezzia dermatitis, I have to bathe her frequently, I ordered these pads after reading other reviews and I am very pleased with them. I can use a couple of them to wipe down breakout spots on her and now I don't have to bathe her as often.

Great Product by JW11/06/2012

These work great on my bulldogs wrinkles, folds, and other hot spots!

Wipes by MybabyRocco03/11/2013

There excellent for on the go, on just when you don't have time or energy

Mal-A- Ket works every time. by Westie mom from Texas03/29/2013

I have used Mal-A- Ket wipes for several years. It is great to use between baths or for quick touch ups. If you use these in between baths, your pets problems will soon clear up.

by from 01/04/2012

Hi my name is Jimmie, I am a 10 months and my toes were red and itchy. My Awesome mommy found these wipes and my toes are no longer itchy. I think every mommy and daddy should get these for all my friends that have red itchy toes too.

Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet by JimmieYour


Love these! by Coffee Bean06/19/2012

We have two English Bulldogs and these work amazing on there wrinkles!

Great product by Winta from Catskill, NY04/17/2014

Mal-A-Ket wipes work wonders on my little Westie who gets hot spots and other allergy related skin issues. The wipes are handy and fast acting. A constant in our household since we have 3 Westies.

Great for Doggie ietchs. by Jeannie from Citrus Heights, CA03/06/2012

These wipes have done wonders for my little Lhasa Apso. She suffers from Yeast problems. They work with her Keto shampoos and with the oral medicines. Great Item.

by from 04/14/2014

My vet recommended this to help with allergies from outside. This way I don't have to entirely bathe the dog after we return from our walks.

it by works from completely--justI


by bubbles95ca11/30/2011

Works well. I do miss the malaseb pledgets b/c there were more to a container and they worked better in my opinion

Easy to Use by dh from MN08/13/2012

Mal-A-Ket wipes are so easy and effective to use! Our golden retriever spends alot of time in the lake in the summer and, of course, needs her ears cleaned regularly to prevent infections in the ear. These wipes work great!

No more stinky beard/face by Beamers mom07/07/2012

My cock a poo has this little flap/fold around his mouth area and it would get so smelly....bad, bad...bad!!! He loves to sniff at everything on the ground and drink water a fair amount so this area is wet a lot. My vet got us onto this and it has made a huge difference. I use it on him once a day and can actually reuse the other side, he is a fairly small dog. When I did research on line to get it cheaper I read about others with dogs that have natural flappy areas, so this is a big help for the areas where fungus grows.

by mimi from Seminole Fl.11/05/2011

I use this on my sphynx nails,works very good to remove the oil build up.

Mal a Ket Wipes by Artsydogue from New Milford, New Jersey02/09/2013

Need a product for your yeasty pets paws and facial folds? THIS IS IT! I use it on my own pets and I am a Certified Veterinary Technician. It doesn't get much better than this folks! My Dogue deBordeaux have facial folds that get all yeasty and this product does the trick EVERY time! Saves me from expensive trips to the vet.

Really Helped by Bulldog Mommy09/11/2012

This is a good product for any bulldog owner. It really helps with general wrinkle cleaning, foot maintenance etc. Highly recommend.

Life saver!!!!! by B's Momma from Newport, RI02/27/2013

Our English Bulldog,Basil, has a set-in tail. Of all the products we've used, the Mal-A-Ket wipes are the BEST!!!!! They keep his tail crease dryer, yeast free and COMFORTABLE!!!!! He 's a much happier bully with these wipes!!!!

Works Well but..... by laz from Coatesville, PA08/06/2012

These pads help with my labs allergies and spots were he chews himself to pieces. I would have given it five stars but they have a vingear smell and are somewhat sticky. YUCK!!!

Works well by soca203/01/2013

I bought these for my geriatric dog who has skin allergies. She tends to get yeasty so I have been using these wipes as a preventative in the hopes of avoiding the need for baths which she has hated since we adopted her 5 years ago and now in the last year she gets very stressed as she has gotten older (she is over 17) and her legs are weaker. I use these in the few areas that tend to flare up. So far they seem to be helping. No itching and no baths needed.

by neptune from Pennsylvania02/27/2012

This product is great! It really helps to keep my English Bulldogs face clean and infection free! This is the only thing that i found that really works! The smell isn't nice but it works!!! Less vet bills!

Wipes by LilyGirl12/12/2011

These wipes are very convenient. I have skin allergies and these wipes don't sting at all. My "mom" uses them every night and every morning and I don't mind at all having my fanny disinfected with Mal-A-Ket wipes. also, cheaper here than at my vet.

These have been a vet-trip saver by Pug_Mom from Houston, TX03/10/2013

We have a pug with a classic pug nose roll (basically, it's a petri dish of yuck) and skin allergies. She has had recurrent skin infections on her face. We had been to the vet multiple times to get VERY expensive antibiotic shots (topical ointments weren't doing the trick) until we moved and the new vet recommended these. OH WOW. For the first time in her 12 years of life, her nose roll is not disgusting. It's clean and dry and the fur grew back. Also, by using these regularly, we have kept the skin infections on her face at bay. I also use them to wipe out her ears and that's also made a huge difference (until now, she's basically had non-stop ear infections/inflammation). She is a MUCH happier dog.

Wipes work very well by Einstein from East Coast10/18/2011

I used to buy these from my Vet. But, with EntirelyPets, they are much cheaper and the shipping is incredibly fast - especially with me living on the east coast. 2-3 days shipping every time! I haven't been disappointed yet.

Mal-A-Ket fabulous for skin allergies by Jack from nutley, nj05/29/2012

Our Boxer's paws get infected from walking in the park. By first washing the paws and then applying mal-a-ket keeps the paw sores abetted. He also he subject to something that looks like acne and boils especially during the summer months. Mal-a-ket helps keep that condition under control.

stinky but does the job by pj04/14/2014

Great for cleaning in skin folds. Smells like vinegar but its better than rotting flesh . I use these every day and swear by them .

Excellent product by sevans89 from Kansas11/06/2012

The vet gave us these pads when our paraplegic Pug developed a staph infection on his belly. When I ran out, I ordered them from EntirelyPets. Best product to use for your pet's skin issues. It's great to know that I can get them online!

by from 07/17/2013

Wonderful product! by Cpatters from Michigan03/13/2013

These wipes were highly recommended by other customers for my dog with chronic yeast problems. We have seen great improvement in her infection. These are a great addition to my grooming regimen!

Cut down on scooting by Ashley08/03/2012

I have 2 English Bulldogs and they both have tail pockets that need to be cleaned. One of my EB's tends to scoot all over the place when her pocket is itchy and using these wipes in there has really cut down (about 75%) on how much she scoots.

Excellent results by Internette2301/23/2013

Easy to handle and the only prescription that works on my pug.

Good Value by Kathi05/05/2013

Vey pleased with the price and fast delivery!

by Linda from California03/02/2013

This is a pretty good product that seems to do the jjob. It is not perfect but close! I would recommend it.

by etha032405/27/2012

It is much faster than giving my dog a bath. So I oonly use it when I don't have time to do the wet dog thing.

by gustaf02/01/2013

the wipes do an excellant job on the paws

Bulldog folds by MV07/13/2012

cleared up inflamed folds within two days I love this product one of my best purchase's

Pleased with Purchase by Pip02/26/2014

Delighted with my purchase from Entirely Pets.com. Product arrived promptly, nicely packaged and in perfect condition for me to use on my pup! Thank you. Will definitely be returning to Entirely Pets in the future.

by Dee03/15/2012

The size of the wipes should be larger or you should sell the liquid in bottles for you to apply with your own wipes.

by from 11/23/2012

Best price for this product. Have a min poodle with a skin problem that this product keeps in check. The only thing that works.

One by jar from ofJust


Effective but Expensive by itchyhairydog08/29/2013

The product itself is fine and very effective. That being said, it is far too expensive for those tiny wipes you have to struggle to pull apart with your fingers. I prefer the larger pull out style wipes in the canister (which I believe was this same brand some years ago). I'm using what the vet prescribed but I will ultimately go back to some dilute apple cider vinegar and a washcloth. It suits my budget and works just as well.

Great Wipes by Great for doggie wrinkles from Chelsea, AL10/10/2011

We have an English Bulldog & you have to keep the facial wrinkles & paws clean because they are prone to bacterial infection. These wipes work great, but do smell, so don't be surprised if your dog doesn't like you using them on him/her. But they do the trick!

Great Product by bassethoundfriend from AK to FL11/25/2011

Keeps my basset hound ears and fur around her ears fresh

Love these Wipes... by tigershark06/28/2012

We use these wipes on our English Bulldog, they work great when he has a rash or an irritation on his skin, they have a nice clean smell and are a decent price. I would definitely recommend these wipes for all around use.

by Pugmom from CT11/03/2012

This product is great, my pug can't live with out it. She is a puppy (4 months) and she gets what a vet called puppy acne eventually. Her food bowl is stainless steal , eats a grain food 5 star premium dog food,but kept for some reason getting pimples here and there until I found out about this wipes. Her pimples has improved and the wipes are part of everyday use. I love to get them from Entirely Pets because they have great price and a very fast delivery.

Great for corn chip feet by Kw09/11/2013

My Goldens have been licking and chewing their feet...living in a new very hot humid climate we didn't make the connection and thought they were allergic to something on the ground. They did smell kinda funky and the vet said that was the give away for yeast infections. Twice daily wipes for 2-3 weeks cleared them up and their cracked sore feet are on the mend. Prices here are cheaper than the vet. No more stinky corn chip feet!

Prevents skin infections by lisa03/31/2011

My french bulldog began licking her paws and scratching her face excessively to the point of bleeding and causing scabs. While trying to find the source of her allergies I began using these wipes twice a day on her paws and face to prevent a skin infection. While numerous visits to the vet show no signs of infection, the wipes do not stop the itching. We are still searching for the source. I would recommend these wipes to prevent a skin infection.

Mal-A-Ket Wipes Do The Trick - Perfectly! by jehpa from Barto, PA02/13/2014

My Cocker Spaniel suffers from skin problems, and has since he was a pup. Mal-A-Ket wipes are convenient, easy & very effective for his condition. I will definitely buy these again - and from Entirely Pets, who is a wonderful supplier!

Excellent product! by luvmygrandkidsall801/31/2014

Our 2 shelties have had skin problems on their tummys since they were puppies. We use the mal a ket shampoo on them and it is fantastic. I tried these pads to use when they have flare ups in between baths. This is an excellent product I highly recommend! The dogs like them and seem to be very soothing.

Nothing Compares by Michael F from Chatsworth California02/22/2011

Our twin labs Bryce & Zion have been family members literatly for almost 7 years now. Bryce has allergies to grass at times and spending hundreds on topicals over the years and all to no avail, We were told by our vet 3 years ago about Mal-A_Ket wipes and this is a one of a kind product that trully works. It heals the areas on his paws and prevents him with the desire to bite and over lick areas. I am sold and though it is not available in most pet stores, I am greatful the Entirely Pets is now a part of our family as well. Well worth every pad!

Great for itchy ears by Luvspaniels from Durham, NC07/11/2014

My cocker had to have a bilateral ear ablation several years ago, but her ears still get itchy. I used the wipes to wipe the area where the scars are and it really seems to help.

by lilysmom07/16/2012

These work great for keeping away bacterial infections where dogs have "fatty folds" on tummy or anywhere else. Very expensive through Vet but reasonably priced at Entirely Pets... so I can keep my sweet girl happy and comfortable.

by from 10/30/2011

Thank your for making these pads. My dog has such trouble with her feed in the summer.

bite by & from lickShe


ever by !!!!!!!" from Love these pads..The


Great product for in between baths by PJD from Oregon02/27/2014

Bought this product at the suggestion of our holistic vet for my dachshund who had a yeast infection secondary to immune disorder. He suggested I use it between baths, which I did twice a week with Mal-A-Ket shampoo. Poor dog lost most of the fur on his tail, feet and back!! He was really smelly and itchy too. Worked especially good on his feet, between his toes. Glad to say the yeast infection is gone. Both worked great at getting rid of the yeast. Took around 3 weeks and his fur is growing back..

love this product by furryboysmom from nyc, ny03/17/2014

Makes my kittys rash disappear in a few days

Great product. by Jill from Camarillo, CA07/09/2012

I liked the product, however wished the pads were larger, the product cleaned very well.

It works, but...... by Claudia from Washington state04/11/2012

Used the Mal-a-let Wipes along with the Mal-A-Ket Shampoo for a nasty yeast infection on my Westie's skin. The product works OK, but the wipes are so thin, you have to use twice as much as another brand I tried in the past. They are hard to pry apart because they're so thin, and I'm going through them pretty fast.

Good stuff by Skitch's person10/17/2011

My dog is allergic to everything. These work very well, and save me the trouble of bathing him excessively. Just wish they didn't smell like vinegar.

Thank you Entirely Pets by German Shepherd Lover from Rochester, NY02/16/2012

My poor German shepherd dog is prone to fungal infections on her foot. The first container I purchased through my vet (expensive). I was so happy to get such a great price at Entirely pets. I think my dog thinks she's getting a pedicure every time I wipe her foot with the malaket wipes, so it's a win-win situation for both the dog and me.

Great for yeasty feet by Pugnut10/06/2011

One of my pugs has a problem with yeast that is mostly under control. Sometimes he starts licking his feet and I see that the skin around his dew claws is inflamed, as is the webbed skin between his toes. This is when I bring out Mal-A-Ket and wipe his feet and inbetween his toes. He's very sensitive about anyone touching his feet, so it's sometimes a struggle. But it seems to helps, as the licking stops for a while.

Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet by SharonD from Willow Spring, NC03/13/2012

Wonderful product. We have two bulldogs (with folds and wrinkles). We use it to clean their nose ropes, folds, ears, on the webbing between their toes, etc. It is a great product for preventing yeast or other fungal issues.

Great wipes by Jim06/05/2013

these wipes really help my dog with hi itchy face.

great product by pepper'smom from Fleetwood, PA09/28/2014

my golden has allergies and this product keeps her from chewing the area.

GREAT FOR PUGS! by NOS from HB, CA10/04/2011

I Use the Mal-A Ket Wipes on my 10 year old Pugs noes flap, Chin, Ears and feet. It is the only thing that gets rid of the yeast problem and stinky face smell. I love it!

The Best by Gerry05/29/2014

I have a rescue fur-baby that starts going in circles, as she is trying to chase her bottom. When I rub this on her backend...she stops immediately! It is very expensive if you purchase this from your Vet...I highly recommend this product!

great stuff by lnotty10/12/2013

my bulldog needs a lot of special skin care - these wipes prevent all kinds of skin infections. I use them to clean her face, or for a fast clean up. I also use the Mal a Ket shampoo. Great products.

Fantastic for pugs by Willow from Ohio07/09/2013

I recently noticed that my pug's face wrinkles had developed crusty sores in them. After reading positive reviews about these wipes, I decided to give them a try. Less than a week later, his face completely healed! I now use these wipes exclusively for our regular wrinkle cleaning as a preventative. Very satisfied with the results. And the price is wonderful here compared to other sellers!

Awesome product!! by Nelly from North Dakota04/19/2013

My dogs get cleaned and their wrinkles are usually kept dry but when it does get irritated a bit under their wrinkles, Mal-a-ket saves me a trip to the vet!!! Thanks again! We love it

allergies by blondiejean13 from brooklyn ny04/17/2014

my pet always gets little bumps in the summer from allergies this product works and reduces them a lot. Plus help prevents them

great stuff by bulldog lover04/19/2013

we have a bulldog, and this product works great for keeping his eyes clean. I would recomend this product to anyone that owns a bulldog .

Thumbs up. by zooey2 from PA05/30/2012

Wipes work great. And they don't smell in the slightest the way someone said. Cleared up my dog's yeast issue before her appointment even came; vet said just keep using them!

Finally by Amber's mother03/06/2012

This is the first product that works for my dog's mouth problem. She collects saliva and the moistness brings constant infection. Even surgery to eliminate extra folds did not prevent a return of the smell and irritation, and this does. I do have to be diligent about using it twice a day, but she smells like a dog now, not putrid. My vet recommended it.

Promoting Coat Regrowth by LM from Weeki Wachee, FL02/20/2013

My Bichon does not enjoy these wipes! And that is the point. The areas in her coat that she had overgroomed due to her allergies are filling back in because she is not so keen on licking them. I use the wipes every morning after our walk and anytime during the day if I catch her working on herself. These work.

Might be better than the malaseb by CYarema01/05/2010

Due to malaseb pledgets being discontinued for the moment, I was forced to try these for my bulldog. I think I actually like them better. They have the same antiseptic benefits...but they actually smell a lot better than the malaseb.

Lifesavers by Jackie04/21/2013

My pug suffered such severe skin problems that the quality of her life was miserable. Constant open sores, itching, break-outs, cysts, infections, all over her body...I tried EVERYTHING to no avail. After three years, I began to wonder if it would be more merciful to euthanize her. The Mal-A-Ket wipes were my last resort. I used them twice a day to start, and they saved her life. Slowly but surely the itching, break-outs, cysts, sores and infections cleared up, and now I use them for maintenance only. She's a different dog, too, happy, playful and lively, not the miserable little wreck she was before. So grateful for these!

mal a ket by rejoyce from dawsonville ga04/27/2014

Best ever wipe for our dog. No irritation and improved results immediately

Really Great Stuff by Timothy03/08/2014

This stuff really works. My poor Rott/Pit mix was having serious yeast issues do to certain treats (one of them Meaty Bones) that my dogs really love but they were causing my dog to have yeast popping up all over his body. I have been using Mal-A-Ket Wipes since I received it and the results are astounding. My dog is now almost yeast free and I also have stopped giving him the Meaty Bones. I will keep this item on hand just in case my boy has another problem with yeast popping up. Again: GREAT STUFF!!!!!

Well worth the purchase by Shelley from Pennsylvania03/29/2012

This product is easily used and helps clean and sooth irritated area. My dog appears to be better healing, therefore, I would recommend this product which was suggested to me by a veterinarian.

Try it it dose work! by Robin from Johnston,RI02/23/2014

My dog was having problems with yeast infections in his ears witch made him scratch them then he started scratching and biting his arm pits so the vet sold me this item witch was a lot more money found it on this web site for less money. My dogs ears and arm pits have cleared up.Would buy this product again try it it dose work.

Featured Reviews for Micro Pearls Dermal-Soothe Anti-Itch Cream Rinse (8 oz)
Wonderful stuff by Kirby the pug09/17/2011

Kirby our pug has very itchy skin, and adding this to his bath has been a good thing! It smells wonderful and really soothes the skin and softens his hair. We are very pleased with it!

Outstanding companion to Dermal-Soothe Shampoo by Noelle08/23/2013

If you have read my review of Micro Pearls Advantage Dermal-Soothe Anti-Itch Shampoo, you know that I strongly recommend this product as well. It is the companion product to the shampoo. I have used both products for eight years, and these products are exceptional--the ONLY products I will use! My dog's coat is not as dry; the scent is clean and pleasant; and being a black and white dog, his black glistens like a prism, and his white is the color of a first snow. I always receive compliments on the shine and quality of his coat. And, with continued use, the fourth week after his bath, his coat continues to look as pristine as the day he was bathed. I hope that if you try these two products you will be as impressed as I am.

by Nads02/09/2013

Ordered this before I got the name of another product, was told I could return if package was unopened. Ordered the item I entended to order in the first place both were delivered to my PO Box and I had no idea which was which......had to open so NO RETURN.....you guessed it I opened the package that contained this. We tried it.....and did not help with my dogs itching. Will order from Entirelypets.com again just not this product.

Left our pup so soft by Trishkers10/31/2011

Our 4 year old female Havanese suffers from allergies. This product left her so soft and smelling so clean. She did not itch after her grooming and looked like a totally cute ball of cotton. We will continue to use this after each grooming!

Sebboreah by Bsquared from Ridgefield, CT01/20/2014

This is the best product I have found to control my Scotties severe Sebboreah. He was scratching to death before, now it appears at least controllable with out the terrible crusts and scabs all over his underside.

Dermal Soothe by Cheechie from Pittsburgh, PA03/31/2012

Great Product for dry skin and allergies.

Featured Reviews for Green Pet Fleaze-Off Wipes (60 ct)
great product by sandy from Slanesville, WV10/05/2013

it worked to help lessen the amount of fleas on my cats and helped bring the fleas to the surface for the longer haired cats so that i could get the fleas off of them. the cats hated it, but i liked it. and it helped make the cats smell good so it was even better! i also liked that it didnt have chemicals in it so i could use it on our kittens who were still too young to use the over the counter products that had the chemicals in it to completely kill the fleas. would definitely buy again and recommend it to another person!

Fleeze Off Spray didn't work, neither the wipes by Jen05/16/2013

The spray form didn't work at all, found fleas after use instead. so i use this as to wipe my dog's body and gives it a lemongrass scent. The scent doesn't last too long on the dog either.

Great Product by BJ from Tennessee05/09/2014

This product is excellent for keeping flies, and gnats off your dog, don't know about fleas, since I do not use it for him. I use it to keep his coat shiny, and it seems to put oil back into his fur, and the gnats and flies leave him alone, when he is relaxing.

by from 07/01/2010

This is one of the best products I have used in a long while. I keep one at home and in the car when we are out on walks at local parks.

out by I from swipeBefore


back by in from theBefore


Flea Wipes by 4evrMoi from Lancaster, OH09/25/2014

Would recommend it as a "deterrent", but not sure how effective it is for these reasons: while the SMELL IS STRONG (which the cats HATE!), the wipes are too difficult to remove from the container AND the wipes are NOT MOIST ENOUGH to do the job, therefore it takes 3-4 wipes to wipe the animal's fur. (The "moisture" is only on the EDGES of the wipes.) Somehow, the ROLL of "wipes" NEED to be saturated and STAY saturated so you need only one or two wipes - not easy pulling off several wipes to rub your cat WHEN the SMELL is so overbearing YET, the "wipe" is not moist enough! =|

Great product by nikkita from Fayetteville,NC08/31/2013

excellent product , it has a pleasant aroma an easy to use.... my dogs love it... my dogs use to run and hide when i pull out the flea spray ! not any more!

works and healthy alternative to popular products by dogsrus from tampabay Florida02/13/2013

1-3 days but inexpensive and good alternative or addition to monthly applications

great scent but didnt detour fleas by buster from florida11/15/2012

Sadly another product that didnt work for fleas but it smells nice.

by from 11/29/2012

Green Pet Fleaze Off Wipes actually work. And they are safe. My dog doesn't have to ingent anything. No harmfull chemicals applied to his skin. Simply take a wip and wipe it all oer...down the legs, behind the ears...places hard to reach with spray. The base of the tail seems to attract fleas. Wipe make it easy to reach this spot.

wipes. by So from doesI


Great Product by Kim04/02/2013

I LOVE this product. First off and most important, my dogs have no problem with me approaching them with this product. They seem to enjoy the pleasant scent and of course the nice rub you give them while applying this product. Secondly and most importantly, it works. No more Fleas and no more itching. I am so pleased to use a product with no harsh chemicals that works.

They head for the hills and I don't mean the fleas by suzare11/14/2012

I honestly cannot say whether this product works or not. I managed to corral three of my five cats and attempted to use the wipes on them, but they freaked out because of the smell. If they so much as hear the crinkling of the package, they're history. They had the same reaction with the spray version of this product. It does have a very strong medicinal smell, which I actually find to be pleasant, but unfortunately, the critters don't agree. Cats are so smart :*))

Featured Reviews for Dermapet Mal-A-Ket TrizEDTA Flush (4 oz)
Mal A Ket flush, pads and shampoo by roknows06/28/2012

Each summer my borzoi has skin and ear issues. I have been bathing her in thre Mal A Ket shampoo, using the flush in her ears and using the pads on her legs when they become inflammed. She has slowed her itching considerably and seem to be much happier.

Very helpful by Samson04/13/2014

I have a 4 year old Great Dane that for some reason started getting puppy acne. Big red pimples under his chin. I use the above product to wipe off his chin after drinking water.

Featured Reviews for Dermapet Mal-A-Ket TrizEDTA Flush (12 oz)
Great product!!! by B's Momma from Newport, RI12/10/2013

Basil, our English Bulldog, recently developed some interdigital toe cysts. It's practically impossible to soak his feet for very long,so I looked for another solution. Mal-A-Ket was recommended on several websites, so I ordered some. It really helped!!! The cysts dry up and heal nicely. I won't be without this product!!!

Mal-a-key Plus TrizEDTA Flush by SavySam from RI07/07/2013

This product keeps my long eared Lab's ears clean smelling and free of infection or irritation.

by from 08/03/2012

After years of battling a difficult skin problem with one of my dogs; not a seasonal allergy, mites, auto-immune, yeast nor fungus, fleas, behavioral chewing, nor food, etc., this product has worked better than anything else, including shampoos, antibiotics and even pred (which has too many side-effects to be taken for any length of time, imo.).

that by my from dogIt


recommend by this from productI


Best for semi-infected or Infected ears by Rick07/27/2012

This is the most effective ear wash I've found to treat and prevent canine ear infections. This is very potent, and will keep ears healthy at all times.

Featured Reviews for Perfect Coat Deodorizing Bath Wipes for Dogs (100 ct)
Great for in between baths by Gernie from Littleton, CO12/05/2012

My lab comes in the house and I immediately wipe her off with bath wipes. It's amazing how much dirt that she has on her coat. I wipe her off and the dirt comes right off the surface of her coat. The only thing this product doesn't do is deodorize my dog. She has that lab "oily" coat that smells when it gets wet. It may work well on other breeds of dogs.

Great for quick surface cleaning of dog's coat by Gernie from Littleton, CO07/16/2012

I bought these because my lab likes to dig holes and lay in the dirt. When she comes in the house I take two or three of these deodorizing wipes and the dirt that comes off is incredible. Nice fragrance but it doesn't deodorize "doggie odor" on a lab that hasn't been bathed for awhile.

Great Wipes by Sabrina from Eagle Point, OR11/28/2012

We have six dogs and these wipes are so handy and wonderful! They are easy to use, smell nice, and the dogs don't mind being "pet" while they get clean!

Featured Reviews for Vetericyn Canine Hot Spot Liquid (8oz Pump)
Great Product by Margaret from Maryland03/26/2012

Decided to give this a try as our mini schnauzer has chewed his paw and there is sores between his pads. After several rounds of antibiotics and then steriods it was no better. Trying this and so far so good. His paw is healing. :c)

vetericyn by Skeet12/01/2013

This did seem to provide some relief for my dog from itching during the ragweed season. He didn't put up any fuss when I sprayed on either. It gave his hot spot a chance to clear up.

Great Stuff by Doxie Lvr from Southern New Jersey11/03/2012

Used Vetericyn for skin condition that RX's could not help. It worked great-and I'm always going to keep it on hand!

EXCELENT by abby from SHIRLEY NY07/09/2013


Helped My Dog by Gloria-in-FL from SW Florida01/05/2014

My previous Golden Retrievers were afflicted with hot spots and the cream I had gotten from the vet seemed ineffective, especially since they licked it off. My present Golden/Lab mix has the same problem. A friend, who is a retired dog-show handler, told me of this product. It has cleared up the large hot spots on his back legs and ear. He still has bald spots on his front elbows, but, instead of being red and raw as before, they are dark and quiet - just bald. The tip of his tail wags when he sees the bottle, indicating that it is a soothing and pleasant experience. I find the spray pump a very convenient method of application. I checked other dog-medication websites and this is the only one I found that carries this product.

Featured Reviews for Miracle Care R-7 Anti-Itch Spray (4 oz)
We liked it. It's real good stuff. by linda from San Antonio, Texas08/27/2013

That R-7) Really soothes their itches, They are feeling better now when I spay it on them.

best ever! by nikkita from Fayetteville,NC11/30/2013

i recommend this product, it works fast and it's great for hot spots. thanks for you great product!

Featured Reviews for Keto-C Antiseptic Wipes (50 count)
Great product for itchy paws by kdlange from Barrington, IL05/30/2012

My vet recomended this product when our lab was licking her paws (we think due to seasonal allergies) and they became almost raw. This cleared up the infection fast.

If your dog has hot spots/irritation, these work by Karen from Barrington, IL10/18/2011

My female dog has grass allergies and sometimes licks her paws until they turn pink. Using unscented baby wipes to wipe her paws everytime she comes in helps, but these help get rid of the infection and then she doesn't lick. My vet gave (well, sold!) us these on a visit and the price at Entirely Pets is better.

Avoid by amyh from Medina, OH12/27/2012

It has a overwhelming perfume smell. Also I cannot put this on my dog (hot spots from allergies) as it burns.

Great for in between baths by Mary from Mason, MI10/22/2012

I use to wipe between toes and on muzzle folds between baths to remove allergens and debris. Quick, easy, and convenient.

Couldn't do without! by jlkelly from Nova Scotia, Canada08/24/2013

One of our essential products for our highly allergic cocker spaniel. This, combined with an ear drop keeps him OFF prescription medication! Much better for him and my wallet.

life saver! by jlkelly from Nova Scotia, Canada04/04/2013

My cocker has a multitude of allergies, and a serious overgrowth of yeast. Many oral meds are either flavored, which he cannot have, or too harsh on his stomach/liver. These keto-wipes were very gentle on his sore skin and cleared up the yucky yeasty mess within a few days.

Convenient product by Gail from Schaefferstown, PA03/27/2012

My 6 year old collie has had severe skin issues most of his adult life...it is much like pyoderma. I must keep him shaved & bathe him frequently.....summers I bathe him outside...winters it is much more difficult...he is a large collie..almost 100 lbs...these wipes help very much on sores...he responds well to ketoconazole products.

Great purchase by Lori from Orlando, FL08/03/2014

These wipes have been a great addition to fighting my chocolate lab's breakouts in between washes. He tends to get some dermatitis on his underside from some unknown cause and these wipes have helped to calm that down in between his medicated shampoo washings. Would definitely recommend them.

keto-c wipes by meadow04/25/2014

Wonderful product after a few days clears up my dogs feet . Saved a bundle not having to go to the vet for this.

Featured Reviews for Topical Fungicide (16 oz)
100% Effective by Mary N.05/03/2013

I've used this for years on my dogs, cats and horses. Every spring, my dog gets a bald spot (6" round) above her tail.) After using this a few weeks, it's gone for the year.

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