Otiderm Ear Cleanser

Otiderm Ear Cleanser

Otiderm® Advanced Ear Cleanser (16 fl oz)
Otiderm® Advanced Ear Cleanser (16 fl oz)

($19.99)  $14.99
Otiderm® Ear Cleanser for Dogs & Cats (8 fl oz)
Otiderm® Ear Cleanser for Dogs & Cats (8 fl oz)

($7.99)  $3.99
3-PACK Otiderm® Ear Cleanser (8 fl oz)
3-PACK Otiderm® Ear Cleanser (8 fl oz)

($20.99)  $13.99

($4.66 Each)

Otiderm Ear Cleansing Solution is specifically formulated to deodorize and gently clean, dry and acidify the ear canal. This provides an ideal environment for healthy ears.

Directions: Apply liberally into the ear canal. Massage the base of the ear. Allow pet to shake head. Clean excess with a cotton ball. In excessively dirty ears: apply 2-3 times daily over several days. For maintenance of healthy ears: 1-2 times weekly or as often as recommended by your veterinarian. Always apply after swimming.

Ingredients: Deionized water, Propylene Glycol, Aloe Vera Gel, SD Alcohol 40, Lactic Acid, Glycerin, Glycerin, Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate, Salicylic Acid, Fragrance, Benzoic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol.

  • Cleans
  • Dries
  • Deodorizes
  • Acidifies
  • Contains Aloe Vera

  • Anti-irritant formula
  • Neutral pH
  • Can be used with ear medications

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    5.00 rating based on 18 reviews
    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Otiderm® Ear Cleanser (8 fl oz)
    Otiderm by rjinar from Lonoke, AR10/30/2012

    This product works great on my three dogs. It's quick and easy and smells great.

    Saving Grace by Christine from Boston, Ma05/08/2013

    I have a pitbull/bulldog mix who has chronic ear infections. I discovered this product, looking for something that "dries" the ears. This has worked very well as long as I stay consistant....using it at least 3-5 times per week. For the cost....well worth it. She's happier, and I happy for her.

    Great product by Jorge from Sandpoint, Idaho10/29/2012

    Good price, works good, lasts a long time.

    works great! by ssp12/10/2011

    I have a golden retreiver who is allergic to the environment...and just about everything in it. Otiderm (used daily for him) has been an amazing product. No more ear flapping. No more "gunky" and itchy ears. Couldnt manage his allergies and symptoms without it!

    great by Bloodless03/08/2014

    I bought this 3 pack and gave 1 to my step mother for her 2 cats, and kept the rest for myself and my 4 trouble makers. it works great and i have less ear irritations all around.

    perfect solution by terri05/30/2008

    two things i like about this product: it cleans the ear well without leaving an oily residue and it smells wonderful

    Great Product by NCBootMan from North Carolina01/10/2013

    This ear cleaner has a wonderful smell and was effective in stopping the head shaking which could indicate my dog was developing an ear problem. I love the way Entirely Pets insures that the containers are closed and cannot leak in shipment

    Very Good Product by Lauren M from Illinois06/01/2012

    I use this product for ear cleansing and I dulute with water on a wash cloth to wipe down my dogs entire bodies. It smells great and provides a quick gentle wash.

    Vet Recommended by MaryJo from Nanaimo, BC, Canada07/05/2014

    Otiderm ear cleanser was recommended by our vet a few years ago when we brought our lab, Twyla in with ear infections (yes both ears!!). She has allergies and we now have to clean her ears every three days in order to prevent the infections. This product is soft for the ears and works wonderfully. Also a plus...it's very reasonably priced compared to CAD at the vet!

    Great ear cleaner! by bullymom06/24/2014

    I have used this product for years on all my dogs and it is gentle and effective and is usually one of the most reasonably priced products available.

    Excellent Purchase by ms1moviebuff from Chandler, AZ07/17/2013

    My dog usually always cowers whenever I put drops in her ears. She doesn't do that with this brand! I love it!

    Very Pleased by Charlie from Denver CO.10/05/2013

    I was very pleased with my purchase. It was a top of the line product at a good price. The shipping time was amazing. I ordered on Fri. and my item was at my door on Mon. or Tues. That was at the basic rate.

    Great for cleaning and smells great by Elaine from Illinois03/26/2014

    I made this purchase for cleaning my five cats ears. Not only does it clean, but it smells great too. My cats get dirty ears, and I am happy to say this flushes out the dirt and leaves their ears squeaky clean and refreshed.

    Wonderful stuff!!! by Fleabite from California07/08/2014

    I use this product for two dogs and two kitties. The fragrance is light and refreshing, and they don't mind the process one bit.

    Otiderm Ear Cleaner by dukeon from Scottsdale, AZ07/17/2012

    It is a very good product: gentle but it cleans my dogs' ears very well. I use it every time after they swim.

    awesome deal by dog lover11/27/2012

    this works just as good as the one i was getting from the vet for $12.00 a 8 oz bottle. so happy with it.

    by Teri from Florida07/24/2014

    This ear cleaner does a great job and smells really good too

    Otiderm Ear Cleanser by Joan from Leesburg Florida10/23/2012

    I have been using this product for over a year on my 2 Labs and not only does it keep their ears free from problems but it also makes the smell so super nice. We love this product and I am so happy to have found it.

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