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Joint MAX supplements for joint health allow easy dosing and customized care for your pet's needs. Choose from a variety of formulas that have been approved by veterinarians. Capsules, tablets, soft chews, granules, sprinkle caps, and liquid forms are all available to aid in easy administering. The option of delivering Joint MAX to pets in a variety of ways is important to pet owners. Joint MAX assists in rebuilding joints and decreasing pain associated with arthritis. Long term use will help preserve and improve joint health. Take a look at the featured products from the Joint MAX family and find the right formula for your pet.

Soft Chews
Soft chews are highly palatable and effectively supplement your pet's joint health. These easy to chew supplements are packed with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C and other essential ingredients. Soft chew alternatives may be a better choice for some pets having difficulty swallowing capsules.

Joint MAX DS
(120 Soft Chews)

(360 Soft Chews)

Joint MAX TS
(120 Soft Chews)

Joint MAX Cats
(60 Soft Chews)

Capsules Granules
Capsules are convenient because they are easy to swallow. The stomach can break down capsules for the body to absorb easily. Your dog may be a perfect fit for this form of Joint MAX if he/she is having trouble with other formulas. This widely used, traditional supplement form may be a good starting point for your pet.

Joint MAX DS
(120 Caps)

Joint MAX
Sprinkle Capsules
Mix scoops of Joint MAX granules with your pet's food and give your pet a defense against joint problems. Granules provide a way for pet owners to regulate and easily administer Joint MAX. Joint MAX granules are available in bulk quantities for convenience and value.

Joint MAX Cat

Joint MAX TS
HA Granules

Chewable Tablets
For a tasty and convenient way of administering Joint MAX, try these chewable tablets. They are specially designed to be more like a treat than a supplement. If your pet is having trouble with swallowing capsules, these chewable tablets present a tasty alternative.

Joint MAX RS
(180 Chewable Tab)

Joint MAX DS
(120 Chewable Tab)

Joint MAX DS
(250 Chewable Tab)

Joint MAX TS
(120 Chewable Tab)

Joint MAX in its liquid form is highly palatable and contains MSM and Manganese for added joint support. If your pet is not a chewer or tablet swallower, liquid Joint MAX is perfect. Get all the benefits of Joint MAX in a way that is easy for your pet to take. Dosing flexibility is another key feature of this liquid supplementation.

Joint MAX Liquid
(32 fl oz)

Joint MAX Liquid
for Cats (8 oz)

Joint MAX Liquid
HA (60 ml)

3-PACK Joint MAX Liquid
HA (180 ml)

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