• GlycoFlex 2 Feline (60 Soft Chews)

    GlycoFlex 2 Feline (60 Soft Chews)

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    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint Formula GlycoFlex II bite-sized chews for cats is a glucosamine supplement for cats with moderate joint dysfunction or for pets recovering from sprains or orthopedic surgeries.

  • All natural ingredients support joint tissue health
  • Easy-to-adminster soft chews
  • Economical - only 22 cents per chew!

    GlycoFlex supplements contain the highest quality form of glucosamine. Glucosamine is present in all living animals, with a high concentration found in cartilage. As an animal ages, or when there is damage to cartilage, they often aren't able to synthesize enough of their own glucosamine, that is when a glucosamine supplement can help.

    Comparison between old and new formulas.
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    Active Ingredients Per 2 Glyco-Flex II Chews for Cats:

    Perna Canaliculus (Green Lipped Mussel). . . . 300 mg Perna canaliculus, or green-lipped mussel, is an edible shellfish containing protein, minerals, glucosamine and Eicosatetraenoic acids (ETAs). ETAs are a type of Omega-3 fatty acids and provide an anti-inflammatory effect which helps reduce joint pain. Research in both humans and animals have shown that perna mussels have been effective in managing degenerative joint disease and arthritis. Human patients receiving perna mussels reported less pain, joint stiffness and improved mobility.

    Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 250 mg The sulfur in MSM can be utilized by the body in the formation of compounds such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, as well as the amino acids methionine and cysteine. Arthritic joints often have low levels of both sulfur and cysteine. Animal studies have found MSM helps to strengthen the tissues that make up the joints.

    Glucosamine HCl. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 250 mg Glucosamine stimulates the secretion of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), one of the building blocks of cartilage and the synovial fluid found in joints. GAGs increase the lubrication of the joints and provide flexibility and elasticity to the cartilage.

    N,N-Dimethylglycine HCl (DMG) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 mg DMG is used to support proper immune response, cardiovascular and skin health.

    Manganese (as Mn Proteinate) Soft Chew . . . . . 5 mg Manganese is a trace mineral that activates enzymes responsible for nutrient utilization. It is added to animal supplements to help aid in the uptake of glucosamine.

    Inactive Ingredients: brewers yeast, canola oil, chicken liver flavor, glycerin, natural mixed tocopherols, propionic acid, soy lecithin, Sursweet™ (maltodextrin, sodium alginate and calcium sulfate), whey.

    Glyco-Flex II Chews for Cats - Directions For Use: Initial: (4 - 6 Weeks) Give 2 chews per 10 lbs. of body weight, daily. Maintenance: (After initial period) Give 1 chew per 10 lbs of body weight, daily.

    If giving more than 1 chew, divide between AM and PM.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    by kass10/22/2012

    Took a while for it to actually get shipped and then sent to us but we are satisfied with the quality.

    Excellent Product that Works by Janet from Stony Brook NY12/16/2012

    My cat has arthritis in his back knee and developed a problem jumping to his favorite spots. My vet recommended Glyco-Flex 11 Soft Chews for Cats and after six months on them he is now jumping again without any hesitation. Please be patient as it takes several months for the medicine to kick in, don't get discouraged, just continue giving the initial doseage as the package recomends and you will see results in your own cat. The only draw back I encountered was the "bite size" pieces were a bit to large so I simply broke the piece into two smaller easier to eat pieces. I give this product five stars because I an so happy to see my cat has improved and has returned to his old routine of jumping.

    Glyco-Flex II are yummy & they work! by HorsePoor09/18/2013

    My vet suggested these "treats" for my 10yr old Bengal when he developed an on/off limp. He loves them and they worked! The limp has not reoccurred and he's back to tearing full speed around the house. So much easier than mixing a powdered supplement in his food or trying to shove a tablet down his throat (an impossible task with a Bengal).

    by Rocksanne from Warwick RI10/22/2012

    My cat has been on Glyco-flex for 2 years, Entirely Pets has been terrific. Price is good, delivery prompt and items are well packaged. Will continue to use and recommend Entirely Pets.

    great for arthritic cats! by Jules04/26/2014

    Glycoflex II works great for my older cats arthritis. Both of my cats love the taste and eat it like a treat! Entirely Pets price is much less that buying it at the Vets!

    by Rocksanne05/29/2012

    My cat has arthritis. Her vet recommended Glyco-Flex, which she has been taking for 2 years. It has helped her a lot. I am very happy with this product.

    Cat gives it 4 Paws Up! by Mom2-3pets07/17/2012

    I have an arthritic cat who refused to take any meds to help her situation. Doctor advised me to use this product -- cat loves it! Not sure how it will help -- she seems to have a little more spring in her step. Though it's a bit pricey, I'm hoping it is worth it!

    AO in cats, what to give. by MBG05/19/2013

    Arthritis in cats can be a problem. And not much out there to give a cat. But this product works. We now have a new Cat. I let a Vet friend of ours know about this product. Which he was very thankful about a new way to salve a problem without using harsh drugs. And it works. My cat said,Thanks

    Great product by sac32952 from Cocoa, Florida07/18/2014

    I have 4 large Maine Coon cats and they are getting up there in years. I started giving this product to them about 4 years ago and it does help them. Excellent product I will keep buying it as long as it is helping my babies.

    Great product by maxie from Raleigh,NC10/17/2013

    Helps my 17 yr old cat with aches and joints

    Great value by lfleazar03/31/2012

    For older cats with developing arthritis this once-a-day tasty chew is definitely a help, and the price is half what I was paying my vet.

    Glyco-Flex II - Feline by Cameo12/12/2011

    I have arthritis and I always take my Glyco-Flex II. Tastes like a treat and helps my mobility. Also, Entirely Pets makes these very affordable and their fast efficient service can't be beat!

    by from 08/17/2012

    I have one of the finickiest cats ever when it comes to food. (I guess at 18 she has earned the right to be picky) She likes Tuna and not just any Tuna, only 2 kinds: (real) light tuna in spring water (no albacore please) or Trader Joe's Cat food - tuna flavor, that is the complete list.

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    Excellent purchase by agentkoc from Summerville, SC02/27/2013

    My cat is over 16 years old and I could tell he was beginning to feel some joint pain, as he is beginning to slow down, hesitate on his jumps (or avoid jumping altogether) and takes longer to settle into a comfortable position. He doesn't do pills well, nor does he like anything sprinkled on his food. These chews are perfect -- he's thinks each little "fish" is a treat!!

    Glyco-Flex II Soft Chews for CATS by Sharon from Cocoa, Fl05/06/2014

    I've been purchasing this product for about 4 to 5 years. I have 4 Maine Coon cats and when I noticed they may start having problems with their joints due to size. I tried several different brands which I still have unopen products in my cupboard, that my cats refused to eat. This is the best one. Cats can be very picky but 3 out of my 4 cats will take this type. The price is excellent on this site and I will be purchasing more from Entirely Pets.

    arthritis medication by Rocky11/24/2011

    My older cat has arthritis in her back. She has been taking Glyco-Flex 2 for about a year. Great product.Helps her jump almost like she used to do.

    Great supplement! by Heather12/31/2009

    MSM is fantastic for joints and I have used MSM based supplements for several of my pets. I use these chews for my 12 year old cat. She wasn't able to jump very much anymore, but after starting these chews she is back to jumping up on the bed, etc. They must be tasty because it is the first thing she eats on her plate at dinner time.

    Broken Pieces by Scooter from Santa Clarita, CA08/14/2012

    I like the taste of Glyco-Flex II, and it makes me feel better, I'm 17 years old, a little stiff in the joints. Only complaint is that out of 60 pieces only 34 had not broken in shipment. Second time this has happened. I like whole fishes not broken ones. Thank you.

    product condition not good by doodle11/11/2012

    I was not pleased with the condition of the product when I received it. The chews seemed almost dried out and they were crushed. They were sent in a bubble pack envelope, but they seemed to have been crushed somehow. We have been using this product for months, so I know what the chews should look and feel like.

    excellent product by Flo from Independence, KS01/15/2013

    My vet recommended Glyco Flex II to stop an inappropriate urination problem one of my cats was having due to worry about his cat buddy's health problems.

    by from 04/29/2012

    My vet recommended Glyco-Flex II Soft Chews for CATS for my Himalayan cat who has bladder problems under stress, bladder irritation and frequent urination. Works like a charm to get her regular and stops frequent visits to the vet, giving her and me peace of mind. My Himalayan and Calico cat love the taste and think it's the best treat on the Cat planet and the price can't be beat.

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    by Carolyn from Colorado12/19/2013

    My veterinarian recommended this product for my aging kitty. She's now able to run up the steps again. Quality ingredients as well.

    Great way to give Cosequin! by Debbie816 from Austin, Texas10/30/2011

    We have a cat with some arthritis who was not at all receptive to the Cosequin sprinkle capsules. Our vet suggested these as an alternative, and they have worked wonderfully - the kitty thinks she's getting a treat, and there's no struggle with pilling!

    by from 05/28/2012

    Our vet recommended the Glyco-Flex II for our senior cat. She seemed to be able to walk more easily the next day.

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    These Were Recommended by My Vet by Mary Kay from Indianapolis, IN04/09/2013

    These were recommended to me by my vet for my old kitty with arthritis. He enjoys one every morning and I can tell that his arthritis has improved. My vet also said that the ingredients support the lining of the bladder so they can be a part of my other kitties' bladder care.

    by from 01/16/2015

    My vet recommended these and gives them to her cat. My cat, however, sniffed at them but wouldn't touch them. I offered them on different days just to be sure.

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    Great for my older cat by Wonder Woman from Atanta GA01/24/2013

    We could really see a difference in our 13 year old cat's jumping once we gave her these chews.

    Convenient and Excellent Price by Buster's Mom10/04/2011

    My cat Buster, a black and white long hair tuxedo, is going on 17 years old. The vet put him on this "arthritis" medicine back in May because he has gotten very slow and was walking on "egg shells". He loves the taste (easiest medicine I have ever had to give to him without a fight!). And the cost, is much, much better than buying from my vet. And it is delivered right to my door usually 2 days after I order it!

    cat gobbles these up by Lester's pal from Beulah, ND06/25/2013

    My almost 17 year old cat loves these. I wish I had started giving these to him a long time ago.

    So Grateful! by Denise from Vancouver, BC06/01/2012

    My senior cat was having mobility challenges. I found out about this product, and now that she has been on it for three months, she is running around like a youngster again! Can't express how relieved we are that she is no longer in pain.

    My cats love this by catmom04/17/2014

    As my cats get older, they're getting stiff, aching joints. This product helps them get around better, and they love it, too! In fact, I use this product to bribe them, or as a daily treat. (I just need to make sure that I store it in a cabinet so they can't raid it themselves.)

    by Megz10/30/2011

    Cats love the flavor and they're beneficial to their health!

    PRODUCT DRIES OUT by JAMIE from PA11/09/2012

    about a week after the package is opened, the treats dry out and they become hard and diffiicult for my cats to chew and this has occurred on more than one bag. the fix is to move them to an airtight Tupperware container and place a SLIGHTLY damp napkin/ paper towel inside and this will moisten them back up. I say slightly damp because if the towel is wet, the treats become gooey and unusable.

    Great Product by Patsy11/02/2011

    The Glyco-Flex II Chews is great for cats! They act as if this is a treat and not a medication. Seems to be working as described. This company made it easy to order and were very quick in delivery. Will be ordering from them again.

    Very high quality product by catmom3 from York, PA05/24/2011

    This product has done wonders for my Maine coon mix. When we adopted him from the shelter, he was badly hurt. They told us that he was caught running around on their property and had a broken trail in 3 places, and muscle damage to his back hip. So the first thing we did was take him to the vet, and they gave us these chews. Not only does he love them, he has completely healed, including the muscle damage. These are a miracle chew.

    All I Have to Do is Pick Up The Bag! by SinjasMom from Las Vegas, NV02/07/2013

    You sent me these as a sample when I ordered another product. I just opened the package & my 12 year old Kitty-son, Sinja, came running into the room, talking a blue streak & pawing my hand to try the sample. Needless to say, he "loves" his medicine. He looks forward to these twice a day & won't eat his WD food until I give him these chews. I have to cut them up because I'm afraid that he'll eat them too fast!

    Good response by Max's mom from Atlanta, GA03/27/2014

    Since I put my 8 YO Tortie with mild spinal arthritis on the Glycoflex she has become more playful and jumps around a lot more. I put the chew in with her kibble and she eats them right up.

    Cats hate them by Cawowyn from Orlando, FL05/28/2014

    The first couple of days fed the chews to my cats as treats but then they stopped eating them. I then crumbled them up in their wet food but they figured it out and when they were finished eating the chews pieces were still there. Now I have two bags of chews that my cats will not eat.


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    3-PACK GlycoFlex 2 Canine (360 Tablets)3-PACK GlycoFlex 2 Canine (360 Tablets)
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    GlycoFlex 2 Canine (120 Soft Chews)Glyco Flex 2 Soft Chews (120)
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    3-PACK GlycoFlex 2 (360 Soft Chews) + FREE Joint Treats!3-PACK GlycoFlex 2 (360 Soft Chews) + FREE Joint Treats!
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