• 12 MONTH K9 Advantix II BLUE for Extra Large Dogs (over 55 lbs)

12 MONTH K9 Advantix II BLUE for Extra Large Dogs (over 55 lbs)

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K9 Advantix II BLUE for Extra Large Dogs over 55 lbs

Keep your dog safe from irritating and dangerous pests with k9 Advantix for dogs over 55 Lbs. Formulated for dogs seven weeks of age and older and weighing over 55 pounds and under, K9 Advantix II outperforms its competitors not only by killing more varieties of pests, but also by repelling them to prevent future attacks.

Repels and Kills Ticks, Fleas, and Mosquitos

The active ingredients in K9 Advantix II help keep your dog safe from ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. These effective compounds attack the pests' nerve cells, paralyzing and effectively killing them, as well as repelling them from future attacks. Most ticks are repelled and killed before they can attach, which may reduce the risk of transmitting disease-causing organisms to your pet. K9 Advantix II effectively kills and repels Deer ticks, American dog ticks, Brown dog ticks, and Lone Star ticks.

K9 Advantix II for Extra Large Dogs over 55 lbs
  • Kills and repels ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes
  • Repels biting flies and kills lice
  • Waterproof formula won't wash off from swimming or bathing
  • Includes twelve convenient one-month doses
  • Easy to apply
  • For dogs seven weeks of age and older and weighing over 55 pounds and under
  • Per Dose: $11.00
Dog flea life cycle
K9 Advantix II and Frontline Plus Comparison Chart
Fights Against Fleas at All Stages of Development

K9 Advantix II protects your pet against fleas at all stages of the parasite's development. K9 Advantix II breaks the flea life cycle by killing the living fleas on your dog before they can lay eggs. It also prevents the development of existing flea eggs, larvae, and pupae, helping to prevent future infestations.

K9 Advantix II also kills reinfesting fleas (newly hatched fleas jumping back on your dog) within two hours, and it prevents fleas on a treated dog from infesting your home.

Effective Against Biting Flies and Lice

In addition to complete tick, flea, and mosquito protection, K9 Advantix II also repels painful biting flies from feeding on your dog, and it effectively kills up to 100 percent of lice within one week of treatment.

Waterproof Formula

K9 Advantix II is waterproof, so there's no need to reapply after your dog has a bath or goes for a swim. Studies show that dogs are still protected against parasites after exposure to water, though for best results, dogs treated with K9 Advantix II should be bathed with a non-detergent shampoo.

Package Contents

2 Boxes includes six 4.0-milliliter tubes of K9 Advantix II for Extra Large Dogs over 55 pounds.

Flea Cycle

Usage Info

How to Apply

Applying K9 Advantix II to your pet is a fast and easy process. First, remove the K9 Advantix II applicator tube from its packaging and use scissors to peel down the foil. Next, hold the applicator tube in an upright position and pull the cap off the tube. Use the upturned cap to break the protective seal, and you're ready for application.

For easiest application, your dog should be standing upright. Evenly apply the entire contents of the K9 Advantix II tube to two or three spots from the back of the shoulder to the base of the tail. Part the hair at each spot until the skin is visible, then place the tip of the tube on the skin and gently squeeze out a portion of the solution. Be careful not to apply an excessive amount of the solution in any one spot, otherwise some of the solution might run off the side of your dog. Dispose of the container and do not reuse or refill. Do not empty unused product in any indoor or outdoor drain.

For optimal control and prevention of parasites, use K9 Advantix II every month. K9 Advantix II is available in four- and six-month supplies. Do not use K9 Advantix II on cats or any animals other than dogs.

Application Instructions

Evenly apply the entire contents of the tube to four to six spots on the top of the back--from the shoulder to the base of the tail. Apply monthly.

Length of Effectiveness

Under normal conditions, the product is effective for one month. However, in cases of severe flea infestation, retreatment may be necessary earlier than four weeks. Do not retreat more often than once every seven days. After flea control is attained, return to a monthly retreatment schedule.

Hazards to Humans

Causes eye irritation. Harmful if swallowed. Do not get in eyes or on clothing. Avoid contact with skin. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after handling.

Hazards to Domestic Animals

*For external use on dogs only.
*Do NOT use on animals other than dogs.
*Do NOT use on puppies under seven weeks of age.

Do not get this product on dog's eyes or mouth. Consult your veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant, or nursing animals. Individual sensitivities, while rare, may occur after using any pesticide product for pets. If signs persist, or become more severe, consult a veterinarian immediately. If your animal is on medication, consult your veterinarian before using this product.

Do Not Use on Cats

Due to their unique physiology and inability to metabolize certain compounds, cats must not use this product. If applied to a cat, or ingested by a cat that actively grooms a recently treated dog, this product may have serious harmful effects. If this occurs, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Environmental Hazards

This product is extremely toxic to fish. Do not add directly to water. Do not contaminate water when disposing of product or package.

First Aid

Have the product container or label with you when calling a poison control center or doctor, or when going for treatment.

If in eyes: Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing eye. Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice.

If swallowed: Call poison control center or doctor immediately for treatment advice. Have person sip a class of water if able to swallow. Do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by the poison control center or doctor. Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

If on skin or clothing: Take off contaminated clothing. Rinse skin immediately with plenty of water for 15 to 20 minutes. Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice.

To physician: Treat patient symptomatically.

Keep out of reach of children.


How long does K9 Advantix last?

A single application of K9 Advantix keeps working for one month.

How often should I use K9 Advantix?

Experts recommend monthly application to keep your dog protected year-round.

My dog is strictly indoors. Should I still use K9 Advantix?

Yes, ticks and fleas can be brought into the home by people or other pets--without owners even realizing it. Immature flea stages remain dormant until conditions are appropriate for development. This is why it is also important to protect indoor pets.

Can I bathe my dog during the month after application?

Yes, you can give your dog a bath. A non-detergent shampoo is recommended for best results.

How young can the dog be for application?

K9 Advantix is gentle enough for puppies as young as seven weeks.




Imidacloprid is an ectoparasiticide, an antiparasitic agent that targets parasites living primarily on the surface of a host. Chemically classified as a chloronicotinyl nitroguanidine, imidacloprid inhibits neurotransmitter transmission in insects, resulting in paralysis and death.


Imidacloprid exhibits both adulticide and larvicidal flea efficacy; it not only kills adult fleas and larvae on your pet, but it also kills larval stages in your pet's immediate surroundings.

Main Purpose

To kill fleas at all stages of their life cycles and stop them from being able to move or feed.


Permethrin is the additional ingredient in Advantix. It belongs to the Type I class of pyrethroid acaricides and insecticides, and it also acts as a repellent. Pyrethroids affect muscle and nerve cells' sodium ion channels by increasing their mean open time, which leads to hyperexcitability and death of the parasite.


Thanks to its repelling activity, permethrin reduces parasite bites and thus the risk of diseases and stress for your dog.

Main Purpose

To repel ticks, sand flies, and mosquitoes; to kill ticks and fleas.

Two Proven Ingredients with Enhanced Activity

Imidacloprid and permethrin work together to overwhelm the nervous system of the parasite, providing neurotoxic activity beyond that of each compound alone. This leads to more profound and quicker insect paralysis and death.

Specifically, imidacloprid increases the efficacy of permethrin by activating insect nerve cells and increasing the frequency of neurotransmissions. As a result, more sodium channels are opened and the pyrethroid can interact much better with its target site.


Pyriproxyfen is a pyridine-based pesticide. A juvenile hormone analog, it interferes with the hormone signaling of growing insects, so that insects in immature stages are unable to mature. Additionally, a female insect that touches the toxin will produce eggs that will not hatch.


Pyriproxyfen provides an added layer of protection for pets and their surroundings. It interrupts the flea life cycle at multiple stages, halting the growth and development of insect eggs and larvae and preventing reinfestation.

Main Purpose

To prevent flea eggs from hatching and larvae from growing.

Active Ingredients % by Weight
Imidacloprid 8.80%
Permethrin* 44.00%
Pyriproxyfen 0.44%
Other Ingredients 46.76%
Total 100%
*cis/trans ratio: max 55% () csi and min 45% () trans
Net Contents

Twelve tubes, each 0.135 fluid ounces (4.0 milliliters)

4 MONTH K9 Advantix II BLUE for Extra Large Dogs (over 55 lbs)4 Mo K9 Advantix II (55+ lbs)Reg price: $72.99
Sale price: $49.95
6 MONTH K9 Advantix II BLUE for Extra Large Dogs (over 55 lbs)6mo XLrg Dog (55lb+) K9 Advantix 2Reg price: $102.99
Sale price: $74.95
2 MONTH K9 Advantix II GREEN for Small Dogs (upto 10 lbs)2 Mo K9 Advantix II (4-10 lbs)Reg price: $38.99
Sale price: $29.99
2 MONTH K9 Advantix II TEAL for Medium Dogs (11-20 lbs)2 Mo K9 Advantix II (11-20 lbs)Reg price: $40.99
Sale price: $30.99
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Customer Reviews

DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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best so far by diana from new jersey, new york07/20/2012

best for preventing bringing ticks into house.

Best Purchase Ever by Smokey from California, MD08/06/2014

K9 Advantix II is amazing, never worry about fleas, ticks or mosquitoes. Great price and fast delivery. Very satisfied!

by Ruby Tuesday from Los Angeles, CA04/16/2014

I have three large dogs and this product works well. I have tried other brands but this one works the best for me.

Best Price for a Fantastic Product by erinrgray5 from Norfolk, VA10/27/2011

Previously used Frontline on my dogs for years. However, I still pulled ticks off of the dogs. Since switching to Advantix II I have not found any ticks or fleas on my dogs. LOVE it!!!!

great product by bridget from mohawk n.y.12/19/2011

the very first day no more fleas i tried frontline & it diden;t work for me

K-9 Advantix II by Leslie from Bath County, VA01/21/2015

Great product - we live in the country and it keeps the ticks off our puppies - we have 5. I watch for your specials and you have the best price I've found.

Works Great by NoFleasHere from AL10/28/2011

Keeps the fleas away as well as all the other flying critters!

Advantix II by JerseyGirlMel06/11/2012

This is the best flea preventive I have ever used. I ordered 24 month's worth with the 15% off coupon and then I got a 20% off coupon! UGH! It was such a great deal, I ordered another 24 months at the 20% price.

Great product At a great price by Sheila from Colonial Heights, VA05/18/2013

Great product. Works well. Having been getting from Entirely Pets for years & the shipments arrive super fast!

Really works! by Mason from Tampa, florida11/01/2011

After having a huge failure with frontline plus which I have been using for years and suddenly stopped working, I switched over to K9-Advantix and have been flea free!

Fast shipping by Shelleyt from Nova Scotia,Canada.06/07/2013

I was amazed how fast my order arrived,This is my second order and I will definitely be ordering again from entirely pets.

Top of the line. by Franks from Spring Hill, FL05/04/2013

This is the only flea/tick product I will use on my dog. Living in Florida it is required 12 months a year. I have used other products with less results. Best bet product.

K9 Advantix II by Doberwoman from Kansas City, MO01/15/2013

Great product and super fast shipping!!! We need tick meds well into November, glad to find it here.

K9 /advantix by KK04/24/2012

We really like the product and its so easy to apply. We love to take our dogs for walks and we don't have to worry about what they will bring home!

Mind at Ease by ccsweat from Green Cove Springs, Florida04/15/2012

I have 2 big dogs and I always use the K-9 Advantix II. I have never had a problem with it before, so this time when I put it on the dogs and still were experiencing fleas, I called and was connected to the makers of it and they explained to me about the severity of the fleas this year and to wait for their life cycle to complete. I thought it was the product, but it wasn't, the fleas are now gone. I love this stuff and so do my dogs, Nala and Tebow... I will continue to use it.

Great value by Julia from Middleboro Ma11/24/2012

Great value. Great product. Received a couple of days after purchase. will definitely use again.

Don't know still waiting by Tony from APO Korea06/17/2013

I ordered it over a month ago and still haven't received it so I can't say if is good or not. Just wish it was sent priority mail.

Great purchase by Babs11/11/2012

Our home and yard became infested with fleas. The product we were using didn't hold up for the first time in seven years. We bought K9 Advantix II and voila, our animals are happy. We are happy too! Job well done!

Excellent value by Carrie from North Andover, MA11/20/2012

Great pricing; excellent value. We live in a tick-infested area and I have never had to remove a tick from my dog.

Great product by peg04/01/2013

Just like with the Advantage II for large dogs, it also works well for our extra large ones.

Pleased with the PROTECTION by Bill from Pittsburgh, PA03/12/2014

I began using Advantix II more than a year ago and have found it to be quite effective. I tried other flea and tick medications, but none tried were as effective as Advantix II. I recommend it highly.

Goodby Fleas & ticks by Narda from Atlanta, GA06/30/2012

Always used to find dead tick on my dogs with other products but I have never found one with k9 Advantix II. It's a bit more expensive but is worth it! I live near a 5 acre lots and see lots of deers in my neighborhood and I can not risk my dogs from catching Lyme disease :) I trust k9 Advantix II

K9 Advantix 11 by Deb from Riverside, California10/12/2011

I love this product, it not only keeps fleas and ticks away, but the flies! No more spraying that leaves an oily residue on my dogs coat ! When he's a happy dog, I'm a happy mom :)

Better Than Frontline by Snowbird from Maryland02/05/2013

We had our dog on Frontline for well over a year and were happy with it. Then last summer, he got fleas and we couldn't get rid of them. I called the Frontline manufacturer and got a totally unacceptable answer about the fleas needing to get onto the dog and bite him before they would die. We didn't want the fleas on him in the first place! So we did some research and decided to try K9 Advantix. It worked very quickly and we have not had any problem with fleas since.

Great product, super service by Kenny from Newark Valley, NY12/06/2012

Great product, super service, excellant price.

Great product by Lady Di from St Charles, IL03/29/2012

Would recommend this product over any other flea and tick product

by from 08/03/2014

The product works. No flea problems, and most definitely helps keep the mosquitoes away. Generally only have to use once every 2-3 months to keep the dogs from scratching from bites.

pricier by than from otherIt


Best Dog Treatment by AnimalLady06/14/2013

K9 Advantix II is the best monthly treatment I have found for my dogs. I live in North Carolina and the others just were not effective. K9 works great and the dogs are very happy not scratching and being bit all the time. I use it year round as the ticks never go out of season.

Excellent Product by LilysMom from NY11/30/2011

We use this on our two golden retrievers, one of whom is highly allergic to fleas. It provides great protection, even in the summer when they are in and out of the water. I like it better that the other full cycle flea prevention that we tried.

Great protection for my dogs! by Callmond from Macon, GA07/29/2013

I switched to K9 Advantix a few years ago after Frontline Plus stopped working as well and I was impressed with how much protection this gave. My dogs are primarily outside and I've always had issues with flies and mosquitoes bothering them even with Frontline but that's no longer an issue with Advantix. My dogs are happy and so am I!

Good product by Patty from Oswego, NY04/26/2012

I have used this brand for several years on all 4 of my dogs. They go in & out of the house on my horse farm. I have never had a flea problem, in spite of a sandy arena and wooded areas. Would and have recommended the K-9 Advantix products to friends & neighbors.

Best product for your $$ & mostly your dog! by dr ck from Sydney/Melbourne, Australia & Western Canada07/14/2013

I live and work between Canada & Australia as a neurosurgeon and my dogs travel with me. I find that K9 ADVANTIX II 12 MONTH Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs). I find these drops work like they say they do. My dogs have not had any problems with the drops and are protected as promised by the product. I highly recommend K9 ADVANTIX II 12 MONTH Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs). Worth the price and peace of mind!

Multipurpose Flea Treatment by littleGH from Birmingham AL12/22/2012

I alternate flea medications every 6mo for my dogs to provide better protection now that we're in a warm climate. Haven't had any flea problems or application problems and my dogs are very sensitive to what products they are able to use.

Very Satisfied by Gardenchicc from Bellingham, WA06/29/2012

I use this product for 2 dogs on a regular basis. This was the best price I have ever seen and the shipping was very fast.

excellent product by zookeeper from Colrain, MA07/19/2012

Used to buy less expensive over the counter treatments for the animals and ended up with a flea infestation that took several weeks to finally put an end to it. K9 Advantix only for our pack.

The best by Nick from Bloomingdale, FL04/25/2012

This is the only flea/tick killer that worked on my five (5) Florids dogs. I tried them all and this one actually worked!

Excellent protection! by Matt07/07/2012

I've used Advantix II since we got our first pet from a shelter. I retired from the AF and moved back to La. Two dogs and not a flea or tick to be found. I also treat a stray cat that hangs around. He is clean, too. The only thing he carries back is poison ivy from roaming in the woods!

fighting fleas, ticks by Carol from Tennessee08/14/2012

I was getting Frontline Plus for many years... and after the groomer recommended the Advantix II Flea & tick after finding a couple fleas on my dogs, I am trying it. I think sometimes maybe they get used to a product and trying something else for awhile might nip the problem in the bum. I am giving it a try. I have been a customer of Entirely Pets for many years, and things I buy are always shipped promptly and their prices are lower than other companies. I am happy with this company and will stay with them.

Fight fleas by Carol from Tennessee03/13/2013

I have bought from Entirely Pets for many years, and I have always had good service from them. Their prices seem to be good. The K9advantix II for my large dogs works well for them. I am happy with the product and the company.

k9vantage 11 by mike from plumas lake ,ca01/21/2013

the best product ever,it may cost alittle more but it works great on my 2 reterivers.

Great price by Tongster from California08/01/2013

I have two labs and Entirely Pets has the best price for this product. This product also kills ticks, which I have in my area. Great product and price and it comes so quickly in the mail.

Great Product by Sermck from Sackville, NS04/24/2012

I love this product as it covers so many things. I know my dogs are well protected.

What A Relief by Sarge's "Mom"02/14/2013

My GoldenShepherd was getting scaly patches & pretty bad itching from FrontlinePlus. He really needs flea & tick protection as we let him run in the woods every day. One reviewer said the same thing & recommended K9AdvantixII so I tried it. Problem solved. So happy to find a product that works without the nasty side effects.

GREAT PRODUCT! by Angela S. from NC12/04/2012

Excellent product! One of the cheapest places to order from also.

Best flea & tick product ever! by JerseyGirlMel03/28/2014

This is the most effective flea & tick product ever! I have been using it for years and have never seen a flea or tick on my dogs or in my house!

Advantix II by Sue from Russellville, Al.06/08/2011

I noticed a dark spot on the top of my dogs head. Her head is white so it was very visible. She was running around when I tried to get her to come to me with this dark thing still on her head. When she finally came to me I saw it was a mosquito. I smacked it and blood went everywhere. So much for it repelling mosquito's.

by dgburnum05/04/2012

I have used this product for 3 years along with Program. They work great together.

Great Product/Service by Gina T. from Atlanta, GA10/18/2011

I've only used this product for one month but so far it seems to work very well. Aside from the product itself, I would like to add that Entirely Pets is absolutely the BEST pet products website available. They are always prompt with processing my orders (for several years now) as well as offering great pricing and free shipping on orders over $100. Thanks SO much and keep up the GREAT work Entirely Pets staff!

Tried others but had to go back to K9 Advantix by Micaela11/30/2012

I tried another flea prevention/treatment spot-on product by a reputable company and my dogs were miserable. I ordered K9 Advantix, used it on both dogs and the biting and scratching stopped. I won't be using anything else again!!

by Lois from Loveland, CO06/21/2013

K9 II is great, works even with our dogs swimming regularly. Entirely Pets gave us a great price.

Always good products at a good price by southiegirl06/28/2012

Have bought from here before and will buy again. Never had any problems with this site.

Works best at the best price by DHS from North East Louisiana09/27/2013

We are an animal rescue in Northeast Louisiana. Fleas are a year round problem. We are constantly making price comparisons as we are funded only by donations. K9 Advantix II at Entirely Pets is the most effective OTC product we've found, for the best price. Free shipping is a plus too!!

by Tuck03/14/2013

It works! We live in a rural area with a big tick problem. K9 keeps them off.

Works Time After Time by Lee from Western Kentucy10/23/2012

Great product for flea and tick prevention here in the Midwest. Have never had a problem when using this product on our dogs.

Best Prices for the Best Products by P.R. from Virginia04/24/2012

This site has the best prices for the best products that I have found.

works great on ticks by djw06/28/2012

I've been using this product for years, it does a great job keeping our dogs tick free.

Great Discount!!! Fast Delivery by podunk from Lake Seminole, GA07/22/2012

I switched to Advantix years ago for my two big dogs..because of the "tick" advantage..were in the "woods" so it is important..all I can say it works! it works!

savings!! by suko07/22/2013

my husband likes to save money so he loves your product, thank you so much, we willcontinue to use your product as long as the price is right!!

Easy to use by Pooh from Shreveport, LA03/06/2012

Advantix is easier to use than Frontline. Advantix tube is easier to open. Rounded tip makes it easier to control application as well. Efficacy for me has been about the same. I do rotate between the two products though. Seems to control the fleas more effectively that way for me. I have several large dogs that stay outside and roam the pastures and woods. May not be as big a concern for someone with a house dog or one that stays in a fenced yard.

Worst service ever. by Toffee from California07/05/2012

I never received my shipment, contact your customer service and was told to report my problem to USPS. It's obvious that Entirely Pets do not care about customer's trust and satisfaction. I will never order anything from Entirely Pets again, I'll stick with Amazon.

No hassle summer by Gitanjali from India04/01/2012

This really helped keep my 2 great danes free from ticks and fleas all summer last year so have purchased it again this year.

Great Product & Great Price by Rudy's mom from Lehighton, PA05/09/2013

Out of all the Flea & Tick products I've tried, this is the best product. Very rarely is there a tick embedded in my dogs but if there is one, the product kills it quickly. Highly recommend this product, and the price is wonderful too!

Best out there... by gibson from Geneva Ohio05/02/2014

K9 Advantix ll is the ONLY flea and tick med that I will buy.. Unlike other flea and tick med. it DOES REALLY WORK....

Great!! by Leslie from Courtenay, BC, Canada07/10/2013

This is exactly what you can purchase from the vet's, but at a much cheaper price. and my dogs don't have problems with fleas, etc.

Flea and Tick protection by doglady from State College, PA05/09/2013

It's a necessary evil, b/c I really don't like applying chemicals to my dog, but I don't want him to get Lyme's Disease either, so we use K9 Advantix for the great repel qualities. I don't ever find ticks on him, definitely no fleas and he's tested negative each year for Lyme's at his annual exams. I'm a dog groomer and my clients who use this product tend to NOT have the bugs on them like those that use other products, like Frontline or Frontline Plus. K9 Advantix gets my vote for best Flea and Tick protection.

Used for years! by Marty from NC10/30/2013

We have used this forever and very, very seldom see or have fleas or ticks. It is used all year long!

No Bugs! by Dogsncatz from Rural upstate NY02/12/2013

Advantix lives up to their advertising. No fleas. No ticks. No infestations in the house as we had 2 summers in a row in 2009 and 2010 when using Frontline Plus as instructed 12 months a year. Advantix works! We have been using it since the dreadful summer of 2010!!!

by from 08/09/2011

I purchased this product after using Frontline for over 13 years. WORKS like a charm!! Best product to hit the market for dogs in years!

none by of from theMy


only product that worked by grandmadog from Tennesee-Michigan12/03/2012

In Tennesee this past summer, the ticks were extremely bad. We tried several different products, some were better than others. Advantix II was the only product that worked. Our daughter's dogs and our dog were thankful when we purchased this product.

Very Good by BethAnn from Long Isand, NY05/01/2013

We have four large dogs and live in the Northeast where lyme disease is very prevalent. I use this product year-round and have had great results. At ALL their yearly check-ups, my dogs are lymes free. Woo Hoo!

by from 10/28/2011

I received my purchase promptly and am quite pleased with my purchase. I found this site provided wonderful reviews of the product as well as great discounts too. I look to purchase other products from this site as well.

Pricing." by Excellent Product and Price from Farm GuyGreat


Great Product/Great Price by Deb's Friends from Atlanta, GA11/29/2011

Love the products. We have 4 large dogs which is able to run on our property & go swimming. So making sure they do not get fleas & ticks is very important.

k9 advantage by rae04/26/2012

the price was good but the packaging was terrible. boxes were crushed and flattened. good thing the dosage was well contained. it was one sorry mess

can always count on by daibro from Evansville, In06/01/2014

I like the K9 Advantix II as my dogs are in the woods and tall grasses a lot an I don't have to worry as much about the ticks. They still get a few but most are dead when I find them. Also like Entirely pets prices on this product.

Great price for a reliable product by DD from Jacksonville, FL07/16/2014

Have used this product regularly on all four of our large breed dogs and never worry about fleas, ticks or mosquitoes. Great price and fast delivery. Very satisfied!

Excellent by Bill from Toronto, Canada05/26/2014

Good quality excellent prices super fast shipping.

good service by barb from Salkum,Wa.06/23/2013

Always have been pleased with service and shipping, speedy,considerate and friendly. Will be a return costomer.

Great Price and Great Product by sgervaismesasavage from raleigh, nc06/30/2012

I love K9 Advantix II. Ive used Frontline in the past for years but never realized that it didnt repel and kill mosquitos or biting flies. I switched to K9 Advantix II and am extremely pleased. Even better is when I found this site which sells the products for the best price!

Advantix by Abby from BC Canada02/19/2013

This was delivered promptly, and I saved approximately 30% on the cost, had I purchased this at my local vet premises. Having already used it for one year, it certainly works very well and I have recommended your web-site to many friends.

The best at protecting your loved ones from ticks! by StormTrooper from MASSACHUSETTS10/20/2011

If you care about your pups as much as I do mine then I would strongly recommend K9 advantix II. I have two alaskan malamutes, big furry dogs and nothing protects them better from fleas, ticks and there eggs than this in my opinion!

Great Product by CW from Cottage Grove, Oregon10/26/2011

Advantix II works really great on my dogs. I have 5 Irish Setters that have an acre of land to run around on but they also spend a lot of time in the house so it is really important to keep the fleas under control. Once a week, we take them on a long hike in the woods and since I've switched to this product they have not gotten any ticks. I would highly recommend this product.

Good price by Jo09/10/2014

We've shopped this price around a bit and this is a good one.

Nothing better for fleas, ticks and mosquitos by Pat V from Scotia, NY07/07/2013

Works great to keep the dogs free of fleas and ticks and helps to repel mosquitos.

by from 01/30/2014

product has always worked to keep my dog Bug Free ! ! !

perfect by !!" from Great Price !!!Price


Excellent value by Tino11/14/2012

An excellent price and fast delivery for Advantix II, which has done a terrific job of keeping my 3 dogs clear of ticks and fleas!!

K9 AdvantixII by NJLIC from Selkirk,NY12/07/2012

Works better than any other product we used.



Great Product, free shipping and wonderful price. by ketchum44 from Byhalia, Ms.10/23/2012

Will always buy from you. I tell everyone I know about your product's and price.

Tick control by k4uhl/kh6 from Kaneohe (Oahu) Hawaii01/16/2013

We live on the windward side of Oahu in Hawaii - virtually a rain forest - and have battled ticks on our dogs as long as we have had them (the dogs). We stay ahead of the ticks with the K9 Advantage II and the Virbac tick collars. We use them religiously and have not had a major tick infestation in several years. (Before that, we would have occasions where we would pick over 150 ticks off a single dog - yuck!)

K9 ADVANTIX II 12 MONTH Extra Large Dog (for dogs by kimc from pa04/07/2012

Great price and produce!! I recommend this site to all my friends!

Best flea and tick protection. by Cat07/03/2012

I own a Golden Retriever and a Shiloh Shepherd. I have used K9 Advantix II for the past two years with great success. The sale prices at EntirelyPets are the best I've found.


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