S-Adenosyl (SAMe)

S-Adenosyl (SAMe)S-Adenosyl, aka (SAMe) is a special dietary supplement used to improve the metabolic activity of your cat or dog's live, and restore proper live function. SAMe for dogs and cats includes antioxidants (which neutralize free radicals) amino acids, B-vitamis to provide nutritional support and ensuring the proper metabolism of protein, vitamin B-6 for cysteine synthesis and liver detox. What makes S-Adenosyl unique is the unique, enteric-coated delivery system that allows it to stand up to stomach acid and deliver the S-Adenosylemethionine 1,4 butanedisulfonate to the small intestine where it will be properly absorbed and help reduce the damage caused by some prescription drug use. Comes in a variety of formulations, based on the size of your dog. Also comes in SNAP tablet form. Generic for Denosyl SD4.

S Adenosyl 100 (SAMe) for Small Dogs and Cats - 100 mg (30 tabs)
S Adenosyl 100 (SAMe) for Small Dogs and Cats - 100 mg (30 tabs)

($28.99)  $20.19
SAMeLQ Liver Support for Dogs & Cats  - 100 mg (60 chewable tablets)
SAMeLQ Liver Support for Dogs & Cats - 100 mg (60 chewable tablets)

($50.99)  $37.69
S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) for MEDIUM / LARGE DOGS - 225 mg (30 tabs)
S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) for MEDIUM / LARGE DOGS - 225 mg (30 tabs)

($38.99)  $28.79
SAMeLQ Liver Support for Dogs & Cats  - 225 mg (60 chewable tablets)
SAMeLQ Liver Support for Dogs & Cats - 225 mg (60 chewable tablets)

($73.99)  $54.69
SAMeLQ Liver Support for Dogs  - 425 mg (30 chewable tablets)
SAMeLQ Liver Support for Dogs - 425 mg (30 chewable tablets)

($87.99)  $66.99
SAMeLQ Liver Support for Dogs  - 425 mg (60 chewable tablets)
SAMeLQ Liver Support for Dogs - 425 mg (60 chewable tablets)

($167.99)  $128.99
S-Adenosyl SNAP Tablets 225 mg (30 ct) by Sogeval
S-Adenosyl SNAP Tablets 225 mg (30 ct) by Sogeval

($44.99)  $32.29
S-Adenosyl SNAP Tablets 225 mg (60 ct) by Sogeval
S-Adenosyl SNAP Tablets 225 mg (60 ct) by Sogeval

($83.99)  $61.99
S Adenosyl 100 (SAMe) for Small Dogs and Cats is used to improve liver metabolic activity and restore proper liver function. Contains antioxidants to help neutralize oxygen free radicals, amino acids to stimulate glutathione synthesis and reduce oxidative damage, B-vitamins to provide nutritional support ensuring proper protein and energy metabolism, and vitamin B-6 for synthesis of cysteine in the liver detoxification pathway. Unique, enteric-coated delivery system allows it to stand up formidably to stomach acid and effectively deliver the S-Adenosylmethionine 1,4 butanedisulfonate (SAMe) to the small intestine for proper absorption. Both strengths contain SAMe and other important ingredients for proper liver support such as milk thistle to help protect liver cells from toxins and reduce damage to those cells caused by some prescription drug use.
Cats............................1 tablet daily
Dogs up to 20 lbs...............1 tablet daily
Dogs 20 to 75 lbs...............2-3 tablets daily
Dogs over 75 lbs................4 tablets daily

If feeding more than 1 tablet, divide daily dose between AM and PM. Tablets should be given on an empty stomach, at least one hour before feeding. Tablets are sensitve to moisture and extreme heat ans should not be split or crumbled.
SAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine) 100 mg
N-Acetyl L-Cysteine 40 mg
L-Taurine 33 mg
D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate 20 IU
Zinc Ascorbate 20 mg
Milk Thistle 20 mg
Pyridoxin HCI 16 mg
B-Complex Proprietary Blend 14 mg
4.50 rating based on 14 reviews
Featured Reviews for S Adenosyl 100 (SAMe) for Small Dogs and Cats - 100 mg (30 tabs)
Glad I found you! by J.J. from Tyler Texas03/16/2013

I am very happy with your product and service. The product I ordered is the same as I get from my vet. His prices keep getting higher and higher, so when I found you I started saving money right away. I got my order within a couple of day's, I was a little worried I wouldn't get it before I ran out, but there wasn't any problem. I still saved money paying shipping, and I wish you had a lower ceiling on free shipping, maybe fifty dollars. Over all I'll be back to order what ever else I may need. Very Happy with your company! J.J.

NOT HAPPY by Mel05/30/2012


backordered, wasn't told, took my money anyway by waterbme07/01/2013

i was not told that my order was back ordered, this is something she needs daily. They took my order and my payment but nothing shipped. THIS IS THE LAST TIME I ORDER FROM ENTIRELY PETS.

S Adenosyl 100 by Dee from Fl and NC07/15/2013

They were soft when received, and to expire in a couple weeks. the manufacturer said they should not be soft, I called, someone said they would send others. Never received, but when I called later they were refunded. I ordered them somewhere else where each tablet was enclosed, and seem much better.

Seems to be helping by Candy09/23/2013

Sam-e hopefully will help keep his liver going and this product includes other things he needs.

Poor choice for Cats by Tina w. from Los Angeles01/28/2013

Tablets are too large for cats and the Product instructions tell you not to cut or crumble the pill. Also, the smell is very strong so unlikely to get down unless can hide it whole in a 'treat'

Expiration dates and freshness by JosephG03/18/2013

Expiration dates on product was within 30 days and pills were doughy in texture, meaning they had been frozen or in a damp place for a period of time. Would not recommend dealing with this company without confirming expiration dates.

by from 06/22/2013

My 16 year old kitty has the beginning of liver disease so the doctor recommended Adenosyl. Two months later her liver disease is gone and her liver is fine. I continue to give her half a pill every other day.

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other by too!!" from cured liver diseaseHope


Vet advised SAMe by Bennys mom from Southeastern Massachusetts02/21/2013

It's not easy to find SAMe in the 90-100mg dosage appropriate for our Yorkie. The vet was right--it corrected his elevated liver enzymes! Only problem is the tablets are rather large, too big to hide in a bit of canned food, so we had to buy Pill Pockets to get Benny to take his pill.

Excellent pills for liver and stomach problems by vic4archie from Charlotte, NC11/26/2012

My kitty Archie, ten years old, may be developing some future liver problems. Our vet recommended pills like this with the milk thistle. I started with every day last summer, now we are down to 3 a week. He feels perkier, eat better, and has less throw-up. These are less cost then the more expensive pills from the vet. Thanks so much.

Same Product@ Better Price by fetchman from Montgomery County, PA02/24/2013

This is the same product as the one prescribed by my vet. Paid a lot more at the vet - saved with EP, even with the shipping cost. Entirely Pets is now one of my preferred pet sits!

best OTC Liver help by Zoey from Phoenix, AZ04/08/2014

My vet was selling me the Rx of this and it was expensive. I now get this from you and use Pill Pockets to give it to my 9# dog---she takes one every evening and thinks they are treats. Her liver tests have been normal and I no longer need to feed her Rx dog food. I do have to use Pill Pockets to give them to her...hiding them in soft dog food does not work---the pills are too big.

Great Product, Poor Customer Service by Elle from Oklahoma01/26/2013

The product I ordered was fine. However, when the product was shipped someone at your place of business did not seal the envelope. It arrived with no product, unsealed. I called customer service and after I talked to a rude girl she transferred me to a manager. He was rude as well and said I would have to prove what I was saying by sending pictures. I told him I didn't know how to send pictures by my phone and that it would cost me money and my time to get some developed. He told me this is 2013 and I was old and needed to get with the times. I am sure you have millions of customers that are old. If you want to keep them my advice would be to get rid of that manager and teach the new one how to properly address a customer.

Pill too Large for adult cats by trailwaif from Elizabeth Lake, CA03/02/2014

The size of this pill is OK for medium dogs but It's really too large to be comfortable for cats to swallow.

Very happy by Luke's owner11/24/2013

Please with the results I have seen with this product..

Great Product by nonickname12/16/2013

Dr. recommended for my dog due to his high liver count. Actually didn't give him long to live. Well that was in Feb and he's still kickin! I call it his miracle drug. Just one a day. Plus it's a lot cheaper here than at the vet.

S-Andenosyl 100 mg by Doc 50 from Cleveland,Ohio12/22/2010

This is the same product given out by Banfiel Pet Hospital. It works the same to lower liver enzymes. This product works good.

by from 10/28/2011

This may be a monthly event. Any price break?

Peoria, AZ by from Joe"


by MAH LI'S SWEET KARYAN from TEXAS10/17/2013

This is what the vet gave Karyan when she went into almost total liver failure several years ago. We continue to give this to her since it seemed to work well and her liver functions are now back within the normal range.

S-Adenosyl by happy dog from Florida09/11/2013

I purchased this product for my doggie's liver problem. It has been great to decrease some specific enzymes he had and made him sick. I had to learn how to give the whole pill into the mouth before meals. At the beginning was difficult for him to swallowed it but he learned fast. In two months of using the supplement his enzymes have decreased to normal and now he is a very happy dog again! I recommend this product for its price and effectiveness for problems like my dog had.

Featured Reviews for SAMeLQ Liver Support for Dogs & Cats - 100 mg (60 chewable tablets)
This product saved my dogs life! by chihuahua lover03/04/2014

Our 12 year old Chihuahua went to the vet for what we thought was a bad tooth. She didn't want to eat or drink and was lethargic. She was going to have a dental exam and scraping but due to her age before they put her under anestheia they did blood work. Her liver enzymes were 1,717, normal I'm told is between 10-110. The Doctor said she probably had liver disease, possible tumor, cancer or other liver issues. The whole family was devestated as we were preparing to soon say goodbye to our little girl. Due to her age we opted not to have an ultra sound but the Vet did recommend we put her on a daily treatment of S-Adenosyl 100 and we also changed her diet to boneless skinless chicken breast, scrambles eggs with cheese, mashed potatoes with green beans. No more dog food, We took her back one week later and her liver enzymes went down to 800. Still high but over half lower! It's been one year now and she is doing great! My friends can't believe she's 13, she acts like a puppy sometimes. We cut the tablets up into fours and put peanut butter on them and she thinks they are her treats! We're curious what the count is now but she is so afraid of the Vet we don't want to put her through a blood test for no reason. I highly recommend this product!!!

Great med by Cyn from Lexington, Ky12/16/2012

This product has really made a difference in my dogs life. She acts like a puppy and feels so much better than before she started it.

Many dogs throw up by Seanna06/19/2014

The product maybe good but it has to be taken on an empty stomach. My dog throws up later in the day while on this supplement. I mentioned this to our veterinarian and she said many dogs throw up on this formula.

Melted in my mailbox by JollyTom04/15/2010

Be sure that when you order things that they pack it to avoid extremes in temperature. This bottle sat in my mailbox all day long and by the time I got home, all the tablets were stuck together. I would like to know if they test it after it has been frozen or cooked all day long.

better price than Rx by KPhx from Phoenix06/15/2013

Vet office lead me to believe these were only by Rx...found out after some research that I could buy them OTC at less than half price the Vet Office. Great deal---1 month follow up visit and blood test showed that the liver 'count' was back into perfectly normal range after taking 1 daily.

Fasted Shipping around! by PeanutParfait from Salem, OR11/12/2012

My products always get to me faster than expected and they are always correct!

by from 06/06/2014

I was purchasing this from my vet, but I save at least 20 dollars through Entirely Pets. The product was delivered pretty quick (normal delivery). I'm glad to be able to save a few bucks here and there--it adds up.

Colorado by from Susan"


Good Buy by Poppi from Issaquah WA06/25/2013

This is an alternative to Denamarin. It is not possible to find SAM-E in 100 mg form in human products. Like Denosyl and Denamarin, this does come in 100mg. Unlike Denamarin, this product has 20 mg of Milk Thistle, while Denamarin only contains 10mg. In addition, a B-Complex has been added which can also help with liver health. SAM-E + Milk Thistle has helped my dog's liver health.

Great product - Great website by Anna01/15/2013

Our dog has gone from liver enzyme levels of almost 600 to about 200 on this product alone (no other concurrent treatment). The price on EntirelyPets was better than at the vet - and it arrived quickly. All in all, I'm very happy with the product and the website (transaction).

It works! by Theresa10/31/2011

Max's liver levels were around 500 points above normal and does not have cushings. I started Max on S-Adenosyl-100 (SAMe) the end of August 2011 and his last blood test on 10-29-11, his levels had dropped to just 40 points above normal. I also feed him a diet of cooked calves liver, cooked salmon with raw chopped carrots, snow peas and kale. He takes one S-Adenosyl each day with dehydrated stew meat (treat). This medicien along with his diet has defently extended his life.

Keeps Dog Healthy by Lin from Southern California04/24/2013

My 7 lb. toy poodle became very ill due to a liver problem. The vet recommended putting her on SAMe and metronidazole after she recouperated nearly four years ago, and she has been healthy every since.

by from 02/19/2014

My Randy dog is almost 12 years old and weighs 16 pounds. He has been on this S Adenosy1 100 (SAMe) for over a year. His vet said he needs to be on it for the rest of his life to help keep his liver enzymes under control.

2 by month from supplyBy


Really helped elevated liver enzymes by Bennys mom from Southeastern Massachusetts09/18/2013

Our vet recommended this after our Yorkie developed vomiting and had elevated liver transaminase tests. They returned to normal after 8 weeks. He loves taking his Sam E with a Greenie pill pocket (tablets are too big to hide in food).

by from 10/29/2011

Love this product recommended by my veterinarian for my little dog with significant liver and heart disease. He's been taking this for the last six weeks without any side effects. Since taking the S-Adenosyl 100 mg supplement my dog is more energetic and playful. He is currently running around the house like he did when he was a puppy much to the dismay of my two older kitty cats. Maybe they should take it too!

at by EntirelyPets- from wasAlso


Amazing Product / Best Price Ever by Happy Doggie Mom from Warwick, RIWhat


essential to my dog's health by alphadog from VA05/27/2014

helps keep my dog's liver enzyme numbers in check after almost losing her to liver failure. Changing to a homeopathic diet, additional liquid milk thistle and this pill have literally saved her life. Best price on the Net!

Great buy by harry04/15/2014

Cost is great petsmart charges double the price for 60 tabs

S Adenosly 100 (SAMe) by CynLION from Cortland, OH10/23/2012

It is good price which save my money almost half price than vet price cost. I will continue to buy this in case my dog needed what no matter how long.

Great Product by Deb from Henderson, NV10/23/2012

My Sweet Pug, 11 yrs young, has been on SAMe 100 for almost 4 years. She takes one in the morning before breakfast and one before dinner ~ she looks forward to her SAMe treat! I also like the fact that it is helping her liver condition and enables her to feel better.

S Adenosyl by jaybird from Leawood, KS06/03/2013

Must have for puppy. Taken with finger full of peanut butter.

Great Product by flysunshine from PA02/05/2013

Being that I have used Denosyl for my cats liver problems I believe that this will help her out as well or more so. Just had a problem of keeping the pill down. I make sure she hasn't eaten her breakfast before I give it to her along with a syringe full of water after giving the pill but I also give her just 2 or 3 treats after and that along with not feeding her for 1 hour seems to be working.

Pills missing by Mopsy05/29/2012

15 pills missing from bottle. Took over a week to get

For use in dogs with compromised liver function by paminal10/14/2011

a good daily detox supplement to help clear the toxins that can't clear through the normal filtering process due to compromised liver function.

Milk thistle by Joyce from Apopa, fl10/29/2013

This product has save my dogs life her enzymes for the liver were very high and dr. Thought she would never make that was 7yrs. Ago and now she will be 16 in march. I get all my my products from healthy pets they are the best .

Wonderful Product! by Cindee from Everett, Washington11/07/2012

My 6 pound, ten year old Chihuahua, Mindy, was diagnosed with liver disease and given a 50/50 chance of making it through the week. The veterinarian suggested trying Milk Thistle and Sam-e to help heal her liver. I searched the internet, came across this wonderful site and found exactly what I was looking for in the S-Adenosyl 100. I received it quickly by mail and started her on it immediately. Within a week, along with other treatments, she was getting better! After three weeks, she was back to normal! I am forever grateful and Mindy will be taking this product for the remainder of her years.

Lucky I found it! by Tum08/03/2013

I changed to a different Vet closer to home and just assumed I would get this product from them. That was not the case. Called local pharmacies that offer to fill your pet's meds....they were not able to help me. Did some research on the web and found out it was considered as OTC. Then I goggled the name of the laboratory on the bottle and it brought me to Entirely Pets. My little chi & I thank you very much.

SAMe tablets by macmamma12/15/2011

medicine was received in very timely manner. Thank you for your prompt attention!

This definitely works !! by Sheri in FL04/25/2008

If your pet has both liver and kidney issues, you need this. It has made a tremendous difference w/my senior cat.



by from 10/02/2014

Miracle Kitty with diabetes by Vicki in NY04/06/2009

My diabetic cat came back from death's door about a year and a half ago. Her liver function was almost non-existent so the vet recommended using this product with the insulin shots. She is now known as miracle kitty because she is still going strong! Everyone at the vet's marvels at her! This product combined with her insulin is what makes the difference for her. She absolutely would not be with us if we were not giving her this product.

Good Product at Good price by CP from North Richland Hills, TX01/16/2015

Product Purchased is a good product at a good price. My dog has a liver disease that my vet recommends this product supplement as part of her treatment. She doesn't love it because it is medicine;however, the product is good.

by sams mom02/13/2012

my dogs liver counts are down. his vet is very happy.

Good for maintaining health by Cine01/01/2013

Have used for years for a 19 year old dog! Very effective, but hard to give to her, unless you can hide in a pill pocket. Pill too big, and tastes awful.

Love this product by Jan from Wylie, Texas02/26/2013

My dog was diagnosed with Cushing's disease, and this product has worked beautifully for her. Her lab values are much improved and she just acts much healthier. Thanks, Jan

Too big for cats by sistersinhim from Virginia04/02/2014

I had to cut these pills in 1/4 to get them down my cat's throat. I haven't had Gerta's liver tested again yet, so I don't know if it's working or not, but am stepping out in faith that it is!

Good Product by Melissa04/06/2013

Our 17 year old JR terrier mix was diagnosed with liver enzyme issues. We have been giving her the SAMe for about 8 months and have seen positive results. We credit this product with prolonging the quality of our old girl's life.

Helpfull Product by nanny from Pottsville, Pa11/23/2012

Our doxie suffers from Cushings disease. We use this product along with her medication to maintain her liver functions.

Cosmo by Cosmo from Phoenix, AZ09/21/2013

My Vet suggested that I give Cosmo this product to support his liver. He is a 12 year old Doxie and is starting to show his age. His blood work indicated that he was having some liver deficiency. After 90 days his blood work is normal again. Great stuff.

Elderly Pets by Candy from Rowe, NM12/11/2013

I use this remedy per vet to help my two elderly foster pets beef up their liver. It is helping bothe and their appetites and energy levels have benefitted.

Tes by Tes from MI03/11/2012

My 14 1/2 year old Shitzu is thriving with this product. It has really made a difference in his ability to walk, handle steps; up and down, and he seems to have more energy. His liver function tests have improved significantly per our Vet.

by Patty D11/26/2011

Have not recieved order of Adenosyl which was due to be delivered 2-4 days ago so I am anxiously waiting! Previously was very pleased with this product.

best price by harry from orlando fl03/16/2014

best price as the retail stores charge at more

SAMe by frances from South Carolina10/11/2011

I love this product and Entirely Pets has the best price around. I need this product for my little Yorkie, Scarlett, who suffered from a liver shunt and requires this medicine to boost her liver function. Entirely Pets ships immediately and I just love dealing with them.

Great price by petfriend09/08/2014

Almost half the price of what the vet charges for the same product.

Featured Reviews for S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) for MEDIUM / LARGE DOGS - 225 mg (30 tabs)
Liver Assist recommended by Vet by Dubini from Boca Raton, FL03/26/2014

We started our 37 lb Border Collie/Chow Mix on these after our girl was diagnosed multiple times with an enlarged liver that was worsening from exam to exam along with some of the blood test results. These basically stabilized her conditions for what had to be at least the last 5 years of her life which stretched to a very happy and energetic 15 years. They are a little pricey but much lower at Entirely Pets than anywhere else that we found and we always received "fresh" sealed packages on time when ordered.

Substitute by Bluorbit from Wisconsin06/19/2012

My dog had gotten in to one of my other dog's medication. After a 2 night hospital stay she was prescribed a liver health supplement where the main ingredient was SAMe. The supplement the vet provided was a bit hard to locate so I saw this, that has most of the same ingredients, and also for a better price, so I thought I would try it. I will know for sure if it's working as well at her next liver function test. I can just drop it in her food and she eats it easily enough. If for some reason I find it isn't working as well as the other supplement I will switch back but for now, it seems to do the trick.

S-Adenosyl 225 by Gray12/15/2012

S-Adenosyl was reccommended to us for our dog that has been on phenobarbital for 6 years for seizures, when his liver enzymes got high. The product has not only help his enzymes, but he is a calmer and happier dog! I will keep him on this forever, it has made a nervous and anxious dog a much happier dog.

Great Price for Same Product by SH11/17/2012

I have two dogs who have currently been prescribed this product. Initially one was given Denamarin which is more expensive and had stocking problems at vet. When second dog required it and vet was out of Denamarin, I was told that this was generic. Decided to see what could get online. This site had it at a substantial savings and I could get as much as I needed and it was delivered quickly. Best of all worlds.

Fantastic prodduct by shark06/21/2012

Our pet loves this product, it is keeping her alive. Thank you...

Good Product- Good Price by cje04/17/2014

This product is great for my13 year old beagle who had her gall- bladder removed about a year ago.and needs liver support. She has bounced back from near death to happy, healthy and full of life. I have used Denosyl chewables along with milk thistle and switched to this product about a month ago because of the added ingredients it has. I would like to see it offered in a chewable form.

Dog Meds arrived Fast by naturegirl10/22/2012

I appreciated the fast delivery of meds. Unfortunately my old girl has left us and will no longer be needing this medication. Im sure it helped her as long as I was giving it to her. Thank you, Nan

life saver!! by tinker from missouri02/03/2013

If your vet cannot figure out why your dog is thin, no worms etc. He may give you a special dog food to help. It did not help mine. The stool was light colored and still was with this mew feed. I found a vet that had some S Adenosyl. It was like a miracle! She started to gain weight and was feeling great, jumping around like a pup. Definately worth a try.

Dog Meds arrived Fast by naturegirl06/06/2012

I really needed my S Adenosyl 225 pills and they were here in 2 days after ordering. They also have been a life saver for my old dog who tore her acl ligaments and couldnt have surgey. Being told she wont walk again. I proved them wrong as this med helped her and now she can really get where she wants. Not fast but she walks everywhere. she feels good too .: Thanks!

Why pay more by Satisfied repeat customer from Tampa Bay, Florida04/03/2013

The same product for a lot less money. Fast delivery.

by from 10/23/2012

This product is VERY expensive, and although my 12 year old dog's liver function is still ok, SAMe has done nothing to reduce her liver enzymes, even after 2 years or so of using this.

how by the from priceIt


Great price by quiltmama from Clermont FL03/01/2012

I've looked all over the internet for a cost-effective choice for this supplement. Great price! Exactly what my vet wanted at a good price.

sam-e 225mg medium dogs by beagle lady from Odessa, Florida12/05/2012

on the advice of my Vet, I put my 10 year old female beagle on sam-e 225mg. I give it to her at least one hour before her dinner as directed on the label. She thinks it's a treat and I have no problem with her accepting it. So far, she is doing very well and tolerates it without problems. She will continue taking it long term, she has already been on it for 6 months. Excellent product and very reasonably priced from EntirelyPets.com

very good product by linda01/27/2012

My dog has been on the s-adenosyl-225 for several years now and with good results.

by from 06/21/2014

My dog Maggie got sick on March 26th 2014. After vets visit and specialty Vet Clinic in another town they told me she was terminal with liver cancer. They had put her on S-Adenosyl-225 on March 29th. I brought her home on April 4th to say goodbye and have a couple of days with her before I had to put her down. By monday april 7 she seemed to be getting better.

April by 4th from wasHer


International postage VERY slow by clyde from Australia01/03/2013

Very happy with product and price and information from entirely pets. Unfortunately, once the product left USA, it took a few weeks to arrive in AUSTRALIA.....we were unable to track any further details after it left USA. I realise this is not the fault of entirely pets, but in future, I will allow ONE month when I need to re-order. Great product, well packaged. Thanks

Thanks for saving me money by lizbeth05/17/2013

I have been using this product for a couple months. My dog had a failing liver and this has helped so much. I feel like it has bought me more time with her. I was getting this from her vet but this site saves me money every month and the auto ship keeps me from forgetting.

Quality Poduct by John Kinnel from Yuma, Az.06/10/2013

Great product, my dog's liver health is improving with the use of this product.

S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) by Kris05/15/2014

Tablets are HUGE! Way too big. Also found out from my vet that it's a concern that they're not in those individual foil packets. They can lose their potency. Overall not satisfied with the product, but the service and shipping from Entirely Pets was great. I'd order from them again, but I would not order this product unless it was for a giant dog or a horse. Did I mention, the pills are HUGE!

by from 01/28/2012

Entirely Pets always has the Sam-E product that I need for my dog, Emmit, at a reasonable price. The turn around time from when I order, to when the product is received is unbelieveable.

have by recommended from EntirelyI


Great purchase by Leslie12/26/2012

My dog has a liver issue and by taking adenosyl, she keeps her enzyme level in check. Thanks,



Seems to be working by Remus2 from Michigan10/22/2012

I have been using the SAMe for close to a year, along with Cushex homeopathic drops and our 12 year old girl is doing very well. We caught it early on and her symptoms have remained mild. Am very happy with the product. But we also give an extra 100 mg milk thistle daily on the advice of our Vet.

This product works! by Desert Dweller from Las Vegas, NV03/09/2013

My vet prescribed Denosyl after one of my dogs had elevated liver enzymes. WIthin a week the second test showed that the elevated enzyme levels had plunged dramatically! I now have him on Denosyl maintenance and home-cooked meals (chicken, sweet potato, and rice). He just turned 13, so I am hoping for some excellent additional future senior years.

S Adenosyl 25 by Lillian07/19/2013

Seems to work just as well as Denamarin for my dog and is less expensive.

by from 04/29/2013

Product was prescribed by vet, found it here for 1/2 price! It truly has saved my little fellow's life. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

exactly by as from vetFAST


goes with gluta dmg by great dane keeper from MICHIGAN02/16/2012

good product and price use the reorder option. It works great !!

Sam-e for dogs by Emmits mom from Greenfield, WI11/26/2012

Emmit has been on this for several years and is doing great. Entirely Pets has the best prices for this great product.

by from 04/24/2013

Switched to this because I have a dog with Microvascular Displaysia (acquired liver shunts). She weighs about 80 lbs and Denamarin has gone THROUGH the ROOF in price! This has about the same ingredients and my vet said it was a great substitute. I have noticed she's doing as well as she did on the Denamarin for LESS than 1/2 the cost of Denamarin.

they by had from theI


Great Value! by JaimeD827 from Sacramento, CA01/15/2013

My dog was prescribed this for Cushing's Disease and my vet was charging a LOT more for the exact same product. I found it here at Entirely Pets for a fraction of the cost. I have just placed my second order thru you...you have a lifelong customer. Thanks!

S-Adenosyl-225 by Leslie01/29/2012

This product keeps the liver issue under control with my dog. Very happy with it.

I appreciate by Desert Dweller from Nevada12/23/2012

both the quality of the product, and the speed at which it was shipped. This producte helped decrease my Lab's elevated liver enzymes.

by from 06/11/2014

I have been giving this Antioxidant to both my dogs. Leela had Osteosarcoma and Maya has had some reoccuring bladder issues. Leela survived 5 months longer, I attribute it to good food and antioxidants.

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S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) by kevin02/02/2013

I have been using this product for several years. I feel it has helped my pet as a liver spplement. I recommend it to other pets

Best Liver Support product by taz from Kingman Arizona10/11/2013

Been giving Fluffy this brand of liver support medication . She is 12 years old now and doing well. I highly recommend this product.

Featured Reviews for SAMeLQ Liver Support for Dogs & Cats - 225 mg (60 chewable tablets)
S Adenosyl 225/ liver disease by Angie from Arkansas03/02/2012

I am very pleased with this product and I received it in just a few days. This is the same meds that my vet tried to sell me at at about 1/2 the cost. My dog Murphy (14yrs) has to take one pill everyday to help the function of her liver.

SWEET 17 by JANE67 from New Orleans, La01/18/2015

My vet recommended this product for elevated liver values for my 17 year old dog. She still runs around like she is a puppy most of the time. This is due to wellness checkups which found this problem. Early intervention of potential problems is the key to a pet's longer life.

Good product by Butch04/10/2013

Seems to be doing some good. Plus the price is fair.

Cheaper than Human Sam-e by Apryl08/04/2008

I like this product because it is cheaper than sam-e you get in pharmacies and it works just as well. My pet has chronic high liver values due to chronic use of N-SAIDS (anti-inflammatories) for arthritis and she has cushings disease which also increases liver values and using s-adenosyl have brought her liver values down and has really helped protect her liver!

Really Works by T. Hunt from San Diego, CA01/28/2012

I have 2 elderly dogs whose ALT counts had risen above normal. This brought both their counts back to normal. They will both be on it for the rest of their lives. There is no side effects. If there was, my one dog would have experienced them. My only suggestion would be to make a bottle with more than 60 tablets. I need to purchase at least one bottle month. It would help with multi-pet families if there was a bottle with 120 tablets in it.

Noticeable improvement for arthritis pain by Fester02/12/2013

I give these to my 15 year old corgi. We ran out, and after a few days I could definitely tell he did not feel as good and moved more stiffly. After re-ordering, he is back to feeling great, so I know this product definitely works.

Great service as always from Entirely Pets! by puginmud from Vermont07/22/2013

I swear by this product. I firmly believe that it has helped keep my pug with a severe liver shunt alive for 8 years!

Fast Shipping by C. M. Smith01/25/2015

Each time I've ordered products from Entirely Pets, I've been surprised at their prompt arrival. That means a lot to an owner whose dog needs daily medication.

by PJ10/31/2011

My vet recommended that my dog "Shadow" needed to take this for a liver enzyme problem. I had not found it any where they advised and the vet was currently out. So yes, very happy with this product. Shadow is a little friskier even though she is 13. I will be ordering this product again.

Maggie's Protector by Vic from Centennial, CO11/02/2011

We must give our Aussie Shepherd mix many medications for her heart (Mitral Regurgitation). The SAMe helps keep her healthy and happy. Thank you Entirely Pets for making this product so readily available.

Great Product by DoggyMom from Mesquite, NV02/01/2014

Our dog will be 16 in a couple of months and is doing incredibly well with this product! We are so amazed at how much it has improved his quality of life at this stage. I would recommend this to anyone that has a dog with any type of liver enzyme issues.

great deal! by madmama from Florida07/09/2014

Same medication that the vet sells, only MUCH cheaper!

Good Purchase by Weimdogs03/19/2013

I purchased this product after finding out that my 7yr old adopted weim had elevated liver enzymes. He's been on this product for over a month along with a Hills Science Liver diet and some of his enzymes have decreased. I will continue to give this product in hopes of restored liver function!

Not delivered by Becky from Colorado06/24/2013

I placed this order about two weeks after my last order and it was mistakenly delivered to my old addresses. When I called.Entirely Pets, a company I have been a loyal customer of for quite a few years, I was told "too bad, so sad" Needless to say they lost my order and my patronage.

by from 09/19/2014

I purchased this because my 11 year old Golden was experiencing unexplained seizures. It was added to Levetiracetam 500 mg (generic for Keppra), which he had been on since January 2014.

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price increase by Ted10/29/2011

I was a loyal customer until May of 2011. Thats when you increased the price of s-adenosyl 225 (60 tabs) for med. to large dogs, from $33.24 on 3-29-11 to 49.95 in May. That's such a jump in price that I figure that you must be overcharging on everything else you sell which is OK with me but I won't be buying it.

by johnnymac from Walkerton, Indiana01/29/2015

The product was excellent, the best of all is how fast the order is filled and shipped. The price is not bad but the amount you have to order in order to receive free shipping is a little high which brings the price of the product back to about the same as what the Vet charges. All in all very satisfied.

Great Service by GrammyK03/29/2012

I was very pleased with how quickly the product was delivered. Two days from start to finish!!!

Featured Reviews for SAMeLQ Liver Support for Dogs - 425 mg (30 chewable tablets)
Best Price! by Sophie05/09/2014

My dog's vet prescribed this exact brand and dosage, but the cost when filling it as a prescription was almost twice as much. I'll be buying all the "refills" through Entirely Pets!

Working by Spooma from FL09/07/2014

My 11 yr.old poodle had elevated liver enzymes after routine testing with no symptoms of any problem. A daily tablet in a pill pocket has lowered her levels in one month and counting. Seems be to working.

S Adenosyl 425 (SAMe) for LARGE DOGS - 30 Tabs by sanima06/13/2013

Saving grace! Our dog is having liver issues and this in combination with Prescription Hepatic dog food had brought his numbers down.

Excellent Price by Shirley from Gilroy, CA10/26/2012

Price value was excellent and shipping was very quick.

Proven results! by AuntieG from Tucson12/08/2012

My vet recommends this supplement for liver health when my dogs are on prescription meds that may be hard on liver function. My 12 year old Pit has been taking it (for almost 3 years), along with his anti fungal for a very stubborn case of Valley Fever, and one of my younger dogs (1-1/2 yrs) just injured a knee tendon and takes it with Rimadyl. Blood tests results on the older dog have proven better liver health when taken consistently and as directed - on an empty stomach and at least an hour prior to eating.

Does the job by browndog2 from Oregon10/22/2012

Recommended to give liver support due to other medication. Seems to be doing the job.

great price! by sweetdoc from IN11/15/2012

great price! Fast shipping!..............................

S Adenosyl 425 (SAMe) for Large Dogs by Stellar from Austin, TX01/26/2015

My dog has liver problems and the Vet advised me to give her one tablet a day at least a hour before meals. The price the Vet charged me for this supplement was ridiculous. I searched the net to see if I can get them cheaper and found Entirely Pets. They were the cheapest almost half the price. I have been ordering from Entirely Pets for about a year now and I love the prices and the fast shipping. The website is easy to navigate. I recommend this site to all my animal lovers. Keep up the good work Entirely Pets.

Featured Reviews for SAMeLQ Liver Support for Dogs - 425 mg (60 chewable tablets)
works for my dog by drdirt04/09/2012

my vet can't seem to get this in the larger dose and I got tired of having to give my dog Denver 2 pills a day.

Fake by Jeff McLaughlin from Jeff McLaughlin Maine02/29/2012

This product is a fake. Thats why its so cheap. I saved over 300 a month by switching to entirely pets. After a month after switching from the S-Adenosyl-425 I that I bought from my Vet. The S-Adenosyl-425 I got from Entirely pets made the dogs liver function go up. The Bottle is the same the Pill has the same shape But the color and look of the pill is different. THIS PRODUCT IS A FAKE.

Amazing price by Nicky from New Zealand03/28/2012

My 13 year old Border Collie has just been diagnosed with liver cancer. The vet recommended this product. However, we live in New Zealand & for a 6 month supply it would have cost me $1800 NZ to buy the product here. From this site it was $400 NZ even with international postage. The product arrived in less than a week & she happily takes them. This wont cure the cancer obviously but hopefully it will provide support for her liver so she continues with her energetic life for a lot longer.

unknown by K9- officer from Rockland Maine02/17/2012

My Vet told me not to buy these meds from a on line Company. The Pills that came were the same size and shape and the bottle was the same. The pills were a different color and texture. The price from entirely pets was 4 times cheaper than at the Vets. The dog is having blood work done the end of feb. we will see then if they are not as advertized. But if they are its a great deal and will highly recomend.

SAMe for Dog by JC05/08/2009

I feel this is an excellent product- my dog's liver functions were slightly high and when we checked again after 6 months they went up over 600. This product was recommended by my veterinarian and in 3 months,his liver function was down to just above normal around 300.

Saved Money by Gene from South Florida12/22/2012

My dog has to take this medication because of a deficiency in his liver. Entirely Pets saved about 50% on the cost of this product compared to what my dog's veterinarian was charging me, and it is the exact same product.

A brand new dog! by Gray from NC06/30/2013

I have a dog with seizures and this was recommended for him to help with his elevated liver enzymes caused by his medication. This not only helped with that, but the SAM-e really helped mellow him out and make him a happy dog!

Adenosyl, the liver's best friend! by LT from Jackson, MS03/21/2012

I have a 14 year old beautiful Walkerhound and his friend, a 3 year old black Chow. Both are taking Adenosyl as prescribed by our Vet. Their liver counts are monitored quarterly, both for different reasons. Neither would be with me today were it not for the Adenosyl and after a diligent Internet search I don't believe this product can be purchased for less than the everyday price at EntirelyPets.com. Thanks to them for helping me provide for my boys.

MUCH CHEAPER by AJ from Memphis TN06/14/2013

This is an everyday neccessity for our Bullitt. It was much cheaper on here for 2 month supply then to buy 30 day supply from our vet!!! We paid $90 for 30 at the vet. Never ever ever again will I do that! Great deal for exactly the same bottle.

Good Price, super fast delivery and reliable by Miss Bobbie from Pollock Pines, CA04/09/2012

I'd never bought from Entirely Pets, and boy was I happy! They had this supplement, and offered a great price which included free shipping. My dog needs this supplement for her simmering pancreatitis, so it's nice I know I can get it quickly. Thanks so much!

Does the job. by browndog2 from Oregon10/30/2012

This works to counter what another med does to my dog's liver. In 30 days her enzymes were back to the normal range.

Featured Reviews for S-Adenosyl SNAP Tablets 225 mg (30 ct) by Sogeval
YUMMY SNAPS by SMC from West Virginia08/11/2014

Our Beagle, Pappy, loves these snap tabs! Not only have His liver levels stablized, but he takes them like they are treats! That in itself is a miracle!

by from 06/28/2013

This product litterally saved my dog's life. She went from not eating at all, trewing up few times a day and having disaster blood results. It seemed her liver stopped to do it's job. 2 veterinarians on 3 suggested me to put her to sleep. The tird veterinarian suggested me that product.

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Featured Reviews for S-Adenosyl SNAP Tablets 225 mg (60 ct) by Sogeval
Some pills broken by Jackie422 from Tampa, FL08/18/2014

I was kind of disappointed when I opened the bottle and poured some of the pills out in order to split them and several were already broken and not evenly. Have not found the other parts to them either. I hope I do! Too expensive to have to throw pieces out since it is a measured dosage.

easier to swallow by Amy11/18/2014

These are great because they split into smaller parts - my cat liked the taste of the other S-adenosyl pills but had difficulty in swallowing them because they were so big. He also likes these - he will eat them without any and has no problem swalllowing them.

Great price by dog lover04/21/2013

We love our vet! She encouraged us to look for our puppies medication in other places to find the best price. She said we had to be very specific in finding the EXACT same brand and type. We were SOOOO excited to find these pills at Entirely Pets and about HALF the price we were charged at the vet. Our dog has to take these for life and the price difference has made this much more manageable! THANKS

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