• Feliway Electric Diffuser (48 mL)

    Feliway Electric Diffuser (48 mL)

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    Feliway (Comfort Zone) spray and diffusers prevent cats from urinating where they shouldn't. This fantastic new pheromone Feliway spray or diffuser duplicates the smell of a cat's natural scent glands. Cats will not soil anything close to where Feliway has been sprayed.

    Containing the synthetic scent hormone, the plug-in diffuser allows the Feliway scent to permeate throughout the environment. Each plug-in will cover an area of 50 to 70 square metres and lasts approximately four weeks. Alterations in the cat's environment such as visits to the vet, moving house, new arrivals, or nervous cats may manifest themselves as a change in behaviour such as urine marking, scratching, loss of appetite and refusal to play and interact. The diffuser helps to restore a feeling of calm in the cat. Early feedback on this product has been very positive, particularly for nervous cats.

    Contains one electric device and 48ml vial. NB: If cat urine marks several rooms (with total surface area of more than 70sq.m), use an additional diffuser in one of the other rooms which have been marked.

    Urine marking Supplement Preferred For best results, use the Feliway Diffuser in combination with the Feliway Spray.
    Vertical scratching Preferred Supplement The Feliway Spray should be applied directly to the entire scratched surface. The Feliway Diffuser can also help reduce stress.
    Multi-cat household Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser should be used to reduce the general level of stress in all cats. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser in high traffic areas.
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    Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is teh most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser to enhance effectiveness.
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    Fireworks Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. Begin use 1-2 weeks before anticipated event.
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    Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser or in a situation whrere the Diffuser is not practical (boarding, kennels, carriers).
    Adoption Supplement Preferred
    Boarding Preferred Supplement
    Transportation Preferred N/A About 10 minutes prior to leaving, spray all four corners and floor of the carrier with Feliway.

    Instructions for Using Feliway® and ComfortZone™ with Feliway

    Usage Information

    It's important to continue treatment for 30 days, marking should cease within that time. In extreme cases, however, 'reminder' maintenance sprays may be necessary every 2 to 3 days. If the cat is over 10 years old, spray areas once daily for 45 days or use the Feliway Diffuser for constant coverage. Repeat every 2-3 days for as long as marking continues.

    To prevent sexually oriented marking, it's only necessary to spray the soiled areas - which are normally near exits. If you believe a change in the home may initiate marking, you can prevent it by spraying Feliway on furniture, doors and in the corners of rooms as you would if the cat were marking.

    To prevent scratching, Feliway should be sprayed once per day on areas of surfaces that could be attractive to the cat (typically surfaces that are fully visible and vertical.)

    Feliway can also be used to calm cats in stressful situations. Depending on the problem you want to solve you can use the Feliway Diffuser or Feliway Spray or both.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Calms even feral cats by caos from Cambridge, MD07/07/2013

    This product is amazing. I have adopted 2 semi-feral cats and one is now loving and can be petted. The other is coming around. Need one for dogs and fireworks and thunderstorms!

    by mdbfly12/17/2012

    I didn't know how well this worked until I ran out and did not replace. After a couple of weeks, my kitties appeard more stressed and started acting out. I immediately ordered the refills and harmony was restored.

    Do not buy. Waste of money. by avi from vancouver, canada11/28/2010

    This did nothing for my cats. They kept going where they weren't suppose to and they are both neutured already. Was very unhappy with the purchase and it was very expensive too. Service was slow and poor.

    great product by caty from Missouri11/23/2012

    This product helped our stressed kitty. We were surprised and pleased how well it worked after 48 hours.

    Love Fellway Electric Diffuser by Joan from Salem, Missouri10/28/2012

    The Fellway Electric Diffuser is an excellent product. Calms my kitties and makes them happy.

    whatever works by debra12/13/2011

    When I use these, my one baby seems less confrontational, so I'd say whatever works, go with it. So I do.

    Didn't seem to have any affect by Tigger from Virginia08/24/2013

    Bought this diffuser in an effort to prevent my cat from urinating in the same area that was due to stress. This diffuser did not seem to have made any difference in the behavior of my cat.

    Feliway Diffuser by katrinka2060 from Nokomis, FL07/04/2012

    My male cat has been over grooming for a couple of years. I've tried allergy shots and food changes. My last resort, short of a phsycologist, was the Feliway Diffuser. So far, I don't think it's working, but I will buy a refill and give it one more chance.

    calms the kitty by DAC from Arizona11/06/2012

    This works really great, and it doesn't smell funky. Our cat kept pooping in our living room, it really seems to be helping.

    by from 07/24/2013

    I have three cats. Two of them gang up on my older one and causes litter box issues with her. I've tried one before with no results and realized the space was too big. Bought another, so two on the main floor where the accidents were happening.

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    Its work after 4 days by nat from québec canada03/24/2012

    I will buy an other one, my cat dos'nt urinate on my plant and my wall

    Life Saver by ktylvr from San Jose, CA02/22/2011

    My two indoor adult cats were tormented by the neighborhood cats depositing and spraying in our yard. I read a vet interview about the product and decided to give it a try....my problems are gone. My cats are not agitated, howling, or spraying in the house any longer. Don't hesitate, this stuff is the real deal!

    by from 05/31/2012

    I purchased this product to help a kitty I just recently moved into my home. I already had several cats and this is a big change for her. I think this product is helping somewhat but too early for me to draw conclusions. Will order again.

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    Great Product by Tessa's Nana from Chiefland, Fl10/30/2013

    This is a great product, it seems to calm my cat down, I would definitely recommend it.

    Feliway Harmony! by LilBearBoo from Michigan10/14/2011

    I recommend Feliway for any multi-cat household. It keeps down stress from inside triggers AND outside tirggers (stray animals inthe yard). Helps with behavioral issues adn by keepign stress levels low, avoids bladder adn kidney infections as well!

    It works!!! by Rescue mom from Port Saint Lucie, Fl05/31/2014

    When we brought our new rescue kitten home, our 7 month old kitten was not happy. We tried everything. We finally ordered the Feliway Diffuser. After about 2 weeks, they were best friends. They play, eat and sleep together. It really works!!! I would and have recommended Feliway to friends.

    by darbalf from Saskatoon, SK, Canada07/06/2013

    keeps cats calm and at peace with each other

    by Sean from Duncan, BC Canada10/04/2013

    Seems to be keeping my cat from marking. No more stress means happy me.

    Feliway works! by skeeterdog from California06/19/2012

    I bought the diffuser for my cats and it worked great. They were rolling around on the floor and playing in front of where it was plugged in the first day. It kept working for a long time. The collar also worked well on our cranky older male cat. He is neutered, but still territorial and Feliway helped mellow him out!

    So easy & it works! by question from Houston, Tx.12/14/2011

    Want to calm those felines from being pesky to each other? Buy this diffuser & plug it in; I saw immediate results. It's a lot cheaper buying from Entirely Pets than the retail store that is a fact. I love the fact that my cats seem to have that sense of well being with this product; it's so easy to plug in & not worry about it until time to replace it. Your cats will thank you for it!

    GREAT!!!! by Traci06/18/2008

    I have a cat who marks every piece of carpet it can find! My vet told me about the product and I said of this doesn't work but it really does. I put one in the master bedroom and the living room and it was magic! My husnabd and I are soooo Thankful for this product!

    Doesn't work.. by Bikerwomyn02/27/2012

    I thought this product would be the answer to my cat's urine spraying. It was a total waste of my money. My cat was not affected by it. My cat even sprayed on one of the diffusers. I bought two of them. They don't work, save your money. Oh well, live and learn. Not something I would recommend.

    Worth a Try- by Peggy10/30/2012

    My cat is still soiling despite both the diffuser and Feliway spray. May work with more time. Worth a shot. Great price. Does not have any odor which I like.

    Helps a bit by David01/20/2009

    I bought feliway with the goal of stopping a cat from scratching up our carpet and curtains. My sister promised me miracles after her experience with her cats. I've found that it helps, but is no panacea- at least for this problem. I had similar results with our other cat who would mark where he wasn't supposed to- helpful, but not a fix-all. Both cats engage in the behaviors less often, and I still use the diffusers, but it hasn't been a miracle. I'm still having to work with a lot of other behavior modification techniques. If it were cheaper, I'd be completely satisfied with a little help, but if you're tight on money, I'd recommend more traditional behavior modification before going for something so expensive.

    Amazing product by anne01/03/2009

    We have a 7 year old feral cat that we have had since she was a kitten.Our cat has had severe aggression problems that large doses of tranquilizers did not help. The vet finally suggested we try this product and within 3 days we had a calm, loving, happy cat. This product is incredible !

    Night Howling by Patt J11/03/2008

    My very old Siamese cat has become a night screamer, which means nobody in my house has slept for weeks. Her vet recommended Feliway Diffuser, which sort of made me roll my eyes. However, after a few weeks of using that AND Rescue Remedy drops, she's become quieter and calmer at night. Not sure why she's better, but I attribute it to both medications, and I am reordering today to keep peace in the house. Thanks!

    by from 07/30/2008

    Recently one of my cats developed severe behavioral issues when we brought a new cat into the home. The new cat was larger and intimidated him, leading to urination and defecation away from the litter box, and instead of being a friendly loving cat, he would just hide under the couch all day.

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    Seems to work fine by Snowbow from Tacoma, WA10/21/2011

    During the past year, we have added a second cat to the household, redecorated and have done other changes to our lives. All I know is that when we had feline tempers flare last week, I checked the diffuser, and it was empty. I popped in the refill, and things seem to have settled down again. We really didn't seem to have major issues before, but I have to admit this has taken the edge off, and no one is hiding behind the new tv stand.

    Great product by Linda from Brooklyn, NY08/21/2014

    My older cat was acting anxious and not getting along with my younger cat. I plugged in the diffuser and no more problems. He is relaxed and happy.

    by hot rod09/18/2013

    i tried feliway electric diffuser and liked it so much that i purchased 6 more diffusers. it helps to keep the furry children calm.

    answer to a nightmare! by kathy11/07/2011

    We have three cats. After moving to a new house, two of the cats began marking the new house. Then, one of the cats developed cystitis! I tried many, many options. The Feliway diffuser is amazing. My cats are calm and happy once again. I am trying the spray to get rid of the marking for good. We will see what happens, but at least now I am hopeful!

    didn't work by snb10/23/2012

    It was like it wasn't there! The cat peed within a foot of the diffuser!!!

    by from 08/10/2012

    My vet recommended I try Feliway since my neutered male cat (Waffles) had started marking all over the house after we took in another stray cat. The stray was an older spayed female cat but she did not want to play. She just wanted to be left alone.

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    by Tea10/27/2012

    Makes my cats soooo much calmer! I would recommend this to anyone with felines.

    by from 09/19/2013

    easy to use by david from fremont, ca11/02/2012

    have 4 cats. recommended by vet for problem with 1 cat. in short time, seams to be helping.hoping it will work to keep from using meds

    Best Purchase Ever by Amikaa from Canada06/22/2012

    I have a 2 cat household. My oldest is now 17 and is a VERY nervous cat, probably since she was abandoned before her eyes were open, plus she is a Torttie. My new addition is an orange tabby who adopted us about two years ago. Don't know age since she is also a stray. My old girl was having a hard time and had started urinating outside her box. A friend had suggested getting the Feliway Diffuser. It is quite expensive in Canada, but I finally broke down and got it. WOW What a difference!!! Both cats are much calmer and I can finally pet my Torttie without fear of being badly scratched. Wish I had gotten this product years ago.

    unsure by sharon from florida04/13/2013

    I bought this product because I thought that the excessive scratching was due to a nervous condition my kitty had. It turns out her problem was allergies and is being treated with prescription medication. I dont know if this product works or not as I didnt see a difference in her at all but I use it at night in the bedroom anyway--her medication has side effects so its difficult to know if the diffuser really works or not.

    Only lasted 2 weeks by michalann07/11/2012

    I was very disappoionted with this electric diffuser. It ran out after only 2 weeks (did not last 4 weeks like expected). No change noticed, but probably because it did not last long enough.

    Seems To Work by Willy12/01/2011

    My cat's vet suggested that we get the feliway for her since we have recently moved to a new state and Annabel has developed some medical problems. It seems to be helping and I will be ordering the refills. We only use the best of everything for Annabel.

    Excellant Product by Becky from Kentucky01/01/2012

    Great products. Works w/in days of install.

    DO NOT BUY by urine smelling home02/26/2013

    we have two males fighting over the house, and they are winning! we bought this product based on reviews. plugged in the infusers, not only did it not work it made our home smell like urine. do not put it anywhere near granite it will burn it. and to make things really special, YOU CAN NOT RETURN IF YOU OPEN THE BOX AND THE PAPERWORK IS INSIDE THE BOX?. SO WE SPENT 137.00 ON A PRODUCT THAT WAS GUARANTEED TO WORK BUT BECAUSE WE TRIED IT WE CAN NOT RETURN IT.so tell me how u can guarantee a product but not if you use it??

    Disappointed Consumer by DebrafromOh from Columbus, OH01/25/2012

    The Feliway was totally ineffective and pricey. Had I known that refunds were not granted for used items, I wouldn't have purchased from EntirelyPets. Money down the drain. Last time I shop here based on their refund policy.

    Burning smell by Annette from Liberty, Missouri08/09/2012

    I've used this product before but this time after being plugged in for about 10 days, one of them gave off a burning odor so I unplugged BOTH. They tend to get pretty warm to the touch but the one that was giving off a burning smell was hot to the touch. However, my cats don't seem to be marking their territory as much as previously.

    an experiment by Mrs. Poot09/12/2013

    I have a cat who picks on another cat. Both males. All things were fine until the younger cat was no longer a kitten. Now he gets attacked for no particular reason. I bought the diffusers hoping it would help calm them. It seems to work when they're shut up in their room at night but not all the time in the rest of the house. I have two going at all times and am tempted to try a third upstairs. It's hard to gauge how well it works. Worth a try. I think the attacks are less frequent but still happen.

    Calming My Nervy Cats by Txplume from Houston, TX01/15/2014

    After running extensive tests to determine why my rescued cats were having erratic bouts of diarrehea and vomiting, and getting back all negative results, our vet suggested I try Feliway diffusers. She explained that although undetectable by humans, the scent the diffuser releases is that of the "feel good" feline pheromone. The vet thought that although the cats have a pretty great forever home, their very rough start in life might have made them extra nervy when unfamiliar people come to our home. As I had just completed 6 months of various repairs at the house, with many repair and service people in and out, it certainly was a possibility that the cats had experienced extended stress. So, I deployed Feliway diffusers in the 3 rooms the cats visit most in the house. After 2 weeks, I noticed the cats were not acting as startled by typical household noises such as the ring of my cell phone, the opening and closing of the door to the garage, etc. It's been several months, now, and I swear by those diffusers. My cats are compatively calm. Diffuser set can be expensive if not purchased online at EntirelyPets. Now I purchase the set of 3 or 6 diffuser refills at a time. Periodically, I also purchase Feliway spray, which I use on the cats' blankets and in their carrier 30 minutes before I put them in when we have to go to the vet. I consider these Feliway products effective, and buying them on the EntirelyPets website saves me money.

    worth it by siberian32108/02/2012

    My three cats, two dogs and I had to move in with my brother and his family, in another state, along with his three dogs and cat. This product was a real rescue. It created harmony in a difficult situation. I think I've told everyone I know about this amazing stuff!

    very convenient by Elisa from Wisconsin11/04/2012

    I think these are great. They last about a month and I don't have to think about them at all, they just do their job.

    by Candy03/04/2013

    It has made such a change in both my cats. The older one, Heidi has calmed down & the younger, Danny dosn't pick on her so much or with the meanest he use to have. I have recommended this product & your web site.

    Feliway Diffuser by Booger's Mom from California12/27/2013

    This product is a MIRACLE WORKER if you have behavioral issues in your cat household. You will see instant results. I thank you, Entirely Pets, for allowing me to be able to afford them. I tell everyone to buy them from your website--they are way too expensive otherwise. This product has saved my cat who has Idiopathic Cystitis. Thank you!

    Feliway products by JB11/06/2012

    I could not blend a second cat into the household without these products- thanks for your reduced price too. I am very grateful.

    Great product by dude02/29/2012

    Have been using for years. Deceided to get a couple new ones just because I have been using for so many years.

    Feliway Diffuser by gillmorbl05/02/2013

    My cat loves this and is acting much better. Grooms herself and is not acting out as much.

    Great product by CanadianShopaholic from BC, Canada10/26/2012

    This product is great at keeping cats calm in multi-cat households. It keeps behaviour issues down.

    Good product! by Gail from Rhode Island11/12/2013

    Takes awhile to start working, but used "calming chews" in between and now all cats seem calmer and happier. Had brought new male cat into home with 2 females and a dog. He kept attacking the youngest cat but left the dog and other cat (oldest) alone. Calming chews worked wonders to get us through until the Feliway started working, but now they seem fine without the chews. Put diffusers in 4 different rooms that the cats are in all the time - expensive, but worth it. May use them again when we travel for separation problems.

    Solved my Problem by Dee from Luella, Tx03/16/2013

    This product did its job. I can't thank my vet for recommending it. Made our home and pets happy once again.

    Better than I ever expected by mommypuss from Connecticut10/27/2011

    I recently adopted a 5 year old female cat who was severly beaten to the point where her eye was poked out. She is terrified of everyone. She would hide under the bed and was in a constant state of panic. Well out of despiration I tried the Feliway Electric diffuser. About 10 days after I plugged it in she was actually sleeping on top of the bed! I have been using this product for about 5 weeks and the cat is no longer terrified. She actually greets me in the hallway as I come upstairs to the bedrooms. Her tail is up and she meows at me. Sara has also started to play with her toys. She is no longer afraid of me and I am quite certain that within a few months she will allow me to pick her up. I am so grateful for this product and so is my cat. I know that a cat with this background has little or no chance at a normal happy life, but now I know that my cat is very happy and continues to improve. Thank you so much.

    Great product by Precious10/25/2012

    My girlfriend and myself love this product. It works fabulously.

    super-fabulous :) by luv my daisy!02/05/2014

    she used to pp everywhere...now, with the diffuser and LOTS of love, all is aok! thank you, again, dr. h! and love it when it can be delivered to me...all because I don't even WANT a car anymore...TY! entirely pets :)

    Can be smart investment by SMITH from Missouri07/25/2012

    I'm almost to my 4rth refill and it does seem to help. I have 3 cats and originally bought them for a possible urine issue, which did stop. I also use them to help with the overall behavior of everyone since one cat doesnt get along well with the other 2. They're not cheap, but can certainly help in certain situations if willing to spend the money and have some patience

    Feliway by Warren07/04/2012

    We have one cat that has anxiety issues. We always know it is empty since her behavior changes. This has worked for us.

    Helps when fostering by Christina from Lorain, OH06/14/2013

    Having a multicat home, not everyone gets along. This has helped with the fighting among a few of the cats. I plan on continuing to use it.

    Best purchase Ever by Jo01/05/2013

    My cat was peeing and pooping on my living room floor. The vet looked her over and she said she was fine. She told me about this so I went home ordered it and when I got them pluged them in and my cat was so relaxed and she stop the bad habits ! She was stressed now she is acting like her self! Glad my vet told me about this.

    did what I had hoped by jen01/21/2015

    Have had 3 cats solo for years and introduced a puppy. Feliway definitely calmed down my 3 cats and put them more at ease excepting the new puppy

    not worth the money by suemagoo09/12/2014

    I tried this near our litter box to help my cat who was having some issues. There was no change in any behavior or "calming" effect.

    Feliway Seems To Work by The Ravin' from Behind the Redwood Curtain03/27/2012

    Very skeptical by nature, so was extremely skeptical that Feliway would restore harmony among our 5 kitties. But it really does seem to help. Hard to evaluate scientifically (as if that matters), but speaking experientially, there seems to be less stress and strife since we stared using both the vaporizer and the spray. We have one female cat, in particular, who seems to feel she outranks all the others (especially our one other female, who joined us later than the "queen"), and she seems to be noticeably less territorial and aggressive than before we tried the Feliway. Think it might be worth a try, if your kitties aren't getting along all that well.

    by LMC from South Sioux City, NE12/16/2011

    cat stopped pulling her hair out within a few hours of plugging this product in.

    diffuser dries out by catpheromones12/30/2013

    The pheromones work great but the diffuser wick dries up after few days. I turn it upside down, with the bottle attached so the liquid can rewet the wick and it dries out again in a few days. Too bad the bottle doesn't fit any of the room deodorizer diffusers on the market.

    Seems to work great. by SB06/27/2013

    We currently use this product with the Urine Away and Kitty hasn't tried to re-scent the area. Happy with the results.

    MIRACLE by Jenny Cap from Long Island NY01/16/2013

    I have 3 cats that urinated on my hard wood floors - RUINED sections of them - we had the floors redone recently - the floor guy ripped up/replaced sections - the cats continued to urinate!! I was losing my mind. I googled "How to stop my cats from urinating on my hardwood floors?" FELIWAY came up and then I found this website. Out of desperation I ran to my local PETSMART and bought a diffuser (MUCH more expensive) it worked immediately - I now order from this web site regularly. I do the refills and the spray....this stuff is amazing - I have 3 disffusers throughout my house ( I have a 3 bedroom ranch)....by the way the diffuser is $49.99 at PETSMART - it's like $30 on this website!!!

    It works! by momoko from San Gabriel, CA06/27/2012

    I don't really know the ingredient inside this thing, and I don't know if it is bad for the cat or not. But it works! at least my cat had calmed down and stopped bad behaving after plug-in.

    by from 01/27/2013

    For us the product does exactly what is says it will do and we keep it on hand at all times. We We have a male cat that we love dearly, but he is a brute and had well over $3K worth of stitches, etc from the time he was 6 months to about 18 months. I was so past irritated that the vet had not told us about Feliway sooner. Since using the Feliway he is a big baby and wants in all of the time to get brushed and sit on our laps. I know the second one of the atomizers is low because he starts acting snarky.

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    Made little..if any..difference by Mrs. K.11/15/2012

    I really did not notice much of a difference. I was given the impression that this would work wonders in calming my cats down. It didn't appear to do that. Perhaps I used it incorrectly.

    Great Product by Pamela In GA from Georgia02/21/2014

    I've been using this for a while. It works great to calm situations that arise with a dominant kitty and a shy kitty. I also really like the spray to use in the cat carrier for vet trips. I would recommend this product.

    Peace is Restored! by DesignQueen from Atlanta, GA03/30/2012

    This product has saved my 2 kitty boys and me. I went through a terrible drawn out divorce, went from a 3000 sq. ft house to under a 1200 sq. ft apt. I'm unemployed and been looking for 2 years. Well, I never thought all this turmoil I was going through would upset the kitties. So, over time they were spraying in the litter box. I had plexi glass surrounding & under the boxes but it was wearing me out cleaning constantly. Got the diffuser & also the spray. And as stated peace is restored!

    FIGHTING CATS by PMS from PITTSBURGH, PA08/17/2012


    Works great. by Laverne from OFOLLON, MO05/25/2013

    At my surprise, my cat (Popcorn) began biting me after 2 yrs. My vet suggested a calming diffuser. I tried it & found it works. Popcorn has not bitten me since I began using the Feliway Diffuser 6 months ago..

    Didn't work by TiredOfPee from California07/20/2010

    I have tried this product for several months, and my cat continues to urinate in my house, in some cases right by the diffuser.

    by no nick name05/12/2013

    horrible waste of money. All it did was waste electricity

    by from 03/05/2013

    waste of money by Obaa from Carrollton, OH01/04/2014

    I have 8 cats, 3 of my neutered males have decided to start spraying in the house (and out), so since nothing has changed I thought this would solve my problem. Bought enough of these so they would permeate the entire inside of the house. No change, they still spray. So no, it didn't change things and I wasted money on a product that didn't work.

    great product by robbie10/24/2011

    I have 5 cats. 1 cat started urinating in places other than the litter box. Started when I took a small vacation and the house flooded while away.Had to have renovation work in home. Vet said the urinating is stress related and recommened the feliway spray and defusers. Happy to report problem went away almost over night. Also noticed all my cats seem to be more relaxed.:)

    Feliway Electric Diffuser by animallover03/21/2013

    Very calming affect...on my cats... saw a difference in their behavior...

    Feliway Diffuser by Angie from Danvers, Mass03/09/2013

    I am very satisfied with the result, my 13yr old cat (Baby) is not showing as much anxiety signs. Would recommend it to any & all concerned cat lovers. Also, thank you for your samples: hairball & joint.

    Feliway by JBOly from Washington Sate12/11/2012

    Great to help the calm the cats in the move!

    Tensions reduced by Janet in Maryland04/23/2013

    So far so good. Our two males cats are still not exactly best buds, but the swatting has diminished since we plugged in our feliway diffuser.

    Smart purchase, so far by Di from Long Island N.Y.05/08/2013

    I recently bought Feliway diffuser and use in conjunction with the Feliway spray. I unfortunately have a cat, or two, or three, that have been spraying in the house in various rooms. I only bought 1 diffuser to use in the livingroom to see how it works before investing in more. So far so good. There has been no spots in the livingroom where they have sprayed, where they are still marking in some of the other rooms. I will definately buy more to add to the other rooms. It is a commitment and an expense, but if it works and you love your cats, its worth it. Just to add the Anti Icky Poo cleaner works wonders in eliminating any urine smells that will encourage the cats to spay in the same areas. If buying more diffusers will eliminate this really upsetting problem I will have to re-review and give 5 plus stars

    Good so far. by Sweepea No #2 from Arlington, VA04/03/2013

    I have used this product for about 2-3 weeks. My cat had one #2 accident early on in the first few days of using the diffuser. But the directions said it could take a month. Since that accident, I couldn't be happier. She has not had another accident and our relationship has improved.

    by from 08/03/2012

    Both my wife and mother in law had allergic (coughing) reactions to the diffuser and we cannot use it when we are in the house, so I don't know how the cats like it.

    it by when from weWe


    Saved My Household!! by Tammy from Arlington, VA08/18/2014

    My vet recommended this product. I actually bought the calming collar in conjunction with the diffusers. Both are made by various manufacturers and the Comfort Zone & Feliway were out of stock at the store, so I ordered them online, and bought the Sentry brand in the store right away. Everything is working!! Everyone is happy....group hugs every day. I have 2 cats from the shelter. One was being very aggressive with his playfulness and the other was becoming tense and stressed out by the 1st cat's behavior. The more aggressive kitty had come from being a community cat (feral), so he was a little rough around the edges. He wanted to chase and wrestle the gentler kitty for hours and hours a day. He'd even follow the little fellow to the cat box and not let up the whole time he was trying to *go*. I had to put the aggressive kitty in "time-out" isolation sometimes. The poor little gentle kitty was on guard at all times. Immediately the collar calmed down the aggressive cat. Now he's Mr. LoveBug, and the diffusers seem to have had an immediate calming effect on the other gentler kitty. Now the kitty formerly known as Mr. Aggressive Cat plays more gently and grooms the gentler kitty. I've had the product for about 2 weeks now, and the behavior is getting better each day. They are both super mellow, and so much less hyper and tense. I can now sleep through the night and my bed isn't the scene of a wrestle-fest. They've both been sleeping calmly through the night. Keep in mind that each diffuser only works in a limited amount of space, so my condo has 2500 square feet and I have 6 of them throughout my unit. I'm a believer for now. And my plan is to keep the collar and diffuser for a few months and then wean them off of the product.

    Works Every Time by Frank from Albany, N.Y.08/14/2014

    We have one aggressive male cat and three female cats, all four neutered or spade. The feliway calms the aggressiveness of the male cat to hump the female cats. The is especially true with our one "scaredy cat" who fails to turn and whack him across the face when he attempts to hump her. Plus with the feliway he knocks over fewer lamps and fewer items off tables.

    Feliway works by Mollie12/17/2012

    I have had several cats over the last 15 years that have had inappropriate urinating problems, and this product has worked to change the behaviour every time. I used it and the behaviour has stopped, usually after a few days. I continued it use for two months and did not have to use it for that problem again.

    Dangerous product by Rowd from New Zealand12/09/2012

    When using this product the diffuser melted and caused a serious fire hazard in my home. The company is shipping this product out of the USA when it is unsafe to do so, and are making money from selling a useless and dangerous product to customers who are not in the US. There should be a warning on the website, or you should not ship products internationally. I have raised this matter with customer services and they have told me I should have known that this product would not work using an American adaptor - where is the warning and how would I have known that? If you ship to New Zealand I assume the product is safe for use there. Very unhappy and concerned that others may purchase this dangerous product.

    by debbiedebs from vandergrift pa02/26/2012

    love it calms my cats down buy it now love it love it love it also price is great

    Sorry by pnk96722 from Junction City, OR11/11/2012

    Unfortunately, I saw no evidence that this product had any effect on either of my cats whatsoever. I'm disappointed.

    it works by patchymoma from KY07/24/2012

    I have replaced my diffusers periodically over the past 2 years. You have to keep an eye on the plastic, tends to melt away after long term use. This is much better value on the website than buying at the vet. This product has helped with my 2 cats and their bad temperment.

    by from 08/30/2010

    My neutered male cate started spraying everywhere. Since we have plugged these in, no issues.

    upstairs by (1800 from sqWe


    IT WORKED! by lealea11/07/2014

    we drove for ten hrs. to Johns Hopkins Hospital in balt. Md. with our two 19 pounds kitty brothers. house kitties, had never been on a car ride other than to the vets. I sprayed and wiped down the whole truck and the crate. followed directions. then we spent over two months in a Marriott Residence Inn again i sprayed and wipe down the whole room. It worked they smelled every inch of that room. I can tell you for us it worked to keep them calm. It was a long time to be in such a small area. Ive also have it plugged up in my home and I sprayed my furniture. It worked for me.

    Feliway electric diffuser by Susie06/26/2013

    I was astonished at how fast this product worked to control my cat's urinating around the house. It has made my life much easier.

    Unbelievable by Louise D from Fort Myers, Florida05/18/2013

    My extremely shy, skittish cat has responded beautifully to this product. She now settles down on the windowsill to watch the world outside. She nestles down in my lap and snoozes peacefully. She doesn't seem to "hide" as much as she used to. She's friendlier and calmer.

    Feliway electric Diffusser by snowblond from waterloo Ontario12/14/2012

    I love the effects of Feliway on my cat! She is more calm and doesn't scratch the carpet!!! Which saved me from replacing my carpets!

    Calming for my Cat by Rain from Seattle,WA08/14/2013

    I got a Feliway diffuser for my 17yr old cat. My cat was constantly meowing really loud in the middle of the night. The Vet said that he probably has dementia. So, I plug it in near my bedroom door and it keeps him from meowing in the middle of the night. Thank You.

    by kataj10/23/2012

    This was a fantastic product for calming my older cat when we got a kitten.

    Ineffective by Jarmoo05/14/2013

    A complete waste of money. Did nothing for my cats.

    great product by burnham from Newcastle, Me.10/26/2012

    this product is the best, I would definitely order this for family and friends as gifts.

    Did not do the job by MJ04/14/2013

    This item did not stop my cat from urinating in the bathroom.

    by Tim from Chicago, IL04/01/2013

    So far, this product seems to be keeping my cat calm during major life changes, moving into new home, multiple pets in new home, day to day stress

    I would buy this again by Kat from Franklin, PA02/27/2013

    I have 6 inside cats, 2 recently new. There were rough spots at first with introducing the 2 to my existing 4. I've been using the Feliway for nearly a month now and things have calmed down greatly and the cats now seem to be interested in playing with or just observing each other instead of attacking. I was trying to find homes for them because of this early behavior but now I believe I may keep them all! Thank you, EntirelyPets!

    seems to help by catmama05/05/2013

    i have one cat that bullies an older cat and this makes thing calmer

    by Lori from NJ12/10/2012

    My cats seem to like this. I have only used it for 3 weeks though but I would consider to buy a refill.

    So worth it! by Motherof2 from Windsor Junction, NS Canada10/29/2012

    My vet said that my cat was stressed due to a move and renovations. She recommended the Feliway Electric Diffuser to help with behavioural problems. She was peeing on furniture and in the bathtub. Since introducing this product I am pleased to say that she hasn't had an accident in 3 weeks.

    FELIWAY by Lori from From Virginia to Indiana07/02/2012

    God sent product! Used adapter in car and drove 15 hours with 3 cats in car! Using it in new environment now and they adjusted excellent! Two of cats hardly needed adjustment time! Third one is now 100% secure. In car, we also used "composure" a tad bit of it, as calming aid, but it has been Feliway that saved all of us! Highly recommend! Help your kitties and save yourself! I'll use it to go to Vet now. My cats are fully indoor pampered cats and they adjusted beautifully!

    So Far, So Good! by Melracey01/25/2012

    It seems to have helped with our cat peeing in a spot he shouldn't when we're out of town.

    by from 05/22/2011

    This product did nothing for my cats! I basically blew $53 for 2 diffusers and nothing changed. I added a new kitty to my household of 2 and needed a calming agent for them.

    product by was from aIn


    dissatisfied!" by Not worth the money from Beach BlueI


    Wonderful !! by Katrinkamay from Lewistown, PA03/29/2012

    This is the best product ever. It was recommended by a veterinarian for a problem I was having with my cats. They had been exposed to an outsider cat, which made my female cat growl, hiss and spit at her brother. They had never done this before and it became an awful situation trying to keep them separated. After a week of using Feliway, they were calmer and able to be back together again. The cats love Feliway and they will stand by the plug in and let it blow over them. I recommend this to anyone having a problem with their cats behavior.

    Seems to have done the trick! by Cat Mom from Sedro Woolley, WA11/06/2012

    The bro of the sibs - was marking 'his' corner of the couch against his sister. Watching carefully since I plugged in the Diffuser - he still has moments of wild chauvanism against her - during which she hisses and smacks him. But it seems he has ceased marking the couch - and for that I am grateful. Thanks for reminding me - I have to re-order it.

    by FrankJ from North Irwin, Pa.03/28/2014

    I believe that this Feliway Diffuser worked. It has been at least 3 weeks now, and my cat seems to be over her problem.

    Really helps by catladypdx from Portland, OR06/23/2013

    I've been using Feliway for years because one of our 4 cats has anxiety issues--he gets bladder problems, bald spots from excessive licking, and obsesses with what's going on outside. (He's an indoor cat). When we use the diffuser, his symptoms lessen by at least 75%. When it runs out, we can tell immediately. While it's not a 100% cure for what ails his worried mind, we chose that rather than psychoactive drugs that have ugly side effects. Feliway seems to keep our problem boy as happy as he can get. Entirely Pets has the best price I've found for it, which is nice because we run 3 diffusers at a time.

    Feliway Diffuser by Claudia01/05/2012

    Recieved product extremely fast! Great product-looking forward to trying the collars too. I have 4 indoor cats and 3 feral cats. Needed the Feliway for the indoor ones of course. Sometimes they get cranky with each other! Seems to help. Using the Feliway in a small room helps it work better, but had results in larger room also.

    by tbt from Chicago, IL10/04/2011

    I ordered Comfort Zone, but got Feliway, again - are they trying to get rid of old stock or something? I also waited over 2 weeks to get the product without any explanation. It works ok, and I mean just ok, but not as good as I had hoped. I ended up having to put the cat temporarily on Prozac to calm him down.

    Works like a charm! by Pi11/13/2013

    Bought this for my two anxious cats and they have learned to relax

    yes it works by cecil from durham nc09/07/2013

    not an instantaneous miracle cure but this is helping with inter cat aggression. Plug it in and forget about it for a month.

    by rpnzl from Auburn, Maine07/12/2013

    This defintely brings everyone's (the cats) anxiety down a few notches, I can tell by their behaviour when the diffuser is empty.

    worst thing I've ever done by donthaveone01/21/2013

    I bought three of the diffusers and spent over 75.00 on this product and it did not work. In fact it made my cats start pooing in random places and they were hostile towards each other and fighting. They have never done this before and have stopped since I removed the diffusers....it was the worst money I have ever spent.

    Feliway Electric Diffusser by Dina08/06/2012

    I do not recommend this product.It did not make a bit of difference in my home.Waste of money as far as I an concerned.Will never purchase them again.

    by ajb from aiken, sc09/03/2013

    nave only used this product for about 1 week and it is difficult to determine its effectiveness at this time.

    Feliway Electric Diffuser by tl from Ft. Myers Fl.11/13/2012

    It really works. I am amazed. Within two days our male cat was rubbing his face on the carpet, very close to the scene of past crimes. He has used his litter box faithfully since plugging in this Feliway Diffuser. We used an outlet close to where his favorite spot on the carpet was. We also notice that all of our cats seem kind of chilled out! This stuff is incredible. I regret not trying it long ago!!!!!

    by from 12/06/2011

    So far, so good by Dan from 9287908/28/2014

    It appears that it works as advertised. have not used it long enough to know if long term goals will be met.

    Worked a little bit by Lorraine from Connecticut07/11/2013

    I purchased this product because I added another cat to my household. It calmed them a little bit, but the new cat kept attacking my cats. Eventually, a spray water bottle did the trick. I still keep the diffuser plugged into the wall near the feeding area.

    Great for your stressed cat by Sophieaucube from Montreal, Quebec07/16/2014

    I bought this in order to help my very anxious two 8 years old cats to go through the moving from one house to a much bigger one. It went very well! Better than expected! It's been two weeks now and they are 100% accustomed. I recommend this product to all cat owners!

    I wish my cat wasn't so crazy by May08/21/2014

    Or I bet it would work on her. It's hard to tell whether it had a profound effect on my cat. She is a wild one, but perhaps in a smaller, well-ventilated room it would work best.

    by JW03/09/2013

    I've used Feliway for years for my multi-cat household. It seems to take the edge off intercat conflicts, but don't expect it to bring peace if you've got really aggressive or super anxious cats.

    by Bob10/30/2011

    I purchased this product from you in the past and was happy with it; however, it was very expensive and I stopped using it. Slowly but surely, my male cat's old habits returned so I re-ordered a new supply of Feliway. My female cat doesn't seem to have bad habits with or without Feliway.

    Waste of Money by SBC123 from New york,10/27/2011

    This was a total waste of money. My cats are still trying to attack each other every 5 minutes. This did nothing to calm them down.

    Oily Residue on wall by Skylarmia from Leander, TX02/28/2014

    This product may work, but it leaves an oily residue of spray on the wall. I just moved into a new house (that had been entirely repainted) and plugged this in to help our 2 cats adjust. A couple of weeks later you can see the oily cloud it left on the wall that's about 4x2 feet in size. Now the wall needs repainting and that isn't going to help my cat's anxiety any. :-((

    Works Wonders by Scooter12/19/2012

    Our cat has a nervous disorder, to add to this problem we became a multi cat home. This made our cat lick himself bald. After we purchsed the feliway diffuser and put him in a room by himself, with in one (1) week we could see the hair growing back. It took only 3 weeks and his hair has fully come back. We keep him in a room by himself and he no longer licks himself bald, sometimes only a few areas are bald, nothing compared to how he was. We had first purchased this product from our vet who charged us double the price compared to this site. This product is the best and does work wonders. It also helps with cats spraying, but we also purchase the feliway spray, which stops the cats from spraying.

    Feliway by Spanky01/20/2015

    Have used Feliway for years in a 4 cat household. Makes a big difference in keeping everyone happy. If I forget to replace them I get reminded by my one cat that likes to start skirmishes

    by Nikki04/29/2014

    Purchased to help calm my cat. Has had no noticeable effect.

    A huge help by Jenn 0522 from Homer Glen, IL01/12/2012

    We have two cats: one timid and one bully. The Feliway seems to produce a calming, secure atmosphere which began happening only two weeks into use. The timid one seems more secure and the bully only went on the attack one time over the entire period as opposed to two to three times a week. Fortunately niether makes messes outside the litterboxes so I can't attest to that effect. I would strongly recommend this product.

    Worked two weeks by Tom from Trenton, NJ09/24/2013

    It only worked for two weeks. Then our cat sprayed almost next to it at least once a day.

    Front Line Plus No Worky by Daisy06/29/2013

    Front Line Plus did NOT keep fleas from my two cats when applied, found out at the Animal Rescue League that they had a lot of complaints about it too!!!

    this product really helps! by patio11/10/2012

    I have a kitten that had surgery at an early age and had to be isolated for a while. He became very anxious in many situations. This product really helps calm him down. He has become quite a lovebug after about a month using the product.

    Cat Still Spraying by Mickey from Cincinnati, OH10/28/2011

    Located the Feliway Diffuser in the area where my male cat is spraying. Also sprayed the wall area. He continues to spray on the puppy pads I have taped to the wall. Uses the litter box to deficate, but will not use it to urinate. The vet said all his tests were normal. I believe urine is imbedded in the carpeting, even after 6 cleanings, one done professionally. Hence the reason Feliway is not working. I expect its a good product, but not for real problem areas like mine.

    SAVE YOUR MONEY by JO01/11/2012

    I had the carpet commercially steam cleaned prior to installing this product in my 10'x12' (120 sq. ft) office space, and my cat still thinks it's a personal litter box. I will be asking for refund of the refills I purchased, assuming this product would work, based on the reviews previously posted.

    Amazing! by pixwater from Potrland, OR04/29/2013

    My nine month old Maine Coon was a very nervous boy. He noticed this as soon as it was plugged in and laid in the area near it. He is a very happy laid back guy now. Just changed to a refill and ordered three more!

    Feliway by snarky07 from San Pedro, CA01/03/2012

    So far the Feliway seems to be working per our vet's information and recomendation, but it's just a little too soon to tell yet. Hope our feral cat Star takes to the product. Very fast shipping and a great price!!!! Thanks.

    disappointing by jack from Montreal Qc09/07/2013

    Tried the feliway diffuser for three months, I have 7 cats and it seems to make no difference whatsoever The agression between certain cats remains the same. The spray on the other hand does reduce scratching where they are'nt supposed to.


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