• CAPSTAR Blue for Dogs or Cats 2-25 lbs (6 tablets)

    CAPSTAR Blue for Dogs or Cats 2-25 lbs (6 tablets)

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    CAPSTAR Blue FAST ACTING for Dogs & Cats 2-25 lbs.
    A single fast acting dose of Capstar (nitenpyram) should kill the adult fleas on your pet. If your pet gets re-infested with fleas, you can safely give another dose as often as once per day. To administer CAPSTAR tablets, place the pill directly in your pet's mouth, or hide it in food. If you choose to hide the tablet in food, watch closely to make sure your pet swallows the pill. If you are not sure that your pet swallowed the pill, it is safe to administer a second pill.

    We recommend you follow up CAPSTAR treatment with a monthly flea control product such as PROGRAM, Frontline or Advantage. Then keep CAPSTAR on hand for the times when there is a visible flea re-infestation.

    Cats (4 weeks of age and older and 2 pounds of body weight or greater)
    Dogs (4 weeks of age and older and 2 pounds of body weight or greater)

  • Starts killing fleas within 30 minutes
  • Unflavored tablet
  • Safe for pregnant or nursing dogs and cats
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    Usage Information

    Capstar for cats & dogs is approved for use in dogs and cats over 4 weeks of age and over 2 pounds of body weight. It is available in packages for dogs and cats 2-25 pounds and dogs 25.1-125 pounds. Choose the correct strength and give 1 tablet as the dose. For pets over 125 pounds give the correct combination of tablets.

    Side effects: Side effects that may occur in dogs include Lethargy/depression, vomiting, itching, decreased appetite, diarrhea, hyperactivity, incoordination, trembling, seizures, panting, allergic reactions including hives, vocalization, salivation, fever, and nervousness. Side effects that may occur in cats include Hyperactivity, panting, lethargy, itching, vocalization, vomiting, fever, decreased appetite, nervousness, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, salivation, incoordination, seizures, pupil dilation, increased heart rate, and trembling. There are no known drug or food interactions

    Cautions: Pets may scratch as a result of the fleas dying, but it is a temporary condition and not a reaction to the medication itself.

    Store this product at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.


    Active Ingredient(s): Nitenpyram

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    Product unavailable by Nothappy from Ohio11/19/2013

    This is the first company I have ordered from online that charged me for the entire order when only part of it was delivered. The invoice said the rest of the order would be shipped seperately. But when I didn't receive it, I used the tracking number to find out the status of my order and found out it was unavailable. This is why you should be charged only for what has been shipped. This is a very bad business practice.

    IT WAS GREAT by Barb12/11/2011


    excellent product by Susan from Ohio10/31/2013

    works quick and effectively.Perfect product for pet with tons of fleas as the first step to cleaning the pet.

    by Gwen's mom02/01/2013

    This product was delivered quickly and worked better than I hoped it would. Very pleased.

    Best Decision I Made by cinnamon from Mansfield, OH12/02/2011

    This product was passed on to me by a friend. She said that it was the greatest item that she has purchased. In disbelieve I purchased and tried it and it was unbelievable. I just wish it lasted two weeks instead of 8 hours. But I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat. It is as good as it says it is.

    Great Quick Fix by DD from Mount Vernon, NY10/23/2012

    It actually did start working within an hour. I noticed my 2 cats were not scratching as much & got relief a few hours more. The only problem is the 1 pill dose doesn't last long - maybe 24 hours so if you have an infestation, you'll need to have Frontline or some other product to rid fleas.

    Really worked within hours by Drama Dona from Mt Vernon, NY04/24/2012

    My 2 kitty kids were suffering terribly with a flea infestation in our new home. They were scratching every minute even after trying every holistic & store bought remedy. I gave them a Capstar pill after tearing open the package, went out for a few hours & when I returned they were finally relieved and looked it. As the packaging says, they still will scratch as the fleas die but they actually did die! I am so grateful & Capstar is worth every penny.

    Kills fleas dead!! by Gus & Olive's mom from Hoosiers Heartland10/14/2013

    We use Capstar, along with a spot on treatment, every flea season. If either of our cats starts showing signs of fleas, we give him a Capstar treatment and watch the dead fleas just fall off. Within two hours, he will be resting comfortably, as if he is glad he's no longer under attack by those little pests.

    Great Product by Bearhall04 from Middle Tennessee08/06/2013

    I have a cat that is allergic to flea bites. This medicine helps along side his flea drops. Don't know how we would make it with out the Capstar. The first summer he developed the allergy I thought he had mange and it was not.

    worked for my three! by Tre' from SC08/09/2012

    this is my first time ordering from this site..and after searching several, this was the most economical for the products I needed! I was pelased with the selection, price altho the delivery time was a bit slow...But the products worked and I will order from this site again!

    Capstar Blue for Cats2-25 lbs by BG from Triangle, NC08/13/2013

    When my cats have fleas, I use Capstar which immediately removes those fleas. Of course, I have to follow up with a flea product on their backs and clean the carpets but the initial removal makes this much easier and faster.

    Instant and the most effective by agatacristy05/29/2013

    Very handy for my cats, works fast and easy to swallow for cats!

    Good Stuff by gems from Pennsylvania10/16/2011

    Workes quickly. Does not bother pets. Very effective. Usually only one dose needed.

    excellent product by rejoyce from dawsonville ga04/27/2014

    Capstar always works for us. It is immediate and kills all the fleas without any side effects.The skin gets a slight pinkish tinge as the product is working.

    Very effective by wendy_winder from Miami Beach, FL01/21/2015

    This along with Revolution ends and prevents fleas nesting in your pet

    Awesomely fast results by kat129101/09/2012

    With 5 indoor cats and no pilling skills, this was so easy to break up into their favorite tuna fish and the fleas were gone! I did use a monthly product also.

    Works right away! by Bern from Bronx, NY01/22/2012

    Great product and it does work as quickly as given. Can't beat it!

    Most effective flea deterrent ever! by kittykatkess from California09/27/2013

    I've tried Revolution, Advantage, Frontline and some generics - and NONE of them worked on my 20 lb. ragdoll. Capstar works! I've spent tons of money, time, and risked my pet's health using these other products over the years, but no more! With Capstar I can even afford to keep several boxes at the ready as the flea eggs continue to mature - Capstar's effectiveness is 24 hours but you can dose your pet daily without harm.

    Excellent flea control by Sue from RI10/03/2013

    Advise using with "Program" to get total flea control.

    Great Products at a Great Price by Burgh64 from Holiday, FL04/06/2013

    This is my second purchase with Entirely Pets. I purchased Lean Treats via Amazon. I was extremely satisfied with the purchase, I chose to go directly to Entirely Pets website for my next purchase for Capstar. Both products were exactly as described, the Lean treats were very fresh, and I am very pleased with my purchases. I will continue to shop with Entirely Pets because I can trust the quality of the products and great prices offered.

    Only thing that worked! by jlprice81210/16/2010

    I tried everything to get rid of the fleas on my two cats. I had flea collars on them, put spot treatment on them and even gave them flea baths. None of this worked. I read about capstar while searching for ways to get rid of the fleas. I ordered it and gave it to them as soon as it came. It was kind of disgusting to see dead fleas falling of the cats but it was a relief to know i found something that finally worked.

    They drop like...fleas by ruddawg from Wisconsin, USA10/05/2011

    We used this product as the first step to curing the flea infestation in 3 cats. They were given the capstar first, and we sequestered them into the bathroom to make sure they would not have an adverse reaction. After about 15 minutes, fleas would drop off, do this crazy circling thing dragging their hind ends on the floor and die. Yay! The next day we treated the cats with frontline, and the floors with some flea powder. I would recommend it.

    capstar by christine from wading river ny08/19/2014

    well i didn't realize this was the pill for infestation... but i will hold on to them in case - my mistake. i just needed prevention which i ordered the frontline after.

    Most effective by Winder10/11/2011

    This works perfect combined with Frontline Plus for Cats or Dogs... one dose of Capstar then add the Frontline Plus will keep your pet flee free

    Awesome product by Daisypup10/23/2012

    We brought in 3 stray kittens that were absolutely infested with fleas! Capstan first, flea bath a few hours later to get rid of carcasses and eggs did the trick! Loved it!

    Great product by Michele from Florida03/11/2012

    As a cat rescue volunteer, this is a great product. It kills the fleas quickly and you can follow up with one of the monthly topicals a few days later. No more worries of my other pets getting fleas when bringing in a new rescue animal and their fleas too.

    Dependable product for fleas by LuchCat from FL02/09/2013

    Capstar has been my number one choice when it comes to big or small flea infestations on my cats. I have been using it for 4+ years with no ill side effects after use so it makes me feel safe with the product on my precious little ones. Everyone with cats or dogs should have this on hand at all times.

    fleas by gin09/25/2013

    My two indoor cats had bad reactions to Flea medication. I wont mention which ones, but I decided to go natural with Capstar. Works great for inside cats. We do not normally have flea problems, but sometimes we bring the fleas inside. A few days of Capstar, and the Cats are good to go, with no side effects.

    capstar by bgirl_2902/11/2012

    This is a good product i lobe to keep it on hand all year

    Works great by Pam from St Petersburg, Florida10/26/2011

    I used this in conjuction with Program. Once program started working I keep it around in case a stray flea happens upon my dogs. Within in an hour dead fleas.

    great product by duwster from Toledo, OH01/10/2012

    these little pills are the greatest. I have a small dog and the relief he gets after just a short time is amazing. he is pest free in a matter of minutes.

    Capstar by DEA from Fort Worth, Texas04/04/2012

    Very good and fast acting product, just wish it lasted longer. I will continue using it. Excellent product.

    FANTASTIC! by Lynda W. from Va.08/16/2012

    This product is awesome! I highly recommend this for your pet that is highly infested with fleas. Starts killing the fleas within 1/2 hour! You will start to see lots of dead fleas where your pet is laying. This kills fleas fast. But after killing the current fleas, follow up with Frontline, etc. that will continue to kill the fleas for 30 days. Capstar does NOT continue to kill the fleas. But it is the best thing to kill off a mass infestation immediately. Also I don't recommend hiding the pill in your pets food, as you really want to make sure they ate the pill.

    Recommended for instant flea problems by Cindy01/23/2013

    Excellent for short term flea control in addition to topical applications

    Great Product and Great Price by Daisy from Dover, DE11/03/2011

    Works beautifully and no need to run to vet

    Very effective by wendy_winder from Miami12/29/2013

    Instantly kills the fleas, I recommend this when your pet has flea infestation.

    Capstar for Cats by Bammy from Holiday, FL03/21/2012

    A very easy product to give to a cat. The tablet/pill is so small that it fits into a tiny bit of cat treat or pill pocket. It is also easy to bury in canned food. Seems to knock out adult fleas for a good while, until the next batch hatch.

    Great product!! by nikkita01/26/2013

    i give Capstar to all my dogs, it works great ! i highly recommend this product, my dogs are much more relax. Thanks Entirely pets for all you great products, i have being a customer for 8 years!

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! by IslandMary54 from Central West Coast of Florida01/31/2014

    Kills fleas almost instantly, providing much needed relief to your cat(s). Always continue with your chosen monthly flea control, too, but Capstar is great when you're dealing with the inevitable infestation that can occur in the height of flea season. Gave this to my cats once a week for 4 weeks and they and our home are now totally flea free. Safe and effective with no side effects whatsoever. Highly recommend Capstar for all your pets as well as the cost savings on Entirely Pets...a reputable American company.

    Capstar by Penny10/19/2011

    Recommended by vet. It kills all living fleas on the cats within 30 minutes. Way too expensive at the vet. Great product.

    Best flea product by sheva's mom07/11/2012

    I have been using Capstar for a few years on both my cats and dog. It is the best product I have found to kill the fleas with out harming my pets. I highly recommend it.

    by from 01/07/2014

    Capstar works when nothing else seems to ... not flea collars, not flea sprays, and not topical flea treatments. I don't like any of the flea treatments when the flea still must bite in order to die! The poor animals are still being tormented!

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    Great Flea Killer at a Great Price by JerseyGirl from Seminole, FL04/06/2012

    I happened to need this at a time when Entirely Pets had run a sale. It was a great price and it worked wonders on my cats.

    by from 08/07/2013

    I have found this product extremely effective and no ill side effects noted for the dog.

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    Excellent Product and Price by Montanagirl from Land O Lakes, FL07/12/2014

    Great product for in-between monthly tick prevention treatments.

    capstar blue for dogs or cats by dsm_Ky from Kentucky09/04/2012

    I used this product on both my cat and dogs with no adverse effects and love it. I recommended to a friend and will be ordering again.

    Was astonished by Donna06/15/2012

    My cats are inside cats and have never had fleas...so when I came home from a vacation to find my house infested and my cats going crazy I started to spray the house down with flea sprays. I bought the medicine to put on there necks....didn't help much...I got them flea collars...didn't help....then I ordered the Capstar. within a few hours of giving them the pill, i had dead fleas flying on the floor, I could not believe now many fleas came off the cats. I still have continued spraying the house and after 8 weeks I finally have them gone. I don't think I would have been successful had I not bought this product to get them off my cats first.

    Ancillary Product by JENN11/19/2011

    Awesome product. We have used spot-on treatments for years but this product, used with the spot-on, is the only product that has made fleas disappear completely in our household.

    Capstar by khuna195911/18/2011

    Product worked as advertised!! I will purchase again.

    will not buy again by ken from sping lake NC10/29/2011

    I found that this product didn't do what the product said it would.I don't think I would purchase this product again.I wouldn't reccomend this to anyone. I am not satisfied at all

    Best Vet Suggestion EVER! by mommyof3inDE from Dover, DE01/07/2010

    I have 3 DSH who eat, sleep and play together - in other words, one gets fleas, they ALL get fleas. I have never seen an infestation like they had last year, caled the vet and she told me about this product. Even though the box says 4 hours, she said take them OUTSIDE and give it to them because pills can work in as soon as 20 MINUTES!! She was abolutely right. The fleas were jumping off and dying so quickly that they were falling off the cats. That was the first night in two weeks that my babies slept through the night without scratching, crying or rubbing on the sisal scratchie. PURE BLISS for them AND for me. DEFINITELY follow up with a regular treatment, a good brushing (so they don't eat the dead fleas off of each other) and be sure to wash ALL of their bedding, towels, and SPRAY YOUR OWN FURNITURE! I used this again this year with the same fantastic results and will continue to use it every coming year - BUY IY BUY IT BUY IT!!!!

    Mrs by Doxiemom from Gerogia04/11/2011

    I have been fighting the flea battle on my 8 week old mini dachshund for weeks.Spraying the kennel and bathing every other day.Most products I found could not be used on these 3 pound pups.This product truly works.I bathed the pups 4 hours after treatment and found very few fleas and all were dead.

    Best thing out there without RX by Amykins from Arlington, Tx08/03/2010

    I only saw a couple of fleas but when you see one there are more that are hidding. The doggies were biting and within 3 days NO MORE BITING.. best thing that I've bought. The only drawback that I can see is that it's a little expensive with 4 animals and I would recom. you give it to them weekly with baths and flea collars

    Capstar under 25lbs by sanchezboxers from Spring,Tx08/05/2013

    Great product at a great price. I give this to all my puppies before they leave for their new homes

    by jenniemak10/13/2011

    Excellent product. It did everything it was supposed to do.

    Effective product by Diane from Hawaii10/12/2011

    It works as advertised....makes my cat flea free for days.

    by Fluffy from Ft. Pierce ,Fl06/20/2012

    Great for my cat since he has allergic reactions to topical flea treatments.Always have both sizes on hand.

    Excellent : Removes Fleas Fast by paisleygirl from Houston, TX10/07/2014

    This is the best to immediately get rid of any fleas! I've used this for many years on both my dogs & cats as it is safe to use on them both. I like keeping this on hand so it takes care of the problem especially for any inside/outside cats & dogs who may bring fleas into your home.

    Works fast! by ResQVolunteer08/16/2010

    Capstar gives immediate relief to dogs that have fleas. I am a volunteer with a Bulldog rescue group....Capstar has been a great product for us.

    Capstar by Anna G03/11/2008

    This stuff is awesome. I gave it to my dog and cat and with a very short time they quit scratching and were able to rest.

    Worth the $$ by April03/20/2008

    I first heard of this when I took my dog in to get her spade. The vet uses it on all dogs when they are brought in to kill fleas. I often take my dogs to my mother and step-father's farm and they catch fleas there as well as in the woods surrounding my house on three sides. I use Capstar occasionally (especially after farm visits) with Frontline monthly and the combination has cured my flea problems.

    Starts working immediately to kill fleas by Playa Cat Mom from So. California06/28/2012

    I gave Capstar to both of my cats and the product began working right away. Highly recommend this product!

    capstar by debra j mayo03/21/2008

    excellent product. it works wonderful. my dogs are allrgic to fleas and with this and frontline they have no fleas. thank goodness cause they break out in hug whelps and i have not had any more problems since using capstar.

    Practically a Miracle by Barbara06/27/2008

    We have 5 cats and we moved into a house that had fleas and we didn't know it! That was three years ago and we have fought them ever since. I have spent tons of money on sprays, bombs, and monthly treatments. Not to mention all the trauma to my arms from putting my babies in the bath tub! I combined this with Triforce one week ago and my pets are FLEA FREE! This product has broken the cycle. Extra thanks to Entirely Pets for saving me another trip to my vet's office.

    Capstar works by Carol Saprs02/12/2008

    This works like magic. I'm convinced as my dog was flee free in one day. Don't forget to give your dog a flee bath to rid her of the eggs that might have been left behind.

    Fleas, Yuck! by Seven Black Cats from Mount Pleasant, SC10/04/2011

    Before treating seven feral cats with Program Flea Control, I had to rid the cats of their large flea infestation. I broke up Capstar tablets in their food. This is a very safe product to use and it did exactly what it claimed it would do. A great addition to all other flea control products.

    capstar tabs by bigdaddy from unadilla ny11/11/2011

    We foung the pills worked good, but will need to order more at the beginning of the flea season

    fleas by marie06/03/2009

    it good

    GREAT by G SMITH06/04/2009


    Best Product! by Diana K06/18/2009

    In April we moved into a house with our 8 cats, all of which have never had fleas. However, our new house did!! Our cats were miserable. We sprayed the house and ordered the Capstar, and within one day of the Capstar treatment, the cats were relaxed. We haven't had any fleas in the house since April. Great product. Very safe!

    CAPSTAR is the best---period! by malgal from San Francisco, CA11/07/2012

    For some reason-frontline, advantage-etc does/did not work on my poms (My current one and one has passed away)-I guess their hair is/was so thick that product cannot reach their skin. I was going crazy seeing my current pom being attacked by fleas and $pending tons of money on Frontline, etc with no results--except an empty wallet! I went to ENTIRELY PETS website to see what other dog owners were using and almost all of them had only wonderful things to say about CAPSTAR. I tried it-gave a tablet each to both my dogs w/ good old peanut butter--and the fleas fell off! I used to use it along with PROGRAM and it worked well-lately PROGRAM has been hard to buy for some reason but am still using CAPSTAR-it is still working w/o the Program! Thanks Capstar from me and esp. from my pom.

    bye bye fleas by amber lynn09/11/2008

    love it :) fleas just die...

    best product for flea removal by sue07/05/2013

    love this use it all the time recommend to all my friends with cats and dogs

    Saved my teacup yorkie pup by Gayle Herron09/24/2008

    This year has been the worst flea problem in the Ozarks anyone can remember. Even the indoor pet, like my little teacup Yorkie (less than one and half pounds) that never go outside, who live in home with wood floors and no other pets, it has been HORRIBLE. Izzy would be dead if it had not been for Capstar, twice, given by her vet. The fleas, what seemed like hundreds if not thousands, just fell off her within minutes of taking the Capstar. No shampooing, no collar, no spray, nothing could get rid of them - but Capstar did. I HIGHLY recommend EVERY pet owner have this on hand, use it at least once a month if you're having a flea problem - it will keep your pet healthy and alive.

    Prescribed by Vet by Esther02/05/2009

    Works fantastic - first prescribed by Vet at 6 times the price per pill. Furry friend can not tolerate the topical flea products and this is wonderful. Treat only when he goes outside and so far keeps him flea free.

    Capstar by Laurie04/13/2009

    I love this stuff... I've tried everything else and nothing worked... Someone told me of capstar and I tried it and now it is the only thing I'll use... I have two cats and one of them is allergic to flea's, he had sores all over his neck and parts of his body. Since I've been using capstar his sore have all gone away. Thanks Capstar

    Free from Fleas, at last by Katcon from Lake Orion, MI02/07/2012

    I have been fighting fleas on my cats for nearly a year because my vet didn't tell me about the flea life cycle and that you need to treat all pets for 3 to 6 months to get rid of all stages. I just discovered Capstar and for the first time in ages, NOBODY has ANY fleas. I will have to keep checking for them daily and may need to treat several times but within 24 hours there were no fleas and no flea dirt. The tablets are tiny and appear to be tasteless as I was able to crush them up and mix them with food. This is a great product to use along with Frontline and Siphitrol. SInce it is a poison, I wouldn't want to give it more often than necessary.

    Capstar by Texanne from Houston03/25/2013

    Capstar is not advertised like the monthly flea treatments, but it is very useful to keep on hand in our climate where it doesn't get cold enough in the winter to kill the fleas that live outside. Veterinarians charge $10 for a single Capstar treatment. It is much less expensive from Entirely Pets. If your pet gets a severe flea infestation, give it Capstar, and then give a monthly treatment after a few hours when Capstar has killed the current fleas. It is also useful if your pet picks up fleas despite having its monthly treatment.

    Capstar by Barb from Indiana06/11/2013

    I used it between using the once a month flea med. It does work. I use it on my two cats. It also works for me if I happen to run short on once a month flea medicine.

    24 Hours Only by BobNH from NH01/19/2013

    This stuff is great for 24 hours only. It is temporary and you have to do something else.

    Fast ACting by Squeaky07/25/2012

    My cat was a nervous wreck from the fleas and he was pulling out chunks of his hair. Within a half hour of eating this pill mixed in his food, he was calm and slept great all day....very relaxed.



    by skop1309/05/2013

    I found that Capstar really did work as advertised. The fleas begin to die within a couple of hours. I rated it 4 out of 5 only because, living in Canada, $20 in shipping effectively doubles the cost of a six-pack--which is a bit pricey to begin with and my only real complaint.



    No more fleas by Ceci from Orlando Fl04/23/2011

    Wonderful product!!!, combine with a regular flea control treatment. It kills adult fleas in few hours and Tiki and Tanner are happy again,

    No more fleas!!! by Rubymoons from Manchester, Michigan01/25/2011

    We have 3 dogs and 2 cats and last summer they became infested with fleas terribly because Mr. Boo, the 18 year old kitty, would continually bring them inside. So, we heard about a "pill" that would rid pets of all fleas within 4 hours! Amazing!! We had to purchase 3 different kinds of Capstar since they go by the weight of the animal. We have 1 Rottweiler, 1 Pit Bull, 1 tiny Yorkie and 2 cats weighing less than 25lbs. This was amazing!!! No more fleas and no more infestation!!! Yeah!!! We will definitely purchase this product again in the spring and summer of 2011!!!

    by from 04/05/2014

    Phoebe the cat and Hamish the dog are two years old this month, and were on Advantage last year, and I just re-ordered for 2014 season.

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    Capstar works! by Bubbish from Covina, Ca10/24/2011

    I read many reviews on other websites about Capstar and the majority seemed favorable, so I decided to give it a try. THIS PRODUCT WORKS! I have an 8 wk. old Shep-lab mix with long hair; Moose was scratching, scratching, scratching constantly due to fleas (and he had a severe case). So bad, in fact, that he has sores on his back and neck. I bought the Capstar and gave him one dose. Within an hour, the fleas were falling off and he spent an itch free night. I gave him a second dose the next day; we were going to the Vet and I wanted him to be as flea free as possible, as they were going to give him a flea spray treatment. I realize that this product works best in conjunction with another flea program, so I am going to order "Program" from the makers of Capstar since their product lived up to its claim. I would rather give my pup an oral flea med than a topical, and Program also has received high marks.

    by from 11/17/2011

    CapStar Review by Chad03/21/2013

    As expected, it kills fleas quickly. Whenever my cat would get up from lying down, there would be a few dead or dying fleas. They return quickly, but this knocks them out for a day. EntirelyPets delivered quickly.

    excellent by abbabysitter from Port Bolivar.Texas11/10/2013

    Works extremely well. We have BIG problem with fleas where I live. Most every flea gone after one application.

    great product by Smith3b12/04/2011

    This product is a good help to get control of fleas and work towards eliminating them. You still need to use a monthly flea prevention along with it because this dose only works for 24 hours, but it helps with an animal that is infested with fleas initially ex. a stray you bring in etc. If used regularly it breaks the flea cycle. It works almost immediately after the pill is given and is very effective at eradicating the animal of live fleas.

    Well worth the money! by 207lisaz from Maine01/13/2012

    This product works great in conjunction with another flea product like Frontline or Advantage, especially during the summer months when fleas are at their worst. I have been using it for several years now. I only have to use one pill a month. I give it to my cats the day before I give them the other flea product.

    Most Effective Product by hmlynn12 from Cleveland, OH10/22/2012

    I've used Capstar before and it's wonderful! It's easy to give to your pet; it's just a pill. And, within ten minutes it starts to work. Only down side is that you have to monitor your pet to kind of catch the fleas as they jump off and die. But whats the difference between that and combing the dead ones out when you give them their flea medicine? I use this on top of the flea medicine, because I know that after a Capstar, my pet has absolutely no fleas.

    Great product! by Jackie10/28/2011

    Capstar worked just as promised - the fleas were dropping off within hours~! Wonderful product!

    Capstar by Barbara McCormack05/15/2010

    I have used this product every time I see a flea or two on my dogs. It kills the fleas in a few hours and if I need to use more I can. It is a safe product with no side effects. I highly recommend Capstar.

    Immediate Flea Killer!!! by SiraP10/20/2011

    This product will kill all fleas within 24 hours. My dogs and I stayed with a friend for a long weekend and they came home infested with fleas. One treatment of Capstar killed all their fleas.

    by from 10/10/2013

    Works well by flgal from Lakeland, FL12/20/2011

    I do not have a serious flea problem and this is a much less expensive method of flea control for me. I have also given Capstar to friends and family who do have serious flea problems and it helped them tremendously, as a first step, to get their flea problems under control. Works fast, is effective, just don't expect it to last a whole month.

    Worked great by Al01/31/2014

    Used in conjunction with Advantage, my cats were infested and the Advantage just didn't seem to be enough. Gave them the Capstar an dthen the next day the Advantage, we have been flea free for the past month now.

    Works well by Connie11/12/2011

    It works well if you can get that tiny pill in the cat without them slinging it out. It took 5 tries and wrapping the cat in a towel. I still got scratched up.

    All Sizes and Ages of cats by alexa from DE04/23/2013

    Despite the wide range in weight and age between our cats it gives them all the same great results, with no side effects. Esp. happy with how well it works for our two older cats age 12, and age 14 adapting to thier special elderly needs.

    Capstar Blue for Dogs or Cats by Lorraine04/21/2012

    I received this product very quickly and it worked in just a few hours! It is a very quick way to get a flea problem under control.

    Capstar by uzimay11/11/2011

    Got a sample from my vet. Loved the immediate elimination of fleas on my dogs. The low price was an extra bonus.

    Capstar Blue by Su08/26/2013

    Having a cat that was feral he will not allow anyone near him. I also have 3 other cats in the home and a dog. We recently had a flea problem and treating only 3 cats and the dog would mean poor Fenway would have to handle any fleas by himself. Fortunately with Capstar being a tablet rather than a topical application I was able to put it in his food. Though he did not consume the entire tablet he did ingest enough for it to work. The price was more than fair as the vet wanted to charge $65 for the same product.

    Fantastic for killing fleas right now! by Dieselgal from Texas02/05/2013

    These little pills are exactly what your groomer uses if you bring in a flea covered dog to be groomed. You give them the pill, put them in a crate. wait 30 minutes and then give them a bath. The capstar kills all the fleas on the dog within about 30 minutes of ingestion. Then you bath the dead fleas off. VOILA clean comfortable dog. The thing to remember is that they get rid of fleas on the dog right now but they don't give flea protection so you can't put the dog right back in the same backyard where he got fleas in the first place. Treat the yard, treat the dog at the same time.

    Most favorite product EVER! by Sallies2 from New Orleans05/26/2013

    It's easy for fleas to get out of contol & make life miserable before we even know whats happening. Use this & in 30 minutes the fleas fall off dead. Then apply your favorite flea treatment. You start with a clean slate - so to speak - & get it under control quickly. No side effects!

    Great Flea Killer by Redbird4710/30/2011

    I have multiple cats and none have had any adverse reaction to this product. They readily eat their food with the Capstar tablet pulverized and mixed into the food. Seems to work very well!

    a short-term solution by jenny from Midcoast Maine04/14/2014

    I first got Capstar through my vet. Because Frontline was not protecting my cats from getting fleas, he suggested this product as a short-term solution for getting rid of the fleas they had on their body. (Only works for 24-48 hours). And it does kill them. I keep these handy so that whenever I see a flea they are given a pill and the fleas are gone. In the meantime I am trying out some other longer-term solutions for achieving a flea-free home.

    Loved the Ideas of this by Ralph from Long Island, NY01/11/2012

    It seems the fleas have been very agressive in our area the last couple of years. The normal dose of Frontline or anything else is not keeping them completely at bay. Being able to give it a "boost" with the capstar once a week is a life saver for everyone. I give it to the dog and the cats. I try not to put too much of anything on the older cats and this is just the thing to get rid of the pests that make it in the house to them (they are indoor cats) and everyone is happy.

    Will never shop at Entirely Pets again! by Unhappy from Napa, CA08/08/2012

    I was sent capstar in a package that looked like it was to be sold in another country. When I contacted EP I was told to contact a supervisor. I was hung up on twice while put on hold. The supervisor was not friendly and did not work with me. I was just told no when I asked for a replacement. I hope you have better luck.

    Great Product by Schuux11/06/2012

    My cat was experiencing some fleas and the certain flea medication I was using wasn't effective. So a friend mentioned CAPSTAR to give my cat a fresh start before I started him on a new topical flea medicine. I gave him a CAPSTAR, a bath and then in a couple of hours when I brushed him, the fleas were coming right off, dead, or incredibly lethargic....after applying a new medicine, he's been flea free ever since. Highly recommend CAPSTAR.

    Great product - great price by LaRue from Virginia12/09/2013

    Capstar works great and is so easy to use. This year the fleas seem to be immune to the usual products I use. Decided to try Capstar. It has worked great. The price at EntirelyPets were so much better than other places I have purchased pet products from.

    well satisfied by Barb from Indiana11/29/2011

    Capstar is a very good product. It works very quickly to get rid of the flea's. However if your pet goes outside, they can pick up more flea's right a way. I use Capstar between using the monthly advantage application on my three cats. I would recommend it as a quick fix until you can use the monthly flea control.

    worst ever by connie011310/05/2013

    total waste of money...i will never buy again...i breed yorkies and can not sell if they have fleas...i tried your site and this product but will purchase through vet from now on...may be more expensive but at least the ones i get from them work

    Very good purchase by Pam from Jacksonville, FL04/05/2012

    A lifesaving product. I run a small rescue and when I get a dog with fleas I can give them a capstar and the fleas are gone in a few hours. I always keep capstar in stock because I don't want an infestation of fleas in my house or yard.

    Best purchase ever by Divanor from Miami, FL01/17/2013

    This product works within minutes. I put the pills in their soft food and make sure that they swallow them. It is somewhat pricey so you have to shop around to save money. I would recommend this wholeheartedly.

    works fast by citycat from Port Richey, FL02/21/2013

    As promised, it really kills fleas in a few hours, preventing infestation of furniture and rugs if you catch flea problem quickly. Use with other flea prevention, since it does not kill eggs Great for emergency treatment.

    Great product by fletch from Belfair, Washington10/12/2013

    Works fast. Great product. Fleas drop off and fast.

    Capstar by Sheshe11/29/2011

    I like the tablets better than the drops to put on the neck, it works faster and kils the fleas the nly problem I have found is that it doesn't kill ticks so by recoemendation from the Vet I now use a tick collar so my dog is completely covered. As far as the service from Entirely Pets my order was completed in a timely mannor, I would recommend them to anyone

    Only killed some of the fleas by Mandy from Maryland01/09/2012

    The product only killed some of the fleas. It is neat to watch the fleas begin to die and immerge from the layers of fur, but the product did not kill ALL of the fleas. I was still finding adult fleas on the pets, even after administering the product 3 times.

    Works great! by jonan12/12/2011

    I have used this product before and it works great! It killed the fleas on our cats within a half hour. It worked wonders on our cat that is allergic to the flea bites. Her fur came back where she had been scratching and biting. I am now buying it to keep on hand and to give some to my daughter who just found a stray.

    very good product by roni10/05/2011

    I have had a horrible season for fleas this past few months, this product helped so much to kill the fleas on the dogs and cats at that time. I continue to use the pills when they start itching. Fleas are affected very quickly

    Saves monies by kitcat5601/11/2014

    No longer use topical on my cats just give them one of these pills when needed

    Great AND 6-pill pack $20 cheaper than Petco!! by Deb02/26/2012

    Works great within an hour, but expensive to keep using every 24 hours since Revolution does not seem to work *at all* on my kitty after 3 months (100 percent indoor). Capstar Insert states to follow-up with "lufenuron.. the two products when used together kill adult fleas and prevent flea eggs from hatching" so I will be looking for a spot application of a product with this ingredient. I cannot believe I spent $44 at Petco this week for this only to find it nearly half at price here!

    really works by Patty from poplar bluff mo11/16/2011

    This is the best quick fix for flea infestations. It works better than dips and shampoos.Kills the fleas dead.........

    Best flea removal by Clln73101/23/2013

    Got rid of the fleas in no time. My apartment wasn't flea infested and I still haven't seen any fleas come back almost a month later and I have not used any other treatment.


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    CAPSTAR Blue FAST ACTING for Dogs & Cats 2-25 lbs. (60 Tabs)CAPSTAR Blue FAST ACTING for Dogs & Cats 2-25 lbs. (60 Tabs)
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