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Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) - Clinic Size (8oz)

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Zymox Otic with hydrocortisone is used for the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa, an inflammation of the outer ear characterized by chronic swelling and pain in the outer part of the ears. Simply touching the ears of your pets can hurt them and can lead to aggression.

Zymoc Otic is manufactured by PKB Animal Health, a well-known manufacturer of pet care and veterinary products. It provides quick relief for your pet and also eliminates the bacteria and fungi that caused the infection. It is safe to use as a long-term medication and is especially beneficial for persistent cases of otitis externa. Zymox Otic without hydrocortisone is also available, but it may not be effective for swollen or inflamed ears. Hydrocortisone can also help reduce the itchiness and redness that is often present in this type of condition.

Cleaning your pet's ears after applying Zymox Otic is important in order to remove the solution that has accumulated in the ear canal.

Zymox directions:

• No prior or post cleaning required

• Apply liberally to fill ear canal

• Gently massage, working medication into infected

• Permit pet to shake their head to remove excess

• Treat once a day for 7 days for acute infections

• Treat once a day for 14 days for chronic

Customer Reviews

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4.88 rating based on 48 reviews
by from 10/31/2012

Highly recommend by Cashew's Mom from Issaquah, Washington11/06/2012

Cashew, my cocker spaniel, had constant ear issues, no matter how often cleaned. Based in my vet's recommendation I started using Zymox. I use it daily for seven days and then seven days off. Her ears are now totally clean and you can see easily to her ear drum. Also, she does not fight me when I use it.

fantastic product by Durangoman from Michigan04/08/2013

Coco had black wax coming out of her ear and her ear smelled bad. She also had really bad breath for a long time before I noticed the wax. I never connected the fact that an ear infection could give her bad breath but after thinking about it, it made perfect sense that your ear and nose drains down your throat and if the ear is infected it will drain in the dogs mouth, causing bad breath. In summary this product had instant results. The first day I put it in her ear, it almost entirely removed the black wax and for the next two days I noticed less and less of the black wax. The ear became completely clear after 4 days. I continued to use it for two weeks and noticed on the 9th day a bit more of the black wax creeping out. I continued it for 14 days as recommended. My dogs ear has been clean ever since I stopped using the product and I will be watching to see if it remains clean. I'm very confident that its gone because her breath cleared out as well.

Love the product by Sharon25 from PA04/13/2013

I recommend this product to all my friends. I use it just once a week, every week and my golden retriever no longer has red sore ears.

great product by charpenn from Brentwood California11/16/2012

Love this product. does wonders for my dogs ears and i even use it on "hot spots", it seems to stop the itching and heal it and the hair grows back.

by Disappointed from australia12/09/2012

I would love to write a rave review, however ask me in a few weeks and see if I get my package. It was paid for on 19th november it is 10th december today. Apparently I don't know where I live after 16 years as my package is going to I don't know where half pobox half to residential address which is a farm and no postal service here. Shame because you have other products I would love to order.

Wonderful service by Maria02/02/2013

The product arrived within 2-3 days after the order was placed with Entirely Pets!

Brilliant by fufi from australia10/23/2012

Works a treat on my 10yr old girl who has been plagued with ear problems and allergies since a baby.It's not going to cure it but with minimal effort on my part I can keep it under control.

Works Wonders!!!! by Nancy07/17/2012

My cock-a-poo has always had trouble with his ears. Vet after Vet charged a fortune for treatments week after week. Finally one vet recommended Zymox and our dog's ear problems are under control.

Good stuff for bad ears by patch from Nevada02/18/2012

I have an Old English Mastiff, and looking into his ears is like checking the Grand Canyon in the dark. I make up and use an ear cleaner, but when he gets an infected ear, usually in the fall, this is the stuff you need. It is thick, but goes easily into the ear, which you then massage for a few minutes (in my case, at least I no longer have to sit on the dog, as Zymox has no odor). Then you let him get up and shake his head, hopefully after you have cleared the decks, as the stuff comes flying out of his ears with anything that needs to be gone. In the case of a Mastiff, this means you have stuff on walls and chandeliers, but for most dogs, not any big deal, and you can do it outside if that's easier. It is greasy on the fingers, so have a wiper handy. But it is by far the best ear medication I've ever used, and may save you a vet bill!

Good Stuff by rinkles from Duncan BC Canada05/25/2013

I have toy & Mini shar pei & they have tiny ear canals. This stuff works like magic. It clears up any ear problems very fast.

It really works!!! by Marianna02/23/2010

Pepper, my lab mix had ear infections throughout his life. He is 10 years old. His ears would get so infected that he wouldn't allow anyone to touch his ears, and if you did, he would cry out in pain. His ears had a foul odor, with a greasy looking discharge, and they became scarred from all the scratching. The smell was so bad that it would often turn my stomack, and it made it difficult to be around him. We took Pepper to the vet several times, and after 100's of dollars and many tests later, the doc couldn't pinpoint what the problem was or how to cure it. They gave us medicine to try, but the ear infections would never go away. In desperation, I searched on the internet for alternate treatment options, and I finally came across Zymox. I was skeptical, but I had to give it a try for Pepper's sake. We used this product daily for about 2 weeks, after which we alternated cleaning and Zymox treatments weekly. This was about a year and a half ago, and I'm very happy to say that there has been ZERO recurrance of the ear infections. There's no gunk, no smell, and most importantly no pain. Whenever I think about this I whish we had come across this product years before, but I'm soooo thankful that I found it. If your dog has ear infections that the vet can't cure, do your dog a huge favor and please try this!!!

Zymox Otic Recommended By my Vet as #1! by Small Dog Rescue11/29/2012

Zymox Otic was recommended to me by my vet. He told me this product was one of his favorites of all and #1 for ears. I recommend the entire line of Zymox products. I am a Zymox fan!!!!!!!!!! The shampoo and rinse is amazing!!!!!!!!!

German Shepherds Ears by Jacks mom06/25/2012

7 days as directed german shepherds ears all clear after weeks of irritation & brown red drainage..

Have not received product by Jen from Australia01/29/2013

Have not received product after 5-6 weeks

Had High Hopes by TJ06/15/2013

I battle ear infections with my Shih Tzu on a constant basis. I was looking for a product that would treat the yeast infections that my Shih Tzu seem plagued with. Well, I was very optimistic when I found the Zymox Otic.After reading up on its intended use, it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I applied the product as directed on 4 different dogs. The product had little if any affect on the dogs ear infections. I finally gave in and got a presciption medication from the vet in order to get the yeast infections in the ears cleared up. I had very high hopes for the product, but I am left disappointed.

Something that works! by Jim10/22/2012

After several years of frustration, something that works. At a fraction of what the vet charges.

Zymox by Pauline04/14/2012

I have a golden retriever that has a chronic ear condition. After a necessary ear surgery for a ruptured blood vessel, actually two surgeries, and then about three rounds of antibiotics he wasn't getting better. I was also using vinegar and water and ear cleaner from the vet. The last thing the vet suggested was prednisone which I said no to. I switched him to grain free food and started to use Zymox on his ears and I think we are finally winning the battle.

Really, the best purchase ever! by Helen from Latvia06/05/2012

My German Shepard had recurrent ear infections for over a year. At first it was once a month, then twice, and it ended up with painful inflammations every week with pus discharges and bad smell. That was terrible, nothing helped, antibiotics prescribed by vet stopped the process for some days, but afterwards everything was back again, and internal antibiotics made my dog weak. Then we found out that this was not a bacterial infection, it was fungi! But we could not find any efficient remedies against it. We used oregano oil and similar herbs internally, but they helped also only for a while. Then I found out information about Zymox and ordered it, that was our last hope. The first time I cleaned my dogs ears with Zymox, it smelled awfully. The next day the smell was not so bad, and after some other days there were no smell at all... We used it as indicated, 14 days, but already after 7 days my dog recovered. It is 10 months from then now, and there is no more any sign of ear problems.... I am SO grateful that someone has developed such an efficient product and there is a possibility to order it from abroad. I can't imagine where we would be now if there were no Zymox....

must have by pam03/05/2008

I have 2 newfs and this works great keeping them from getting infections. only down side is if you get it in the fur it dries gummy

Effective product by abegott from Altadena, CA04/15/2013

Our cocker spaniel suffers from frequent ear infections. Zymox has been very effective in dealing with these. Usually we'll treat his ears at the first sign of an infection and repeat for three days, that clears it up. We have not had to take him to the vet for an ear infection for years now, and when we take him for a check-up his ears are fine.

Every dog owner should keep this on hand by Lexi's parent02/10/2013

This is the best product I have ever tried for ears. It works so well and extremely fast. But don't stop using it (in bad cases) until the 7 days are up even if the ears look clean.

Great product by Jule04/29/2013

Our black lab is prone to ear infections. This product works very well to clear up the problem within a week or two. Saves us costly trips to the vet. I highly recommend Zymox!

Awesome Results by Thanks2u from Edmonton, Alberta05/06/2012

My best friend is a 15 year old Shih-Tzu with chronic ear infections which smell, and are painful for her. She has been on constant ear drops and oral medication, nothing helped. I found the Entirely Pets web site and started to read the reviews on the Zymox Otic. Took a chance,ordered it, started using it as soon as it arrived, and 1 week later my dog is doing way better. The smell has almost disappeared, she shakes her head less, sleeps better, and no longer yelps when someone gives her one of her loved ear scratches. Thank You Entirely Pets. I had almost given up any hope for my poor dog ever finding relief.

ZYMOX W HYDROCORTIZONE by dekeke from INDIANA10/08/2011


Very effective ear medicine by Chance from Bangor, ME04/23/2012

My dog has chronic ear infections. This medicine always does the trick!! Highly recommend.

Great product by Tracy04/04/2013

My golden retriever has chronic ear infections. This product helps tremendously.

zymox otic with hydrocoristone clinic size by BESTBABE 1 from Markdale Ontario Canada07/07/2012

Our golden doodle Bailey has suffered chronic ear infections for years. Your product Zymox Otic has cleared up her ears beautifully. I can't say enough good things about this product. Thank you so much for making our little girl feel so much better. We will continue to use the ear cleaner and the non-hydrocortisone treatment as needed.

Better price than at my vet's office by tooper03/14/2012

I need to use this product for yeast overgrowth, etc. in a couple of my dog's ears. It is very effective; however, it needs to be used daily for some time, and it has a "lubricating oil" like texture (not something you would want on your animal's coat). EntirelyPets sells it for less than my vet's office, so I like that!

a good product by sassystanley from burlington. Vermont10/22/2012

My dogs are plagued by chronic ear infections - back and forth to the vet we go with the resulting bank account-shattering results. Zymoc otic is the best medication we have tried, bar none, and our visits (knock wood) to our vet have decreased to the point that we miss him!!

very pleased by chris from toronto canada02/06/2012

recieved this product quickly and my dogs ears are not in pain no more yeaaaah

by from 11/05/2011

I initially bought Zymox Otic in from my vet in 2009 and it worked exactly as promised on my Lab's bacterial ear infection. Fast forward to 2011 -- he had another one.

internet, by I from wasAfter


best by price from onEntirelyPets


Best product by BLL from Pennsylvania04/01/2012

This product should be given to any dog owner that has problem with their dog's ears....It is amazing. My cocker spaniel's groomer suggested this to me. I couldn't get her ears to stay clear from infection. I started using this and I was amazed. What I also like is you don't use anything else. I will keep this on hand and tell everyone that I talk to who has these problems about this product.

Excellent Product by Susan02/26/2013

This is a re-order for us....as it is the only thing that has helped keep our German Shepherd's ear issues "in check." He used to constantly shake his head and scratch at his ears. We had tried every other ear cleansing product out there -- and even prescription meds from the vet. This product really, really works.

Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) by Fixer from Marmora NJ05/03/2013

I would not have believed it if I didn’t try it for myself! This stuff really works for dogs ear problems. I have been to the vet many, many times for problem ears and their solution is always prescriptions or drops that usually aren’t cheap and seem to never work. If your fighting ear problems are tired of nothing working then you need to try this stuff. You will become a believer tool.

Zymox OTIC by Juanita from Warren, MI.04/05/2013

This is a Great product for dog s that have cronic ear infections(Yeast ). The vet recommended this product and it has a good report back to the vet it really works. I highly recommend Entirely Pets for products. Great prices and shipping is fast!

by ammamour12/24/2012

After reading the reviews, I was impatient to get this product and try it on our poor little mutt who was tormented by chronic ear problems. PB is a different dog after one treatment just as others testaments said. She is no longer depressed and wanting to be alone curled in a ball. This is an amazing product

Fantastic Ear Drops! by Chook10/23/2012

My gorgeous dog (airedale terrier) has had ear problems on and off for a couple of years. I came across this product on a blog and tracked it down to EntirelyPets. Wondered about buying it, but has been the best treatment for his ears by far. No more scratchy ear and cleaned them perfectly. Dirty brown wax has disappeared and he is a happy camper, highly recommend the product.

by Jossie ch. lab01/02/2013

The only product and solution for my ch. lab. She has had ear problems and tried differant food thinking it was an allergy. Starting useing this and taken care of her dirty ears. She is a happy dog. Thanks

"Zymox is the best for recurrent ear problems" by Train/show/love my dogs05/06/2013

Zymox Otic is not cheap, but if you own one dog or seven dogs, as we do, it is the best product we have found to clear up recurrent ear problems like possible allergic ear or possible yeast infection...dosed daily or 2 x day in a few days we ALWAYS see a marked improvement, in a week it is gone, sometimes less than one week! Now, we keep it on hand, getting the clinic size bottle when we buy.

great results by peewee08/21/2012

This product saved me a vet visit, office fees and time off from work. Easy to use, follow instructions. Ear infection was from bathing and this took a couple of weeks to clear it up but it works great. Used it religiously 2 x per day first week and 1 x per day when I saw improvement.

No cleaning before use by legendaryhound11/29/2011

This mixture with hydrocortisone has worked to heal up the redness and inflammation that was in my Otterhound's ears. He was shaking his head so much I was fearful he might hurt his big ears. The Zymox Otic has worked very well to clear up his ears and it does not require that you clean the ears before you use it. A benefit since the Boys don;t like their ears cleaned.

This stuff works great!! by Doops from Princeton, Il.05/05/2013

I bought this for a dog at my local animal shelter that has chronic ears problems. With in a day or so, they all ready start looking better. Great Stuff!!

Best ear cleaner, same as the vet used. by rtwobeagles from Denver, CO11/05/2012

My vet uses this same product when we take our kid in for her checkup.

Zymox Otic is wonderful ! by Albina Liderman12/15/2009

After being for a long time on antibiotics, my cat develpped yeast infection on his skin and in his ears. I tried to treat the black spots on the outer areas of his ears, but they would reappear again. Then I realized that the infection comes from inside the ear and applied the Zymox Otic for 2 weeks. It took care of all spots and my cat's ears are clean since. Other Zymox products took care of his skin. Thank you very much!

Grateful by Amy01/27/2009

My labs had chronic ear infections/allergies; we used the vet-recommended solutions/procedures, but everytime we cleaned their ears, it got worse. Now we just wipe their ears out with the cleanser and put a squirt of the Zymox Otic in to follow. The labs haven't had an ear infection since. We won't use anything else -- these products are superior to their competition!

magic by ann06/15/2008

our jack has had too many ear problems to count. he is allergic to everything. i have tried it all...this is the first product that has worked...thankyou!!!!!!!!!!

zymox - best find ever! by treesurg from UK02/12/2013

wouldn't be without it...happy, active dog and cost effective too......beats strong, expensive steroids normally required every month from the Vets!!! Maximum use 3 times a year, and keeps ears very clean at the same time. Thank you Zymox!

THE BeSt!!! by JordieJaedaTeeghansMama from Central Jersey03/27/2012

I am a professional groomer/doggie sitter, and this is the ONLY medication that has ever worked on any of my clients fur-babies. I have several (at least 40) fur-babies that have allergies/yeast problems with their ears, and have lived with the constant itching, scratching, "going out of their minds" pain for years. Once I treat them with this, the parents are in utter disbelief. This works better than anything I have ever tried. A lot of the veterinarians like the allergies "merry-go-round" - because they keep patients coming back over and over - bringing in more and more money. I love Zymox because it doesn't put a band-aid over the problem - it FIXES it. If your doggie has itching, scratching and nothing else has worked - get yourself some Zymox and put your baby on a GRAIN FREE DIET.....and watch them get healthy again!!! Changing their diet is most important and seems to stop the symptoms in only a few weeks. Zymox is better than the Animax from the vet, which does NOTHING. I wouldn't use anything else - and every single customer calls me and is so relieved that their problem is solved and their baby isn't SUFFERING anymore!!!

Fantastic Product by Josie from Copley Twp, Ohio12/13/2011

We have a Golden Retriever who has food allergies. He cannot tolerate any type of food which is in the carb family. He develops severe ear infections. They swell up, itch, bleed and smell terrible. We purchased this product and the wash and his ears cleared up beautifully. He no longer threw himself on his worse ear when we came near him.. He still has to be keeped on a very restricted diet but if he does get into something and the ears start to act up, treatment with this product takes care of this immediately. He has been to many veterinarians and no medicine before has ever helped him.


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