• Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 100 mL

    Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 100 mL

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    Once your cat becomes infected with the feline herpes virus type 1 (FHV-1), he will be infected for the course of his life. You can however give care, treat symptoms, and limit the length of the outbreak. Symptoms include runny eyes and nose, sneezing, fever, a loss of appetite, and perhaps ulcers in the mouth or on the tongue. Kittens and older cats are most susceptible.

    While there is no cure for the feline herpes virus type 1 (FHV-1), it is good to know a product like Enisyl-F oral paste is available to minimize the effects. Enisyl-F for cats contains L-Lysine, an amino acid that helps subdue viral replication. It can reduce symptoms, shorten the time that your cat will have to suffer the symptoms, and reduce the frequency of the outbreaks.

    Enisyl-F is a safe, affordable and palatable paste for your kitten or adult cat. Enisyl-F with L-Lysine comes in a unique pump that makes it simpler to administer. When your cat shows the upper respiratory signs of a herpes virus outbreak, it is good to know there is an effective product to minimize the effects. Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats with L-Lysine is here to help.

    Usage Information

    Adult cats: 1 to 2 mL twice a day
    Kittens: 1 mL twice a day, or as recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Each pressure represents 1 mL of Enisyl-F paste. Enisyl-F is extremely tasty and is easily accepted by most cats. It can be applied directly in the mouth, on the nose or on the paw where it can be licked off. Alternatively, you may add the product to your cat's food, if more convenient.
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    Ingredients: Purified water, L-Lysine HCI, sorbitol, cod liver oil, xanthan gum, tuna flavor, soya lecithin, silica aerogel, caramel color, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

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    Good Product by Southern Golfer07/23/2012

    This product is easy to use and is the best of all the types of products I purchased to get my cat to have the l-lysine daily. This mixes with food and the cat eats it without a fuss or leaving it in the bowl uneaten. The pump container is an added convenience.

    Cat Enjoys Taste by Owner911/11/2013

    Not sure about total medical effectiveness, Lysine was recommended by vet. My cat licks straight from my finger twice per day. Think she likes the taste and it is easy to administer. As to recommend to friend, only to speak to ease of administering, not medical effectiveness.

    cat loves it by dee from new york10/14/2013

    the best for cats with feline herpes virus

    Good, but I would choose the gel by Chris from St Clair Shores MI02/03/2013

    This products works just as well as the gel, however its more expensive and you actually get less of the product. My cats didnt like the taste too much which made it difficult, however it does do what it is supposed to do!

    Great Product by Pati03/20/2012

    Very important to my cat's health. He has the Herpes Virus and he gets this twice a day, one pump. He's been fine ever since.

    great product! by Bobbi from Kansas05/30/2012

    Our blue Aby has to have this because when we got him, we had no idea the breeder was bad and he had the herpes virus. This product totally helps and is so much better than the gel. It is already measured and there's no mess. I highly recommend it.

    my cat actually loves to eat this by ...07/08/2014

    i just paid $47 for this at my vet. Argggh! I am so glad i asked for a Rx for it for the future. My cat actually loves to eat this.

    Just what I needed by acdc07/03/2013

    My cats like the taste and texture. Mixed with their food they will eat it without a problem.

    by from 02/17/2010

    The "Highly palatable base" is not highly palatable to my kitten who needs the lysine. She refuses to eat it. If i put it on her paw - she will let it dry on there - refusing to clean it off. I have tried putting a treat she loves in the paste to try and encourage her to eat it, she wont even touch the treat once its made contact with the gel. I have also tried crumbling treats into it to mask the smell, but again no success. I've tried everything with this.

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    cat does not like flavor and flicks it off paw by max's mom from west palm beach04/05/2012

    they say cats will like the taste. No one told my kitty Batman about that though. He wouldn't take it off my finger and when I put it on his paw, he flicked it off. May try it again later.

    another way to dispense Enysil-F by lilmcmac from orlando04/04/2013

    I like the product and the abiltiy it gives me to give to my cat, but, my cat doesn't like it nearly as much as the chews. I don't know why, but she's just fussy like that. The chews can be hard so I thought I would try this, I mixed it in some food, but she knew it was in there. I tried just putting some on my finger like a treat, that wasn't working either. But one can always result to the "put it on their paw" way if that works. It's good to have if they choose NOT to take the necessary supplement they NEED..!! :)

    Cat won't eat it by Linfork01/18/2013

    Unfortunately my cat hated the taste and wouldn't eat this so I gave it to someone else.

    Best Choice by Charl from Boxford, MA09/04/2014

    We give Enisyl-F to both cats. It was recommended by a Vet to prevent the occurrence of Conjunctivitis. We have been using it for several years now, and it has been quite effective. I definitely would recommend it.

    Very helpful for our cat's herpes by Marvi from Philadelphia, PA07/12/2012

    Product was recommended by veterinary opthalmologist to treat our cat's recurring eye infections caused by cat herpes. Our cat, who is incredibly fussy, loves this paste. I squirt it on his food twice a day.

    by from 11/23/2011

    Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 100 mL by nancy from Northbrook, IL07/09/2013

    I have been using Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 100 mL for several years now for one of my cats who has eye problems and it has really helped her eyes to be much less crusty. My vet recently requested that I use it as a supplement for another one of my cats who has allergies. It has also helped him to feel better. I just press down on the button on the can, it distributes the correct amount and spread it on the cats' fur and they immediately lick it off.

    EXCELLENT by Donna from CONNECTICUT06/17/2013

    This product has kept my cat alive for months now. He has stomatitis. Nothing the vets did for him helped his condition. This product was recommended for his condition. I was at wits end. I tried it and it did WONDERS for him. I HIGHLY recommend it.

    Product changed to create a longer shelf life by Oliver from NH12/29/2010

    My cat used to eat this without hesitation. I emailed the company and asked if they had changed anything in the product and they said yes, to create a longer shelf life!

    Our Experience with Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats by BobAlex08/06/2013

    In the Summer of 2008, we got two kittens from the local Humane Society. One came to our home with Feline Herpes. He got worse, and our Vet. recommended Enisyl-F paste. We have been using it ever since and when our tomcat gets to sneezing and is congested, we increase his dosage. It has kept him going and he takes every time with no objections - must have a really great smell and taste for cats. We thank you for supplying this product.

    Enysil-F by bob04/16/2013

    Our male cat has had feline herpes since we got him and this has saved him for four years.

    by from 11/09/2012

    First, my experience with Entirely Pets was perfect, I received the product within a few days of order, no problems whatsoever, Will definitely order from Entirely Pets again! In fact I already need to order more of this paste and will happily order form Entirely Pets.

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    Loves this by Trish from Lisbon Falls, Maine12/27/2012

    My cat absolutely loves this. When I tap the spoon on the table, he comes running. This product helps keep his immune system robust which is necessary due to a chronic respiratory problem.

    Excellent Purchase by Tijeanne from Pelham, NH03/08/2013

    I have been using Enisyl-F for my cat for a while and it does him wonders. Only drawback is that he doesn't actually like the flavor, but I mix it in his food and down it goes.

    This product works by Fouronthefloor from Laguna Niguel, CA09/20/2014

    My cats suffer from the herpes virus and this has kept them in check since using it for over six months. I would recommend to anyone who has the same situation to keep them free from the onset of the herpes illness.

    My vet suggested this product. by Buddy from Jackson, TN11/27/2013

    This is the cheapest place I can buy this product. My cat likes it so much he will lick it off my finger. It is the only product that helps my cat with Feline Herps. Keeps him going.

    have used this product for years by e.m.08/17/2013

    helps stops my cat from sneezing. i like producsts from vetoquinol.

    Excellent product by Yadi from Orlando,fl03/30/2013

    I have been using Enisyl-F for 6yrs, and it has helped my cat drastically with his feline herpes. I recommend this product to anyone that has a cat with feline herpes. It does work!!

    Great jprice for this product by Dawn from New York, NY03/10/2012

    My cat has recurrent problems with the Herpes virus and this is the exact paste I get from the vet. Only this price is much more affordable.

    wonderful product by freezinginmichigan02/21/2013

    i had a single cat for about 3 years. i brought in 2 more in a relatively short amount of time and my oldest became sick. i treated him with antibiotics after it failed to subside and he got better, only to get sick again. this would continue for 2 years off and on, constant stuffiness, sneezing, he was miserable. the other cats showed no symptoms but as i did research i learned about cat virus's and how cats can be carriers but not show symptoms. i tried the powder version of this product and had no success but upon switching to the paste, my sick kitty recovered in about 3 days. its been two months and he shows no signs of symptoms as well as loving the paste itself.

    Life saver by Mama Kitty from San Bernardino, CA10/19/2012

    I have 2 cats with chronic sniffles due to the herpes virus. With in 5 days the sniffles have stopped.

    Precisely as ordered by RecRog10/27/2011

    Saving a lot of money buying this prescribed medication here instead of refilling the prescription at my vet's.

    Impressed by kittycatty6 from Albany, GA11/02/2012

    I was very impressed at how quickly this was shipped to me. Due to the way it's packaged and this being the first time I had given it to my cat, I didn't realize I was about to be out.. Entirely Pets got this out to me so quickly that my cat only missed 1/2 a dose. Even with paying extra for shipping, it was much less expensive from Entirely Pets than what I had paid when purchased from the vet. I also want to mention, that this stuff works great with controlling Herpes in cats. I know it's not a cure but it really helps them.

    Helpful product for cats with feline herpes by Toni and Minou from Los Angeles, CA11/27/2011

    We've been giving this product to one of our cats, Minou for quite some time. She's 6 years old now but since she was little she has had feline herpes and would get periodic outbreaks when stressed by things like moving, adding a new pet or sometimes for no clear reason at all. Several years ago the vet suggested this and it works like a charm. The price online is much cheaper than at the vet. To our surprise she actually enjoys the flavor and the pump makes it easy to figure out how much to give. I usually just squirt the product onto my finger (it's like a toothpaste or yogurt consistency) and she happily licks it off. Easy peasy and done! It really helps to keep the outbreaks down. Love it! Thanks!

    GREAT PRODUCT by JT from Phoenix, AZ08/11/2014

    I tried Enisyl-F because one of my cats was having eye problems diagnosed as the herpes virus by our veterinarian. We initially gave her antibiotics which treated the immediate problem but I wanted a long term solution as herpes never is completely cured. The Dr. recommended lysine and I found this product after doing some research. Needless to say -- I am very pleased. The lysine has been effective in managing the virus and it is so easy to give. One plunge of the cap and you have 1 ml. Just a GREAT Product!!!!! Ordering was easy and the price was right!!! Very satisfied with the product and service.

    enisyl-f by bucky06/16/2014

    My one cat loves this product and my other cat wont touch it. Go figure, its a cat!!

    Easy to give...cat eats it no problem by Erin12/04/2010

    I have to give this to my cat everyday b/c he has bad upper respiratory infections. At first he didn't like it and it was really difficult for me to give it to him. I started to put it on top of his food, not mixed in, just on top and if he wants to eat his food, he has to eat the medicine first. And that was it, problem resolved. It works great and really helps keep his infections down.

    Enisyl by animal lover12/04/2011

    Great for kitties with flu type conditions. Sneezing, watering eyes, scratchy throat. They don't mind the taste and it is very easy to give. The pump makes it ideal for measuring the right amount each and every time.

    Fluf really enjoys her jelly by frog09/19/2013

    This was the first type of Lysine which our vet gave for my companion's Feline Herpes and she has enjoyed it so very much. On occasion she decides she would rather not have it so I gently put it on the roof of her mouth. She does not seem to mind but would rather make the decision herself.

    Easy to use package by Dana02/27/2009

    With awsome new package medication is not just easier to store but also easier to give. No second guessing if you gave the right dose. Complience with owners is also higher with ease of use and palatablity. Lets face it FHV cats get enough meds forced on them

    Lysine paste by dakota from Phoenix, AZ12/01/2012

    This stuff has taken care of my cats Herpes within 2 weeks. It's incredible. He doesn't like it real well but will always eat it when put on his foot and leg. Great way to give this vitamin !

    Herpes Remedy by Jeff G from Hopatcong Nj10/28/2011

    Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats prevents herpes outbreaks.

    Helps with Medication by Hemi's Mom from Troy, MO11/18/2012

    This product helps tremendously when giving my cat liquid medication. I give him the Enisyl paste first, then quickly give the liquid medication. The taste of the Enisyl paste covers the taste of the liquid medication. I highly recommend this product!!

    It really works by Baxter03/17/2014

    Duffy, our four year old rescue was diagnosed with herpes virus as a kitten. After the first treatment the vet suggested that we try a daily dose of lysine to help control the virus. I did some online research and found Enisyl-F. In the beginning I would put it on his paw but now I simply put it in a dish to administer it. It is so easy and hassle free to give. Best yet, no herpes flare-ups. He actually looks forward to it each morning.

    Great Product by BABS from FL12/02/2012

    Have purchased this product for the past 6 years and it has been working great for My cat Lilly.

    Rapid Recovery by Rosie01/16/2013

    Originally got this from my vet and it worked wonders and my cat licked it off his paws and wanted more! Cleared up his sneezing and wheezing within 24 hrs.

    Great New Package by Jamie06/05/2008

    I love the new packaging for this! The syringes were messy to dispense and hard to store. This new packaging goes right in the cupboard and is much easier to dispense - a perfect dose everytime!

    Enisyl-F by DC from Singapore01/22/2015

    I have 2 cats with herpes virus and this works for them.

    by from 03/05/2014

    Just got this. I'm SO glad that someone finally thought to make a lysine goop for CATS that's FISH flavored instead of maple!

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    Convienent and Not Messy by KellyKat from Olympia, WA03/20/2014

    Really like the ease of use, dispenses just the right amount and isn't as messy as dispensing from the tube. Our cat doesn't seem to mind the taste. Most the time we just apply it to her dry food, but we've also mixed it in with her wet food. Depends on which food she seems to be eating better.

    Pump didn't work by jenispiel from Wheeling, WV10/24/2012

    I have purchased this product before and it was suggested by my vet for use on my cat with herpes virus. Although the product is great and the price commendable, I have sometimes had trouble with the pump action not working. Entirely Pets were very helpful, and replaced the damaged package.

    Helps Build Immune System by doroncj03/04/2012

    My vet wants me to use this for 2 months, twice a day to boost my cat's immune system. Found it to be more affordable if bought from EntirelyPets. Long term use is safe when given the recommended dose.

    Best Lysine Supplement by Elsie's Mom from Lake Stevens, WA10/22/2012

    My cat loves this oral paste Lysine supplement. So much easier that a pill!

    excellent product by lillygatta from Flroida10/02/2014

    This is a wonderful product and I was happy to find it here and save over half the cost at my doctor's. I would recommend this to anyone with a cat with a possibility of feline herpes virus.

    Enisyl-F by Joe from Missouri02/07/2013

    Vet started my cat on this for $34 a bottle. I found it here for 1/2 that and it seems to be helping my cat with his issues. I have had several diagnoses from different Vets so I don't know what to believe other than this product seems to stave off his frequent flare-ups.

    by DK08/20/2012

    This is another great product for bolstering the cats imune system. It is reasonably priced through this company too.

    Lysine is wonderful! by Joanne B. from Jupiter FL01/04/2015

    We are happy to have Oliver, our 12 year old rescue cat for 10 years! He came to us with what I described to our vet as the "sneezles"- fits of sneezing and hunks of discolored mucus he would dispel from his nose. The vet suggested I try Lysine and that was many many years ago. I used to give Oli one pump in the AM and some lysine treats at night with great results. He seemed to not enjoy the treats after awhile so I just use one pump in the AM on his food and it seems to work just as good as when I was giving him double. I wouldn't think of missing a dose- this stuff DOES work and I was a skeptic for sure. Best part- Oliver licks it up on his dry food like it was candy. I am sold for sure!

    buy this here by Flora07/05/2014

    We have 2 cats who need this. The extremely finicky one will eat it if I hide it in his wet food. The more co-operative eats it. It seems to be helping a little. Since this is the third lysine product I have tried, and it's the only one my picky guy will eat, I will keep using it, and getting it here. It's about 40% less than what my vet charges.

    Awesome product! by Got3cats from Virginia12/02/2011

    Two of my cats needed the Lysine supplement - I got the treats from the vet, but one cat wouldn't eat them. Ditto with the gel. They didn't stock the paste in the pump so I ordered it here. I received it on a Monday after ordering it on a Friday! Quick!!! And voila - he loves it. Super easy to dose - 1 pump on my finger and he eats it right off.

    Enisyl-F by Pati from Cliffside Park, NJ02/05/2013

    My little boy cat (Jasper) relies on this product to keep his immune system strong. He was born with the Herpes Virus. He's a healthy 3 1/2 year old baby boy thanks to this product and a wonderful vet.

    Wonderful source for critical supply by Mingo05/16/2013

    My cats need Enisyl-F for maintaining their health and relieving their allergy symptoms. There is no local source at all--I'd have to drive 65 miles (one-way) to buy this at a much higher price. The service was excellent and swift. And the price is excellent also. THANK YOU! Mingo

    by Spunky03/19/2013

    Thanks so much for being there for my children (pets)

    Enisyl-F by Laycee from Buffalo New York07/26/2012

    The paste is for allie she was getting the paste three squirts a day .This item was recommend by the vet but after a while i was cutting back some because i could not afford it. Untill i found this web site she is back on it the recomend dose and she is happy. Thank you again for helping my pets very much. Very happy owner.

    Keeps my kitty's sniffles under control! by Theprissypixel from Atlanta, GA11/01/2012

    The vet prescribed lysine for my 13-year old kitty that has the herpes virus that causes him upper respiratory issues. He loves this paste, and it is so easy to give to him on the tip of my finger, or on a treat. I was so happy to find it for such a reasonable price here. The vet charges nearly twice the price!! I also love that they have an auto-ship method for this product. He has to be on this supplement every day for the rest of his sweet little life. We go through a bottle once every two months, and now I don't need to worry about running out!

    Dissatisfied by Cheryl10/25/2012

    I have 2 cats and neither one of them like this. It states that cats find it very palatable, but no matter how I try to give it to them, they don't want anything to do with it.

    enisyl f oral paste by cathy from venice, fl.08/25/2014

    two of my pets have the herpies virus. whenever I give them this enisyl-f paste for three wks. two times a day, they feel much better. this product is the best ever. I have tried other things but they just did not work.

    Great value for this product by Al06/11/2012

    Just paid $42.07 for one (1) 100 ml. can at our vets office. Now I see it here for $17.99. Our vet's price is a rip! If you have to get it then buy it here.

    Great Product by PJS06/23/2013

    Our cat has an issue with bumps inside his eye that are very irritating. He has a pump of Enisyl-F in the morning and evening on top of his moist food. As long as he has this supplement, his eyes are perfect!

    Easy to give & tasty for my kitty by Jen from Indiana06/26/2011

    My cat had a terrible URI. At 1st he didn't want anything to do with this medicine....probably because he didn't feel well. But now all I do is pump it on his food; he looks forward to licking it right off. Actually, it's as if he thinks he's getting a treat. He's such a good kitty!!

    Great product by Cat Ma Ma from Elma, NY08/22/2014

    My cats love this product. It was initially recommended by my vet but as always, it costs much more when you purchase it from the vet. I found this site and now I order it in bulk. My cats ask for it every morning. It strengthens their immune system and keeps their coat healthy. They love it!

    So worth it by Lynn12/17/2013

    My cat wouldn't eat it directly so I had to mix it in his food. After a few days, his snotting & sneezing decreased by 90%. I went on vacation & my daughter watched him. Well I didn't take the Enisyl-F to her house & he got "bad" again. I'll never make that mistake again. Once I returned, I started him back up again. He's doing so much better again.

    Very effective against upper respiratory by Fred's Mom from San Antonio, TX11/10/2012

    The Enisyl l-Lysine paste has been very effective in reducing the symptoms and severity of upper respiratory issues and colds in my FIV+ kitty. He actually likes the taste, too !!

    Best Find by callmewndrwoman from Indiana11/08/2012

    I started giving my cat Boogie Enisyl-F when he was a kitten after 3 treatments of antibiotics didn't get rid of his symptoms. My vet told me he most likely had Feline Herpes. I did some research and discovered Enisyl-F, asked my vet his opinion, and began treating my little guy immediately. He's three years old now and we still use this, twice a day, and its our favorite time of day...he comes running it for when I grab the bottle.

    by from 01/25/2013

    Our male Burmese immune system took a beating several years ago and the Herpes virus revealed it's self with a watery discharge from his eys and he became very prone to upper respiratory infections. Antibiotics did not really work completely.

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    by from 12/14/2011

    Very important part of my cats overall health regimen. Thankfully he loves the taste and licks right off my finger.

    Vitamin by PatiThank


    christmas miracle by Reinoud from Amsterdam, Netherlands12/28/2014

    we adopted our cat Masha from Greece. After a few weeks there were some signes of the herpes virus (sneezing) and it became worse. Based on the reviews on this "forum" we bought the enisyl F paste. After "serving" it to our cat, the paste became sort of a "christmas miracle". She has practicle no problems any more. Great product

    Enisyl Is the best by Jo12/01/2012

    This product really helps my kitty with his sneezing and watery eyes, we had the very best transaction, fast ship too, my kitty and I thank you!

    Saved our life and sanity by Bootash from Los Angeles01/27/2014

    When my cat was diagnosed with feline herpes I was told that the only way to handle the issue was to have him take heavy duty antibiotics that for the most part would make him sick and were hard to administer so it was suggested I have the treatments administered at the vet for 30 days straight..,what???? The second suggestion was enisyl-f twice a day for the rest of his life. He would never rid himself of the virus but this would keep it under control. AND SO IT HAS for the past 5 years! Easy to give; he likes it (well, he doesn't fight me on it); and his eye infections are under control with some eye drops every once in a while. Don't know what we would have done without it. Big plus...the vet charges $35 for the paste...you can get almost two thru Entirely Pets and the products show up at your door in a matter of a few days! I'm thrilled and so is my boy.

    Feline Herpes Virus by R&R10/24/2012

    This was recommended by 2 vets and it's about half the price that the vet clinic charges. Kitties love it. They get it twice daily to keep their immune systems strong.

    by Jill02/06/2013

    Works great and fast. No more coughing and sneezing.

    Only L-Lysine Product our Kit will take. by Kit's Mom from Pennsylvania10/27/2013

    Tried chews and powder and it just was not going to happen. Our Tortie has plenty of Tortitude!

    by meomagi02/20/2013

    Wonderful product. I have used this product in the past for cats with URI, kittens, cats needing extra nutrients. I am now administering to my youngest cat as she is recovering from URI.

    Good lysine product at a good price by Neet07/23/2012

    I just purchased my third canister of the Enisy'-F. You get a lot of doses in the canister. The dosage control is so easy with the pump dispenser attached to canister. I just squirt the paste on the end of my fingertip, open the kitty's mouth and put it on her tongue. She licks it up every time. This is the product I am sticking with for our multiple cat household.

    Only if cat likes "goop" by loves cats10/11/2013

    I have one cat that will eat anything from my hand/finger, so I decided to try the Enysil-F Paste when she started having trouble eating the 'treats'. Started out good, but then she wouldn't take any more. Have can stored in fridge and occasionally try, some times with luck, other times no interest. Will stick with the treats from now on.

    I've noticed great improvement in condition by Kitty Momma from Pocono Mtns., PA06/18/2013

    Stray cat was left at my home - had terrible infected eye. Vet said it was herpes that cats get, cat was blind in that eye, and she gave me antibiotic. It didn't get too much better. I read about this product on internet, so gave it a try. Infection has cleared up and swelling gone away. Very happy with the product; about to order some more.


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