• Feliway Diffuser REFILL (48 mL)

    Feliway Diffuser REFILL (48 mL)

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    Feliway (Comfort Zone) spray and diffusers prevent cats from urinating where they shouldn't. This fantastic new pheromone Feliway spray or diffuser duplicates the smell of a cat's natural scent glands. Cats will not soil anything close to where Feliway has been sprayed.

    48 ml refill vial resolves marking problems naturally. Provides an effective way to control and manage unwanted feline behaviors such as: urine marking, scratching, stress and anxiety. Also useful in acclimating cats to new environments. Creates a calming effect.

    Urine marking Supplement Preferred For best results, use the Feliway Diffuser in combination with the Feliway Spray.
    Vertical scratching Preferred Supplement The Feliway Spray should be applied directly to the entire scratched surface. The Feliway Diffuser can also help reduce stress.
    Multi-cat household Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser should be used to reduce the general level of stress in all cats. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser in high traffic areas.
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    cat's environment
    Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is teh most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser to enhance effectiveness.
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    Fireworks Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. Begin use 1-2 weeks before anticipated event.
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    Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser or in a situation whrere the Diffuser is not practical (boarding, kennels, carriers).
    Adoption Supplement Preferred
    Boarding Preferred Supplement
    Transportation Preferred N/A About 10 minutes prior to leaving, spray all four corners and floor of the carrier with Feliway.

    Instructions for Using Feliway® and ComfortZone™ with Feliway

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    Feliway by mana mayhem from Hawaii01/06/2012

    I am just not sure yet IF its working. I have cats at my business who have sprayed and we now do not let them in the store. At home my 2 males are still spraying outside and in the house. I can not tolerate it in my home. I have 2 diffusers in 2 rooms and I spray certain areas they have sprayed with aresol. Last night one of them sprayed again but not in a room where the diffuser is so I am just not sure about it. I can not afford to buy 6 or 8 diffusers for every room. My 2 older males are spraying every where since I brought home a rescue baby female kitty who tears up everything so that is why we got her the cat charmer. My husband is ready to get rid of all 3 cats at home ;(

    Smartest Purchase Ever by DeDe from Harrison, Ohio (Near Cincinnati)10/22/2012

    This product saved my sanity. I was so tired of washing my granddaughter's bed linens. I keep a Feliway Diffuser plugged in and every couple days I spray the bed lightly with the Feliway Spray. I watch the cats. They walk into the bedroom and right back out. So awesome,finally.

    waste of money by chiquita from upstate, ny01/01/2013

    Didn't notice a darn thing different among three cats who didn't get a long.

    Amazing Product! Worth Every Cent! by Lyreck from Phoenix, AZ04/30/2011

    About a week after my boyfriend with 1 cat and I with 3 cats moved in together we started finding urine in random and inconvenient places. We couldn't pinpoint what cat was doing this but it was always a terrible surprise to find. We were at our wits end when I decided to try Feliway. Within a week there was no more inappropriate urine found and hasn't been since. I only used one bottle of the diffuser product and it worked wonders. I repeat the month long diffuser treatment about once every 8 months or so just to help keep the house content but have not had to use it continually to keep results. I LOVE Feliway and have recommended it to friends!

    Feliway Diffuser by Jude from Carlsbad, Calif.06/20/2013

    My vet recommended this product to help calm my cat when visitors came to the house. I think it has helped and Entirely Pets price was much less than if I had purchased it from my vet.

    feliway diffuser by 5Kats from Long Island, NY02/05/2013

    I have not noticed any major behavioral changes in the 4 cats in my home. Maybe the changes are subtle, but they still tangle with eachother and I was hoping that would stop.Maybe it takes some time and I will notice more in a few more weeks.

    seems to work well by CR from Buffalo,NY10/05/2011

    been using this product for about a year. It seem to work in our home.

    good purchase by adog from michigan01/27/2012

    behavior problems for cats i would recommend trying feliway plug ins and spray

    Great product:Feliway Diffuser and refill by SmileyAnn from Long Island, New York03/29/2012

    I have reviewed this before, but will do so again. This product is not only good for inappropriate urinating but for calming cats also. When the containers run low my one cats starts to get very nervous and the other cats starts to pick on her. I keep two plugged in on opposite ends of my home and they work very well in keeping cat harmony in my home. I highly recommend these especially for households with more then one cat.

    Feliway plug-in refill by Joanie12/04/2012

    Even though this product does not stop our cats from spraying/marking territory, it definitely calms them in a multiple cat household and we have a very small house. I continue to buy this product every month to help keep peace, quiet and contentment among the tribe!

    crazy cat help by rob from Aurora, Colorado02/10/2012

    We first bought the feliway product at the recommendation of our vet. Our cat was going nuts at the loss of our other cat and a recent move. our cat Bentley was waking us up at all hours all night. Our vet sold us this product for 52.00 for the plug in and 1 bottle of cat pheromones. it worked great. Then I found the product on-line at entirelypets.com for just 12.99 insted of the vets 28.00 for refills even after the shipping of 4.95 this is a great savings. We will always buy from entirelypets and now we are looking at the dog products for our two shepherds.

    Feliway Diffusers by Bunny from Columbus, OH09/04/2014

    We have a male cat who constantly picks on the other older cat. The diffuser helps to calm him down.

    Creative Solution to a Problem by DoveCat03/08/2013

    I have a multi-cat family, and there are frequent exchanges of hostility, intermittently leading to hissing fights. With the Feliway Diffuser, these fights are considerably diminished. I even put one in my garage, where a semi-feral member of the family spends his cold winter nights curled up by a heater. Since I put the diffuser in there, I have noticed a marked difference in his emotional comfort level. In his "comfort zone" he is one of my most affectionate, calm cats. Lastly, Entirely Pets, has THE BEST price of this product I have ever seen. (I will no longer be buying this product at my vet's office or at a high-end pet supply store!)

    Best Product Ever by Rita from Pineville, NC07/24/2012

    I have been using this product for a few months now and my cat seems more calm and peaceful. I will definitely be purchasing more of this in the future. And the prices are excellent!! Thanks again!

    The best! by sjmartyn from Waipahu, Hawaii02/19/2013

    This really works to calm my cats. I can tell from their behavior when it is time to replace it! It has stopped all territory marking. I highly recommend it!!!

    Worst customer service ever by Unsatisfied12/29/2012

    Thought i was getting a good deal when they advertised buy two get one free. When it arrived i only received two not three. Called customer service and snot nosed call taker informed me i was supposed to put three in the quantity box and they would not charge me for the third one..... i assumed just putting two in the quantity box would automatically send the third free. Well then, it shouldn't be a problem to just send me the third one free right? WRONG i get the old "I'm sorry sir but you should have imputed it properly" !!! Some customer service.. I'll never use your company again.

    Quick Service by 12paws from Las Vegas, NV12/17/2012

    I have ordered Feliway refills several times from Entirely pets and everytime I receive my products before they estimated delivery. Its wonderul!

    Best purchase ever by Joyce06/13/2012

    I love diffuser for my cat. she started biteing me. She has stopped biteing. Thank you. Joyce

    Best investment ever. by Purrfect Mom10/11/2013

    I recently adopted two 9 year old cats. Charley is blind and I was worried about him adapting to new surroundings. I ordered Feliway and plugged in 48 hours before I brought him home. It has been 1 wk and he has not had any stress or out of litter box issues. I intend to order again.

    Feliway Diffusers- The Best Way! by Linda the Cat Lady from Hyatts10/22/2012

    The Feliway Diffusers work very well for my cats. I have 2 females vying and 1 male bully. This product works well and your PRICES are GREAT!

    Feliway Diffuser, don't be fooled. by Janet Malphrus from Ridgely, MD01/09/2013

    I have used "Comfort Zone" Feliway for several years for a problem we had with our male cat. The Comfort Zone worked wonders. I saw yours on your website and now I know why it was so much less expensive. It is totally BOGUS!! It leaked on one of my bedroom carpets, just tonight my cat was in the dining room, right next to the diffuser and sprayed all over my china cabinet. You are definitely selling an inferior product. I want my money refunded!! (410-634-2536). You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    by Katrina from New Zealand01/28/2013

    Did seem to make a difference to my cat - unfortunately I didn't buy diffuser unit as thought another smelly product one would fit, but didn't, so would definitely recommend buying the unit at the same time, luckily someone I knew had one. Unfortunatley my cat still snarls at our other cat, but has made her seem less stressed when inside.

    happy,happy,happy! by rebel12/14/2012

    simple it works ! for ME. Hello it works

    Feliway diffuser by hidesertgirl from Palm Springs, CA02/20/2013

    Not so good so far. Almost a month in, my cat has sprayed on the diffuser twice and continues to spray at will around the house. I'm willing to go with this for 2 months to see if there is a change.

    Love this Product by 3 Cat Person from Springfield, OR12/17/2012

    I have this going 24/7. It keeps the peace in the my 3 cat household.

    Calmer Cat by snowblond from waterloo Ontario12/14/2012

    I love the effects of Feliway on my cat! She is more calm and doesn't scratch the carpet!!! Which saved me from replacing my carpets!

    Feliway didn't work here by Kytti from Liberty, NC07/09/2012

    I had a cat that was being a bully to a couple of the other cats so decided to try Feliway. First, I found out that Feliway triggered my allergies and caused sinus headaches, so I had to move the diffuser I had in my bedroom. Second, one of my cats must have hated it, because she began wetting about 4-5 feet from the diffuser....on the couch in the living room and on the floor in the back part of the house where the second diffuser was. This wasn't something she'd been doing before I added the Feliway. So rather than preventing urine marking, it started it in my house. It was expensive to try it, but now I know it doesn't work for my cats!

    by from 08/01/2013

    This product seems to have a calming effect on my female cat. As for my male kitten I don't think it has any effect on him.

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    It works! by Karen from Lancaster, PA03/27/2012

    We installed 2 Feliway diffusers in one large room of our new house a few days before the cats arrived from our other house (the plan was for the cats to stay in this one room for about a week, until they adjusted). Within one day, the cats were noticeably calmer, rubbing their faces on surfaces around the room, and the following day they were ready and eager to explore the rest of the house. I have sprayed calming spray around different areas in the rest of the house, and it seems to be helping as well.

    Feliway defusers and refills for calmer kitties! by Tracy from Pittsburgh, PA04/17/2012

    These Feliway products do work to keep a calmer household of four cats! When they are empty, then everyone seems a bit more fussy with each other. They keep the three year old cat from making the 13, 14, and 15 year olds too crazy! I use them in different rooms, especially near the kitty pans..would recommend them to help with any behaviour issues!

    Feliway Chases Problem Away by Sippy from San Pedro, CA03/04/2012

    The Feliway Diffuser system WORKS!!! IT REALLY WORKS!!! My feral cat, Star, had an excessive grooming problem...bald spots on her stomach, front and rear legs. Our vet recommended Feliway. Within a month of starting the Feliway she was a contented kittie again. We continued it for an additional month just to be safe. She's stopped the excessive licking. The bare spots have filled-in and she is beautiful once again. The Feliway mellows her out without drugs and is undetectable around the house. An easy and effective solution to the problem!

    by from 07/14/2013

    Love Feliway by NP305/30/2012

    We've been using Feliway for a few years now and really enjoy the product. It helps calm our cats.

    Feliway Diffuser works great! by Ann from Long Island, NY06/23/2011

    Although this was made for urinary markings my Vet recommended getting this product for my very nervous cat. I can always tell when it has run dry for my cat becomes more nervous again. She will jump at every sound. It also helps her get along with the sometimes aggressive older cat in the house. I will never be without this product plugged into either end of my house. Instructions say one is all you need, but I find it is good to have an additional one where they hang out a lot. I also buy this product for my son who has two cats they get along much better when this is plugged in.

    It really works! by Wen10/24/2011

    I purchased this on the advice of my Veterinarian. I have two cats and we could not tell which one was urinating in one of our storage rooms. I purchased this product back in July when the urinating began and have not had a problem since. When they get stressed out they go to the room where the diffuser is and they calm themselves by the aroma of the diffuser instead of urinating on my storage items. I was a little skeptical at first but so far so good. Also thanks to Entirely Pets for offering this product at such a good price.

    by from 10/05/2014

    I was totally skeptical about this product, but we took in a young female cat who was peeing on the furniture and we were about at our wit's end, so willing to try anything.

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    Great Product by Joan from Salem, Missouri10/28/2012

    Fellway Diffusers are great. Makes my kitties happy and content.

    Necessity if Using Diffuser by Peggy from Washington DC metro area10/30/2012

    Great price and hopefully the diffuser is working with your cat.

    Much better than going to vet! by Eiffel09/18/2013

    I use these all the time for my older cats. It calms them down and stops the "marking". I got 2 for the price of one that i would get at the vets office!

    helps with anxiety by sue from Schenectady, New York03/07/2013

    I have a cat that thinks outside the box. She does this because of stress from other cats. This product does help her stay calm and reduces "accidents".

    DID NOT WORK FOR US by popie from brookville,pa05/22/2014


    by from 02/08/2013

    Feliway by Lizlikescats02/26/2013

    I rate this product as about 95% effective. We had lots of problems with one cat urinating by the front door. A veterinarian recommended this and it seems to work--reduced to 1 accident a month. She also seems much less skittish.

    Hair-raising Product! by Gumby98 from Salem, OR12/19/2011

    My Cat, Satin, began pulling her hair out about two years ago. I was constantly picking up clumps of hair all over the house and on the furniture. It was frustrating for Satin and my household. When I first tried Feliway I couldn't believe how fast it changed my little cat from her nervous habits. She is now a calm and more lovable cat. She gets along better with my other cat, and she no longer has the "startle" response that she used to have. I can't say enough good things about this product. Satin was a rescue cat and had very nervous habits since I got her 5 years ago. She is a changed cat, and no more hair to be raised from the carpet!

    cats are getting along by Elisa from Wisconsin11/04/2012

    I introduced a stray pregnant female into my home and she had five kittens. They are getting along better than expected and I attribute at least part of that to Feliway.

    Wouldn't be without it by MayBelle05/31/2012

    With three cats with very different personalites, there can be a little stress between them at times and since I've been using the Feliway, things are calmer in our household.

    Does not seem to work that good by Faith10/07/2011

    Prior to adding a third cat I started using the product in 3 rooms (for a month). Purchased more and added number three. They still gave her grief. Things worked out but I am not sure it was due to Feliway.

    Works Great by Van03/12/2012

    This stuff works great for my cats. I use the diffuser in every room and the spray in between when needed. Try it you have nothing to lose.

    by tessdcat from baltimore md08/22/2012

    my boy cat is quite a character, thinks he is the center of the universe, gets himself quite upset if his environment changes. used the fusers when I went on vacation for 10 days leaving him and my Zen female cat with 2 visits a day by the cat sitter. He got a very good report card and I believe he was able to relax due to the fusers.

    A real help! by Kats from North Carolina10/07/2011

    In a multi-cat household, tensions sometimes arise. You can certainly tell when the Feliway diffuser is plugged in...it definitely works in keeping all my cats calm!

    feliway diffuser by porky04/25/2012

    We have a large number of rescue cats who don't always get along. The Feliway diffuser seems to have a calming effect on them and the number of disagreements has gone down since we started using this product.

    at this time too early for final evaluation by bea from Alfred,NY 1480210/10/2011

    I don't see the promised results as yet.Prefer to give it some more time before arriving at a final evaluation.

    by from 11/02/2011

    I got 2 new kittens and my 3 year older female cat was so jealous, she started to get nasty and aggressive. My vet recommended this product and I can't believe the difference! All my cats now get along and it does really have a calming affect... my son actually thought it worked on him too! LOL

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    Helps 2 Female Cats by Mocha10/07/2011

    Has reduced urine spraying outside litter boxes and carpet when a younger female cat in similar personality (shy) was added to the home. Used the collar as well but the smell bothered the cat, the diffuser is less intrusive.

    Feliway Diffuser Refill by darecka from Sun City, AZ08/14/2013

    I love this product. It calms my cat. He had been abandoned in a locked house that had a 30 day no entrance stuck to the door and no one knew he was in there. He had many behavioral issues when I adopted him. With the help of Feliway he's become calm and much more manageable. He trust's more.

    My cats are getting along better... by davispet07/12/2012

    My two cats used to fight a lot plus I brought a foster kitty into the mix, so there was a lot of stress among the cats. Since I started using this again (I've used it before and my cats also got along better then), my two cats are getting along better and the interaction between them and the foster cat are a little more playful. Before they just always beat him up, now when the kitten runs up to them they are slower to knock him silly and they actually play with him now when he wants to play, until he gets a little too carried away for them of course!

    Feliway Difuser by Foxylady03/19/2012

    This product has made a difference! My three cats were scratching door frames, carpet and furniture before I bought this product. I now am on my second one. I thought nothing could ever help, but seems to have made a behavior change. Thank you.

    My kitty's savior... by chevysmom from Central, MA02/22/2011

    We took in a stray male cat a few years ago. Of course, he still had a little wildness in him, and was marking his territory in the house. My husband was ready to kick him back out into the wild after a few months. I tried medications from his vet, to no avail. As a last resort, I tried Feliway. Three years later, he's still around. It works so good, that I can tell just by the way he's acting (he gets a little crazy) when the refill is out and needs replacing. He has actually let another stray male cat join us in our home. I highly recommend it.

    Love the product by Bren from Michigan11/07/2012

    This really works for my cats. I have 4 of them and I know for a fact it works.

    Always Reliable by trailwaif from Elizabeth Lake, CA03/02/2014

    I have gotten this before and it's a proven product.

    A calmer household! by Jen01/30/2013

    My cat tends to be hyperactive. This seems to calm her down pretty well as long as she is in the room it's plugged in.

    Great for Multiple Cat Households by ExtraRed from Charleston, SC11/29/2010

    I have two cats; full brothers, 7 months apart and when the second cat arrived, this helped in the transition for both cats. I had already been using Feliway for my first cat. mostly the spray, as well as a diffuser. I added another diffuser and it does keep the cats calm. One great tip when introducing a new cat is to spray a towel with the Feliway spray and when dry, wrap cat and/or kitten in the towel. It was a big improvement in adjustment for both cats. Also, with the spray, if you have an area or furniture you do not want the cat to frequent, if you use the spray for 30 days consecutively, the cat will stay away.

    Cat's Meow by Suesan from Nevada City, CA10/05/2011

    The feliway diffusers are terrific. I have 6 (yes 6) cats. The Feliway diffuser keeps everyone calm and using the litter box I highly recommend this product

    by from 04/12/2010

    I get that it's cat facial pheremones, but WHY it makes my cat take it down a notch, I have no idea. I admit I was skepitcal when I first started using it a few years ago with my elderly cat who had feline hyperesthesia, but it worked on her.

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    Great for cats with "adjustment issues" by bheystek10/23/2012

    We've had a cat with marking issues that these help make him feel more comfortable.

    A Must Have by pixwater from Potrland, OR05/13/2013

    An ice-cream trucks music scared Gibbs so badly he flipped out and ran into furniture. He bruised his ribs, spine and had a huge hematoma on his chest. After this, when he heard it, he would run trying to find somewhere to hide. PTSD. I got the diffuser and immediately he was calmer. Now he sits and growls at the truck. I will always have Feliway Diffuser refills and Feliway Spray on hand!

    by from 12/27/2012

    We have a kitten and two adult cats. The kitten is very high energy and it can cause stress to the other cats. This product helps ease their stress and calms the kitten a bit as well.

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    Fantastic Product by Purrfect mom10/20/2013

    I ordered Feliway prior to adopting my 2 rescue cats. Both are 9 years old and one of them is blind. I wanted to help reduce the stress as much as possible. I plugged in 2 days prior to bringing them home. The blind guy only took 24 hours to adjust and start interacting with me. The other kitty was comfortable instantly. I plan to order at least 1 more refill to keep us all happy!

    Great Product by T. Burden02/06/2008

    I tried behavior modification techniques first, but this is the first thing that really seemed to make a difference. Easy to use and effective.

    Amazing product by Jennifer S.07/28/2008

    My cat was hospitalized for a variety of heath problems stemming from what the vet believed to be stress. Bladder infection, UTI, not eating, dehydrated, he was a mess. We got the plug in oil diffuser when he came home and after 2 days he was calm, playful, drinking and eating again. The other cat seems happier also and they both keep me and my husband up all night dropping toys on our heads. This stuff definately make cats happier and calmer. We avoided using kitty Prozac and have stress free cats now. Try it!

    improvement by Chris & Kula05/18/2008

    We've been trying this for about 3 weeks now. There has been an improvement (less spraying) but its not completely resolved. Will probably try the spray in conjunction with this.

    feline feliway by Ann A.03/01/2009

    Like others my vet. recommended this product to me. I have two cats, one that at the age of less then two needed surgery for bladder stones. She is a nervous cat and coupled with the fact that the other cat was the only cat for 9 years despite the fact that I slowly allowed them to be get accustom to one another they were not getting along to well. This product is amazing. I have Feliway plugged into two different areas of the house and it has made a tremendous difference in the behavior of the cats. I can always tell when the refills are running out for the nervous cat gets jumpier and the other more aggressive. I highly recommend this product.

    Feliway by J. in Canada10/22/2012

    I purchased the Feliway diffuser because we adopted two cats and wanted to make the transition to their new home easier. The Feliway worked and the cats seem to have suffered no stress adapting to their new home. One of the cats was hissing at the other one, but once the Feliway arrived and I plugged it in the cats calmed right down. It really works!

    I'm hooked!.... by Gail S.W.02/03/2009

    This product was recommended by my vet, as I had two cats - brother and sister from different litters - who had adjustment problems. The older sibling, an alpha female, would attack her brother for seemingly unprovoked behavior. I had to separate them in order to not have blood and abscesses as well as psychological problems. At first I was skeptical about the efficacy of this product, but it works! After using the plug ins for a week, the doors were opened and the cats are getting along perfectly! This condition has remained over a year, and I keep up with the refills ( in spite of the expense ). Highly recommended product.

    I am sooo heppy I found this product by mebtink05/07/2012

    I have 2 cats. One is 10 and one is 7. The 7 year old is very insecure and not social. He tends to hide and get nervous at the slightest thing. He just learned he could spray, so this entire time I have been dealing with him marking by urinating. We live on the first floor in a condo and there are stray cats that come on the patio that stress him out. He would then urinate in the corner closest to the sliding glass door. I have since cleaned that area and put a litter box, a cat tree and started using the Feliway. Within a week I noticed a difference in him. He is more social, and spends more time with the "family" - me, my dog, the other cat and a parrot. I can't tell you how happy I am that I found this product. If I had only known about this product 7 years ago, he probably would have had a happier life. But, at least now he is happy!

    good product by Tiggers mom from Kentucky10/09/2011

    I have been using this product for 2 years since having issues with one cat peeing in the floor and the other cat has aggressiveness. The diffuser has helped them with both problems. I can tell when it is getting low because I see the aggressive cat become more mean. The only negative is it does not last a full month before I have to replace them (I have 2). Otherwise, I can tell it has made a difference and came recommended by my vet.

    by Jen03/22/2012

    Works great at keeping my cat from urinating all over everything.

    Calming effect by Arly from New York09/21/2013

    My female cat was getting anxious around my older male. As a result, she was urinating on the carpet. I had her checked out medically and the vet said it was stress. The Feliway product has helped her calm down tremendously!

    by tbt from Chicago, IL10/04/2011

    I waited over 2 weeks to get the product without any explanation. It works ok, and I mean just ok, but not as good as I had hoped. I ended up having to put the cat temporarily on Prozac to calm him down.

    by from 04/30/2012

    I have ordered this item many times since moving into my new home. Prior my cats were urinating on about everything. I was extremely nervous about how they would respond to the move, adding to their prior habits which almost caused me to get rid of them. I loaded my house up with three diffusers prior to the move in and then have kept them running pretty consistently since. I can tell when they have run out because about a week later they start getting a bit testy with each other.

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    Great Purchase by mingmei from Humble, Texas03/12/2013

    The Feliway Diffuser helps keep my male cat calm. He is a breeding male and the Diffuser helps him control spraying.

    Good product for nervous kittens by Maggie G.10/24/2011

    Calms and quiets nervous kittens. Works almost immediately. Will purchase again.

    Excellent option for anxious cats by Chrys10/19/2011

    Our Maine Coon has been high strung from the moment she arrived and also is somewhat territorial. Having Feliway plug-ins in our household has helped calm her greatly. I'll continue to use this product as long as we have our multi-cat household. Highly recommended.

    Harmony vs. Hissing by Shadowmom from Elk Grove, CA01/02/2013

    Best advice I received from the veternarian was to purchase this product! I love the harmony the feliway product brings to my household. The stress reduction and lack of hissing and clawing between my cats is wonderful for all of us.

    by Beverly from Dallas, TX12/14/2012

    We have used the air diffusers in the past, but recently bought these to help our cats with our recent move. The spray works so well to calm our cats, but having the diffusers in our home made a remarkable difference to help calm them. Our cats are all indoors and they get stressed with any environment change. Highly recommend the spray & diffuser combination.

    feliway by sal03/04/2013

    I was having trouble with my 10 yr. old cat who was spraying and never had done it before. We also have one more cat besides her and there seemed to be a control behavior problem and after having Feliway diffussor, the problem has stopped. It seemed to of calmed them. Thanks, a very good product.

    Helping with Litter Box Issues by Cariola from South Central PA08/06/2013

    Feliway seems to be calming my cat, who began urinating outside the litter box following a UTI. I use one in the living room and one in my bedroom. Haven't caught him 'misbehaving' in weeks. It is a bit on the expensive side, and it doesn't last very long, so I was happy to find a good discount here for multiple refills.

    Hair pulling Kitty by MZ from Salem, OR11/22/2011

    My 5-year cat is a rescue cat, and has been nervous since I got her 2 years ago. I doubt that she was ever an indoor cat before I got her. Anyway, she is so nervous that she's started pulling her hair out in clumps. Within a week after I got the Feliway plugged in her whole demeanor changed. She is much calmer and more accepting of the love I have to give her. She even asks to get brushed now!

    Does what it says! by glbsrq12/03/2013

    After seven years living together peacefully and with no problems, my 10 year old female cat decided all of a sudden she no longer liked the 7 year old male and was attacking him. I was distraught. She was checked by a vet for any underlying medical problem and was fine. I had used Feliway when the male was first brought home to smooth the way, and it saved me again. I have it in the two rooms they spend the most amount of time in and it really works. It does tend to need replenished more often than what is indicated, but is still well worth it for a calm household

    This stuff really works by TK99901/29/2012

    Much cheaper to buy this wonderful product here. If you've never used it and are wondering...it can change kitty lives!

    Feliway Diffuser by Flo11/07/2012

    Helped one of my cats calm down and not attack the other one!!!!

    THIS PRODUCT IS A LIFESAVER by Carol from Brookville, Pennsylvania06/21/2010

    I use this product for my cat "Suzy Q" because if I don't have it she keeps trying to urinate, even when she doesn't have to, and keeps crying. As soon as I plug in the Feliway Deffuser she is as calm and content as can be. Entirely Pets also has the best price and periodically when they have free shipping, that even makes it better. Thank you for such a good product.

    Recommended By My Vet by Brewer10/05/2011

    Since I've started using Feliway my cat has been more calm and relaxed. It has really made a difference in his behavior

    Worked immediately by Poppies738 from Corvallis, OR10/22/2012

    My cats were urinating on my bed and becoming aggressive in conjunction with several environmental changes in their routine and home. I plugged this in, and within a half an hour they were more playful, using the litter box correctly, and we were all far happier.

    Feliway Diffuser by Dee from Luella, Tx03/01/2013

    Took longer to work than I'd hoped for. I took almost 10 days but it kept us from having to part with one of the cats. Our vet recommended Feliway Diffuser and it helped with our problem. We are back to normal once again.

    Best behavior control by bblcfl4ever from Largo FL07/04/2013

    We have a 6 yr & 2 yr who would attack each other, until our vet suggested Feliway. Now they don't go a day with out it :)


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